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Pfiup Twelve.
Fridav, September 27. 1913
Hun Prisonrs Takn by the Americans in Great Drive.
' - ,,, '.' ""'TH! ''1MW.'tWW"ljWMIWPWWMWaWM
A ' .T
i vr? rr v t i-r ' ?! ' r-1 yarrarr.
C UJ 1 JO T N i -3s
! iemi mm
01 ELIGIBILITY m Eight-Club Cir
cuit That Will Flay Saturday-Sunday
G anics.
Committee to Get Definite
Ruling on Freshman and
Schedule Mixups.
The mn'hint : y frovvrnm-r football
and other sports of the Di.u T.-n c
!f Sf yesterday vvris formally tender
ed to tho War Iitpartmi'nt for the
! r: d of the- war at a special 111
in-r of the faculty athletic reprcsenta
t.ves c-f the si hoOls at tin? L'.Tmross
II tel.
Mt'.re every f'ui'M!t ciiglbl for the
various teams will he enrolled in a
m nlent army training ra;np, ami
therefore amenable t j the War Ie
! ':-t:r.-iu Jtirisjh t Ion. th . prf-rs'r
r.rit -.rally argued that th-re eou;. I,.
i. "n-oilr s t-- oc.ipf tit'n 'r ath
!'.!. of any kind without the onsent
t..i janoti-.n of I'r.ch- Sam. an. I t
' irn in more detail the verr.m.en t 's
' .- s roeardinjr c-!!--s. spoits the
- Ten t!f:r?;itfs f nther r.a.iv d a
mm'.ttee of two t.-i o to Was i
f and acquaint itself m ; nu t in
Prof. Thomas n. French. Ohi. Sta
: .very rnmiac?. Chicago, repre-
ntinc rosprtive!y tiie r?j Ten fa.- '
:::;.- athletic board and the tommittec ;
. rrlitat" managers. ve;-o appointed
' :r..-iko the trip to, the War !e
; -.rtment's office and obtain a clear!
i.'I-' tstandin:: of Uncle Sam's plans.
f t. lit. 1-1 : t .is n.i match f..r 1'ackey. i
I Miihr of (li.-uit and Se;;,'eant Ivan;
i I'aridle,' . f "'!";. h r staged a fast mill- i
I 'I lew ei :; !;t ho;it wl;;.-h ti.e ciowd!
; :h-.!!.;t v.-a- Mi!!. !. ItowJ.-.n.J calle.l J
!:'. a ili'i-A. ' . . 1 1 ; ua.: tievei and!
d sc.- M. !;! l.ind t l us. but!
,;.;i.i was ;i l:u , . -sr .- and ".sriod the.
I :! t pp-neru. j
r;::i;ard of Uranl and Iloss of Tay-
: t'....nht f.-.-t h-avy weight I
idia-.v. Mas.. n . f Ta lor and Seiinett !
ct,;:v ;:i.ax:,
I r ::, ( ",, v..
ti and Al.rc
t ; ! e x . i : ; i i-
t, Chirac... !-
1. I'ittsbUriT. C:!'.;,I,H.!t-
ei e tod .i y s.- !eet d by
.tnittee of ;:o' X.ition-
i I'l a n k Ta
fist draw
Harry Aili
di..w in ti.
.;.:' t r.O of i ; rant foussht a
in tin: ban!am-. i i!it bout,
i.'.o-.v of Tu;. !r j.ii-'.-m rst.
off of Crant. also fought a
lii',htw.dKht class.
a! TP'S';' all I"eJ. ration as cities to h
t - po i's: i:t d in an eittht-city league to i
!.5"- i-prof.-o-lonal baseball in ma- t
j'r leai.:i! parks Satutiiay.i and Sun- j
d-iys next c.ij.-n. T! rcirsainltiK !
I'.v.i cm'.-s will be ehos'-n from Lou!.- j
ville. I:.d.an;ipoiis, Johnstn n. Fa . and;
Prut: on ..al I'ayt n, (;.-..
liac'u c ': t y in tlo l.-a pue will have i
at bast two liubs, one remaining at!
hoti-.o nlul.;. the father is on the road. !
The i.e. pits w:U be divided in three
ways. i no iravi'has expenses of the
c!':bs will h- p.-.-d first and then t!-.e
ulLi iiiiunic.'i!i
i INblAXAl'OLis-, Sept. 2T. Vhn !n
iforio.ed that .Mir.nesota had c:ucei-d
1 tho Indiana-Minnesota football Kanie
stheduled at Indianapolis Nov. 2.
Kwabi ' . Steilnn. loach for Indiara,
upkeep of the paiks. The remaindl r u ua" said 'i;e Ktate "". I wou.d ro
will po to the National' Conmission ,-r,i,:lin the Indianapolis date and try to
T- a;n:ru' Can-. Activities for .!,I.mii ' "'''''"i"' i t-'ann: with s...ine other west-
e.piipineat for soldo rs and saib.r... . " conference okven.
A c.-Ti;r-.ittee of three was appointed ,' There is some talk of attempting to I
t . . ,. ir . .-. : a . . . ...... ' :TOI a L: a llie w i 1 ! I T i e p. i r a rt r- i t li n-hi.ni I
1 ' 10 ..r.ri oL'..ri uaii comer WII n .
government officials rrunrdinsr rail- Mi:mc:",t'' canceled a date be-
, ..as. .. ... , a . .. r. "
- e V .ft ,' ft ,
4tr-4 C V iifv-' f-'f -4
,.vo -, . -T '' ' W-''v -SoJi.iW: . ;T" .nv'.',..."j)'4.'t : J i
permitUng the trans- I caus ot distance. In the event K
'.! faciliii
ortatu.n of eicht teams of fifteen men in'"ana " unaoie to pet a conference
uoh. The ('.mmittff will report at theia:ae vn -'ov. 2, efforts will be made;
federation in
Here is proof in this large number of prisoners taken by the Americans In their great drive In France that they
jare making prisoners of thousands of Huns. This photograph shows Just a few Ojf those taken and on their way to
I the per.s.
nntinl i : 1 e t i n -r of the
j a n uar y.
A tii.aj -r
head of th
meet a
team from some of the
soldier training; camps.
rfficial will
1. o-.
be appointed
r. ck Island, r.i . ?,Pt. :o. Jackie
i'..:l la'aney of Urent Lakes and Sailer
''''''i'.aii of rhi.:---., fought ten fast
ad furious rounds to a good draw here
: .-.i-'ht.
? t :e.Jnian wa the aggressor
!!.ru?hout. l.-imlin? many p-inc.ies
c. ith both hands to the face and head.
I'laney did his) most effectivo work
in the clinches. The Jackie ppH home
t.'iiiis hooks to Friedman's midsec
tion. The first and seventh rounds
went to Friedman. while Delaney's
st;or.e;est rounds were the sixth and
ninth. The referee cautioned Delaney
icpeatedly for rough work with his
head. Friedman in the ninth claimed
a foul, sinking to tha canvas holdins
his groin. Ho arose and made a sav-o-e
War Hints-War Helps
War Duties
We used to think that Niagara- Falls if it were a Canadian quarter. We are
The Standard Athletic Club of Ham-! was pome Ep,a;:h of wcr and tho Grand now thinking in large numbers and hu;
eelr sn.es f rom n r, v T ,!, , ,. '"' l n-"e in me grouno.
; team averaging about 12j pounds
. , , ' Sair.es writ?: to liddie Chmiclewski.
mpS Grant and TaylOr; Ames ave . Hammond, or phone
Break Even in Tourney
Staged in 111. Arena.
J,1 j. '."U UIlllVlll.l UtlFL y I Ullll. n uvi-
r'lars was a lot of money. That was
'1' ' I before the days of moving 200. Out sol-
T tfj tn m , .ml so. e... Ti.,..;-u O.
.u . . . . . . . v. u... .i.-u v i .limit: j'.mn-i.
liers a month or launching 100 ships in
sums. We are beginning to know
bors must save coal. Clean your fur
naces and stoves, keep, them in repair
an! study economical firing. F'on't over
heat the premises. The cold weather
isn't here yet. but it is proper to have
the heating plants and the good resolu
tions all tuned up in advance.
FrEciAia To The Tixies.
Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels
visited Soldiers' Recreation House Xo. 1
of the War Camp Community Service
here recently. He was much, impressed
by the work which this organization is
carrying on for the Commissions oi
Training Camp Activities of the War
and Navy departments, as exemplified in
this house, and said:
"It is a great work that tho War Camp
Community Service is doing, and I wish
that every mother with a boy in the
service could visit your wonderful club
houses and see how the good people of
the camp cities are working to give the
men in uniform a home away from
home. The exceedingly high moral con
dition of tho navy and army, both at
home and abroad, is tho most convincing
argument or testimonial of tho prac
ticality of the work being deno by you
and other civilian agencies.
"A homesick boy makes a poor fighter,
and his depression cannot fail to lower
the moralo of his comrades. Tho work
which your organization is accomplish
ing, therefore, not only promotes the
welfare of the individual soldier, but
constitutes a vital part in building up
the government's great war machine."
A recent investigation of the causes
of desertion among young soldiers, made
in the east, discloses tho fact that in
over 1.500 cases the young soldier had
been led to quit the service because he
was homesick. Just the desire to sea
tho old folks and return to the scenes
they knew and loved induced these men.
! who. after all. "are only boys grown
I tall." to leave the army and risk severe
1 punishmr nt.
How many teaspoonfuls in one pound
of sugar? If the spoon is just level full,
about 0G to the pound. If you are trying
to limit table consumption to one pound
a month, you could use three- of these
own capabilities and resources. The j skimpy spoonfuls each day. The round
recent largo registration was accom- j od spoonful runs about 45 to the pound
plished without the slip of a cog or one j or one and a half daily. Tho heaping
whimper of complaint. We are now spoonful averages about 32 to the pound.
CAMP GRANT. 111.. Sept. 27. Camp
jiain ana lump layior met at th
boxing arena here tonisrht with hon
..r.i eve-lishtwei
Collapsible Ring Is Big
Help to the Boys
at Camp.
Thev have a new one at tho irmv
Freddie End;. Camp Grant, i detachment at Valparaiso. Ind . that is
won from Masolis of Tay- : provinc to be of irreat helu to the
lor. in a fast bout, and Metri of Tay- boys there, inasmuch as the boys
lor waib.p. d Sheeny of Grant in the i themselves must do all the work. It Is
weuerw.-iL.ht scran. The other bouts tt collapsible boxin
resulted m a draw.
Clarence Rowland, manasrer of the
While Sox. ref-reed. Tackey McFar
land. boxing instructor at Taylor,
showed his old-time form in his three
Put a larger Service Star on your
rounds with Fred Pyer, Grant instruct
or. Packry and lyer puzzled with
his famous shift and landed a number
"' ho 'iv.i- blows. Dyer showed plenty
rinsr that can be
put up in a very short time and taken
down and put out of the way in ex
actly eight minutes.
It is a ring with a clearrge inside
fifteen feet and was designed by
one day or spending a billion dollars as j ready for another Liberty Loan drive. That would be one
panics must sleep there. Hence the
haste necessary in removing the ring
after tho show Is finished. It is
merely a well Jointed affair and as
easily taken apart as a fishing rod.
COLUMRUS. Sept. 27. Fred W. Nor
ton, reported killed in today's casualty
Iist. was a prominent athlete in Ohio
State University. He was captain of
If you are
The Indiana state council calls for a i heaping tho spoon more than once a day
short campaign and high speed from jou arc using some other fellow's sugar,
the start. It doesn't take a simon-pure j - . .
patriot very long to make up hU mind j The war news sent from the other
when his country culls for help. Have j side to this side is most, instiling. Don't
the wheat money and the oats money j lot any item of war news from this side
Lieut. Seastrum of the detachment. It! Ohio State's basketball team and play
was made necessary by the fact that rd fullback on Ohio State's cham
boxing must be conducted in a barracks pionship football teams of 1916 and
and fter the shows one of the com- 1917.
all ready to convert into bonds. Have
you noticed that the Liberty Bonds are
in demand at high prices?
Join the Food Club in your neighborhood.
Don't forget that the unskilled labor
of Indiana is now asked to stop trifling
with side issues and get busy on war
contracts. Don't bo mowing your lawn
while a house is on fire across the street.
In order that war industries may
steam ahead, you and all of your neigh- nU2ty inquisitive
to The other side be a disappointment to
t ho nun in uniform.
F.o sure that the home paper goes to
all the soldi.-r V-oys in training camps or
"over there." The editor cannot send
free copies. He should not be asked to
do so. A quick way to a-t home news
to a soldier is to clip out the live items
and forward them first-class.
If You Don't Buy a Fourth Lib
erty Loan Bond Uncle Sara will be
Kittle 5"ack Morner wiul
With riEAt? ms good mother.
She'll i-'EED her whole BR00r
with the choicest of food
Double Quick Time for the 4th
e tt anik mm
Tiie sacrifice Is made to advertise our new store at 626 South Holiman street, next
to flte Court Mouse, wliere we carry tiie largest and most complete stock of aetomo
Mle accessories carried in Lake County. Tiiese fires are fresh from the mill. No old
stock or seconds hut absolutely high grade and fees! quality.
For this sale only, we offer 30x3 - casinos a! $15 09 each. No more than two casings sold to each pur
chaser. Tires will be at a premium nexl spring so take advantage ot this opportunity and prepare for the
shortage which is hound to come. The tires we offer were contracted for before the advaee in prices, hence
our position to make this liberal olier.
Wo apo headuas4ters for Spark PSugs9 Wirs Whesis,
Electric Bulbs, Sfoos's, Semss Liners, fojseF Izshes, Bry
SsiistmSp Morns, Me&r Lamps, Spot Lights, SeHi
8ta?$eFs for foriS cars and everything m the line of
&mm HMmf n Fm TMs Ureal MmMSmm
I i
" I " 1 X ; " " ' FHEiB FSilESSLEV, Rlanasser '
I B2G iHofcznan Street PJaxt to Court House MammoneS, Ifsrfenaj

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