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Monday, May 6, 1918.
Pajre Three
Ugi.tllM'Ai MWhyjWiBfcam mi nil in1 g a, k i t 'AW -YflS3
Katherlne Honara, -Ttt ctcott Ave,
Phone 2s3, will be plense.1 t write and j
receive Social new and advertising for
The 1 line.
The Serial of Supreme, "The Woman
in the AVeh," o. 3 nNo F.arl William
with Gorrlne, Griffith la "I rangre-lvn."
urged to he present.
The ..hairiiinti of ti
Red Cross Centre l;a
it stated through t he
- Knf: Ch! -ag
h 'i 'U t ci ha e
?i'!!r.ns of this
The Council of Business
-agu will hoM a mee.t
; of Miss Florence Cad
' !.-.( k this everi'rtg. AM :
Girls' Bible
ng at the i r
; i a n a t
v, .-1
paper, that tii.'ougli an e rroneous Im
pression made recently, she Is constant
ly being hnnuMaterl by peophs railing
up and ashing the prh ilege of pur -h-astng
one or more of the ffarni'Tits
mad at the Centre, and of course this
j st he denial them. T!:e Centre !s
''.") J e-'tif. r:r :ng ti th un-versal rultnn that
are i governs ;ill uppSte and !:o'it!v r,.
garment is ever Bold- The work la pro
gressing vary nicely at the new head
quarters and owing to the ample room
and to the many more instructors ad
ded to the staff, there is an S. O S.
call for more vmen workers, that the
scwlntr and knitting m.t even yet he
turned out with greater dexterity and
sniftness. Sal irday, four boxes were
shipped containing one Imx of hand-
(tM. two of surgical dressings, on of
knitted Karmim.-, pajamas and hospit
al shirts The two Ions tables which
the work is accomplished at has been
covered with a green-hued sanitary
'ib'loih. The No Name Club was re-
j sponsible for the revering of one nnd
i Mrs. James Price of North Baring: ave
1 nue the t.thr. Proper losks and flt
j'ngs havn been placed and all tit the
jet edit of Mr. .1. Y. Roberts, who has
(cien a part of his time- from the hnsv
j l-xitine of his dally tasks to ncrom
i'ii..t, the work Two donntions of $f
each hive been made lately, one com-l
lng from the pupils of Miss Stella Lim
phere. of the McKinley school and the j
other from Mr 15 H. Miller. The gen- I
eroslty of th?f people have been well !
flrtriMftt.if1 t i- th.eie in . 'n .-. iun '
Centre and to the w
The No Name club
' na ;o of the
't'Kt-rs themselves
will m " e t t'linov-
. in
memo ii ewsoaoe
The Chicago Herald has passed
out of existence. It has been bought by
William Randolph Hearst, who has consolidated it
with The Chicago Examiner. It is announced that the new publication will
be issued daily and Sunday by the Hearst interests. This action.w e believe,
is another tribute to the popularity and prestige of The Chicago Tribune.
The Chicago Tribune has been issued
continuously for 71 years. This unbroken record of
popularity is due to its superior news and features. In addition
to such authoritative news channels as the Associated Press, United
Press and The New York Times News Service, The Chicago Tribune maintains it own
correspondents in Washington, London, Paris, Stockho im and with the American K.xpedi
tinnary Forces in France. Thus the latest news of important events throughout the world it
delivered to Chicago Tribune readers accurately, speedily, unfailingly.
If you have not read The Chicago Tribune
regularly if you have not realized the importance
of securing the latest news of the entire world through an
authentic source begin NOW! Get The Chicago Tribune, daily and
Sunday. You'll enjoy its superior news service its exceptional features. In its quantity
end quality of news and features you'll recognize why it has had a greater circuiat-o-n than o!I
other Chicago morning newspapers combined and why it has carried more advertising than all
ether Chicago morning papers combined. Get the news of the world through a Chicago
paper. For reliability choota THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE. Telephone your newsdealer.
El H M H 82 fA r
tSit -. jsV A
ti u n
mr ft Fit rt
rrlbun . Phn
ra : 1 .
"Wholesale P!!'rihjt
:.ST Ku;';k Hat
Manns nesponsiDiury
MANY telephone mes
sages pass through one
or two private branch ex
changes besides being han
dled by operators of the
Telephone Company.
When the service is at fault,
on calls of this kind, the re
sponsibility may rest with the
Telephone Company's oper
ators or with the operators
employed at the private
switchboards of subscribers.
A friendly understanding
between operators is essential
in order that they may assist
one another in the proper
handling of calls.
The Telephone Com
pany's operators are given
the benefit of frequent in
struction in the most ap
proved operating methods;
moreover, their work is con
stantly supervised.
Subscribers employing
switchboard operators should
assure themselves that they
are properly trained. Sub
scribers who wish to, can
obtain the services of a com
petent instructor for their
operators (free of charge)
by calling the Telephone
Company, Telephone 9903.
row evenincr with Mi. J. Y.'ii-b
in South nnrintr avenue. j
The ".rno" party K-Ven in the evening
of Sstuniav nt the. rar.h H.il! of St.
A Intra'. Bplfr opal hir h. l.y the Me-i-ilamei
N"e1 Stenbertf nn.l W.'tlter N'e -imi'
provei to l.e a rn-m rrat ifv ins
sticcesH The re-fipt: of Mir f.v.e.ilne
were nl! that co-:M be expr,.t,.,j anfl the
social f sutures very m o-h enjoyed v
the y(nm felks and their eder.. In the
2nmo. i hi Mcii!a'r.s .1. " t,s and K.
nreldenbaujth. and t!o Jpj,r stvke
and R. W. V.'alt on. eore, hielict and
rorei-d the a f ). !'.a;nt- if f;r.-l -monTs
vf re so!r-i. a:id 'ii!o intr erij -
ed up to the H:'ilTl':iht liour.
How Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Is Prepared For
Woman's Use.
i -1 i T l : ;
Thur'.-iv eV(r
Itllf.lOeo U'O'.V.eTi' '
F,:t V. L - !.
hei'r of nif
-o.ek and v.i'I
Til " adjourned
Kpisoopal O'l'ld
h.-ld totnortf-v- "
Ifo.iFe. for the p
t!-r;-H. !1 IP.en'.l'
jerja. ?;.(! f he '
The p.re.'tois
'"'iiarities will hold a rie !
afternoon at 'lie r.r.sr i i.urr.
-.lid Pavifgs 1 ' at
all direef,.: ? aie askf 1 to 1
The- Willing WMk-r." i
A visit to the laboratory whert th!,3
succcasful remedy made impresscg
even the casual looker-on with the reli
ability, accuracy, skill and cleanliness
which attend.? the making of thi3 great
medicine for woman's ills.
Over :CO,0GO pounds of various herbs
Will he r. nre lcifl fmiMaf'o r.nd fill h i ra t-.
held in the i pathored at the season of the year when
!o.ni. li e thpir nattiral iir.cps nrl nnsrlicinal snh-
r-n-.pu-, e,. at ! stances are at their best.
ntim;.' until nil ar' I Tho mn?t ffno-rwfiil cilupnt nreiK.l
to extract the medicinal properties f rem j
eetlrtr of ?t. Alban'i thfse herbs. J
1 i;it v.-. ek win t,e Every utensil and tank that comes in j
ero.-.n at the i'a i i -di contact with the medicine is sterilized i
;,-.5!.. of 'eie.-t'ng'r'- i and as a final precaution in cleanliness J
i in sterile bottles. j
j It is the wonderful combination of
A"n ir,T'"t roots and herbs, together with the j
ng tomorrow R;.j;i Er). caro Uaod in its preparation
t i i which lia! math-' thsa famous medicine I
.ri.eu arid i so successful in the treatment of j
present. I female ills. I
Ala; -s ' lilts iriu n iiuin v uiiicii v ay uovc
a I e
-!: Pe
t r
rhuiTh will conduet a card patty
morre wafternoen. The ii((.-p.s ,ire t,
co towards a vei y r."'"1 nu, tint I'
(ireha?!ng i.nittlng mate.-'ai.- fr.r th
Iven restored to health by the use of
Lyaia E. I'inkham s vegetable Com
pound which we are continually pub
lishing attest to its virtue.
The Duke of Wellington
For Skin Soreness
of infants and children you can find
rcthi.ar' that heals lilt:
often called the "iron duke," snow- i CcmfPiTi PQVidsr
ed his courage and strong will at ' J wUUIiUKi r.JUwr
p ck Waterloo when : I Jlng phyMCians and nurses have ucd
V") h heln il , and enoorsed it for more than 2o years.
Wsi TV -' J ue -3c t the Vinol and other drug, store
MrTv V A I-al napoleon. The Comfort Ponder Co., Boston, Mass.
T. . I
- 1L great-
cr , i.'A er courage,
Ve';. A vim. vigor and
) lasting
-r tr ---- e . - . .
A m-. j batt!e todaVt m
V s -s v.-, ; 4 thp f ront -lin?
f .. . J trrncl-ips thpn i
-r bo
d t
in a we,eome ex
to attend this af-
(' "ic ;:. - 'XV; 1
- " if - - ' -
- ..'-!. v- ,? . -V , ,
" - - r v
' - , . ' .' -
.,r-- ' . -t s...; J
V : -i'',".',f . .!,, .'
; ,- ; s
' ' " ' . ' -
. ''i .......... i-.-r-
- - ' . 7- "
C'f j 'v "j. ' V' .'. " ; iv' -' -' ' '. .,'. A
".' ". ' 'j
f ' . ' - ' ' - - , . . - . i,i4
J. ; ji', - '
; v , . . , -
""r', "- ' . 4' 1 - -''
i .: - -s'i . -' '-.'.' - ' -
- v.. s t ,T - - j
' . . - - - . i
r ' .. . v -" . '."., - - - - - - . , ' - . - . ,.'- ' . --
f v '"r - ' --' " , : ; i
.' A ff V? ti
A ii7C3 is a natural
-VMf outpouring of
SSgg a healthy body
It does not
spring up in a night. Build up that
which Nature hat given us by taking
n compound of - iron, recently com-
Eounded by Dr. Pierce, and named
y him "Irontic." Thi3 iron-tonic
tablet is easily taken up by the blood.
If you try "Irontic" tablets, the
brain responds to the new blood in
circulation; the body i3 ready to fight
against stagnation, which holds you
in bondage. You gain in vim, vigor.
vitality. Try it nov. Don't wait. J
Today is th? day to begin taking !
irontic taolets. A little pep
and you laugh and you live. A little
energy saves the day. "Irontic"
tablets make riehn-ed blood. With
good red blood come3 courage, then
comes success, which leads to more
and more success.
Dr. Pierce's " Irontic" tablets aro
to bo had in sixty cents vials at
most drug stores. If you wish
to test them send 10 cents to the
Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo. N. Y., and
get a trial package Now I
This evening will h the last meet
ine of the Home !;, f-norr.ic Department
of tae Ki. Chl.MHi Woman's C'l:b, for
ti;e term. Mrs. H. K. Orovej., of Xorth-
v- tte aer;ue Wlil he hostej4 and a
Sa c al'i'ulin of thp members !s de-
s red. The proa tarn will be an inter
j r ; ? . ' tine.
Tift e Is to be (in aluminum dem-
J r u -j t r a - i on trerrow p. z the
'(-v;r;h at oriof,:, with Pectlon
i 1 and 2 in chai ge. The re:'eiptn will
I c-o town 1 f b- benefit, c f the ch'irch.
J After tlie de-tionti nrion. n meeting
o' thc? F io'.is wil tal-:e plaee to
plan In ctivano
The l.Tl- !:
with Mrs.
Deputy Treasurer of Lake Co.
r; nth'? woik.
11 meet tnmnrrotv
;livan in Chicago
a "
n i
Rachael Rovlpw, Order of Maccabees
r." ct ton'ght in regular 9e?lon.
The pnrtr holding tieket IVuroher tr.S
I im entitled to tlie ealf raffled off hjr tiie
j I ia.t ( hlengo t'luU. Apply to 4.j04 Sln-
Ciilin nlfnu
Program for Week Ending
Sunday, May 12.
Monday, May 6
The Serial Supreme, "The Woman
in the Web," No. 3. Also Earl Wil
liams with Corrine Griffith in
Tuesday, May 7
Wm. S. Hart in "Hocfs and Horns,"
extra grtod. Also Ethel Barrymore
In "The Lifted Veil." A superb
photodrama illuminated by the gen
ius of a superb ?t;tr.
Wednesday, May 8
Roscoe Fatty Arbuckie in "Out 1
a est. ' i nia ip a guaranteed iau?rii. j i
See Fatty as a rouchncck. Also i .
"The Painted Doll," an xtra high I
clasp drama.
The libori y bond drive is still on here.
Men iliville people took out about J5,-
Miss Lydia Knehl visited her cousin?,
Margaret and lueHa Luschcr of Ham
mond las. Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. H:nry Knthl made a
business trip last Monday.
Mr. and Mr. iScorge Demmon. and
Mr. Mil Mrs. J' .;.- Hack saw the "Birth
of a .'a;i- ;i" at Crown Point last Sun
d a y .
The Woman's club me at the home of
I Mrs. K!!a Harper Smith in Ainsworth.
I A inn iorit y of lhe members were pres-
rnt.alsi. f.,up visitors: Mrs. George
Hnywoed and daughter Fessie of Ho
bar', and Als. Miller and Mrs. Hjbest of
Ainsivnh. The old officers were re
do ' ed. Mrs. K'aio Pir-ree read a paper
on "flow I" Increase Sunday School At-
endeneo. ; a pa lie r on "iVnoucst of
tho Air," was given by Mis;; Cora
Ivach; the rhairnian made a verbal re
port on the legist ration; a short talk on
"Child WeH'aie and Registration of Ba
bies." by Miss I'essie, Haywood; Mrs.
Douglas gave a paper cn "What Clubs
Have Accomplished During the Last
Year." The net rheetir.g of tho club
will be h.ld May 20.
Thursday, Ijlay 9-
The serial of wonders, with Pearl
White and Antonio Moreno In "The
House of Hate," No. 4. Also Gladys
Huliett In "Over the Hill."
'Th Puit of the Karth" n "nniofly
drama of unusual merit, will be stag
ed tnn: mn- night at the Oary theatre
tiie Miller Praniatio club, composed
"f ioral talent v . '1 kown t'i f"la r ttetjs.
Tiie raet. trade p.iblic today, includos
the follow inc; Kthlt-f n riummer as
"'!. "the d-;t ef the earth." William
O Pintnmer bs li.avld Moore; ("a . lie riri"
Friday, May 10
Psthe Plays present Florence Reed
in "Today," a 7-part hiph class so
ciety drama. Extra good.
Saturday and Sunday,
May 11 and 12
Five high class Vaudeville Acts.
Also Max Sennett in hi.-- latest com
edy, "Sheriff Nell's Tussle."
The last issue, of the Lake County Review at Gar -contained
the following editorial as to why the present
m. k. i Deputy Treasurer should be put at the head of the Coun
ty's finance department:
"Promotion comes cr cliould como to thoso
who have proved not only their capabilities and
vnUingnecx; to DO hut the PROFICIENCY to do
the things required cf them.
"If an individual WORTHY of promotion,
either in private or public life, vTOUld it not be,
not only fair and just, but the DUTY of those in
authority to grant it?
"The record of Ralph B. Bradford shows
that he is a practical business man, a hard work
er; has been successful in all he attempted to do;
that he worked on a farm, his way through col
lege; that he has served as Deputy Treasurer,,
honestly, faithfully, and satisfactorily, the citi
zens of Lake County for ten years; that during
his period of Deputy Treasurer the receipts have
increased from a million and a half to four mil
lion dollars per annum; that he has banked this
money for the Treasurer and accounted for ev
ery cent of it.
"Read the story. What think you of Ralph
B. Bradford? Is he trustworthy? Has he the re
liability the competency, for the Treasurership
of Lake County?
"Would you feel entitled to promotion were
you in Erad's place? That is exactly what Brad
is asking. The lienor should be conferred upon
this faithful servant without hesitancy.
"A vote for No. 34, on the Republican ticket,
in the May primaries, is a vote for PROMOTION
for Ralph B. Bradford." Lake County Review.
I -
Whereas. One of our members is seek
ing the nomination of State Roprf.s. nt
atlve. and Whereas, by his service he
hps proven hi" iself worthy of .a; i r sup
port and the support cf t'.e r'.'.'TT'i of
oke '"ount : He it r-:-: ved that we
endorse the candidacy of Charles King
we': and e. ( nim"nl tnat every di
cb' rgecl -sold r c 1' the Ciui nl Soanish
Anv., i-in U'n r. and n'! p-o-J (.ttiz-tisi
.-upport the eadida -y .-.f Ch . les King-
"ell on l!v 7. U1S. at primary th e- I
' i.-ti of Sta.' T.epreenta ti'. e.
Tespectfu 'y years.
erxest i:. in,mi.N
f amp Xo. IS rf the t. S. A. W. Vfnnns
Michael as Susan Moor'1: K.-'l
a? Rlizabeth: Harry Michod
Cilbert Mo -Veil as Rev. Ir. T
Minnie Carbon as Mir- Anna
to C. Pieifel as J " hn l;y,!r
I Hayes as Wanderir r i '
IJohnson as Old Mose. t
I The plav is rich !n -
ns Jerry;
Tf rn ;'f ton ;
::a . Ot
r. Pe:t C.
and Frank
ly and dra
matic effects and tell the story of the
troubles ail true love :r. ;--t epet;
I soine time or otner. r.nr-r. actor
been especially trained and a sus.
f u 1 production is assured.
Estimates Furnished
J. fl
4335 Forsyth Ave.
East Chicago.
The following candidates ere endorsed
by the F.usmess Men of Calumet region:
Fcr Senator
21 f. O. HOT.MES.
For 3epresentativ3
2fl OTT i i FIFiKLP.
1W ono dtour want Ads
S Put aP.nut-BtirJStotio
! 1 ' j I y&rdod Ad in to-nnw and
r " VjssA cut IIqIo YA&ntcd Cdluzrj
V.'e wish to notify the -voters of Ham- j
mond and vielni'.y that we are donating i
the free and exebjsive service of fifteen
automobiles to bo used for the purposes
of conveying and assisting voters to and
from their homes ar.d factories to their
respective voting precipe s. No matter
w.ho you are or where you tnay be locat
ed, if you wish to oto, call 322 Ham
mond and our machines will be at your
1 Lake CoMfiitv l tile
3S3S5 Abstracters' of Tit!
Abstracts of Title furnished to all Lands and Lets
in Lake County.
ALEERT MAACK, 6sc'y-Tnj a.
Crown Point, Indiana,
inch Offices at Hammond and Gary.
service. 5-4-1

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