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Champion Successfully De
fends His Title Last
lyrsch, bantamweight champion, suc-w-on
the first three round, the fourth
was even, and the champion had the
better of the milling' In the remain
ing sessions.
The champion's superior ring-craft
va.s the main factor in determining
the result. Sangor was willing and
aggressive at times, but the xray
Lynch slipper punches and ducked
out of harm's way was too much
for the game local fighter, who did
well to stay the ten rounds. Joey
doled out same damage and in the
sfxth round cut the chaiaplon's left
eye with a ring swing.
As early as the second round
Lynch drew the claret from the chal
lenger's nose by Jabbing him con
tinually with his left hand as many
as three times without returns. The
g-lood flowed freely throughout the
fight and at times Joe looked like
a badly beaten fighter.
Sangor surprised his friends by
taking the first three rounds hand
ily. The local boy forced the mill
ing and had a wide bargln In each.
He used his left to good advantage
to Jab and hook. In the fourth round
the champion hit his stride and hon
ors were even at the bell.
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1 V o'eAor xcftiass to
V rL& 7 "wct once note
$fY ( T'T CAM -c J
,seceiTAcs ace
WffiJ " flWTW6wiTrt WClTeCV CRAMP,
VSALK VP w flL ' mickey KwocKtD V A. ' '
'tp$v 009 THE NWT Jf KV
A committee of business men headed
by Ell F. Siebert, mayor of this city
has been appointed to work out a
p'an to finance a r.ew football stad
ium for Notre Dame university, it
was announced here yesterday. The
bowl, which will be planned to ac
commodate between 35,000 and 40.
000 persons, will be completed in
two years, if the plans go through.
Coach Knute K. Rockne stated that
Georgia Tech will play the home
coming contest here Oct. 27, 1923,
and that efforts are being made to
bring or.e of the big eastern teams
west for a game in this city.
Tonight will bring together two
of the best mitt sl!ngrs in the
west. Oeorgle Verner, who hails
from the Twin Cities and who has
the honor of being the champion of
Indiana, in the lightweight division,
and Morris Johnson, of Koseland.
Manager of Verner, being the well
known Joe Perntcka, who has been
affiliated with boxers for the past
several years, says he has a world
champion. He announces that Ver
ner is in the pink of condition and
ready to go at a minutes notice. Man
ager Pernicka not over two weeks
ago pitted his charge against the
well known Eddie Raynor, and car
ried the honors after ten fierce
rounds of mauling.
If Verner gets the popular de
cision he will be ready to take on
the hard hitting Patsy Ilocco, of
East Chicago.
Morris Johnson, who needs no in
troduction is in good condition and
he always gives the fans a good
run for their money.
Frank Hiplock, well known in pug
ilistio circles will referee the main
All buases, street cars and trains
stop at the door. The first bout will
go on at 3:30 sharp.
Canon for a day of sight seeing and
to reach Pasadena Christmas eve.
About twenty-five players will make
the trip. They will take In the
Pittsburgh-Stanford contest at Palo
Alto on Dec. 30. The squad will
arrive home about January 7th.
Array and Notre Dame
Teams to Clash, Oct. 13
WEST POINT, N. T., Dec. 8. A
gridiron battle between Army and
Notre Dame for next season Is an
assured fact. It was announced hero
yesterday, the fast Hoosler eleven
coming to play the cadets Oct. 1.
Army will play Tale in the howl at
New Haven again next year on
Nov. 3.
Breeding new types of forest trees
that would crow faster and produce
more and better wood was the Idea
of an Irish university p-ofessor.
It has been said thj Koreans used
ironclad warships against the Japa
n's a en.rlv p.s 159 7.
The total trade done in Kus3ia
last year reprssetits only about 1.'
pe" cent of the tra.de in 1913.
The Simplex basket ball team will
meet the Illinois Bell Telephone five
at the Lafayette gymnasium, cor
ner of Calumet avenue and Sibley
street, next Saturday at 8 o'clock. 1
The Simplex five lias played in a
number of games this season and
have made a creditable record. The
one contest in which the local tele
phone employes have played resulted
In a defeat for them at the hands
of the Auburn Parks.
Two girl's teams from the Bets Co.
will play the preOlminary. Kvery
contest which the girls have played
this year has been well attended and
their addition to the program for
next Saturday evening has proved
r - hiiht-
M 1
Penn State's football team, which
will meet Southern California In
Pasadena on New Tear's Day, will
leave for the Pacific coist December
19. It is planned to stop at Grand
We Have It
All Kinds and Prices
Quick Deliveries
Honest Weight
Morton Ave. Coal Co.
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Phone 266
What chance has Benny LeonarJ
to win the welterweight title, now
that it is held by a young, strong
youngster instead of time worn
veteran? Mickey Walker, tha new
champion, and Leonard are sure
to meet over in Tex Rickard's big
arena in New Jersey next summer.
It will be one of the big bouts of
the year and probably will attract
as large a gate as the Leonard
Tendler affair of last summer.'
It is argued that sinco Leoaard
was made to look foolish by the
veteran Britton, the lightweight
champion would nave no ch"nce
apainst a man who in turn made
Britton look like a second rater.
But that kind of figuring never has
been accurate.
Leonard is having so much trou
ble making weight in his own class
that he may be forced into the wel
terweight class to preserve hi
health if for no other reason. The
dread specter of the white plapu
ever hovers over those who contin
ually weaken themselves by fight
inp at too low a weight, and Leon
ard is too sensible a person to sac
rifice his health.
By the time next summer coin
around Leonard luay really want
to win the welterweight title. H(
is not the kind of a man to be sati3
fied with anything less than a
championship and if forced into the
higher class it is reasonable to sup
pose that he will bend every effort
toward winning tl. highest hono sv
That will make a great deal of
difference in his plan of battle and
he can be expected to make a much
better Fight against the young and
inexperienced Walker th- he iid
against the crafty Britton.
Accidentally or otherwise. Leo:
ard made a terrible mistake when
he met Britton in the Velodrome
last summer. For ten rounds of
that bout he fought entirely for
the head. Not once did 1- ma'., i.
play for the body. Several times
Leonard landed solid shots to the
jaw, but the veteran shook thera
off without much trouble. Any
hardened ringstrr can withstand a
wallop on the jaw fairly well de
spite advanced years, but no veter
an, can take it in the body and sur
vive. Walker knew that flinch, and he
beat Britton in the very first round
by slugging tha veteran In the
body. If Leonard h-" followed
similar tactics thee is : dou ':
whatever that he would have scored
a knockout. Near the close of the
bout he hooked his left to the body
for the first time during the bat
tle and the blow put Britton down
and almost out. If Leonard had
started that way it would have been
a walkover for him.
n-i i . t -
i iucic ii obo u ge o remem
bers how it felt to be unable to
ittend a football game when he was
i boy. Judge Eller of the Engle
vood Court, Chicago, sounded a
lopular note a few days ago when
nstead of dealing harshly with two
youngsters who had been caught
neeking through knotholes at the
Chicago-Princeton game he scath
ingly expressed his clsapproval f
he action of Geo. O. Fairweather,
the university bunii ess manager,
in having the youngsters arrested.
The spirit of the day, according to
the Judge, was to see the game at
any cost.
Joie Ray, the great runner, is
getting to be just as dangerous a
proposition in the ring as ee is oa
the track. His first two appear
ances in Chicago amateur boxing
circles have resulted in victories
as decisive as any he ever turned
in in the harrier branch of sport
Satisfied that his legs have fe
equals Ray ia developing r. pair of
arms that are just as exceptions
in their defeat dealing qualities.
I .rue
JhialJleinige olr
A saturnalia of bootlegging seems to be no exaggerated phrase to describe the
startling state of affairs to which the Administration calls the nation's attention. Inspired
Washington dispatches tell us that the present Prohibition enforcement methods are
"debauching and debasing the entire country"; that the President is "deeply concerned
over a belief that the moral fiber of the American people is deteriorating through the
open disrespect shown' for the effort to enforce Prohibition"; and that "the growth of
bootlegging, the temerity of rum-runners, and the serious insinuations against Federal
enforcement officers have been worrying the Administration for some months," until
finally "With Prohibition enforcement "recognized as on the verge of absolute collapse
in four States and in a condition of serious demoralization elsewhere in the country,
President Harding considered to-day the issuance of a solemn public appeal to all good
citizens to discourage bootlegging as a last resort to administer the law."
"One way to make Prohibition prohibit," declares the New York Evening Post,
'would be to arrest some of the prominent and respectable people who buy what the
bootleggers sell."
The leading article in The Literary D:gest this week takes up the subject of the
enforcement of the Prohibition laws and presents the opinions of leading newspapers as
to ways and means.
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