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At e receat convention ueld m
GrUn4 tfa NstloMi CSoak.
Suit and SUrt Af ju jftttnrar'
Aasodatios nt w bear the vtyle
reeommendatieBt made by their
atyle comniittoe aad to
modeia of tb new eprtng ftylea
which hae bera itami) wth
airprava by critics and desiKnera
Soma fifty modait vare exhibit
ed and the htdlcatfcai an that
the spring ttylee will be Baany
and varied whatever else they
outj be. Tbeaa threw trv-nt
here all illustrate soma feature
recommended by the association
fba coat at the eft tUuatratea
the new jrray shade eallac crey
atow. The wrav hs the center
featsrea the popnlar -ride eioatnc
tufa on both eiirta and eoata and
the rcdt at the rirnt u one 0 the
snaaimoosfr faTored thxee-eca
mmsbers otada with a bioased
Ganeml News and
"Writer af Horn
Gossip from Sta
s and Abroad.
Tum i 1 1 1 1 n 111
Br rraufc Iroigre
-NEW YORK, 5ec BTha hearU
f Vw Torker are aa tender aa
taelr feat, UUnk tlie uciharoo,
"cowgjiuialiBrs" acd other e-xpenent
of Wild West art conncted wlta
"Tel" Austin's rodes, which closed
rceaU7 at Madison Eqait Garden.
Anstla Imported an affffreratlon of
TuIIdog-ffers" and bronco riders,
aad women, from the ranges of
th Kiddle "West and prepared to
offer a "regnlar Wild West show."
Bat Kew Yorkers were moved to
compassion for the steers, who
seemod to bo g-etting' the worst of
the deal. Representatives of the
Police Department, Humane Society
aad 6. P. C. A. swooped down on
Mr. Austin with divers and sundry
summonses Finally Judge Mm L
vlae waa called upon to decide
whet&er the steers were bellowing
"for sheer Joy of living," aa Austin
characterised it, or from pain, as
Kew Yorkers thought. He decided
th steers were not suffer! ag.
"Beach cambers" are busy again,
at Coney Twlarut aad otaav etretobee
of sand, salvaging loet trlakete aad
Jewelry left In th sand by aareleea
bathers. Annually the btaoh oemb
ere pan for treasure alone th mast
frequented beaoha They are said
to retrieve several thouaaad dollars'
worth of valuable aaoh aeaaon.
Oreenwlch Village ta getng ta
move to Flatbue eo we are told
to many voull-fe bohmlana, with
more money than arttaUa talent,
hare eagerly leased all of the studio
apartments and caused an iaorease
In rentals that has driven th poor
artists and literary folk out of their
wonted haunts, the victim charge.
So a popular member and leader In
the colony has picked up bag and
baggage and moTed to the Brooklyn
section. Inviting others to follow.
Can prosaic, residential CTatbush, bo
often the butt of Manhattan fun
jvoklwr of a distinctly rural trend,
rise to the occasion?
Three Xew York tkoys, wQvose ages
range between 11 and 12 years,
visited the Bronx Zoo. They decided
they would like to have a tlgr. The
kepr couldn't be persuaded to sell,
but In response to their Inquiries
as to where one could be obtained,
advised them to go to Jersey, where
there were "plenty of blind tigers."
Taking the keeper at his word they
bought three traps, sailed for the
Jersey shore, and late at night
reached Midland Fark, a wooded
paction ten mllfs from FaterBon. At
a deserted sawmill they found a
watchman . He persuaded the (boys
to go to sleep, notified the police,
and the young hunters of 'Jersey
blind tigers were returned to their
distracted parents' arras.
It may have been the "Cat's Pa
Jamas" to It's Greenwich Village
patrons, but It was bad "bees knees"
as viewed through the eyes of the
police department.
Passersby feared a frightful fire
was raging at No. 119 Ea-st Eleventh
Street recently, when the portala of
Webster Hall opened to belch forth
a surging multitude of men and
women attired only in silk robes dc
nuit. Thoy learned, however, that
It was merely the breaking up by
the police of the "Cat's Pajamas
Party" given by Greenwich villag
ers. The police explained that it
was "orders from headquarters."
Fake rabbis who withdraw wines
from storage obviously for sacra
mental purposes but actually to cir
cumvent the prohibition authorities
are contributing much to lnten sty
lus th "humility" In New Tork.
according to Prohibition Director
Yellowley, Th official has appealed
to the patriotism aad religion of th
law-abiding Jewish element to in
tercept these law evaders,
INDIANAPOLIS. Ind.. Dec. 11.
This Is a tale of winter and summer
love, in which summer almost made
a bum out of winter, if charges put
force in the suit ol John Hurley, 65.
for annulment of his marriage to
Mrs. Gertrude "W. Hurley. C5, and
recovery of property valued at 180,
000 are substantiated.
Among other things. Hurley de
clared was inveigled into marrlagre
October 23, 119. by the woman, 30
years hie Junior, who was then the
widow of William E. Kennedy and
that she persuaded him to assign
lots and property worth 160.000 to
her and himself Jointly; that she
collected the Income from the prop,
crty and kept it. Khe demanded a
fine home In the city's most exclus
lve residential district. Hurley de
clarcs. and It bpcame necessary for
him to sell hi prosperous under
taking buminpSH to complete it. at a
cost of 66,000. Mrs. Hurley, ac
cording to the oomplaint, filed three
suits against Hurley to recover
more property.
In addition to financial troubles,
which airs. Hurley brought down
which Mrs. Hurley declares she re
fused to live or associate with him.
and she passed much time in Cleve.
land, Atlantic City, Miami and other
cities, and, it is charged asslclated
with other men. Hurley described
his wife as a woman of keen Intel,
lect and of engaging and dominat
ins personality.
French Woman, 35,
Mother of Fifteen
MOCTJNS, France, Dec. "Come,
it s time to get up, Pierre, Louis.
Ceclle, Georges, Lucie, Marcel. Ga
briel, Jean, Henrlette, Alice, Marie,
Gustave, Georgette, and fiuaanne!"
This Is the first of the many morn
ing duties of Mine. Cellna Chemlnot,
who, at the age cf thirty-five, Is the
mother of fifteen klddlea
Of these fifteen children Mme.
Chemlnot has lost but on. Four of
the boys work on neighboring
farms. The father and two other
sons till the soil of their own seven
acre plot. The hous itlf has
only two rooms, and yet. to quote
Mme. Chemlnot, "We are as snug
as a bug or rather bugs in a
Farm Mothers Want
Girls to Wed Farmers
COLUMBIA. Mo, Dec "Would
you want your daughter to marry a
farmer?" was a question propounded
to Missouri farm women by the
Missouri Agricultural College.
Out of 18T replies received 104
mothers favored the farm boy for a
i 1 '""i. n n
In 6 to 14 Days
AJl Drnigists are authorized to
refund money if PAZO OINT
MENT fails tc core any case of
ordinary cases in 6 days, the
worst cases in 14 days.
PAZO OINTMENT inetantry Re
lieves ITCHING PILES and you
can get restful sleep after the
first application. 60c.
i rAd v-t- t r-w i
, i -TL vJhW
By Hopp
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A rich manufacturer, well known in business circles throughout
the United States, speaking before a business men's dinner in New
York a few days ago said:
"If I could give my daughter the one thing that would be of the
utmost value to her the greatest thing in her life in all the future,
it would be the ability to play the Piano."
And What it Means to Club Members!
There is a life insurance feature connected with our Co-operative Piano Club. This feature provides
against the possibility of the Piano being lost to the famliy in the event the head of it should die before the
Piano is fully paid for. This unexcelled feature is imbodied in the contract and reads like this:
"If the signer of this contract should die during the
life thereof, and all payments shall have been made
when due, the remaining installments xvill be cancel
led forthwith and a 'receipt in fall9 for the Piano turn
ed over to the family of the deceased. "
This is a simple statement without any "frills" that covers the whole story. We want this
Crab to be Co-operative and helpful to each Member in it We want the saving to each and
every Member to be the greatest possible. We want every protection we ca nthink of to
ro to ib Members. In short we want this big Crab ta be a Laxtiag advertisement and this
ife insurance idea b its crowning feature.
If the head of the famiiy dies if the bread-winner dies if the
source of income is stopped by death the Piano b not lost to the
family. The family does not hare to work and worry to meet the re
maining payments. Tbey are immediately canceled and a clear
receipt in fuB" is given to the family of the deceased. Isn't this fl
comforting and reassuring idea?
Player Pianos, Electric Reproduc
ing Pianos and Baby Grands
may be had on Club terms and with Gub privileges and conditions at a slight ad
vance in the weekly installments. That old Piano will be accepted in exchange,
and a Ubeal allowance made, on a new Club Piano or Club Player-Piano. No mat
ter how old or in what condition, we can use it and you will get a liberal allowance.
Come in tell us what you have and we will make you a proposition worthy of
What it Costs to Join
The Club
The club mrmbership fee is
$10.00. This is credited on the
price $385.00. The balance,
$375.00, you pay out in small
installments of 2 dollars and 50
cents per week, without interest.
As soon as you join the Club
and pay your membership fee,
your piano will be delivered to
your home, with a beautiful
stool to match, of same wood
and finish. You get your piano
as soon as you join the Club.
You do not have to wa"it until
the Club is filled.
Direct Factory Service
This is a matter demanding con
sideration and the value can
not be estimated in Dollars and
Cents. It is a safe-guard that
can be depended upon, should
the occasion arise. The Hobart
M. Cable Company has been in
LaPorte almost a quarter of a
Century and will always be
there with more than a hundred
trained experts to render service
when needed.
Thirty Days Free Trial. With Your Money
Back if Not Satisfied
This is the "spirit" as well as the "letter" of thia Ho
bart M. Cable Co-operative Club. If the Piano is
not just exactly as represented, we do not want you
to have it. This is not an ambiguous assertion. We
mean it we MEAN to give you your morrry back.
Just telephone us and we will simply send and get it
and that will be the end of the affair.
One Year In Which To Become
Thoroughly Satisfied
If, at any time within on: year from date of your
Club membership you become d.ssatified from any
cause whatever we will allow you a free exchange
privilege, applying, whatever sum you shall have
paid, on the purchase of a more expensive Piano,
Player or Baby Grand.
Splendid Used Pianos and
Players Specially Priced
We have in our Hammond store
several good used Pianos and play
ers that we have taken in exchange
on new Hobart M. Cable Pianos
and Players. All have been put
through our Factory at Laporte
and reconditioned throughout.
Each one of these instruments
bea rs our Factory guarantee for 5
years. Prices from $90.00 ud.
with Club terms, conditions
privileges as low as $1.25
Things You
Should Know
1 W are forming a gigantlo buy
ing club of 200 members.
8 To thes aoo members we will
sell SOO pianos.
8 This particular styl sells vry
whar for 9465.00.
The prlc to Clan Ma-nbers Is
5 Each Club member will econo
mise to th extent of 6&O.O0 on
the regular price.
6 Club Members can further re
duce the prlc with payments
mad before due date. This
amounts to $18.00.
7 Th So Interest clans in th
contract eaves each Club Mem
ber the neat sum of $48.10.
8 Th total saving to each Club
Member la $146.10.
9 Th prlc. $335.00, Includes
everything. There are no frills,
no extras.
10 Tree stool, free delivery, one
free tuning.
11 30 days' trial with your money
back If the piano Is not as rep
resented. 12 Free exchange privilege at any
time within one year, allowing
full purchase price yon paid,
on any hlghor priced Instrument.
13 Upon the deeth of a member all
future payments villi he can
relied and a clear receipt sent
to his family.
14 Special club prices and privi
leges on Flayers and Eafcy
1 5 Literal allowance made on nseft
Instruments taken In exchange.
1G tried pianos and plavsrs cold on
proportionately low Club terns
with club privileges.
i... CAS !
I No Interest- No Extra
F - b
Hp1 PI
E Jf Mllla, a Ills. Ajr&MJJIURA
187 State Street
Phone Hammond 283
d, Ind.
Per Week i
No Interest No Extras
Copyright 1922 by L. M. Chaney. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part or the use of colorable substitutes forbidden.
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