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Tuesdav. Julr 2. 191S.
Page Three
Double j?$ Stamps Wednesday
Single Stamps With Groceries
I Open till 9 o clock
Wednesday Evening.
" i?.. -
! Closed all day the Fourth
of July.
k n ii
VtMfeSf W'f "
1 1
'. .. ... 'LVi t I. t - '. ' i ..'?"".- '. ' ' .T-ZM
4 i -. .' :"
18 1 i
t P 5M3
: 5 yVv
This isn't an ordinary group picture of some children. It's a photo cf one cluster of children who romp
together as playmates and -who are of eighteen different nationalities. They have been doing their Lit in the
thift stamp campaign in New York and are going: to celebrate Independence Day together.
Zion, the Ideal Home
of a Disinherited People
By Rabbi Brnard H. Rosengard.
On this land, nil fyes are focused: It
is The center of a!l attraction, and uitl
nate coal and insr ii ation of our race.
This I rid. though us plory is shorn, is
etill ,e center of gravity, of which it
is staied that "the eyes of th Iord are
aiTay." upon it from the beginning of
the year unto the end of the year."
(Deuteronomy, ch. xi., v. 12.)
There, they are to spend their lives
nrr,id holy surroundings and thrilling
memories of th rat. There, continu
tiiis revelations were made to our
rrlests. rrophets and heroes. Surely
this contemplation is most exhilarat ins.
To the rdous Israelite. th anticipa
tion of being brought in contact wl'h
the terra sancta. is to extend to him a
new lease of life under inexpressibly
bUssul .nrcumstances.
To him. it is worth all the suffering
and privation which semi-civilized states
Inflict upon his devout had. so Ionic as
he can be solaced by the conviction that
an era of prosperous days await him.
Thus for the humane side rjf Zionism.
And now as to the difficulty involved
in a divided loyalty, viz.. Jhe appren
Eion felt by the rabid opponents of this
movement, lest our patriotism of the
lands of our present domicile be doubt
ed End the character of our citizenship
impugned. My answer is. that any such
apprehension is utterly groundless and
unjustified. The Jew is capable of a
dual patriotism, namely, to the country
of his adoption and nativity, and to the
land of his ancestry.
Incontestable proof as to this asser
tion is to be found in the position of
exiled Israel in Babylon, a land which
held them in thrall, and dealt out to
them the cup of bi-terness and tribula
tion. With irn manacles on their
famished bodies, they were driven with
inexorable cruelty.
By the rivers o Babylon, the daugh
ter cf Israel was asked by her merciless
captr.rs to sine the gone of Zion. But
the moment they set font on the soli of
Babylonia, what do we read0 In his
famous letter to the elders of the Cap
tivity (Roshai Hagowloh) the prophet
Jeremiah thus addresses them: "vgk
ye Xh" peace of the c;ty whither I have
caused jou to be carrifd away captive,
and pray unto th Lord for it, for in
the peace thereof ye shall have peace."
(Jere., ch. xxix . v. 7.)
Is rot this admonition the most re
markable of all evidences as to the in
tense patriotism of the Jews, that even
the Babylonians, who dait a deadly
blow at the national existence of Israel,
and who carried fire and destruction in
the land of Judsh: even these merciless
conquerors were to be served most
In Russia, where the plight of our
brethren is dolorous, their Muscovite
task-masters are served with unim
peach loyalty bv us. We contend we
have an indubitable right to stand on
the defensive, and we are perfectly
justified by th severe exigencies of the
movement, to take such steps as shall
effectually tend to the safety and salva
tion of our people. There is a fine
motto, noblesse oblige, to recognize in a
practical manner our imperative duty
to suffering humanity, is the very es
sence of nobility.
I now approach the practical side of
This consists in its endeavor to win
back the misses of our reople to their
primitive love cf. and devotion to hus
bandry, and to discourage and dissuade
them fiom engaging in petty trades, in
which competition is so keen and fierce,
and which fosters prejudice and dis
trust. Now. of the various callings one can
mak his own. there is none more hope
ful of prosperity, none more certain of
yielding abundant harvest of success
than f ri cult ura.
Bc-fore civiliza tion was known to
primitive man; before the kern, haras
sing plague of competitive trades were
introduced into the economy of life's
system: aye. ere the p.-rvpl3 of the
earth began to apply their intellect to
the production of destructive weapons,
the muse of agriculture r isned supreme
as quen of peace, silencing nil mur
murs, bringms content-and prosperity to
all diligent cultivators of the bountiful
It 1 extremely doubtjl whether our
much-vaunted, murh-l.auded twentieth
century, with ail its advantages, has
made men and women truly happier
than thy nire fifty centuries ni?o, when
our dim and distant ancestors moved
and labored in guileless innocence, cit
in gthe fruit of their labor, in the ab
sence oC ail distracting care, and in
the sweetness and happiness that are
utterly impossible in this advanced BK,.
Horticulture, agriculture, afforestation,
will always remain down to the end of
time, among the noblest of human en
terprise. Our patriarchs and the great Law
giver himself, our Kings and warriors,
our priests, prophets and psalmists,
wer all sympathetic laborers in these
peaceful and prosperous arts.
Of infinite advantage is agriculture.
Inasmuch as it brings the husbandman
in contact with nature and its marvels.
There are extant a variety of beautiful
legends and bewifhing tales, regarding
the inspiration of prophecy, and the
revelation of God to man in the persons
of Abraham and Mo ses. The former of
whom, with unslackening ardor and
enthusiasm, sought the Creator in the
depth of the sea, the brilliancy of the
sun, the serenity of ine moon. Rrd in
the magnificence of the towering moun
tains; whilst the la'ter saw God in an'
other element r f nature fire, which
seemed powerless to consume the mys
terious bush of the desert. There is.
then, undoubtedly a religious and moral
aspect In this question of agriculture
and i's allied industries.
Our poet-king David, in his suMlrae
psalms, the outpouring of his heavy
laden soul, expressing' itself now in
melancholy tones, now m jubilant
strains. What inspire.1 them? Ws it
not his da.iy intercourse with nature
which charms rind moves one even into
flights cf prophecy?
I re-emphasize the proposition, that
Zionism or Jewish Nationalism is in
separable from agriculture, which was
the main. th staple occupation of
Israel, under thoir various dynasties: un
der thf reign of the ill-starrer! Saul;
the heroic David: the wise and versatile
Solomon, and the tilkle, unstable lieho
boam, when every ope took deligh un
der his vine and fig trees.
What this movement 1s aiming at. is
a reversion purely and simply to the
grand old system.
For we cannot but view with profound
regret, a recrudescence of outrages
practiced on our people In many parts
of the so-called civilized world, of un
founded charges renewed, of absurd and
fabricated stories Insisted upon by
malevolent people, and imp'.iclty credit
ed by th" ignorant and infuriated mobs
of Russia (described bv the late illustri
ous William ICwart Gladstone, Premier
of Kngland). "that vast fabric of
iniquity.' Roun-.ania. Austria and Ger
many, the last of which venting her
wrath and biting sarcasm by her fav
orite ejaculations, 'Hep' ITepl" We
see the resources of civilization are be
ing employed to the detriment of Israel
and his incomparable religion.
We. had confidently looked forward,
and with bated breath, to an era when
universal love for mc-mbeis of the vary
ing creeds, would be enthrone,! in the
hearts of men. and when the malaria
of malevolence and sinister designs
would no longer mar th? relations of
communities and governments. But
alas! in the strikingly expressive words
of Isaiah (ch. i., v. 6). "From the sole
of the foot even unto the crown of the
head, ther is no soundness in it but
wounds and bruises, and festering sores,
they have not been closed, neither bound
up, neither mollified with oil."
(To be continued.)
while it was conquering a continent. It
vanishes as the bell stops and the lights
i come on.
Across the street the pool hail is
empty. The balls are in the racks anl
tiie music of the laughter that was there
the other day is gone. At the soda foun
tain ii'-xt door two ouths of Is lounge
restlessly fretting at the leash that
holds lhem. Over at the hotel each
evening at this time someone played
rollicking rag-time on a cornet, but all
is quiet there, too.
The bos have gone, and it is lone
some how lonesome the heart cannot
rind words to say.
Every night, from town and country,
they came by dozens to the street here
and it was alie with laughter. They
congregated in the restaurant and the
pool hall and amid clouds of cigaret
smoke, ate. played, sro, swapped
istories rind deport" i themselves as
J adolescents do. Occasionally they "hor-
rowed" a car ami s'ipped out for a ride
with a bunch of gir.s. Now and then
they came ;n cont-ict, though not very
often, with a contraband cold bottle;
I they were unspeakribiy crude at times,
J unnecessarily assertive, boisterous we
reviled them, called down daily impreca
tions on their worthless heads, swore
the 1-st mother's son of them would be
hung some day, but they went their
way indifferent to our perturbations,
and now we lofig for their laughter,
could even stand for their oaths, toler
ate their huge animalism and endure
their egorisrr. The obi bottle een is
forgotten, the gills we know were theirs
by elemental right, and their bravado
was but the mask of life to redundant.
Newt with tl brown eyes, who powder
ed his nose like a girl, crawled laugh
ingly out from tinder nn- ammunition
truck wrecked by a German sheil in
Picardy th other day and writes that
"things are fine over here," Newt with
the blue eyes has learned to fly and i
on the way neither was worth a fid
dler's damn Pil's in camp. Spec is on
("he ocean and Daffodil is raring to to.
Dutch is billeted 1n a Frenth village
and sent home half a dozen snapshots
of French babies, and "Hed" was kill
ed in Flanders a week ago. There are
10') of them there and after six o'clock,
especially on prayer meeting night, this
is the lor.esotncst town in the United
States. Tour PL"!) rie at the restaur
ant has lost its savor and the cheese
choke? you. The stools are empty, no
body asks you for a cigaret, and you
swear at age and disability as you once,
swore at the crudities of the callow
crowd. only the shadows comfort, for
after duck each evening the symbolic
wraith arrears at the corner there. He
stands immovable even amid the temp
est, and the lightnings and each night
sems to become 'he spirit of a great
race more incarnate.
Ye?, it is lonesome, and the story
the old men tell is itself so old. Th
supremest tragedy that could happen "!
a nation would be the loss of all its
boys. This we know now that they are
gone May the god of battles, if such a
god there be, be good to these who come
each evening when the shadows gather
along the street where the old men sit.
Bvcy early
Save money
Aid tiie Rdltkrs
Prevent hcatkss days
How Lonesome the Old Town Is!
What Editor Tom Eodina of the Paris (Mo.) Mercury Say of His Town
Also Applies to Xery Town now That th Boys Have Gone.
This town is the lonesomest place, In
the United States. After six o'clock in
the evening it is unbearable especially
on prayer meeting night when the negro
church bell down by the track become
an angelus under the new time tolls
drearily its summons, and the resentful
hills beat back its solemn clamor into
the little street, where the old men sit
droning a forgotten story. j
When dusk creeps dow n over the j
rocyes and the swallows at the court j
house go to sleep, fancy hears a clamor j
as cf phantom voices, and gaunt j
shadows stride into the quiet places to
maka them liv again. At first the .
faces are young, and about them is the I
Joy of youthful abandon, the eager dis
regard that scorns old reverences and
that leaps to the pride and love of liv
ing. Then comes imperceptibly the
change. The shadows retreat, and a
single wraith stands silhouetted against
the darkness into which the street is
slowly dissolving. It is tall, almost
gaunt, and is clad in kakhi, a ritle at
the shoulder. The face is young, but
where joy was is now that strange, im
perturable calm that is seen only on
the faces of the predestined, the fixed
resolve that comes only to him who has
determined within himself the ultimate
issues cf life and death. In every line
Is th iron of a race that conquered fear
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