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June 15, 1918.
Page Seven
k r a.t
be Iff: -l'-v? - v J
The First Indiana Appeal Board Has Made the Fol
lowing Classifications for National Army.
In addition
to the business it
affords ns, every repair job is
an opportunity for that nine) advertising.
Every man who brings in a ear for repairs is a
prospective purchaser of a new car. m't we ai't'oi
to treat yon liberally on repairs when wo losve
a sale in prospect? It is good
business to trade here, where the
double incentive to good
Servian oxisl s.
i iiyyi -am
I ho uocniirnoc nt I ha Nation
I IIU IUJUU Ulid Ul I u IimiUI! I
are based on the savings oi f ha ndlYiduaf.
Our Savings Department affords absolute
safety as well as every convenience for these de
siring to build up a surplus account at liberal
Savings Accounts may be opened at any time
in any amount that suits your convenience.
This bank's very complete equipment and
strong personnel makes it the ideal depositary
for small depositors who expect to be bigger
The officers will be glad to talk over banking
relations with you at any time and pledge them
selves to serve your interests faithfully when
you intrust your business to this bank.
Come in and get one of our savings banks free,
which will help you to save money and get ahead
The First National Bank
Hammond, Indiana.
East Chlcaffo.
I rf-d J", shnio-.. rr i Is MMfir-d "K: Pfliil
SkiniuT. 21'. ItcrriT Johnson, 2I: Fat-
i rk'k (,'fircy. II con appeal), lien Nasi.
II ion nipraU; IuitwiR Povlrler.as. II
: fin Hpptnl); J. une Pit Ion, II (on ap
jrar); Jomm h Martlsnws. II (on ip
jpealK Anthony t rtarz-nkl, 11 (on np
iI'ohI): Thomas Wni. Jon-. II (on p
i peal); Andrew llooney, II (on appeal);
! John Kliis iibiTg. II (on appeal); rtr
J (ioutas, 11 (on appeal) Okrte San
jtnkach. 5F (on appeal); Kartnntnmr
! f;r"Ks;ir. It ton appeal); Thco. Pilnick.
ill (on oppral); Stanley Kaznski, II
I ion appeal ; .las. I:.l.t. Kindolaw, 4 A
i ion :ipp,-a!, 2I; .lam-k Hlo-mn. fF (on
! a pp.-u ! ) : Jhiihh Harry Hall. II ( on ap-
p.-al): rmnk lix.n, ZV, Julius Letn-n-son.
II (on appeal): Arthur 15. Oerbor,
r.IC. l.oslcr K. Kruzan. 2P; H--nry Hitzer,
CD; Frank Kaprowskl. -f; Wm. Lsli
Hnthawiy. i'I: Thro. SfhwmKf. 2I";
larl Kdwm llundy, ID; Lorenzo Sera
flni'. II ion appeal); Unman M. Fisher.
HP; "irt-a.-U Maru-a. II (on appeal); F.iWs
Pikalka. 5F (on appeal); Uwremif H.
Lfonard, II; Geo. l.nxaris. II; Paul R.
l.lvergnfxl. II; Jos. l.iptnski. II (on ap
Ph!): Wm. John Burns, I A (on appeal)
.Inrrrs "hriftap ulos, 1A. John Ki
M.-Ki'ima. -I: Karl Wm Ryder. SK;
John T.curr.s. II ion a; peril ; Ceo. Pel
lahan, II; J.. Rossi, 2P; John J Stub
M. r, 1A ion appeal i; Frank f Sharpo.
3K; Joe. piie!:n!. II (on appeal); John
WIioImii, SK; I'.ri-y (."has. Outler. 1A ton
appear) 2D: Aldrie IV For. 3K
tluiserpe. II (on apreal : ("has. F.
"Wright. "K; J hn Ozminski, II (on ap
penl); Mike Szslr.ons. 2l; Tony Ti;skn.
2D: Adam F. Vadsn. II (on appeal);
Julius Fein. 1A (on appeal) 2D: Domf
nio Joyce, 2D; Theo. Kara. 11 (on ap
peal : S'eve Sinkn. II: Vm. P. I'ahey,
II: (on appeal): John Kuten Hart. 3K:
Wa'.'r-r PhuK. AVest. 2D: I. onto Arrnato.
II ion appeal): Willard Irandidier. IV
all: Thomas IWanay. II: Alex
;F ton appeal); Harry i".. T'et-
Schual. II: Kdwln K. Johnson. 2D; Oust
Million. 2D: Jos. A. Alhert, 1A: John
Vuris. II; Oletin I.. Anderson. 21; Feter
Jahaay. 3B (on appeal) 2C; Arthur E.
Kreanbaum, 1A (on appeal ; John
Koelk, 2D; Vettr Crnjrorao, 2D; linns
n. Jens. II; Peter Herat in. II (on ap
peal); ''at! l.ute. 2D; Fernard Litz. 2D;
A. II Tieffer. Jr.. II; Anastoiy Kotyn
ki. II: Km II . Diedtrleh. H; Anlonto
Argentine, n (on fippeal) Arthur F.
Cui niu huel. 2D: Frank Raker. 3F; John
Klueek. 11; C3ustave H Iuri(fe. 2D; Fd
mund II. Kainer. IF; H. J. VanWalken
ben. 2D: Fred Au?. I'.ohde. 1A; Fdward
Koch. 2D: (ilinn I,. Hidlgener. 2D; Tom
Hrzowoski. 2D; I'Mek Huixenza. 2D;
Theo. i,;rof. 2D: M.-thew I". Fox, 2D.
Toney titeythe. 2D. Cornelius Swoon, 1A
(on appeal) 2"; Robert Hutehinson. II;
Fete Kitayaski. 2D; Custave D. Jlnc
danz. SK': Win Fotmatier, 2D; Win. J.
Meyer. 2D; Adam J. Hrzezinski. I'D;
Paul W ni. Diederleh. II; Clifton A.
Webb. 1A (on appeal); Walter H.
Kunde. 2D: Pemick Jacerko, 2D: Salva
tore Huindo. 2D: Fawrence F. Carrelt,
2D: John (.'lark. 2D: Herbert J. Millies.
II; Harry F. Anderson. 2D: Hugh It.
Heardsley, 2D; Harry P. Jabaay. 2C;
Henry F. Hayles. 1 , ; (on appeal) 2C;
Henry ilurzensa. 2''. Harold F. Throop.
11; Hay mend P Flder. . II; Andrew
Adanczek. 2P. Adam Kubnyortz. 2P:
t'harles R. Fpkar. 1A (on appeali; Ar
rnous W. Marshall. 2D; Walenty Pazen
kerwicz 2P; John K' Iskl. 2P: Chester
FiKili I J. Thomkin. 2D: Alias Furndenheim.
2K; Frank Kowichkos. 2D; Lewi Sokal.
2I: Rernard Kern'-y. 2D; Feo. F. 'or
rall. 1A: F. D. Vander Wall. 2C; Julius
R. Kolb. 2D; Jim Madonna. 2P. Win.
J. Van Dee Vliet. 2C; Curtis W. Wai
ters. 2D; ;Unn S. Smith. 2D. Glenn R.
N'abhtt. II; John T. Hane. 2C; Chas. W.
Dlethich. II: Wtn, ;. Molo. II; Albert
Kory. 4A (on appea) Geo. H. Kistlr.
2D; Tihon ( Flojoft'. 2D: F"rd F. Fauer-
John Kotzbak. 2C; F. K. Hart. II; John
Jausen, 2C; W'm. Spocrner. 2D; Carl F.
Zohrte, 2D; tiurlan C. Stevens. 2D; Foyd
G. Reed. 3K; Brayton ". yhirley, I'D;
Feter Klootwjk. Jr.. 4" (on appeal);
Gerald O'Donnell, 2D; Fred F. Hoover.
3D: Martin D. McGregor, 2D; Carl ).
Doner. 2D; Alfred Slaker, 2D; Sylves
ter Hoffman. 11: Vai?el Meloff, II (on
appeal); John Fdward Keinholtz. 3K;
Walter Rukowski. 2: Naurn Rolloff.
IF; Fdwaid (iohde. 2P; Joa. C. Kohl,
2D; Pam F:Iloppo. 2D; Mtk 1-enzo. 2D:
Wm. J. Fllan. II; Scharinga Hot?). 11
(on appeal) Domino Romenu. 2D; Chas.
M. Hick. SL; Tony Kowalski. 2D; Rer
nard Tho.v. R-iyl. . II, Finest Fittrell,
2D; A'bert V. J Faboisse. II (on ap
peal); Gariel Marline, 2D: James Will.
1A; Fred Rumpke. 2C; Fdward J.- Heidi
man. 2D; Arthur Fin kn ski. 2D; Jjoi.-r-ios
J. Soterifin, II (on appea!) Lewis
Wiltflr,er. 2D: Wni. J. K. Vail;, 1A:
Feter Miesboer. 2C; Fdward J. Ix-tt-brenner,
D. (inffery I'une, II; Ri.hard
Fletcher. 2D. Ii.ini'l W. Meyers. 'D;
Albert Gre. n. 2D: .1. -j T. Zi-der. 21);
Fhihr' Goniyar. 2D: John Jams, 2D.
The laiiunfje is rather fiiopr for a
clergyman but it comes from the henri
and will receive many an "Amen" by
fellow war Kardeners The little verse
that follows was written by. a promi
nent Hammond minister this mornlnsr
after spending- hcrtjrs in hi! garden, com
bating the weeds, and was presented to
The Times:
la My Garden.
With apologies to the unknown au
thor f'f "Remit .iful Snow."
( '. the weeds, trie beautiful weeds.
In my garden '' af"t like the devil's
ow n deeds '
Fr;trenh-1 and pre-emptinjr the best
of the foil,
And ti.akinK ur.iiniited labor and toll
You come from the dewdrops, the earth
and the air,
You're so mean that you make a Rood
deacon to swear.
troublesome weeds.
Tops from the t-.ni-
i i on app,
i Miiro-t.i
man, 2D:
A. F.r.be
-rson. 2D: ssojornon WiMinms. 1A; Fred- I IUc.bow
erh.k ilot-r. 2D; Daid M--yrs. 3K: Joe ski. 2P
Rinan.io. ." F ion appeal): Ansel Rurt
sukhs II u : sppeal) IF: Carl G Carl-
.-on. 2D. Andrew Gu.-tafjon. 2D
I llolstr om. 2D: Carl Elmer Johnson. 2D;
Josrf Krsyuwski. 2D: Vas'.le Kowalcuk.
(2D: Al.-x Piopki. 1A (on appeal): Glenn
Fdward P Iiouiiherty. 2D; Ira
rts. 2D: Henry Hausen. 2D:
Fbi'tr-poff. 2D; John Skiekow
Mnhnel Jair.es Doly, IT: S"m.
Adema. 2C; Kenneth W, Oonk. 2T; Jos.
Sozonzo. 2D: Fdward Z.tz. II (on ap-
Pontus l pnal): Harley A. Fochlum. 1A; John
Markewiez. II: A. H. A. Hiliters. 11:
O. you weed, you
You grow up !;ke
est s-eds.
Ypu're as black as the Kaiser, as mean
as the Hun.
For you never will die when we think
you are done.
You lauKh at my efforts to put you to
You are mor to be dreaded than par
Inky breath!
Tj()R TIIK MAX who pays the bill, the
one who looks to get his money back
in extra heat and less smoke and clinkers,
then." is satisfaction in the coal we sell.
Once you start usin our coal once
you try it it will need no praise of ours.
The first order is all we are anxious
about after that you'll come here any-wav.
'mil mmMi
. own weeds,
for humanity's
O. ycu weeds, you deil
You don't rare a snap
You stick down your roots among car
rots and beets
A.-i depraved as the courtezan out on
the streets.
I have sworn, and I mean it, to pet all
vour scalps
You dirty, you vile, you detestable
Abovt? al I p BrinAirgjRcsuib
nynbsr of. esuHslian any
Iry orv9 'xo-m o rrovv.
i Pch!--I
, . .
:s. 2D: Ipr.taz Yalter. 2I: Joseph
-n. II Jos. M. bet. ski. 1A: Joe
II: Weadelnw Ousiak. 2D; Stan
asecki, 2P; P'an'.ey Simon. 2D:
u J. .-ti-.tj-L. - ...w. .... --..1- tt , -A-Tf, i-nW - i't IglfiV Ji ir."t vu iitt , iWi i ir, ffh'l
2:00 P,
Sitornes Sxzozepkoskf. tA (on appeali'
II: Goo. Sutko. ?H (on appeal): Con
stantir.e Ylachis. 1A: Adam Wisnenchl.
uF (on appeal: John Malewskl. II (on j
appeal): K. Yuther, 2D: Fddte Fritz, II j
(on appeal); Marka Murgdltclnlan. II j
(on appeal): Dr. mi nick Kusickis, II (on
appeal) Nicholas Stasuk, 2D: John C. J
C.e:, kostnntis. 2D; Thos. Margant, 11:
Wm. P. O'Connor. 3K: Vernon J. Gra- j
harr. 3K: Harl H. Tester, SK; Harry L. J
Csrlson. 3K: Jim C. coan. SF; ' "n ap-
peui): lios. hco Konaff. 2D; Ray W. j
F.vnn. 11 ion eppeali, Paul Garonis. II ;
(on appeal); William MuMakis. II (on j
appeal): Harry C. Nelson, II Con ap- i
peal); Win. A. Ferry. 3K: Fudwig Ru- j
sinakl, 2D; John Wheelie, 1 1 , prank
Yekowfiki. 2D: Carl Olaf Johnston. 2D;
Swen Notberg. 2D; Fred D. Price, II:
W'm. A. Dii kson. 1A (on appeal) 2P;
Geo. A. Hart; us. SK: Louis Fazarius.
5F (on appeal); John (Juinlan. II (on
nrpeal); David Harris. 2D; Frank Kon
ct, 2D. I.eo F.d McLaughlin. 2D; Chas.
John Carlson. 2D: A. K. Foisberry. 2D:
Jul.ua Miain9. 2C; Miek Martin, 2D:
Nathan Stratford. 2D; Oscar Johnson,
2D: Herman Nelson. 2D: Peter Bardzy.
2D; Albert W. Sleight. 2D; Clem Kostus,
1A (on appeal); F. W. Williams, 3K;
John Bllski. II (on appeal) : Augusta
Girat'.o. II (on appeal); Tony Kruszyn
hki. II: W'alfred Alstrnm. 2D: John V.
MeDonough. 2l: John Yovash. 1A (on
nrpeal): Francis J. Reynolds, 2D;
Wayne Lucas Miller II (on appeal); Os
car Hrickson, 2D; Alfred J. Flkins, II ,
j (on appeal; jonn ;asn. ii ton appeal);
I Jo.i Kolis. II (on appeal); Ardie Bchrist, j
! 2D: Tony Grabowski. 2D. Louis Ferium, )
! "to t l"" Mtiwnhisar IF Walter !
Kalhut, II (on ttppeal); John Conrad j
limn. II; Bob Curel. 11: Jos Pollello, j
II (on appeal) : Clarence Fstis, 2D;
James McCool. II; Jos. Slowencki. 1 A j
(on appeal) 2P: Paul Hobt. Aldrn. 2P; j
Harry H. Nitholas, II (on appeal), j
Chariea ("ilor.a II (on appeal); Gust i
Labkin, 2D: Morris Littlejohn. 2D; John
Szizerba. 2D; Adolph Hachanovich, 2D;
Ildward Bloom. 2D, Arthur Peterson,
II: Fete Zdzearski, 2P; John N. Neth
Kern. II; F-Iward Jenkins. 21); Fred G.
Gavin. 2D; Constantino Danos. II (on
appeal ).
Lake County No. 3 Hammond.
Waltor Hajak, 2D; Dartel Kirincia,
2D: Geo F. Knymse. 2D: Benjamin F.
Samu-l H. Hicks. 2P; Wm.
rvi:t Klaun. 2D; Quinis Quis,
15. Cannon, 1A (on appeal);
i::iis. 2D; Lawrence Ceder-J.-.lm
Miller. 2D; Frank Hy
turn wi-i",.i-!
T . .-i.:i--rf F- -
B44 Cafumet Ave
PHONE 1450.
Radiator Repairing
Through our long years of experience in the au
tomobile business and with an up-to-date equip
ped ehop for repairs, wo are in a position to re
pair radiators of any malte or design and of any
Ehape, twisted, smashed, eprunir or frozen. Esti
mates furnished on ail repair worlt.
Near Industrial
High School, Hammond, Ind.
Work Called for and Delivered.
i;.-.:.!. 21);
lock 1A;
2C; Floyd
Hurry r.
holm. 1A;
Voik, 1A (on appeal); H. R. Sickle, 2D;
Sam Kstz, 1A (en appeal); Harry A.
Schramm. 1A (on appeal); Geo. Bunde,
2D; Harry E. Wilson, 2D; Bortell K.
Kimpers, 2G; Lcu:s O. Otto, 1A. (on ap
peal); Alfred C. Zweck, 2D; John Dor
man. 2D; Gurtis Cleveland, 3K; Alfred
U. I.crt, SK; Henry H. Pell. 2D; Geo.
Gilinan. 2D; Bernard HF Hart. SK; Wm.
I'.ishop. 2": (has. Gilbert Olson. 3D;
Mo to Verkin. 2D; Albert Luechel, 1A
(fit nr-peal); Louis Sol, 2D; Walter
Newrran. 2D; Garit Hartsinjr, II; Ben
W. CundifT. 2D; Tony Faunela. 2D; John
Nordstrand. 2D; Arthur H. Wilson, 2D;
Itichard Schultz, 1A (on appeal) Henj.
Hamum. Jr.. II (on appeal) Bernard
Johnson, II (on appeal); Chas. W. Rob- ,
erts. 1A; John J. Kingston, 1A; Jesse j
Dillon. 21); C-ecrae Kostoff, 2D; Claud j
Huhier. 2D: John llunik. 2D; F. W. j
M-iiinusur.. 2D; F. L. Pohlkamp. 1A (on j
ippealt; Dionid Gheato, II; Edmore j
Christian. 2D; Fred W. Lute. 2D; Chas.
L Crumpacker. 2D; Morris Fckenherry,
2D; Thomas B. McCarthy. 3D; Harvey j
Harbor Hat
Cleaning and Shoe
Shining Parlor
3404 Michigan Avenue
Near Guthrie St.
Indiana Harbor, Ind.
Straw, Panama and Felt Hats
Cleaned Blocked and Repaired for
both ladies and gentlemen.
Exclusive Chairs for Ladies.
. George Kondiles, Prop.
t-J1 ': r.T
- - -j-'e
Tel. East Chicago 2
Flrirt National Rttk Bids.
Cor. Cblcago ft Forijrthe Area.
rT rnic;o. ia.
Consultation In English, Otrmw
FoiUh. Klavlsh and Runlam.
Telephons 944,
Real Estate, Loans
Pora Building. S462 Guthri St
Indiana Harbor, Ind.
S 1 1
(f. o. b. CXvEcago)
Prt mobret to change without fic
5-Passenger Touring
4-Passenser Roadster
V- 5, V lIJTT! i r -mm. i r.r ,
The Car of the Hour"
Four Points ia
Elgin Distinction
Elgin Endurance
Elgin Economy
Elgin Comfort
are the bi points that rank the El&in Six best in the moderate-price class.
El&in Distinction comes with the fashionable center cowl of the hijh-priced
European models, combined with the beautiful yacht line design of the Elgin Six, giving
a style and distinction that sets the Elgin Six apart from the monotonous design of
the average car.
Elgin Endurance has been proven by crucial tests in some of the most
gruelling reliability contests, where the Elgin Six came through with perfect scores and
without mechanical adjustment during or immediately after such runs. The Elgin Six
has established a new record of 1,626 car-racking, stamina-testing miles, in 67 hour4
between Chicago and Miami, Fla., over steep, rocky mountain reads, heavy sands, and
slimy, treacherous swamp roads.
El&in Economy is the third bi& point that a prospective buyer should
consider. A minimum in wear on all parts' of the motor and equipment of the car,
minimum consumption of gasoline and oil at all times and under all conditions these are
the points that make Elgin Economy famous. Elgin cars in the tests mentioned above
traveled an aggregate of 825 miles on an average consumption of gasoline of 25.6 miles
to the gallon, and over 200 miles to a quart of oil,
Elgin Comfort is insured by the work of Elgin Engineers, who have
perfected an improved rear spring suspension, found only in the Elgin Six, which sets a
new standard of motoring ease and comfort at high speeds, reducing shock and vibration
to a point not surpassed in any car at any price.
The special construction of the Elgin velvet-acting clutch enables the Elgin
Six to be started on high gear, eliminating to a large degree the necessity of gear shifting
under ordinary conditions, thus making the handling of a motor car safe and easy for women.
These four points are only the big factors of a car that justify such an en
viable reputation as the Elgin Six bears. There are scores of other points that contribute
materially to its standing as the premier car of its class. From front to rear of the car,
inside and out, seen and unseen, the Elgin Six will stand the inspection of the most expert
mechanics and not be found wanting in anything that makes for comfort, power, speed,
endurance and beauty.
Let us prove these statements to you
Elgin Motor Car Corporation, CMcag, U. . A.
A tit
93 State Street
h a a

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