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r!Tf Fni.r
Friday. Marcn i022
i ne Times Newspapers
1 it; LAlvfc Ull,l llll.Vi 1 St, A. I'ltlUXiiM. CO.
irio Lalio County Tiju- Unny exi t ill saturuv ani
l"Jv I'UU;rL'u poaiotllee ia ll.iuiu,iiiU, Juna 21.
iue Times Uast Chicago-Indiana Harbor, daily exoepv
runway. KjuereU at ttu yustoiUco la iiasi Ciucaso, .No
veuu.cr IS. ISIS.
1 he Lake County Tlmea Saturday und Weekly Edi
tion, iu.tured ut the puoiofflce. iu ilamui.md, tcoruary
1 ke Gary Evening Times Dally exseyt fcundaj.
fclitilit value are making reconstruction difficult ;and
other competent observers enter the criticism that
maintenance of wartime passport anl police le.-strio-tions
upon movements of pepplo is holding back com
merce Twenty-live ier cent of the peoile of Europe
are idle, Fays Mr. Yauelaiu. Other observers place
lliis ratio of idleness higher, for the unemployment in
i-,iigl and and in southern Europe runs much greater
than that, and not altogether because there are no jobs
Ait , , PosiotucB la Uary. April i. m. - but partialy because the populations dislocated by the
All uiidcx tlio act wf iuareb a. is; J. us second-class
j" ; '-'-r- irritile- ravages and results of the war do not want to
KOiU-'i'iX Aivi:!.T;siNO UEi'HiSSlUNTATioN- work and in southern Europe will not, while huge
G. I.o..a.n I'.w.nh & co CHICAGO , ..rmUs a;lJ lhf. possibility of living off government
bounty still exist. If the proMom of Constantinople and
Uaiy Of lice
tin i-.jku vi'c Thompson,
vnicao, (ihc T:uu-.-i)
Ind.ana iiaruoi v .Sews .Dealer).
"anis Uiep..t tr-r)
....Tt'li'pHiii.a lJf
. . fl'l mt.tioilw liil
'Itu-piiuuB iis-l j of tin.
,';-U ', no.i ll.is-J
. . .'J. cl-IptiuIliJ J)U-.U
Wtuiui (.cw Ut'aliT and Class. Adv.) . .'iciutiiiouo liiSV
it ou bavs tiny trouble guitiu Ilil-: H.vii.a ciK
con.jjiu.uil imn.ediai.ely to the Circulation Uej ai tu'enl.
utuiu.uiii t orivatvj unaiiiu) 31tu. 6 mi. 10S
tCa.ll Kir whatever ikiurtihiat waaiciLJ
If you fall iu .-.aive jour coij of THE TIMES as
promptly as you have in tho .jast, Hii-aso Uo not think It
bay uMt-.n lost tr was r.ut -nt on nine. 1 Uli iJAlt,.S hu
ncii.aso'1 its mailing cu.uii.meni and is striving earnestly
to r u.t:ti ita patrons on li;i:o. lie prompt in Jvi4i:i as
bvit you uu not ti jour paper ana we wiU act pruniptly
future of Greece could be settled living, condi
tions and consequently commerce and finance in the
Levant and extreme southern Europe would improve.
The r.uvio:..il c.u . - . v ;i i'-i u.-&oclaUi
ttd'te i-ecoiuineud..iiun of. t.ie American !'
Kociation t:
l.ir acti.ee tji
of college
This inir.,::
though (;.
ti ntre a iu,
iArOtl'Sf-3 Si..!
tie cuiiuidnles for HdmUs-.ou to the
suired to have at least two years i
Th worln's desire for Ireland is happiness and
prosperity. The land for which Many, many years has
broadcast Its individuals to win leadership the world
over in every p'mse of human activity, has no enemies.
Throughout the tortured events of the past sev
eral years there lias been' nothing in the heart of man
j kind stronger than the wish that Ireland might come
I to the monu'nT of content. As the naming passions
; resolved themselves into conference and from confer
! ence came agreement the universal attitude was to
pr. ...
Mit ion to the law seined cours
: OfTi advocatfd by Eliliu lto
i ait woum go itirtuer and re-.-.
:cse. Naturally the proposiiiori
at le lawyers who never .pent
. ! :. have Let u college-trained
ve :i -uccess in the law, or any
a.a . College can do little for
... iptitub"' for scholarly pur-
t (,.:. do is to give direction to
tii a i.! sire to continue the tud,
s..ine is oomph-ted. V.Vie a
aihn and investigation on step
doors his faur years of effort
Weep hands o;T
M.'u hav..
and hi;e high,
hoped thai the treaty
would become
;t the individual. A col
e and improve the fertile brain. Those pos
;erile minds should not go to college or try
v ! -iic law without it. The demand of this age
for the man well equipped. The lawyer needs to
aavfc Knowledge not only of the principles of law, but
o krow history, to have some acquaintance with the
i.imentals of every science and to be able to grasp
n essentials of every industry. The wider Lis knowl
edge the better he will serve Lis clients.
Laws and regulations governing admission to the
i translated into orderly government ; the world has been
itncp.ned to believe that the majority of Irishmen share
j that. wish. Pi approving the treaty the world has not
t ho least desire to see the Irish denied the smalleM.
' particle of the liberty they seek, but it moved by man-
i kind's battle-scarred oxperk-nce which has taughr it
it'eat millenniums do mt come over-night ami that the
i Pest ot ideals must seek practical means. The world
j thinks a practical means has been found by which
Irish ideals may l"'in U realize themselves,
j l'.ur none expected the Irish people wholly and
(without exception to applaud the treaty and except it
as the goal. Patriotism ever runs high in Ireland;
men are bound to adhere io their convictions, issues
will be sharply drawn ; fiery words will voice them.
Modern invention has given the world a ringside
reat at The political birth of Ireland, whose people hold
the historical interest of the United Slates. Every
gestur eand every word is transferred almost on the
instant so that our eyes and our ears follow the course
of events even as they occur. The struggle that goes
on now des not mean that Irishmen cease to remain
uniU'd as Irishmen ;it means that Irishmen are choos
ing their ideals and their leaders, and in the prosecu
tion of those ideals, within a united land, will be found
TIIK days of the food old tomahawk
ALSO aro pant. out. west we
NOI L: one Indian brave
HIT a brother redskin a wallop
ON tlie bean with
A Cord crank.
1 1 1 1 : I I : has been considerable talk
Cor a
Y12.4R or fn of reforming the dance
HIT have you looked ln,on ono late
IjV IX these (lays of divorco scandal's
Si:ill.VHus and alimony
IT is refreshing to run Into an cbl
fashioncd .
.MAN who.;e wife and
AI'FIMTV are the same woman.
Wn do not think w are
1 T out for a life ot crime and
we started to bind,
tario? Ans. t. Clair river.
When was the first Italian opera
sun;? in the. United States? Ana. In
in Xew York City.
How many provinces are thpre In
China? Ans,
for the open competitive market," said
S. Ii. Stafford, president of the Chicago
Livestock Exchange. "In fipite of a
determined tight on the part of the big
packers to hold valies down, prices
mere are n political . have rapidly advanced through the ac-
l-rovmces divided at present into 14 I tive competitive bidding of the nurr
imutury province. erous small paekim,- plaata scattered
l Is It proper to congratulate" a; all over the country.
br.J0 n h.r engagement? Ans. No. j "Only a short time ago a Nfilwaukee
7 What was the Indian population ! packing house freely propresied that
of America at the time of discovery? t hogs would sell on a parity with corn
-Vj;s. Accurate figures are not possible j corn prices and coH the packers
out est.
would be corroborative to that of w.t
riesses already called.
mates place the population at
more than one million.
- ilot-s a zebra have a, split hoof?
An-;. The zebra has a hoof similar to
that of a horse.
;i Who invented checkers? ."Vns. The
or'gln of the fLOime is n.it known. It
i-i mentioned, however, by early Greek
10 Why d,, they not have mufflers
tn airplane erifj ii,e.- ? Ar.-i. !a-i. uu-e of
the- extra v.-.-iuht the muffler would
ruike and because of the l-e-s of pewer
caused by rt -sir: ct hij; the exhaust.
Wt: Imagine if
A M ess a beautiful young
1IV OIK Ki: In an evening
r.ovv.x at one o'clock in the mot nlnp
Khould want to stay there
AM talk to her awhile and
ell about the jewels ami
tar vary greatly in the different stat
long time before there is uniformity
; and it will be a
in requiretm ni s.
the political future of Ireland.
The resolutions of the bar association niereiv in-
C!ratr a goal to Rimed fr
ra-c::ed -oon.
mce the war and is new f
v-n.v.i i.iay ltlK wfftlat is Vnown in S
ola nr-se
I ti the Sud.iri has don
or spear heads. Thl
a sharp advn nee.
law fo.biddin:; ptiib!
The South Bend Tribune Is authority for the state
ment that Samuel Vauclair., president of the Baldwin
Locomotive works. Just back from a business tour of
England, France, Poland, Rumania .and other countries,
believes Europe is mending, if ever so slightly. It is
being held hack, he says, by the confusion of depreci
ated paper currencies. The new boundrtrks of southern
an 3 central Europe nnd the flood of money Mint has
JUiAZlf, 1 1 AS P issed
except at seaside and mountain resorts nroha'
the theory that it is no worse to lo--e money to
bl-'rs than to hot'd proprietor:?.
MEXICO'S DiPLOM ATS are to tk ff th. ir
uniforms, which President Obret-ori consi.'.e;
necessary for the efficiency of the service or the
of the nation.'' But they are .sometimes necss
lend dignity to the diplomat.
!y on
i: i : a -
ga u d
s "not
; gr - i; y
try to
i-'oik; i:t
NO mottcr what hlg-h value they bad.
Till! woman who formerly went to
ret hints on
Packers' Move to Keep
Cost Down Elocked by
Bids in Open Market.
illi: theatre to
to v. ear
,i wmy.jiii. inii.ii i.m.n.iuin iiiim.KMtupaa.ninMt Amn.v.m 'twi,'i.i n u.m ,u'. ii
.--..... -..; j. -A - .- ' f - it ....... i . , ; - - 1
14 t'4 TM E-1 M Pi 1 1 P.-5 14 I
it JL
B- mr Vf
?Yt7tir I
Credit j
Good I
? 1 GoJ I
Good clothes make more people happy than anythinj
in the world. It isn't a case of money altogether. A U
Charge Account here takes the place of money ! If good clothes are all
you need to make you happy, come here and get them. Haven't the money?
"Ch&rgeit!" Spread payments over many weeks. Costs nothing extra.
Nearly a Million Customers Throughout ths U. S. H3Y3 Learned to Say
l YV
Beauty of the new
Spring Creatiovis is
second only to the re
markably low prices.
Come in now, select
what you want. Have
it "Charged." Pay by
the week !
The Spring
are Fascinating
and as low as
Tweeds, Homespuns, the
Button-in-Front Skirts and
Sport Models are "th
thing, this Spring.
as low as
Your terms arr our term.
Tfw 'is v.'V ycu cJia vny
and hov y-;j v at to pay
.t-WfcUOKK !
! --.-; -i ro
.--iv'rj I Ilk
You do not need a
purse bulging with
greenbacks. The men
we like are those we
can help with Liberal
Custom Service
in Neivest Models
as lew as
Beautiful fa srics, elegant
pttrns stripes, mix
ture, solids EVERY
Ladies' New
as lew as
' J14S3
I? la tronetnd. It in n-ji
If yoti run li-iy XI. r sane
.NOW goes to find out how murh
MOIU-1 fho can safely take oif.
AOTIir.n pathetic little feature
t' every day Pfa
I. this grave crisis Is ths
WAV persons whom evcrybody
forpotten all about
Alti: desperately trying to be men- !
tioned j
.. foil cabinet positions every i
11MB one resigns. , i
IT a re ported that we are only
ov the threshold cf knowledge, be
AS It may, still there are those who
KNOW all that has been discovered
Au tome things that haven't.
OM-: of our prominent newspaper
nocTons t. lls us in his reassuring '.
WW that there is no mch a j
Tlll; as a cold but that we ar '
mi:hi:ly a victim of d;sea?c!i con- ;
d;;:u:,.i i
OT the nope chamber linings j
Itl.T we'd Just as soon have a cold
roll wo die n't even Know we
1! s any nose chambers, let alone
IIMNC.S to th. rn and Il;a
SKllMS to grow mora and rmTe. com-
ple'J. led.
I'ITTI. it briefly the coal miners
Wwr to earn as tnu-.-h in .';" hotirs a
w .. k
AS most workers d- t;i fi9.
HIK'.-Ma.l, .M tt't fi W h-o top h.ijs
reached ?!0 per humlred p.ejndi on the
Oiieaso market n o nMy ;iri uripre. ed
er.tcd rise of n'-nrlv if a month and a
half at the height of t he pnekir Sca-:-e.;i
was rccoid'-d. facVers stated that
e l n:c average pre-., paid Honrs vv.-re
lut ' (rincitu? from J..V. nts to f 1 p. r l.u...hel
for the corn ror-sumed. That estat.
Kshes the widest iri- known in the
difference of corn sold s M'ahi and
corn fed i r, to pork.
"The record set Ijs a sitinnl vi"torv
Dusuns Have Women Priest.
Women priests dominate thf- Pu
suns, a curious tribe of people inhab
iting a section of British ionh
The Dentist
What Do Others See When You Laugh
Good teeth make a smile perfect.
cause of the looks.
Ccme in today for free examination.
1 will tell you truthfully what, if any
thing is needed.
I .OS ANV.Eh.KS. March S. illness of
the state's final witnesses, Mrs. Mary
I tail iff, and refusal o Iflie defense to
start their case until the prosecution
has coin pletely finished resulted In an
enforced holiday in 'he trial of Ma
fia lynna C'onnon I beri'h;iin, charged
w;th conspiracy to murder J. Helton
Kennedy, at 'Beverly lleri last August
which will continue until Monday.
I'.ut for Mrs. Dailiff'H illness the Ftate
probably would have completed its
case late yesterday and the defense
w ould hf. ve gotten und.-r way today.
It was reported today that the tempor
ary respite would afford the tate an
onportun ity to produce a "iiurprise"
witness by Monday whose tfstimony
a i.
around Jli. But the competition of the
smaller houses on the open market up
set that programme. I.'rinjf L'ecen.
ber 61 per cent of the hogs received
wt Chicago were bought by out ship
pers and in January they took 39 per
cent. Thi1 romnOitifin i- nil Imnt rrt-
1 - ...w ...... i ,
cedence and Indicates to -vvh.-it Htnt i lidd teeth are TCDUlSlVe tO Others U(
the smaller houses have at least tem
porarily wretteled the control of the.
market from the hi a packers.
"In an atempt to avoid ti is com
petition the bis packers are buying
lions at the country points and keepiny
them from enterlm; the market where
they would be tubject to bids from a'l
classse c-f buyers. If the big- packers
were oblidged to buy E.1I their supplies
fin t . imcti Tli V l t. t I l:..1r H' r 1. 1 , 1 .- ,.
the advantage they row enjoy." f I vj
I will for the next 30 days give
dentistry. I positively extract teeth
without pain. Gas given if desired.
Remember, delay means decay.
Open Tuesday. Thursday and Sat
urday evening; until 9 P. M.
Telephone 31 S9
593 Ilohman St., Hammond, Ind.
Over 5 & 10c Store
- o ,- . .
TT?wr7'rf if KMm
- -. i ' -e '
'. s
1 1
1 I
Everything For Sa!e, No Reasonable Offer Refused
(Quid Mm LtssS
f W
St., Hammond
'Just Across the Street from the Post Office"
iLasc state
f- '.
' 1
- "A
You Get
JVLot II' c
'Z'ay Extra
599 Hohman St., Hammond
drcn's cotton
i 1
I ft
5,000 Bags of
Bull Durham
On' j 'ey go. Oar last day Sale
1,200 Cans of Canadian
Out they go. Our last day FOR 9 C r
Sale, price
1 V, i a t will make
Jre?ST:i r. '- n-fnC : mma hie ?
f Why was liarry T..iudr knirl'ted?
V hen d.d New York City pat s the
million population mark ?
4 How many popes w ern rut to
6 Who 13 the, poet lauieut of Knjr
iaml reev?
t. NVh.it will the water pressure bo
fifty feet below the surface?
7 Is there any coal in Central
5 -Which way does a nail hold bet
ter driven straight or planted?
S How many telephones has New
York City?
10 What w'.ll he the ln-o?n for ths
L'nttei S'ates envcrrmrpt In IP???
1 fa Seven Fall hi Colorado hlcher j V
than Niagara I-'dlH? Ann. The height I,
oi Seven I-'a Its is 2i.-l feet. The h
of NUiii.-im I-'inln in it et.
2 In what measure Is a hand used?
Am?. Iu the m.-asuro of horses'
? W hat rii it r. parates the rtate ..f
.Viet-ii-en frr.ni ttie T'rnvi?"!ce .f On-
. -j
' r -a
Gov. Inspected
Armour, SM-ift, Cudaliy, Morris,
acd other famous brands. Ia 12
pound cans. Our Last Day Sale,
Per Pound-
Pairs EncUcott-Johnson
Iff 4-'
Sewed and nailed
bottoms, solid lea
ther, at ofjly
fcif M'irttivWtoi
- J
Take Salts to Flush Kidneys
If Back Hurts or Blad
der Bothers.
If yo-i must leave your meat every
Jay, eat It., but flush your kidneys- with
sn'ts occasionally, . says a noted an
(levity who te!l. us fl-ait meet forms
uric add which almo.-t paralyses th
kidt.cy.s in their efforts to expel 1
from th- ldood. They become sltigjrlsn
dik: weak f n, then you suffer with a
dull mis. ry in the kidney region, sharp
pains in the hack or sick headache,
dizz; n'-ss, your st.--.mach sours, tonfru
Is coated P.ial when the weather is t'fl
y..:i l.av rheumatic twiiiKes. Tie
urine Ki ts cloudy, full of scdiivent. tin
t'mnnels often K't sore and Irritated,
old i Klntr you to seek relief two or
three times during the rig-lit.
To, neutralize these Irritating acid5
to cleans-; the kidneys and flush off th
body's urinous waste gx-t four otitic,
of .tad Salts from nny pharmacy here
take a taV.esrcoriful in a class of wa
tor before breakfast for a few day
and your kidneys v ill th-m act. fin
Till" fimeiis sails is r--.-.d- from th
acid of ftrn.pes. find iene.n juice, c.ei:
bim d with lit Ui:. n:.d 'a.- ) en lis
for lt' ti... ni ! ions t " tlush and Mimulai
sliii-irish kidre vs. also t neutral:?
th- tu-ids in urine, so if no lonfrcr in;
tates, thus ending: Idad.ler w eak !.-.
Jad falls is inexpensive; cannot in
jure, and makes a delightful efferv-s
i.-nt lithia-water drink Auv
W ool
Arimy Shirts Rec. . . 79c
Heavy Canvas imported
Gauntlet Vacuum Bottles
Gloves Pair 10c n!-33 frr prkt Ust 75c
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500 Army Overoats, Our Last (fc 1 QQ La-i-ge 49c size Turkish Towels, 1 O c
Day Sale, price Our Last Day Sale
Government ITiy BdtS MensHoSC
Food or Wheat cOT-t Am,y BdS, 2sc
but belt made tor Hose, brown, black,
Monarch Breakfz Y Food, regular herd wear 1 white colors Qr
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Work Pants O. D. Shirts
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