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TheT imes Nevspapers
Lb. Lalie County Tlinos laiiy excipt Saturday and
PM"vlv, Kntaeeil t tho postofflve in Hammond. Juno 21.
'in Timet East CMcao-In,disLa. Harbor, datly elcciit
Kunday. Knterod ftt the poitoilc. It K4l ChlcaMO. .So
fre.hpr 18. 1813.
The Laka County Times- 8titunla y unit Weekly Krtl
i:on. Entered at tha pustofnae tn Hmmuixi, February
4 , 1 9 1 1.
Th Gry Erenli Timm Daily eaoupt Sunday. K-tr-a
At th poHtof fl.-e In clary, April 18. 1918.
IJ under the net of ilar-Mi 3. 1STB, b aeeend-elaiii
matter. ,
foTT1bTuniSVb 'kt i s i S i")T jcT-Iies rc St TatInT
(.Iry office .'. .'. ..'.." T: .':;.V.T.TTTVT-ho"iVe Tsj
Nassau Thompwn, Ka.t t'hlo:o Telephone J1
Ct Chicago, tTho Tim) TtUphone US
Indiana Harborl New Iealer) Telcphon 11.18-J
Whiting Utfpnrter) Telephone S(t-M
WhitliiK (News Dealer and Claw-. Ad v. . .Telephone 13SW"
If you have any trouble RetttiiK TLK. TIM1SS make
romplilnt Immediately to the Oireulat Ion IV-parttnont.
Hammond (private cxohar.se) 31ud, aim, 310
d'al! for tvhater department wanted.)
Tf vo i fail to rcelve your copy of THE TlMKa as
promptly a you have in the pant. p).a do not think it
ums beer lost or was not nt on tune. THK TIM IS has
increased its mailing egilptnnt and ! striving esmt-vtly
l reach its patron on time lie prompt In ad(in us
when yea do not jfet jour paper and v-e will yet promptly.
ilav you ?- do-lar bill in jour pocket? Might
Ijs v eil to taka th bill out and look at it and think
about it. Suppose you spend it; are you ever going
1.3 tet any part of It back again?
Are you spending it in such a way thut you get
benefit not only from the thins you buy but actual li
tre ro the UFe of the bill after it. has gone out of your
Lands? That sounds like a foolish )U"stion, hut it
There are two ways to spend money. One way U
to spend it so that it will never do you any more good.
'I lie other way la to spend it so that it will beueflt you,
perhaps directly, perhaps indirectly, after you have
jias.MHj it over the counlor in exchange for what you
have bought.
Wouldn't j on like to he a strintr futachad to
i;H tho money you apend, bo that yon could be sure
to i, t soma of it back again?
loot's take, for example, a city of loo.OOO popu
I.lthm. Half of that population spends its money in
its own home city, the other half sends its money
elsewhere tj buy what it needs for its own consump
tion. Then, half of that city is supporting the other
hair. Half is paying the taxes; half is supporting
tha schoola; half is supporting all the stores, banks,
etc; half is putting all the money in pay envelopes.
Wfcea you apand your dollar here part of it goes
to suable people. here to buy what sou have to sell.
Part of it goes to par for school,-? for your children.
Part of it goes to pay for fire projection for your home
and police protection for your family.
Had you ever given thought to thi phe.se of the
art of spending a dollar? It U an art, aw well as
business and common ans.
Suppose both halvji of the 100, 00o population of
our example-city apeut theti money at hema. Is it
uot aenslble to say that the number of stores would
be doubled or that the buiiuesj of the existing: store
mtM be doubled? Is it not ajn?ibl to iay thit the
city's income could be nu-reaaed. or taxes reduced, or
loth? s jt not sensible to say that there would be
more employment, more school room or better schools
fv both, Btara growxh, more eustoniera at your Ptore?
Thera fs the secret of rlty-buildinr More people,
i t tourse; and all these people doing their level best to
Looat their city. You do not have to no out and make
a lot of bolster .speeches to help your city grow, to
Urfog more customers t your stort-s, to increase th
value of tvaekly payrolls in ;ur city. The silent
M.'endiag at fcoma, day in, day our, week in, week out,
ear by yaar the pasinp of dollar bill.3 from hand to
hand in our home city that i what makes fcr growth.
Money is like th red biood that makes' your body
nfraith". Lot it K out through a wound and y u must
atop its flow there or die. T,et it circulate properly
ruestlfjw Pemnlr 27, 1021.
through jour body and yt;u are in good health. Money
clrmlation." makes for burtlne.Hn health.
One course iu no city does half tho population
:pend away from home. Thw jorc:taKe in any towu
jis not large hccaue lutist people understand the folly
,of spending dollars away Wit ft no hope of fiUiiS any
ifurlhar benefits frono them. J)ut so Un aa there is
joje man, ou family, iu town, Motf spends myuey
elsewhere, money that ought to be spout at home, so
Joug is thera one man, one t'umiu, that understands
citiseuship but halfway.
Now put thst dollar bill back in your pocket and
I when you takt It out o spend it be sufe to tie a siring
to it.
In deciding to x minute the aenloittio of Kugane
V. let)s, instead of granting a pardon which would
have restored the rights of cltixeutihip forfeited by his
j conviction, the president took a middle course between
those who have bitterly protested against a pardon and
those who have insisted Oebs was u martyr to frte
s.po ecb.
Doii fau't "vas ni-t in oopoing war, but in op
jiofring it ai the wrong time. The administration which
commotes his Hcntenee is today tstrivln for the abcli
tiou of war in an internatlomi 1 (-(inference. It Is doing
eo with national approval, but when lebs publicly jp
poted a war in which his country was engaged he was
defying national policy.
To -i;tvs ct.moelled him to strve the remainder of
lus Term, however, was more likejy to provoke sym
pathy for him as a inatyr for opinion than to act as
I det'-rrent to oihers, the only purpose otherwise, since
no penalty was likely to alter his opinion even if that
should now- be desirable- -and merely vengeful pun
ishment is unworthy of civilization.
- t9l
e t ni
-.- $:?
' Msrse Henry" celebrated Christmas with his kin- j
lured PpiritH of the editorial pun, Iana, Gineley. Child, i
Howies. Halstead and tlie rest, with whom he ongHKed
as comrade-in-arms or vigorous opponent lh the old
days when he was one of the grout personal forces in
American journalism and a moulder of thought whose
! Influence was felt around tho world. His wriiiugw
helped as tremendously In restoring harmony between
the north and south as in the da' of the war they had
bolstered up the courage cf the confederacy,
j Henry Watterscn was a commander of words
(well as of men and he mirballed them into sentences
of conquering strength. The impress he made un t he
world of hi? time is attested by tributes from the pre.
an.l men high in public life. Political partisan and
opponent alike admired him. His death is felt as a
per.si.no 1 'oss in every uewspapt-r office in the land.
' r j-
' -yat
A ?-.At Willi :
j What oiijf wad once loio'. n a
; tlo- 'l,reiar.t'b ilarck?" AnK i Ui
j '. oiai-.ld;.
I 'j - hi.- i.-i jf Kut-vt.-i ' vu-.vvii
Hakoo Vjl.
; Ki. What t( cliil ittw.spapei o
I i.iiithiiia Hot). 1vk Nurtlu i.!u) c-..
lAus. The London Tlntes uJid J.-a;)y injt
W1 4 -x yf
Th farmer who harbors a flock of hen boarders
who go on strike when they have laid a setting of egs
will lay down his paper and polish u h3 specs fo- a
second reading of the record of Lady Esg-a-Day, -who
Jha Just rounded out a year wi(h 33 egjs and still
laying. He may believe there are heps tnat can lay
;S43 eggs in a year and live, but he will want to read it
lover at least a second time to check up possible mla
!takes due to uncertain eight or blurred speetable lenses.
' The difference between Lady Egg-A-Day, a beau
tiful specimen of Huff Orpington, and the hen boarder
en the farm who lay about 75 eggs iu a year is so
mtnumehtnl that Uncle BLlas haa good reason to ask for
a second reading. That difference represents an ad
vance in poultry evolution largely through the patient
labor of men whose work is not heard of outside techni
cal quarters. The difference between this ehamplon eg
producer and high tj p copjrnrclal hens that produce
from ISO to J80 a year a mark that outclasses the
average good hen is less than la the cae of the non
descripl average hen of the average farm, but sufficient
to emphasize her remarkable quality.
What Will You Do With It?
During the first week of January the Building Loan
and Savings Associations of Hammond will pay to their
of matured stock. This represents the savings of six
years. Be careful how vou invest it. Having SAVED
it, INVEST it SAFELY. Ask about our choice 7
A. M. TURNER, President ' W. C. BELMAN. Vice President
J. E. FITZGERALD, Vice President W. H. RIPPE. Cashier
The crack plo teams of the Unftrd
States will compete tJtia year
the pola liekin at Miami. Florid,
the laad of palras and sunfchtne,
flows from the blue Gulf Stresum
was crowded with winter residente
by rnld-Dex-ember, and the noror
oua polf courses were eoo
aprinkied with the enthusiast who
had been driven from their hejne
links in the north by winter
weathor. When the cluhhoaaea tt
the north are fnowed under the
Miami Conntry Clnb is baafcim? In
the southern surishine and prepar
ing for its mid-winter golf tourna
ment which this year will fee hed
from January 'i to 27.
Polo. too. a typical rummer sport,
has taken Kold at Miami and polo
fields that cost hundreds of thou
sands of dollars lure the polo
player and enthusiast from tK
. j, M ,. ... .tJ . . . morth. Each year hundreds of polo
rrtMtdtttt Harding, In his sirtleve, put bis atamp of approval on tb ponies are shipped to the Miami
Miami golf coarse wbto wintry blast swept northern links. stables, aod each year the Cuban
j polo team Journeys to Miami to
Tb devotee of open hr aporta I Miami the golf enthusiast Ukejcompete with American teams on
ho finds his occupation gon as ! presidt-nt Bardtnjc can make his; a field that compares favorably
the cy blasts of winter twaep the; round of the course in white flan- with the older fielaa at Lenox and
northern unit eoorsea and potb nel and shirtsleeves, m midwinter, Meadewbroek-
filds ha turned his attention , whtn the northern golf player has Of course, with June in Miami,
Southward, where winter brings no decided to lay up his cluba because winter sport? are a great feature
Icr and snow Because "it's June his club links are knee deep in anew !of life in the city Farthest South in
In itiami," the city fatbest south, 'or frozen slush. jmid-winter, and weekly water
on the mainland of the United Miami opened its winter season sPrt tournaments are heid on
Futes. th.-- Florida winter resort , early this year just as soon as the Miami's palm shaded beaches,
hh- t'ecotne the Mecca for thou- , first chill winds of winter s-nt the ; So now whem the cities of the
saints whose intere&ts lie with field pleasure skere scurrying south ; north shiver in the icy blasts, the
6yrts looking for warmth. The city that i devotee of cpen air sports turns his
Under the rolden sunshine of ' bisks in the gentle warmth thatlfaee toward Miami.
W'.i.l ,( tia- UTtili t O. Vii K
on wa rcl vert Iium week. M v. Vi
J."'tTlfIl li-f! wH.tl fOU "tauXilir!- il
i". v i-vh.M.n at ieMotto, Jr.'l Tb- r-i
ii-th! took ii.ict; '.aat Friday in V-;n4l'
wood. .i.- .'"wrun'i- 1 1 m i e-
Mr. bikI Mia. John .scott o' Jli'i!
Iu"1m1 v , i ( t';. i;ir-os ..i frlttiiij),
oil (.'bi'i.Ytnitt
Mrs. t'l'i r 'riu- .Kifi Air. Ii .Ift'-tu
attenrtJ the furoo'tU of tn-lr ..';uui
father t'. Van H"-!"h.n in Kiu'Ikkh ,
Ian. Kril.
A 5c rta -..Hit has t..-ci.l,.-!i
THAT heiriiZ '.''-ally 'l.tnefii
vai ill At
-What was ihu original name of
7- Wliat -houM be written on the
n-r envfbpi of u MMdmj Invita-
Oniv the namn.
' 1 . .: . L . .J.L 1 i - l
Im W d4
Qwmm Wurn hm4 farfeUa.au
mritm mmi t Cn'mw tap mmm knt by ktat
fiiSiMt W mt ml W CaVh hi
fcii s La Sttsacia I assw
capital i,f Min-
nons no
TTIIS r -!
wm ry .
(!'. : rem it- .i a
lir.Vir another foio
M'.i:ssirv the wnll-Jwiwii
MOTH KK of nivctit-ion
MOTlli:H of Ijtventlon
HASN'T pr"t aro'ind the
MATTint of puftlr.s a povoor -pu ft
A TTA CIIMKVr on ty? writ urn .
KVFiHl married lii.in
KSOWS that !f he anl; h',3 wife
KOH z. cup tvf co(Te she wili
FII.I- tilt- cup it ,rr to the l,rim
Jl'BT to be contrary.
THE reformer wVo alw
TALKS about rcgulntirg dtesa can
AlwATI bn!-: " getting
THE 'ntirh front wnn:n.
rnonmrriov m.-y m-t pnoooic
KVTIREI.V bnt. we -e timt our
AnKEI.SOMi: fanil no ato no
Till; water pUcltr inotaad of i io
Ill'mt noTTI.H for BKol:-rr;.ciur;n
we tuppode that tt,v it-foiio
KI.KHKvr feels that a great
ii;ai, bas linen anyway.
j i'ctrogra'i, Kusia?
i 2 What city if tin
a life Insurance I ijesoi.t?
." What is the diameter of Jupl'ur. j
ti.-j i.-i.'geit planet? j
1 -What K the iia-lioiil jlwiT m- j
il cm of t'fiiiaiKi? j
h Wiiut Mitto in a(il'h as "i Mil i
Pomlnioti ?" j
C VVliM rit r forms a r.atur.i! Iimni
I i:,ry lietw'-en ashitiRt.n, and (ret;'jn7j
7 - '.V! ,t i.- i. l iuhad"
Ho- tiiHiiy elite's are wistica
Lake Krie?
f who w . ..'ji.itiC Jurir.o th-
W.tr of 1-U'V
lit -I iMnvv, Colo., n itivi's wntrn
Mtv th.m Kl 1 :iso. Tcx:5?
j 1- Is the. ni'.-Uel coin mostly ntckei i
or some other jnotal? Aus. It id three
j parti enppur t j otie rart nickel. '
i 2 "if what ts brass maile? Ansr. j
i t'opper end z'ne. j
! 3 What is a 'Med to b' ass to make j
! ftrenz.- An.-. Tin. j
I 4vnun was Ilawsll annexed to the 1
United States? Ar,?, July 7. l'9. j
ft--who painted "Tho Angeles ?" Ana. j
j :i l Frnucois Millet. j
ti -Who is pretuu-r of Canai ? Aii..
Arthur "Mftftrhcri.
That Means
Good Eals at
Old Time Prices
Reservations for Parties
Indianapolis Boulevard Near Five Point
Phone Whitinj. 25-26
AMI I hi
-ri who lityd eye tre-i'
AKK not the only ones who
AIIK hiiil to thir fa-iits.
WKM we dincerelj- ti uM
WII.I.IH has not already smasiied
V1IAT Santa brought him
VOH Ohrlstmaf-
W13 never feel very ood e-ti file day
Ali'TKH a holiilay for some reason
AMI tnduy ivp liml tverat
!l f't 10SMV II ii-.onmiits of .Jitpivs.-o n
WEJ ffiit .-tafli.v sure in.it
(1 lH;.;,p -.1 r.iii' o eil
Business Is Waiting for You
Tl lH prpiinsi ii 1'V an eiaineiit
GUTS under wy o'.r blon.io
UIUI, .friend? will in all
J1HOBA HI I.ITY bo the first to dis
appear. ( 1'IJI miles us much
NAOIH-IH on a bright Sunday
MOHX1WG than to so a proniinent
HlonTKUK S JT.f.W Ji.utumobile
OSTlri.M'ATK'l SI.V slandinp out in
FltqafT of Lio church.
DU VAI.liBt i emu to nndi.-t stand
THAT it is up to a man
WHO hits a jot) these days
TO hold in to it like prim death.
A HO IT the only way we have
IdVKK found of thoroughly enjoying"
A benefit concert ftiekets $3 "e.h)
is to
M!':'l.KfT steadily a we sit there in
pur tibt Phoea
II'ON what a worthy cause its for.
Tha Latin Quarter cf Paris.
Tha Latin quarter of Tarts lies on
tpe south sld of the Seine. It is the
center of institutions of learning, and
in ihis eetion live the thouuda oX
students who study in Paris.
Wide-awake business men are depending on
long-distance telephone service to stimulate
Are you in that class and are you getting
your share?
Time is saved in long-distance telephoning.
The service is good, the lines are adequate to
handle your calls and the cost is reasonable.
Business transacted by long-distance tele
phone is satisfactory and the service is com
paratively inexpensive to you.
With improved long-distance methods the
Bell System stands ready to serve you. ,
Get acquainted with the money and
time saving "station to station" service.

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