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.Pasro Eijiht.
Monday. April 15, 191S.
Gov. Goodrich Goes to Jef
fersonsville to Ascertain
As to Housing of Inmates,
May Be Able to "Get By"
Without Special Session.
Times Bureau.
At Stattb Capital.
INDIANAPOLIS. April 15. When
Governor Goodrich gets back from Jef
fersonvine. where ha went today to in
vestigate the situation at the state re
formatory, lie will mafcs known wheth
er lie 'WiU call a special session of the
1-glslature. He went to Jeffersonville
o ascertain Just how the inmates of
the reformatory could be housed until
'he next regular session of the liglsla-
.ire, or whether it would be possible to
house them that long under present con
ditions. Since flrs destroyed a number
if the important buildings at the re
formatory several months ago the
Chousing problem has been a serious one.
snd it affords perhaps the main reason
dr a special session, if one is held.
There is every indication that the
governor will call the special session.
Kiit it need causa no surprise if he
does not. It is known that very heavy
pressure is being: brought to bear on
him to avoid a srecial session at this
time, and there is a bare possibility that
:r may be made strong enough to shake
i s notion that the session must be
Soi.se persons say that It should be
fin easy matter for the governor to bor
j ow enough money from banks to tide
the state ever until the next regu'.ar
session, thus making it unnecessary to
. ali tha legislators to this city. It has
fven been suggested that the banks
r robably would step forward and of-f-r
to lend money to the governor for
that purpose, but the fact remains that
i. one of the banks have so stepped and
Cere is nothing in sight to lead to the
belief that they will do so. The gov
err or is aware that there is a possi
,,;. that he might be able to "get by"
without a special session, but he does
r.o: know whether he could or not. And
a if he should g to the banks and
borrow money to meet the pressing
r.eeds of the state, relying on the lejrir
lature to legalize his action at the next
tegular session and appropriate money
to pay 1". all back, who know3 what
kind of '.'stink" the opposition might
stir up in the next session over the
question of hts right to bind the state's
credit In that mnr.ner.
Some people are trytng to create the
impression that Governor GooJrich is
Fimpiy crazy for a r" T , session. But
those who know him best say that this
Is not true. He is not more anxious for
e special session than anyone else, but
l" will call it if he finds he can't get
iCong without it.
So one realizes bettor than the gov
f !'!!i.t the dangers and complications
tlat are wrapped tip in a special ses
sion a this time. None of them can
.. e him any pointers along that lino.
Bui he is willing- to face ail of these
But Lydia E.Pinkhams Vege
table Compound Saved
Her from a Serious
At- Hf't f--'.;V-v-vfS
Fifen Welcome
jS rfw
s Friend
A Dtytlxr Erory Mu Owwtollm
who Perpetuate tLa Rc.
,.,!;, 5,;
i vv-"
Mrs. Benedict Crowell.
Mrs. Benedict Crowel, wife of the
assistant secretary of war, who is
actintr secretary m the absence of
his chief, believes that it is a wife's
duty to understand her husband's
work and aid him all she can. The
Crowells with their two children
have taken a charming old house in
one of the villages near Washington.
It U Just at Important that mea chould
know of proper method In Tinea ct mcth
frbood. fiufferfnf, p&!a and dlttma lncl
lnt to childbirth eaa ba aroided by fearicr
it band a brtlio of tha tlmo-boocrad prepa-
i neon. Mourr a r.cnd. l a)a ta a pen.
i iraUnr xtercal aprllcatlon that rslieraa tb
; laoaloa upca tha icucl and nabl( thara
' to expand without painful trsia upca tha
iifaoeota and nerrea.
i fbonianda rt women for otct half a cerv
tury wi-o hra u9d Mother Krioad tail
I how tLr .treljr avoidad sarvotia apclis
and nautea and praaarvad a bright, happj
(tiapodtiuu tlii rrftor-tj woodtirfully upon tha
rnaractw ar.a aiaposttlon of tba IttUa. ona
toon io op.o ft area la bawildonnect at' the
Jof of hla arriva:.
By rru!ar w of Mother' Friend durinr
I ha period ti.a mtimc'n aro mada and kept
rlaiia and a-aafc. Ther rpad anaier when
babr . rr.r,nd pain and tianfer at thecriaa
!a naturally iaaa.
Too caa obtain Mothar'a' Frlead at any
dru atra. It la for external iue only, la
abaolutely aife and wondarfully effactlro.
I v rito ta U Bradlioid B.esul!r Co..
I I amar Bid.. AUanta. (m.. tor Uialr TaJ
; tahla and iuatroctlTa "Motbtrhood Book" of
I raidania far aapaetaat mothvra, aad rram
fcr to a-et a bottla of Mot&ar'a Prlandat th
drujtiat a today. It la tb rraataat kJad
of help to satora U the lorioa wtwk to bo
I perform ad.
complications if necessary.
One of the bugaboos that is beins
raised by some of those opposed to the
special sesslopr is the cry that the gov
ernor will dump into the hopper of the
session his celebrated excise tax bill,
which raised so much trouble at the
3917 session and was fought with such
bitterness that it failed to get by. Some
are sayir.gr that he is sure to trot it out
again. L'ut the governor has stated
def.nitely that nothing of the kind will
happen. He has said that the excise tax
proposition will not bs brought up at
tho special sesion, Lut even this state
ment has not stopped some of the ob
jectors from continuing to use it as
an argument against the issuance of a
It Is r.ot the intention of the gover
nor to present any measures to the leg
islature that will cleg up the works,
lie has outlined his program and he in
sists that he will stick to it and that
he wants the legislature also to stick to
't. There is no certainty, of course,
that the members will cor.f.na thent
Beles to the governor's program, how
ever. There is danger that some of
the statesmen will come to the city
with a aiis full of pet bills which
they will throw in in the hope that
'.hey can slop something through when
the fight is the hottest.
Leaders of both parties, however
are sayirr that thts should not be done.
A special session, they say. is not the
proper time for a general run of legisla
tion, but it should be confined to those
subjects on which legislation is need
ed to meet emergencies. If a special
cession is called the member who comes
here prepared to dump in a lot of un
necessary bills will 'immediately be
come the unpopular member of the leg
islature, and it will be no surprise if
the bipr majority jump on his measures
and beat them to death. Kverybodv
will be anxious to get through and re
turn hmo as quickly as possible. ,ut
Miey win not be willing to do so until J
they have played a little politics and j
mail.: a little campaign thunder out of it
5. Lottie Winer, "Helnie Thamr?,'
6. Iiermina Lehman, "The Death
Disk," Twain.
7. Nellie Taylor, "The Lance" of Ki
nana." Ardavan.
Chorus High School
Decision of Judge.
Rev. Paul Peters was called to
Springfield. II!., on Friday on account
of the serious Illness of hia father
owing' to bis absence there was no
services at the Kvangclical church on
Miss Edith Maxwell, who lias been
spending the winter with her sister,
Mrs. La Pave 'vTllke. lias returned f
Crown Point for an indefinite stay.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack l'inter are tie
proud parents of a ten pound baby sir!,
born on Fr'day.
w c m
Brooklyn. N. Y. " I sullered some
thing dreadful from a displacement and
two very Lad at
firr tacks of inflamma
tion. My doctor
caid he could d o
nothing more for
me and I would
have to cd to the
hospital for an
-CI 4 ii I operation, Lut
Lydia E. Pink
'ira ham's Vegetable
wii. f ! J
Sanative Wash
have entirely cured
me of my troubles
' and I am now in
good health. Iam
Trilling you should use my
testimonial and hope to benefit
other suffering women by so
doinfr." Mrs. F. Platt. 9
"Woodbine St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Operations upon women in our hos
pitals are constantly on the increase,
nut before submitting to an operation
for ailments peculiar to their sex every
woman owes it to herself to give that
famous root and herb remedy, Lydia E.
rinkham's Vegetable Compound.'atriai.
If complications exist writp Lydia E.
Pir.kham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass., for
Nothing heals and clears the skin of
infants and children like
Sykcs Comfort Powder
which contains harmless antiseptic healing
inpredients not found in any other powder,
rfc at the Vinol and other drug storea
The Comfort Towdcr Co., Boston, Ma?s.
S. G. Carley Transfer Co.
165 E. State Street. Hammond.
Second floor above Pastime Tueater.
of money and dissatis
faction. We make Awn
ings for stores and of
fices wbich stay put and
prices the most reason
able. Ask for estimate.
Hammond Siiads & Awn wg Ga
Phone 2242 Hammond.
82 State St.
.'. Pose received word on Saturday
from Harry Warfield who spent his
I'cyhood days in Crown Point, .beinjf
a nephew tf Mr. P.os that he had en
listed in the medical supply depart
ment of the U. S. army and was now
stationed at Fort Monroe. Harry grave
up a Jd.ooo a year job as manager of
the viossard Corset Company in New
York City to become a private at 130
a month, thereby showing: h's patriot
Ism. He has certainly made rap:d
strMes in the business world.
Mrs. Maude Brands and two daugh
ters "f Pontiar. 111., are spend in a
couple of weeks with Mrs. Brand's par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Weatbay.
Mis Anna Muney and a friftnj from
Northwestern university spent the weeli
end with David Maney and family.
John Luther, who has been spending
he winter in different points in Florida
has rctu rned home. Tie landed in Crown
Point on Friday.
Th annual oratorical exercises of
the frown Point high school were held
at the assembly roorn on Friday eve
r.ivg, eich contestant deserving: special
mention f..r the ability shown in de
liver", when bit two day. of training
had been given. Miss W'ilma Carroll
i f Columbia School of Expression wi
coach for the speaker. The w inner in
tin reading contest. Miss Sarah Porar.
f.ao Hugo's '.lean Vr.1 Jean" and Mi
iv.zai' handling t.f this famous exierpt
f !:; I-cs Mise raided was worthy of
mucii praise. P.o'ocrt Bruce, with Wil-.-m's
War Message to Congress, as his
oral ion, was master of his subject and
:i "lie doubted but what the honor
(Irst place accorded to hiiii by th
j;:d :; rva earned.
!:!' 1 1 T'.iuce nn,j Sarah Pozar will
r- ;: eent the loo-1 high school at Oary
n Friday, April 15th. when the county
i.'.-aton,-.".! contest will be held. Besides
i.'-.-eiving gold medals. Herntina Leh
man read Mark Twain's "The Death
r;sk." and her pleasing stle and
enumeration easily won her second hon
or. Flnift- Ixttes. the winner of sec
ond place in the boy's contest gave a
fine oration. Wolfson's "The Battle
Cry." and he no doubt will win a place
at the district contest ivhen he and
Hermma Uhman will try for honors.
Supt- Xell of AVinamac, Supt. Kob-son-of
Iil'rosse and Mrs. Uanville. of
Hebron high school were the judges.
The entire program follows:
Tart 1 Boy's Contest:
Orchestra High School
1. Clarence Schmidt. "Why Are We
ut War?" Lane.
:. Kdwin Etling.
H. Elmer I.ctte?.
Wo! f son.
4. Jiobert Bruce,
Ci.nsress." Wilson.
Part "--i;irl"a "oniest:
Chorus Hixh School
1- Surah I02ar. "Jean Valjean,"
Florence. Fisher, "('lay Shuttered
I ioi-i s." Sj'non.
,t. Lillian Vilmer. "A Scrap of Col
lege Iove," Droml google.
4. Sarah MaacU, "Poll j anna," ror-
Carr-p Shelby, Mia?..
April 11, 131J.
Editor T;mes:
I have just read in the edition of
The Times, dated the Sth, inst., of the
wonderful support given the Bond
Drive in the Lake county cities: of
East Chicago leading in the charge
"Over the Top." and know only too
well how Gary. Hammond and Whit
ing will respond to the call. "Let's Go."
It is surely a matter of pride for us
to be abla to point to the patriotism
of those at home, and an inspiration to
us to work the harder to bring credit
to yom
It is with much satisfaction that I
am able to assure j o l that the Gary
ami Haft Chicago 'inits -in this Divi
sion stand second to none, and that the
many bright young men from these
companies who arc scattered through
out the Division in responsible posi
tions are doing splendid work.
When I read of Ilamipond'a magnif
icent enterprise in building Liberty
Hall. I mentally picture thtt gallant
old patriot. Have Boone, delivering one
of his stirring speeches therein, to an
appreciative audience, and a touch of
homesickness comes over me.
I em proud that I am from Laka
county, ar.d The Times, which is mailed
me regularly, is a welcome visitor and
a comfort to me. Have r.o misgivings
as to how your representatives In the
service will fight as long as they ha-e
such encouragement at home.
Major, 133th F. A.
Second Floor.
28tBi Afliiilversairv
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davenport, chair and
rocker; birch mahogany
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lonr, color of your own
choosing; cane ends and
back. Kegular price is
Anniversarv Sale
Poles of fiary in ambly at Pol. sh
church hall. Gary. Sunday afternoon
resolved amiiift the German govern
ments partition of Poland. M. L. Plo
trowskiw as chairman and addresses
were made by Frank Zawadzki, Alder
man Spycha'sl;; ami Father P. A. Ka.
hellek. The meeting was under the
auspices of the. Polish Roman Catholic
union, which is observing its ten-year
jui;e. 'ne sum of $1S7 was collected
for Use poor of Poland.
Brussels Rugs $23.10
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blue, green and rose and two
tone effects. Special at... (JJ)(
Fancy Cretonnes
Copies of antiques in patterns
suitable for bedrooms, living
rooms and dining rooms. Spe
cial, yard 29c
year exceeded $S75.000,C00.
"Higher prices have been paid for
fuel, supplies, and labor. We hava vol
untarily increased the wages of em-
touch with our men in the army and th
navy and to make them feel that the
associates with whom they were form
erly employed have a continuing intei-
The Tints acknowledges the receipt return to the stockholders on their !n-
of the year book of the .otu r.nnuii vestment.
"The government lias deemed it edvls
able to control by license the operation; "Our plant superintendents and officuj tributor of our products on the other.
activities and in! department managers have continuously) the charge for profit on this service bc-
meeting of the stockholders or
& Co., which may La had by application
to Swift & Co. In an address by tho
vice president is contained the follow
ing statement:
"The year was also marked by record
receipts 01 came, wi.iv.i ,,-,,! profits on slaughtering and meat pack-; entered various branches of the United
est in the history or tne counuj. . (
the 1915 marketings cf cattle showed" ir.g to nine per cent on tne money em
such an increase over previous year, it ployed. This will not affect our divi
ployees twics during the year and thre est in their welfare and activities.
times smce l ebrtmry. 1916. flearencw ,.The Employcs. Eeneflt Association
paying common labor wages ET.l P continues to be a source of great help i
cent higher than two years ago. case cf 8ickneS9 accldents.
"The average pay of women employed; "Swift & Company's policy will 1-e to
in our plants is $12.20 per week, wjth a maintain the uniform high standard ot
guaranteed minimum of J9.00 per week.) quality for their output and the highest
T" V' n : r- a . , r-1 a r.a t. r rtlant rrt ! nr.a? : 1 . ( . . r. " : : : . 1 .
j - - . . w ' w...-j vo.-iu, v at-oic v ;ilik:i:iik. y ill trie 5Cr
i rloyees have heen increased over 40 pcrj ice rendered to the live-stock producer,
cent in the last two years. en the one hand, and the retail dif-
of all food distributin:
, . , ,)P,, worked to maintain the prevailing rug1 ing so small as to make no appreciable
its control over the packing Industry ttiai ,f.-i;,.,.. , . f - . ... ... :
i vitfei.-- v. (uik-Kuv... iii vi i.ij unit.-!n.;iifs iu tinier oi xnese laciors in
ouPl fact that already 2.S00 employees hava, the price of the products handled.
Food Administration has limited
Ien "alkins of Kokomo. formerly
of I.oweM, was here yrstcrday calling
on oW friends. I. en ii a. traveling
salesman for thratte aupplie. He says
his father and mother. Mr. and Mrs.
A. J. Calkins are hotii enjoying- good
Mr. and Mrs. .1. W. Bclshow return
ed yesterday from n trip down in
Tennessee, where Mr. Hiifhaw was
'Flag Address."
'The Eattlf Cry,"
"War Message to
It's Easy If You Know Dr. .
Edwards' Olive Tablets
The secret of keeping young is to feel
young to do thi3 you must watch your
liver and bowel3 there's no need of
having a sallow complexion dark rings
tinder your eyas pimples a bilious
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was commonly believed that this wos
done at the expense of the number or
cattle remaining on farms, but the Sec
retary of Agriculture stated in his an
nual report that the number of live cat
tle on farms in January. 1317. had in,
creased in spite of the greater slaught
erings of the previous year.
"We learn from the recently issued
annual report of the Secretary of Agri
cultures that tho record-breaking mar
ketings of 1D17 have again been accom
panied by on increase in the number of
cattle on farms, and that January, 131?,
finds more than thero were a year ago.)
"The number of hogs received at thj
central markets showed a slight de
crease, as compared with 1916. The
need for hog products on the part of the
Atlies will no doubt act as a stimulant
for greater hog production in the near,
future. The number of sheep marketed j
also showed a decline as compared with,
"The Federal Trad Commission has
been investigating all phases of thej
meat industry, and its accountants have
spent several months during the' rastj
year examining our books. "Vc have,
given these accounts every facility. and
believe that the investigation will be of j
valu in helping to set at rest some of
the unfounded statements that are com
monly made to the effect that packers'
profits are unreasonably high.
"We feel sure that the result of tlc
Federal Trade Commission Investigation
will substantiate the statements previ
ous lv made by Swift & Company that
their profits are very reasonable, an-!,
while the 'profit is very small per dollari
of sales on the large volume of business;
transacted, it has yielded a satisfactory j
dend payments unfavorably.
"Our profits during 1M7. shown in
the financial statement submitted by the
treasurer, have been
to the continuous rise in values. 1'riccs
have advanced so rapidly and steadilyi
that between the time of the slaughter!
of animals and the time of the sales of j
the resulting meats and by-products. thei
enhancement of values has been muchi
greater than we anticipated. j
"The total distributive f-als lor the;
'We shall carry out this rolicy as a
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the total number will probably excecdj the government and the Food Adminis
10,000 employees. t ration, we shall do our utmost to help
"A Military Welfare Association of WIN" THE WAR. which should be the
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due in larse degree' hrship'of more than 6.000, to keep in corporation."
Watch Your Blood Supply,
Don't Let Impurities Creep In
Pure Blood Means Perfect
, If i,
called on business.
County Assessor W. K. Black was in
Lowell yesterday calling on tha voter?
and reminding them that he is a can
didate lor re-election.
Henry Kirby transacted business in
Chicago yesterday.
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purities by the use of this honest ol.f
medicine, and if you want medical
advice, you can obtain same without
cost by writing to Medical Director,
owiit, rpecinc t;o., iSwvft Labora-
John Yonko Company
140tli and Carey St. Phone Indiana Harbor 187.
Indiana farmers whose financial
experience heretofore may not have in
cluded buying Government bonds, were
quick to catch the suggestion that
these securities are identical In their
character and security to tho more
familiar and less welcome mortgage, i
.... r . , . 1 . 1 i. I.'
me larmer understands iimi nm
borrows money, he gives a lien secur
ed by bis land, lie now understands
that a Liberty Bond is of exactly the
same character in that it giv.es to it
owner a lien upon all the lands and
wealth of the United States govern
ment. The only difference is that
X'ncle Sam signs the note and guaran
tee.! tho payment of all liberty Loan
In Uncle Sam' fight Inic Amu
When aoldler Gl I. life can't ?on
l EST money
A crowd is what you
need, Mr. Farmer, at
that sale. The more
bidders the higher the
ft Ml
f prices vour stutt will!
t "
Publish the entire list
of articles to be offered
for sale, and see what
The See Teamim
& Supply Co.
(Formerly the J. II. Prohl Co.)
Rhone 2330
Bric, Stone, Lime, Cement,
Sand and Black Dirt.
Grading and Excavating.

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