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Pno Six
TYndnv. Juno '17
. 1918.
113 i
rLo"Syon3rrfol ,Vulc that Rsrs Fcrii
hm tho Stark Artivaj.
- in- - - -1 '
Te!i3 How Vir.cl Hade Her Strone
- "I war' weak. n U
t".-" tin-.-, and liiiil
' - a? t
: : n ti'
c n ' '' -
cr.i'.Ml J.jlv 4 ar.d have
raettctis t.
!. CI ,: .
i 1!
! A
Hoy Fasen. employed in the milts nt
Gary fp.-nt Sunday at Iris home in
Crown IVint.
I A . Ci. W ht r eu-a 1 ha returned from
-tv er.n f.ircrct thai i,t..o hravy cry .-.ai i a v-e, k -n.i L-it with has runnts in
cct.rcn Uie arrival of the r.cw Law? j . .
Before baby co;r.iS the jacther should get . . .itcajjo.
la conu:t.on to x.-.sct tha cris;. Crown PoirA ' t.r,
r.n.Vr..:'nV:i 'i,-r", !.,,.,. Vr!Vi-. t r I n a bit
J-.y I'.i-j waihr.ir ntohths, and they ! provided so mo fdcllar
1j they, cat: rely c:tpe-l :.-.usea. nervsn..-.- Ut.ep ,h(, 0: oxv,ls an
i.e., Lieanr.j c-.a" u h..u :,-.ac... :...!., .i.... i
jaany otiior dptiilta!-ff an.! cV.cnrtenln? ps- j -'arrow, of in .vo. a ss. !.!
l-ericac which o illy f.t the mctUer fur'Uia j and Iu'.kt lo.nl. r. wi'l !-':v.- a-i ,!r.-:-'
fc-rtfct(5t t;ci in a wcsiau's lif. , , , . . .,
Motjer-s Fricsd U a wondcrfd I:r"r ti ',ut ! " A 4 1 an" I,J'1-
r.atuio In relicvlajr ftriia and d.stre.; j all;: p.:rad', ;:thl.'t:o ama.o:itct.t:! and .1
brot:ci.t about tr cmr.dlr.tf rer.s.,'r. T.'c ; p.-od nr,.;rnra of r :o i ...'m' r.-...
v:o cf cheerful d-.y r.d rcstfi.l j 1 !-J " : " h:;!-
l h r reastj ara kc; t In crnd:uon nn.l l
tio ajjoniinai rcu.-ic;es relax with ecio vU'a j
lahv ! born. ;
Mot.er'a Fr'end n-.aVrs it rfMsHile for t'.'.a ' .
turo in the clorio-us v-rk tj lie erf.-rn:ed.
M no woman should neglect or fall ta j :n-i:- t.'.at
r:T nataro a reipir.jr naaa. it vvui mean . . . ... . . ,,.,,..
Mother Frler.d Is for external ta or.'y. ' and fri r.ds of 1 '!. i .! km i'!-nivH-.-d at Frank K'.l:
l absolutely safe arid wosderf-.iV.y e.Tcr'. -.e. I 7-.. ,. . .... t - ' r v; ., v ! , ., r.-
lt ia prepared hy tha BrauScld Res-i'.-.t. "' , " .' '., ,0
Co.. L&xcar Eldff.. At-ar.'a. Ca. VVrta : T;ie vxtr.-n:, .y i..t v.m,!ht of S.i-.- . ., ,. A. T.n
tts-a for their "Mjtherhoed Book," eo Ta ' da." brc !ii;!it a I.-.:-.- r.n'..er of .-:!- i n. :.-
to expectant mothrr. !; . , ,.',. .. ,. , ., , ' t ., ,
I'rocnro a bottlo of this famocs reraecly. ' il " . V ' ' ""I !',';
hirh b tseen used by wsxen with tl.e O.-dar l..i',o nrvo! chiO.'-n .iir.r. r t-- , I.--M-, l'.uin::;
preaiesc success tar cirer half a cent-irv. : ir.a'iv lh:ruM rart.. .-. T;.. : f is a :-, Xi,
"!aji'!fir ilimrt.
Mr. Km,r ,1 1 ' m i o ;v.'i t AfrVol.
M r. Vn IV ir..'! lis.
m . s:. r.. .1
Mr. ' ;.-M.v '. i.-.ipi-.lor
-. r,t t- II;.- d.-.-Kl I1"
.!( ., : An-.' w-t .1. V.'l
.! f !" In vai! ir., f.r I i .
i y 'A ,i . r ; i !." :;iMup
i'. v h;:;.
m: ?i vitiu i 1: :
Th.' f.d!,win n--,.- :a;;;.
v.- I 1 -.--a. .: :
o. iinuauii;,
1 d.'vvn. tin.-!
' ' ' a . . 1 : .:,; .:,r.;!y around
I .. ' - I v, .r'... A!'t-r ' r tlun,:
.i: ' La ' !.n:.d .,, j . ;:. i,.. , Vi:iol limit
I : and in i v. ill and l!o;,t:."
Mr. ,la !':,!!. r
I '!!: r .: -on din.i was so suoci-fsf ul
la .'I--, i avk. .;;. . ! b-oauso il
j ' .rl.i.ns Hi-: 1., .-. ; -arv t'!-l!'.f!itr 1
! . an :? w".it. i id ii ; r,'"sl i. .n. . 1.1 ak-
! ! ai.d v ri.i'" :-tia npth. It is
a-;d r I " I ' : an-- i ro:i
r.. .,,. ; !,:; ir, V;:;o! that
a.v. a ; n.d ! : .: 'a a .01 r.1 --l :!"
1 1 X. ; ; ". . n: . -, .' ; :i
! !; i. a ! 'a I ha:
1 : a . ..: , v -a; r . Adv.
tia- !
:. ,
I n'T:,-, ! 1',!,- Mah.i of tho F.ast Ch : - . '.1
4 4
Foot Comfort
June 17th to 22nd
i :
n.'tt. l t a th- !:od I:
A. Io:i:i!.i J-.us : -T .1 ru .1 frrra an
s.in lay i.ft w i : h a!.i:;W's in
I.ararto. J!r.. lonah t ha b,: . n :!t-
. f. r Fi-voral daps'.
U. nv. 11. H.-f. mar. Ha:
or. M. 1. i'a- .r. lia:aa oad.
!.. F. :-. :aa'r.. aainu.
!.:l:-l :. Wn-X. i: a.-r ( a
!::!. ;: .-.!;.:. ;., C 1. ou .; ;
ia i. ki, t h'.cui -a
i j,uy; : o. a n i
1. ..-a
' o i ; r ' : ' I o
nd. lid-
r a
(Con: ;na.
: rri'
'urc- ir afl.-r tho idr l-.pooUot.-i.
lay ho saw ..no of t'n ::' dip.--- at I
an! l- .-.r.s.vt :i nv.aiu.-s trj-:ns
i ! t ho ! 1. 1 t of a man
to V.. ai l u J 1. V. A- Th C.
i 1 1
r f.-r Indiana ILalmr lb- ;. r -o.-' t : 1 i
a and to..': 2... n , tho Ihst 'aiioa
: : :: v.:-:.. i.;-on takir.' h: !'. ..
:! :! ' !!: :it. :t w.-i.-: found that!
1 ' aad a .-'.ny r-o.r-i on n'o. Ir. I
i 1 1
...Tr TTT-r a Tr! " ,M"!V" 1ur,!lJ- ""aK"- H
Oil illcrii A I Via- ..nor ;,-a;o his ad-lr- a. M. li
! 1- ' ::A-t:-. 1J17 In land a-.vm:-. Chi- il
1! had J l'""-.:;a. an fsrr.-. oap and , f,
of a :n v,. ,a-ohot?. 1 ;
a " t
. 1 1
1 bdi-n Oi- ( hv 1 1
i :- y '
I t: frosno, j v.. ' -.
ChAat-a : 131an-!i !
Hi! : 1A! "ii If : -i 1
from tho drupe's today, and thus forhfy
jaursii ea;uit pain aza oiecocfort.
3 ir
c!d.-d f-ill-.r. off of Chi.n.s tr.ndo at
:ho l,ak,. resorts fin.-o the dry law
wont ir.to effect, bat iho I. .A;-- is pat-
rrr.'.Z'-.l. by 'he better (hiss of Chieaa-o
folks this ear.
:a y n eh i -.
tr. and M .
AA .:,'. wore
:o:.;.. f Mr a
Mis IA-rav
I a . It K !1
Mrs F. IKii:
t - .
-a t h
o a :
If yon have fl-.t fort, weak arches, fore heel?, tender Joints,
bunion?, corns, callouses, swtl'.ic.ais and soreness of tho feet
call this wf-r-k and loam how easily you can be relieved Low
.simple It is to correct the cause when you know it.
V, have rr.sMisM - "I-aa Curt DcjartmeaV in on.
phoo depart iner.t, imtin thou;-, with Free C3nvj.'.txJ5n to thitt
vkho have Aching, Painful Feet.
fZr Ever, Bit T,&
Anterior Metatarsal Arch Support; Heel Cu-,h ic-c ; Abs:-.
Corn Pad; Ped.co Granulated Foot Powder; Cunicrt Rcij--Walk
Straight Hcsl Pads.
Toe-Ficx for Bunions.
a :
!i i The f.-llowins is a A?t of letters f- Mas. O I:. a a
. J lv.at.iir.. iinealh d '.: r In tho Crown I arry. of li.-ry
Eve diseases cured in li
one visit. Cross eyes,
weak eyes, sore eyes ro
ll quiring proper glasses.
J nr. e
, - .Mrs.
rndtnir i t la- bu rd'.u- t :
.-'!, .lay at tl
o lh.vry. of 1 1 !-.y.-". 1.
.-oh of C!ib a-r . Ib.y
and ' -- J I'are. . of
r.im- detJ- i-ia-aA. y.-ir
Fairy laano Ihist
lldi'or T:uz?,
lla-nn.or.d. I.-,d.
Tlo: April 2rrJ Is
k.lillll.U illUUlilit
K 1 -
- !:;..
$ 1 j .
r l :
Vv' .
i :. 'hiea
W .-.'-!.
am e'u.-':o
i roce;vd your paeka; in Washington
?uo of T$:s Times ' - ..t ',.,... o..-.o in hn-
t-aiiis an artioio. under the h:adin? i , . ".. , .. .. ,k.?r
t 'he !h:;;zard." that, in . :T-e!. ,. crH. i ia a:i o,,:r a;iff ihat
:r.s that tho paakfrs arbitrarily fix A-,,,', ' ti'Ua 't also lost all
niv clothes on th vay a -ross. I am
a..,,.., e-,:,i,- ,.;! r.,.-.. Vr.-i ran t'-lll 1 here- ire n
euts. not withstanding ' .. ' .., , c ,-.-.ii,.t.o ! ''" Ha-nb.ck-Walla, -f.
a j i-ii htlf v? days aro t. anr-or i r:l v ...,,-,' .wVi. i " " .'. . ". ' ... I 4nii r.r
laaeo oi noat to tho c oiii-imi'-r, and
-rs t a r; ian la r ly to a ro-f-:;t pHe" a.-
'.- tin cnoi,
sain of frreat fit i.e.
Veterans t.f the Hasenbeck-tVallac
rir-'i Thiers t-cmer, to Hammond on
P-jttirday, Juno 22. declare they hav
ta-ver kiiovvti t.f a ;r,.-r .spending- iris,
tan.-e amidst tho Jifo of t!. white to:, a
l.out l.nfi.i o;:;.;(ivffe wA'
ow. i.'firA
ii. Tho explanation is this: Consid
eration for minimum wastau-: prompted
ir government and its Allies to specify ;
safety raz.
et razor. As a matter of fact, the majority f-f
rcf re-shins, ll.o
niediura grade-s ir. their contract pur-
i lette ruzor called
Send some face powd-.r and some face j circus pins are tho m
cream and tooth past or povA
am unable to get ar
b-r as I j healthiest and the cioar
in 1'ranc
M Deafness, head noises
li and running ears. Ca-
I The Hammond Commandery Various Contracts for Co.;;;:";;;;
Poor Farm Are Let by j
the Members. i'-i.V'. ,1.
-' . : t r:::i ... s. h iirth..rinr.r.-i a ........ -r r. I . ; . , .. n
-i I wroro I eot a lew b tt-is fi-.tn tb
oi ti:, "nt nmers the i a strn t inns wre- more' A.
!..;,el,- observed by those ho ar- t toiKS ana , aK" '
:.,-. ... v.nv, i.r-i.y-r. .. - r ... . . 1 was sure glal to ii' ar i:orn '..:ti
any- y.un; women ever assembled together.
I !
Conduct Ritualistic Ser
vices at Gill Funeral.
bin. d
". e ;xn .
are mar-
The res tu. t: .r..s h- ug r. moved, the de- The F.ed Cross is rtatn!y d'dn? j
iiiaii-l for i-rtmo "!. f by hot. la. restaur- 'their sharo of work in Fran. a-. When
an'r, and the- v -ll-to-d families, in-j we were travel ins through Franc we
ro-s places
INT. Ju-.o 17. Th- IIa:a-
rnor. I t ommano : kiat A; ot i.r.rd'.rs
conducted th-ir re-yilar r-r ic t-f r
the r-'inams oi Uair :a. ;'.l . r. the late
IS iilt tti'tl. i?!stre.' o: Sat
?I Sf ie.- wa:; very : : -.- : . -. :-: ! and t e root
le-ral tributes v. c r-- beiuttftil n n.d iti
is-rr -::. .
'"A: X IAIN"
e 17 Tl
ii tarrli cured by a speeial If,
15 i i
i r i t -
' y o. r : in i .- s :- - a.
:;, B. v.-ee k At
s f, r A: ;. -Aa
: .-i , ja i. . -a
i;,-n-o fop JnA
i( ; a bund ii-.ee. The remains va- tak-r. ! r:
; C'.oveiard. ., on Sattsrd.tv a' reidniTat 1
f ' C. J. Kr.i ra - r
'..! the fnn;ra! was to b- ht M I a. 1 ,
i hard -a are-,
James A (All was b
.. aTt;-tb.rt:.? e.ars at
r.;-:.--yv.l by th-- -Aati
v. lie
-1 o
.ana. : jj unilt-y, ,trna:
v- " ' i !.. . it..:. t!: yr,.
W- ;
ing, catarrh, loss of
smell, all nose obstruc
tions cured by special
v uv:.
a VA
: bo . M.
-a t erma n.
o.hbmm-r :-y -:. -- 1. inter. - M. r
t.ll. lurhlt'sre; Wm S..b. feed
c.JT of the- i,e -.v Sir.cia.r OA, It .hon Co. , -,, . o. ; ,,.-.,r -,t.- -o--.- e.e r.-s
i he was made sup-ri:i: ?:d?nt v.hich 1"- -,. , r;us s,, jh,. b-.ar.l that th"
ised. whi- h laid immediate effect on j stopped at several I-A-d C
"V ' " always some tl: ...y: ... -t 1 sho hr,s a tc.,c.r
w ) : .e ..inpany s. records show the always brt coftfo. It certainly reit
o-.vir,: up-'rend in cattle arid b"-f good to f--t a little rf re.-.ii:ne.nt once in
s r-:.i-.e the al-olif hnient of meat- j u while. I am sending you a bilk
days: I I a nd kr-reh if f as a souenir from
A -.era tre 1 1 Avrragf sell- l France. I sent'a c"ir-! '-f 1'i'rs
s'ock per cwt. hit price per cwt. j r.-,rn Writ" and t'-a w whether Pa
I We, k oikiih :;-rAci hai UT.2., ,..r :;a ree,.;ved tl.ern.
xk r-r.1ir..x ', ll.T,' 17.53 , will havo to , t.ysr. for th-s time.
I Wo. k nd.r.s 4-1". . 12 2" 1 't.24 Hoping to h".ir fr-mi vc- i :!. Best re-
13.50 ; frards to mother, father. Ceorsia. I ll
-ndnic 4-2i' i:
-t .-! a :
1,-lOSea llOSirilS, SlieeZ- II '.ansA-rred c th- Vl-,:ti:-s plant (nr
t '.'.son?;. live years a;;e. w :: :i tio- op-n-
5 .-
I soeka. laa.-oti.
fi.sition he at rscil htld.
jj. fit ion ne at pi-stni tn.-.l. . ,'1. -monts vs. Fs.obfr fh.-cu-n eonte-t.j -.-y T r ' T f '"'p TT
J j His very s-ad.-b.-n end is a irreat shock ! which was co.r.tin-.r d from June .5th to I Vj? 1 V 1 V Ml il
i ; to the community. In addition to being j Juno 12th by agr.-emct t t!o- case u ill , '
b a rr
v.-n at tiio
K Ath at
- :- Idlers
. '. id: '-:-,
:1M d
f'e ernt of inf:r:ie.r.e.2-''i-Tlf
sib.-.-, e co'iiparison
ulways remain, yours trn.y.
Fho-.vs that
did i : . t ada:,--e as much as
B. 9th liatt.
A. K. V.,
The fact? are j
I ia X. V.. France.
m.at i-r:
di-1 l;o oattl-- pri
lie t tli" prit of moat is as low as the i
ca t ..f ar.iTi' and in. r .ised labor and j LIFE OF CIRCUS GIRL
i t. her opei'itti:? ana muria t ovp'-ns
Many of the yo-ca il-d "Ki:
ried v.nif u wit'n young .laughters and
s..:as. who are a!.-o v. ith the circus.
There is lit'le dii'ferei.ce between the
STirls of the (irons ar.d the ordinary,
healthy pirls w b.o l.se m comfortable,
refined homes, except that the life of
the circus girl is in the open, wher-:
ortur.it y to develop
both ph si-.'ally and rr.'-ntally.
Fife he-hind the red curtain widen
separates the drc stdns rooms .from tb-
j res' of the circus is no' unlike that c
r: big- family in .amp. Here the women
do their sewing, thei.- laundry, they,
reading and writing and the- instruct:!:..;
. -f their ymir.; children. Nobody n:
tests them, no jrofari'y is allowed to
rea eh then- cars, and the atmosphere i;
which they live jS as refined and re
spectable as A would he in the best
retraiated home. Circus folks are hoiii-'-b.vin?.
family people at heart and nor
' .at ali like the nAsg-uided public is pror...
' to c.nside-r. them.
. -1 A t c , Mil rra r.t
It may no
" T I Ft V rntiri f a rr i iio -o i-,r-f-w f - e-.
HEALTHY AND NORMAL i grandpar'-nts to ' CeVr-oTd cLldren.
he known to the readers j . travel with the Ha genbe-ck-Wallace Cir-
tb-it the nac-kine indust r v i Vol! t h anrl Hfi.Ttitv Tint Onlv Onali- I C,1S an'5 iy all th" comforts and
iplars the
f f i ti .;-
Tli r oat
member of the Kr.iA.A "
. Shrine. -d msr e..".
I) i Mr. Gil! is run ived by his v. Idow. ; stru'-t:--n .
rC Mrs. Carrie Ha'.s-v lAil, his son. Jesse ,.ix the U.w
f. Gill, and his daughter. Mrs. Cdwarl j C-.iar 'r-
lb : and yb .. a :-!-. r. Mrs. F.-s-i-;- ; , : ! !- Ih
I5 ilinii.n ed Alton, ill.
A n::,e-p.aind 1. -
.-. end Mrs. F.ari IA
i 'if to live with
tier on s-irj a-
I i n : . . e a t -
Amomr ti.- so ho a -ooe: panic -1 Mrs.
n to I'l. vela
tor tho iuii-
Tonsils, adenoids, loss U 1 ;Ir- m?. Art;. ::- i; ; r,.c,:;.t of ., ; state
' ' Jj d-.il, Ars A --: - Ilaii.i.::. Mr. ji-r: ira- ; ,-f charities li.rou.rh Ana s hiat.t
of voice, difficult v in gj J- -. -- ; -ry. vi x- th., construe
' ii Feai.ii.. :A I 'a: l.a and sea 1 1 !. ; j ; -v biiiblia: f-.-r th--- mAalla'
breathing, asthma and jjl
catairh and hoarseness
: Tn. Jar Ibth. i
-:S of I..,'A. 11 was appoint- ;
to : -lpei-.n; end tb-- con- : ,,.,,..r ..
ii.- J.-e llepp gravel rca-l ! y J;.,. a number f; o::, m
:.:p line l.-.i.e.n h,m ao. ,. nrlt,, lh.,,.ch j,,.,.,,
towns'.-.. j s 52 ee p--r d-yA. :i,,:riCr ,. -a.;, a..
orarensat :.-u tor It..- tone , . . . ., .
bond' was qa"r'" h'' '"v i Serum Injections Kill.
cot! :!. com miss ior:err- were hi
L .ard I r.an is Vru m irtg: --a. M IV, state:
i ' has been under government control
J As.n.-e Xovember 1. Swift & Company is
i nev.- licensed by the government, and is i
fications for Feminine Artists.
privacy of home. life. In some of the
ring- acts three generations of a family
! are performing at the same time. Most "
j operating under the fupervision of the The insatiable desire of th-? stage for of the really great circus performers
i I ood Adtiiinh-trution. and the profits on
j t he meat-packing- business are limited
:o fl per c-nt on the capital employed.
young and pretty girls, over- if without of today are descendants of a long line
noteworthy talent, docs not have a 1 of circus ancestors, and their success
counterpart with the circus. I'nfortu- in their chosen field is largely dvie te
.tida;, evening, t , u io r..-.t r.iorantewi ! r.atelv for these innumerable recruits the heritage, or clean living and clean
ttoi.siio.!,,.-a-T.-,.-?.---..e-"-''""--. - ,
a n-:. I !iv j.-0vernment. j for the stage, youth ar.-i b---auty do not . tninsms that has been banned down
Wi are sending you herewith a c:p' I survive, end wnen tnese two qualities s uom geneidiion iu gene. anon.
-A our 1?1 Year Book, which gives
facts and figures with regard to the
Buv a Thriii: St am:? toJ:
cured by my special
y i
i i a- n
u a
" j ii
! Franklin
I foil 11'
il..:"s :.A th ? county 1 ami, an ay
;. : -. ; . f-f ':. " f.-r this n:;;irov.;-
: ,;, iAly 1 !i gr.l:t d bv the
- :b f.t.-,',-. b.a.rd of
- i on :- :..! t hat .-.; b a buod.:. ?
n- d-d. the ins a lla ; -a o, pt-'P r
itr .-, a ;; -:i,.-!i t b.-iiur ail that is
-HA-' at 1 ;S e:.iiso atld i i ni.-re
a.!..r than :f a now bmi. !::,.; 's
.1 "it: I wi:.te-r is U 11- . p. I ..A d of
p; a -opt i;J n ti :i r- t rt to count:.
'. A copy of !,.. bate,- win b--
A ra'-h no-mbt:- th- r-.-i
j lb a : ' h Cult ure :
; ii a sv n at: i.'.imi t-
j - 'a- if oia Aa- us..
, C:o tr, y -y. ;.t of 1
f r-.
are not coupled with ability of a de- !
cided order, these girb- f:r.d themselves
'17 business of Swift & Comt.any. Any
f voir reader? mav procure a copy by
... i
.s ,- , . ... j .iddr ssir.g Swiit 4- n-.pany, t. r.son ;
a i eo.- i in
." I A: p.- r: s
I A' .'. ,': I
miserably afloat in
flotsam and jet-
Buy a Thrift Stamp today.
t :
J. 11-.-:.-: Fa
' -: !. I
t ii ,-j t I
-oak Yards. Chia.i-o. I
'o trtut 'hat you will f.nd spa' to!
-in" tlrs !"' r in :!ir columns in in t
-be las'ie " i
Very truly yours.
You Can't Rub it Away;
Rheumatism is in the Blood
tisrn until you cleanse your blood of
the s?rm3 that cause the disease.
n. it
i 4- TTk
NO. 120 S- STATE ST.
i r'-n.t d v
i t in ::. :;'
i in ti'a
! n.adi.-a !
Snan V::i-
-V i z a r Kntrj-v Ilruvery j
Hours 9-5.
-and nerves f) st,,,,. ar. re,; -.'.ire-1 1- go !
"over ;he t-;)' on the f.-Kt.-.if: frot.t. i
Co(;d r-.d i.' . ..J j-.:t-l ati activ liver ara '
i i j l.tco b.e rilt-.-liV. .v'-l OiliVH
il FliiE BECCBO '
n uiseas.
You Can Not Do Your Full
FVrVcf'Vhe ALo'rh.'iAi'tn Eight Years He has Writ-
Sundays 10-12. Il our f.jik? must iiA-eicA y. iij;hi thu!
L,:tt;.; ..i ri::i.t ;a:c :A,iAi.iA iao ten 449 Orfeiiial Opinions
From Court.
r ci
: d-
If io-l
S. I.o
k s a .a
:' 1: ia 1 ;
ii. stori.
- r i;, ;
- v. 1 1 ; r p
i e I-
From J. N. Dahlstrom.
d .Ar -a !.- :.-!
a .no . ai p pp. , ! j. v w- w j
. ,,; , i. ! On Active S.-r :ce- With 'tie An.-rican:
. r. , s;, r,, ; Fx i ed 1 1 iona ry F -r. e. France. May 25,
i ', p Tb-' lb-.. .-' 1' ' '
A., sot ,!,,v, n j Miss Mary I-a-. :d?on. lb-air Mary: I
e s : "I a:.,- i, ;, ,-d j
alar syst em. i :1
i : A: ;. ...I j oison- !
aafMii, a' ::::
. 1 .
Liniments Will Never Cure.
If vou aro afflicted with Rheuma-i S. S. fc-. kas-never had an eoual as a
tL-m. whv vvasta time with liniments,! blood Dtiri'ier ar.d scores of sufferers
lottcns arid other local applications i say that it has cleansed their blood of ,
i that nevtr did cure Kheurr.atism, and Rheurr.at'rra, ar.d removed all traco
i ever will? - of the iiijca from their sj-stem.
Do not try to rub tho pain away, i Get bottle of S. S. S. at your
i for you will" never succeed. Try the tlrui? store, and get on tho right
fensiblc plan of tinning the cause or. treatment 1 3-day. II you want 5pc
the pain, and go after that. Remove cial medical advice, you can obtain it
the cause, and there can be no pain. . free by addressing Medical Director,
Yoj will never rid cf Iiheurr.a-j 23 Swift Laboratory, Atlanta, Ga.
ie. t: on tio A..r
is bt-:;.-' i'-.a:
tory, i:t toe w.irk-':
in the lyeye. aj mi
1: i
.- a r .
,ii-..:i ti.iA cos
v..,,y i u the fa.-
, on t?;. ' .A i.i . ami '
m :: the i re ticr.es. I
Duty to Your Country wn t:i workwri in. t:-; si..n. .-1-' at snrB c pit , ..
ttt-4.1 rt t -n , ; - that iik oi f-:nan :,:A t u-ry which rich- 1XIUANA1V,U?. Tnd. .Tun" 17.A.1-
WlthOUt Good EyCSlglit, red blood fe!..;.:M !..r.:.,f. Tliey boii,! th..-h J -ir- J c. jba h. of nam
pfn need irmi in ti.-.r U o.l. j 'oocd l::.-d .-.nidred the e,:iesti..n
Ai ob- b;. J. t y M
I:.d . ; - : .- a !v
W. V. a.-. I!-:a;:,va
s. a. -r: s, n. ; ra. i-.'.p-
Ab -'....! all .ther
r .- a if 1 y mn i; ic."
:,d- i: 1 .a 1 1. 1 1 v an s 1
; -ali-o :- 1 I by Jos.
d. and t-, .,;r;,i i.).-U5
n Ave., Indiana liar-
155 Stat? St., Kaninind, nd.
;t.-.r out
1 e s n f il I" W i
r iicai-
Optical Co,
141 E. State St. Hammond
The bi'.o l luaks t 'li" 'iCrhnit tite re:!-t r.-ain enf rinr tlo. p t .-, lists, hie
blood corpu.-ci'.v: are lac'.cn;:. If otic ' physh iat:s j-centl-.- hn e dv:..ed hire
lacks ti.e etu-i-cy t v, ,i;kniu the oty n, t i ' that p.. sbr.abi p-t from fartiier ef
or irnii w.itaA H ha ursb" enervated, ' r, ,.. ,,e .:,at h : '-a .-t-r. and b" ?:as fl-l
.lax, li.up. wnrn out bof-.M 1 !:: day is ba:f t!. loaders of th" par-'- that be will
C-'jii-''. iw S i lil.C to l u .s(- a o.j i. i-'aiilder ftt.d ,,. , r .e.-y..-, ... , .., ,:.-,.,. ti
tariic n tabic which lia-s ju?t the tii.t
combinati-')!! of iron and herital extract-; i
to bria " '?,'' vitu, vitality atiel viibdi
to yon. Tnia !a:e'-t j, redact, which tin1.
ur-yt heienee ati'i sj;;,! cotiiU i-voive, caoi'-l , . " . ; c
Iron-tic,' is the rts.i'.t cf the o.xperi-i r 1 ni'-eiara-
m.ntJ e.t a dnvon roedlAd -,. ,,.i.i tl. et. He rum- to Ind iana p'.. i s errht 1
ated with Doctor Tierce at tlie' Invalids' I ', :,r:i "Z u ',,n H-.n.ir.ond. During the j f why not yr-u? V. f rvo tho l.,oyt
Hotel and Surgical Institute in Buffalo, i "'ht "'-r,rs h" has bf,,'n a ll;,,m!"'r ot' plf;i!'
N'. V. It von want, ii, trv t'neso " Irontio : I tho appellate court he lias done a vast a- htrjz
tabiets, send 10c. to the above address
it Cl
ot s.
I i a.. Is
mare Raiders If thTi'ty i CHOP SUEV ?
it. Is rat. nt (iu
r 1
Tlie Private Branch E:
Telephone Operator
j f rrrs-7 j - .
-. -
- V
ird e'iopj Th:; t can t
Wo Uaori evorv tlnn
fresh nr. 1 chr.n. fl.vc-d nan.:;
- 5
r f ..- . i.- ; ,i.!.. v I
0U d like tO take a punch at tr.e for tr5:ll nW:?.. b.lt almot PVPrv Arnis1 I fact that cans, d many I,.me.cratic 2
I.- ?r-ttmi citr TV r-j Vsti-rr - I ron if-!l 'c i Viriftnr P: r-rf ac Tr.iT-'.- T-; V-.. I i . . o p . indict fin t 1 rftibin on i a '
i lets at sixty cpnis a viai. xney mate; tscKct tor tue eorr.ins election. s V hp Na-ii,- iiinn 'of a v
- i
1 1
Thrift Stamp.
pure rich-red blood. St nrt to-day.
Caliiroet Tire and
Repair Shop
116 Sibley St., Hammond, Ind.
Our SpecSa'ltv
And Eepairing.
FREE AIR. Open Sunday and Evenings Until 9 p. m.
H. KESHAN, Prop. Phono 23S7.
At the office of the. clerk of the 51.1- ;
I pre mo courts today it was said that
j durin? the period - f slightly less than ! $
! c'frht wars in which he- .ns b.-e-n on 1 I
167 Stat; St.. Hammond. 5
Phone 445.
the bench he had written -Si:
-Anal ' cVl-'V'VVtA,4VV1i.VVVVVVVVVV't-
opinions from the appellate court. In
addition he has handed down eleven
dissenting- opinions and nine opinions
on petitions for rehearing- cases. Many
of these cases have been anion; the
more important handled by the appel
late court, the record shows. Judsro
Ibaeh. durin? Ids two terms in office,
has served as chief justice of the court
during- four years.
t". -7
1 i'"4
mm school for
152 Ststs St., Hsn-.rr.jnd.
IIc'.l to Ilcnt for A!! Occasions.
prior, j. c::ec;o?.y keax 1
S. G. Caiiey Transfer Co.
1S5 E. Stats Street. Hammond.
Second fiocr above Pastime Theater.
'"FHE private branch
exchange telephone
operator in many busi
ness houses has charge
of the entrance through
which a large volume of
the firm's business is
Because of the impor
tance of this work, great
care should be exercised
in her selection.
Operators employed by the Telephone Company are thor
oughly instructed in their . work before they are placed at
regular positions at the switchboards. It is just as essential that
private branch exchange operators be carefully trained in the
performance of their duties.
The Telephone Company will be glad to give a thorough
course of instruction in approved operating methods and prac
tices upon request.
If you desire the services of an instructor (free of charge)
Telephone 9903.
S 1

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