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Pncp Six.
Fridaw Otober IS. 19t
Yaiia Aafiil iaifrifr- i flaVi4yrffftfiia-aAtii ii ii. rfii
Mr. P. 0"Shea of South Olcot avenue
found the name of his brother. 'The?. J.,
appearing: in the casualty list last even
ing. The young man had enlisted from
Holyoke, Slass., was an infantryman
and named among those who were se
verely wounded.
Mrs. Charles Tolf of Grapevine street
' improving from her recent attack of
th. grippe.
In one apartment at 3303 Elm street
many cases of convalescent influenza pa
tients were reported, among them John
Clelland and his son and the latter's
baby, and others.
The three, children and wife of Kev.
J. M. Howard of 1'eodar street have all j
been ill. but are improving. j
Miss Vera Van Gtisen, a student at j
the Woominglon University, will be!
home to remain during the time, school 1
sessions are suspended owing to thoj
present epidemic Of sickness which is !
closing all schools. j
The Associated Charities met an ecn- j
ing ago to prepare for the coming fall
work. Miss Lindley, ho has been ill
of late, is somewhat better and expects
to be in readiness hen the occasion of;
her duties are demanded. ;
Miss Marie Sties, a student in train
ing in the Y. YV. C. A. work. Chicago, is
&&&& -
dahoma Indian Laei
With U. S; Government Title 7.50 to 12.50 per acre
Not Less Than 40 Acres Not More Than i60 Acres Cash or Easy Payments.
These lands arc located in Eastern and Southeastern Oklahoma, very close to
main line railroads and towns, located in the Famous Oklahoma Oil Belt. Pur
chaser gets all OIL, GAS and OTIIEK MINERAL RIGHTS OR "TOP and
BOTTOM." 1 have lived in Oklahoma for The past 15 years and furnish many
Olkahoma Rank Refrcnees. I will be in Hammond a short time delivering
deeds and abstracts to clients in this territory and will be. glad to furnish fur
ther information to those who may be interested in securing a tract of these
lands. Call and see
This model from Arnold Constable is of black velvet faced with French
:ue plush. On the crown is a conventional flower and leaves of Chennille.
"Free information relative to the next United States
Oklahoma Indian Lands. '
Government Sale of
Developing and Colonizing Eastern and Southeastern Oklahoma.
Are you tormented by Neuralgia,
Lumbago. Sciatica or any of those
aches that require a counter-irritant?
Then let the soothing, warming appli
cation of Sloan's Liniment stop the
pain by drawing the blood away from
the congested part.
It is the pressure on the nerves by
the blood rushing to the inflamed
muscle or joint that makes you ache.
So when Sloan's Liniment relieves the
swollen blood vessels by setting up a
counter-irritant on the surface, the
l vw v w s v
circulation is equalized, sympathetic
nerves all soothed, and soreness or
lameness disappears.
Sloan's Liniment is probably ths
counter-irritant most widely used to
overcome painful inflammation ia
cases cf neuralgia, sore muscles,
wrenched joints, strains, bruises, gout.
Rubbing is not required. This clear,
clean liquid i3 easily applied as it does
not stain the skin. m
Generous size bottles at
I lyi ! I X
J I .1 Li f ; -4 y i
SOc, 60C,
Blue Yallev Butter.
3 lb. Cans Chase & Sanborn's
Crusade Coffee S7
5 U.S. Mail or Swift's
Pride Soap 29
Boy Blue 9?
Washington Corn Crisp. .9
No. 1 Cans Peas lOp
3 lbs. Jersey Sweet
Potatoes 19
Spring Chicken 35
Prime Rib Roast of
Choice Pot Roast of
Soup Meat 15
Leg of Veal Roast 34p
Veal Stew 25
Ham 37
Salt. Pork, 2 lb. strip. . .30?
Bacon Squares, 2 to 3 lbs.
average 3Sc
hero, the week-eml guest of her cousin.
Mrs. Monroe Schorl;, in Fir street.
Mrs. Iv. C. Wedjfewood and daughter.
Mrs. Ioy!l Smith, of U'eRf avenue, have
returned from a pleasure trip with Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Chick and their son,
George, to Georgetown. Ky., made in the
Chick auto. The town was the birth
place of Mrs. Chick and many relatives
and former friends were visited.
Miss Esther Dixon of South Magoun
avenue has been very ill with the in
fluenza. Miss Margaret Lynn of Northcote ave
nue is numbered among the convalescent
Mrs. Frank Grass of 14Uh street is
coiillned to her home with illness which
very much resembles the "flu."
Mrs. Robert Hall of North Forsythe
avenue is home from Torre Haute, where
she was summoned owing to the Illness
of her mother.
Mrs. S. I Grebner of Chicago was a
visitor here yesterday at the hoyie of
her mother, Mrs. J. Rico, and her sister, j
Mrs. L. J. Johnson.
Mrs. Warren Kipp of North Magoun
avenue and little Hillie Kipp will soon
be leaving for Rockl'ord, where they will
share the home of Mrs. Kipp's parents
while her brothers are off to war, mak
ing the home too amph' in size and care
for the mother. Mrs. Kipp intends re
maining the winter there at least.
Miss Ruth Blown of North Olcutt ae
r,i was removed to St. Margaret's H"S-
i pital late yesttrday a ft' moon to undergo
an operation for apprndintis. Her
grandmother. Mrs. Amelia Va'.es. ts ar
riving hre today from Milwaukee to
remain at the F-roun home during the
illness of Miss Ruth.
The young women eniploxes of the
Citizens Trust & Savings lnk. Indiana
Harbor, were the in-, ited guests of Miss
Johnston, of the Northern Indiana lias
-, Light office, at her home in the Fast
Fide iast evening to a Hallowe'en affair.
Miss Helen Galvin and Miss Klna Tolf
carried home the honors of the evening
of influenza-pneumonia.
Little Jean McQuaid, age four years,
and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James,
McQuaid of Grapevine street. Is quite ;
well from her experience of eating scv- i
eral bromo-quinine tablets from a box j
whu-h she thought were candy. The j
prompt attendance of physicians saved
her life.
fry . ? www.. ur, ' "y"1'''-??' .U"-
J.f vm'.mj i j
ly after their arrival. She is better now,
The entire family of Attorney A. C.
Foley in Kim street has been ill. The
I youngest child, two years ol age. nrs
extremely ill for a time and caused
much alarm to the parents.
The death of Charles Sepessi. age 21 j William O'Frien, a young man of 26
years, was reported from 4911 Alexander years and practically a stranger in this
avenue. Cause of demise pneumonia. ) city, was taken ill with the influenza
Was married and leaves wife and baby i pneumonia complications and died a
six months old.
Mrs. Reil received word from a friend ! I'jfJ
about her son's condition at camp this
morning: "Dear Mrs. Reil: As per
telegram I am writing you regarding
Ed. 1 was over to see him this morn
ing and talked with him. He looks
much brighter this morning and I feel
be is absolutely O. K. and out of dang
er. Do not worry because if anything
is serious I'll wire you at once. I'll
also keep you posted every day how he
few days later at ihe Mercy hospital In
He had relatives in FhilnOelphiu
and a wife in Ireland. His remains
were interred at Calvary fmetery yes
terday. There is to be a very important meet
ing of the board of directors of the In
diana Harbor Red Cross chapter, Tues
day evening, at the Chapter house, S
o'clock. It will be the annual election
of office A.
The activities at the Chapter House,
is progressing. They are giving him a Indiana Harbor, the past week, were
hypodermic injection every three hours. ! confiened to the making of supplies for
I suppose for strength because Kd was j the emergency hospital. Sheets, pillow
pretty weak before he would go to the I slips, night gow ns, influenza masks and
to solicit the aid of their friends to give
as much time as possible to the making
of the needed articles.
hospital, but he'll be all right, but it
will take time. Tours truly, Geo. M.
Postponement has been made of the
meeting of the State Federation "f rft;u!ar war wovk supplies will b
Women's Clubs which was to have been
held at lndianapoli?. Oct. 2'.' to 25, in
clusive. The latter date has Been 8t
for Nov. 13 to
Miss Lillian Gorman and her brother
Bernard were both very ill with the in
fluenza Miss Gorman has re-uperaeii
enough to return to her duties at the
Gibson yards office and her brother
back to his work at th- Interstate mill.
Miss Prima Brady, who inak-3 her
home with the O'Coimcll family in 144th
street, has taken n position in the Calu
met First Trust & Savings Bank.
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Gibbs of the Gibbc.
' Pharmacy have gone to Muncie. ln-1..
for a brief visit with relatives. Mr.
j Gibbs returns here after a lew das
pneumonia jackets were turned out
with lightning rapidity by a corps of
energetic workers. The splendid attend
it.ee of Indiana Harbor women the past
I week has been most gratifying. The
menced next week pnd women are asked
in the game contests.
Bert Toth, lC-yeai-oM son of Mr. and j stay.
Mrs. Joseph Toth of 4305 Melville ave- j There is considerable sickness in the
"nue passed away yesterday after a ; family of Kmil Anderson in Grapevine
... .i.t.e of the influenz-t-pneu- street, l lire e or tne cniinren are in ana
funeral occurs to-
the BMwmm
Coal Co. If
monia. malady. Th'
day at Oak Hill.
Burnett of South
svthe avenue has gone to Hammond to
assist in nursing three of the K. P.
Fawley family of Elm street, who are
ill with the influenza.
f, Mn Frie1-.aan of N rt!i
avenue, and one of the twin sons of Mr.
and Mrs. Julius Frieuman of North Ma- ,
goun avenue are new cases i trorled w ith j
r J Sullivan of 144th street has left
'or Hartford. Conn., where he was called
on account of the death of his brother s
daughter, whose passing was the result
We have opened a
new grocery and meat
market at the corner
of WrgK Avenue and
149th St., East Chi
cago. Everything
fresh and new. Call
and investigate.
a young lady visitor, daughter of Her
man Anderson is afflicted with the same
Mrs. James Atkinson of Colorado
Springs, the house guest of Dr. and
Mrs. A. n. Schlieker in Northcote ave-
i nue. brought her daughter. Miss Mabel,
Baring I vl,h
Girls! Make beauty lotion
at home for few cents
r.r i tl e -
r became i!l short-
Squeeze the juice of two lemons into
a bottle containing three ounces of Or
chard White, shake well, and you have
a quarter pint of the best bleaching and
skin whitening lotion, and complexion
beaut ifier. at very, very small cost.
Tour grocer has the lemons and any
drug store or toilet counter will supply
three ounces of Orchard White for a
few cents. Massage this sweetly frag
rant lotion into the fact, neck, arms and
hands each day and see how tan, red
ness, sallowness. sunburn and wind
burn disappear end how- clenr, soft and
rosy-white the skin becomes. Ysl It
is ban iess. Adv.
get us an even. But the boys here g--lots
of doughnuts.
"It's a little harder to work here tha
where we were bofer. In the daytim
Three children in the Ira Wiggins , tIle onjy roai to this little batteie
home, 372S Parish avenue, have been ill j town is under constant observation .
with the influenza. The youngest, age ti,e boches, and it's impossible to brin
four, had the pneumonia complication! jn supplies except at night. They don
and his condition was very critical for , bring any more than necessary. S
a time. I we!vo had little fresh food or canre
The regular n-.eefng cf the O lumet fruit it's mostly slum, just as th
D. A. R. chapter will be held Tuesday j boys have, but it's plenty."
afternoon. Oct. 22nd, at 2 o'clock, at the
home of Mr.?. Vic tor Bxdeiuv, -nil 3 Bar
ing avenue. This Meeting is announced
with the understanding thai same -will
be held in conformity to the ruling of
ban being lifted which is expected by
that time.
Mrs. C. C. Robinson is assisting in
the offices of her husband Dr. Robinson
during these busy days when the tele
phone calls alone takes all of an at
tendant's time.
For Rent Newly decorated apar
ment. 3411 Grapevine street, near
Michigan ave. Fhone Indiana Harbor
S44. - 10-1S-
caed or THAintS.
With the deerest gratitude do we ex
press our appreciation to all those who
were so kind in their aid and sympathy
in the recent loss cf our dearly beloved
son. George. Kspecially for the minis
trations of Rev. Geo. Bauer, pastor of
St. Mary's church, all friends and neigh
bors and for the beautiful floral tokens.
10-1 S-i
tUnited Press Staff Correspondent.)
FRANCE, Oct. 12. "Its been mostly
slum for the last couple of weeks," was
the way ths Salvation Army sisters,
Miss- Gladys and Irene Mclntyre of
Mount Vernon. N. Y.. replied to the
The patriot!
epirit and devotiui
with which Amer.
can women hav
so far perform.'.
war-Berice wof
and made sacrifice
has nevtir bee:
equalled in th,
historj of ani
country. Mothen
wives and eiste.i
support this bonis
with strength an
fortitude. Bni
those who are ai
ready miserbl
from tbe oom
plaints sod -weal
nesses which are so common to waaum
! ehoald take the right tonic f ortheroman,
If a woman ts rjorn aown oy psn
and sttSexiirgs at regular or irrepi!
intervals, by nervousness or dirry epeU
by headache or backache. "Favori
Prescription" should be taken. "Favc
ite Prescription" can now be had
tablet form as well as liquid at mc
drug stores. Send to Doctor Pierce'
Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y., for
ten-cent trial package of tablets.
For fifty years Dr. Pierce's Fleas.'-
Pieroc'i nmciicine. !
question as to whether they had good Pellets hare been most satisfactory ii
food at the front. j lirer and bowel troubles.
Miss Irene, with her sleeves rolled upl mti "1V Int.-'
to her elbows and flour spattered over "When I wm m t bmiQ
uougiuiuL uuujii atiu vul qui uuuisiiiim.', I
while Miss Gladys fried them in the
outdoor kettle they had arranged over;
the open fire. They had no stove at. this .
"hut." j
"We had to make the most of the situ-
ation out here." said Miss Irene. "When
we came out there was nothing to cooh
with at all. So we built a sort of camp- ;
fire place. We haven't made a pie for 3
weeks, bteatiso we haven't any oven.
We'll be forgetting how-, if they don't
used TVrarree Ptaamlu.
tion' and 'Gotten Macbra
DinrerBj1 toctbi
when in a WirAe a
and found tbem jus ti
right wmdw lot tim
oooduioo- Mr owt
testimony fa th i
aids and anTFwna an
makM for comfort an
wrU bcinc I haw twiot
Band thrae nwdwniea and fonnd tbem perfortt)
garff livery ' mrt. r.mma ( Vruni, 214 &m S4
Phone 717-J.
East Chicago.
PHONE 163.
Bwy New?
Wc have on hand some of the finest used furniture.
Come and pick out your needs and save 30 to 40 per
Hammond Furniture Exchange
204 East State St., Opposite Postoffice.
To the Public:
Our business has enlarg
ed to such an extent wc
are forced to open our
own cleaning and dyejno;
plant so that wc will be
able' to give the public a
ten hour service.
Call phone East Chi
cago 1026 and truck
will - come to your
J. Smulevifz
4734 Olcott Avenue.
. East Chicago, Ind.
New York Most
m r - . . , .
u7fU J "immed, and plain models; all lined,
half lined, and many interlined for extra I S
beautiful tai orin wi?h fk ..1Xtra Y?rmth?
0 . w wi wurKmansnip
ailv seen in cmfmAn.. : i . . . .
garments priced considerably higher.
Plush Goats New Dresses
A splendid assortment, pur
chased before the present
shortage forced up the rrices.
Jersey, serges and satins; paneled
ringed, hijh waisted, and straight
line styles.
TERMS They Are Easy Here
wu me your own terms when you open
CHARGE ACCOUNT here. We reouire
no recommendations. Everything abso
lutely confidential.
Ladies' &
Suits Men's
Smarr models, fashioned of
Serge, Poiret TwiU,
Gabardine, and Wool
Poplin- $2598
Mothers to $39")
Conservative and dressier
models, plain, and fancy
Boy's Suits
High grade garments,
mannishly tailored.
Back Those Bayonets With Bonds
603 Hohman St., Hammond, Ind.
ifliiilii rJ
Suits fflifl S
I f1' I

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