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Pare Six.
Wednesdav, .Tune 26, 1918,
1101 '
Hammond to Play Chicago's
Crack Colored Nine Next
Sunday, Who Defeated
Gary Cracks.
Hammond will not play the Mutual
en next Sunday, as stated in yesterday
morning's Examiner, but instead the at
traction will be the t'nion Giants, one
of the best colored teams playing sami
rro ball today.
Only last Sunday the colored boys
lhowed their class when they traveled
to Gary and defeated the fast Steel
City team by the score of 3 to 0. Craw
ford, who -will undoubtedly do the
pitching against Hammond, held the
Gary aggregation to three measly blows
while his r.-.".tes gathered a total of nine
hi's off of F!?h. who wis formerly a
'jr " !th the Chicago Federal league.
However, if Reynolds Is in as pood a
trim on next Sunday as he was against
Camp Custer the Giants will hive their
troubles trying to get on bases much
less score any rum.
Althou'eh Mosul's leaving' the Ham
mond team has crippled the home club
somewhat the locals looked better last
Sunday, when they held Camp Custer
to an eleven Inning tie. than at any
tlm this season. "With Walliser on
second and 'ass. tr new Navy lad. in
left Hammond showed more pep thin
i:ual and looked Tke a much improved
ball club.
Possibly the presence of Fete Hn
r.lnt, who was out in uniform for the
f.rst time this season, had some effect
on the rlayerf. at ar.y ra'e It must
have been something that possessed the
locals as they surely showed more snap
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j Bi&ZW -rVk
v. i.. ivt. ;
Boston 37 25 .597 '
Xew York 33 25 .59 !
Cleveland 36 IS .56 ;
Washinpton 33 31 .503 I
CHIC.'Av'JO 27 2S3 .482
St. Louis 23 32 . 7 j
' Detroit. 24 33 .429 ;
; Philadelphia 21 3S .36S :
Yeatarday'a &estus.
Detroit. 4: Chicago. 2.
St. Iouis. 3: Cleveland. 3.
Cleveland, 3; St. Louis. 2.
Boston, 7; New York. S.
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati, rain.
Games Today.
Chicago at Detroit.
Cleveland at St. Louis.
Boston at New York.
Philadelphia at "Washington (2
W. I.
Xew York 37
Boston 2?
Philadelphia 2fl
Pittsburgh 25
Cincinnati 24
Brooklyn 2 3
St. l.ouls 21
Yeiterday's Basults.
Chicago, 14; St. I.ouis. 0.
Philadelphia. S: Brooklyn. 3.
N'iw York. 4; Boston. 1.
Philadelphia at Washington, rain.
Qtmii Today.
St. I.ouis at Chicago.
X-.'v ork at Hosit ii.
Brooklyn at Phil -vie! ph!?i.
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati.
and ginger on last Sunday than they
hav in a long time. Henntng- will be
on the bench again on next Sunday
ready to relieve Reynolds or any other
man on the club if anything goes
wrong Pete has not fully recovered
from his recent illness, but at that ho
is plenty well enough to go In there and
pitch a few innings or knock out a
couple of base hits ehoul there be oc
casion to call him to the rescue.
In all prclablltly Hammond's lineup
for next Sunday's game with the color
ed boys will be as follows: Walitser, "b;
Knight. 3b; Cass, If; Kommcrs, cf;
Foole. ss: Rhodi. rf ; Thompson, lb:
Hudson, c: Reynolds, p; PeLave and
Hennlns. utility.
: Bill Wellman, Auto Race
Promoter, Called in Dratt
TYllltam TVellman. promoter of Satur
day's 100-mile auto handicap and the
Harkness handicap at Shecpshead Bay.
is now in New York awaiting to be sent
to the national army. He received h'.a
draft no'ica while here. 'Wellman, al
though but 29 years old. has ben pro
moting big events for the last several
years. Ha has two brothers in the serv
KAN'S AS CITY. MO.. June 28 Jscob
P. Beckley. 51 years old, former hi
leaguer, died at his home here yester
day afternoon from heart disease. Ha
came here in 1907 from St. Louis and
for two seasons was first basemm for
Kansas City. Fturlng the Reason of 1H19
he managed the team, but was trans
ferred to Hannibal In 1910.
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American soldiers and sailors playing ball in Parin.
When American soldiers and sailors meet in a ball frame it' "war to the out." Army and navy lads
staged an exhibition game recently for the benefit of the allied sick and wounded soldiers at Bon De Boulougne,
Pans. The (fame drew a husre crowd, attracted much attention and realized a larg:e sum for the stricken foI
dir. Games are to be staged often for similar purposes.
(Lightweight Champion Is
Seconded by Army Man
From Camp Upton.
FFHI.APKI.rHTA. FA, June 26. ;
Fenny Leonard, lightweight chrr.p;on, '
outpointed Ji-k Pritton in mix hard and ;
fast round? a the shibe park opti a'r
arena last night. I
Leonard was the aggressor during j
most of th 9 f ght. but Brit t"n was dan- (
serous at a.l t:ni". storing often v i'h j
a Iff t chop tint shook up Leonard when j
it landed. The rhampion was on top of j
Britten nearly all th t:rp". Twice he j
staggered h's opponent with right hand
punches. In the fsn.il round Leonard
tried hard for a Uno kout. He. landed
often, but ro i'.d r.of. drop Briil'fl.
Both men v . etirhod In under the stip
ulated 111 pounds. Ieonard asked that
the scales be t at 1 rt 3 pounds. When
he failed to move th beam, he sild !
that he eouM huve taken off a round I
more. j
LPonun was very Ta3t. in rnct. al
most as clever as he was a year ne"
before E'lnR to amp Vpton. One rf
his seconds was Cipt. Gl'ok of the I'nit
ed Ptates arrnv, in charge of athletics
at Camp I 'pf'ti.
For next Pundsy Manager J. P. Smith
of the Pcatinas has Pecured the srrona-
est team in th Intercity learue. the
j Cavalseros. The game will bc p'.nved at
! Morris Fark and will rtart at 3 p. m.
! sharr- Bakalar and "VVecner will be th
' battery f r the local team. A nu- face
; in the Pcatina teams will be seen en
the field Sunday and his name is with
held to that day. Score by innfnes:
Graselli 0 0 0 0 0 0 l 0 n 1
Scatlnaa 3 1 1 3 n T 0 0 x 14
Three-base hits Vainer. Bnkalar.
Btruck out By Bakalar. 11: by Kdmon
son. 6: "Walks Off Bakalar, 2: F.dmon
icn, 1. Vmplre Groff. Official scorer
A. Bhlenfky.
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With the addition of Walter Tfrnatr,
professed to be the best backstop of
his ape in the fame and now catching
for the, Hubbard Pteel Foundry, Capt.
Kdgar. of the IV-erlesa A. C., believes be
has procured a iteam t h h t can display
t!.e cohesion and tam work necessary
to o v. inner. The present linkup is the
'are'"ul simmering and selection of ten
weeks, having been chanced no less
thon fifteen iimc.i. aod at present repre
ser.tinic th" cream of the town in the
seeneen yesir old t lass in fact the
, ioe i fjufil of a semi-pro t'stn.
Before the able catcher nnmed above.
Pim-r-n face? him on the musncl as the
Mincer of the crew. R. fieore. classy
southpaw, superintends the initial sack.
At the keystone bac we find no other
Than the well known captain himself.
Completing the central combination. P
B rial- !"firs at short. At ills side L.
,cot-cq caters nrcrind tliird. When we
mvTd'j 'he tiomains of the outtl'ld we
bu k t.p against the hard hittin trio or
the heavy artillery of the tram, namely.
Luketic in left, Klmrnr hailine at
center and Mn,irk, Long or Charneckar
(ruardinjf rlcht.
This team in practice has shown that
it combines flashy fleldtrsr with heavy
hitting, n combination difficult to beat.
Looc r call y, the squad epitomize, rep
resents ability, and abiliiy in turn per
forms the criterion of success.
These denlzons of the diamond. In
K-'cnr's view, can hold their own
nirnst any seventeen-elghten year old
t"?m In the county and offers an unre
strieted challenge to all-comers of this
class A special challenge is issued to
the Rensselaer Inds. h Ptafe Line
T--isters. the All Paints Jrs. and the
Lansing Jrs For tames wrl'e. to L.
George, 471 ft Forsythe ave.. Fast Chi
cago, ir,d , or phone F. C. 714-J at 6 p.
m. The Peerless a. C. are especially
desirous of s.-heduiirg a game for the
coming Sunday. June Jn, 1915.
Decisions of fight representatives are:
At Jersey City Johnny Dundee beat
Mickey Ponley (i).
At Toledo Filly Ryan kneked out To
ledo K. O. Brown (5); Frankle Ma
son knocked out Whltey Clarke (2":
Johnny Lewis beat Wop English
At Racine. Wis Eddie McGoorty beat
4Porgf Chip (in); Sailor Fredman
beat Charlie Scully (10); Jack
Duffy knocked out Fred Bowen (4).
Philadelphia Benny Leonard beat
Jack Rritton ().
Boston Ted Lewis bat Tommy
P.obson (12).
$ mm 4
Second to None
Special Delight
sfcsjl hml Mflsa.
' . ...... j 4 1 i A ken . j . ..v 4K .-.i I
Cleverness Gives the Osh
kosh Lad Shade Over
Newcastle Miner.
RACixe. WIS.. Jim 26. When the
ten rounds cf fighting, between Eddie
M.Goorty and George Chip ended here
last night in the windup of John Wag
ner's show, MoGoorty had a shade the
best of the milling. Ed's ring general
ship, his cleverness and his punch,
though displayed better in other
. matches, won the Camp Grant corporal
the match.
Fd didn't step Into his foe as In
former contents. H allowed his op
ponent to get Fet too often and this
deprived him of winning off by himself,
but there can be no dispute as to who
was h better man.
The closing rounds of the, battle were
Fd's best. In these he took more
chances, shot over his vicious left and
crossed the right, and while they didn't
damage Chip's fighting makeup, they
added points to his lcad.
Eddie Blocks "Wild Ones.
Chip would lunge at his opponent
with m clous swings, which EdLe either
stepped inside of or blocked. One ef
Chin's runches cost Eddie two teeth.
Piano playing is without beauty when deli
cate shading is lacking. The touch of an artist
brings to life the sweet strains that thrill our be
ing. Manv persons enn nlar the piano after a
fashion that locks tonial beauty. It is because the piano responds to exactly
the touch good, bad or otherwise of the performer. No difference how
splendid the piano, the music will not be charming unless the keys are
struck with artistic touch. Many pianists with years of practice never ac
quire musical touch. Many player pianos are all mechanical because the
makers never studied touch". Tf you w ill listen to the Wilborn Solo-Harp
Player Piano, the thread-bare idea that all player-pianos are mechanical
will vanish.
f Sy"2
? V XtS;1"
other players at higher prices. Its durability is warranted for ten years
of service in your home. . It will make musicians of your whole family.
The price until July 30, 1918, is only 425. Easy payments.
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531 Hohman Street.
rSpEiAt, To The Time1
WHITINO. IXD. June 26 On Juns
the Whttlntf Trapshootera dub stag
ed a special event for the "old time"
trapshooters by way of showing special
attention to the veterans of the sport
in this vicinity .
The sport of trapshooting ws first
started under very crude terms In about
the year 1S0 so that as compared with
some other shorts, it i si 111 a com
paratively new game. There are a good
many mn, howi-ver, who have been
trap shooters almost sine., the incep
tion of the sport and wh! many jtre
not as active as foriis.-rlv. there ar
still a large number of real "old timers'
who shoot frequently and a gnat many
more who 6l;oot occasionally.
Gun clubs throughout the country
have planned to s'age an "old timers'
event" this spring. Special prize? of
an attractive and appr. ..r.-late nature
are offered. In the distribution of these
prizes an "old timer" In considered as a
shooter who starter! ehoo'lng at the
traps fifteen or more years ago. A
handsome gold "old timers" lapel but
ton will be awarded the "old timer"
making the high score on the fifty tar
gets in the "old timers' event."
which, however, were cn pivots.
Eddie was too fast for the eastern
middleweight, who played chiefly for the
body. In the clinches Chip tried the
loop the loop punch, without avail. The
visitor was short in his wallops and
missed a few punches that carried great'
There wasn't a great deal of excite
ment In the first three rounds. The
fourth found them in real ac'ion. and
from then cn it was a fairly Interesting1
George had a peculiar style of walk
ing away from his foe, then turning
hurriedly and letting fly. This shift
bothered Fd. Few staggering wallops
were landed by the mlddlewelgh's. but
those that connected mostly belonged to
Fight fans of Chicago, Racine and
Milwaukee took advantage of Jchn
Wagner's latft show of the season and
filled the arena, about J2,Ifi! in money
Buy a Thrift Stamp today.
Start The Drive Right
We will give with every $5.00 worth of cash register
coupons for mdse. bought in our store one Thrift
Stamp. Fill your card by trading here, starting
June 24th.
101 S. HOH MAN ST.
The Wilborn Player has eighty-eight flex
ible fingers of an artist. These fingers are so de-
signed that in striking the keys, they impart a
' J rprr velvetv touch. instead of a "slam banc"
thrust, they produce a tone as near to natural as
if carressed W artistic musical fingers.
The Wilborn Player Piano is superior to
''Every Piano Mu?t IJe a Bargain."
Phon3 661.
While the event was staged especial
i ly for the patriarchs of the game, a
sterling siiver lapel button was award-
ed the shooter who had not been In the
I game fifteen y urs or more w: o made
the high score on t :.e fifty targets in
the "old timers' event " Ail other con
testants received a bronze "old timers'
buTtuii which serves as a reminder of
their r a rf iclpa ion in this event.
At the local shoot every bod; was wel
come and tlin club officials advised that
1 they accommodated everyone who de
i siter! ci i.ter. Some of the well known
shoo-.- rs who took r.art in the "old
; t :!!;.-;' event" are:
j ' Lntnbo. rid timer, first 42 out of 50.
j Fast Side; 1r. II. E. L. Tlmm, silrer
i trophy. 47x50. i-st Side; O. D. Lotton
' l!i-: W O Snyder. Fast Chicago; "Wrru
; Tlnim, C. Fgger. H. F. EgeTS, Wrru
jVater. Herman Vater, A. D. Buchanan.,
c. l. Baker, Jno. W. S'anton. M. D. c?
I Fast Side. Chas. J. (Stanton, D. D. of
! Kat Side. G'is Johnson of South Chi
cago. L. Uunning, fcam uooairiena. Aiec
Vincent. Geo. W. Jones. Carl Haugie,
c. c. Emery. Max Emery, T. 8. Cooke.
R. II. Welsby, C. Carrette. F. Kler. T.
Kilfara. John C. Hall. Clay Collins and
';isper Matson.
WW w are shrinr threo cber
for the Khaki let's grro as mattj for
tli Gingham. Canninf and Drying
vegetables and fruits wOl txs "Mrin
the w-ar, ac cor dirt f t tbm Ntknal
War Garden Commissioa, Washing
ton, D. C Instruction book fro Cost
2 cents to pay postage.
Hammond, Ind.

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