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f.-!STMj:jfraiMr-r...----n.j --t
Hy'ne Suppositories $1.00 box special
at - 69o
Fountain Syringe 2-qt. rni rubber, $l.vd
value. Special at
'SPEftAt. To Tub Times.
OnOWN 1'OINT. INI ., Stpt. 4. Many
nrs bro the nrviments lr seleotins
i d corn from tlv Mamling stalk in the
1:''d 'lorf lint SO convincing 63 thoy lire
iMfiay arc,ful ("xporimtn prove that
i ''in grown from corn which has blown
nown aoh onr for soeral oars will
I : 'luce corn having :i tendency to Mow
'.-.vn. This cannot bp W---ct;l by
iTiins; 5. . i com from the orib. Anoth
er point which seiftit issts ruive tletermm-f-.I
i3 that tars frown nt inei:um lv.Kht
n the f'alk. a- uri'roxinntcly four
vA one-half feet from tho rroun!. will
pfvluoe a heavier yield I or ao:e t'uan if
:'; y crm close to thf ground or h'sli
'i en the stalk. You mnnot rick eod
.om cut of the crib and tell at what
!;!!. :t was located on the stalk.
Seed corn should be selected early in
!..".i;o county from the ol.i native varie-
:es or from those introduces! vanet .es
wfiich hav shewn beyond any doubt
''-.it they will mature corn nt this liii-
td-i. In selecting a S'fd corn field.
1 art icu'ar emphasis should be iilaced on
he proximity o.f the proposed seed ear
to tarren stalks, down stalks, and hills
containing but a sir.p'.e stnlk. The
i' !!tn from these undesirable relatives
;!! influence tho hererlitv- of the seed
j ear. It Is .for this reason that plenty
I of time should be given to the job of
I selecting seed corn. lit is no child's
j play.
I Some men se'ect their supply of seed
corn nt husking time, picking out the
I nicest ears ns they tlnd thorn. At that
jtitnft they have litt'e opportunity tc
JstM.Jv the s'irrouiidinK hi'.ls or to make
j anv ex m mat ion of the relaties tnat
; will irf1uer.ee tn iel 1 of that pirticu
; iar ear in future jears. At husking
(time stonns may have Mown consider-
able of the coin down so that not cy
I much i nir ort a nee can be placed in the
matter of ham n s'aiks. down stalks.
Kars with mediori length shanks
should be elecrd Those that are too
long t'mi to prod. ice corn that is more
or less weak in vitality. I'o not worry
about the shape of the car. Many y?ars
of areful testing have shyin that the
taperiPK ars give just as good yl-lds.
i.f not a little better than cylindrical
ears. Barren tips will yield ns much
as nicely filled tips, although they may
not look us nice. Smooth cars will yield
practically as much corn ns dented ears.
! but they won't score as high m the corn
Ciot vcur seed corn now.
Letters from Soldiers
Written to the Home Folks From This Side and the
Other Side of the Water.
From. Forest Mayers.
To Mrs. Theo. Tennyson, 454 Indiana
eenue. Hammond, from her nephew.
Sergeant Forest E. Mers, Quartermas-
;-r Corps. A. K. ., A. r. O. 712.
On Active Service With th
A. E. F.. Frsnce.
Aus- 5, 1?1S.
Pear Aunt a.nd Neicei
Received your letter today of the Tth
.f July ncd will answer Tonto de suite.
Everything is lovely over here, except
that fraffl between h.r and Berlin is
st ill congested, but not quit so bad as
reviously and we will soon have a York
oecial running on regular time to Pots
' -tin, Kiel. Berlin and all points east.
AVe are all somewhat disappointed, as
Kaiser Bill, a very prominent man (in
b.9 home town), has been promising to
ray a visit to Taris and vicinity all
s;. ring and summer, but for some reason
or other he has not been ablo to get here
yet: in fact, we have given -up all hopes
f him c.cmmg, as he has some very
li.l roads to travel over, ha! ha!
V.'e have seen (julte a number of his
friends traveling in that direction, but
thy seemed to have bad a very rough
'mc of it and didn't seem to be. enjoying
he trip at all. and one might say they
v ere being compelled to go as they were
boirg guarded by h bunch of toughs ca'.
e 1 Yanks, tind who they said had been
,:sing th'.m real mean, especially at
. "bateau Thierry. There they say these
same toughs jumped onto them when
-hey wasn't looking (which wasn't fair?)
and beat them up something awful. It Is
also said that the ks,iser's tin Lizzie
with which he intended to visit Paris in
is badly worn and in need of repairs;
in fact, in such a state of collapse that
although he has attempted the trip a
number of times the machine has al
ways broken down when he struck the
F. E. and A. road. And. although b"ing
a man of his word? he will have to fore
go the trip altogether.
"Well, folks, this is my anniversary of
my arrival in sunny France. Just a
year today I said Hello, France! I won
der when I will say Hello. V. S. A.
again. You can't realize what a fine
cid country we've get r?r there till
you get away from it awhi'.e.
Gcod morning, here I am again, and
It's a tine morning except that it's rain
ing again I mean yet. But then we
only have. light sh'.wers now. rf one or
two das' duration, and a day or so
between showers. About November I
suppose we wi'.I get a real ram again.
Well. Betn'.ee, there isn't any such
thing as No Man's Ear.i over here, as
we claim it all. I think you will get
sitm idea e.f ti.e religion of No Man's
Band when I e'.', you the three greatest
sins are stinginess, cowardice and se',f
praise. Well, I reckon thia will be about
enough for one time, so hoping to hear
from you soon I remain as evpr with
love to all. FOREST.
Sgt. Forest E. Myers.
Q. M. Corps. A. E. F.. France,
A. T. O. 712.
!.'",' N"D'iN. Au? 3. 'By Mail). What
'- ild be more natural than that the
. .-man who forces the hidden power
" the atmospheric air to maintain his
raft aloft, should agnin tmp'oy that
. me ether to carry his message to
qvh. The.o are other methods of
rr -iri tin1. eat ion, of course, but wire
' -s telegraphy is predominant.
Th wireless branch is a very h'Sh
t socialized department of th Royal
- r force, and its work'is of first class
portar.ee. On land, its ch-.ef but not
sole function Is concerned with
; --.tt'.nsj artillery. British airplanes
for hours at a stretch over the
; rmen lines: rircling comparatively
, .wly over a given area: they register
the guns below until the work of
ruction has been completed.
Far below, in the advanced positions
ire field batteries are the wireless
o ';raphy mechanics receiving correc-
. - by wireless from airplanes. Their
ok involves considerable exposure
. i-h.ell fire.
t. sea wireless is extensively used
connection with submarine, chasing.
- ap.lanes. flying boats and airships
.! ry out long patrols in co-operation
:h destroyers. Immediately the air
ssft sight a l-boat, th destroyers
infoimed by wireless of its exact
ation. Tliis method is highly suc
ossf il for a submerged submarine
'.oh Is invisible fiom sea level ran
seen clearly from the air. in good
father. It is a significant act that
e-,-y German submarine is fi'yed with
..n anti-aircraft pun.
Pilot Pass TeM.
Every pilot in the British air service
r ust pass certain tests in wireless te
legraphy before he is allowed to grrad
'..te. and in consequence at practically
. eery home training station the air
made musical by the sound of many
pi actio "buzzers."
Enormous strides have been made
i ning the war in the use of wireless
telegraphy in aircraft. One of the
'h.ef difficulties was to overcome the
r:io of the engine. But skill and in
genuity conquered this difficulty almost
completely. It is not permissable to
s'ate Just how it was accomplished.
Tor in these matters Germany has ni'
t discovered the secret of various
methods successfully used by the Brit
ish. The effective range for wireless
transmitted fro mthe air has been
largely increased. Not so very long
atro the limit was a few miles, but this
has now been greatly exceeded by
To build yourself up when
you fee! run down to
bring back health, appetite
means of more powerful rurront pro
vided by electric generators: these
generators jr run off the a'rplar.e en
gine in th larger maehir.es. and fak
the place of comparatively weak a?
cumulafrs hitherto en-ployed.
C'onper Wire I'sed.
The atrial on an aircraft consists
of a length of copper wire, with lead
w'.ght on the end. rolled on a drum.
This can be wound or unwound at
wi',1 by the observer: bat care must be
taken in unwinding, f-r if the winch
is left to run free, the lead weight will
snap the wire, and render the w h. o ; ?
outfit unserviceable in a second. Mst
people have seen an aerial on board
ship; it ts the -Vre stretched horizon
tal ly between masts.
Another form of communication be
tween aircraft and the earth consists
of a message bag. This a Ions, thin
brightly-colored streamer, with a lit
tle weighted por;et nt cri extrerr.it v.
The aviator also frequently 'talks'
by means of a daylight signalling
lamp. This is a device fr.r Hashing
the Morse rode, somewha" on th- prin
ciple of a searchlight, and is ch'.eflv
used in flying af
-i w r. e : g
is when, co-
opera'ing with the infant:;.- during an
attack. But ths", and the other mlh
ods used, have rather narrow limita
tions compared with wireless teleg.
ra phy.
Buy a Thrift Stamp and lick th
M fcoa hern jnrri by the
world's greatest watkorttlee that
U ttinslaMt and Increases hair
,1'usf Lk to merely remove It from
the svrfeee ef tke afeia. Tae oalr
iitMBMMOB-eense Tray to rcao-re hair
It to attaeJc It ander the skiIbu
Ur.Mlrnrle. the ortartnal sanitary
llQBld, does thta hy asaorotlosi.
Ualy gnaiae DeaUraele- has a
moaer-liirk sraaraatee la each
package. At toilet cottntem la 60e,
1 aa-4 $3 alsea, or by mall from
as ta plaia wrinwr om receipt of
FBBB book aaaned la plata
ealed em-veloao oa reejarst. lrs--Ulraele.
ISSth St. amd Purk Ave,
New York.
id strength take
Liset Sle of Any Medicine in tTre ,lrPTll,
Seid everywhere- la Boe, 'n., S5c.
Better Work For Less Money.
Majestic Hotel Bldg.
dfti'if I liiTiii
155 State St., Hammond, Ind.
' Phone 3419.
1 - V P. -.'.'.l- P.. durs. I
Unusually Smart
$28.50 to $55.00
Novelties $43.50
c p'ril lookiim clicfk solves, so srnartJv tailorcl
I raid liouiul. Tiroaileb.ths, Silvrvtont-s and Vf-
lio fttats arc jnostlv licltofl stvics. ncarh all
arnjiio collars. Altogether their trim sini ilicit y
lasizes a most youthful figure.
Serge Suits S30.
Burella Cloth in the reindeer hrou'n, blaek and
These are lavishly ornamented
buttons. Panels formed of tucks.
with b!ak
New Blouses $5
'repe de Chenes and Geor
gettes, the popular round
neek anions; them. "White
and flesh.
Georgettes $8.95
Navy, bisque, flesh and
white, many richly braided
or embroidered. Round or
square necks.
Autumn MllllnT?
Early Showing
Hats with w i d e flovmy
brims; distinctive, close-fit -tint;
styles. New creations
of beaver, panne, solid and
vo 1 ve t co m 1 iin a t i oi i s .
$8.95 to $18.95
A larjre number of sni.ir
styles for children, in poke
effects, tarns and close titling
hats, in all colors
$1.95 to 13.95
Kats Trimmed Free
Special Tapestry Pillow lops
Tapestry Pillow Tops Finished with back and
tassels, fine new assorted designs j&
Special Sports Yarn
Sports Yarn A new construction of yarn which makes it
very desirable for making both ladies' and men's sweaters.
Colors green .navy and khaki. Per
Men's Dress Shoes S5.00
Dark Brown and Gun Metal Calf Eng
lish or bunt toe models, good year
welt soles. An extra value at
U. S. Army Munson Last Shoes
Best for comfort and wear:
here's a good shoe, oak soles.
soft leather uppers
A big value at ... .
Boys 'Mahogany Calf Shoes
English model, extra qual
itv shoes that will -jive dou
ble wear. A spi
cial value at . . . Ja.
Men's Gun Metal Shoes
English or wide toe model,
solid leather soles, a shoe
that will satisfy J
Special value atDdeO
"?'C-'ltnv7T. KrinrA?". .SyX
SST -.l F5 trV"4-
Frlc-ndi! Sprees and Satin?, many with tunics or pan
irci?. Ti ince makes r.n effective trim
Fur Sale Continued
Til? unprecedented sales of last week proves that custom
ers have been keen to realize the values. Early selections
will b caied for until desired.
New shades in taffeta?,
rl.i;n nnd -h?.nceabl
v S5.0G
Seco with every appeavanc
of eilk, splendid wearing
?armen;s S2.95
3 V .I III
.f r
I I it-
22T S
r 'vfe,if3
1 :.i .
1 1 1 I I
Men's New
We are now showing an un
isually attractive line of Fall
.lats. The large variety of
styles .textures and finishes as
sures a satisfactory selection.
3 $4 S5 to $10
Stetson, Knox, Barbaletto.
Men's Union Suits In
gray wool mixture. G-t
them while you can a:
,hia p'ice S2.G9
Men's Raincoats Grea
Lakes Raincoat?,
ieg. for $lft, ?izes " 1 to
i ci,e.er.Sr.S5e9g
Men's Shirts A fine a -
oortmen of shirt w:'.:
soft r :fTs, snappy doicns.
sue? H to ITU S1.G5
Silks Woolens
Wool Skirting Scotc h
tweeds and cheeks, l inches
wide. Yard S1.G9
Fancy Suiting Wool mix
tures in plaids, stripes, twills
and fancies: desirable for
children's wear and skirts,
inches wide, values to 8'c.
Yard 48c
Silk Rajah Dark colors in
changeable effects, ,'H inches
wide. Yard $1.19
Black Velvet Lustrour
silk finish, perfect weave, 18
inches wide, wanted for the
neck scarf. Yard. . . .$1.19
and Hosiery
Ladies' Fleece Lined Union
Suits Medium weight, full
bleached short sleeves, low
neck, ankle length, sizes I to
Now Selling Fa
It Pays to Buy at This Store
Pear in mind that remarkable as it mav appear. E. (
Minas Co. is prepared to do as muh for you this season
in the way of price, savings, quality and service as in
the past. In short, at this store, you may select from
immense stocks of finest' Fall Suits far below present
market value.
Excellent Fall Suits of very best makes and fabrics
strictly hiirh quality the up-to-date new waist
seam and military styles for young men. conserva
tive suits for men in the newest Fall shades of brown,
ureen, blue and fancy mixtures, etc. IJegular. stout,
slim and short sizes. Extraordinary suit
values at any of the following prices:
82 S25 $30 $35 $40
I. Suit 980
L3 dies' Black Mercerized
Hose--Wide hem top, double
heel and sole, m e d i u m
weight. Pair
. 4
Long Pants Suits
For boys-of 14 years and up. Newest wai.-t
seam and militarv stvles. These elasv suits
are tailored of tine blue serge, brown, green
or blue cheviots or fancv fabrics: sizes 11 teg
Infants' Silk and Wool Hose i -jo yea rs $25, $20, $18 and ' J?
Sizes 41 to f. white onh
air iyC
Silk Gloves White, black,
grey, navy and tan, all sizes,
stitched back, double finger
tips. Pair 69e
Boys' School Suits Largest display we ever made.
si?es f to 18 years: popular military styles, well
made, fine fabrics, newest colorings, manv with two
pairs of knickers at $20, $18, $15, $10 Q FTh
and JpCJoBHJ
For the Home ''dpJt
Dresser, $22.50
Golden oak. large drawer
room and heavy plate mirror.
Rugs, $33.75
Size 9x12 feet, in Axmin
ister grade; rich colorings.
Curtains, $1.29
2'-2 yards long, white or
ecru voile, lace trimmed
Special, $107.50
3-pieee bed room suits in
walnut or mahogany, $135
Nets, 29
40 and 42 in. wide, white,
ecru and cream colors: 4JV,
.jeut!tji.tue!jiA'jirM.M.a'i'iji iw iim wi
Comforts, $3.49
Size 72x84 inch
coverings, cotton
Rag Rugs, 9Sc
Size 27x54 in., mixed colors
and fringed; 81.20 value.
Blankets, $3.98
Grey or tan colors, size 70x80
in., fancy colored borders.
es. silkoline WWm?
filling, good
W' r-y 'V W
Economy Groceries
At Carry Home Prices
Butter Keota Cream
ery, finest obtainable,
pfr lb 50c
Milk Pet, Carnation or
Peerless, can. "j 1 ,2fy
(6 to customer.!
Peas Fancy Early
June, new pack, three
Coffee Minas Blend,
best value in Hammond,
ppr lb 21C
Catsup Wilson's Best,
larpe bottle 17C
Preserves Colonial
Brand, all flavors, per
Salmon Yacht Club
Brand, fancy red, per
"n 29c
Soap American Family
or Fels Naphtha, four
bars 25c
Mason Jars Can your
oct tomatoes, quarts,
Jozen 79c
Kitchen Klenzer Scour
ing Powder, can..l,
Coffee Monarch brand,
" lh. can, repular pric-
$l.f0. Our price... gf!.
Butterine Jelke's Goo'd
Luck, nothing better,
Pcr Ib 34C
Skinner's Macaroni,
Spaghetti or Egg Nood
les, per pks. g.
Fitzpatrick's Family
Mottled Soap,
Pr bar 41i?e
Barber's Best and
Cheapest Matches, doz
en hoxes r9(
QolCh Come to This Store Friday and Saturday
il Uon't put oil your buying too long. The Fail lines are now most
complete. You can buy now and cat a fine selection of the best ma-
TriTTRT T? CTAMDC FDTHAV yrrr terials and which will also mean a big saving. DOUBLE STAMPS
DUUjDLb blAMPS 1-RlDAY M. given Friday all day.
New Fall Frocks That Show Elegance in
Simplicity Skirts Narrower and Longer
Is the New Note
College Princess Dresses
$18.00 to S22.50
A chirne.-s all their own. For business, street and school j -iiJ,'s NlVv .
wear, and now without a. wrap. Navy, carmel snd win''. J j fLTS. SL. a L?
New Frocks 26.50 rflllMJ
f-I 0- ii.-ir, .-y : i sKfswa
v t.
1-iTiM-r i " n-- fi rr- ir-Trrj
Suits I
Viif i
j fvi...u,.WIL.,jUJl
IS 3

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