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TWdnrsdnv, Nov. 14. 101'
py..i. :
Paze Fivo
jllWill Coarser Food
COMINft EVENTS. ',u Inn.'iurn- o'do. k Thursday after-
The sixth die ision of lh M K. 1 tie. j, ar ;(,.- Central schoul kitchen. Mrs.
Lad.f s' Aid Soop-i y v oil l- eutcrtain'-d Harri-l Walker will (b-mi m M 'a ! ? a IWu
'v Mts. Mat ga ret Ms!" at her (t:v- in ; ditu.er. M rs. V . I Mc.l-r v. ill ho
Indt.-'tvi avenue Thu fsda y a ft .-m;o. n. ' ely irman of tin ho.-1 esses ami xvill be
The Ladies' Aid Soeietv of St iv.ui's ' assisted by M rs W. . -'i h.anan. Mr.
Lu: i.fran church wi'l met t Thursday j .1 M. Stinson. M rs. H . M o ' -iinel 1.
m f .Tnncn. ! Afrs Fartry pur. bar )!r. M I'. f'wn-
Mr C. F. Hoi;- ;:, fO r.-t Mi------, w '.l I uu.Khai-i. M-s. M II. Km si. Mrs. Lyman
be hostess Tb.fi.-1.-iy nf t nodi t t h- White.!. Mr-. 3:. I.. 1'- IV.!. Mrs.
fifth divish. n of th" M. '. Laches' Yd ! Char!, s Kh.-dc and Mrs. H'.nrv Ash-.Sc-c.et
. I Iwui'lior
A; ivr h'-t . .n Sh. fie'd nxemif Mrs I
''. w l-i l- h-s-f-s cm Thutsday aft- j M,.,. ,. . . : r r, t or t a i ned the two
.jrn l.i tti,. Ar.i.uua . "iiK I Monday Night Club ins: evening it h 'V
- ' i i"r;am.l by i;, .,, i . . .. ;., ; ,., s. ,-,-mt and will th"
M-s Jacob Y.m. 4T Pougta streer. ,.,, h.,r, ., ,1M.i a, guests Mrs.
T.-.;-sday afternoon Charl"s LVw.-H ,,f rhi.sno who is Mrs.
I h;- xxt"k s n tee nn th" 1 in' j Kuf
Strr't Ai l lfty wul l h"bi
Th !rdsy f t.rr..n f.: tb- h-.'n.- .-f Mrs.
Harm Complexion?
Not if it is Well Digested. Take a
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet After
Meals and Prevent Heartburn,
Gas, Sour Risings and
Y. M. C. A.
War Briefs
I'hiliidPlpliia ntr! is Inditing 2 7 "
drnftnj mid pnlitfd rripn h.ub-i p:ivniK
thriii frfijtifnt auloinobile inp and en-1-rla
innn nt. w h'l' tho ?w inim!nii ba'h
was so I'ackrd they bad t'i sv. iin in iv-
- w - - . . U v
t'hur.'h fnt . r' a i iimnis si' c.r-i tie.
An li;lianfi siibr nit in I'hiUdvlphm
iinl " I h K"'nc out t.iii-.tlit 1 bad
a bip --mid would hiuc b-ti mil liiinl
a. ni . but now 1 am Ki:njt back to th
ship and fdi.K ' bp.i " And b- m.ght
iiK ;idid 'i'lvan jiid ubf-r."
it.u, nt. hi'ii M:-"s ITi'i- !
b r. Tb.- fi-. -t br.-.i'-bt th-.r KiutlirR j
i,i,.l v.i.t-K'.l tti.- i:id i"i..ss. L):nniyJ
tvlr'-f Imu iits w ci o served th su.3t ?.
At Chi. ip Mil!. th trii,-u't h
birkatidn point on l.otiK Island.
b fli'r ivirf written in n Sunday
12. 0 m men. H'-i SO Y. M A
I tariff inc working in fi tnt!.
j K-udtifo'.' 'f 12.""'"' rum ;i ibiy n
! ous ni'-'tines is n" cirH"i.i!iiar,
Indian:' Jitibovv Iiisii.m ff wh
Indiana A r; U!-r y Hiiiiim; i
H8S ciicntui"'! hprc
r f -
Thr lb'
I a rt
At h ir'-'.;rc ;!t . rnina: if 'h--Jw
:sh l.adi' A:d ? tit th" hiirn
v-f Mrs M. I'., t h h !d, in Smith Hmunan
strf-M th" nicnibt-rs conn li'tH nriHi::--mti'
f'jT til" Liberty H' lid bail tn bo
fivon Thursday f.n.nt; at tho .Ma.v.'tiic
". f'.i" ind !.- x .noil ! s'' " t il.ii
hr to th" T. M A. war f uii.l. Th"
f riiu! fioc'vioti .f rfficrr -i anoii-.-r
feature of t:i( inw. itia itiil it r-"-u!t"i
in t!i. .-let" ion x-f Mis. lVn U.f for
I r"sM"tit. Mrs. A H": I"-n. n, vioo vrosi
o'!t: Mrs. A.Jo'.ftj lltrsi li. Morftar ;
Mi. V. Marks, sinan nl s. .tvi.'ny, and
Mrs. M rvhttiian. tr.-astiror. Th" nevt
in-f tiiih; of tri-1 so.ii t w.,i held in
t wo rks on Tuesday mmitni;. N'fivem-b-r
27th at th" heme of Mrs. il ib rr.v n
in Sibley 9tf""t.
A surprise !U!SC"1 ianeous s.'iower jpiy-
n 'as ?vninf in honor "f Mr ai.d M -..
Mno-rh Harris at th"r new botnt-. T.t.
Stat" Line street. A pleasant sorial
time i' spent and during th" I'vun'te
a j-r't:ily appoiiit' d two course lunch
'.n was s"r're.1. TViere were covers for
Mi and Mrs. Mno. h Harris. Mr. n:id
Mrs Sam Harris. Mrs. II Vol liner. Mr--.
1 ' Shirey, Mrs. '. Billttigs. "Mrs. At.
S. ioier. Mrs. H. S.-Tiolie k. Mrs. . .w
v.nnr. Mrs. Hermes, tb" Misses Isobe
N swar.der, Mildren Harris. Kmma Hor
r.ak T'.nth Snolnck. KU'rids 'Weiss.
Mry Ptboldt. Mabel Fowler. HeriiMii"
i 'I-.orntk. l.ou'sc Harris. N'.'Uif Warii-U
hi.d l.o'ti" Mead.
Tb" bono; c 'iint'i i.-s d-pa r ! n i"n t . f
it" Hammond Woman's t'oib will meet
The End of
Your Corns
Pain Stops at One? Corn Lifts
A social menu. .." the 1 '. II. ;. I'lub
took pl;tc- lust vinitiK til th- home nf
M-.s Vera Sin;1. 1, and with t b- club
members Miss Shtiltz had Miss Shirley
Text"!" ,.f c'hicaco as a (jtiff!. The
i;se Ktli"l .laci'bson. tJraco Jenkins
and I ('arsons v.ere initia'ed into
Up- t hio "t.d f.dbn ins the ceremony
.hint;. i . 1 1 esh!i,,i:t - . f f" sered and
t he quests wete r. t r f a i ueii with i: usiC.
Tb" net meeting will h in the nature
of a bit t hii.i .v releln a l ion in heum of
Miss '.- Hush and w n 1 be held a I th"
hi.me of Miss hiluli Kr..sdt. -''1 I'.lni
s'rei t in ex.ntiik; i.f .N..emb't I'Tth.
Mar km the .-iose .
w ek. t he Kpw oi th 1
rnf Street M"th"d;sl
a s.'Cial hour next
November 'xth. at s;
th" regular j i .-1 1;
meeiiiis in Sunda
Whitcomb llil'y proc
Tin' sda v e v en . n i;. N'
male at III" oi In m i
da (-u'lrtii; at lie.
S;l i hi I s.
Seei:,l htl!" foiks
Mrs. H. K. i'ioss of
pa rty M .nda y aft. r
her daughter. Haroh
dax' anniversary. A
e. 'ii w a s ser ed and
er of the afternoon
eniei tain d v nil re.-
f Wm My Chum''
.fHgil" of t tie Mon
. burch w ill ba e
Sunday exeninu.
o'.loik preceding
, ; . Plans fK,r t ie
and for a .lattit's
ram to be six on on
.v .-mi . r 2 ; t b. w et t
moot tup Ik Id Mmi
bon.e of Mrs. llai'l
Skipping from dainty fond to the!
roucher xanety will surprise Ihe stom-j
a -h in many iases. I'oaiser food will
nu hurt anxone ir the digestion is Rood
but most stomachs xxtll need help.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets after meals i
will d.Kf st the fiod, clear the stomach t
and prex i nt dyspepsia, bad breath. Rats-I
tritis. catarrh ol the stomach, pains in
boxvels. nervousness, heartburn, bebb-li'H-
bloating:, etc.
These ate the causes of muddy,
blot, by complexions in must c asts. No
ifoe creams .an do any pood. bt a
"-cent box of Stnart s Dxspepsia Tal
b is at any drtijf s'toie. eorie. i the fatil'.s
of the stoma.'li to restore the .-"m'dex-ic.n
to its natural beaut v. Adx.
the Indiana Harbor I'oun.il on the'
I cx-eninp of Xi.itmbi r 21. ;
Tb- re u:il be ;t me-iirm ibis cxeninit
! of Ib.dden ii"d Camp No l;,7 I'oxal'
j .N't hboi s. :
I -- !
Mrs. t'harles Wilson of Carroll street ,
is xisitmg her ihuKthter ;a JUishxille. j
lnd '
Mr. and Mis. leander Stoikoxxitz of!
Park Pla.e atmoun, e the birth of a son i
Tuesday. Nov ember i ; ; h. j
Mrs. J. J. Kufi" has as her guest fori
Maries !.).,. eii 0f Chi-
xx ei t he K'tests jf
Monro" street at a
icon tn honor -!'
line's fourth birth
two course lunch
iurini; the' lemamd
the .bildrtn xxore
il.-iti. us and music.
Off Clean.
There la nothing in lh world liitc
"Gets-It" for corns. Just apply it ac
roriiing to directions, the pain s'ops si
once and then tb" corn I-fts oft a ci'-ar
as a whistle N"o fusa. no bother, nc
dinger. 'Jets-!t,-- you know, is t
Millions hiv used it. more than ail o'hi-i
rorn remedies combined, and ;! ne-.ei
This x.e,.'K's meeting of the Baptist
Woman's I'liion xxill be held on Thurs
day afternoon ai the . 1 ui . li xi':l Xn- in
chars., of Mis. .1. an TamP.n of the
chiid culture ticpnrtii:. i.t. Mr. f: adm.tr
of i.'iu;u'" w m ie the tirsl uf h s. ro s
of lectures and the musical program
will be trixen by Mrs M. IX M"lz. On
the soeial oo'iimiiiee will be Mrs. .1. M.
levins. Mrs. .1. M Leonard. Mrs. C.
Hobl s. Mrs. ltaxtd Jones and Mrs U. K.
a ! ' x i! a s Mi
CHjtC. j
Mr. and Mis A H Sn-ith, ,,17 North!
Crant inimi(. hit x.-steiday for Ham-j
mo, id. in,i., v.here they will xisu for aj
few xxeeUs with relatives and friends. I
They w,l also spend a ,'Vxv days in lndi-'
snapohs. Ind.. iui :n their absence.
BlunmiTicton (111.) Huiietiri. i
The; L.ju.-ii i- i ..m ii ;st l.eatue met at
the Central s.bool Monday cxeinn and!
i 'o-ei..d th- t'.ili.uiiig o?li:e-: pi i .-iiii nt, !
M;ss Als Hess; vice pia sident. Mrs. D. !
J. Moian; M, rttiu-y. Miss Marie
Khihege. n,j ireusm-er. Mrs. . Jiace'
''"''. Tin: trustees an- Mrs. T. J.
Meaia for one year, M.-s. I"icd Jarxis
for two years, ami Mrr-. I-" o. Kick for.
three years. The league is t, r.(.u1. j
em of u eb. -ok fo! jr.ii from the Lroxx n I
club. Pan of the moio-y w,n 1,,. atrit I
a ' i i
'A A
v. X
'w V. IT f I Xk "A'Z'J
Can't IVaate Time "H olleln;.',
Geta-If Never Faiia.
. Tlv ., , ::(.; . .. -,i .hro.ixh
rchfr dav cf '--rn arnv. I3-.iT tie sure
you get "c;et-Ir." Accept nothing else,
for remem'oer. th"re is posit ix cov nothtnft
e'se as pood. -cjets-P " ne ver irr;ta:s
the ; flesh, never makei ;he to-- sore.
Tcu can bo about as uupI n-;'h xvork
or play, while '.Jets-It. '" the magic, does
all the work. Then f'n cprru pec-ls rifcht
ff ;;ke a haner.a skin, and leaves he o
as smon-h and corn-'ree as your palm.
N'exer happererl before, did it' Ous
Get a bottle of -rje's-It" todav from
eny drujr sror, you need pay no more
than 25 c?nts. or sen r-n reeeinr of price
by E. Loxvrence 4 Co.. Chicasco. 111.
Sold In Hammond and recommended as
the world s beet corn remedy bv Norrts.
& Co.. J W. Wets. Summers' P'nnrmarv
There were tics' s for ftgh' tables
:t He .afternoon card parte yesterday
at th" il-iiiiir,.'t.'l Country Club, hiph
s... res in the jramo.s Iiti made liv Mrs.
Adolph Htrsch. Mrs. W I M "bh and
Mrs Purr of i,ar; Am lion bridge was
P - '!.
A s.-. aal afternoon w as enjoyed, x es-l.-rda;.
liv tie membc-s .-f the L. ( . T.
M t'iub r-s th" lues's of Mrs. C. Uck
lund of W. State street. Mrs. Pose l'ox
of a''2 c,arii--ld avenue was named as tha
rnxi h.-stess.
Last pvfntnc th" im-ml( i s of the per
cas i Mul, of lrmanu"l's K a nsrel ma)
Chun h xxcre entertained by Miss Ale "
Kumirtcr. It xxas a "'na! inr"tii:K of
til" class and xx:th th" members Miss
Kumn-er entertained Mi s H.el I'el
x:'e. y'r xt TuesdAy exeninr. there xxill
Oe a class party at. the home of Miss
li. ten Praiik-e.
I'ayt ( iff ice rs Night was observed v
th- Hat; mond Chnpt"r of Pastern Star
last event? at the Masonic Temple. The
pa t officers were in th" -h -r and
in- id a 'Mrs- class of en reiMs ' es.
Re- j-hn i -ii t s w .-re served 'it the m-et-inir
arid ihirmu 'he business hour plans
xx ere made for the entertainment cf the
prand m-.'ron. Mrs. Srnysei of Logans
port. It.d, who will be in Hammond f- t"
t h" ii- xt chr. trr mv-tait. oeriil."r
; id -n l;,,ie I'li.in. il No. 1 P. of L. at
its m.'tniE last ex nin? at the I. i.
h', ball -'.rd to Roc twenty-nxe dollars
to the V. M. C . . x a r fund. Tile mem-Iu.t-u
;i :.a planned to attend a. r"i"!lin; of
t-r I n'i la na i'oI is ! r m.i il... .'.a., e....
,a , e I
'";-"'f-' n lil'ililllcl.
I'tlder ihe efri' !.'( 1 , a., ... sh ; of
M's- U" 1' 1'atl'.!;, the Woa.en of
llHtiu.n.n.l srart-d on tietr catiipiiissii
fl" 'be V. M. ( . a. r , ar;,.
t,..ja. ami a i n..,.n f cdb-.w-inn a lun-
j'heon Hi- woikeis at tile Hammond
Mii.-imtitr ,.f . mme-rc" i.--,...:fS f r om
.seveia! 'V.-o-ls w eye beat J showm- ihe
t total , :i re. e p s f
'i4 ':
t i.e open Ins I
' r ! s ft ., ,; t ;,.
16 frrCf JCWA w- 'U v& 5?; 'i
I't" m.t ..aiOains w,:i be
lh"8id at the nor,n-dav lun. lieons
iwho. h hs. I"" n arranged f.,r u.e re
. ntalnint: days . f th- drive. The work
jof th" V. M C A ,n thf war is temtr
j tit-ought home to eveiy woman in
i Hammond ,n a lir.use-to-bou.se .-an-!x,-iss
and they are be.ng u,Kr.i i., enn-!ttt't.-ite.
even in the smallest amounts.
J In her ! ' ;-. ' foda . one w,.r(.r pld
'" " con? i ion ..r two . oi; 'rom
ja ha.-.i-xx "i-kini w oroan. m an-
j other tnstanc" on" "n t rom op, xx ;o
j ft ft... I hesitated, latei was the nr-ans
' i se. mine ten dollai-- j th'
!'a.t.-.iv In which lie w ':.-,. -;(, en- !
t i - i s i a -, i of th,, women w.oke,s isj
' i-Mllngt,,!!,, rmd thev are ... .., - i
lessfii'il.v in every -.-tion ,.f the cjfvj
' I
Mononnar Mrs. Henry Lundr. who
will leave soon for nn extended visit
with her dansbter. Mrs. !-'. i . r:yf.
in Sen... Ai , . v. g. I.av. . n ent"r
lainei ,.! hej yesterday afternoon at
her bom". 7 Pimbaeh a en-i . A buf
fet luncheon was s"i ved Mrs. J,
IVT,,..! .r I n..... .. ....
P. W. Ti.d!w. Mr-. John I ' Smaltey.
M; s. .los. pl, Woods. Mi s. Sherman
McKxven. th" AI..s"s Pieia e and Miss;
penii:.e 11, ins. n w.-re cuesis. j
GtyEne& !
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ate and iijliit. And this is exactly the reason
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von w-iii be convincul why tho Yirtioiti j - 'bo only ins; nuiif-ir
'or our lionie.
Mrs. lalizabeth llislv. w
drew Honiv. spei-ial ;c
Western Indiana railroad.
fe of An
nt for the
died last
To drafted men h-oku.K forward with
uncertainty 1,1 life in the new canin.
the reeept ion at Cairn Taylor was as
suring Hi' It xxas t' Id vxhni .the y. M
C. A. had for them tn camp nod abroad.
Six en introduction cards and many took
this pledge, "I hereby pl"d(t" myself by
the bI "f Jod to lixe a cban life and
to s.k to establish the Ar.eri.an uni
form as a symbol ami KuatanKe of true
Th" otbc- da y a t"n' '.'i: -ill xxa n
tt" train from lhjiaua. an.1 feil into
Con arsation with a ?; ra v -ha i red lady
. !i.,e son has x "hmteered. She re
mained eattu'stlx. "I am not afraid of
my son teint; killed xxhile doin bis
pur;. 1 do not think of that part, but
i nm wi'iiied about wha' kind of man
he will be xx hen he comes back." Til.
ore thin the Y. M. C. A. is concerned
Oxer 1.201' officers cf the jrve Of
ficers' Training t'nmp at Presidio, San
l-'i-n ncisco, at a recent service, signed
tf is pledge, placed in their hands bv
Hen I'lit-rnnittnti. Y. M. . secretary:
' 'A ' undertake to maintain our part
of t!ie war free from hatred, brutality,
or uraf;. true the. American purpose
and ideals.
'Aware of the temptations incident to
camn life and the moral and social
vx reckage involved, xve eoen-ni togeth
er to live the .Van life and seek to es
tablish the American uniform as a
symbol and guarantee of real manhood.
Tf we become officers, we pledge our
ex mi pie and our influence lo make these
.deals dominant in the American Army."
At Camp Cody, X. M . awaiting: the
arrival cf the national guard, the Y. M
x'. A. sta-ted a branch in one of il "
government buildings lor the colored
troops on guard. As soon as the first
association building: was ijmpleted it
xx ms opened for the workmen employ, d
in construction of the can p and has
been a popular place f. r them. A Mexi
can serx h xxas conducted for the M xi-
hps by a rul",ii'-'! Christian Alexic-.n.
mid a serx ic" in Liiglisii in i:e evi.iug
for workmen. In the twenty-tour hours
following pay day, as an agent of the
Well Cargo Kx press Company, tit" asso
ciation snt out money orders . xxoik
nien's families totaling $ 1 . r, 7 " .
In the officer's camps and thos of tb"
Indiana national guardsmen about to
sail for ' ranee, classes in Premh gain
ed ti attendance of hund eis. Men
learned to speak French "xxell enough to
geta!dig with.'' In a few weeks French
instructors from leading universities
have pixen their time for the summer
not oiily to teaching in the camps by th
conversational method but prepared
srecia! handbooks in French and the
dosses are conducted in a xv.iy that
puts sparkle and fun to them. An equal
opportuni'y lias been found to teach
grent numbers of foreign birth Kng
lislo In m.e camp men vo untff
wn" found v b" could soaredy spesk a
xxotk. These were turned oxer lo the
Y. M. C. A. construction.
"I think thai this incident will
plen.-ie you as much o pleases inc.'
wrote Acting Commandant Pryari to the
Newport Navy Association. 'A fri"nd
said Tt has beep in y privilege to talk
personally v, ltli some of these fellows.
In course of a conx " -sat ion with ;x
young lad from New York I askd him:
'Ho.v are you gf'tinc alon.' etc.. "ar"
vo.i keeping your life clean?' 11'- re
plied. 'I will not b" ashamed to kiss my
mother xxben 1 get hack ' This counts
for more 'ban the warfare xxKt,'d by
batib-sbips. submarines, etc. The suc
rPss of our Army and Navy will depend
to a great extwit on the measure of suc-,.o-:s
'hat we have ni f-.ifilling C'lr ob
ligations to the boys here among us.
Axviy from mother and her infiuem '. xx e
must . ii m bat ih" cxil in our city and
riiiii.s!'. su' stit ites. I.a-t summer tb.i
y Af I- A was obliged to turn avny
and lo! sleep on its floors about 2 T. '')'""
f .er..' "
, It niteil Press Cablegram.!
rOI'HIH(.H, Nov. 14. General
IvornilofT's troops have captured tlie
liremlln. where Holshelkl forces in
ohcT took refuge. aerOrilinc to
-relliililr rrporta." nliirh the HerllnsW
'liilenhe prlnteil this nfternoon. 'Ihe
rot Moniil Torres xrxere victorious only
alter a nevere flxht.
The nepnprr ;! declared It was
rnmoretl n Ituasia thnt t.eneral Knle
rtlnes. head of the Don CoiMcki. hurt
issued s itrni'lamatlun naming, himself
Hctator of Itusfcln. He rrporteil
m Kirkolt.
(lulled Press Cnhlrgram.l
I HOMH, No. 1. "Knemy attacks;
and attempts to eroaa the Plate rMerj
at Sun Uonn ItePlaae and Inteatadurn :
were suppressed with serious enemy ;
lo." 'he afternoon wcr ofilee stnte- :
ment lri hirnl.
-RettTeeu the H renin river and the (
I'la'e the enetn.r nrriiplril the front
from leire to I a men to I'onrano to :
(lulled Press tnblrfirnm.)
I.OMMtV m. 14. The fight aanlnst
Premier l.loj l-(.ergr's aupport of an!
Inter-nllled war rounell eame to n
head in the house of commons thlsj
afternoon when the premier himarirj
took the floor to explain the agree- i
ment errufiiiB the organization. j
He nil ph-islred thnt the 1 n I er-a 1 1 led j
eituneil had "tin executive power." j
I'inai iJeelsions t to strategy and!
us to movements of troops will resl 1
xxilh the novernraents. lie declared.!
'The r.lli. .' object In the plan was to ;
hnxe reprrriitthr enntrol body:
xxbich should watch the whole opera
tions of the war and eo-ordinnte plans i
unit If neerssiir.tr propose new ones."
4 1 nlted Press t'nhlrgram. I
I.liDO, 0v. It rwn Prince
Ituppreeh tainl attempted to nrri :
out llindenhurg's Orders nnd retake
Piissrhend.ile or break the Hrltisli i
grip on the Pnsschendiile ridge yes
terday. I'leld Vlnrshal Halg today reported:,
'Following increnseil enemy artillery- j
ing. the enemy attacked us vrsterday .
afternoon. They were completely re- !
He Ininiril the t.erman thrust as
far north of Pnsxehendale. Iliis
counter-attack Is the first of any con
siderable strength since Main's txvn i
siK-rrssful drives l:?st week.
Unable to Walk Because of Pain Gives Credit to
Var-ne-sis for Recovery.
Back to health uffi f; v- t-ars ol
suffor'ni; d.c.- .ami ni;-h: fn:ii rhoimia
ti.-l)) of I ho iiiint-; is tlo cxpco jip'-i
of Mrs. I,. Nociiiop ol i ". Hihit-oil
St.. Lowell, Mass. Airs. No; t ii ro;i said.
"It was a terrible i ; ej jerice, bu:
muse aiado me cry
rrotu ' '
pMiib At ti:no I riiii n xt krtotv :r. v
own daughto!-, xvho waited on rt i .
.My brad and Ihe nitisClfs of my nr-"'.
wer- xc-iy sot c. ko that I was nnabio
'u lie on my back. Only one w.ho h .s.
- . ' t
v, S 1 s
t c
T Sf
j. - .r C 's
" sflr ' 't V tl iit
It t'V ' p( .
' : " j i
lJ '
' wis wrjufW
h -.. '.-, i- jisf!
, - i -
- i , s , t
X I i
X -
ti-1-f.B ,-. s.
? b r i -j.- ' v ,vii . " v -
-x i
fr ti, ;i
. - If . If
. VX-- j. - v - - l J. . .J..: . - . 3 II
4jZ k - . i
fit' - , . -
x. " i. - -
P li j
i i J') v
J X 4
s .
(I niled Press Cables ram. I
VMM KilOI.VI. Nov. II. Finland has
ideelnreri n state of war existing within
her borders.
Th" eleventh Wa:d Improvement
aso.iatiori will meet Thursday nigh1
avenue to fleet of-
i ar ne-sis w as i c-oomviif need
tne by an insuianco uteri:. I had !;
le confidence that Yarn ne-sis vo'i'.i
help me after trying about e very 1 1; : n c
simcesi ed. but decided to 'tive it a
trial. Yar ne-sis helped my stonieCf
j;he fiist week. In tinee months I
could see I was improving, and fcrid
j ually I was able to go above the ho t-e
(lis well is ever. 1 do rnv own e-o: A.
and to s-ee me now one would nc tv
believe I suffered from ibis terribl"
disease, rheumatism.
"I t-an'iot say enough for Var-n-sip.
1 vould be elad tci anspr all ques
tions about my case, as 1 want to help
o'hers find relief,
j Y. A. Yarney said: "Xot only op.
I Cai-ne-sis lake care of rheumatism,
but, unlike other preparations, it help?
plie stomach from the first dose. Yar-
tle-sis (ioes not contain saliovTite of
oda. iodides, potassium, c;-.sic itn or
now tbcit 1 ciui u rh I am i'.Hr- '-r cm;
all llmt 1 can for fithei-w 5 t't: ic! r..t a- 1
was i aftw,i f,. five ,,... ;'l-i;i-s. culchos, cane? :,nd letters on
cluonic rheumatism of the joints, i
don't believe there was a io n' in niv
! display i t nix Boston oflice. 140 Tbxvl-
ston St., is open to the public. The
n.imes and addresses
..r.,1 "".o. n.m rt I Hi I - .se fl i . oi- K- ata;-
Foric'" aI"' court invest iesttion of each
I case puttiisbed.
i at Ml Alayw.
e i ;
J Th" Hrcirii rl'tb has presented th"
j Kjtial Fran- h:se lagu "f Hammond
J '.x ith a ihe.-k far $5!. Part of the
l utrir.fv w il be 'ised in the xxoil: in
Hammond and 1 tie temamder sent to
W a.:ington. 1 '. t .. f-.r the woj-k in
'It is state.
The state of Indiana ysterday cn
trtb'tted J 1 72. one t" th" Y. M C A
war f tai'l
body escaped. My bands, f. et
knees were extremely painful,
three years before ihe di.. -eji.se i
had. 1 (ould hardly drtg nty.se',t up oi ' Py the expenses of ?hrp
down staiis. My' harnis wet e do- business men 10 in vest i eat ? the evl
formed and very weak; in far t. I I denc I produce, provtchne they xvitt
bad to use both hands to lift a r-.a'll!ow m' T publish the r'-surs uvr
pot. 'heir names. Can 1 do mor,'"
' You f'tiehf to rond "The K"i.ir -"if
'The disease continuod o trow ; Human Hintr-t5." jus! 0.f the press,
xvotse in spite of treat moi;t until 1 jit's j ice. .Jus- ;ii,;-.-s.s V.'. .v. Yai'ne.-.
".'is unable to walk, art'.: was i-um-j I.y tin. Mess
peiiio to s'ay in bed. l v.-.is in o-''l 'or; C.et Y;rne-.-!- no-x-, 'oi
nine months, helpless a ri.n.:. un- i mors' rhirniacv and if,- -
.,1.1.. : .. . ,
c.oio hi iiiino. Lieii join: aciiou , cist, anu Know vv::;;
continuously , and tin- teams Liytti by means.---AU vri iseUi..p
a- Stir:
". ii.'ble dt-ti
KlI'U llOt"..
fio you think vim ii pretty?"
If yoti do. see the "Four American
Beauties-- a; the New Orphctitn today.
Thursday or Friday. The "beauties"
i '-e all the name s;e-n!fi"s and s..re:
inique surprises are promised.
H"sids th.e feature act. Manacer
'Mt bels'etter has billed four ojher
star i't's im-hidtng Marienno. Naxara
and Marienno, comedy a. roba t ic,Jiovct y
perfortiiers : Kestersop, I trot he) ., unique
enterta inet s. ' Tb" M.u-rier." a comedy -dra'i.ntia
sk 1 1 : 'itlniore and Milton.
- . m ed ' a n..
Princess Pauie and her seven Ha
waiian "song birds" will play Satur
day and Kitndax- as th" feature attrac
tion Four other rx.ell"nt nets xvil:
1 a
lil9t AIT
-" Ctrl Who !
.-i t - r
I f.i
1: an
1 II
I - Kir I I
Til tm v v
l a lga
Margarita Fischer in
Couldn't (irovv 1 i." is at la i.u-a
today. Il is a sure cii'- for trie gruip h
and death to the blues. tf you have t'.
exer bad muinicht spreads at seooot and;
"wcenx" roasts n vv il tiiik' " i as i
young again as yen wet-" h"i: ' Katharine Howard. 41N Otrott io..
Ldwin Arden in "The Iron lb-art" j ; Thonc 2X. ttISI lie pleased vrlte
the attr.K tion Thursday. It i a t en-". r,,'ci e social new and ad vert Ulog fsv
lie I nuea.
mghl at the ag" of (ifty-,.ne years fol- ,
lowing an illness extending over a per-!
i"! of two years. !
Mrs. Mealy is surxive! by h"r hus- !
band and t xx . sisters. Mrs. nna Lyons i
of Indianapolis and Mrs. P. L. Ward of'
( 'ireencast e. Ind. She had been resi
dent fT Hammond for ! went y -ijv e yeais
and was a membe of the ( 'atholic i
Ladies' p.enev olent -Association and an
auxiliary of (he P. f K. T.. tPh j
Th" funeral is to be held from the;
AM Sa. iifs i liiin h at right o'clock to- j
iT.ortoxx morning xx it h interment at
1 ire eneast le. I nd. ,
I-fern.ard P. schke. 4'c! I'liintn-r
avciuic-. Wis- Haiomond. d,"d last ,)!S!,t
(oPovvtnK an operation several weeks,
ago. H" leaves a wife, eight lauehters !
and one son j
The funeral will b" he ld Friday aft- j
ernoon fiom the residencr- nr two o'c'o k '
and burial made at )fk H.li ( enictery. j
Deputy ?hcrti'f Whitaker has present-!
ed to the Hammond F.tks a ,"i'il pound j
elk which he secured from an Exans. j
xilb. Ind. park. It will be mounted by)
Louis Scheer and placed in the Llk's '
t m pie. j
This afternoon Cops P.ob Law and
Warner were to settle an old score at
the monthlx' police shoot. Law defeated
Warner in the last math after the
latter had held the championship some
In at tempting to "hitch" a ride John
Pot-plum, a boy nude:- 1 r. years, 207
Hoffman ."Ten. xvas 1 brown from (he
running board of a Champion truck
driven by H-n Labuda. West Hammond,
yesterday and intured about the feet,
left arm and h"ad He was t,jk"n to
St. Margaret's hcspral.
Award-rig of the contract for Ihe lead
water connection on Calumet avenue be
tween Hostl'n end S-ndard avenue
j was )vt erred until .xionux i the board
of works today.
li. specters reported Auix avenue and
Oartieid si riot pavement 1 m pro x e uumf s
w "p.; sa t isfac! orv
Twelve West Hammond del ii'iu'-n'
sol;, i I children who are said ha x e
I... a '-skippins school' vxe-e 10 have
been tried before .lud.Ke kn-.vabki tti
West Hammond city court this afternoon.
lit is Quite genera!'.'.- b- T"vc 1 by
i many people in the Cabinet section of
I Fast c'bi. ago that 'h. .nan xvliu was
j pulled out of the canal v-esterday 11101 n
I ing i 5 .John l-iabenschak. not xv 1: hs 1 a nd
i Ing the f.iilute of ;ho family to p.isi
I t ixcly iileniify him.
I Nothing was found on his prison
iiha; would assist in the identification
'and unless thr" are developments to
j.lax th" body will be btira-d.
Theie are no murks that would mdi
.a : e fun) play. P is said Ilia! Laben
chack has been nosstng t'"i a boat two
I weiks and when drinking he xxas al
ways m-tang. d and I"! day s .voiild act
in a iii.":r maiiii-r. There is a possi
bility thai he fell otf Ihe bank into
heart-gripping. Pa'he drama ami xvill lie
followed by a roaring Chris'; - comedy
and a Path" Weakly
T, e attraction Friday is .Ja-;. ::" llqy
tn "Th" Painboxv Cirl."
WY l S
L : i Ui '-..I
I 1 I !
ti,n '
t in. 1 xtiti uih t rim.
A ..; v .-;. c:ai t ntght. Ilerb.-rt l- -:.
t-'in pi i-."n t the 1 harming a-tt-.--'.
Haze Ha-.- n and Po-heit Lyten in ,.r.
-f the strongest featu:.-s of the sea
son. "The l one otf." xviitteti h
I.'.'tns Vnni e. I'oti't t itss seeing t'r.'s
xiy f xci!ent fMt jt- tonight.-- Ad '
lhe;e xxill he a spet il noet-ug o''
the Twin City Knights ,.f cpm,!,-!.
1 t. St. !',::'!:--, 'u:t thi- o.(.n
r-t : : o'. ' ;- i .. . ,
" ' t.. . . ..... ;-- i an'
Hardware Man and Others j';;:,"1'''-- a,e a."li a "n'1
M Is Helen Pa pa jna o;
-tree;, a fiud nt at the Cni't"
Affected by TJ. S. Ex
plosive License Law.
IVcii tal Fxph stv es A;
ir.t o off 1 '.-' N v. 1 v
tn possession of expl.
not hoi Z a I'tii' ! St
i. I tote;- the
wlii. b. s
7'crsop. found
- . xi ti o does
s ns" for
he eana..
x n t j .0: r step.
T:ii"x-.-s. dips and swindler 1 in
tiuti.. k da' ng th" li"! u.-.t -oa-oti Th"
H.firnond chief "t jel-ie wains ti;e
p . : 1'! c ! o he i-a 1 ' f ' '
Ilet" is w hat : "" she; 'd do to pi '
t ". t vol ; 1 x a 1 uai d "s
1' v ti 1".1V" yet.r house, even f"f
one r.islt, notify ti," pol.ee
H" careful of caching cie( ks
HaiiK to xe.ur porkethook in ciowris.
Sha US81 to bs Gra;
The wrll-kiiown soc.ei y lead'-rs' ha .r
w-a. urn , jut like x.-.urs. Hu. Mts
H ' heard of ij-h.-o Hair t'ntcr
l Mi.rcr how thousands have I raxed
ills' (j-han would bring a iisiurnl. soft,
even, ilark sliad.- to fax 01 fii'l'-d hair
ann make it soft, fluffy and lieailtifn'.
W-ban is ad ready to use a licpnd.
guaranteed harmless . a lnge hot He
n'one. back if n- i sati-jied. Sot.i hy
.1. W Weis mid H good druc stores
Try Q-ban Hair Tome; LiqukI Shampoo;
Soa p Adv.
p ycr' ' ! ) !- n. vx wi.-.'e they al
ly e; ava l.tMe pie -- x r,. on ai: models.
! d" rt ! I'Vvp-int a 1 i a - - ged .01 i.a--j
ii i e or eonimercal cats. We sor' ,t
ixotir 1 r pat! "oik and can give v ,i
j prompt servl. e. Karga:n in si cht'y
lu-ed F;..afite;3. Tour.ng ('oupes nnd
I Commerota I .ais. Ail ox orhau leel and
j g-.iai an'eed. K. N. riunneP. 5.c 1 'oil
man St.,, 1 1 a rum 1 'mi . f!7 W a s n m u : .n
! St . Hary. riii'ticr. Ilaini'(i"!i'l f..'.". Haiy
I 1 47". Adx .
' this purpose xxill 1" Stabl" to aires'
j and a line of $.".,'"1 or "! ;..ar's im
j prisonment .
I Spcii'l measiues are b"mg ta'.:u for
i t he eiif.jrce'ii' 11' of the law. w lie ti xx ill j
: be under the direction "1 the l-ni'-an
!of mines A comnutt"'- of ch'js of
; pein e of large 1 Pies is ttc-op. t.-.tmg.
i Th" fedctal lt. - i.se does not I'itev..
j any p.-rson fiom state ;-ixxs ,-nd !.". aj
b-.i 1
t lirr-
".eS t'ollfK" cf tiaty. h.ii. iv-ii ui.;
H. but is l.ett r and is expect.- .1 ... .
xv 1 1 enough to return to b r stud1 .
xx it li in th" next few days.
There vx 1 11 he an all-day sew ipg
session at the lio.ii.' ..f m , s L'dwaid
Cadtnan ii Heacui st'-tt t'-rtorrovv
xx 'Hi a ii i t -a n.i - tn iss 1 :mbe..i, ?..ve,
at noon. Th' imii.-fi xxill sew on a
toies f,,i- thei coining baztrar.
Mis. C (I, ;e,,r of ("iC Jxy sliest.
xx h had disposed i h-i beautit :1
hue uanlcn ftovxeis -., the p.ildic to s
lail with th..- p:;i ,.f p 1 . r c h .1 1 1 i g
"rilin.-i'i.-'.- also riuiriii pf niiits.
.Manufacturers. importers. expoters;.
sellers and purchasers musi have li
censes unci en ' 1 "C of?, ti-iii'tii; dim-
Afolrlers of t.oeal 224 ar" requesird to
a't"nd mce; ;r:g Friday ntght. x o'clock,
at Labor Temple. Hohnian street. 1m
por'ant bur-ire-s. 11-H-2'
tpypif-s or- ruarrxmen max
i PIOSIVCS t' tiiCir employes ,,1,:',
these employ, s 1 os .. ss i m n .
b t'lni'd a. f uetnati's lo :;s
oxi r. I'lll-' lll!-' IS xx ili 1..IM t.
vxlia' us.- ;;i" exidosixe 1 1.
j and be held st I let ly nn-r.U!!' -ih
lis put to 1 bat u.- and no "tie
1 '
I xxill b- ;c, I'-a.-i .-in. led'iai
I !': ic-r in x a . h -oi.t 1 1 . .
. " e x -'.
1 ugh
-1! to
hat it
h oni h
a n c e .
lor ! 1.1
i ti Ft arv
Mr. H. C.
to take tn
if the seas..:
. 1. at th"
the best
1. entitled
( ' 1 1 r i s 1 i a n
Hair Gilcr Restcrer
Would you
home -1 a iej, r
the atiove? If so.
church, ('tuner of 'a linnet avenue and
Summer sroet, Tbui'sday '-venjiig-. Nov.
I'.lh. S o'clock .sharp: jfiven under i'-c
auspices of th Christian Fnclea'-or S.
cfty in th" Sunday School auditorium.
If pot. you will miss a pood rip-roaring,
full of laughter and jolly good time.
Special music xxill be furnished in ad
dition to t xx o good special feat 'ires.
Come and help the Young People clear
up their (. hur hi building fund pled.ge.
Adult -" arid children 1."i cents. Come
x uii xx ant a good seat.
1 5-14-1
e a r i y
if you
Help Your Country Buying i
"Let Us Pay With Our Podies
For Hur Soul's Desires." Roose-veic.
I Hammond Butcher Rejoices
! Over Wife's Recovery
j "My wife sal':'' red I'm- tlx e years and
! praei i'.a 1 1.x liv.il ,. ..:im and hot w .iter.
' lioctors said so. would have i.. 1... . pii-
ated for i.all stones. A holy aiix.s.l h. r
I to try Aiaxr's Wonjerful ll' tu-ciy ind
lifter taking t b"ti. s u'.ti v. y . ais
ago, she has l.e.ri .ot.'.l, xx . II ..,!
since. It is a simp!-- harn.'os..- .repa
ration thai removes the 1 t 1 h H 1 1CU-
iniiH h'i'iii the inttstmil i rti'-i, ;..id al
lays th" in Ma m ma '. em which cauS'S
praeiicalix all stomaeli. liver m d in-t.-srinal
ail'ioaits. iuc ' ud i ti at-tendi-cilis.
One .lose xxill ' en-' ii'.v .a- irt'Vi.iv
refutided. Summers Phaiu y. Uidg.'-
l"v lung S"ue ia c,ai I'.ui-iai H'aig
S'ote . Inde'iiti liar!...! .- .f r.
a tum'.cs" ;n tu
had t h ,1 ss s -.aliens,
proprt'- t-.r
of the Cent r a I 1 'rug slot e. 'est'oday
in the selection of ha I p. o. nd .an- . f
th" very best fbae. o, xv ith A'l a -ct'tiipan.x
ing pipe and i-re package of
e . 2 a re r t es. jmd 'mliided -.v-oe pntci
ories. xx lit ing pane, and ,i p.;; ;1 in
each pa :a-e. and cm los.-u via- a
met ry rh; i..fn:ts c.-i : d greeting p.
vx bo eve i ha:.i"iicd t- .. tie r.-.-iioei.r
The p.j. I... ! . s t;.. cl.ie. t :,, 1'iatic- f . .
disposition. Ait-s. il.".. feih-- piat.-.f :!
to fill these vx!,.' p ;rcb;..-c,1 tic- .t . x . .
vvbScli made p.asstaie the ..-.- ji d n g ..f
O.0--C c:ift pa . 1-t -i ires, 'x 1 - h su'e'.. w-'l'
l.e i eer-ix e.i with gra' it ui--- by il.t b s
at ihe f:ent
The I, p. Ladies' . id w i'l a.ee; w'lt.h
M ! s Will an M ."'.laug ic r cf .",7CS Ivy
..'.it t a - o i . xv a f I 'in .on f a tin si -t
. -' s sc... All i.if n i.eis ate .i.-k.-d
t II p e, ri :
Mts. .'. I.' t s of Kl::i stiert . .s .-t'l'-ri-tintiy
iitoised an oi n-; a
ev a bit g- n iii;ii'-r ' f her f ri' nd -lie
,. ' a s., ,n w s h i 1. . tiidny a un : -'t.-a'--
,'ind tie gteater ;;r,.-i..p f.r
Hl' v.-.s a bcantifu) diaocnei :-'na
T-ffanx set p' t sented to he-i yt .
P.::' Ti.. v . n.r.j v. n or.eul n i t r
g.'iui"s and music an I a de! ig l.t f :,
b n'1-..-o ' -col a! its . i..sc.
'j'l.e . "tnlr.ii i f h" I.'oyal Cwnt
s-n'-e; s -c 'I' 'i.i i t-.ri nm. Indiana
1 in nc v t F-:d:ix evening. Novem-
': Iff. vx ol .ml t he public- of
.ii- i I -' s s i s, nit ing- abilities of the
i.vxints. 1' '.-i bo e mitsic don't r.iiss
;:. Toes.-. th. oi isinal singers that
i-it.d tics city in 1 f 1 t. tieneral ad-r-
i5--ii.il .'.ft cent w. Tickers now oi
I-oi.-s' A,d of the Hapti.-'.
' "' .'"''i !;.abrt. ;n is .-! ;,,,.
, r-i-.-t ix..-.g.. i i-u-3

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