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When You Buy War
j Savings Stamps You Do
Not Give--You Receive
C73 fra rs iil j 1 i'j rs
Austrians Trapped in Thousands
on West Bank of Rave
River Today
rfN-TTED Press Cabt.eoram
FAJUS, June 21. Fifty then-
and demonstrator! who marched
through the streets of Vienna
Thnxaday night, ahouting, Peace
Bread," wirt charged cy the police
with drawn aabera, according: "to a
dispatch today.
"'n-tep I'iiess Cable-pas:.
ROME, J ana 21. Premier Or.
lando Informed the chamber of
deputies last night that the Aus
trian efforts to extend their posi
tions In the Montello reg-lons had
been frustrated.
Italian forces grained more ground
en the tower Flare, the premier
After suppliss and ammunition
are brought up the enemy Is ex
pected to strike another major blew -from
the north. Despite the fact
that the Austrian are reported to
have used their entire effective
force captured Austrians say they
will still hare considerable re
serves. Bulletin
rt'MTEn Press Cablegram.
SOME, June 21 American avia
tors making1 their first flights oa
the Italian front yesterday blew up
a bridge the Austrians had Just
thrown across the Flare.
United Pp.es Cablegram.
20 (Night). Fighting rages in
cessantly along the whole Piave
lines, from Montello to the Adri
atic, the Italians appearing to have
the advantage.
Italian cavalry used in open
fighting has continually made
spectacular charges, slaughtering
great numbers of enemy troop;
and taking 70 prisoners, three
cannon and three machine guns in
one charge.
Fiv enemy division." fSO.OO mer.)
jre now on ths west side of the river.
fot of these are north of San Dona
ie rieve where temporary bridges have
ben swept away by the flooded river.
The Austrians have succeeded In throw
ing three new bridges across the river
ivhrre the current is less swift. Enemy
divisions farther north are still in
Kreat danger of capture or annihilation
Thfush inability to obtain reinforce
ments or replenish their ammunition or
Resumption of the Austrian drive
southward from the mountains is ex
pected hourly. This move which was
expected to compel retirement of the
whole Piave line is believed to hae
Veen advised by Hindenbui gr. It has
been anicipated by the Italian command
snd it was here the Austrians sustain
ed the severe losses Sunday. Many di
visions were compelled to retire.
The Austrians have been forced to
Telieve every division used in the moun
tains in the first day of the drive.
United Press Cablegram.
IN FRANCE, June 21. Today,
three months from the beginning
of Hindenburg's collossal offen
sives his speedy victory is not
achieved. If the allies fight in the
next three months as they have in
the past beginning of the end is
This does not mean immediate
peace but a straight road to al
lied victory. The west front indi
cates the Germans are weaker
numerically and morally than at
the beginning of the offensive. It
is known that more than thirty di
visions have been withdrawn from
the active front. 1
S"V "J 'V"V
tf VU).
:; jr.
i .... .
, 1 f
The Hammond bar now has ten stars
In Its service flaK and the latest is in
honor" of Attorney Thil Greer. w.ild. who
has enlisted in the United States Navy
and leaves for training .July .".
A Riaduate of the Chicago Iaw
School Greenwald made good in t!:
legal department of Chloas railroads
before coming to Hammond five ears
ago and starting: in private practice
The yo'.ingr attorney was very success
ful in Hammond and succeeded in
buildina; up a large and profitable cli
entele by reason of his ability.
' I enl;-ted beenus I felt U my pa
triotic duty." said Attorney GrenwaM
today. ' I am p'.infr to do lry be. t fir
my country in the cause of democracy."
Attorney Grenwald refers all those
with whom he has business dealing'
that remain incomplete to Attorney
Theodore Klotz who will look nftT
his a ff a i r while he is away.
f Bt United Trcs 1
"WASHINGTON. June 21. Congress i
about to demand a new statement of
policy from the administration with re
gards, to r.ussia. Packed by a senti
ment to save Russia even against her
will from German penetration, members
favoring Anierican-Jap.iin.s- '-operation
in Siberia will attempt to hurry
up an explanation of this country's
stand. The questions congress wants
answered are:
Is the United StatfS keping Japan
out of Siberia?
What do France. Italy and F.r.gl3nd
thick of the Japanese intervention?
Has this go eriiii.ent any goo.l rearon
for further "watchful v. j. mug" .n the
P.iispia slMia'ion?
The Russian. Jugo-Plnv and Turkey
questions are engrossing ongM'ss. A
can8ss showed that if consress were
acting now on its own information it
would at once declare war on Turkey
and P.ulgaria.
1. Declare for givinar Japan a free
hand in Siberia.
2. rut all the Jugo-Slav . Czecho
Slavs and Poles in tins country in the
friendly alien class to ma'.te them avail
able as American soldiers and increase
Austria's troubles.
Jack Po ipen of Hammond. looked
upon that which toteih lik" s. wasp and
stinseth like an adder and while walk
ing down Condit street yesterday after
noon saw a rocker on the porch of Joe
Weis and feeling tired proceeded to
take a nap after making a nuisance of
himself in general.
He was arrested by Officer Bell and
fined $23 in the Hammond city court
this morning by Judge Klotz.
"Pon t know how 1 srt there." was
all h could say.
Generally fair tonlerlit urn: nturlny.
preceded by thunder showers in es
treme south portions this nfternoon or
tonlht. '
h 1 , 1
v ' " '"-'I
" - A1f
iTWin Miirc i
i A 4aa. e rm br una tea or n
I Dill t II mil I a fl
hi L y ll i
yiiu vvLUii
1 . i
Acme Sleei Good Go, Buys 130
Im Traci For a
Biz Plant.
: -.-r ur : r.g ti eai'. h
ard tl- dosiia
s .i resident ij I
'a!'i!!it r.i:u-
T the Calumet rrgior
b;::ty of Ha:r:i:onJ
rf-ntr. R r!R :n
.V--.1 v :hk t h- c-. n -1
t-j i-vst in
$l.'.'"'.0''. Ins
-.-1 rue. i . n of a fippi
Tl,- r.fishbi.rii'i.v.) o!
bef n cl.-.s.-d pi ihe p;:n base James
K. McM array, p : ' .i n t ' the Acme
.ter-l Goods ci.:n;iary, from the Asbes
to? ?hinsle i otniiatsy of the plant of
the latter at the junrtion of tli Pan
handle and Illinois Central roads near
Riverdale. about two miles southwest
of Hammond.
The 'and comprises 130 5 acres, with,
c no-story buildir.K 'f littl- v luc. and.
while a conssderafon ' f $1 m ri en m
tlie transfer, wh.ch w as fiUd for rec
ord ostc!da. the $131 woi ih of re -nue
stcr.ips on the. deed indicates that
the prop'-ir. o!d at the rate of $ 1
an a re. Mr. Mi. Murray sue bai k
: trust deed to
Trust company
( base money ;n"
thrt-e years at 5
The Acme t-o:
the C i i ' ' a k o Title and
sf.iu.-itiK a part pur.
i tua'e of $1 .KV'"""' for
per of nt
ipany. which manu
factures tel pe .alii, is now locat
ed at.:34 A! i e; . -. ue. Chicago, and
while the d' ta;! the proposer new
plsnt have not oi . fully worked out
at jet. it is und-i ?:oorj its tot will
probably approximate $ lmii 0Ai The j
Asbcrtos Shingle company, wlioh a'- j
(juired the property In 1913, will con-;
tinue to occupy the present buildings j
on th property for tl.e duration the i
war. the Acme company locating Jts i
plant on other parts of the p:cperty.
Circus Is Coming to Town,
and Elk Lodge Is Torn
With Dissension; May
Have Free-For-All Fisht.
The Hammond lodge of Elks has been !
i torn from stem to stern by on-- of the;
! biggest revolutions in j?s history, j
I Friends of long s'.anding have severed!
; diplomatic relat .ons ami it looked liko
; a free-for-all tight all at one time.
i The fight o"curre. when it became
necessary to e.ppoint a committee of four
'members to take 'he junior Illks to the
circus tomorrow night. Speeches were
: made by nearly ail the member? in
which th'y sail that while if would be
a sacrifice of time they frit it their
duty to s--re on tiv- committee. No re
'of them personally i a red for the circus,
of course, but they nil fe't a great re
sponsibility rcsimg on t(Klr individual
; shou Idcrs.
None wn w-l'jng to sh. irk the duty
' -ind pemi' yc.meot-o else to bear 'he
I Well, things warmed up and things
; got pretty lively. Finally, to prevent
busting up the lodge, it v p. decided that
they would all go t.. the circus with
, the junior Ulks. It looks ps if the jun
ior Elks v iii l.i" . iiapercncd. The ques
tion is vh;. !i is the more anxious to .eo.
tlie grown-ups or i!,e kid.-.
; f course thore is an official com-.mittc-c
which consists of Sam Abalman.
IJohn Gavit, Henry Volmer and Patrick
i The junior Elks will meet at the Elks i
I club at " o'clock tomorrow evening.
1 Remember the circus parade is at 10 '
I a. m. tomorrow.
! successes'
ROME. 21. Continued Italian su
cesses on all part?' r-f the battle front
were detsiled In an official report re
ceived from Italian headquarters today.
"Repeated enemy attempts to tnlce
Mount Corono vverA broken no." the
s'a'ement call. "We uccedd in
ellminf tin? the western Pan Pona sil
ler, t
"Several enemy divisions attacked
Zenscn but were chaeked."
THEY 00 j
Italians Drag Guns Through Woods
To Hurl Shrapnel Into the Austrians
V -t X'v.,V t - 4 .
i f".f i-r-.-. 5( . ., Ji'.J Si.)...!' .IVJ . Si. . W. I
Italian cannon ready for action.
Italian artillery and infantrymen are overcoming: enormous handicaps in their fight to halt the advance
of the Austrian forces. Big guns used to hurl ehraonel into the Austrian forces are snaked through th
woods at the end of a long rope, the gunners and o-ner soldiers pulling the cannon. This picture shows one
of the guns mada ready for action on the Piave. The rope used to haul it cun be seen wound around &
Times Bireal'.
At State Catit.'l. 1
1 N 1 1 1 AN A I'OI.I Ir.d . June 21. In-j
formation has been rec.-i--erl here from i
Washington to the effect that a part of j WASHINGTON. June 21 Marine ea
$SO.0C'n.00'i to b spent f - r housing wariuatlr announced today totalled 127 an
workers throughout tthe country, wilt follows t
he spent at Hammond, led Authority Killed In cot Ion. 10; dead of rrounds.
to administer the sum has been g-A en
by Pi-esldfnt Wilson to ."Secretary Wil
son, cf the department of labor. Plans
for ii-iiiii the n-'uiey at. vaiious con
gested industrial centers already have
been prepared, and one of the places
w h' re the funds
be expended !s
at Hammond.
This Is the $.VV0.".n
allotment de-
rcribed In an nrticle in The Times. and In the W oevre hostile patrols uf
b.ised on a telegram received by J. W ; frred considerable louses In patrol en
Whinnery. chairman of the j 3m mond ! counters and from our machine guns.
housing committee.
50 Lake County Boys Pack
Kits and Are Ready
for Final Word.
Efl. LETTS".!
ISme-iM. To The T'me?.
LAFAYETTE IND.. June 21 (2
p. m.) The 500 men belonging to
the Purdue training detachment!
have left Lafayette
'Some -
iprr:t, To Ti:e Time.'
1.AKAYETTE. IND.. June Tl. Well.
like ail their oliikics. L,aue umj s
their hunkies. Lake county's
contineent at the I'urdue detachment,
"iiih.5 in --o- "
barracks stand at attention and ready
go whre7Br l nr'eJ' "lUs anJiuk. occupation, shall .eek other em -
-never he savs the word. i . , ,
vv hen
The 5nn men are under orders to en- i ' , . . ,
, , , . . , .vinothinff whatever would he done In re
train in three hours. That js when the ' fc ,
train in uiir nrnf esclonal basehall rjlavera
war department
v ires the hov-s are
ready to gi within three hours.
It may be unnsrht tomorrow or next
v--k. All kits veer.-, packed last ntgdit
and strict orders were issued not to
ree;il the time of leaving.
There is? muoh speculation in the
avvaitinft cf the final grades and classi
lication to be received from Washington,
as this is an entirely new branch of the
Fervice and no precedent is set for it.
No officers have yet been named for the
Cao companies.
Ace nurman and Julius Kihti. both j PABIS, June 21. The French ad
of ChicaRo. wr arrested on lloffma n j vanced allghtly northwest of Chateau
street by Officer Warner yesterday for j Thierry, the war office announced today,
peddling without a license. The French toow 33 priaonere.
JUNE 21, 191S.
-fT 1
I Bt United Press
j WASHLNOIOX, June -'!. General;
j rerahins; today reported thirty-elaht
casualties nmonu bis forces: I
Killed In act Ion. 6; dead of vrnunds, 1 ; '
dead of dlene, 3; noundfd eercly, j
27; wounded sllshtly, 1. ;
j Al Dieter, SulllTsn, dead of disease. j
By United Tress
19: severely wounded, tH.
j Br United Pr.sss. j
j WI!IGTO. June 21 German pa- !
jlrols siitTered considerable losses from;
American marhlne gun fire In Hie re- !
glon of C hnteau-Theirry yesterday,
ratrolling has ngnln been especially
active norlh west of ( hateau-Thlerrv
Artillery lighting continues In these re-
glons and In Lorraine.
United Teess Cablegram.
ItAINK, June 21. There was unusual
ly henvy artillery fighting; north of
Toul last night, the Germans throwing
over O.tHIO shells.
Ttoche artillery was ulo busy In
other Lorraine sertors, using large
quantities of gas.
The German official report of a suc
cessful attack on Selcheprey Is a He.
There wns no raid. The only one the ;
Huns even attempted died n-bornlng.
Br United Pf.ess I
WASHINGTON, June 21. Provost ;
Marshal General C'rowder today Issued j
n vail for !.!70 draft registrants qunli- j
fled for inillt-ry service nnel who have
I received at least n grade school educa-
lion Thf y will h pnt to a thnin1
! "rho1 for "nec,nl ra,nln and then he
placed In special wrunvuru ' i Bf rr-
I v Ice.
Bt Uvitep Press
WASHIN&TOK, June 21. Provost !
' Marshal General Crowder today ruled .
, ,a
i , vinrlo wnrUnf as domestic iarr.
- " "
i t"1
until a specific case is presented.
united Press Cablegram.
LONDON, June 21. Successful British
raids on the Ficardy front and repulse i
' were reported hy Halgr today.
"Daring the night we captured prison
ers and machine gun 3 and inflicted caa
ualtiea on the enemy.
"Several hostile attempts to recap-
la" J"'"J-
morning were repuiseu wi.a msi xo lae t
Appreciate the Article.
American Defense Society, Inc.
National Hdqtrs., 44 East
13rd St., New York, June 19.
Editor TTfZrs,
Kami-end, lad.
Dear Sir: We note with deep ap
preciation your article dated May
29th, entitled, "Warningr", and we
are gilad indeed to have your support.
The American Defense Society la
co-operating' with the government,
both locally and nationally, In the
prosecution of the war, giving aid
to other patriotic organizations and
doing what It can to urga a vijoroua
war against the Imperial govern
ment by dally supplying confidential
reports of an Important nature to
the various secret eervice agencies
of the government. Wo ask your
ioyal auppcrt In our profrian;; which
Is in brief "the exposure cf German
atrocities, the pnt.tinr; down of sedi
tion in the United States, tha sup
pression, of German inspired peace
propaganda, the stoppinsf of all
trade with the enemy, direc'.ly and
through neutral sources, tho enforce
ment of the death penalty against
traitors and spies in America and
th9 defeat of Germany."
Sincerely yours,
Secretary Press Committee.
Br United Pt:ef?.
flight across the Atlantic may be
j u.r v
It became
j aXuempxeo. dciotc lonfe;
jknown today that urged by the
' J
allies the war department has been
considering the task.
Ajnerican airplanes equ'nped with
Rolls-Rove enjeincK snd piloted by avi
ators of the allied nation will rro
the Atlantic within three month. Ma
jor General IlranUer of the Itoyal Air
i I'orces declared today.
The fliRht, General Rranker stated,
probably would he made from New
Koundlnnd to TortUKnl via the Azores.
Once this enterprise i established
i America's output of bis bomhlne ma-
j ,.hne, can proceed to
Kurnpf by air
and sn save shlpplnx that l very val
uable for other iurpmr.
You'd like to take a punch at the
kaiser you say? Then buy a
Thrift Stamp,
j BBBKIHniaaBBmaHiimaaaHBBiaa
llllil V V M I I 1111
m .iiiiiu
"OsTlvered toy TXME S carrlarB, SOo je
icoath; on streets and at MCTitwii, 3 J
or &tpy; tack annUM 3 pr cTJ.
Enemy Lost 120,000 Men Up
to Wednesday N?gfit, Says
ita im GaDle.
ROM E, June 1. The Austrians lost
120.0CO men up to Wednesday, the C'or
rk re do Italia declared today.
, Bulletin.
j WASHINGTON. June 2L The Brit
I lsh war office reports refer to the Ital
i lan advance nt Neivesa which was de
scribed la - London dispatch from an
authoritative source ns a "Mar victory."'
i The London cable said the Italians
i were trying to flank the Austrians In
! the Montello region on the north.
j Ix'teo Press Cable -.ram
i Washington, D. C, June
1 21, 5:C0 p. m. The Italian
iarmy has won a great vic
jtory. The largest part of
It-he Austrian army is trap
ped. The surrender of huge
; numbers is expected momen
i large part of the Austrian army
has been cornered between the
j flooded Piave and the advancing
Italian troops in the Montello reg
i ion, the British war office report
! stated.
The Italians have established
their former lines at virtually all
points from Montello. Destruction
of bridges either by artillrey or
floods has blocked all chances of
the Austrians to extricate them
selves. It is believed here the
surrender of large numbers is ex
pected momentarily.
The Italians reported the recap
ture of a large number of guns
abandoned early in the drive.
fI"v-TF.n Press Cablegram
LONDON, June 21. The Ital
ians have gained a big victory at
Nervesa on the west bank of the
Piave and are fighting to complete
their success, it was learned this
Nervesa, an important railroad
crossing, guards the southeastern
approach to Montello crest, the
keystone connecting river ani
mountain lines. It was at this
point that Premier Orlando admit
ted a considerable enemy gain to
the Italian parliament last night,
the Austrians hvaing crossed one
railway line at several points.
The Italians have held the Austrians
back at this point, re-entarlnfr Nervesa.
They are now tattling to push on to the
river splitting- the enemy's forces again
and teg-inning the first phase of a
Canking- movement, northward to cat
off tho Acitrlans on Montello.
An Italian force already has divided
the enemy forces a few miles t tka
T! has been stated on good authority
that Hammond will have a new $50. om
moving picture show in the near future.
Ii vvill be "located across from 'he
post office a'l 1 will be 'cedern in ev ry
vv v i r.d only rh? -! finest pjotur-s
v ill b( shown.
The plans have already ben drawn
up for it and it will be on of th flnsf
rlcture houses in the state, the interior
decorations being unusually beitlfuU

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