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Wednesday, Feb. 25, 10-
Page Four
The County Times Daily axf.pt Saturday
Sunday. Littered at tt. uostotne. in llaimuoiu. Juna
. iu.
Tha Tlnm fca Chlcico-Tndlan a Harbor, dally excapt
Sunday Emrd at tha poatoffica in i-ast Chicago. Not
aitr 18. HIS.
The Lake County TtmMi Sturdy and Weekly edition,
enteral t the .oefofCce in Hammond. February . 11
The Cary Evening Times Dll except Sut.day. En
tered at the poatifnt in Garv. April S. 1911.
All under the ci of Lurch 3, aa second-class
self. Utter selfishness 13 a form of Individualism that
destroys all chances ci accomplishing the purposes for
which ft Is practiced. ,
The truth is, absorption iu self to the exclusion
of others is a crime. Involving both petty offenses of
rudeness, suobbishne-ss and had breeding, aud cruel and
heartless invasions of the happiness and prosperity of
"No man liveth untc himself." and to try to do this
In an extreme way Is to knock the props from under the
entire structure of human society.
The great whiskey rebellion In Michigau was cvl-
LOQAN painb CO I CHICAGO, j deutly grossly exaggerated.
There is every indication that the " drive" into
the district was as devoid of excitement as an old ladies'
Instead of being met
tiainuiond (private exchange) 3100. J1C1. 81I
(Call ior uliatevn department wanted.)
v!-,,0ftC'rhT,nVT.-"T--,--.-hr Telephone 117 sewlnj bee at a (hurch s,.cla!
rasaau A Thompson. Imi Chicago Telcpnone 831 ,
Kst cTiioaro (The Timesi Telephone :s3liy volleys of shots from indignant mluers battling for
Indiana Harbor i i :! .. .Tei-piiiie s"2 i., , ,, , ... . ., . . . - . . ,
Tndiana Harbor tRcportcr and "la.". Adv.) " .Telephone i "pJr personal liberty, the chances are about 100 to 1
Whitley telephone 0-iathat they were greeted by "Kamerad." wherever they
vrwvn x o i n i i.iepuouo
If you have any trouble yetting Thb Time makes com
plaint Immediately to the Circulation Department.
put In an appearance.
Michigau Isn't Tennessee. The hill billies of Johiv
Fox' county will be the first ones to give I'ucle Sam
V.a',-t?-r?he,V.yrJI,0ory f Tn? .r.t".0" i real trouble when he goes after their liquid dew.
ry aa you nave In th past, please do not think It noa vm
lost or waa not sent en time. Remember that tha man J The "tutraged" citizens of Iron cmiutv, Michigan,
aervica la not what It us-ed to be and that complaints are . . . ...
(tene.-a! from manr source- about the train and mail eer-Jdcut want to fight for their . o per cent or better,
rice. Ths Timbs hsa increases t mat ing equipment and , After thl et0rie8 0f tne -armed invasion" began flltt r-
atrtvlng- earnestly to reach tt patrons on time. wa .
prompt in advism us wheo you aa .: t your i.aper ana! Inp In they became bo panic strlckeu that they even
a wil act promptly. j turew up their hands whenever an automobile approach-
VmJZT i ed. In the beilef that St contained parties of the dreaded
k i "rcvenooers-"
jHt- "r""" 5.. I Yesterday the county resounded with a strange
' rumbling sound. It was made by the roiling of many
A PARENT'S COMPLAINT. I barrels over the hlls, caused by the desperate efforts
A system of education which compels a child to of the citizenry to hide its home made wine, raisin mash
t?.ke his books home fcr study at night is not the best j anj other liquor where they dry agents could not find lr.
system la the world. There are occasions when a child jori jf taey diti fin( jt where they cannot connect the
is delinquent or will nut get his lessons lu school wheu i owners as having It in their possession. Some of the
it Is justifiable, but parents are generally against the more panic ttricken eveu hammered in the bungholes
practice of forcing a child along la his school career . 0f the barrels, allowing their brew to saturate various!
by making him take his studies home with him when i large tracts cf the couutk.
he ought to be taking recrcaticu or iu bed. This news- j The -great whiskey rebellion" has exploded like a
Vaper has received several complaints during the prcscul ! j.j fire cracker and If the prohibition agents use a
school year from parents who prefer that their child-j little common sense, but little will ever be heard
The Passing Show
reu s school wort le uoue at scnooi anu uut uuuug iuc
night at home, lu one instance the child was nearly
worn out by having twenty arithmetical problems tc
work out every night and became cross and irritable.
The child was ambitious in its studies and was carry
ing too big a load in school work.
There seems to be a tendency in modern school
work in mappiag out the courses of study to rush a
Child through ;fjool aud children graduate into high
school at a very tender age nowadays. The hustling
crowding spirit of the day seems to have seeped into
the school system, much to the concern of many parents.
With the abolishing of the eighth grade in the Ham
mond schools children are entering the high school at
the extremely tender age of thirteen :ears.
A child is only a child once. It should not be
forced to do many things in a half-hearted, rushing
way, instead of doing a few things we!!, after it has
spent its day in school it deserves the rest of the day in
play and entertainment of its own. There is much to
be said as well for the parents, who oljct to study
cramming. They are responsible for their children's
health, and upbringing.
about it.
Haymond B. Fosdick, undersecretary general of the
League of Nations, and American representative lu the
League machinery, has resigned because the I. S. has
not accepted the league. Aud still the "heart of the
world" beats on.
When it is always ourselves and never "the other
fellow'' in our relations with our fellow beings there is
something wrong without human aud ethical conscious
ness. We have slipped a cog somewhere on the back
stretch of our existence that has always 0r will at some
time in the future, affect disastrously our own happiness
and welfare.
True, this Is particularly the age of a certain sort
of Individualism that has become an obsession among
teachers of philosophy and opportunity. We are swamp
ed with a doctrine that we must confine our undivided
attention to ourselves, what we are, what wc possess
ana what we hope to be.
1'rom a ultltarlan standpoint aud as a mere matter
of personal success, this doctrine may be all right, but
the trouble is in application of the law. If we pursue
the doctrine to its ultimate meaning, however, and
withdraw all our thought, sympathies and help from
the people who surround us, we wreck our own craft
and iu no small degree defeat the very object of life if-
The aunt of former mayor of Cleveland, the late
Thomas L. Johnson, died recently leaving an estate of
150,000 disposed of by will. The will was attacked by
relatives on the score of the woman's mental incompet
ency, cue of the contentions of a sister contestant being
that the deceased "whenever she discussed the presi
dent would work herself into a rage aud it was with
great difficulty that she was calmed." The jury in the
surrogate's court, on hearing this evidence of the atti
tude of the deceased toward Mr. Wilson, promptly de
cided that she had possessed a clear and lucid mind, and
the will was ordered executed. If the will of every
person who berated the president were attacked for that
reason, the law courts would never be able to clear
their dockets.
Mr. Eryan at least gave the diners at the Jackson
Day banquet something to think about when he asked
them how a senate minority, that had denounced the
Republicans for a seven months' delay in ratifying the
peace treaty, could justify the 14 months' delay the
referendum of the issue to the people would involve
an issue whose outcome would be more than dubious
in that it Involved the securing cf two-thirds of the
senators, avers the Fort Wayne News.
Mr. Bryan is. of course, eminently correct, but it is
really to be hoped that he will not prevail. This mat
ter should go to the people for a decision and.it is
guaranteed in advance that if ft does the Lodge reser-
j vations will be sustained by an overwhelming major
ity. The people of the United States do not believe
with President Wilson that the League or Nations cov
enant is greater than our government and they are op
posed alike to allowing European nr: ''ins to conscript
Foldiers here to fight European wars and to obligating
this country to tarry the financial burdens cf the old
SOMET DH 3 we have a swet
VOICE call up I j Kie us an m
THAT liialvi.a us thhui tf tlimMy or
BUT probably a practical man
WOULD have thought iff a kimono and
BOUDOIR cap njul lie posriMy
WOULD have Wn more right rilni
Liiik a
OUT of ten at thnt.
"HOW can I make a shy man pro
pi -ft
WRITES an undoubtedly fair corres
pondent TOV don't ha to, girl;
JUST think what year this is. Su h
a im morj
THE way Hammond is building new
THE population nxt year will hn".
imria f U
T1VH thousand Inrttad of tins
TIAS'B 2.000.
WE Fee that the coming
SCIENTTriC M-ntcst lin-con Mr.
AND Mr. Otrj'Ti'irr is not tu
BE until 1 1.
WHICB only leaves the principals a
LESS than a ye-ar tu talk in.
I BUT of course considerable gabbing
BE accomplished even In that
ESOKI time hy strict attention
TO business.
PERSONS who have been paying: $7.30
to J12.00 for
THE Xewberry
triad will last until
While Sims is telling the country how PaniMs has
destroyed the navy's morale, the Providence Journal
resales us with Daniel's responsibility for the destruc
tion of the navy's morals.
T1IC CALIFORNIA jufige who ordered the auto
mobile of a speed fiend locked up for 30 days oiTcrs a
novel remedy for fast driving and oue that should
hare a good effect.
OT in our own behalf, but
seriously and earnestly,
because we wish to guard our
friends against disappointment,
we suggest that they inform
themselves concerning the de
livery dates of Cadillac automobiles.
Bohling Auto Sales
Douglas and Hohman, Michigan and Grapevine,
Hammond. Indiana Harbor. .
shoes will be please'i to
LEASN it Is now officially announced
THAT 15 a pair is a fair price
OH, such a government!
WHEW they are courting:
ALXt she hears is his autobiography,
BUT after they are married
ALL he h'axs is her autobiography.
MUCH like regular petticoats
THAT wonder ncmetimrs whether
IT is any easier to kick the chandelier
BDRIHO r-umn ex' iting- moment
TJX one or the othrr.
AND the motto of the Italians may
yet be
HE K-pt. Us put of i'muie.
WE'LL say it is a ciufer
LENTEN entertainment.
IT isn't always modesty
THAT makes a (rirl act distant
AND reserved
SOMETIMES St is the fact that she
KNOWS her complexion will rub off.
A HEADLINE says that
MOST wives will vote as th'ir hus
tands do
NOT at ail.
AN x w AT we know some families
WH-EBE pa will vote Just as ma tells
lum to.
90-TEAJUOLD suffragette's slogan is
"STAND by the Skirts"
TOU meaji in them, dearie, don't you?
Eyesight Dim
burn or T drugt,
Opto tablets fwm yjr f , gUss
dissolve ene in a ;"he th eyes
of crater and use to bae B(m
Opto has Pn to
clearer, sharper Tisxm ana
thousands. -rthe r
Note: noct0T.r BPlSt.
Keane's School for
. PHONE 3328.
Select Dancing Assemblies Every
Thursday Evening.
Classes for Beginners Every Monday
High School Classes Every Friday
This is the place you'll find good clean
music and dancing. No suggestive
dancing allowed in this hall.
TO 10 P. M.
You work weary,
from the bonds of drudgery.
You owe it to yourself and
to your family.
WASHER will do all your
washing will do it quickly
and more thoroughly
The THOR pays for itself m
a very short time. Let ns
show you how this is possi
Demonstrated m your home
Very convenient payments.
633 Hohman St. Tel. Ham. 525.
The World's Largest Tire Factory
Building 30x3,30x31 and 3 lx4'inch Tires
Owners of small cars can enjoy the same
high relative value in Goodyear Tires that
gives utmost satisfaction to owners of big,
costly motor carriages.
They can take advantage of that tremendous
amount of equipment,skill and care employed
by Goodyear to build tires of extraordinary
worth in the 30x3, 30x3 Vi-, and 31x4
inch sizes.
They can secure these tires without waiting,
despite the enormous demand, because,
in addition to its larger sizes, Goodyear builds
an average of 20,000 a day in the world's
largest tire factory devoted to the three
sizes mentioned.
If you own a Ford, Chevrolet, Dort, Maxwell,
or any other car using one of these sizes, go
to the nearest Goodyear Service Station
Dealer for Goodyear Tires and Goodyear
Heavy Tourist Tubes,.
5 Jx3Vi Goodyear DcniMe-Cure $"A00
fabric. AD-Weathw Tread LJ
10x3Vfe GoodTer Single-Cure $" ''765
Fabric, Anti-Skid read X "
Goodrear Heavy Toorirt Tube are thick, strong rube that
reinforce casings properly. Why rUk a good casing with a
cheap tube? Goodyear Heavy Tourist Tubes cost little more
than tubes of less merit. 30x3Vi sue in water- $290
proof bag. J
IVL E. Kilpatrick
3434-36 Penna Ave., Indiana Harbor, Ind.
Dealer in Goodyear Tires and Auto Supplies.
East Chicago Garage and Sales Co.
4735-37-39 Forsyth Ave., East Chicago, Ind.
Dealer in Pneumatic and Solid Tires.
Lake County Auto Supply & Sales
We are the only authorized dealer carrying a full line of
Goodyear Tires, Tubes and Accessories
Our stock consists of Pneumatic, Solid and Pneumatic Truck Tires. It is our pleasure to serve you.
TEL. 1741.
Eo N. Bunnell Motor Company
504-503 Hohman Street, Hammond.
Phones: 650651592.
4814 Forsythe Ave., East Chicago. Fifth Ave. at Massachusetts St., Gary.
Phone 947. Phone 1470.

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