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1 Xfflk N r if T lr"Tl f-j t J 1 t"l- - .W .II l! T T i-?.':'?.
Siting Team's Playing is
Revelation to Thousands
of Fans
The "Whiting; Friars who have been
leaning up on every thills' ln Lake
:ount- met their match at Forsyth
-'leld yesterday afternoon, when the
scrappy Hammond Scitenas played
hern to a scoreless tie, before a
rrcwd of 5.000.
l't'Otbailers of the gridiron game
-:i-.v a. wonderful contest and incl-ientl:-'
witnessed an exhibition of
.irt.p kicking' that ended In a failure
for both elevens.
The Whiting kickers who has
shown much class ail eeascn In putting-
them over between the bars
eras off on his boots. This was prob
ably due to the slippery field, but
Oaiavln. Ashford and Schlllo did
some fine putlng: during the grime
anl the field cannot be blamed.
Kickers who play on the ao-calied
professional teams aro supposed to
poaseas redoubtable class and some
time they do, but even pro players
to:nJni go wrong- and this is ex
actly what happened when Ham
mond and Whltlr-jr bad their chances
to win. Twice, with, the ball In the
shadow of the ficatena goal posts,
Whltinj attempted to win by kicks,
but In enxh Instance the ova', jailed
to the wronjf distance. Hammond
had r. lone chance In the last quar
ter. ut an attempted kick was
easily blocked.
The Frlare shewed plenty of class
all during: the heated argument.
Wis! tin.; somewhat out played Kam
taonj by sscnall martin, but the
fact that they were unable to score
easily Indicates the class of the local
team. Time and ag-aln Galavln. the
Sh'fty fullback of the Friars, would
pi'n on end runs, line plunges and
(.t tsoklo play. The Whltlr.s play
er v.-iiB the Individual star of the
Fume, and without him the Friars
would have lost.
The Whiting; players were a rev
e:l!jn to the many onlookers. The
(';1 City crew looked to be the best
ti.iiy 'ied team in the. county and
V'ji t"r Millibar, has certainly earn
e.l 't name for himself In county
snorting- circles.
T'lere was little raining through
t!'o F'rlar line, as that showed up
li;e a mountain of strength on de
fence, echillo, who played a dandy
fi:;.-) for Hammond, brought the
la.rr crowd to their feet once whan
he inn around right end for twenty
yards with the entire Whiting- team
Iry!:-T to stop him.
V. hltlng1 opened up several times
with a forward passing- attack which
re. ed them much yardage. Had
t'-e Friars continued the over-head
rv r o the score might have been
'-'f, cr. t. The Friars because o:
( in's rl-btv efo-ts b in h t It
w:; to attack the Hammond line at
c M.-jil joints, a:d when the V.'h'.t-I---
p .-rrMatlon were in a position to
.'ili until the I" is st of January
make a cut in the price of Den
ti.Lr that will give the people with
ci rr: "derate salary a chance to
Iiava their teeth taken care of with
cut going to the city. Over 20
years experience.
V I . f - I ? ,.f I i J jty"'
Gas Given If Desired
Fu.! Set of Teeti as low ai $15.00
Go:d Crowns .... $5.00 and up
E'r'.djs Work $5.00 and up
Pcrrrerain or whits crowa $5.00 up
Go:d Filing or IrJays $3.00 up
S.lrir Filliogs $1.00 up
Vc have to make an extra charge
for killing nerves or treating teeth
is U2 reason we say $5.00, $3.00
cr vi CO and up eo don't wait un
Ll : tacta aciie and you have
t3 the extra charge.
..., P naye ire very iaicst rnetnooi
fo?Pabless Dentistry and Will da
ncLi n-2 but honest work and make
the lowest charge for same. Ccrna
in r.nd w: will examine your teeth
and t:'.l ycu honestly if anything is
r.Tcbd without any charge. Open
e've-inss until 9 p. m. 593 Hoh
trr.r. ttrect, over Woolworth's 5 and
10c Store. Phcne 3189.
W. G. BURKET, Prop.
Hammond - - Iadiaaa
fro further the Hammond line held
as they did against Bteser and
Hammond was orljled at tite stai't
by the abeence of Tim NeLeun, Uie
regular center; Smith, the reruJ-r
tackle, and Cearlrig, Hanimoad'a LsjL
cnen field runner and tripple thieRt
man, but In trplte cf thle the BcsJ -niaa
put up a dandy front. Tim
last minute addition of Sellger and
t'ltz to the lltie was a complete sue
cors as i.he Ifajoiuond jdeniiau and
Uie forrr.er purple and tvlilto put up
a etreng battle.
Oala-ln. Aahford. Kuat aad "WlcX
horst suured for the "Whitliig taajn.
Ia.nlela, as usual, wls a marked man
as was 6-cJililo, but the pair was able
to fool Whiting time and again,
There was no lndlvlduai etsxs cn
the Scatena team, every cculo was in
there to win. and It was a ourklng
The officiating at the game wu
the best of the eoason, and easily
showed that local officials oan take
caj-e of a game far better than the
ones tluit are Imported every year
from Chicago.
The catenas will probably play
In the V."lndy City against Oak Park
before a winner for the Cerrnak cup
Is declared.
liaiTMOXD (0) WH1TI.VO (0
fioidenbecker LTS Callahan
Oltz jLT Carman
Hiemke LO Kulzak
IH'Oerner O illlllgan
Iyne RO SutheOland
Sellger RT..,, Dheur
"ircse RJ3 Wlckhorst
Fhanke Q iiu,:
Warner IH Ashford
s-hl!lo KH Ayatt
Daniels FB Galavln
Subst tutions: TVh'tlng, O'ICeefe
for ICoisak; I.lttlejohn for Oarman.
Hammond: F. Seideubecker for
Shanks. Referee: F. Blocksr, Fur
nue. I'mplre. VeJnker. Michigan.
Head Linesman: T. Blorker, A. O. A.
Field Judge: Hunter, A. O. A.
Ring Scholar is Matched
Against Ambitious
3-iholarship will be matched
against raw youth la the rla; at
the Indiana Harbor Auditorium, tc
18 when Jimmy dabby, the eneral"
meets Patsy Rocco, an ambitious
kid of East ChJcaro.
R-..OCO will attempt with enthusi
asm, youthful visor and nerve to
overwhelm the veteran.
Fools rueh In where angels fear
to trod and our prediction Is that
Patsy 13 soing: to learn a lot of
things about boxingr. It will be the
finest lesson he ever had and will
reduce his conceit considerable. The
K. O. won't hurt him, either, be
cause he !g Jui starting; in the
game, and a trimming- a what ha
Make it a good one, Jimmy, for
the lad'3 sake.
Olabby has returned from Denrr
with his wife ar.d la tratnlnjr for
his fght with Rocco. Indications
are that thero will be a capacity
house at the Clabby-Rocco fight
b-cause both fighter are local m?n.
a a. o
Three cheere for the white and
green, the last year's champs of the
llffhtweigrht basketball team, of
Lke County.
The stror.s- Calumets are gettlnsr
nto shape for the coming- basket
ball season; they will come out a
strong: as they always have In this
past years.
They will use their ola line-up, It
Is expected, with a few new ones
which win make the team much
strongrer than ever bsfore.
The Cs-lum ts dtfoated er?rr
team there was la Lake County, and
they are expectlnjf to Co th sama
thing- this year, "which they will."
They will do much travelling this
year, arm they will play ome nf
the hardest teams In I-aho County,
The his center , Spudic, who I
now captain of this year's tnatn. !
now In training and will be bolter
than ever before: also the bt, ion?,
idliiii S;bo who will play at sjuard.
has uiao put his nose down to harl
training1, the two forwards who will
take their place will bo Eendih
ar.d Gazdlck, who are tho best for
wards In 1-a.ke County. Tim floor
guard will be Basins who played
a wonderful game last year, will
take his place. The Calumets h&vp
three other men whose names will
not be mentioned, as they will l''
the three men this year.
Tho Calumets would like to hear
from aro lljrhtwelrht team In Iiko
County, from 123 to 140 puunnd.
The team this year Is under th
leadership of their coach. Uahll. that
famous center of the Est Ohlcaico
C-opher football team. For KRiuen,
cail 7 2 and ask for Wells. Come o'l
you 133-riound teams!
TUCSON". Ariz.. Dec. 11 Carlton
Thayer, Converse of Houston, Tex.,
i-thlete and Junior at the University
uf Arizona, was almost lnstanly Ul!-l.i.-l
evening when his autonu
bilo turned over ntwl one mlie
si'Utii of Tubai.', near here. Two
passengers in tliJ Tnachln wtr! it:
Jured. Th accident is attributed
to the fact that the tar which Con
verse was driving was not oqiilppod
v.-!th liehts.
T'p. North &'.i A. C. would like
! to book tanics v;i;h cay tenm."? in
Lake county averaging 85-30 pounds
and are willing to travel. Write to
I Ixmis Zarza. 62S 143rd street, East
j Chicago, Iud.
illey HI 17 1T3
I.l'.ae .....194 149 ltt;3
Zubay 109 138 132
Reeve .....18 T 144 133
FaULky ...J99 1S8 141
Totals .TSS T4! TS9
Canner .18 154 180
V.-lnalow ..J18 164 153
"Vllt .i.lB9 lfiS 1S
V.-hltmer ..Ai.iie 134 142
Llesse .. ii 4 Hi 165
TotaU .. 881 59 g;s
Ovtx .....181 138 1ST
Henrlckeoa ..193 IBS 1T1
'er ..1SB UO 164
Frown i....lT3 1S5 165
Kxauel .......t....i2 1S ITS
Totals .........834 T88 881
Matla m..,.,1I5 11 133
Cole .133 ITS 168
G'ur i..144 118 14:
!1"lch m.AT5 If! ITS
Bank tlT9 181 143
Total . ........7as T&3 S88
Korchoff t4...lT9 181 1S8
Sa.moris.on 18S 155
1:10 .4,..ltT 14S 1ST
Ga,1ish ......191 1ST 168
v'h!tey .533 iej 14
Tota-k ....83T 819 TS5
Hanusln ..189 178 1T6
Stress ......1S3 121 162
Schmeli .,..4U1.1 198 123
Canner .........jso ISO i50
Sabcl .........i..il4S 118 1ST
Totals TSI 771 770
TOLETX), O., Dee, 10--(5peclaL)
Th crack Cantan BaUdogs, with
their all-star lineup, clinched the
natlonal profeesional football cham
pionship here this afternoon, flefeat
InftT the Toledo Maroons, 18 to 0.
Today's gram ended the National
Professional league schedule for the
3eason with Canton undefeated.
The drop kicking; of Henry, for
Canton, was the featur of today's
Bulldog victory. Twica he booted
the ball over the goal pasta, once
in the first quarter for Canton's
first core from the 45 yard line,
and again In the fourth quarter
from the 48 yard line. Chamberlain,
Elliott and Roberts played brilliant
ly for Canton, while Tanner, ;'Red"
Roberts of Centre, and the Stein
brother were a whale fn defense
fr the 3taro.-s.
.-s.KW YORK, lie , Anticipating
tne future by a mutter t,f ten rars
perhap. lea,, ta ball mn fleelare
the day is not too distant when the
Pacific coast will cut ,os frern
its present obligations and eperate
independently on the basis, if net
the status, of a third Alajwr Leasiie.
This is ordalns.0. Inevitable, ther
The coast league occupies a uni
que position In organised baseball.
Rich In playing strenirth and placing-
to dally crowds never seen In
other minor league para, It f m,
strins alone: with the rest uf tl
Held or go It alone, any tlm the
spirit eo moves it. Jwst 6t th
moment, it seems satisfied to Ptilntr
along- under the chaperonae of th
major league. Its complagnPB fp,l
by the fact that they i.eve frnf
to tho point where payluar iTago
for coast league players Is, ppeni
IrjKly. quite the accepted pror-pilu re.
If tha majors do not care ty par
the tariff, it simply holds the ptr
ir for another season and Is hpi
as well satisfied. This U!t.u4e-wna
neer better ernphasiasd than at
ih recent meat In; of the natleiml
apsoclatton of profssslonal hasp
l.all leagues when Connie Kaek,
'ho Philadelphia spendthrift, was
shaken down for a matter of 830.000
In the purchase of Sam Halo from
Portland. That U nt b:ln don
by -'onnle Mack seven days in the
week. Ho thinks less of his )n-thr
windpipe than he dunn of 2D,pgp.
However, three other clubs were
in the field for Hale ana It wba
necessary to outbid them or lose
the player. In either case, the
coast league was only mildly In
terested. It doesn't have to pell
ball players to make money.
In many other ways durlus; the
meeting, this leasrue was the domi
nating factor. Some fw of tbe
smaller leagues showed a tendency
to waver eviry time the nubjeet
of the draft was brought up but
not the coast league. The drnft.
so far as It Is concerned, Is a very
falsetto laugh, and. of right, should
be. If ve draft was In operatic!!,
some fortunate major leagu: club
would have fallen heir to Willi
Kamm, the $100,000 baby for some
thing- less than 15,000 and the same
j thing would apply to the case of
Jimmy O'Connell, Hale and other
expensive Individual?. j
j The league is further fortified
j by the fact that its president, WU
i:am H. Uc-Caj-tbr. one of the
; hiKger;t mfn in baseball His power
, is r.iipreme thrctKh the Minor
I I -.opue fi'-l'l and cen the majors
j lend an attentive ear when he
' voices a desire.
ThKjr know that, t&ey- asanirntL gat
aluu-i without llr.CaitJry- End tils
league for It is there that most of
thi bis league renrults are devel
oped. Occasionally, ths American
association ort be International
league may bob up with a list of
good prospects but tbe coast league
mtstvjres them In this respect two
to on. Henre the tendency ,to
handle JJcl'arthy with diplomat lo
E loves.
Indiana football may be Intro
duced to freshman Intercollegiate
competition next year as well as
varsity fame. According; to the
code of the 'Western Conference,
freshmen are not allowed to rep
resent their school In ony inter
collegiate competition. This rule
ha -been adopted by the Indiana-conference
meeting at Indlnapolls to
day that the rule may be modified
to prevent freshman intercollegiate
competition between freshmen
team and at the same time pro
hibit the playln of freshmen on
varlty team.
If thl modification i made, In
diana and Purdue, both member of
the Indiana Conference, and only
Hc-osier member of the Western
Conference, will be prohibited from
playing freshman intercollegiate
football by the Western Conference
rule. Nevertheless, Indiana and
Purdue, it is undestood, will not
stand against this proposed moldfl
cation. Notre Dame ha had a freshman
team In intercollegiate competition
for teveral years. Butler, Wabash
and DePauw are planning fresh
man lntercolleglaf- schedulee, it is
understood. Yale. Harvard. Prince
ton and other eastern universities
and co'.leres have both freshman
and varsity Intercollegiate sched
ules in several sports.
403 Broadway
December T, 1121.
Sporting Editor Tiroes.
Dear Blr: Tber ha beon con
siderable confusion among the
players axid spectators regarding the
new rules for basketball, and I
thought it would be a rood plan for
all officials, directors, managers and
coaches of this district to have a
meeting whereby these "rules and
change of rules'" could be fully dis
eased and better understanding
snd interpretation of the rules could
be had.
With the kind perm-ise-ion fr Mr.
George Plnneo, director of the T.
M C A.. I have thereafter taken
the liberty of calling such a meet
ing for Wednesdsy evenlnc. De
cember 11. at B:0 at the iary T.
M. C. . and I cordially extend you in
invitation to attend, and trust you
will not only eoms but Invite others
Interested as welL
It may also hlp! to hcbw a list
of competent officials for the season
a a result of thl meeting.
The following iU be the schedule
for tbe evening;
1. 10 Cafeteria luncheon, Dutch
,v0 Discussion of nsw rul, led by
Ceorge Vwillwr, Coach Km
merson High 8cbol. assisted
by Coach Hart. Whiting, and
Coach Orsborn, FroebeL
- ;f)0 Discussion of offlciattn; and
general cowduct of gam.
Jed by llalph Braeeemle,
director Emerson Bchool. as
sisted by Coach Crown, direc
tor Jfrron Bchool.
i;l!MJM in gymnasium open te
public m here all woul nd
technical part of game will
be fully explained as they
I'leaee r.d a card to 4S Brosd-.a-
if coming.
director rhysUal Train nm,
;ry l'Mbl" Pfhwl?.
ATLANTA. ia.. Tt-.. IV The Unl
verslty of Georgia eleven will play
Yale st New Haven, f t . IS, next
year, It wae n.nownped hT last
nlgbt. Georala aleo will meet the
Centre college ueil. year, tlie game
to Ibe played a I AthenM l'-e. 1st..
Other games Include Tennessee st
Knoxvllle, iwt. Sui Auburn st 'rl
umbus, Oa., Nwv, Vlrarlnla !t
Athens, Nov. 10; Vq.ndprblit nt Kah.
ville. Nov. IT, nu'l Alabama nt
Montgomery. Nov. 21.
Too Many Women Spoil
i TniiTTiPir IT fi ft A TMiirlc.
N K W TOIlK, ro. 1 1.--(.Special. 1
Tho problem of reducing the fli-ld
of contestants In future champion
ship golf teuTaments has arisen
in women's g-olf pust n It has in
tmn'a Announeement Is now made
by Cornelius Le, fveretary cf the
United State Golf association, that
in addition to the present qualifi
cations, entries for nest year's tour
ney will be reptrtrted to woman
riayers havnss n. hndcap uf 1 to 14.
NLW YORK. Pee. IP. The state
aflileto commission teday suspended
Harry Seal. inanaeer of Danny
Lee of New York. ftn4 Mlfkey Cur
ran, manaser of 'Phil OTowcl of
Columbus. O., for ailesefl lrresralar
. practices n th tf-tnt bpint hf re
between the tirn hsttitjmrrrhts.
Thi commlUrn ptated ?i i;.'! find
ing on tlio bo,' in hl:'h O'finril
ws Knocked oi;' in fl fi'th r.r.ni
thai s lthouBli no pHollive r?idnce
had been bruushl to llsht; they
were convinced that the Columbus
boner had been drugged.
NBW YORK. Dec. 11. Uvea while
the worthy Inhabitant cf Louis
ville, Ky., oontlnue to go about their
accustomed task with a strange
singing In their non-acoustomod
cars, the annual long- dlstauco con
versational teirt has Leen trans
ferred to .New York for It final
four days. The contest la open to
all and no recognised mode of ex
pression 1 barred, it is almply a
case of talk first and erplaln aft
erward. Th resumption of the conUst Is
scheduled for today at th hotel
Commodore, with th annual meet
ing of th International League. The
members, however, are minor league
talker and cannot hope to complete
with thoe who will take part in
the national league activities at the
Waldorf tomorrow and In turn both
must capitulate to the wider ex
perience and established finesse of
the American league magnates who
are doe to convene on Wednesday
at the Commodore.
The rumor that Eddie Collins la
coming' to the -polo grounds to rpend
hi declining- year in the cheer
ful company of Miller Hug-gins will
be exhumed and perhaps officially
re-buried. The Tanks, of course,
want Collins. It 1 also possible
that the White Box feel the eame
way ahout. At any rate, Qleason
will want more than Aaron Ward
and a few bushers for Eddie. Mean
time, a Chicago story has it that
the Senators are to give up Sam
Klc and Roger Peckinpaugh In the
same deal, but neglect to state Just
what the Indictments might be.
The Tanks and Verrion probably
will settle their little difficulties
over the transfer of Jake May. the
lefthander, to New Tork and it Is
fnrther claimed that P"b Meusel,
the limp lllv. will ro elsewhere
. eMh rei'
Complete Set of Electric Xmas Tree
Lamps or a Half Dozen Light Bulbs
S10 13ciwrii
Indiana Electric Service Co.
566 Hohman Street
Phone 760
The Caidinals r in the market
for Joe Holey, Baltimore shortstop.
s.nd an outfielder; the Dodgers are
seeking- anything with Zaclt wheat
as bait, the Phils and Cub are pre
pared to do business with Lee
Meadows, and the lied and pirates
are fwld to be on th verge of a
deal, the axle of which Is barn
Dobne, lnflelder. It Is also possible
that tadore and other will be sent
away from the benljrn thaperonatre
of C. Heels In lieu of Joe Oeschger.
The subject of th draft may come
up at major league meeting, but all
sensible rnn will shout it down.
Johnson. It Is understood, wishes
to break the major-minor agreement
and at the same time expects his
players to honor their contracts, in-Ifcrnntlna-
follow, Mr. Johnson.
This matter will bo discussed, if j
at all, at the Joint meeting of the j
lotiEuet at the Commodore- on Thurs- 1
day. Another proposition would
make ail contract operative for a
full twelve month so that magnat's
mlrht control the barnstorming
complex. The barnstorming- busi
ness is head for the rock.
The old bugaboo of gambling in
the ball parka, 1 also due. While
they are about it they will talk
learnedly of baseball pools, and pro
ceed to forget them.
NEW TOR.TC. Deo. 11 According
to looal tennis authorities, it 1 pos
sible that Great Britain will for
swear its monopoly to the world'i.
singles championship, awarded to
Wlmbledom by the International Ten
ni Federation, when th British
body meets this week.
The change. If made, would Insure
active participation of the United
NITW YOKK. Deo. 11 According' to
reports current here today. Torn
CKBourke, matchmaker for the Re
public A. C. operating at tho Polo
Grounds, plana to bring- Jack Demp
eey and Jess Wlllard together In a
fifteen round bout some time la
Z7YJi W s?)
ll i a O
Anyone of the following electric
al appliances will be given to you
free with the purchase of a Thor
Washer, Ironer or Vacuum
Cleaner; if you will
purchase this week:
Curling Iron
Heating Pad
Vibrator ; i
Bedouir Lamp
A Gtft She WiU Cherish" as
Long as She Lives
624 Chicago Avenue
Phone 69
and after all, what
other cigarette is so
highly respected hy
eo many men?
make your
Wife or JM
On a Washer or Ironer, Balance 12
equal payments. $5 Down and $5
Monthly on a Vacuum Cleaner.
tdt Fstbna tmthrf
Ull jtu
TLaoomtc MnuTtnAestC&
3348 Michigan Avenue
Phone 69

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