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Pfure Ten.
TVednesdav Dc. 11. 101 S.
Brother of Gary Man locat
ed by War Department
in Prison.
Special To
Dec. 11. The
son of David
name of Bert A. Slater,
Slater of 1413 Kast Michigan street, this
city, appeals in a list of V. S. soldiers in
a German prison camp. Camp Ilastatt,
just announced by the U. S. war depart
ment. He registered in June, lfi", in
Newcastle. Fa., where he was employed
at that time. The young man was sent
from Newcastle to Camp I.ee. Va.. and
after having been given a course of
training was six months ago picked for
cuty overseas.
A short time before the armistice was
Finned hts brother, LeRoy Slater, of
Gary, was officially informed that Bert
was rerorted missing in action on Oct.
1. A. few days later word came that he
was a prisoner and in good health.
The Slater boys were some years ago,
star athletes in the Michigan City high
school. Bert was ft member of the ctfam-
p 1904 M. C. II. S. football eleven.
8B successful as a sprinter on the
track team and pitcher on the baseball
Check and Abort
a Bad' Cold
In Tive
Hoar With
Bay It Concentrated and
With Pint of Syrup.
Doubtless eery reader recalls hav
ii: neglected a slight cold until iir 24
h"urs it settled into a "Bad Cold" and
rpfn about TJ hours of distress, dis
comfort, if not weeks of bronchitis or
1-iieumouia or ctarrh. Now confess, if
Viu"ve had such an experience, take
lur. by the tVrclock by preparing to
eeck and abort colds, coughs, catarrh,
diffi.'ult breathing watt ring eyts and
I ;nful headaches.
' It can be done, by taking Mentho-Lax-ie
either in its raw state ten drops to
rfc; dose or by making a granulated
sugar syrup and mixing in a pint bottle
it jar. A rint will last a whole family
I- a long tine and keep every member
free from the distressing after effects
of a bad cold. Mentho-Laxene is guar-B'-ieed
to please or money back by The
Blackburn Products Co., Dayton, Ohio,
erd nay well stock druggist can supply
vnu. Don't take a subsume. There is
really nothing to compare with Mentho
ls ene. Adv.
Rejoicing in Home of Har
ry O'Hara Because of War
Department's News. '
Speciat, To The Times
"WHITING. IND.. Dec. 11. The gov
ernment has now officially notified Miss
Mabel O'Hara, of this city. that her
brother Horry O'Hara. who is with the
6th Engineers, overseas, is now safe and
sound. The government had previously
notified Miss O'Hara that her brother
was missing in action.
About a week ago a letter came from
Karl Moore, of Whiting, which lfas been
published in The Times to the effect that
O'Hara was taken prisoner by the Ger
mans on Oct. 25th. He further said,
"Harry could have, escaped, but' her re
fused to leave three men who. were in
jured, with the result that Fritz got
them all." ,
The telegram now received by the
Tells How To Open Clogged Nos
trils and End Head-Colds.
Dr. Kind's New Diccoverp
relieves thcra cjid keep
you going on the job
Fifty' continuous years of almost!
Unfailing checking ana relieving coughs,
colds and kindred sufferings is tha
proud achievement of Dr. King's New
Grandparents, fathers, mothers, the
kiddies all have used and are using
it as the safest, surest, most'plcasant-to-take
remedy they know of.
Sold by all druggists. 60c and $1.20. !
Keep Bowels On Schedule
Late, retarded functioning throws
the whole day's duties out of tear.
Keep the system cleansed, the appe
tite lively, the stomach staunch with
Dr. King's New Life Pills Mild and
tonic in action. Sold everywhere. 25c
O'Hara's was as follows:
Harry R
O'Hara. has
"Tour brother.
now been released from the German pris
on caitrj) and is in good health."
Harbor M$n Who Figured
in Auto Smash, Hits Girl
in Street With Car.
You feel fine in a few moments. Tour
cold in head or catarrh will be gone.
Your clogged nostrils will open. Th
air passages of your head will clear and
you can breathe freely. Xo more dull
ness, headache; no hawking, snuffling,
mucous discharges or dryness; no strug
gling for breath at night.
Tell your druggist' you want a small
bottle of Kly's Cream Halm. Apply a
little of this fragrant, antiseptic cream
in your nostrils, let it penetrate through
every air passage of the head; soothe ! Burtie
ana neai me swollen, innamed mucous
membrane, and relief comes instantly.
It is just what every cold and caiarrh
sufferer needs. Don't stay stuffed-up
and miserable. Adv.
That D. Ewes'en, "611 Perish avenue.
Indiana Harbor, was driving on the,
wrong corner at a high rate of speed
while going south on Korsyth avenue
is alleged by a party of young people
; whom he drove his car into before he
hit the telephone pole on 150th street
as he made the turn. In the party were
Miss Helen Goranowski of AVest Ham
mond. Misses Bessie and Lottie Novak
of AVest Hammond, Miss Victoria
i Niemiec of East Chicago and George-
Bessie Novak was hit -by the
fender of the auto and rolled in the
street, suffering injury to her side and
lges. She was taken to a nearby house
and will not be permanently hurt. The
story that Miss Novak was in Kwensen's
car is not true as it had five male pas
sengers in it.
This Offer Expires Dec. 24th
Great Offer to Every
Reader of THE TIMES
T " V ; v J
4- .-. .-jrv
Clio out this ooupon aad rla with
"J olaar imtU pioVtira, photo.
port c-rd or soapshotto
E. C. Mirias Co.
v Hammond Ind.
ahd It will rautla yon 'to Am Ufa
rxaxo oTmn rs.su, six 14it
tneha. . A beautiful oval plaqna.
loa do aot faava to bmy a, fmnt fo
It or pay ona pair. Toar nuU J'io
tvra will ta returned tm&armtd. Naa
artist's wr at atov.
630 W. State- St.
Phone 274.
and Retail
S14 Wentworth Av
Phone 1541.
We. have on hand for immediate delivery
Franklin County Coal,
Harrlsburg.Coal, White Ash
Nut and Lump
Also Buckwheat Hard Coal. Will deliver any else order.
Prompt sendee. Best-soft coal on the market.
Call as trp.
, . - , .- ,
A preliminary meeting was held last
night at the office of Abe Ottenheimer.
Calumet building, to start the Christ
mas roll call campaign of the East Chi
cago chapter of the American Ked Cross.
The meeting was an enthusiastic one
ind a concerted and determined effort
will be made to secure a membership in
every home under the slogan "Tour heart
and one dollar."
I"or several years the Red Cross will
have an important work to do. not only
among the homeless refgees In Relium
Get at the Real Cause Take Dr.
Edwards' Olive Tablets
That's what thousands of stomach
6uferers are doing now. .Instead of
taking tonics, or trying to patch up a
poor digestion, they are attacking the
real cause of the ailment -clogged liver
and disordered bowels.
! .Dr. Edwards Olive Tablet.3 arouse the
! liver in a soothing, healing way. When
i the liver and bowels are performing their
I natural functions, away goes indigestion
! and stomach troubles..
If you have a bad taste la your
mouth, tongue coated, appetite poor,
lazy, don't-care feeling, no ambition or
energy, troubled with undfgested food3,
i you should take Olive Tablets, the sub
I stitute for calomel.
! Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are a
purely vegetable compound mixed with
olive oil. You will know them by their
olive color. They do the work without
griping, cramps or pain.
Take one or two at bedtime for quick
relief, so you can eat what you like.
At 10c. and 25c per box. All druggist.
'i - - - -- - - - j
The Store of
' Visit
illion Gift Suggestions.
has CoiapanY
Note Our
Cut Glass
Kimonos, Negligees and Bath Robes
Pa i sir pat-
Kimonos and Negligees of beautiful soft.chener siks or
terned silks. These 'garments wouUr ordinarily retail at $3.00, but because of
fortunate clearing purchase we are- pleased to offer them at .
CORDUROV ROBES in American T.eauty Hose and copen
iue, are of umi.wal soft silky finish. Styles
are new and quality is excellent. A beauti
ful Christmas gift at
CHILDREN' S RATH ROI?ES Of heavy blanket material.
I olors are medium and dark. A practical
gift to jour boy or girl; ages d to 14 years,
nket material.
Special in House Aprons
House Aprons in percales, light and
dark colors, extra sizes are included.
Regular $2.25 values. Special at.
SI. 50
Free Xmas
Gifts ,
,Our way of redeeming Kdward
C. .Minas Co. Profit-Sharing
Stamp Books in any depart
ment of 'tliLs store is far super
ior to the Premium Depart
ment method. "With our whole
store to choose from your sat
isfaction in selection is assured
and our stamps are more valu
able in vour eyes.
Handkerchiefs for Gifts
Initial Handkerchiefs Pure linen, dainty
hemstitched hem, letter embroidered in
neat design. Three for
Crep de Cnone
pretty colored borders, at 250
Child's Jap Silk, hemstitched, cgl
ors to please the child. Each
Ladies' Handkerchiefs Two, three, four and five
in beautiful holly box; large assortment of pretty-.
designs. Box --- 50C
-Hemstitched, Kiddies' -Handkerchiefs Kinder
garten and animal designs, em
broidered in corners: fine quality
emerald lawn 2 in box...... 29c
Art Section Suggestions
Sample Finished Pieces R:-
duced. These pieces are in
good condition, neatly boied.
Consists of pillow tops, scarfs,
squares, doilies, towels, gowns
and many other useful items.
05? por sicein or fine a11
wool Knitting Worsted Yarn,
weight about 4 oz. to skein:
comes in 3 shades of grey only.
JQ for Japanese Square,
made of good heavy material,
neatly hemstitched; size 45x45
inches. Special piced as i bOve.
Same style, size 72x72, special
ly priced at
X9C per P'ie'n or a limited
.amount of all wovl Zephyr in
about a dozen different shades.
A Cedar Chest
. ,
Most popular as Christmas gifts be
cause of their beauty and practica
bilitv are Cedar Chests. We have
a large number of styles and sizes
from which you may make your se
lection. Of genuine cedar?" some
are beautifully trimmed with brass'
and rivets. All are proof against moths and
other clothing destroyers. We have one of me
dium size, nicely finished,
Others at all prices up to $30.40.
The Columbia as a Gift
"With few exceptions everyone enjoys
good music. The Columbia Grafanola
has reached the highest point in tone
perfection .through many improved
patented features that avc will ex-
plain to you. You will enjoy hearing
your favQrite songyS played by the Co
lumbia. Its accuracy of tone repro
duction will delight you. Some mem
ber of your family wants one this Christmas.
Father, brother, sister club together this year
and give the best of Christmas gifts to mother. "
All sizes to suit your desire priced from
$21 Down to $18
Inj your spare time come to our third floor music
parlor and hear the new records as they ronae in
twice monthly.' All of the famous artists may be
enjoyed as well as the most popular songs. and
band pieces.
j -j jj 3
i ? ,y , '
fi tfjf i
and other devastated countries in Eu
rope. There will be many post-war prob
lems Involving reconstruction, and" .re
habilitation plans that the Red CrJss
organization will be expected to handle.
It is Just a trifle that the organizayon
is asking. They simply wanl every
home to take at least ona membership
and wherever possible every member of
the family should also subscribe. Mem
bership is just one dollar per ;-ear.
There will be an organization meet
inR of Red Cross officials and workers
this week, Friday night, at the council
chamber of the city hall to make further
plnns in detail for th? house-to-house
The following have been selected to
handle the . campaign: T. T. Richards,
chairman; Mrs. A. Ottenheimer, vice
chairman; Mrs. Ed - forger, secretary;
II. K. Grove, treasurer: Mrs. Victor
EadeaYix, flrt-ward; Mrs. Harry Ack
royd, second ward; Mrs. Joss Thompson,
third ward: and Mrs. George Keuss.
fourth" ward: J. E. O'Xeil, manufactur
ers: E. I... Evans, publicity.
churches are requested to give the cam
paign publicity and explain the need of
a universal response to the call for new
members. Early next week there will be a mass
meeting at which a returned chaplain
from the front ranks will give an address.
Attorney Isaac Unterman of Indiana
Harbor has wired to the president and
senate the following:
"In the light of the latest anti-Semitic
atrocities committed in Tolish territories
against the Jes. we. the Jewish inhabi
tants of Uik county assembled today
at a meeting of the Ezra lodge demand
that the American delegation to the
peace conference before giving approval
to the complete national sovereignty of
Poland, should insist on satisfactory in
ternational guarantees that the Jews in
and that they will secure equal rights
to life, liberty and the pursujt of happi
ness, with untrammeled opportunities
for national development.
, "I. UXTERMAX, Secretary."
The Gary police ha-e been asked to
locate LouiSe Marconi. 17 year old,
who has been missing from her Gary
home for three day.".
Mrs. George II. Manlove, wife of
former Gary City Controller Manlove,
has returned from Rod AVinr. Minn.,
where she went-several weeks aso to
be Willi' her mother, who underwent
an operaifon at Mayo Brothers hospit
al at Rochester, Minn. Mrs. Manlove
left her mother in an improved condi-
Sore Throat' Colds
Quickly Relieved By Hamlin's
Wizard Oil
Hamlin's Wizard Oil is a simple
and effective treatment for sore
throat and chest colds. Used as a
gargle for sore throat it brings quick
relief. Rubbed on the chest it will
often loosen up a hard, deep seated
cold in one night.
How often sprains, bruises, cuts
and burns occur in every family, as
I well as little troubles like, earache,
j toothache,., cold seres, canker sores,
! stiff neck, and tired aching fee,t.
Soothing, healing Wizard Oil will al
ways tmng quick relict.
Get it from druggists for 30 cents.
If not satisfied return the bottle and
get your money back. ,
Ever constipated or have sick
headache? Just try Wizard Liver
Whips, pleasant little pink pills, 30
cents. Guaranteed.
Sunday the pastors of the various
Poland will receive adequate protection tion.
December the 14th, we, will
to the public a first-class
in connection with our full line of
Staple Groceries, Fresh Fruits and
Buy your Meats, Groceries, Fruits
and Vegetables from us at lowest
prices and save money. Come and
be convinced. Don't forget the
date, Saturday, December 14th.
Grocery and Meat Market
211 155th Street 1, WIENER, Prop. ' Phone 2437
But Lydia E.Pinkham'sVege..
table Compound Saved
Her from a Serious
Brooklyn. N. Y.I suffered some
thing dreadful from a displacement and
two very bad at
tacks of inflamma
tion. My doctor
Baid he could d o
nothing more for
me and I would
have to go to the
hospital lor an
o p e r at i o n, but
Lydia E. Pink
h a m's Vegetable
Compound and
Sanative Wash
have entirely cured
me of my troubles
and I am now in
eood health. I am
willing you should use my
testimonial and hope to benefit
other suffering women by so
doing." Mrs. t. KLATT,
Woodbine St.,. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Operations upon women in our hos- j
pitals are constantly on the increase, ;
but before submitting to an operation
for ailments peculiar to their sex every 1
woman owes it to herself to give that
famous root and herb remedy, Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, a trial, j
If complications exist write Lydia E. '
Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass., for
advice..- . .. .
Nothing heals and clears the (kid cf j
infants and children like
; Sykes Comfort Powder .
I which contains harmless antiseptic healing j
intedients not found in any other powder. !
- 2Sc at the Vlnol and other drug stores
The Comfort Powder Co,, Boston, Mass.
The new Edison is the only phono
graph which actually reproduces mu
sic and the human's voice true to life.
This has been proved repeatedly to
over two million music lovers.
Come and hear the new Edison.
Gel She New
Edison in your
home for Xmas
See The
Back of
This Piano
A complete line of latest models of
the well known M. Schulz Player
Pianos and Pianos. Every piano we
ell has the maker's as well as our
guarantee back of it.
Visit our Piano Dept. and select
rour player or piano for Xmas.
Second floor.
3049-59 East 92nd St. South Chicago.
FREE CONCERT Evry Thursday and
Saturday Afternoon Until Xmas.
1 ' "'"
Edleon Phonographs and Pianos
Easy Payments.

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