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Venesda" April 10. 1918.
BbTJbU-jil. t-ix Xueanmam
Ta-ie Three
Kntherlne Howarit. rail oieott Are.,
rhonr 283, t!l be pleased to write and
ifrpltr Soclnl ntm and advertising for
I be Times.
Select plefnres Corp. present Alio
Jrady In "Hep Silent Snerinoe,' from
he (nmooi plur. '"The Knl House."
Ofrected by EJird Jose. Alw Hearst
I'mhK MiklT
As many Fast Chicago woratn that
o i'il be reached by telephone yester
day were IrxvUed to a free matinee
i-rf ormanee1 at the Hartiev theatre by
he manager himself, to view the first
er!es of a. wonderful fcenlc produe
'!on, er-t'tled, "The Fagie Eye." which
soon coming to Fast Chicago, but
soor. enousli, was the unanimous
opinion of those most fortunate t'" w!t
rfn the three, reels of yesterday. The
picture la replete with patriotism of
tha, hour and would be a powerful In
centive to the securing cf Liberty
bonds in this drive. Mr. Hartiev has
eoured the promi'H of the f.'m at an
early date and 1t waa l-.'.a intention of
'earning from the women of th's town
who era vitally !ntere5ted in the war
i'.easurfs of today, their opinions. So
many women could not be reached on
s shcrt notice for everywhere they
were performing: the duties assigned
;- them in this big drive for Liberty
:"nd. but those present declared that
putting on of this r-'"tnro would
Get Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets
That Is the joyful cry of thousands
since Dr.Edward3 produced Olive Tablets
the substitute for calomel.
Dr. Edwaxd3, a practicing physician fof
17 years and calomel's old-time enemy,
discovered the formula for Olive Tablets
while treating patients for chronic coa
tipation and torpid livers.
Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets do not
contain calomel, but a healing, soothing
vegetable laxative.
No griping id tha 'keynote" of these
!:nle sugar-coated, olive-colored tablets.
They cause the bowels and liver to act
normally. They never force tfcera to
unnatural action.
If you have a "dark brown mouth' ncvr
and then a bad breath a dull, tired
feeling 6ick headache torpid liver and
are constipated, you'll find quick, sure 2nd ;
only pleasant results from one or two lit-1
tie Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets at bedtime. !
Thousands take one or two every night
just to keep right. Try thexa. 10c and
25c per box. All druggists.
arouse every vestige. If however lack
ing, of one's duty In the loyal support
of their rountiy.
A perlolly priced lot of about lift 7
hnta, value 7 and 7, thla week at
$2frS and f.Y.no. All choice new ahape
and trimming'. Hat and Art Shop,
70S Chicago Aventie. Raat rklcmc
Vnlon prayer meetings will be held
at the following homes tomorrow mor
ning: Mrs. Edward Cadman. 1109 Ba
con street; Mrs. K. A. Peters 4720 Bar
ing avenue: -Mrs. .1. F. Thompson. 4820
Foray the avenue; Mrs. Kva Floyd. 4436
Forsythe avenue; Mra. IT. II. Clark.
4314 Magoun avenue; Mra, C. Seddon,
4"40 Baring avenue. The text will bo,
"Revival in Individual," Psalms, 51st
chapter, 6 to 14th.
Boyd Smith of Weggr; avenue, la expecting-
to be called to Vandergrlf t. Pa.
to the bedside of his father who la
ery ill.
Miss Rose Parish of South Baring
avenue, entertained the Embroidery
club lest evening.
Miss Bridget Srannel, well known to
many Indiana Harbor residents, and
a nurse in training at the Mercy hos
pital. Chicago, succombed to a brief
illness of pneumonia, at the hospital
Monday. The remains were brought
to Indiana Harbor by Cndertakers
Burns and McGuan and services were
held at St. Patrick's church thia raorn
ing for the hepoee of the soul. Dece
dent had lost a sister two years ago
and that her health had become under
mined. The nearest relatives known
are Mrs hi;,', v, of Stieplitz Park and
two uncles in 'Whiting:. Interment was
at Calvary cemetery. Gary.
Mrs, Frank Holem of Commonwealth
aver.u", was hostess to the Five Hun
dred club last evening.
The remains of Eugene Connors of
40 Northootte avenue, was prepared
for shipment by Undertaker TV. C.
Hnher and forwarded to Fort "Wayne.
wher interment will be made today.
The deceased waa thirty-five years of
as" and left a wife and four children
to mourn his departure.
Kl'.as Paris of TCorth Magroun avenue
and a pioneer resident of this ctty
lies been romoved to St. Margaret's
!:o?pitil to undergo a Terr freoarioua
operation. It la to trusted that he
will be able to rally from tha ordeal
very rapidly and be returned to his
home rrvrh benefitted.
There la a quarter!" meeting: t be
held at the Congregational church
this evening-.
Section A of the Congregational La -i1ie3
Aid will have the Lyric theatre
in charge tomorrow evening. Tickets
are b"ing distributed by members to
day. Mrs. J. a. Reed of Hemlock street.
Is convalescing from an operation le
cently performed on her fur the relief
of arpendioitla. She is a patient at
the Presbytei ian hospital In Chicago.
Edgar Personal t, chairman of the
Woodman benefit affairs, elected to
succeed J. It. Lehman who la now ab
sent from the city, urges that names
of soldier toys and tlieir proper ad
dresses be forwarded 1o him at 4"J
loott avenue, at an early date The re-
j ceipts last dar.ee will be ready for dl-
tiibutlon within the next few days.
Mrs. J. A. Teegardcn has returned
from Atica where she accompanied 1 er
son, Arohie. to the home, of his grand
parents for him to remain until the
great liberty loan drive l over and
which Mrs. Teegarden must give the
greater part of her time to as she 1s
chairman of the Woman's Section of
Indiana Harbor. The women are re
ticent as to the work being nccor. -plished
but the public mny prepare
for R surprise when the receipts ai e
announced. Wind and ra'.n has not far
Red their Interest one bit; they are re
sponding nobly to the call of their gov
ernment and their enerK.es are surely
to be reworded wiih ultimate success.
Mra. Tom Thomas of 145th street
U confined to the house with Illness.
Harry Johnston of Beacon street, an
engineer on the P.. & O. Railroad, met
with an acfedent to his shoulder. U"
hud an X-ray picture taken in Chicago
to learn the extent of the injury, lie
is under medical c are.
The East Chicago club members held
one of the most interesting meet'nss
lost evening sinoe the annals of their
origin which has been bent purely
along social acti itles. There is a de-part-iire
from the regular rule, howev
er, and the c'nib v. .ted p. r a unit to
uaaum, j
ii?aif 1 1
"Pape's Cold Compound
ends severe colds or grippe
in few hours.
TteV.e cnrr.ea instantly.
A dose taken every thr ho'jrss un-
til three doses are taeo will end
grippe misery and break up a severe
cold either in the head, cheat, body or
It promptly opens clogged nostrils,
and atr passages in the head. lcrs
r.asty discharge or nose running, re
lieves sick headache, dullness, fever
ishness. sore throat, sneering, soreness
and stiffness
Pon't stav stuffed up! Quit blowing
and sr.uff", Ease your thrc hbing
iieadl Nothing e!se :n the world Kive.
such prompt rei:f as "Pape's ti
Compound,'' which costs only a few
cents at any drug store. It acts with
out assistance, tastes nice, cause, n
inconvenience. P.e s;re you Sel the
Benuine. Adv.
s Mxe mot wmy
Ycu are asked to spend wisely ts buy
only the things honestly needed to main
tain your health and efficiency. This
is intelligent thrift. The Government
asks it of you as a war measure s
JUR Government has requested that we put at the disposal of
the War Department our entire output of the "makings"
"BULL" DURHAM tobacco.
And we have complied fully, gladly. . For whatever the Gov
ernment wants, whatever it needs, it must have from us and from
you fully and with a generous heart.
We have been sending immense quantities of "Bull" to our men
at the front, and at the same time trying to supply consumers at home.
But now we arc asked to give all our output: 36,000,000 sacks,
2,000,000 lbs., 100 carloads of "BULL" DURHAM every month.
This call means more than just huge figures to me and I know it
will mean more than figures to the hundreds of thousands of men every
where in the country who "roll their own" and who look upon that
little muslin sack of good old "Bull" as a personal, everyday necessity.
It means that the Government has found that our sighting men
need the "makings".
But, if "Bull" is a necessity to you, here, in the peaceful pursuit of
your daily life, how much greater its necessity to those splendid
Americans who have gone to fight for you to win this war for you.
I know that you will think of them as I do only of them. I know
there will not be a single complaint. I know that you will give up your
share of "Bull", however long you have enjoyed it, however close it is
to you, as you will give up anything you have if it is made clear to you
that our forces over there need it.
That the Government has requested the whole output of "BulH,
the night and day output of all of our factories, must make this abso
lute need clear to you. .
And I know that you will not forget the little muslin sack gone
for the present on its mission of hope and inspiration to our boys in
the trenches.
"Bull" will come back, with ribbons of honor. Have no fear.
The American Tobacco Company
The"MaIungsfi .t.VL j
. -afw-- "T"fi v 'juj j i i?5ttLi ' V V
Thrift requires the ex
ercise of restraint and self-denial
qualities without which you cannot achieve the success in
life which it is your ambition to achieve and for the lack of
which you are likely to suffer in later years.
The money you acquire by thrift you are asked to
loan not give to your country. It will come back
to you when you may need it far more than you
do now, and you will be paid interest for its use.
This war is a frightful thing, but it may prove of inestima
ble benefit to you, if it teaches you the good habit of thrift.
Help Your Country and Yourself by Investing in Liberty Bonds
Siva oca of the largest benefit balls
ever held In this community end for
the Red Cross needs. A large commit
tee has been appointed and consists
of the members who will be, actively
alert that no time be lost in the fur
therance of this affair at an early date.
They are the Messers T. I Harrie,
F. R. Iynoh, J. E. Hart, C M. Sottt
lyo. Cyril Ilaugh. L. n. Gibbn. R. F.
Darrow, J. Carroll. A. R. Ijongnecker.
A. Peterson. V. WIIHains and F. C.
Eiona. Three additional names liavo
been added, the Messers J. Cohn, T.
Roberts and F. Hornbei cr. A called
nrvting- for the committee will be held
tomorrow evening et the club rooms
and It la believed that by Friday morn
ing the data of this huje affair wiil be
veady for announcement. Th past af
fairs given by this club wiil be s'iff!-
District of
A small bottle destroys
dandruff and doubles beau
ty of your hair.
Vice Chairman Commercial Division
W. J. FUNK EY, Caahler Flret National Bank.
Viie Chairman Industrial Division
CHAS. TRUE, Gen. Supt. Loco. Superheater Co.
Vice Chairman Commercial Division
JOHN CARROLL, Cashier 1st State T. &. S. Bk.
Vice Chairman Industrial Division
JOHN W. LEES, Gen. Supt. Inland Steel Co.
We Have Sold Our Full Quota, $780,000. Let's
Make It Half Million More.
Within ten minutes after an applica
tion of Danderina you can riot find1 a
single trace of dandruff or falling hair
end your acalp will not Itch, hut what
will please 3 ou most will be after a few
weeks ufc, when you see new hair, fine
j end downy at first yes but really new
j hair growing all over the scalp,
j A little 1'anderino immediately dou
! bles tho beauty of your hair. No differ
ence how dull, faded, brittle and scraggy.
ju!?t moisten a cloth with Dandertne
and carefully draw it through your hair,
taking one small strand at a time. The
effect is amazing your hair will be
light, fluffy and wavy, and have an ap
pearance of abundance: an incomparable
lustre, Foftness and luxuriance.
Mot a small bottle of Knowlton'f
Imndorirte, from any drug store or toilet
t counter for a few tents and prove that
your hair a as pretty and soft as any
that it has been r,"slect j or injured by
careless treatment that's all you sure
ly can have beautiful hair and lots of it
if vcu will just try a little Danderine.
clent evidence what the public may
expect of this event and taking into
consideration tho aim, the public will
no doubt give it their undivided sup
port. Two wall known young; ladies of
the Twin Cities, the Misses Agnes Nel
son and Jessie Comptol are patients
at the South Shore hospital In Chicago.
Roth young women are suffering with
a kindred ailment that of glandular
trouble. They are fast friends and ev
iuentlv at th's time a. source of com
fort to each othr. Miss Nelson is em
ployed in tho Ijike county Ice office
and Miss Compton in the East Chicago
Garage and Sales Company.
Mrs. E. Goldstein of Springfield is
here vi.sittng her daughter. Mrs. M". If.
Kiemper. of South Magoun avenue,
who lias been confined to the house
with i'lness for the rast couple of
week s.
Twin City Circle. Daughters cf Isa
bella, will hold a be,nef,t card party
and dance at Wiland's hall, Thurs
day evening. Aptii 11th. The proceeds
are to go towards the K. of C. War
Fund. The public is invited to at
tend and give thetr mite for this ex
cellent cause.
The Mesdames X. K. PerVins and T.
Orth. will be joint hostesses at a ben
efit card r-arty for St. Alban's Guild
to be held Saturday evening at the
Parih hall.
Miss Aileen Jennings of Drummond
street, will hare the J. O. T. club meet
with her this even'rg.
The Misses Mabel end Sybil Clapper
are departing for Purdue university
where they will attend the Junior
Prom Dance to be held Friday evening.
They wiil remain over the week end.
Miss Clara Peterson of Olcott ave
nue ta having the" t. M. P.'s to meet
with her this evening.
Don't Let Soap
Spoil Your Hair
TVhen you wash your hair, be careful
what you use. Most soaps and prepar
ed shampoos contain too much alkali,
whieh is very injurious, as It dries the
scalp and makes the hair brittle.
The best thing- to use is Just plain
rn-ilsified cocoanut oil. for this Is pure
and entirely grenscleaa. It's very
chean, and beats the most expensive
soaps or anything else a'i to pieces.
You can get this at sny drug store, and
a few ounces will last the whole fami
ly for months.
si-nr.n- moisten the hair with water
'and rub it in, about a teaspoonful is all
that is required. It maKe.s an aouna
?noe of rich, creamy lather, cleanses
thoroughly, and rinses out easily. The
hair dries quickly and evenly, and is
soft, fresh looking, bright, fluffy, wavy
r.nd easy to handle. Besides, it loosens
end takes out every particle of dust,
riitt and dandruff. Adv.
John Anderson was initiated in to the
I. O. O. F. lodge on. Monday evening.
The Jf. E. ladles will meet tomorrow
Rt the home of Mrs. Harriet Mundell on
Cleveland avenue.
One of the Vim Motor Truck Co.'s rep
rcstentati ves demonstrated a Vim fire
truck to tho town board on Monday even
ing. -but they did not buy one until they
have seen and had demonstrations from
other companies. They aijo held their
regular meeting.
The Prlscilla club will meet with Mrs.
VVrobble tomorrow.
Erahst Bros, are demonstrating their
tractors this week near McCooL
James Gill, who has "oeen quite lit
for the past wek is able to be out again.
ITe says ho has lost about twenty
after being sick for the past ten days.
Georgo Fleck has gone back to work
after being sicy for the last ten days.
"Wm. 5-prinfrman was in Gary on Mon
day, trying to enlist in the army.
The Thursday Evening club will meet
this week with Mrs. John I.. Fiester.
Mr. and Mrs, Mat "Weinand of Sotith
Gary, transacted business la Hot-art yes
terday. Mrs. Sophia Johnson who has "been
spending the winter at Burbar.ks. Fla.,
returned home yesterday.
Miss F.lsie Rose returned from the
Gary General hospital. Monday.
There is a new ruling now in effect
whereby all coal dealers must register
every purchaser of coal and tho amount
of rurchae.
Mrs. John Sterling who has been visit
ing her parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. 13. John
son for the rast week, returned to her
home at Fast Chicago, Sunday.
Miss Lillian Johnson 'of Hammond,
visited her pn rents over Sunday.
J..hp Pierce left last Saturday for Ce
dar Uapids. la. From there he experts
to go to Charles City and work for the
British government.
The funeral of Mrs. r France was held
here Saturday. Her remains wera sent
from Eriscoa. Ind., enl tha Interment
was at the old Hobart cemetery, fc-iie
was the mother of Duffy DcFrance. f ..: -rr.eriy
of this place.
George Sauter has accepted a posi
tion as manager of th grocery and mr : -ket
at Sth arenuo and Massachusetts
street, at Gary.
It. T. Coons and family of Chicago,
motored out to Hobart, Sunday. Mr.
Coons is building a residence on Cleve
land svemie.
The Jdenl Book ejeb will meet tomor
row at the X". P. Banks home.
The Indies alliance will meet with
Mrs. J. 1i. Fiester tomorrow.
Mr. and Mrs. Leo LeRoy ana daughter
and Mr. and Mrs. H. Myriok and son
of Chicago, were guests of Mr. an Mrs.
George Lewis on Sunday.
Miss Hattie Parka of Chicago, spent
the week-end with her mother, Mrs. J.
Papka of this pl-ice.
M. and Jlrs. Frank Anderson and
children of LaPorte, visited at Hazel
green's, Sunday. They were accompan
ied home by Mrs. Ilazelgreen and Miss
Lira H.izeijrreen.
Try This If You
Have Dandruff
There Is one sura way that never
fails to remove dandruff completely and
that is to dissolve it. This destroys it
entirely. To do this, just get about
j four ounces of plain, ordinary liquid
jarvon: apply it at night when retirin-:
i use enough to moisten the calp and
rub it In gently with the finger tip?.
By morning, most if not all, of your
dandruff will be gone, and three or
four more applications will completely
dissolve and entirely destroy every
single sign and trace of it, no matter
how much dandruff you may have.
Ton will find. too. that all itching
and digging of the scalp will stop ins
tantly, and your hair will be. fluffy, lus
trous. Flossy, silky and soft, nnd look
and feel a hundred t n es better.
You can get liquid arvon at any d'. -store.
It is inexpensive. and four
ounces is all you will read. This simp'e
remedy has never been known to fa.!.

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