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The Hammond dcatena game with
the flraoui Oak Park Friars Sunday
will be a real test of HMnmonjs
football strength, said Coach Ralph
Jones today in discussing the fourth
battle on the Scuna schedule.
ihln game afeainst a team corusid
red to be the best in the Midwest
league will show what class of foot
ball the locals can rut up." if the
Scatena eleven is able to win from
the Friars it can consider itself in
the running- for tha chamruonship
Definite predictions as to the re
sult of the contest with Oak Park
lire lac!;lntf among the hundreds of
Scatena followers since the many
promising: reports from Oak Park
have been circulated here. Ham
mond rooters expect one of the
hardest fought games of the sea
son, but most of them are at sea
as to the probable outcome of the
The winner of the Scatena-Kriar
battle will no doubt be conceded to
have the best chance to contest for
the Midwest football championship.
The Scater.as. who were runners up
last year, are out to cop this season
"I'd if confidence means anything
tho Scatenas stand a very good show
i coming out on top.
Both the Friars and the Scatenas
drive not been beaten thus far, each
t .--am has claims to three bard vic
tories, with Oak Park boasting tluu
their poal has not been crossed us
yet. The Scatena line has boor,
crossed for two touchdowns, but in
each instance the Hammond team
had scored first.
Oak Park has a very strong com
bination. Most of the players are
former high school stars who have
been declared ineligible while in
high school or in some college.
Frank Winter, former Illinois uni
versity athlete and present coach of
the Oak Park high school, is tutor
ing the Friar eleven. Winter's
couching ability is known wherever
football is played, and the fact that
Coach Jones is some coach himself
c;:ght to make the expected heated
tame an interesting one.
Tho visiting team is under the
impression that the Scatena line is
not so efficient, although it is big
enough. In the games played thus
far the Scat line has shown re
markable ability in blocking and
cha-ging. The one fault that the
writer has seen is that a few of the
linrmen have not mastered the art
cf usiner their hands in the line. As
far as the usage of the hands is con.
corned. Hamn.dnd has been sadly
lacking in the line for years. Only
one man in Hammond gridiron his
tory, the fsrunstt Frank Blocker,
now with th:- fJary J-Jlks, ever thor
oughly ruj;. . . ;l.is wondefrul art.
An unn.-.:.:i C. ; la;, tr, a past master
of football ability, v.-as out with the
Scatena team last night for a lon
practice session. The new marvel
showed jilcnty of pop and io"ks to
be the real roods. The addition of
a new man' in the line will atsiat the
the S? arena, team r-Tfatly as the loss tail
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i foot cm ) ' J)"- . 02--
11(7 I hs&Pi-'
Carl McAdama ready to drive the opposition back with lonjr spiral pant.
The University of Kansas fcrid team, already rated as one of th
most formidable in the west, seems set for its biggest year. The tead
first gained notice in the east when it held the formidable array team
to a 13 to 0 score at West Point The clever booting of Carl McAdamsj
halfback, kept the Army from scorine more points.
will practice again this evening and
it is probable that Saturday after
noon will find the Scats out again
for a lengthy drill.
Hard work and more of It Is the
schedule for the next two days for
the East Chicago Gophers. They
will buck up against the -heavy
eleven from Irondale, known as the
Trimble Tigers. Almost everyone
around this part of the country know
that most all teams that are turned
out cf Irondale are good or better.
The champion going teams at the
present time, and all from Irondale, '
are the Pullman team. The Roselaud
Panthers, another aggregation of
ptrong men hail from the same neigh I
boi hood. 1
The Tigers have not lost a game j
this season. They have played to
date five games. The last being with
JIcKinJey A. C. who were the j
enders. The Tigers will out-
weigh the Gophers ten pound to a
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Owners everywhere report
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man. They are well known for their
successful aerial playing. From rec
ords we get the information that out
of the five games they have com
pleted ten passes, an average of two
passes a game.
The Gophers are working bard to
form a defense against forwards.
The line which has been weak has
been improved a hundred per cent
Garvey, the big two hundred pound
man will be eeen at tackle "While
the star, Batch, formerly of the
White Eagles will be seen at tackle.
Cecil Cohen, while being a good
backfleld man will share the honors
of playing quarterback with the
speed demon. Shorty Long. Shorty
can always be used as a halfback
where he can show to great advan
tage when he starts circling the ends.
Iast Sunday he went through the
Famous Chicagos for a gain of
thirty-five yards.
Jimmy Hassett, the new fullback
has the pep and ha sure knows how
to hit the line, and when he does he
goes for seven or eight
yards. Hassett can also punt a ball
which Is a great asset to the team.
Swede Martin, an Cast Chicago
product and one time star on the
high school, will play tackle. Swede
played his first game last Sunday,
and showed some real tackles.
Captain Darrow Is making his men
work hard on account of the hard
game which will take place on the
Touring Model
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Five Passengers
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points jn
""""nond where the Whitins F
are waiting to take tha scalp of the
East Chicago eleven. Whiting wouM
like to get revenge for the lading she
got from the Gophers last season.
After the Whiting game the Go
pher manager will try rind book the
Great Lakes team -for the following
Sunday which will bo at Ka.-t Chi
cago on Sunday. Nov, 12th. The
Great Ijikes. a whirl of n i.-a im
with the. team always comes' their
big band. The band ii.-t. uioiu
enty-five men in it. This outlit if it
comes to East Chicago will be a
treat for the fans.
In all probability there will be a
doubla header at the Arena. The
Iiodgrrs will ien the bill while the
Gophers will close the bill The op
ener will probably start at 1:30 p.
m. and the closer will start Immed
iately after the first game. This
will give the East iTucago fans a
chance to see the two teams that
East Chicago has.
The field for this Sunday will be
wired off and nobody permitted on
the field as has been in the past.
The Gophers will put out a brand
of ball this Sunday that will equal
any of the past games that they
liave played. The lino is stronger,
and the backfleld faster.
For our bickfleld wo have Ma
dura, Zimmerman, Oswego. Parrow,
Long, Cohen. Hassett. Gllek and Cav
anaugh. We Lave as many backfleld
men as we have linemen.
From now on the Gophers will
play hard and try to mnke a team as
good as previous years.
Everything Is all set for Sunday.
fo everyone is urged to come early
and see both games.
Some human brains are three
times as heavy as that of a gorilla.
Germany has 7,000.000 men trained
as soldiers, who are capable of b
Intr mobilize,.
in l
5th of Noven,1ri at the nve
i i .ii , . i i 1 j p i l . ijji a u 1 1 1. i 1 1 EiflMp
I ' " ' ' ' '
4 mMmm f !Wwriil iSAm Sill i
1 GoodstA fiIMl iim3o0is or wit I
i m 1
It's a good bet that if Lew Tend
lcr, crack Philadelphia southpa -,
and Benny Leonard, lightweight
champion, ever meet in the squt.. -ed
circle again it will be welter
weights. Several circumstances bring this
First of all Tendler has indicated
that he will cease to attempt to
remain in the lightweight division
Lv signing to meet Dave Shade,
legitimate welterweight, at Mil
waukee for a battle in the near
future. Tendler has bad trouble
keeping himself down to evr the
new lightweight poundage of 135
pounds. He has felt, his friend3
say, that even that weifh; weakens
him. Hence his decision to step
into the heavier class.
The welterweight class now pre
pents more opportuniti. than the
lower class. There has be .n a
dearth of goocl welters for many
Secondly, Leonard, if he fights
again, probably will fight ; s a wel
terweight. He has not fought at
the recognized lightweight pound
age for years. When he fought
Tendler months ago he weighed in
for the benefit of newspaper men
a week before the fight and made
the 135 pound mark. But secrecy
surrounded his weighing in the
day of the battle and it is gener
ally believed that he t-aled well
over the 135 mark.
Leonard showed that he hai - j
for welterweight honors when he
took a match with the veteran Jack
Britton the match which left a
bad taste in the public's mouth.
So, if Tendler, who deserves an
other crack at Leonard by virtue
of his showing in their last bout,
ever gets another chance to tackle
Benny it looks as though it would
be in the welterweight division
possibly for the rieht to meet the
Rip Van Winkle of that division
the aforesaid Jacques Britton.
Here's a funny one.
When fie deaf whereby the New
York Yankees obtained Everett
Scott from the Boston Red Sox
was put over . the last off season
ITew York scribes wrot columns
of matter over Scott's greatness,
his value to the team and all that
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where nrirtg Urmtfr. (SloilpH are sold
sort of stuff.
During the regular playing sea
son while the Yankevj .ere bat
tling to retain the American Lea
gue championship, the praise of
Scott continued.
But now the song is different.
Scott's failure to ccer territory
around short gave the Giants many
easy base hits, these -ame scrib.s
say. His failure to hit weakened
the Yanks' offensive strength.
They doh't stop to explain vh
they did not discover during the
154 games of the regular season
that he couldn't cover ground.
They don't recall that they said
that he was invaluable to the tea. ;
despite his weak hitting. And they
overlooked the fact that Babe Ruth
was more helpless and of less val
ue to the team than Scott.
They are inconsistent, at least.
It looks as though they ..ere sim
ply trying to find goats to cove
up the real weak spot in the team
the management.
Babe Ruth's miserable showing
in the recent world's series a du
plicate of his pitiable efforts in
the classic of 1921, will be a bles
sing in disguise if it turns out
that it awoke Ruth to his pree..--ious
situation in baseball.
A six weeks' suspension by Judga
Landis, several shorter suspensions
by Ban Johnson and various dis
ciplinary moves on the part of tha
Yankee club owners during the
past season failed to drive into
Ruth's brain the fact that he was
on the wrong track and rapidly
skidding into baseball oblivion. The
changing sentim.nt of the fans,
who quit cheering and began boo
ing him, also failed to impress him
as being an indication tl .t he was
losing his grip in the ba ball
His rotten showing -rainst th
Giants topped off a rotten year.
He found himself booed and eve i
jeered at every time he walked to
the plate or took to the field in the
fall classic.
Has it finally dawned on the big
boy that he must turn over a new
leaf if he cares to con. -ue in big
league baseball, let alone dra 7 a
huge salary and the adulation of
millions of fans?
Let us hope so. '
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f MM
Jerry Dye.
A Russian locomotive recently
was assembled from standardized
parts machined In twenty different
German shops with no more diffi
culty than a locomotive built com
plete In one shop.
The card supporting Jimmy Clab
by and Dennis O'Keefe, who box fho
ten round windup at Indiana Har
bor one week from tonight, has been
announced. Frankle Welsh, local
welterweight, takes on Jabber
Young in eight rounds. Two sixes
between Young Porky and Cupie
Thembley at 122 pounds and Jack
Rudy and Jack Downey, 150 pound
ers, complete the card.
Johnson to Box Vitas.
NEW YORK, Oct. 25 Floyd John
son who aspires to the crown now
held by Jack Dempsey, has been
matched with Joe Vitas, for ten
rounds at tha Pioneer Sporting club
October 31.
NEW YORK, Oct. 27 "There ain t
no Santa Claue," according to Benny
Leonard and his manager, Billy
Gibson, at least not after what hap
pened yesterday. Bennie and Billy
took the former's teeth to the den
tist, where the lightweight cham
pion expected to tin told that 1t
would be all right to go ahead with
a little early fistic Christmas shop
ping n December 22. Bennie had
a little present all figured out for
Charlie White of Ch'.cago at Madi
son Square Garden on that date.
Now Charles will have to wait and
Matchmaker Flournoy will have to '
fix up a new card. It may be Feb
ruary before Leonard can fisht.
Beware of Sporting
Writers, Gotham Ring
Board to Referees
NEW YORK. Oct. 27. Referees
and Judge at boxing contests in
New York state are forbidden, in
the state athletic commission's lat
est edict. Just made public, to con
verse at the ringside with news
paper men or associate with them
when off duty. Spectators, boxers,
their managers and seconds also
must be ignored by officials, the
ruling p-ovldes.
i iS,

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