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April 1918.
Page Fivo
.V special meeting of the ladies' Al1
Society of St. raul'a Lutheran church is
announced for three o'clock Sunday aft
ernoon at th church to discuss th
Junior Red Cross.
The "Wan "Wah Taysee Camp Kire Girls
postponed its regular weekly meetmr
last evening and attended the meeting
at Liberty Temple.
The members of the Embroidery Club
sind their husbands will be entertained
by Mr. H. I... Sml'h Monday eventn at
her home in South Hohman street.
There will be a meeting of the Kpual
F'i anehisa League Monday evening at
The Hammond public library. The dele
gates to the state convention will be
named and other important business will
be transacted.
The history coinmiufc of the Ham
mond TYoman's Club will meet Monday
afternoon at the hnmt of Mrs. Kaymond
lynns. 21S Highland street. Mrs. S. K.
Fwatm has the program in charge and
assisting her will be Mrs. -Walter Wise,
Mrs. J. M. Turner and Mrs. Daniel
Hrown. Serving on the day's social com
mitte will be Mrs. Henry Burk, Mrs. M.
M. Bruce. Mrs. "W. M. Higher ami Mrs.
"anipbell. The program for the after
noon follows:
The Star Spangled banner ' All
'''are of the Soldiers and Sailors"
Mrs. J. M. Turner
Group of sonjts Mrs. Louis Freeman
Great Lakes Naval Training Station"
.Mrs. Waiter "Wise
"America's First Tear in the War"
Mrs. Ianiel Brown
The T. 3L C. A. in France"
Mrs. S. K. Swaim
lust received a large shipment of
White Leghorn Baby Chicks and will
riace them on sale at ISc each. Lion
Store, basement. 4-11-
Mrs. Harry Smith entertained yester
day afternoon at her home. 35 Highland
mtreet, for the Alpha Phi Club and with
the club members she had as guests
Mrs. Hammerstrnm, Mrs. John Huchel,
Mm. H. T. Allison and Mrs. R. L. Jessop
of Butler. Pa. The guests brought their
knitting and needle work and at the
close, of the afternoon were served with
a dainty collation. The next party will
be given by Mrs. Joseph Thompson of
Highland etreet in four weeks Instead
of two.
With the members of the Oak Leaf
Embroidery Club Mrs. J. W. Prevo en
tertained Mrs. Arthur Merrill at the
regular club meeting at her home in In
diana avenue, yesterday. Following an
afternoon of needle work the hostess
served refreshments. The luncheon table
was attractive with miniature flags and
sweet reas. The club will be entertain
ed again In two weeks on Friday after
noon by Mrs. F. A. Scowden at her home
in May street.
Just received a large shipment of
White Leghorn Baby Chicks and will
riace: them on sale at ISc each. Lion
Store basemeit. 4-11-
Mrs. Frank PeYault of 373 Last State
s'reet was tendered a surprise party
yesterday afternoon by several of her
friends in celebration of her birthday
anniversary. Painty refrosnments were
served after an afternoon devoted to
needle work. There were luncheon coy
era laid for Mrs. Ellsworth. Mra. Oliver
Preschold, Mrs. William Runyon and
daughter Al'ee. Mrs. Fred Hopp and
Mrs. Stonebreaker of Hessville and the
following from Hammond: Mesmades
Ethel Miller, Guy Bowen, Bailey, Em
rnerling. Henry Rohde, Frank Grove,
Charles Rhode. Arthur Anderson. Kirk
heimer. Fieber. Schwart, E'.ster. Hester-ma.-..
Stratton. and Gadsby and the
-Misses Irene and Iris Gadsby.
A party was given at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. J. I.. Young. 359 Michigan ave
nue, in honor of Mr. Young's brother.
Henry Young, of Co. L. 151t Inf.. Camp
Shelby. Hatticsburg. Mis., who is home
on a ten day furlough. The home was
very prettily decorated !i the national
colors. A dainty three course luncheon
was served. Those present were: the
Misses Margaret Raver. Lndema S-olt-wedel.
Mary Lovelace, Gladys Buckley,
Jennie Howarth. Ida KlpWe, Clara Ripke.
Irene Hooker. Leota Lovelace. Hannah
Nichols, Jnunita McCoy. Dorothy Kist
ler, and. Messds. Henry Toung. Maurice
Hudson. Paniel Moars. Harry Iorans.
George Mulvey. Kdvvard Sowers, Wilfred
Lohse, Lloyd Bussert, Clarence Sawnson,
Hurry Grombo.. William Granger. Steve
Majeskl and Chss. Brasunler.
A meeting of the Woman's Home
Missionary Society of the F'.rst Method
ist church took place with Mrs. T. J.
Bassett yesterday afternoon at the par
sonage. Mrs. W. H. Spellman was the,
assisting hostess. During the business
session the delegates to the. district con
vention to he tte.id in I'hesterton. Ind.,
May Pth and 10th were made. Mrs. C.
E. Hollett and Mrs. V. H. Spellman were
named as delegates and Mrs. AUrion
Tinkham. the alternate.
Next Tuesday. Wednesday and Thurs
day afternoon donations of clothing for
refugees will be received at the civilian
relief headquarters in Liberty Temple
by Mrs. W. C. Belman. phone 1474 and
Mrs. Ralph Uroman. phone 2099. It is
requested that the clothing Is in good
The weekly meeting t..f the King's
Daughters took place yesterday after
noon with Mrs. Harry liatfle.d of Erie
s'reet. Mrs. Young and Mrs. Middleton
were named as members of the social
committee for the month and plans were
discussed for the work to be carried on
this spring. The members devoted the
afternoon to their needle work.
When constipated or bilious
give "California Syrup
of Figs."
Look at the tongue, mother! If coat
ed, it is a sure sign that your little
one's stomach, liver and bowels need a
gentle, thorough cleansing at once.
When peevish, cross, listless, pale,
doesn't sleep, doesn't eat or act natu
rally, or is feverish, stomach sour,
breath bad: has stomach-ache, aore
ihrcat. diarrhoea, full of cold, give a
iapoonful of "California Syrup of
Figs." and in a few hours all the foal,
constipated waste, undigested food and
sour bile gently moves out of it little
bowels without griping, and you have a
well, playful child again.
You needn't coax sick children to take
ti.is harmless "fruit laxative;" they
love its delicious taste, and it always
makes them feel splendid.
Ask your druggist for a 0-cnt bottle
of "California Syrup of Figs," which
has directions for babie. children of all
stes and for gre-wn-ups plainly on the
bottle. Beware of counterfeits sold
here. To be sure you get the genuine,
ask to see that it is made by "Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Company." Refuse
any other kind with contempt. Adv.
Dorcas Kebekuh lodge has called Us
meeting for seven o'clock this evening
on account of the patriotic meeting at
Liberty Temple. Intiation will feature
the meeting and it is desired that all
members of the degree team are present.
There will be a meeting Monday even
ing of Triumph Council No. 11 1. of L.
at the I. O. O. F. hall.
White Leghorn Baby Chicks, ISc each.
Lion Store basement. 4-12-
Tomorrow will b "Book? for Sol
diers." day at the Monroe street church
one block south of Conkey avenue. Al!
members ' and friends of the, church
ore requested to bring book and ma?,
czines. to any of the services of th
day. The reading material collected
will be promptly turned over to th
proper authorities for delivery to th?
boys in the trenches.
The members of the Friday Afternoon
Club were entertained very pleasantly
by Mrs. Otis Work of Harrison street
yesterday. Ref reshments were served
during the afternoon an7 the time was
spent with needle work. In two weeks
on Friday Mrs. J. O. Dickson will enter
tain the club members and their children
at her home in Highland street.
A meeting to discuss the establish
ment of day nurseries in Hammond was
held last evening at the Alice Club with
Mrs. J. M. Turner presiding as chair
man and Mrs. f. O. Rick, acting secre
tary. Mrs. W. C. Belman opened the
meeting. Several women's organizations
were represented at the meeting und It
is desired that there is a large attend
ance at Tuesday's meeting. Several
women's organist ions were represented
at the meeting an dit is desired that
there is a large attendance at Tuesday's
meeting. Working committees were ap
pointed, Miss Lulu Symtnes being ap
pointed to solicit supplies on the north
side. Mrs. W. C. Belman in central part
of city and Mrs. Harriet Walker in East
At her home in Rimbaeh avenue last
evening Miss Rose Lee Nagle was host-
ess to the D. A. M. Club. The guests'
brought their knitting and during the
evening a dainty collation was served.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles "W. Sylvester of
Detroit street are entertaining the lat
ter' mother, Mrs. Hornaday of Indian
apolis. Mrs. H. F. Allison of Elizabeth street
haa Mrs. R. L. Jessop of Butler. To., as
her guest. Mrs. Jessop will return to
the east net week after three weeks'
stay in Hammond.
The Rev. and Mrs. Thco. Claus and
family of Clinton street have moved into
their new home at "52 Bauer strfei.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. C. rnjn and sen.
Philip, are attending a celebration in
honor of the Golden wedding anniver
sary of Col. and Mrs. F. C. T'ropper of
Dolton. 111., today.
Dr. M. Vaughn of Michigan avenue is
reported to be quite seriously ill.
Mrs. F. W. Preston of Conkey avenue
will leave tomorrow for Fnion City.
I'pon reaching this village, the
German troops applied the torch to
every house, barn or other thing that
would burn and then proceeded to
slaughter the few people they found
remaining in their houses or on the
The Dead.
Francois l.uyck. age forty-five
years, with her twelve year old
daughter, whom the Germans found
In a drain and shot;
The daughter of Jean Ooyen. age
nine, who was ahot;
Anda Willem. age twenty-three,
sacristan, who was tied to a tree and
burned alive:
Joseph Reynders, age. forty, and
his little nephew age ten. were shot
and slabbed;
Gustav Lodts. age forty, and Jean
Marken. also age forty, buried alive;
German cavalrymen shot down and
rode oyer a little girl of fifteen;
Deeds still more frightful, if that
is possible, were committed by the
Germans as a result of the defeat
inflicted upon them by the Belgium
Army before Mallnes.
There is no reason to expect the
hearts of these monsters to have
softened as the result of their ex
perience since these awful days. On
the contrary. German tint red of
America and Americans is perhaps
more pronounced than the animosity
rhown ir Belgium.
It is, to secure the American people
from such visitation that tlie I'm ted
States has enterc-d this great conflict
and it asks only that the people lend
their money that this enterprise may
be successful. Buying Liberty Loan
Bonds is evidence on the part of the
buyer of his desire to help guarantee
such security.
Monroe Street Sffathndlat episcopal
l'.'tul L. Benedict. Pastor.
10:00 a. in. Sunday School.
11:0 a. m. Preaching services.
fi:30 p. m. Epworth League.
7 :V.O p. m. Preaching services.
You are cordially invited to attend
any or all of these services.
Plna St. FresbytarUn Church.
Mahlon If. Krause, Minister.
10:09 a. m. Sunday school.
11:00 a. m. Divine, service.
2:00 p. m. Junior Christian Endeavor.
6:"0 p- to. Senior Christian Kndeavor.
7:4 5 p rn. Evening service.
Tenn.. her former home fr several
weeks' visit with friends. Mrs. Preston's
many Hammond friends hope that her
stay in the south will greatly benefit her
health which has not betn the best this
Mrs. August Franck of 22.""i Incraharn
avenue is recovering from the la grippe.
Where to Worship
at Various Hsmmoad Churches
: RINK :
Music by Sterling's Orchestra.
Mike adura. Mgr.
rirat Presbyterian Church,
Corner of Highland and llolimsu Sts.
J. C. Parrel t. Minister.
Phone 104SR.
9:15 a. m. Bible school.
10:45 a. m. Morning worship.
Subject: "Tlie Hem of His Gar
ment." G:30 p. m. Ciiris'ian Kmlavor.
7:30 p. m. Evening worship.
Subject: "The Man, Jesus of Naz
areth." First Church of Christ, Scientist
730 South Hohman street.
10. 4i a. m. Sunday services.
8.00 p. m. Wednesday evening tes
timonial meeting.
11:40 a. m. Sunday school.
St. Panl's Church (Episcopal.)
W. J. Hawthorne. Rector.
S:00 a. rn. Early celebration,
a. m. Sunday School.
10:45 . m. iMtd-dsy service.
7:3ii p. m. Evening servi'.
S:0rt p. m. Monday, vestry merting
at the church.
First Pentecostal Church of the Naju
Corner of Michigan ana Calumtt. Rev.
A. S. Ifalsineicr, Pastor.
9:45 a. m. Sunday school.
10:45 a. m. Preaching.
3:0i r. m. Pentecostal L'n:o praise
SaJ.va.tion Army.
267 East State street.
8:43 a. m. Comrany meeting
2:13 p. in. Street meeting.
3.00 p. m Christian Praiso meeting
7;15 p. ru. Street meeting.
s:00 p. m. Salvation meeting.
Public invited.
Ca.pt. and Mrs. Pearoley.
tmmaanels Evangelical Church.
Tha Rev. A. J. Hots. Tailor. Ill
?lbley street. Phone 1113-W.
9;lo a. ii. Sunday school.
German and English classes.
10:30 a m. 'jerman service.
No evening service.
Th Associated Bible Students
U p. in. I. O. O. F. hall, opposite
Minns Dept. store. Vndenomina
tiona! Sfrviees. Every Sunday.
-Ml welcome. Scats free. No collection.
Ht i.let:n-.i
CHICAGO, April 13. Warrants for tha
arrest of Frof. VT. I. Thomas, Chicago
university professor, and Mrs. K. Grang
er, who registered at a Chisago Hotel,
Thursday night as man and wife, were
issued hre today. The charrs was dis
orderly conduct. Thomas who Is 56 and
the woman 34, registered, as Mr. ana Mrs.
C. Holand of Gary.
The woman's husband Is an arrr.y of
ficer with Parhing
Considerable cotnm nt was caused in
Sary by dispatches to the fleet that
Prof. Thomas of Chicasro University and
the wife of an army officer had been ar
rested in a hotel. They had registered
fnm flary, but thy arc not from Gary )
CIHCAGO. April 13 While Mrs. ft.
M. Granger, the yuns and pretty wife
of an army oft'iceii ih.w in Franco, wan
boldly proclaiming hor lov e fur Prof, j
William Isaac Thomas, the elderly I
Q believe in the United
Stater of America ss a gov
ernment of toe people, bt) the
people, for &c people; whose
just power? are derived from,
the consent of the governed;
4 democracy in a republic; a
sovereign nation of many $ov
ereign stater; a perfect Union,
one and inseparable;elabli.
hed upon those principles of
freedom, equality, justice and
humanity for which American,
patriots sacrificed their
liver and fortunes.
I therefore believe it is
mu. duty to my country to love
it, in support it constitution,
to obey it? laws, to respect
its flag and to defend it aga
inst all enemies.
Marion Mason's Wonderful
Recovery from Rheumatism
Suffered Tortures in Plaster Cast Knees
Hands Stiff Jaws Closed.
sociologist at the Cniversity of Chicago. -'" ln"
with whom h vas found Thursday ""mnu'n4 vlnS &
nlRht at tho Hrvoort hotel, the prof: ; H"hman street.
limits to the !.iu":; '.ilunif.t liver,
rnBtl the st'eirr,t only the r ifiy
thi poid flh i h. Oinner mmu re
common to them an their r.iar.y vi
riftieB of Ca'iiiiior pickles only to
hav their wrn.it y c)iailer.Kei by
iloubtln Thomase",.
There is onlv on- v.sy to prove ;i
f,sh s'orv i-.tcI ihnr l? to iu.'.-i-ce ih...
hh. For ft nr tVtt the i ir.l attlfht
be niMd that the ;l were co'iiouf
C'l with Ki'f Iv if-r Sch rum tins pro
(I'jf ii to live n fi-ih which he has
affidavits wt re caugiii in the Little
t'lluniot live-.
These tire on 1ifi!Hy in a pmall
nqaarium hi the Hammond Savintf
& Trust Co. ban!.. The sold fish is a
member of the carp family and hence
hsv.? nvuny cns"'i'tl neighbors in the
liver R-iuth of Hammond.
All who may be interested cn see
one of the strfingreist producis of Iike
county alive In the window of the
Trust Co. on
sor yesterday failed to answer his critics I
in that blithe spirit which charae'e, jZe, j THE Y SURE ARE
hi defiance, of the opinion of the world'
as pronounced upon his peculiar theories!
regarding sex and marriastc. i
"Tiicre is some mistake." w as the j
V.'cst Hanmond saloonkeepers arc
till ilohur a thrivtnc business. Ever
only comment that could be wrung front I since Indiana went dry on April 2
the man who boldly wrote: "Any Kirl.j the drink emporiums e. ross the state
mentally mature. hs the ri'nt to instil-j line have been jammed with cu tom
crhood. the right to IJrriit 'he nurnhf r j rr froro early morning until int.. at
of her children. ni the risht to know j n iglit .
how to restrict the site of her family."
Pears Husbands Vengeance.
"I hope my husband doesn't henr of
this." was her plaint. " I know he'll de
sert and come over. Then there will be
bhootintr. pliastly shootlntr."
"What are your feeling today?" he
was fi?kd "Ate you irrv?"
There i a continual stream of pat
rons wending their way across the
line ail day long. Many of the .vrt
b ons have, lengthened their hais in
order to car for the larife nurnber if
ctifitorr.rs. as it. i common to see
t!:cm lined up t'lr.e and four deep.
A -I v, hole, the patrons have been
"ily parents consulV
ed seventeen physicians
during the time I w as iil
with rheumatism of thft
joints." said Miss Mar
ion M&Bon of 20 Roose
velt iv Roverlv. Mass.
"One specialist had me enclosed
In a plaster cast. He said I might
have to remain in bed for months
or possibly a year. I had 39 X-Ray
pictures taken. One doctor said
stomach was i displaced; others
said it Tas the fault of my diet. I
was Gradually growing worse.
"My jaws were closed. One doc
tor fcaid that if my Jaws were not
operated on they would become
locked In nix r eeks. I had to live
almost entirely on liquid food.
"My knees were very stiff. My
nanas wero naif ciosea ana sun, i (iton .ly(, Lynn
ringers tttn ana useless. ...ass., for Var
'I was helpless. However, m ne-ais. or oet it
two months' time after taking Var- I from any relia
ne-sis I was able to open my jaws, I tie druggist
IMPORTANT Don't take a substitute. Regu
lar Var-ne-6is for rheumatism comes in a GREEN
package and always has the picture and signature of
W. A. Varney on the front.
u.e my hands and Ret about the
house. Now, I consider myself en
tirely free from rheumatism and
cannot say how wonderful it all
seems To be well again."
Rheumatic sufferers should
"know the truth" about Var-ne-sis.
The complete story of Miia Ma-
fon o recovery
with several pho- "v";
toerauhic illus- i !i :
trations will be
. ... . ... ii o
maiica iree. ji
.r, t,. vv v I?
Varney, "j Harn
i fi
i 'i j ; J
v, .' '
3 irb7i
Conquers Rheumatism
"No. only biitr.'iuited, worried aln-.it i condiu ' irg themselves in an ordr ri
my husband." was her reply. ) cid c ry . mnnner and but f vv r-f.iv.plaints have
several times .when I thoairht of hint ' ' n Mae. The-., were six drunks, ar- f
todny. P.ut I have m sorrow because i '"'' "e A' t f lan-.ntond i-r llee
of rn.v love for Trof. Thomas. ' ,!,st nirht.
Ned Xel.ton o' Hainiiiord. known the
coutiuy over bk the ",..ne armej dodo
kir.it" left for St U'-uis todaj where he
w.II pat tU 'r ate In the National Kail
roBd men '. bowline to i: namnt which
i. belr.K held in that e'tv . Mr. XUnn
wil i"i r'-vfti! the MV-hiSan Central
jrnilioad ' rns'ii "t, t. lie ".ill roll with
A service fii.ii with forty-eiht s-tsrs. four r.'hT track bowlers ma kin up
repres-entii. th- h.yn who have pone a five men team. If the balance of the
into the scrvi. e of tiie.r ct untiy front j piti-men held vp t);e;r end tl.eio
the congr nat it'll, will be dedicated to-i no don't bit n hat Ned will b heard
mot row at th" , Hammond Chrirttian j from when he. step up on the alleys,
The Liberty Temple train chorus i to
sln& fiPd there vv !! be h prornm by the
Stitiday school. ( A bor.or roll !- to he
unveiled at jhe morn inr ervi.-e mul in
the. evening a moving picture film entitl
ed. "In Freedom's Cause" if to be shown.
F.ev. Sharp will deliver patriotic talks at
both service. Mrs. Karl H"hert sort !- to
pive aVeadinp. "The srvice Klntr " The
11m X to be dedicated was made by tr.
end Mrs. Al ii raves.
JI! ill
Li I
fff;.er Warner of Cue Hammor.d'
; police department sprunK a surprise y
' the r'f':iiir tr.on t'hlv revt.Iver practice
'at the rang on Horn-.fr street yes-!'eida-'
afternoon when h copped off
; t'.rst lienors v a score of - PI points
;out o p. possible 1 0'l.
' The ither scores were as follows:
i arlson. i2: F.insele. S: T.ute f 0 . H.
i terman. M: i.Sner. P4: Homrich. !".
Warner feS: I'andrie. ST: Fee. 90; Strong
71: r"ordu. -81 ; Krintz. Kt: tVallok, S 4 .
Miller. F.2: Krrcehrt. Rmde.
r.ell. SO: Galviri. 60 8nd Volkman. T I.
Amevitan Car Fdr.
American Smelting
Hal Jva in Locomotive
iJaltiinore and Ohio
Canadian Pacific
American can Co.
Now York Centra' '-
Chese.j eak-i and Ohio
Crucible Steel
Me.viciiii I'eiroleum
Norfolk fetid e;tern
Nortijcrn I'acillo
fivpublic iron and Steel
Ueudir.ct 1
I. S. Kubbtr
Ai;i"ri'.au Suar
c'outiiern 1'acitic
Southern Kailway
Texas Oil
I'. S. Steei .1 -
l.'nion Pflcit-c
1 tah Copp-r
Western I'nien
W illys Overland
April 1Z.
il '-i
40 ly
, 7SV3
94 t2
pheiim. The services will include four
old soldiers who tell n lot f slick jokes
and sinking some lively tunes. After
the higosh act will come Edward Mar
tin who has committeed a lot of funny
things to memory and kc's out on the
stase and says them just as if he was
makincr them up all th time. But tit
knew what he was jroini to say all th;
time. Yo.i can't fool u Kd. we're city
folks. tto. Then there in or rather are
Thornton & Thornton who are pretty
lively on their feet. That isn't their
rlffht name though. And just before
the benediction out will come Rodway
and Kdward whoever they he.
eeint? as the saloons are closed and
there's an extra hour on the day to
kiil looks as if we'd have to gro and
set the opry.
O rover lio.. ii.. o months' o'd son
t,f Mr. and Mrs. drover Box, 47
M ienich . onrt. Hammond. died this
iiorniiur of kidnf' trouble.
The funeral will' be held at the home
Monday nfternoon at 1 o'clock. The
71ev. Hasse't wilt conduct the serv
ices and interment will be in Oak Hill
Acts of Supreme
Coming Sunday Matinee and
Acts Supreme
Miss Mexine
$800 Gown
4 Juvenile Kings
Paul Earl
Ed Zoeller Trio
Jas. Fulton & Co.
Casetta & Rydell
Charlotte Stockdale
Method! it Splsoopal Church
T. .1. Dasaetl. I'nsto..
f Oo a. m. t'lass met ' nit.
:4J a. nt.- y-.nday school and Rible
10:15 a. m. Morninj worship.
7:30 p. m. Kvenlnjr vorship.
The pntr will pr:i'h tnotniiig and
cv enlng.
riret BaptUt Church.
Itev. Floyd H Adams. p9fii...t.
10:30 n. nt. MornitiK" s- r j -.
Subject: "The Thiid 'omiug of
11:15 a. rn. Sunday Sehool session.
10:. "ft . rn. Hurnl.am Sunday school.
l.:p"; p. m. East Ilammonti Kindersart
tn. 2:f'0 p. m. West Hammond Sunday
Z:") P- ni. East Hammond Sunday
3:00 p. m. Junior R T. V. V
6:"0 p. tn. Intermedia' and S. nlor
Tt. T. P. I.
V::;i) p. m. Evening; service.
Topic; "Shall t e IT;tfe t)-,e Ifuns.
or s-iiould a . hristian l.ove the
SiTin KaiJla Meetings.
Held at our brCcli. 513 150th street
every Sunday, 10 a. m. All free. Ail
Trie-dec Evangelical Church.
Cor. ohl St. and Indiana Atra.
Kev. Peter Well. Pastor.
9:30 a. ni. Sunday school.
10:30 a. m. Church service.
Tirmt Congreg-atiottal Chnrcb.
"W". O. Cowley. Pastor. Phone "C'hO.
10:00 a. rn. Sunday school.
AV. L. Spencer of Chicago, will lead
S:00 p. m. Prcachins; serice.
i V.a h Wall' Hss of ti e ll-ammond
hih achool. has hi track and field
men at work. I cere ate roui
in the sijuad: "arin. Seniles, t')l tl
and Schillo. Cearin is out for the pole
vault and hieh girdled; Sesrls for the
st'rints. high jump and low huidles:
il;s (this year's captsiru for the shot
put and Pf Julio for the hitrh jump and
New material incl ude Pierce, S't-ker.
Kovaev and Khind. The Lake Count y
lr.eet will probably be held a 5.t-y.
Ko : in .nd
iet :e.
viier popular
at Camp Zachery Taylor. Ky.. is borne
i n a short f ut'lonrii. He is iaiting
with I'.is rnother. Mrs. M. P. Vvarni
mont. 171 Conkey avenue.
Since enliatins in the arm H; rriond
'nas made rapid snides He is now a
second liiutenanl i nth" ir.;tli depot
brigade and is in chare of the supple
i ff ice and aids in the instruction work
ami'ii the new recruits. He will ie.
civn tom-rrow afternoon.
chicaoo asAiir ruTtrRX3.
COTtN May. $127; June. $1.15 i.
CATS May, e'4c; April. s8,:.
BL'TTEK Ctcpriiery extras. 'Iff
41'ic; ( rcamery firsts. 40 ri it) c;
firsts. 37 g nilc; second-. S3'? "5c-.
!;;; ';S Ordisiane. 21 w 3Cc: firsts. 3
3 3e.
Live p ri.TRY ii..-ks. :;..i r.ic:
gevse. :'i5 30'-; turke. 25ft Hit.
VEI- D'J to tiO lbs., 17'fi lhc; 70 to SO
lbs.. lht'd 13c: SO to 110 tbs . IS'tft 2lc:
fancy. 215sc; overweight kidneys. 14') to
175 lbs., 15c: coarse. 105; I2e.
POTATOES Cnrs. CP: fancy west
rns. $t.l5l?l-25:Wl.-Mitiri.. $1.10j' 1.15.
V A N T F. I Imnicdiately,
stenoijrni ilior experienc
ed younp; lady capable of
taking diet tit ioir rapidly and.
transcribing accurately; per
niaiiont )osition: irood salary
to right party: must possess
tact, initiative, real anility
and furnish highest refer
ences. No other need apply.
Make your answer suffic
iently descriptive to warrant
interview. Address: Stenog
rapher. Times, Hammond.
"Abe" iinc.dn would have been your
frietids. mighty glad to come to your
house tor Suaday dinner, and ail after
noon he would have merta ined the
foit-s had them lauprhir.g and cryinp in
turns with stories of his dramatic life.
Ton can't ;tiite Lincoln to dinner
now. Hut you ran do better, you can
see enacted on the screen in the new
rat amount photoplay -Tho S-'cn of
democracy," at TeLuxe tonight these
stories that he told. Tou can pee the
boy Abe; in his log home, his strange,
sometimes humerus. often pathetic ad
ventures. Tou can see him as President,
intei-rreted by the living iirrnce of Abra
ham Lincoln. Uenjamin Chapin.
They're all f.rst-rate stories, motion
pictures that you'd trnjoy hugely had
you never heard of Lincoln. They're not
dry history, they're no' dreary lectures,
they nre blsr. human dramas. Lincoln's
life was crowded with fiction, be was
continually In the midst of conflict.
.Pule Nahas. 21 ears "M. and giving
V. is address as Michigan "ity. ind.. was
a treated by I'esk Serf Oscar Ito reiser?
mi l ifi'icser Pci! 011 II olur.an street 1'1.
tiii. .ooTul yesterdav afternoon, on a
omrlaint of gsmd larceny made by the
Petrio police depertment. A man by
the name of ?ntn Paul accuses Nalas
with steat :ng his automobile. Kxtradi
tlon papers are to be taken out and
Nahas will le taVen to lletro't to ans
wer the charges.
The revival rpctinKs at the First
Methodist church will close Thursday
evening of next week, concluding a four
weeks' campaign.
St. Para's Lutheran
Rev. Then ClaUs. Pastor.
9;f'0 a. m. English Sunday school.
3:C1 a. m. Herman catechism.
10:00 a. m. Herman service.
11:15 a. tii Knglish service
2:30 p. m. Special meeting of l.;id.es"
Aid socie'y
The dunes of eastern Lake county
may be far famed for Its variety of
flora I t who would suapect that th
Little Calumet river just south of
Hammond is the horn- of gold fish and
silver lass?
S. hru'titii Brothers, whose domains
cMrr.d fr-.m th- V.'sl Tlammooa-I ti'y
.7. M iehri.-'. ett er has hired a n'.'tniier
of vaudevillians to fcive the natives a
shr.w- toniaht and tomorrow at the Or-
Wanted. to Buy.
A N'T TO FU'Y Ho.vi tn idettt t .inc
alow or about i or T room bon:-e a'
one... Will pay ?r,00..(i or m;rc- c;s'i.
Stale ens)) price lo. Must in ;;ool
condition. State detail? in 1-t lettci;
centra! location preferred. Write Fin
cere. Time-a 1 C "1 neii'l lCi-."
Serjeant Welch has received a letter
from the post office department at
Washington stating that there is no
prohibition against the transmission
of any articles So soldiers abroad if
the rackag's are accompanied by writ
ten requests from the soldiers. That
means that anything n soldier may
ask for van he sent to him.
Radiator Repairing
Through our long yfars of pxpe-rience in tho au
tomobile business and with an tip-to-date equip
ped ehop for repairs, we are in a position to re
pair radiators of any make or design, and of any
shape, twisted, smashed, sprang or frozen. Esti
mates furnished on alt repair work.
. 644 Calumet Ave., Near Industrial Hieh School, Hammond. Ind.
PHONE 1450. Work Called for and Delivered.
I fasted
1 SaM3;Y'5E
Corporal P.alph McClay. son of Mr.
and Mrs. John II. McClay of Ham
mond, has returned from the flp-h'inE
front in France after an illness which
necessitated his confinement at a Brit
ish thospital. The parents have re
ceived the second letter from him in
three months.
CONN lone. In levins memory of
our dear sister who died one year ago
today. April 1 "
Pear is the sp-t where tnon art laid.
Sweet is thy memory.
Which never shall fade.
Voir :.c!is B-ctheis and sister
11 II I
at the
delivered at your home
264-268 Michigan Avenue.
Illinois and Indiana Prepared Sizes.
I illnfy
tin 'ml iTTillii 1

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