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Albert DeFreire. of the South Side
bin nnd Mre. 1-eFrtesa visited over
Sunday with relatives at their former
home at Thayer, InJ.
Mr Casper, SOS Harrison etre.e. re
turned last evening fror.l a six weeks
visit at her former home. Pittsburg".
John Puirr.aterr, rlrk at the Tribe
rf K. rcf, wUh Q 'ito a sever aclder.t
f-'.: jn'.ay by gtt:;n his hand locked
In the can register, neeeseitatln g the
breaking with an ax tbe cash register
tn release his hand, lacerating !t in a
painful manner.
Tha Menorah club will glv a recep
tion to the thieve graduates of the
Emerson and Froebel school at Tempi
Israel this evening. Informal dancing:
will be the pleasure of the evening af
ter tha program.
After a visit here the guest of his
brother Carl J. Johr.son. f,flS Fojk St..
Gus Johr.son has returned to his home
at Dnlnth, Minn. William Coates of
Slrmlng-ham. . Ala.. !s now a tguest at
tha Johnson . home.
VTsrrrjfo at 5iix wa ckeh
Mrs. Don Van T.lew and children
T4 Van Bursa street, are visiting for j
three weeks with Mrs. Van I.feWs 1
jarantB at Milwaukee.
Or. Freeh who has been assisting
Dr. Hutchinson in dentistry at Six
teenth avenue and Broadway has re
ceived his call ti the dental aervice
r.4 left lB't Saturday even;r.g. Dr.
Freeh was corralsFioned as first lieu
tenant last fall.
Attorney and Mrs. T. E. Jeffrie of
Jackson street bave returned from a
three wtek's meter trip to Pittsburg
' end Cleveland.
Peter Moie.naar, years old o Mun
ter, Ir.d . oied at his home yesturday
Ke leaves a wife s.rd seven children.
Pete- Jr., of Lar !nr. Martin of Prince
tin, Minn.. Henry. John. Agnes, Nel'le,
and Grace of Lansing.
The funera.1 will he held at th- house
at one o'cio.-k and from the Dutch Pe
form c.urch at two oV!oCk. Interment
in the Munster rmtrr, Undertaker
Nledow in charge
Tired All Time. Did Not Want to
Work, How He Regained Strength.
Sanford, Maine. "I suffered so much
from i run-down, nervous condition and
stomach trouble that I never felt like
working and bad tried e'most every
thing without relief. The first bottle
of Vinol however helped me and it has j
built me up so I feel better now than I !
hav" fc.r a long time." Chester . ;
There jq no poret about Vinol. It ;
owe its success to beef and cod liver j
peptones, iron and manganese. pepo- ,
rates, and glycerophosphates, the oldest J
aod i-.oct fsr.io-j? body building and I
strength creating tonics. Norris Fharm-
acv. Joseph W. Wels. Hammond:
Sch'.ieker's Pharmacy, pnd druggists
everywhere. Adv.
A Ton dav, Juno 2-1.
' ' 1 1
Calumet Tire and
Repair Shop
116 Sibley St., Hammond, Ind.
fir Specialty
And Repairing.
FREE AIR. Open Sunday and Evenings Until 9 p. m.
M. RESHAN, Prop. . Phone 2387.
Htili 1 JlrHaiie-ijj,, i. .-1f.-' ....1-1,.J.T--J.... ,, -ftff 1
Tha ue of
connection with
lem of national
ianxea it as a
its eppucation in many other direetiorts
, serves to srtow that Prmparmdim is a
niiWr ovul
of xpTesm
f orejijjit. Amoit tK meet important is m
I I hf serve force m
I fjf reserve force note!
bank today yon can start it witn a small sum f -i
tben 8c3d to it as much and as often a. you cati just f
like planting the tiny seed and watchinfc it slowly m j
but surely row to thrifty plant. Your bank
aoconnt will Jirow and ?,iv you that comfortable f "4
CmW'S of 'Tirerrfiesflnes" fi&ainsf nl.vitrw1fl-.
t 1 In 11 Uln 1 ifim in f 1
Hammond, Indiana.
.'a. Uk ffl,.'BfJWtW JJL"J AL . .XL. JUL . . 11 illlll
Martin Jasch, 42 years old. 5506
Wuthhieton street, Gary, died from In
juries received at the milts at I ri Steel
Ci mpany hoepttal Sunday. Tin de
ceased Is survived bv a wife and four
children Funeral services wlli be held
at tw.j o'cU-ck Tuesday from the late
home with huria! at Gary Oak Hill
cemetery; the Gary Fndertaklng com-
pank havinir charge.
Paul Smith of Detroit was picked
up by the Gary police for failing to
file his Questionnaire.
Ten prisoner who Imbibed too much
of the fire water Seturday and Sunday I
marched up to Judge Dunn In Gary I
city court this morning and raid the
usual fines. I
Glrtha BarnhMIy. a negro at 1S29
Mad. son street was arrested for car-
lying concealed weapons.
Thomas Syrus and Kd Martin, t w o j
negroes were arrested for having n- j
Gary Superior Court.
Bou'si Martaguo, through her at- !
torneys Pi.rns and Wells, has fled a
suit for divorce t'rem her husband,
James Mart-ire -n the rharg" of cruel !
and inhuman treatment, drunkenness
and asso.-!at;ons with women of l:n- i
moral character j
A Pair of Girls.
FoMce Officer John and Mrs John
Conroy, fil Connecticut street, are r-- j
joining oer th
fire babv girl."
advent of a pair
that aitived at their
horr.e this morning.
Dedicate Service Flag. !
The Reform church. Fifth
i ven at i
rnd Pierre street. Rev J. M
pastor, with arpropria exe;
icated their service flag bearing six
stars Sunday. An honor roll tablet rf
the names of the boys who are in the
Bervice was also erected.
Turn Him Over to the Chief
Iost. straved or stolen, n Foil Far"",
belonging" to a Gary lady. It talks
several foreign languages, among
which Is the inhibited German. If any
one knows the whereabouts .-f th's
alien enemy or hears him "Ho-rt d-r
Kaiser" puil him in immed atJy and
turn him over to Chief Pragclon for
Federal Investigation or fumigation.
The War Industrial Commlss'on com
prising Irfs.ke and four adjomire coun
ties meet at the Gary Commercial Club
today at two o'clock.
CP.OWN POINT. Ind. .Tune 24 Th
mayoralty election contest of which
Mayor Hodges, ex-mavor Johnson and
Attorney Harvey J. Curtis are tn ej
tsblish their election to the mayors
office at Gary, went to trial w itn Judge
Cr'impacker presiding in Crown Point
circuit court today.
rSFEoIAf. To Tke Times
i CROWN POINT. Ind. J.ine 24 The
, follow ing new- court rases have been
i filed in the circuit co in here:
1. ..
tne Tirord in ",
the jreat prob- N, .
defense has popu- t
rciiitary term, aithouh V
1vniJ 4-k Jh Ae.l e. fA
srbla and perfectly prcticl
Savings Account
Financial preparednesa the nost auistantial re-
tuna of need. BA;n to build this
Open t saiwigi accocRt at thu I J
'lll.!!!L U'.l
125 OS Divorce abandonment ; Andrew
J. Vaufhn Miller -.Fran Ollnier)
vs. Jeanette Vaughn.
12J03 On Note; State National Hank
(J. W. Bel-haw) vs. Ed Carstens.
12505 Claim File; Hollo Hldlund va.
Kstate of Mary Ann Livingstone.
Special To Thb Timscs.
CR'jW.N I'vlNT Ind . June kti Tha
following new marriage licenses have
been Issued:
William Frank Kyle, Whiting; Jessie
C. Duggan, Whiting.
Gust Costentenoklos, East Chicago,
Elizabeth SukaJ, Fuist tChi.-ago.
Chas, H stage. Hammond. Caroline
Puuell. Milwaukee.
Henry N Geeve. Hammond . Klenora
B. Kberf, Forrest Park.
I nnur mrm. ary. aiiss it. i.vnn,
' To', lest on.
SrstoiAi. To Thk TiMi-s
WHITING. Ind.. June . Th m
i"rity of the building permits Issued
tn ,'hitir.K lat w er k htp for the i
modelire of house?. The permits were
as f.lwn :
J' hn Gifrd. $lf.0. for the erection
of a h"is at 6 11 White Oak avenue.
S Campbell, temodel.ng h"u.e on Cen
tral enue, $55n; Mrs A. Klosc. r
rimcieitnK SUT9 on ll?lh street. JS1f;
Paute Haralorir-h. rfwdfline hen?"
121st street. $50: He-man St-ne. foun
dation cn New Vn; aven'.e nioi-prl ,",
1 $'.""'"'. J. J. K!'.v. remodeling Indiana t
r1 r'r-rt:
i3nt: J J. Kell..v,
a v r. u e p r p e i y
remciriplirtt; F'.Fh-
, ) remodel pg tent!
'J2f0; Mrs Harve
r'H'P ave-tiue. prtipertv, $500; Poo Gor
don, garage ,n La Porte avenue. $
n 1 1
0NLy 12 B0DIES
(Continued from pace one
Ernest Hitchcock, broken arm, general
bruising of body, internal injuries.
Frank Martin, face extensively rut,
broken riKh' arm, broken and manfl
ed leg.
John Miller, extensile cut on face, brok
en nos. broken cheek bones, scalped
W. K. Cnrtla, bruised back and hip and
f re ?t u ro i ,
Jos. Coyle, burned back of neck
Ben Carpenter, cu
yebrow, cut side of i r
head, bruised lf' shoulder, broken
C' l'.ar bone,
Bernard Carmen, general skin abral
of body and bead.
Idwarcl W. Ward, cut forward, cuts on
back, bruised legs.
Fred ledgett, j;Bnoraj bruising legs.
arms jrd chest.
Elmort Unnetadler, cut r'cht eyebrow.
forehead an dnose. bruised abdomen
and legs.
Samuel Stone, bruised left kree.
Howard Sevy, cut toes, scratched legs
and elbow.
John Collins, cut had skin abrasions.
Wm. Davis, cut on right hip.
Frank GlUey, b'uise-d i-hst. cuts.
Oai Wenier, cut rtsht forearm.
Those who died in St. Margaret's:
Frank Martin.
Arthur Dlericks.
ic?e ftK1
remaining in St. Mar-
i gare t 's t od.T :
; May Curtis, Sirs. Hattie McCree, Geo
Xcnohue, Ernest Hitchcock, John J
Among thi.se injured and not expect-
i r, i ' r o.o.-f rate: j
j Louis WlUiair.s, K'-cne, N". H.. pelvis
' n. r r m ri..n rtc-.tt .ftt'-ier
! John Nelson
Jo'io'. brok'-n back and
frai'tured leg
Mannel lUcklnd, address not given,
broken r.ock.
Arhin Brlnkley and Bert Mcintosh.
The less severely injured at Gary hos
p'.'h s are:
' M. A. Anderson
! Gnat Z,undstrom,
J Ardo Adair
I Fanl Kramer
I Jack Beatty
John Dempsey
j Harry Lloyd
i Eugene Enoi
j Mary Enos
Arthur Parks
Columbus Smith
James Johnson
Charles F. Emerson
Xonis Weiland
W. S. Turnbull
Herman Rex
Henry I.orr.ar
James Howard
S. Steinhouser
Ed Sapier
Dewey Munelly
i Channcey Groseclost William Thomas
' Albert Ingram M. Strong
, "Doc" Waddell James Mathews
William Dalley Frank Connors
j Charles Norcross James Degrote
i Mrs. George Brown James Grasper
j George Brown John Ffeifenberjer
' Charlie Olson Albert Palmer
! William M. Streeter Jack Hobinson
George H. Goodman John Moors
Carl Green. Walter Williams
G. F. W. right Charles Brown
John MacFaddeu William Thurman
George F. Ryan
D. Treed
James Crawford
Carl Hutch-iBon.
cr-ontinued from prsre one.)
ilev-ed depd include;
Kred S. Whipple. Michigan City, Ind..
? h inroast : r for the Mithigan Centra!
? '1 : 1 roa d.
Henry H.'nson. West Baden, Ind..
candy butcher.
Whipple Believed Dead.
Whiop'e. w li.i JtHii been employed bv
'he railroad f'r yeai's. was known to
have been a boa rd the troop ttain at;
the time of the collision. Search of the
I hospitals ana morgues here by raiiroad
officifiis. and relatives failed to dis
close any trace cf him or his body. It
j is now feared hic hotly : ainone the
, 1. barred t ':mr ins w hb-h cannot be idemt
I red. He whs yesr oid find widely
! known in railroad eircies.
Young Hensc-n was 1 r, yc.-is old. He
was spending hts summer vacation on
the road with the show. He graduated
from French B;ck high soitoot In May.
There were other high school boys,
churna of Harold Ballard, the circus
manager's nephew, with the show, but
they were in Hammond to meet rel
atives when the accident occurred. Hen
son nod young Ballard both were on
th iM-tated tiain. but the la ter, who
vesieidny was reported dead, has since
been located in one of tiie (;,i;y hos
pitals. Unison's fa'her who was to have met
his soti m Hammond .yesterday, visited
the morgue in company with Manager
Ballard, but failed to find the boy's
"I fear h is among those whose
charred bodies never will he claimed."
sh id Mr. Balla-d. "The p.-.or bay seems
to have inc; a sad fate. He was a par
ticular favorite of mine. I have known
his father for many oars.
"For more than a yoar Henry had
asked his father to arrange i:h me to
go over the road with the show. Fin
ally the father told him that if he grad
uated from school first he would make
I. "J. JLMJ.I'IU-S..IJ-L. . HB1
the necessnry arrangement a with me.
The lad worked hard at his studies and
led his class at commencement. He Join
ed tho ahovr May 20, at Springfield,
Oojle'a Z.aat Request.
The ras of Joseph "oyle, the clown,
who last his wife and two children,
was another tragedy which stirred Pal
lard to emotion. Tears dimmed the cir
cus nffleittl's eyes when he told the
"t'oyle came to me a week ago." he
said, ' and asked permission to bring his
wife and kiddles wi'h the fhovv for a
short lslt. I told him I never took my
wlf.t anl children on the read, and was
agatnst his dolns so.
"Then hn said t m.: 'Mr. Ballard,
you can break away from the ehow any
time and afford money to travel to see
:; r wife and Hi. lies. I can't hn
ti.'t'k Just as much of m v wife and kul
di'.s as you d') of yours.'
I gave my iti.fnt for them to join
the show at Cincinnati, end now they're
Glad to Emtuna Work.
Decision to remnie th circus fiched
ule was made l.y Mr. Ballard yesterday
foiio-n !r,r a conference with his usso
oiates nt tho hotel here When word
reached the 'big top" on the u'kirt
of Hammond, where thr- nrcui was to j
lav" gln n performance Snturdnv, it !
was 'lie causa of general re ioiring
many of the performs s r.I employes
feared the wtcc'k. which toe.fe awny
somn of t'ne hrsr trltnt. h:ifi put them
out rf burtes.. 'or a time, at r.'.5t.
Th rr-usta bou's and "surs' worked
hard pulling up stakes and piling the
big canvas into catv Performers look-
j ed on Miently. the expression on their
j fr giing evidence of ;he grief ihe
tragedy had brought into their lives.
Many Visit Morgues.
Many of the circ.i" folks paid their
last respects to the dead victims bv
visttiiig the morgues before their de
parture. Some of the perform' rs did rot t
company the circus to Belojt. deciding
to stay here for the inquest tomorrow,
and later to attend the funerals of the
w reel-: v i tints, t'tily a fw of the borate
have been prepared for burial. Acting
t'oronel Green said h would permit the
horiics of the identified to he sent to
their homes today.
Tt Is pi" fined to bold the bodies of the
unidentified for several days in order
to give the police and coroner an op-
rorturi'y to Identify more of them. The :
wnclaln.e dbc'ies will be given burial at
t'n expense of ;fe Showmen Iep-.j j
of Am eri- a. according to J M. ?. rnsn. i
.rreiary, w;o rao-.e to Piammond t
Irte arrsnrements for th funeral.
'Continued f-om raze one
o the TrseL fin, as i passed hurled th
fur.ee in the cab window.
P.. W. Johnson. ?24 Wabash street.
Michigan City, the conductor of
circus train, substantiated Timm.
"The head-end of our tram had starf-
ed through the connection
switch." stated Johnson.
at the
We had
tw-en'y-five cars in the train and four,
of these were rassenger cats. A h"t-
box was found in the eleventh car. My
j reason for not pulling in before attend
ing to tt was that the equipment of
I the c:rcu ttem was l;Cbt and it wns
I mo-. likely to break a journal (to ne
j over the sharp connection. I heard the
vr tra'n t '-.rnir.g. Tnr was no
j w hist !e. The block signal w as red "
i Tiie attorneys for the Michigan Cn- 1 e leaner with all accessories for riean
I ra! 'atd thev wi'l apply for a writ I irz ma'tres. srrings 'nrni'iir
a'e Klaus on? of t;c hspds cf Coro-
i,.r Green inl:l tornorrow morning.
I " almost positive tnat Kti inoer
S'lu'ti! was ri aj or asleep." ssa'ed
Timm. "He was Sf-ft to Rfift ffe-t from
the c reus tram when I threw the fuzee
at the cb window." I
Titnm eslunsted the speed of the
troop tram a? 2 5 miles an hour.
"The I'.ilroad company has taken tbe 5
stand fn tiii rase of one who does not
i ke to be stepped all over." stated Al- ',
torrev Charles McFadden of the Mich!- i
j gan Centra! railway after the inquest, j
j ' The methods of the officials of Bake I
coi nty are not to the liking of the rail- j
way company in that they did not pro-
ce.--f I legally. Without any authority the j
chief of police of Gary wired Kainma- 1
700 .id ordered that the engineer. Sar
gent, be held for the Gary police, but j
did not state any charge, and after we j
had promised to produce him they j
threw him in Jail whre he was kept un- J
ill this morning an dkept away from ;
his family and not allowed to see any- j
body. '!
"We know that the engineer was !
nsi(pp en the job." said Mcl'adden, "and
had been asleep for a mile and a half ;
before the collision."
In the wake of the worst
reck In
the history of Bake county a battle be
tween the best legal talent of the Michi
gan Central railway from Chicago to
N'w York and Bake ronnty officials
beaded by Coroner Green and Prose
cutor Clvde Hunter began today.
M ss Fern Frannock. w ho Is work
ing in Hammond, visited her parents i
hrie yesterday.
Mi Flay Sanger returned yester
diy from n week's visit with relatives
in Hammond.
Mrs J. H. Biarnoek and son Kenneth
wire Chicago visitors Satuiday.
Mrs. Geoi g Christie, ,. Hammond,
vis-ted leiatives here Saturday and
Seveial auto loads went from here
to see the wteck nar Hammond Sat
urday and Sunday.
P.ev. and Mrs. J. J. S.mpson and
da tighter Kthel, ha e moved to Crown
Point, where they will make their fu
t u re borne.
lame Chitw-ood trar.saet.er business
in Hammond Saturday.
Mr and Mrs. John A. Johnson of
Schneider, visited his patents. Mr. and
Mis Horace Johnson yesterday.
Mrs John Bucas was a Hammond vis
itor Saturday.
W. C. Hale visited his w'fe here
jesterday. He is working for the Wa
bash raiiroad company.
W-'.l Cox of Hammond, visited his
mother hero vesterday.
Curtis Trutrp and Stanley p.rson
who r.T working in Hammond, visited
their parents here yesterday.
XORFOr.K. VA.. June 21. Dave Rob
ertson, former star batstnan and left
folder of the ;iants, who has been
coaching a school team here, is reported
to be. considering a return to the Vw
j ork team. He is sa,d to have been
offered a large sum by Manager Mc
Graw. who wiil not ask h'm to play on
You'd like to take a punch at the
kaiser you say? Then buy a
Thrift Stamp.
m'L t-JU!'
n Hn r
Otrjr'a g-oai 91,000,000.00 ($20.00 par
Number of city teams rorty-two.
Separata campaign la all Industrial
Number of city team workers Be
tween 300 and 400.
Sally reports by each campaign cap.
tain between H o'clock and 12 o'clock
each morning- at the Commercial Clubj
beginning tomorrow morning.
City Campaign Manager Harry Hall j
.k;. -n i-r, i e. er n , a final 1 t t f ! O r m fO I
, .1.1.- 1 . . 1 II . I i p, rar. i,,, n, ...... i t. .
I I h. f r. t -. I o fit.- ramrtliipn rftr.'alr" I
end team and Gary's big War Savings;
Stamp remralgn was launched with the
'.ary spirit that Insures a gleaning In
ail pans of the eity.
The workers were armed with pledge j
cards duplicate cards for the subscribe
er's records, flacker cards, ln per cent
or r d 3 for th- windows where every j
member of the famtiy is saving to buy I
War Savings Stamps, workers badges j
and definite instructions for the drive.
A great report is expected tomorrow I
between 11 and !2 o'clock nd Cam- j
paigc Manag'r Hail is expecting each
artam to report Captains are urged
to turn in their reports as soon after 11
o'clock as possible.
La Frida- afternoon the jury
Surerior court,
John A. Gavit.
; at Hammond, hefor
i special iudge. returned a
rdict in
i favor of Geoige ttarai'h of llf nroad
i wv, Gary, plaintiff, sgalnst the )
Ifendant. S-uth S.de Trust & Savings
iBank of Gary.
i "c"h
! cashed, amoun
o i T. Bapai'h presented
'e to the hank to be
:r.g to J : .16 ;.i-t.. During
1 i he
rr.'itc. o T
ihe d r. v
the hank r t o : t n -
ed that it h?.d paid Mr
or overpaid him tZ: and Hapai'h
i brought suit t
claiming that
- lec.wer hack hts $!3."n.
ihe hank did not overpay
him nn the checks and the Jury sus-
tamed Bapaioh's contention. Attoiney
Joseph Com oy of the firm of Mc.Ma
hon and Con-oy of Hammond repre
sented nrai'h and H. J. Curtis of the
firm of Curf's & K iss of Gaty. repre
sented the South Side Trust & Savings
bank at the trial.
' FOR F.FVT A Bisse'i Klectrie Sti-t
I ,,.;,nos wa'is mo I'd'no etc t-hon
'before fi p. to. 477: after. lt!'n or
. -0p postal, F. W-Vf, 49 De'roi:
1 Hf.mm.ord. l-if-21-24
1 ;, . . .. ..
Player Pi
Piano playing is without beauty when deli
cate shading is lacking. The touch of an artist
brings to life Ihe sweet strains that thrill our be
ing. Manv persons ran plav the piano after a
fashion that locks tonial beauty. It is because the piano responds to exactly
the touch good, bad or otherwise of the performer. Xo difference how
splendid the piano, the music will not be charming unless the keys are
struck with artistic touch. Many pianists with years of practice never ac
quire musical touch. Many player pianos are all mechanical because the
makers never studied touch. If you v- ill listen to the Wilborn Solo-Harp
Player Piano, the thread-bare idea that all player-pianos are mechanical
will vanish.
other rtlavers at hicrhtr prices. Its durability is
of service in vour home. It will make musicians of your whole family.
The price until July 30, 1918, is only $425. Easy payments.
Straube Players, Behr Bros. Plyers, Marshall & Wendell Play
ers, Gulbransen Players, Haines Bros. Players $395 and up.
531 Hohman Street.
rSPEctAi, To Thb Trvtis
CROWN POINT, Ind. June 24 A
meeting of farmers and threshermen
has been railed by Osar TMnwidd'e,
chairman of the Ike County Thresh-
'tng Committee in connection with the
organization of this committee! and
for the purpose of forming plana for
i Ihe season.
i The meeting will be heid n the
! Crow n Point court house. Tuesday.
July 2, at one o'clock. All farmers and
j threshing mac hine ow ners a i urged to
'arterirf th's ln.oottAnr irr.fnir
Er I'KtTED Prsss 1
WASHINGTON. June 24. Counter
attacking In t'ne face of German re
serves t'ie Italians have broken ihrough
the Austrnan lines at Ceiia-bella and are
threatening the retreat of the enemy
after crossing the Plave. official Dome
rabies announced today.
Forty-five thousands prisoners and 1
cast war booty, including en enormous!
number of gur.sr has been captured by j
ihe Italians. American air men are op-j
era ting with Italians in the drive and
the i ab"e today highly praise the Arrer- !
icsr.s for their bravery m "their ml-1
tial action." j
Artillery action has destroyed a!! ex
cept one bridge thrown across the Fiave
river during the Austrian drive and the
withdrawal of the enemy is be:ng ef-
fected only with tremendous losses,
severs, Austrnan divisions naving been
wiped out. Entire battalions attempt- j
ing to ford .the swollen f.m have!
I been swept eway and the muddy wa'ers1
are choked with Austrian dead. The!
i attack on the Austrian forces remain -
lrg ' on the Montel'.o b'g-n yesterday
j and comrleled toria j- was cerrsed out
by three Italian column.
i Picked Austrian troops oidered to
h"id the Jin's from Maserda to Sardona ,
to piotect. the Austrian retreat, have!
been comrletety defra'ed afte.. a des -
perate stand, and ai being pursued by
Italians on the "eft hank rf the Piave.
The cables added tha the a' tempt
of th Austroian command to prepare
the Austr.an people for the official an- '
non n ccnien r of the Dalian vic;er- are
being cent inuel. The Vienna dispatches
declared the retirement clue to weath
er conditions.
George Chip, the Newcastle middle
weight, who is hooked to battle Eddie
McGoorty al Baeir.e Tuesday night, ar
rived in Chicago last night. This after
noon he will work out in the Arcade J
gymnasium. Chip will leave tonight for
Milwaukee where he w-.II take a light I
workout tomorrow in prepata'ion for
the battle, ("hip appeared to be in topi
form last right and bts backers are
locking for h,.n to make things hot for
MeGijorty tomorrow night. A special
The Wilbom Player has eighty-eight flex
ible fingers of an artist. These fingers are so de
signed that in striking the keys, they impart a
very velvety touch. Instead of a "slam bang'
thrust, they produce a tone as near to natural as
if earressed by artistic musical fingers.
The Wilborn Player Piano is superior to
"Everv Piano Mu-t Be a Bargain.
Phons 661.
Pajre Three.
n '-..srft
-- , ,
The war-bride has made veils
popular. But the war-bride vein
proper are rot getting the warm
reception that thev might and sa
variations have been introduced
which find more favor. Emmy
Wehlen is shown here wearing one
of the most alluring veils of the
season. It is a large hexagon mesh
with embroidered sprays running
through it. Soft chiffon, about four
inches wide forms a border
"--""' "v
j train on the electric, run by Sammy
-wpiff, ni carry fans to and from tb
j affair.
1 Mis PeMik jrrf Frtdav afterr.'or
j shopping In Hammond
j Miss Man' Ki'-ot wyk hi 5c:"rti i
(position as stenographer for Mr, i-prcai.
I a Hammond lawver.
Mrs Feter Jongsma : :'i wfh o ..n- .
Mr. and Mrs. Kooy and da'ip'i-
' ter arcelia. visited Bits-hie
! nice. Friday ev ening.
' The Munster i"fitin;idil f
! held these eli.jins 'xrr;."f '
t s a:
Old Sol will da your egetable andl
fruit drying if you give him a chance,
Write for free book on Canning ani
Drying-, to th National War Garden
Commission, Washington, D. C, en
' dosing 2 cents, for postage-
warranted tor ten years
Hammond, Ind,
H. vt' i '5ii
I! flit ; :VA !
- --'-rv
s. "V
jarjJiMfnMLe .WSJ

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