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To.x.Imv I )t-rl 111 )ff 'J.,
Socialist Leatter Invited by
Soviet Expects to Visit
xi mi i.i n k1 ickuis
WASH 1 Mi I o.. 1
- i-.ii '.
'."". ." '"'.,, .... , . , , I
ao v l e ' . I'Vlu r , pi"- v i. . . l ...... .
iiiiiViiiM'-t J tod.'.y xU'.i he w ' : '. de oi e
i.is .-nt !'. activities to light. ng war in
.t h- r cos;ntrb,s C the vv orb' .
is uy van l..ter to tour t h
ho said. "I hi.vo Invitations
s.-vral . oi-ntries and I hopo t
?v ei en;;;; ry, ii ,'nbng m ur atid
g vvosnou. men and children to
i;--tt i
- . t ho.' titer i.vtr get w . . i s:;. , t
loird-r i .! th... torn; of war."
Ti,i great so :;al:st added I ha', "one
.i k.s f n a : o-: .ores' vva. to vis.t tbss
a'3 .
"i ardtrstund tmif cn ft' . i . invi
tation iron, the so i-n government
. . u a .- nee" ha fai'l. "I should !:';
ve;i::v to ac:?pt ;:. ami 1;. pa to. i
siiovhl love to ."c ih.-a seen over
hey . Iti my chorion they av great
heroes. The Ftis-iasi l ev oh.; t ; it v. as
the greatest event in the liist-ry of
she r! '. ."
Ashed aiiti'ii his i.vh;.-ai plans, ho
.-asd he '.'. .r.d ho a candidate Tor i reri
ottv of the Ibided State.: it" "the worh--)!
atT.:iii it."
"i;-t ,r i.O(ie I vol ..'.c to af,"
. . : v. ;t'; .. ?::;;.
f have '.it'-., a I'Ktu'UO'atd Cve tin.s
,;;;(! 1 th.':k t' C 'e eno.i:Tn. Tut T am
: tho -sfrvico of the v.o:her5 ana wi'.l
..:ny the r de:.-.:.iviy
Ttat ou af' i j lncr u ctt:j-n.
itht if ; our citir-enship rigiitr, art; r.rt
red the "fM p.'-sidof t'a. on.a-."i'g-!.'-'
ro- t..s r.-'i.
"A : tt - : . : "nke ; hc Ou.dn't
", j;;. f;o-,:. : .,ni"rr. ' " ? S I ! v. e r - !
He nm eai;s h.nicd a "citiii:-. oi
ti;e tvnrlii."
'V.-ay'.dn't It e t c:t;-eu of
" ;.o ".vorid '".Viis ejected ; re.iuetit of tiu
!'.:; S . .fsV ' -.
"":. prefer;: a : n.o liior.t c r.l o: ei. lie
t-.-iared. wa.t tcr.'e.i uy cor. d it jor. ? . "
'"ft. v. a.. . ...'i ... ." i: 1 said, "o'.'it
'i , t i ;j i j-o1.! 'J.e caoi ta iistf. sr.astc-rs
- t lit: .. i i . : j o:;
'.3 si z:-i-.c -in: '.''
ir '- e..i;fcr"r,i " .
5 .. ).ho;."!'ic:irn
of ' ; . i r i of . ; , - , v ,i . t ?
,.."ograr: w i . no more than .no ? the
tixos f.'V tli aiT'-' alijt:' .
'The-' w'ii r. war lr. f'i.ic f;-;a ;. I..3
fji'ia ;.!.'
luore ana I
'. ar wiii prorr.:'-jiveiy cro
aestru'.-.i - e -.irttjl a compd.tive
it;l a
oi-ld : ri.f. 'ortaed into a co-c.a-ra-
ive v. orirl.
"i:very war f r tr.
l-oi. olio- a war for hi
"Lvor.t- are urm;
;in..' j h" i i.i-;:':; of
o bog-inr. i::t; tl
'- he woi i J . -i' 1 . o j- a re
: eaiizc fhs.. t.'jr is bc
.en; taeii, iO
r-11 nnd wt'Cl-iir. - ii
The sHiaht i'aici- d-i .ard he be
lieved Pri-sidci. t ihiicini iV3:; "pir.cere
against '.ears."
"t am perfect
Ha! .;-;..eu
erely rtesires io end war
epre.-er.t a. i ve : tlic capit
hi is .
t --fi'
;.nd it ic tlxc v-api'.a; i-t. ly.t'io tl'.a
j.iait'. s w ar." Iele; i-ahi.
c.t ;. ,.- ! 1.. lasi Oi.n I
;,.-eing and wherever it ha;; appeared
ha.; been pronounced by press ar.d
pi.ibho as bt.ng the itrcute-t cf it?
hind. Some time ago a st-.ry appeared
m th
paper stating that the four !
corners of the earth had been combed
i'...r attractions and this is truth, not
notion. From France's sttnuy clime
comes Ma iam Itedini; from tiie Imper
:d Japanese tit'atf r c.:.te the- 1.1'k ar
.1;. from the s:)nc.- ' Africa , the
'.(;; Ta:.sar:n' a troupe t Arabs
whose mar '. t ! 0 a '.- !al.? 1 aero cat icr
' 1 a v ' placed then; t tiie he,.d of acts
f this kind, the How rd sisters. LriR
lar.d's dainty lin.ci.ii urcronats, who
aspendfd iu mid-air hancing by their
eetli, give a wonderful performance
of endurance; America gives ns the
Cycling Hcumans. the Marvelous Mills.
Victors' ibttj and poi
a.,o n.ii.v 1
bends forth that creat pantomimic'
o,mii!iHr. Lorettf-i so taker: in nil fiie'
irous iierfurmie.o'o i- truly one ..,f
Th style show ..nd a.i.o siiovc will
r.rove a revelation and art i stbmlly, it
-s oounu.'M ,.... a, rate 1
Pas ever been ulb-mpt-d in the mid-
til" weft.
The parade, w"-i.-h will take idaee
on Saturdav oft. ni.r,.. December Sist.
tit 3 PP. P. m.. wi-l P.- i V.e-ping v sth .,
that of the tra velin.e '-in n- s that visit!
Hammond during the summer season:
headed by tho 'na-.d wat'nn with a r-ir-
eus lifir-fi, there 1,'i)i J'.ii-,'.v animal
dens. Madam P' dbii's horses, eio-.vns 1
taiore, pony ehario's, and the fui' P 1-
tr'.l and drum corns of Or ale Tn!p!.
endintr with th" section. So. be I
euro and hi down town St.fird.-.v aft-
et'Tioon to see the l.i tr free street pa.
The advance r n F of ticl-is Inrce
sr.d no liouiit r.-i X' w Year's Tlv-.- tisel
femplc '.vi1! be t.rtr. -d to it .-npmity. I
't b'-'ioovcs yon to come tarly so '.
! tia I you can sve i n j '.
There, will bo two performances
liasiy: doors op-i-dne at 1 :re o'clock
;nd at 7:0'. r.'rini the ;oimiss;on
for thA season t'4:i't'. vt hWt nn be
T-urebas'1'! froa th 'r-d'T-, !s $ 1 to.
l-.riudinir war fax. wh ' ..titles you
fo daily ati m sst'in s und a cbaner- on tic
toliowinir a u t OTrtf o 1 '.s ; A Ford, an
overland, and an K -.x car.
Tbe ticket that ..u buy entitles von i E ;' ' "' ' ' ' " " a ,n"1."-
to see evervthlrg. fe circus, t car. 1
rival, the auto shoe, the t,tyie show 1 1 ids ti'ro from healthv j-oun;r aui
and the bays of '40. m;:!s. ron-.b'.ntd with other well known
for Coughs & Colds
Thi iTfup diffrrent from til ctKers.
Quirk Jtf. No opisret "Sc evefvhre
Crown Point News
Happenings Of A Day In Lake County's Lively Capita, j
Mr. and Mrs. W til Whitaaer spent Saturday to be with Mr. and Sirs. F. E.
Xmas -with relatives In Hammond.
M.ss Titiiel Heilman is visiting -with
,, . .
Mr. and Mrs. C. Ka uour;i bpent
Christmas w th relatives In St. Attsie.
ML, thev are leavinc on Avednesdav
'or Oklahonsu. OH;- to bo with Mr. Fay -bourn's
relative? f .r New Years.
I'lar.s are beitiff formulated for tho ' Mr. and Mrs. Foster Fisher of dry,
orgar.izitiK of a Kiwar.is club in Crown spe:;t tho week, end with Mr. and Mr?.
Point. A dinner will ho giv-eii at the "VYm. J.' hiuvs.
-Masonic tnipl on Wednesday r.U-ht ' Mr5I, j. j. -vheeier, Mrs. Jennie Tice.
and a organizer v.-ill ho present tellh.s Jor.nte Ward Wheeler, Fred Y.
-' ,h" l'tirpofos of the club and tli -vheeler. Mr. ai:.! Mrs. C.orald Hlaea,
.mties of the members. JudK Martiii r, t; A Lincoln and Lincoln l'arry
.-hr.ith hay charye of the rule of tickets t(ol- xmas dinner with the 1 r. Schar
ti.'r the tllnrif1!'. i . t. I''.J--
Fred Helming, v. iio Is employed in
ro-d coi.Ntraction work in Indianapo-
h.s. is f pending a week's vacation with
his in o uu-r and fi.-itera jiere.
Sam Love, Jr., who attends Purdi.e
university t.j at homo for tho Christ-,.,,
rnas holidays.
Mr. and Mr
Tompkins of
at.io to Crown Point on
li'fitl BR AN
' !f is unfortunate thar .it a tivn"
Al Iioliett., from "nowiicro" resistor- j wiien the Xui'th.-rn Ind'ana Jas n.tid
1 ' "hritrv.iis night at tho police ttj.- j lib:-..-trie Cai.-a:-.y in;'.r..r,r every ef
.!.!:. for to econo.ii.'ze in cent.-. thr.t our
After recour.tiii hid age, color, fjtv- ba-siaci..:- c.'nte:aluteH a taritr or. i:.i-
rite author, and choice of shavjnc iH'r:"'' 1;u 1 and crude oil, in the opin-
oi!:--, j,e wan entered in the euest book j
t' Hotel do Hoc -jo Co?.', and shown to
'i-- loot.; hy U.tr: y tiT;ibaoli. J j
Li the ii.uitr, ii'.-tiii.c'.lbic;'. uiiaii
iiiitco, e er-hented room, l.j iay him-'
ol f di.w:i t
.'umi od, dish
eej arnor.tr thirty other
J'eforo reUrinjf ho removed carefully j
a pa: r new yellow ur.isar. 5. Tiiea-a
-'"noes were a Chri.stm;t( pre.nl.
nd otd he
d th" ;;f
- hi.d s!a n th"m to hi;. . '
Mi'O tile ' '' "h'' T i f ; j i '
Of I '-"i,'t"!"..'. TL pot
Abie.it t.'u'rc r . to. ho a.v j,.e. ha '
roaehed for his shoes. They v. ere t-.oi.e. ;
Tho nighty Tarzati Iiad ;o ruoh I
.uil-hl.o yeii a.? rar.g out in Cue hobo-)
loom wh":i Al Ilobert.-? found h'.s '..'hrlit-i
mas k'el;s were Ron-;. !
IV. ice camo running- ouv. r. tiio Cvr- '
riujr. 1 lie sieepir.r forms suauCii.;
.- i
'ame to 111" aid seurrhjd to a I'.-.r cor- ;
r.er, fearmi that the nun had -uddjr.-i
y pone matt. :
mo aO'iu-t'
-"-viped t.' y aiioe'?. My '.io .v Oh.-ist:na
shoos arc a no. Who coined rr.;, kiciis.
The ehallense raiij uaansw.-rcu.
Then H.irrv liimbufh. Jr.. i nod thi :
hoboes ainst the wall. Ho Kale thnn ;
mt n their si-.ocs. Then Foborts wonr i
io-ii th'! lino.
To found his shoes '
in tiie feet ci' a lit-'T-lb-
retrieved then:
it bum.
and a.l
v.'--'l . ',
. . . , 1
. ...
. . . 0 5
old in tw-
.. s o-
must be
I ;
C--irnmeiic:ng Wednesday, I'ec. 2J. the
people c.f this community and ertpciil
iy those iu West Huiimord are to b?
offord the greatest meTiiir, iiso bar
itains ov. r offered ti.o eui'tr , .: : ' .' .. vf
V.'ost Tlamnioai.
1'r.d-r the ma,"io spell of W. Aker
Special Sales Conductor, his'k pri jos
".'ill ho f.:n.d tj the wall. Col-..
'".-ot id eg. Sho-s and Iry Jv1s. Thin'
f buy.ng a liinit grade, brand new Z
.valor p.-oot rain and overcoat pi;-
14. 4i; Men 5? n.gu grade Suits ;,.-r ;m t 1
about onft-third the refular price ar.d
hundred.-; of other items that represcu ;
similar saving. Tl.'s is a rsie !' r i
t'ao man or woman who au wisiiitig to j
save morey to attend. I
i'nis evenmi
Hammond wii
be treated
tans cf!
i a fasti
lashrtoa': Samo wiion the Diamond A.-i
f Indiana Harbor p'ays tiie H-ini-
ii,.;........ r .. . t ...... . '
tn.j Lafayette !
, ,
Rymn.icium. j
Pof.i teams are exceptionali v atror.tr i
I an i a s'e !
Ioromised '.1 tilh
Tito second t--am
! n'i.l ruga go with
ti,;. ., T
we Isrht. team of f h! v!.-in'v
.;t. 2,)n,(, wjU s!ar.
Jiff . 117
iViUSt We
itnl Uliind of Young nim.--ls Hul.l
" Henew Vitality
,. . . ,
ril ' r )nf-rnatio,ial promi-
nin.c ,i.-e,r in. u tre vital g'nnds of
a untr animals hnve rerearka!le pow-
r r
er-ew in ; vital if v, toning up th.
re rvou5
lytc m r.n-l s: re-iu then i ng tho
f r
'- -aitll ' oe I ' e I j
101 e
ig t!
v;i.s yiinncer. many rcpo
'vene nt nas lan pia-e
n v o or force days tim-n We is luinr
an-i S'.-iii-meiy Co. cr nry first class
'i :!', t i? "'"v a position to scp.
!' j y "i Mi 1; inriiriu uihIi 1 a fiuriei.
-,f saii-f j.'C o- e';arC.w
Ihni, sands of. ;r f,t..-,rlp.1 r,,... ..,.,1
' Oiil-.'ll eio no v taking glir.di-o to :r. I
'. f i : vi oily. If : .a, . . -', ;o j
iv it.Vi. rt-h go v-nr dm,--:
i '! os"-i , ija;n! memiirs or the
medic-. I profession in their daih prac
tice It is rrerared in one of the
vorid's hsreest and best equipped glan
dular laboratories and mav be taken
'safely by any one. There are no harm
:H:1 or habit forming drugs in Glandine.
; artv
Krinbill on Christmas.
Miss Edna. Benjamin, v ho is ttii-
1, r. ,1, a t.' .1 L- T.- a 1, .-..,,.( t -i 1
ijiu' rsi (it lite j inu na cv. . n wdi . w.
t irj t Insane as an entertainer, spent
Christmas with her mother Mrs. Mar;.
T'ae condition of Mrs. Adeli-t Ward.
nlw has been very sick the past few
months. Is very grave ar.d little hope
; :s entertained for her recovery.
Mr. and Mrs. M. KoC-weli have i.-cen
,-isiti:is- relatives in Lowell for sc-.cral
The many friends of Samuel Love
. , ;110nhou t Lake county will be sorry
t.,rn that hp is uTiifrlnirine verv
poer healtli lately and his condition ir
pivitis his friends and family mtioi;
! Gas and the
Price of Oil
MoiMi' 1 lell I 'lain, vie
of the Northern Indiana lias Jir.d biieo
trie i i .;iip.i .
'".'il i ' ('11k o' iu'' la.-i.' I;,;i;crt'i s
";'? ': la cur water jras i.;a.iUfa-.ur::.iir
process and its price ha.",
relation to the rale." at vh:
afford to jseil oar :.s r.ct vie
dei: n ; t
he -ai.i
to a T!ii:'2 reporter this i.n.rnii.c.
! "For the last two i::,.;.t;:. w c i.av
wed wiili aiarni the steady i ise i
, ,-.
a'." :
;! mi
oo( ii
.L el '
' our
h, net
.-- u'a-i ir
c florid to
. nu i.io n. s
h. A ' hi.ju...
P'-C- our v ..'e. ci;
This s.t .iation e
pressure. br.-.uRht
.itanoo eomrnittec
'dtt'e i-iciadr. ;.n
- i a. ro. .:
..its r v.u: tiu'o:.gn
itrsirft tie senate
:.. ha . 4 that cor.i
;i:.pr.rt duty o i.ii
f.nl Oi'. uiid cents
' h'ui'.i il'.i'i'?? is .--aid
b-ad to increa.es in
4 -a", to the tux. In
i ai.d oil i"ould :,:.,s-
a c
ci iii, e
'.itiO;-, O
'ia:n in
io ue er;
:he ; rio? of oi:
".ilhtio.., both c
ujiy io up as a ic-.;lt.
A tax of t-C c.nts har.e en tlie
l.anO.t'e'i galio:.s .f jfhs oil t-.sed i-y th
Northern Indi in.i .;as and Klectrie
Company each year y-iiiid Iticre.vc
that company'.? r,.tft for oil in the
Calumet district lonc be a(t Slj.r-e'j
.., i-., vr- -r ..,---oi.
"Tiie t!.i. Oil coitin;:; !et of the
Air.erien n Cs ..s.-'iici a' 1 n hfi 1. y.icd
carefully la:-) this r.iutte: ,'" Mr. I.tcii-
Plain ss Id, ";o.i-i they report that a
w'lAV ''o in r.S'e' t'ho rice "
they say, v.ould rfsuli in an average
iucreisc in the price of manufactured
. ; gas or aoo-it o cer.;. per t a )-.-.." m i
cubic feet which v. O'.ild have to be r.i-'t
no lesj than 4".o l-r.P0i) people? in
j upon gas service -for lighting, heating
: the United Stater who are dependent
j end cooking. It would airo r.ri-ik a
! hard blc.-.v to hundreds of industries in
i this country who now -.? gas in n.oie
1 than XHO.i dhferent ways."
j Tin cyuantitv of gf.K oil ui-cd in the
I n.anufaef tire of jras amounts to mote
i Can ft -i.O ! ''t.uO'j barreb. ti. ; ca.. -..iiii(. a
; i - ,-.i' ' est. ma: i of ti:o ;rw:h
jo-' the gas tndu'-ilry inriieates t.at The
I ouat.tit;.' required ;:. five ; tats tv.ll
amount to it Kast 2S. '"'!'. w) barrvls
. ,
v'A''lilv,,av ' -l' ranee .;
aenn.nd for DO.O'ti) tor,.! or su 1-marine':.
erinally witn the 1 mtea states am.
tireat Uritain. will not be consented to
by ti.e other iowcrn attendii -i the
This was: the
j first reaction in conference quarters
Ithis afternoon following advices from
Paris that, the French government has
J- 1 1 ' ..........
, a i .. t, ,ainn,u,.
eO C'cloi''"'6"1" '" P "...av.o,,
I here to press for the PO.000 ton fieet.
- r i The instructions had not been ro-
J ceived here early th s afternoon, but
I it was stated that the Paris advices
were "not surprising.
PF.S'VK!',, Inc. 57. N. O. Could
difd in the County HorpPol here early
today a-fter a beating administered by
Mr'. Caroline Fpssi.
Mrs. P.issi says Could, wearing a
deputy sheriff's badge and carrying r.
! revolver, imp ared nt h'-r h .me late
nd dsnmnded mnt!y.
W hen cash v.-;-s rcfusid. Mrs. Possi
nr.t,i tt-nrt Tier in the face
' .i y s.
with the butt of his revolver.
Then she struck, him over ti.e !vod
'lie blow spb! Coup)':- skill1 .
1 brce ' younsp da u g'n t ! s i f . M. s
l;r w the falsi
- - - '- --'- - -'- - -' '-'
Grocery and Meats
ji Personal and Tj
I Social News
II : " i
'i ho JlaitiRK'-.tJ staff of tiie Western
and Southern Life insurunef ompaiiy
held an annual Ciirlt.t:i.r.b di.tn-T Sat
urday afternoon in Cue co.,f citable
rliningi room vf the Home liestaurant .
Tlcro v.eie overs for fliteca gu'-sts,
and the table was very at tracts. -o wish
holly, mistletoe and "hrlstmas e:u;dlcj.
An elaborate and delietius course oin
ner was rei ed, and (Vif was flit
jo.ly .-;p'rt. of ' ooti vviil attendant.
Amoiiij the oat. of town guests were
Mr. S. Steinberg of Soutii Chicago,
gep.-ial supes i:.tend',n, nuil Mr. J .
liobov. nWi of indtana Harbor, an agent.
M4.s Hibhi Jane Whltea: and
Walter 1-1. Jordan a".ord:-d a tea
dance at tiie Sission Help, un S...ut'
day, g'i'V-n by Mrft and Mrs. Wallace
nruce Woif of Wood'.iiv, n avenue In
honor "of their daughter, Jli-3 An
toinette, and pen, Frank Woif. There
were about threo hundred guests,
Foyweil Cx-Cilmrri i ' lttstlani, Vt .
formerly , of Hammond, is the houne
guest of Herbert. Hut'hin of r.inihaoh
avesmo for a few dajs. hir. and M t s .
W. K. isboru Liid boh William are
cicpeeted tono rrcw to ho tha Z'lt.it-i of
friesids over Mew Tear'.-.
Mis. W. C. Kindvl of liarnvtr
jiir.f sponf Christr.ias with friends at
Ch"sterton, Lid., and will spend X .."
V tar's Fay with friends in 1'ortcr.
Mis'' A'ora Miliar hai as h'.r house
guest over th b.olda; . s her courin,
Mis;: IK'-v. Millar ' .Idcmville, X. X.
hi.ss Josephine Ducnartne of Chicago
-.nd Harold 11. Sharkey of Hammond
have been bcen.aa to wed in Chicago.
Fvs yta.r.g :s . n t .-aa.r.ess
an: ual Xew yt-r.Xa Fvi part
or f.ie
of tl.e
iter -r, . t s
-,.t's Club, vlicli !s i-- be h? Id In
ihe I.yuaora Hotel. Tho aftair this
year will ee in the iiatv.ro of a "uri?h-eon-dai.c.
w ti usual ''a'.ors s-.tcli as
party hats, i-.orr.s, confetti and i'-al-
engaged to
dancing beg
o ci j-k. T;:i :
are sir god to
as promptly
1 ierbei t 1 c
prcacb.ed ron
on Sunday
r r n s.
half p iHt eig'nt
n-s ar.d t'.teir Sacs't
the r res : r . a'.ious
OS3ih . -! .
c. tneo.rg .e.vi st-aelit,
t n.prehcrtlvo se rmons
the i'resbytf r.'an
eiiureiios of 1 Von n Point and Ck-f;.'
Wassey's Pleating Shop
E.'iBnniiiKniNG, i.;.ni'ifi, ULix-
BUTTON COVtlHI.XG, D K A 1 1)1 .4 U,
HOU 440.
tAKXiEBiii'M) rinKin,
V b.g Christmas tre: and lots
res't.ts ay."titt the chibii-eu c
ric.ids n.ttt Sunday at Unity Hall
Hammond Musical College,
Piano, Voice. Violin, Public Speak
Pug. UUeleie. Bet.jo. Mandolin, Guitar,
D.nncliig. Dramatic A: t. 10-1
r. :;; oak St.. uo-.-s 5
(fioal artcles, via: Iron.
;. Sweepers, Hoiiseitold
Clippers. Vibrator? -.
?r e r.d ct-Hve'ed. V-"".':
Ti.e mticli anvcrtlsed
pairing of eie--j-..;.
.; . F,li;:
Moio-s. Hair
Work ettlied :
ilns, .oust: ate
Hamilton Feach Home Motor tor sew
ing an 1 otaer i.euseho.d .us. I'acnc
-X. 1.-J7-1
P.-ase -i'-Oi t torgtt f-ae wig ci.:.,
ntas and Xew Years celebration given
by the Saeng.rbur.d Tt'ide.ia at Unity
Hal! ne.-.t Sund; , 'an . Ft., 1 "f , '.-i.
line c.ticl-trn dinner ai Mir.aA cafe
teria Wednesday, !. '-Stit. l.-iX-
Lv ery 000 j w'.i
ears ball give.
atten-i t;ie oig .sew
by tire Saer.frcrband
Fi'ie'a at Vnltj Hall Sunday, Jan. 1st.
MASFFOHI-- Fred Mrsepohl. Fn
memory of c.ir uoar h-.sband, father
ar.d brother, who parsed away, two
years ago today. T""C t!7. F.li':
le little thought when leaving- Lome
That he would ne'er return.
That death so soon wou-lJ part us,
And leave us here to mourn.
Cou'd he but raise his dying head.
To bid us a last farewell.
The blow would not have boon -
On tir who loved so well.
Loving Wife, Daughter, Sisters ani
Frot hers. 1C :27:1
Itcgtilar meeting Oop?"n Fule v,om
cil No. 1 S. D. nf Liberty Tu-s;lay
evening at Oddfellows Hall. Kc-t!on
officers. 12:27-1
The German Itinefit r;nj,-,n district
i.f:f, will hnve a Xmas celebration.
Dec. 31, lOiil at their club roo-ns,
corner Soli! m l Truin.;;, . There w ill
be a Xmas program. pri--neni.s for
the children, dancing; and an exeo H-ant
I'Jerman New V ..r.-. iuaeii will be serx -ci.
Member s r.nd f rb nils are welcome.
Piegios a! S p. nr. i'ieK,ris je,-.
- - ----- -
. 1
:.!'-. and Mrs. F. Kseipsr Y.'sbi
street delightfully entertained at n
picnic supper on Sunday even r.g !r
tlioir home, and had ;- their guests ,
Mr. atid Mrs. Harry Levis and daugh
ter ?Iisa Eloise, Mr. J. W. LMwards. i :"ct -demoriiil Far!: oifctner. wiuch
Mr. a:;d Mrs. I..C. Gary, ail of Chi- ; C-Uaoe West Hammond ar.d F.uir.hani.
cago. Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Loberts ' n u "''d ,-Jl'- rcvei.uo from the
of balm Leach. The rooms were very; bords is to be lUned in the Improve
pretty wdii Christmas decorations and ; ir.ent of a park- ana plays round L-.ver-i)..dy
had a most tnojiaoie even- i tween .n Hundred antt 1'it'ti -fir t a .id
in ;. . Onj Hundred an-.i I'ti'ty-secoiid streets
. and Wen north a:.d I.ipcohi avenue.i in
Itllll.XKT-l'HlOK WliliDI.VC West Hammon-j.
Yesterday ii.crnnjr r.l nine o'cloclt a '.iei.'o Jlannnuer. r.r.-cid-.r. t '. the
ftuiet weddog was eoitiniiirsed by Kev. '. Caiutne. Memorial Park Jvm la lesion,
I-'atiicr John Loi"i' :i St. Jo..er,h's ban ha-i pians d-:?iied by t! o Souti:
I'ic'.vch v. hen Mi.is lt.se lilbtaity, I'ar : eninc-rj for swim mi tig1 poo'.,
dai;aiiter f Mr. and. Mr. Walter ill- utulcti-: heo.i ;.:;d recreation appa-atus
hiaky, necaifio riie bride of M.'chae' J. . ta - he bu.lt ,u the ne v park.
l-;;.-or. . The hrlde wore an attractive' "The Wen! 1 iammond pari- n ill ho a s
su.t of nodn:s'ut biuq pe.iiVe.lnc, ".:iiv i well equipped and complete as s-.ty ot:
i.l; -mbroidrt d v.-th tauio eoiiar and I tl;j Chicago plu " grour.df," s'A M-.
cuffs. ITf r hr.t whs smell and she had ; Hat.nauci.
a en-sage of Aaron Warn rotes and j
U'.ie3 of th" valUy . Tl.e maid of j
i.onor v. as ,iiss iar;e i'agoii or i cr,
i.onoT- v, ivf! ,MirfrJ jiiai .e s'ascu oi r.cr,
wi.e .'o;e a heauviful fioch of rein -
de- r fift'eta, a picture hat and a ar-
.-;.e! f W f.nl rose, arid vt."ley lil'es.
Tho best loan was Gie l Fro the.
Immediate:;.- after the eerej.ior.y. a:t j Ussfuribated ivy Jiiindred una sixty -elal'orate
wedding b:-ealifat.f v, a.s aerr- j s- ba.:te5 ,wf gj-J 'hii.gs to eat. con
ed In the K.k's haH on Hthir.a.n street j r'.s'.'.r of nr. oram'e. a" apple, candy
t- ilf'y gi.ejf.s. Tie' Christinas aeco- I r nut". Tiio hiddirs piayd 2-a:r.e-t
ration- were aoundant and the festive j anj .s.j a 3,.;g;oy ,.,c t;l!t(
s.iirit was enjoyed. Tiet- bride and ,
ii'iooio ;(:: op r.v. entenuvd iioncymooii
trip e.-.st. Hid w ill i.c i.t homo upon
their return in a li.aniiiiig new
buiialoT c-n LcuUer .street. l:s.
I'rycr is a popular yonu.T woman, and
hi; fore her rsiarrlag- was emrpioyed In
th Ilrio offices. Ti e sroi.n is one c
ond's ntost. agtrest-ive young'
:..;: a:id i j et.-.pio;. ed as a for'-mar
the si.vps ef the Standard Steel C
Company. Tho many friends c
" the'
young eounbi eaten.i
heartiest -wishes for a bright ar.d pros
porous f uture ar.d abundant hc.nplness.
Society c
' a.3 T'- 5
ie v
sd '
on j ten j
VV cdi cm. ay 'o T. ii ndi." fcfte T'CO
ici'e.; i .'ie T.--Iis -r. Ill ; ,e?t fCi ti
home c lire J . L. Mead c-r 5u Sun
nter boulevard At one o'cloc: . .
Wi.iiani F. cat cf
Chicago, were the
F-r. and Ms:
Kimbark aven
Christina j:;t'. cf Mr
II. C. Kclsay
cf Ilarrlfo-i street .
he-, and ff-s. It. T. l-iu.? ana uauga-
tev .Martha Aa.ic of Wihnett r.Te the
ho';?.i c'jf-'ls cf iilr. and Mrs. J,. Tj.
Foinherge: of U.endata Path
There v-li; bo a reguiar n:tn:.r.g of
the E' Xai Brlth America Iouge. Ko;
SOI i Moltke H&U tomorrow evening,
Wednesday, at eight o'clock. tfltore
wi-.l be initiation of candidates. I
Ar.TIIUu J. WKI3S, Seoretxry. j
'ii.e S'o-So Club ha. i a Christmas
party at the home of Miss Fsther
r at her heme c-n fiblev sn -
rooms vera prettily attractive
r.d ths
with fowerc and holly. A grab bag
was creatlv eiiioeetl, tnd the lir-stesa
" . . .
served a casnti.y appointed sisneueon
to twelve gucnts.
a : -i u,,-v a-'"1 iuve
an all day sr.ect.ng tomorrow and E
iasge attendance is e.tcected, since the
ciectou or oii.cers wj.i s3 i.e.e.. (
Mrs. M. F. Hartke densr.'.tft
tertaincd last eveni:.g. ;.'i -honor of her
ran Mr. Fred Last, in ceiebrnf.'ou cf
his birthday annivf rsn : y. Th pa--
ty was givey at the hon.o on. Sheffield
a. erase ar.d the room? were very at-
tractive with cut flowers, holh" nr.d ii
big Chr.atman tree rearing a gift for
ea--l: of forty g..estE. Games and ;r,u-
ski v. tr" enjoyed aursrg iho eve-.iritie,
alter wiipiit tiie hostess served attract -
sve and Ce:icic"3 refresaments'. Toe1
guest of isor.or received c. great xaany ',
handaonte and iss-eful gifts from his!
lu e ver.iaina-i C.
nail t;ive their nt.nt
pari;- F fee club '.t.
ai.." fVa t-ise ;tc
.antes ..,.y
: oftce ard cal:e
corner "' Sc'.i.
e on Wed :-.,
3 i.'.i i.
i.;ur iv... ;s a c.'.otr rear-ars
tho First Presay ter.an church tt
row eventt. 5 at cs? t . oc-.o
ra - i. " A
home of Dr. ar.d M
Last right the boys of Tlasunsond
Guard Society were entertainel at a
Christmas party given by their super
intendent. Miss Frances Fist, assist
ed bv M:-3. F. AV. Dedelow and Mrs. P.
Sehohi in tiie parlors of . the First M.
II. Church. Games were played and re-
frcshmeutu served to flf.een gue.sts.
The boys of tiie seventh and cig'athj
grades of St. Joseph's school appeared ;
lust nicrlif in the assembly hall in
;onr act ura.rna, ontit.e-ii t.
n nee." The tiirie of the uiav i epre- I
sented a period of tho tt
rd century
of the CF.ri-tian era, vrhen ti
5 i .-. of chrlnf w nrnhliiltnf! !w f ho
Roman government. The play cul- brscc on concrete Pare, iype At. cor.-,
minate-l in the martyrdom of Law- j crcto Typo "( i ' cresoto wooden biockb i
rf nee f ir his adhesion to principle atid ; ou com-rcte base, Typo "tr" penetra-
to God. The cast included twenty- , tion asphalt on new macadam, ncju.it
three j at; ths. all of whom presented I iitg 3 manholes. 10 cat. hbasins, 52.1
their roles with great t.ie and admir- i linea! feet of 3-4 inch water pipe. 37
able coherence. The proreeds of the j corporation cocks stops and boxes, on
play were donated for Far Last IU- I Morris Avenue, from Columbia Avenue
lief. j to Tapper . Avenue, under Improveir.ont I
Mr. and Mrs. AV. T. Tuiey of V.'al- ,
t'.iam street cnteitained a number of
out of town guest3 nt Christ ma." dinner I
including Mr. and Mrs. I-biward Joch-j
;m and s n Mac in. Mrs. M. Joehiin and j
daushfer Mi-s Violet. Mr. Fgg. rt. all
i-n i a -. , lira l.edi.i. Ma f t hews an I i
,.,HPe rr Koi.iston.pl'-" any an.tt f. u neis.
illtl .1 . i'.lltl aii.-. A.- IV.l. II. J
to.iy had a delicious ttimvr and
i r -o-iitv g-it- I fme
The Oririnal Food-Drink For All Ages
M '-'"'"' had a tUsicious einro-i ana a
mSae vnuk
FUND OF $75,000
.iirsv.:A- to T.:t -, ;
C'iiiCAxjO, !.:. 1'7 The, ' X either:;
Trust Co., today vurchaS'-d $73.00 five
par iroi.i the cu;a.
i C..o j :ai cuts- I eauherj A 3:..tc..i ..or
j of the West Jta.mmti: : nchoois had a
, party ier th-., r-olio". o.hid"eii In th
I Lought.'s scho
f u. p.. imp u.,:q
at d were vistted by
;sl Sar.ta "flau.s, who
I -or. a;. .,i.y ... ii.ct'i :'.-'
' clr'ldrc-n Marforio and Karl of Griffith
i spent ll.ristniaa v ita Mr. ar. 3
1 eh Jj. Sci'i-r cf w .-st State street.
and Mrs.!
i.-in.e. ,-. c t." oo u ie". ar .,
' Oil) I'
lotas operation as a re.-".. It. tr nt ii '
paraysis v. a;-: orcJg.it to- i.Oine t-,.
1 speti-u '.'.trsstnui ar.u t return to.
e 1 the bv. ucl ;
nospita.. In uii'.cag'c 5 or
! PJrtaer ' re
.men: after
after the holiday.
as or a tj ouuuie stnter.se
. thi opera i-o ru but '.- tlr-n fa
n '.lii eve tl::' r " ." i
; pd,iu s.'
tre . 7,a:
. . t u.e s - tt ot"
!M:-. and Mrs. Xfc-bert Kanidt of; West
j .itatc strie, :u..i-o, ijiotv-j flator
; an illn"S3 c t -scarlet fever.
c T.-
- off Cf.'.ca-
ro, wei-" the -airsner g-uests oi 5; Is uncle
: X. O. Wltittn ui.d faintf;
1 sreet on Cliristnias ua,
i .
Ti "7 tPNAT'ON ',!.
7 . Stocks;, olt!-
undry 7.54'i
: ii4 u
. . Sfi'i
j i;'g price.-::
! American Car and x
Aniunca n St
' American Ft
.iri!';rica.ii Kteei iury.
nd Tc
, La.uwin
; Bethlehem Steel B
: f- a a ta
I "-.j ue.o.-i o..e.
.... 45);
.... H7V,
.... 78a,
. o s
.... C45-J
.... 90'i
7-1 '
...i OOA
. ... 46;
.... a4
. ... 3''"i
Uenera.l I'.lectri
General Motora
' Lac-taw anna
T lrVjnv;eri!i S'f.-e
lbe.higii A'al.ey
I Meihoo Petroleutst
Midvale .Steel
Xickel Plato
I Pure Oil . . .
Pressed .Steel. Can
Railway St'.c! Spr:
i Blading:
j Jtepuoiio. Ste-.. ..
j A'xa3
! ' Stee-i
j AVestingbouso
j "vV'i'Va Overla:ttt .
Smcia-r O.
-'..NTr.aiiATiCKA. PFV,'3 SKtt".CZ
L.W YORK, Dec. 27. Closinr
j erty bonds:
! EVjS
-dst - s
i fP.'d 4s
S 9 3.60
. F ". 4 ',3
! 6.1,4
I f l d ''.!
; 3ml 4 '. s
' .. . 4.'
7 43 i
j -Yetory 3 aa-d ...
. . -
ElfTTEl. Fece'pt:;. S.Slo
"1; Creameries iiatrcs, 4t--'!
40 He; p.aeking stock, 13s 2jc.
I .' FGGS--iiec.-ipf s, l,'d!3 oases; misoei
1 laneous. 45:-j'47c; ordinary iirsciis, i23
4 ie; firvts, btt o-tOc.
i LI Via roFLTi.tr
x jr;toy.",
V-'-u r.19 hereby not! lied that ti.e
Foard of Public AVorka oi said City
up to January -.ot...
., at ttvo o coo; p. I
. uli' il':a l1 1" roauv.aj won
J ypo "iv aspliaiti s concrete tvi con
crcto base, I ypo 'L vttriiled SaViiiK
Pie-solution "No. 87 1, as s-pociti.-d In tne
plans, profiles and details now or. ike j
Ail bids shail be accompanied by a J
certified check for not less than two
and one-half per cent of the estimated
cost of r.aid improvement.
1 he Board reserves the right to le-
r. c. DiFTPicir.
Hoard of Pub'.F AVer's1
. 'S -1
UK Wl 1 filial
f Avoid Imitations
fp iai Substitutes
lRfchmnt. ir.atted t-rain extract in Pdet
fi. Ccokina Nourli - Dtf.tu
ii.'ckcns. Ll'jflSc: rpilng'. 'j h i:
roosters.' ltf 1 Zc; ceetu. ':; fit.
UUC', s. i. S ll flt'C .
I T ATOliS iiec t-p ts. ZS can; t.
slides, Jftf'fJ.::; Idaho round vl It:
Y FA I. iy to Cj "Its., .'2&c; '.' !. -For.,
!5e; so i.j ;u -is., I 1 ,
iar.c,, JHjjlffj.
V.'iDJAT h'o. i red. f 1.1 ,!--- '" .
..ard Jelivv, ?t . 1 1 vj ii F 11" " ; X ...
hard yelloy,-. 1 . ; ; 1 1 - J. . i " : ,
I'UR.V -M... .1 jitljed, 41'-. .':.'
h'o. " white. 4. :'- ' i''. 11 1"
lor-, 4J vi -a o'jt-je: b'ci. S .nixed, 18'.'-49-:-c;
l"o. 11 white, 4 3 VI-u 'c..' " i i ; :,"o.
ye,iow, -.-j i 1 1 c ; Xo. miited, ' 1
lTc; T"0. 4 .'., -17 !: " ic 4 ;
lo" . 4T-i iS'.'.
UTS- Iso. " white. rf:i "Sb'
Xo W'llte, CC 1-151 -To
white C"-'i'3c.
li'jjrs Keceintf. 44,000; ".-c
t:ect higher. Lulk. ST.l'."'t T.Tfi: :
JS: l.ca. yxeliiiit, f 7. L3 T. iv .
C AT'l'L L' Ttece pts. 7,00'lo : k
fo- bee" steers and bctt'-r ra Fs .?
tat siiep fiw, 5 7 i - Jcs'- er, t'"
era steady. Cees i-ltoerr -cf i'oc a
prime. $ ? . .:' id ii : racdit :.' ai.f g-....
$C.i: 5.7o; nood and choice, S. .
I1 . 7 f ; Cuitiiiiw rt;d niJiuin, f.''
S.'.u. IP-Vh'-r ':-.t'. Heifers. $'.'
CO", s, $ ii . "0 0 C . t"'-: b'Sllir, JJ.f'fJ.U.C
Slllillll'- -Tf-'ceipth. ".I'eli e
S'tnera .
o : -
cuiia ft
d'-oer, 5
I n . !
"' o - rsri;;'s;.t r; 2: ."-tv ;, .
Xyndora Hot''. 'n-"' t'" (frfr, r ,
iea.ee Thursday -i'h wife
sou' hern Indiana v pere l.) w'il i- '
a note, of hia orn, lr. S'tti-ui .
c. 1 ).if.".cer of tao .notary, li-s.its
, c-tV.cr
c .'.it'.t watt w.i .noTt ;e;
s won in Ilar.ii.iwud nU ,
Mi.ss Jul's. Hcffuar; f::;:.C to h
i.orae cn Thur.t-c'ay n'!e".noon ' e'f""
t'' o jsolicav 3 with he- pareutr.
On IViaay a' ternoc r Sari' . . .s
vls'ted the pupi.'a the M:s.-.-i Ka'tit
ar.st piepho at. a ga' e ttiesn f;.t-,aj cm. -,
nuts and s.ratiafs.
Oil Friday morjiia?, the tor'.-; r. r ; r'
cciitfclnics lettrsi, papers jus-i parct'
trjj cut to p'eces ivy tlae train fr:-:.
w'nich it was dispatched. Some ct th
r..ail cotild r.ot bo delivered on geecta,
of being so badly damaged.
jMrs. Duncan Had Almost
j Lost Hopes But is Now
Like a Different Person.
'i just can't liegln so t-vl ah
Tars'ac has meant to sne, n I '.irni t.'
most lost liope of ver beina, st - .
ag-aln," ald Jlrs. H. Dttutar 1x1'
'I had been disappointed no fien
treatments tl:at had been MeF
recommended that I fcaf! little fa't'i i
ar.ythlnar Ise'.plns m, to It was e bU
and pleasatst s-jrprise iris en I beja
to note a aecided iurpi overnei.f. la if .,
conditon before I Isad finished ray H'v.
bottle of Tardao. TTte first tht-t?
did for ine was to pal a ICeen c
my appetite ar.d for the first tiVa9 i
months X Unew what it; was to b
hungry at xneal t!e. It tflso fool:.' .
and toned up . i" slcna'di so the
evervrhing I ate aprreed wit1 U3.
"P.'-ery dose of Tanlao I took f sent?
to give me new life and crsTg". Fop
I feel so well and stronaf that for h
first tirr. in. months I ani dj.ng a.'", ri
own ho'jseworl: ."
Tanlac is eo'.d I:. Hatr.ur.&rS by '.
liners Pharrnacy and in Itidiara XIapt&r
07 Central Drus Store and by iu'-.
druggists. Adv.
ofi large mans trial eorpor
; ation situated in East Clii.cc:
! ... -i
0 desires ;i youiip: ma; .
Preferably around 2C yt-ai-of
age. as ))rivato secretary
The" successful aiyi'lk-au-
i must bo a food titeiiorb-
pher, Krforni neat work aiivi
must bo dependable reniF:
itient and the ability to hop!
iu strict confidence the de
tails of the worls vril bo es
sential factors in securing
this position; -Vddress K. L
Times. Hammond. -;.-:
hye, tar anU
Havt noJr Gifti
te Fltred by an
Spectacl-'s. i"l'.
AVe are
tilled frames, any style, iits -d with
Tone lenses, greatest bargain pri,.
ever named for Hpeclaclcs, "ash len
ses of this character. Careful ex
amination of u:ir e;. e.-i bv an ic
ullst f'rt'c Pr tins v. c-k only.
Croat ISje roljrh1r tied ' c. er 3 Col'
cases. lippivv nrp name?- in .eu- ow n
neighborhood. Co ;.nd talk tj them.
Mrs. W. 1 . Alkii.s. CPer.-y Hai.;
rmrci, Indiana. pnoi.e 3 i , s. n.an c
F n 1 o n
Mr. James Feci. mats, u-. . ; i;
Buren ':., C . : . ; adlnn
Mrs. P.. i'crkk .-. 7.w V.'.i'. ".ci. t-h,
Hammond. Ino i.-tm. .
Trjnsiis removed :.y t. . i 1 i r a h r. .ioey.
Xo rhb rotorm. no i ospp a.
Do not let. niontsy keep yen awry.
Time payments ;..o. -opted.
ln.VNhil.V . CAltri.K. M. 1.
120 S. Ktt . tlntirt. f) to ei. f un.
any to it'.
C 1 iL k
S 4W ., tHA ;

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