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Oh mim at" SW sas,ea la, 9 Kara NHIomI twertta S
Onawk, Ht.TMimtH
Tares attala 3,00 KiMMh ., "
Oih aqaare wr tees, ana yr., i.OO Or. eot urn, charge q'-. 30,t
na ienun moethlr. 1S.U0 Half " , do do
' Do.ae - wceklr. le-jDU (h' do. sVi.. 60.W-
HailiM Card of laaes a less, bct tnnnnt. 13,t
- tyiMdnl mad aisplayea advertisements will be charged I .
a pries and-a-half, and large eau two pnoes 01 tne ou
ntat of adrertising-
TCpOtasaaaata M psveMei far , char jafcle in eonfcrmtty wi'n
Om above rasas.
f7 W are aew prepared to Jo all kind of job work,
suca as Book. Fempalata. Circular. Billi, Posters, Cards,
ate Printing done in Faacy Coleredlnks. with aeatnees
aad despatch- Order thankfully received and promptly
attend, to- Aaeress, - ' HOLLOW AT DAVIS. ,
-j i. ...,-..,. -i -;.- Siehmood, lad.
ef S3 H J CO Cfl
J: ; i
:10 .11 1313 14i
July. -f..i-....... 1
5 6 7 S
16 17; la 19 20 21 j
f 1213 14 15
f, ,il.1'rlS 12'J21 22
23 21 25 26 278 29
130 i. , S
An.- . 3 8 4 5 6
,, i t, 8, 101l 13 13
14 15 16 17 li )u 20
.212-2 23 24 25 26 27
; 2B.29 30. 31. 4 ,
. Sep...,..! . j,. l! 2 8
4 5 7 8 910
.11 11 14 15 14 17
13IS20 2122 23 24
" Si 4 5 6 71 3
9 10 11121314 15
16 17 19 19 20 21 22
23 24 25 26 27 289
30 81 ! I t !
No 1 2 3 4 5
6, 7 8i 9 10 11 12
13 H 15 16 17 1819
129 21 22 28 21 25 26
ri7 2SS0 I I
Dee. ..I .( .j..t II 3
4 Si H 7 8 9 10
1) 12 i:: 141516 17
-' ISW 21 22.2a 24
'25 23 27 28 28i3('81
ia2.23.24,5.227S, ,
5 61 7! 8 1 11
H13 14'll17l3'
hSJ0 21 J2 23J4 25f
M 27 281 i It I
i; n't
8 rio'n "'
(191314 IS 16 lT'lB! "
h20'2l'23 24 25
26 27 So, 29 3031;
si's''! '''fi '!'
610 11,121314151
16,17il3il9 20 31-321
801 4 4 1
1 2. 8: 41 5,' ! -
7 Si .
0 11 12,13
1415 16
7 ii!o;
4 S!fr,26.a7
..I.. I li S 3
4 5! 6 7 & 4 lOi
111S 13 14 15 16 171
1S I9 20 21 t'itS H
26 '36 97 iS2V S0 I
aomoanca to the cititeni of the I'nited SUU: and the
Canada, that for the purpoae of cultivating a taate for the
fine art throughout the counter, and with the view of ena
bling aver family to become posseaaed of a gallery of engra-
Tinga, vj bs ana Arams 01 "e age, iney Hare determined,
in otuer 10 create an cxlenaira aale tor Utetx ngrariegs, and
thus not only give employment to a large number of artists
and others, but inspire among our countrymen a tagte for
works ef arts, to present tm the pa re hue r of their nzra
vinga, when 950.UUO ef them are sold,
W,m Gifts, of the ittnal Cost of $150,000.
" Each parebaser of a One Dollar Engraving, therefore, re
ceives not only aa Engraving richly worth the money, but
alto a ticket which entitles bim to one of the Gifts when
' tbev are distributed.
Fsr Fiva Dollars, a highly finished Engraving, beautifully
painted in oil, and five gift tickets will be sent; or Ire dol
lar's orth sf spleadid Engraving, can be selected from the
Catalogue.-'' - - ' - -
A copy of the Catalogue, together with a fpeeimen of one
. of the engravings, eaa be seen at thaeffioe of this paper. '
For each dollar sent, aa Engraving actually worth that
sum, and a Gift Ticket, will be immediately forwarded. -A
The Committee believing that the success of this Great
1 National Undertaking will be materially promoted by the
energy aad enterprise of intelligent and persevering Agents
have resolved to treat with such on reliable terms.
" Ob the final completion of the sale, the tiifts will be place
' ia the hands of a committee of purchasers to be dutributedd !
una notice or wnich will be given throughout the Cnited.
States and Canada.
160 Marble busts of Washington, at. . . , $1 00, $ 10 000
100 - - Clar. ion. 10.000
100 ..- . VTeUtar. ......
100 m Calhonn,
SO elegant Oil Paintings, in sOlendid gilt)
frames, sise 3x4 feet each J
100 elegant Oil Paintings, 2x5 feet eae
500 elegant plate Engrarings, colored in oil, in I
rich gilt frames, 24x30 inches each (
10,000 steel plate Engravings, colored in oil of
Wellington Montiinenr,-'-!1
337.000 Steel r-'-- " 1 P" .Scues each.)
' 5,000
', ..voo"j
- J tjff Tf.hKraYings, from 100 different
'i:latcs, now in possession of and owned by tho,Ar- .' , f
tists Union ol the market value of, from 50 cents to
1 each 41000
1 first class dwelling ia 81st street, New York City. . . 12,'KW
22 building lots in 100 and lOOst streets, New York
City, each 2510O feet deep, at $1,000 22,000
100 Villa sites eoatainining each 10,000 square feet in
the suburbs of New York city, and commanding a ,
magnificent view of Hudson river aad Long Island "
Sotmd, at 500 0,000
20 perpetual loans of cash, without interest, or security,
'. - 250 each, 5,000
60 " " 100 5,CKW
-50 '": -"-' go 5,000
2000 " . - , a . -i- .- 5 10.000
Befereoee ia rerard to the Real Estate, F. J. VtstscuER 1
Co., Real Estate Brokers, New York. Orders, (post paid,)
with money enclosed, to be addressed,
J. W. HOLBROOKE, Sec'y,505Broadway,N. Y.
The Engravings in this catalogue are now ready fur delivery.
November 10, 1854. 47-tf
LL persons knowing themselves indebted to the firm ef
Beard a ainax. vj note or accoou. auu aim to toe era or
Beard, Sioea at Sunn, are requested to call and settle. It be
comes actually necessary for us to call on our customers at this
time, that we may be enabled to lay in our stock for the Spring
trade. Allcurrent Elate Stock money received in panjaent.
lichmond, November 18,154 4e3m
WHOLESALE and retail dealer ia Drugs, Medicines and
Chemicals, Dye Woods and Dya Stuffs, Oils, Paints
aad Painter's articles,
Window Glass aad Putty, Glassware, Perfumery, fine Soaps,
fine Hair and Tooth Brushes,
: Palatttng Brashes,
Spices. Snuffs and manufactured Tobacco. All the Patent
or proprietary Medicines of the day. Puro Wines and Bran
dies for medical purposes. Book, letter and cap paper, supe
rior Ink.
Customers will find onr stock complete, comprising many
articles it U impossible hers to enumerate, and all sold at
moderate prices. All orders correctly answered, and Physi
cian's prescriptions carefully oom pounded.
No. 47 Main street, Richmond, Ind. .
December 7,1554. 51-tf
- To Fail
THl attention ef the Farmers of Indiana Is respectfully
called to a swtterlor assortment of farming Tools which have
been selected with areatcare from th best manufactories in the
country. The subscriber has had the wants of the Western Far
sacra ia view during his late visit te the Eastera manufactories,
and ia prepared te supply them with a rraeral assortment, at
wholesale aad retail, amour which may be found the celebrated
North Wayne Caststsel ras aad Oraln Scythe. Kimball A
Boa's and Clark's Patent Scythes and Snaths; Ames' world re
Bowaea eaststeel Shevels and Spades: Tattle's, Hall. Brown ot
Cw", aad ttraTea at Hatch's eaststeel Heee of various s i ir ; r set -asset
Qardaa makes; Elder's Oram Cradles: Worth A Benin's,
Hall. Brown h Co'a leag aad abort handle Man are and Hay
Forks, Ac
Tb SBcrr is arent far lb S'erth Wayas ScyUM Ompany
ef Bo st mi, Mass.; also Kimball A Sou's, of Fitchborg. hiass.,
aad te fsyai sd te furnish the Western merchant, with a superi
or article of Orasa aad Oraln Seytaee, at ssanufacturer's prices.
AUo, Agent for Pitt's celebrated Cora and Cob Crusher, an
article vers ssnch wanted by mm asraaera, aad is aeknowledired to
aetnebeatsaase. 1 eaa be werked by horse r water power.
Call aad cxaaaia for yewselvea. OnVi w aouthwest earner
af Main and Franklin sts. 1AAAC IX. DOS.
May . 154. PaLaad Far. tf
To our Pattuu.
AT th solioitattoa of aumerous eitixens, w have conclu
ded ta aoatiaae) th Auction and Commission Business,
at taa old staad, Sloaa Hoase. We will pay liberal cash
advances on consignments for auction or private sales. All
kinds of eat-doer sales attended to with promptness.
feafBagalar sales Satardav afternoon and evening.
Nor. "SO, 185A SO-tf
r 17. B. T7ebster, d. d. s.,
OFFICE oa Maia strsat,ever J. A J. C. Hadley a store;
aatrance oaa door waat of Paige's atore, where he will
be foaad every way prepared to attend to all calls ia his
piwaasa. to sMsjral awhiatactiosw !
Aagnst 4, lfta. t i ' , : . ' . . ( 83-tf
2JtfA Stock of drocories.
T MOORMAN respeetfallr informs bis customers and
th public generally, that he has jast received a geaeral
ortaneat of at a, ssaaaaaveonsiaxiBo of:
-:.l2WWt& Molasses.
Salt, ami a gen seal variety of Family Groceries. Also,
Qneearware, Glaarwmre, Stoneware, Woodea Ware, CaUery,
Shovels, Spades, and a great many Notions of various kinds.
' OMiirr P ratal
Pnrebsasd. and the aigbeat prices paid ia cash or grocer
ies. Ha res pee tf ally returns bis thanks for the goat una
' JT Is
" 2 21
i j ; 2 a
-if ':!5ir
patronage heratoforo hastewea apes aim, aad olietts a ea
tuiaatioa of the sasae. . ti : J. H-MOORMAN.
N. B As th seaaosi of taa rear is at haa-1 fbr settling
old accounts, be deaares those iadebted to him to call aa saoa
m riosaibU aad eaoaa tl.eir aosoaata. Jf.H.K.
fijchjBsawi,NsrasaAr U, 184. rf c . - 49Sm
2,2 1 (Li
r tt - i7H 1 irll
cr- Z i "ai J flifTT rNrJ 1
t -0 Bsp
2 arPS s
Ao. T3 Wert Fourth tirect, near I'i'mc, (SnutA Jb SUaft't
bmttliny.) Cincinnati, Ohio,
A.VCFACTCRER snd Importer of ' tre Trini
mtcrs. Fringes, Buttons, f'orcfa sn3 Tse!j, Thresi,
Tapes, Blind Trimmings, Tailor"s Trimrr.ings and Fancy
Gootia Aeent for Machine SUk and Thread, Needles.
I Manufacturing Silks, Worsteds and Cotton.
I ? tleven yeara experience ia the Trimming business,
I enables the proprietor to present to his customers such a
variety oi voeaa aa me constantly coiaguig laauiou. w
mand. A large stock of Mlk Fringes, Tassels and Buttons
kept constantly on hand or made to order on shortnoiice
Fringes sre heavier and better thsn those made Kant,
and aa cheap. Fersons using Sewing Vlachines will find it
to their advantage to procure aiik and thread made and
atooled expressly for the machine. A atore has been ta
ken in Smith 4 Nixon's new building, on the site of the
Concert Hall, with a view to accommodate a lari afoc k,
and have the same well arranged. He feels confident that
he can please ail wUn or lavor him with their ( r.l-n
N. B. Catalogues aent by mail, post paid, on application.
September 29, 1S54. 41-f
. . aw JNo. S9 V ine ttreet, bet fn f ront and
lf Columbia, Cincinnati
We are now
I erot. Hay,
It ma
snuf'acturin? Hai'road
Stock or Co;
Dal Floor and Platform Scales
of all size.; al.o, IlrtiKist and Hank
Scales, I'rass and Iron iieams. Counter
Scales, Ac, which we warrant of superi
or workmanship'and materials. We would call particu
lar attention to our Iron Lever liay and Stock icalea. All
communications promptly attended to.
October 13, l-iu4. 43 tf
Ao. 25 H"et Columbia ar-r, VetieeeH -Vain untf B'a'ftMf,
August 4, 1854. 33-3m
A ICarc 'liaii''.
GOOD Wood Horse Power for sale at Friends' Po.tr-1-ing
School. Emjuiro on the r remises, or of JOSEPH
DICKINSON, Pump Maker, Richmond.
10th month, 27, lt54. 45-tf
A Word to the lrunsryll.OOO sugar cured Hams, !
warranted good, f.ale low at No. 31 Jlain street.
Alay 19
X3: Diolsinsoii's,
A large and complete as .
sortrnent of WATCHES,
Clocks, Jowelry and Fancy
Article, ef all dosrrirtions
just received st No 57 Main
street, consistinz in part of Gold and silver Patent I p.-.t,
and Detached do: I opine do; English do: Gold and Silver
Chaina. of the latest styles and varieties: new patterns
and styles of Breast Pins, Ear Hinsrs, h inger Kings, Oold
and Silver Pencils,-Seals. Ribbons and Knrkles. Also, a
lare. stock ot Silver and Plated Ware, Razors, ctjso.-,
Knives, &e.
Jewelry. j
Lady's Curb Chains; Gents' Gold Vest, Fohnd Curb do; j
Keys; Seals; Lockets; Hreastpins. Lracelets, Finger and
r.ar Kings. A lew Diamond set Kings and Pins; lull 1 ins; :
Combs: Beads; Pens and If.srxUs
Silt er and I'latcd '
Ware! j
Table and Teaapoons; Forks; Knives; Spectacles; Silver j
Cups, &c ; Papier Mache and Aiorocco Porte Monnaies; ;
Cigar Cases; Combs; Tooth and Hair Brushes; i'ancy :
Sosps; Pin Cushions; Pocket Knives; Razors; cissers;
Purso t lasps. Meet lcneis.
51 illicit I Instruments.
Consisting of Violins, Accorceons. Flutes, Musical Box- ;
es, Piealoes, A.c. Porte Monnaies, Pocket Books and
Card Cases. . j
Spectacles. ' j
A' laree and comomto assortment sf Gold and Silver
u cuui.'reiu Hui uucu. . ' - w -... - .. . ;
suit ail ages from the oldest to the young- ;
i "eyes yet see not" without 'em. Fancy i
Spectacles, to i
est who have
Boxes. Baskets, Canes and Toys. A lare assortment ot
Gold Pent, Gold and Fluted Medallons, etcasa ,
!I7-It is at R. li. DICKINSON'S that sTl these things, !
snd many more too numerous to mention, csn be had on
reasonable terms lor cash.
lyAH kinds of repairing done -with neatness snd des-
catch. Call at IS. S3, opposite the old siosa House.
Richmond, September vO, 1S54
Opposite the Citizens' Bank. J5iT
Clocks, Watches, Jewelry, & Silver-Ware.
THE subscriber having made lurtje additions to hie stock
of goods in the above line, would return his thanks for
past favors, and respectfully solicit a continuance of the
patronage of hie friends and the public in general. Ilia
stock is procured at the lowest cash prices, and, conse
quently, he can and will sell at the very lowest prices.
Of various kinds and prices, consisting in pari
of Gold Levers, hunting cases, from $50 to 150;
fcl VGold Watches, open face, white and gold
dials, SO to 120
Silver Levers, 13 to SO
Do. I epincs, 10 to 15
And others at lower prices than the above. j
Ladies Chatetains, or Short Chains, also, long Chains, ;
of various patterns: M.dalions, with 1,2 anl 4 Glasses,
designed for hair or daguerreotypes, various patterns, and
of the very best quality in the market. Also, a lew hne
Diamond Kings, aet witk or tls, rubies. Ac, together with
a fine stock ol jewelry ot very variety.
in Teaspi
V75 from 4)13
X.B'the ditfei
Teaspoons, from $4 50 to S. 0O Table spoons.
n f 1.1 to $., ot the oest ot stiver anj warranted, :
diffcet-enee being in weight: Silver Dessert Forks:
Butter Knives, Ac.
A very superior article of Plated Spoons aad Forks:
Also, Cake Baskets, Castors, Ac. Gold and Silver Specta- j
cles: also, the I'ouble Focus Spectacles, for seeing close
and at a distance, being the most convenient glass ever in- :
vented, being so arranged that when either of the glasses :
fail, he can refit to suit customers.
JT Watches and Clocks of all kinds repaired, and war- ;
ranted to perform according to their quality.
1? Old silver taken ia exchange for goods, and the 1 igS
est price allowed. - . .
Jj" All the ahov article will be warranted to be vbit ;
they are represented, and sold at rhe very losrest rates, as j
the subscriber is resolved not to be undersoil by any '
house in this city. C. A DICKINSON,
April 33, 1864. 16-tf No. S3 Main street. ' !
Selling Out at Reduced Prices!
fTY Tits under i-erne! slosiflrainc to ehavntre thisbr-nch of the r
mj buu, tvr aw aWsiliBg their ttteensrt at rdocf4 pp.- j
ce. Thy tubve a rery general assortment of Ino?tt '
CBiN.. Oilt Bas and Clxar Clin. Ac, wUrch thT vill sell ;
vcr than Article of similar qoautj hare beea sold is this
market. Call and see fur jaarselT.
1 Uh aaootiv Xwtk, t 1- 4 tf
OAS cm hand
lare stock of Ho? Gutters, flatiBxi
A X round and -11 1
izes Itouse Pipe. whi h he wilt put fir
on short notice. A!ot will pot on Tin Roof ia the bei
manner. , All work of this kind warr-ntej o five i-U--ction.
April S, l-4.-li-U
Goods at Cost!
THE undersigned harirj pv, cbasad of W. B Ajiersor.
his stock of Pry fioods, will continue the business in
the sasn hoase, one door east of the Exchange, and will
sell the Goods AT COST, ior the purpose of invesTic the
capital in Books aad Stationery. " His assortmect 11 gen
eral, embracing almost every variety of Goods for Laoies
and gentlemen's wear, which, for beaut v of etvla and sa
perior quality of fabric, are act excelled ia tha place.
. tie wilt also continue to keep for sale a general assort
ment of Miscellan oi aad School Rooks, in all the vari
ous departments of literature. His assortment of Sta
t loner V will also embrace every kind required bv the
wants of community. These he will sell as low as they
caa ha purchased ia the West, aad tha Dry Goods will be
sold at coat. Come aad see for yourselre.
HagerstewB, Ia J , August 11, 1504. S4-6a
JrST received a lot of Ingraia aad t plr Carpets, Floor
OaC lotha. Straw Atattaag. Ae at No li Mara street.
Freh Peaches, Tomatoes, Cherries, Cerrants,
and other Frait, pat up la cans, jast received bv
.OT.SO. E. H. GITHlvN?-
! tra. :it. Win anI Valrat BOS SETS. Rit-t oat. J
F-!.-ra. ower. EminiJgrtCTT Prrnejr CT1, and plain Prawn
Huh Buancta, t-wt.r'with e?rf artic I i brr line rf basines, '
wftica viift ba aoM low for c ut ' -
Xlj iliUinerjr roti, oi sr; dcscrtrUa.Ba ta crder. in a
1 TTSIiod on Front ilreeC tort!l of Main, ol-noaita th 11. E.
Cbnrch, Kichnond.
UcUrS. 1-54. " ' ; -
To All whom it may Concern.
KUE notes .and boek accounts of )r-aesarl fc'. Fletcher
M. have been placed
my hands for collecUco, and all
perjoas know liter themselves indebtec
are requested to
, and in so uoin fire cots
November I", 154. J 43-tf
Ciurinnati Furuiiure HareItooms:
Tna ui.derslirne4 resi-ectfailv informs the citizens of
HUchaiond, and aurroundinc cotiuirr.tfe.tt he Ms on
hand aitUis ciiiitAittiy rvcaivins from the tincin
nli csf.L-L a li.re safpt ef Cabinet a'ltrziiliire.
"i an us varieties, six-a aa Mueofij ventre, tu
ning and Jbrekfa-H Xaiee, nureaus. Bedsteads,
ftwfasnd CiMira of every descriptive; liair. Iiu9k
md tratr Matritsaes, h'rjLiUg Glasses. Ore.
Ail of n.y sors is t.arraute-1 ta be of the best
mater. ai aud orkm.-niu, td put in a style
tnat cannot L eaceiied in any eiqr.
fersoi.a aistiing an tmn in g.- lioe. will ftiease tin ne i
.. ' ,... .... .,,
" i rite, oi any otuer estauusiuaeiit in ui- rate ui
Indiana. Sly aasortoiebt is better LBB lias ererbeen ofierevl frr '
tle inspection of the citizens of tii i t.art ef the country.
Let ail bo want tarjraitis rti ciy hn--. give n.e a fairtiiI.
Fhould you but call an4 exauiine n.y stock and ieam tnyj-riefs,
1 am satisfied you wiil 6nd u an eaa- Uwtter to purchase of use.
Come on everybody; I have enoueh (anl can pet ul tn sui-'v all
the region round about. H. l. MERSEKEAl'.
JCf'hoi in -lames M. Starr's sew butiaing, ne;irly appetite
the oM Sloan iious-
liiclmioud. lec. i. 1&54. - 7"tf
.fw Boot and Shot .Ha-nfartorj'.
A 21 Jiuin utreel. IUrhnwnd.
The un ler-i-nt d htin permanently b-
cattil m tai? c::v. vv.u!d rer-tfuilv inv .te
t!i-' Itttt-ntii n i,f t'-e i-tif -r.-- :m 1 rf r.nhlit-
geaurallv to the folloarinr fact-:
lt. lliat he han mat tiencd fn-? of the:
largeit and b-t sebvted stcfk ..f Ea.'tt.-n mtd Hots and
rihoes ever before offered hi this murker, all of the be-t ijU.t:
itv, and warrunted not to rip.
2d. That he will keepeonstantly on band and manufacture j
to order eTery thins in the Boot and .Shoe line that m:y be !
called for.
od. That he bus engaged tbj services of Achilles Hall ird :
tosuferinteiid the miinutacturinz d -part merit t f his bu;ne5.
Mr- Huilard haviiitr uraintNl The reputation of a npeH'.r ,
workrnan in thi city for t:ie p?t fifteen v-nrs, he hopes r.. l e .
able to five nti-ifai-ti'..n to all vboiau fav.jr liitu ii.h tLt ir i
patronrtire. " i
4th. Tkat be will tuko in exebjngo for wutk, all kind- .f '
nvailuble country produce at the niiicst m-irki t prie. '
I'articularattention will be jiid t.- lailies' work. Inva!i '
or ladies for whom it is inconvenient to c.-mc to i1;c b. p. i
win oe w.ijtca upon lor toeir oru rs at rtictr retoaonovs. n
It t.li ei!
!'. lreei-t .
21. I"i1.
I'. UAi:i'LE-.
rrLI.Y requests all pcrs -.n itidetded to l.itti fir.
ittoite, to call and strttte their acconnts 1a- the ii;iv- .
incut of caU or ri vin r their note-, 1 y the tirst of January tiet.
at hich lisue he H.f-n.ls to aora. for cash, or prosupt pa. naei.t in 1
trade. He will al iduce liUj.rioes, so as tooiuKe it an object
ftit those who haretlie rah to patronize liis slioji. lie. is pre
pared terio all klnits of work in his lire, al not es hy pr.-n.j-t-uess
to continue to receive a III era 1 share of h or. ;
S3r Shop west end of Main otrcet, opposite fpiimins's Livery
Stable. " ;
liicBiuor.il, Nov. 30, lcj4.
Cliaiige of Time on Cincinnati St Chicagc I
ONanInft. rTburs.ltty. November 03.1, lSol, utitii further
notice, BUT ONE TRAIN will be ran each waydaiiv.
between N.-vr Castle and Richmond,
Leav ing New Castle at 1 1'. M.
' Htgerstown, 1.45 "
" M'a-hinfrton. 2.10 "
Anivingat kichm-uid, 2.4d ' in sea-on to connect with
trains to Dayton, ic, and to Eaton, iiiitnilton and Cin
cinnati. Leave Richmond at 7.15 1'. M. or cn the, arrival of ij:c
Cin., Daytou and In J'iis trains.
" Washington, 7. t-1 P. M.
" Haor.-town. 8-05
Arriving at New Castle H.45 P. M. '
New Costlo, Nercmber 2, ls51.
ssv. trusts.
T HAVE just revtjivod 150 can. Dapirw A 'C-o:ptr-e- Cove
-- "t8"? 4"' Put UP in Laltiuiorc, a !iich are nice. I nL-o
receive Da, y by Express, the best f frwii liattimoro Ovs
ter. itaica -i. ... r: :.,, ..: -. . - -
e. ii. crniENS.
November 30, IS! i.
A 1J Ij K X
MM-VN BRC.ni, j
w- mi o a r e s ,
No, W, Main Street, FUchmond.
war. n. rrrrvnit. r m. ukdeswood. !
li:i i:viil: i!dek.voud.
HATIN'G tMs day (Autrttst 21st ) er tered into a copartnership j
for th purpose of extending and enlarptne the City Prova '
Stork and Tin ware manufacturing estal.lisliment, woul.l re-;
Pl-ectuiiy ?! a literal snare ci tatroi.afie. ootn neine prac- 1 m . . . - . , .l, a -f 1.,.
tical workmen, we are ready at all tin es to fill all orderVwith I T has been ascertained that the surest meh d of h -promi-tness,
and warrantable work such as took the premium at - 'g l'e StoCK, is by proper lood and t tent inn.
the Wayne county lair. Shop near Use Huntington House. LfilVitt'S lRiPrOVftl Portable Mill,
Richmond. October 20. 1854. X i( A. above represented.) is the Machine by which mora
. ...... good leed tan lie j repared in less time snd with less pow-
T A TPCT Pirr T? A CTTTflBTC ww- t er than anv other rnachino in nse, as hundreds of cperi
liAlltol fAlaij HASHlUfilt). . I enced f.rmWt ran testify. Among the uses to which this
"IUS1 received full and complete assortment
f the
O 1 all Fashions of Hats and Caps,
ment roav be found ' IdVe .tfrait',''
Among his agsoit-
1 ouii. -4i. rictt, ' ;
'Ari'Aai,''"A"i'.ic NofAiio," iVc.
Also, a general varie-
ay of other plain snd Silk and 1 ur Hats, suitable for olp
and young, plain and fashionable people. The public are
respectfully invited to call and examine for themselves.
September S, 1So4. t 3S-tf
call at
wUhingto buy a nice pan, would do well to
Indiana Piano Forte lVaic-Koom.
flScFX-j-jf, The subscribers
.-f&iS-f F.sve now cn hand
s--,F -nf?"
a lare assortment
of fiiso rop.TKs
nt Cincinnati or elsewhere. Our Instruments are frcm '
the following well known maker!.: ChicWerin X Sons, T.
Gilbert & Co., lfaliet. Pavis & Co . Waovr-rJ i P.rnwn,
of Boston, Stodart n J A. & J Kvh, oi Aew York nJ .
ButTsklo. Also, a fine assortment -: F 4- M ;
rion. Feisons intending to purchase, will save xosir
by calling cn ur betore buyir-a el ew here.
N. B. We warrant W our iDtrumer.ts .
No 40 West Washington street. Indianap. Us.
T,,ly2?. 1?54. 32-tf
.V. 10 is just tie nare fo B Go ts Cheap' (
WAPDWrS AVRIfSHT has this Jav rot -ivcl nice 1-t of
Ladies' Furs, which be i st-HinsTverv low. A!-.. ;.i-j
nmc-uut f ti loves, Hosiery. Comfort. Wool Shttwl. nm
Boots and Buskins, and lur iiuod Ovcnhoes fur ni.'n. women
and t htl.l.-.-n. A's.. a pc! a--s.'rtmvr.t .f childrci;, iii: -
and wcrten's Mor-cv Ifoot? an'l Bnkin, suited to tie .-ea-.
n, with an hundred orhor articlos to be seen iy calilo, free
grati? aa-.l for nothinjr.
Alway? 'WBitiu.T r-u han.1, and ready to show Goods, at No.
10 Msin street. Richmond.
Ijcnbcr7. 1SS4. "1-if
i- do' White. pIain-hJf!K'?.J;
Whita Iron s'oao Ware, ovil. Sntj atid actsroc;
lus're Hano H are:
Britannia Tea Pots. Aotiee
ost, rearr. ,
BowU, Ladies, Lamps, r anilosticis
i.-i oi ;
nmisome hritmuia 1 pa cts;
Flafe.i Ger. Silver and BritanniaTaUe an J Teaspoon.;
Do Ladles, Linnr, Medium a&i L'csseit Forks;
American snd English Taale cutiry;
Kail'e Coa.es and Table Hats;
Oirandoles and Solar Lamps;
Hall Lamps and Lanterns;
Ovl, Octagon and round Wire Covers;
Glassware every variety.
Thj a " 3ve for sale at small sdvaace for ca.h or aotn-ovee
paper, bv O. ALCRICH.
3;IiIain street, bet. Fourth and I i.'th.t in-icnati.
May o. 1554- 0-tf
A r-vj article f.
Vt!a t !
5."f'- - - . irV of Pxano rpRTsts ' Huntington llous
rf ifL 3 irons the est ma- ttan-t an ki:k:s oi ijroceriQs ana t revisions ior sain at
l 3 If kers in Boston an I , 'A bolesale aud Retail. Likewise, Kenworthy's r liur kept
j j?- gj f New York, which constantly on hand, toaether with Corn. Oats, and Feed ol
l""""' 'A Y-e-" they are selling c j all kinds, ioi cows nd horses. And all of th above ar-
SaL-s 'nrascsobebr.tEi t tides wiil ht; delivered to order. Csih rM for a:i Vinds
MOCIE iiolb. Valuable Property ior Sale.
WM. II. TKORNBr RO. Proptietpr, 'I1111- "2trsiaejo5r for saia s lot ef err a id oB'a?a-
ts cor modioli., convenient, acd latr-l enlarpcd .'&; - tE;j o- anj a r.aa j J sere, more c e less." 'aatuateJ
well fitted up, and aiori every rgui,o atteunon o near t.-.e rtailroai Dj jt. and itooucij i feet on the -.ai!-guests.
" ... road. r feet on Nurth Marion street, atid i-jit feet on
" Advantages of tba Stages and Livery Stable secuieJ ; Wasfcir6ton Ayesuo. TV.ere U on the prejfci.ea a sub
to travellers. " - j stantial new VwiUKcg, Si ;eet wide and reet k-n. sviaa-
tr Customers conveyed to sad from tai Depot, free ! warehouje, or any kia of mechanical businers
of charge " Pr-rsins wi.-J.icg a i.taak,u on tui RuJroad. aad aesr tUe
Jane IT. 1554. 24-tf ; Depot, liaw ' is opportunity ol securing ground.
v tasa(aa a.a iunsu arms, -
D. D. SLOAN, Proprietor. .
July SMSM. . k 52-11
C" 1 s- l-.S. Macaiae, cat aad sharesL. Poplar. Assi -
ij a.uia ana ' caxaj.es, or a aaperior cnaty for a!e y
BLUrTtj V COaitf.
vrjttnof iMaiti and J'mnt sts Jiidmcmti, InJ.
..Tiber bsvir.J"rna'l3 amn'rrrcnt? tr;th W. C
Pu?;3L Cuv f C;a-iiiialL U Veen cuusi Lily vn iiu-l
tFii"i l'.eat Air-Tis;bf - .
(WhicU ilie grcsttwi tat fLt..T t f tfceaca lor tie di.i i.
lha wi,a nw m t!e. fr alt -a;9 Vf rho
fr vaalt r-ut-. trar..-Ttant,n, reautv. stTie f ta-
'i-h ai:d durabiUty. Tl : r arc utiriva..d. aiid wlierever. Ihvy
j by v.; bevn itiruu;.-J it li been W ihc luli vjtciueioa of all
i.UKt conius. . I. k& h:t.vt' a.-?..rtmut a hand, sthx-h can
. be v.ei by c.tliic at my War-:--r-vnr. lu a4iitien. 1 ba!l
keop cn hart! r.!i kind and it:-s tf roa iv msi-'
i- u o i rr c o f f ixs.
' . ... - . , . , ' -
i 3tanttta,-tord ft !L9fc--t rust. ant m Kie t y we o.-t
wr rnm-n ie I itm t ri-rw ianrj insiw.nj
atsrtit.nsMvrr rlain HL:.itsF. ar.I my trnis AjVI he
!vw at au:y atvi tInU!-ar acrvicvj.
.' THOMAS JiAsl'X.
cu...; Cdns'l
Jiitta. uuu.s..
f I'HI. uli:riijr tak!;Iiii ; r.uii..y oi r- sui;,-it.-
J L'.-.t-.k- fT:- - ittj; -us f K;. l.;u t. i a;; 1 vuK-iei
,;v.l.rtBi".r vrv ..lid 111.- r;.l li.Lr...-.:t -e- v!i
, ,, , -t,-..r I l. L 1 . . . -..ji,.
, r , . 1 T. ,
to i.u-vin: ai-t eau.Mv .rin t - :i..-ce his frit-ad. t-m-
until-,', ar.v -t t!i !:.iae.
II. w.-ul-l it-f cxii tL.a tiiat h hus nownn hand ae f the
lar.'i t. k . f lL.-tiS and shoes ever in this city, amount
inir ' ' ' vcr live thousand pair: and tn..t!v . f his own manti-
I'a. ture. at
oi! at the
l'.w i i: .'.rt
tieefs tin.
Shoe: 1'it
.h.: c.r.
1 . t"
the het fjtiaxity. which he is determined to
!-west'eh jrice--. They consist uf iho fol-i..-i.Ucs
iiaiteri, Mort...-co Bu.-un.-v ac:
t'oiir.--. tl.-: Kit. and Cowhide .!-.: o-tits'
Leather do: tine Caif. M,.ree. Kir. tio.l Coarse
!. 1 M.-roceo Sl-i ner": L vs fine Calf I! Kts an 1
Kia sti 1 coarse do; itb several hnuarcfl
: i Children's Faii.-y Giu rs an! Morocco
rs. sorts -iul siies. t'-o tedious to in-.'iitioii.
: ;nieul of ljidics'. Gents' and Children's
;ain . f !i-.-.r-.
of j!! .
with a !;: :
to ri;
rk ?ld nr this e-itablishmei.t rramnte-.l n"t
I will reptiir ei-aris.
we ft-r Vourrclves, nt N .. 7?, M.via a tree t.
1 (':!
11 -tf
Novtui' cr i!. 'C'.l.
a n: aire xtl
U" utitiorsii; ao.1 ane rTiAred to pnttirr --m-a
n a .Ttnc
rr t ttriet v
rtornianner. i hev rtre pntr ar.-'i t.f urn:- cv
ant r t'trrn
whi.-h in-! - 1
1 JtrT a' the litt inuati prices, .-ampi
r a' the lneinuati pr'..s. .-ampies I
t tl.cil rr !!. ll.e. Tlios. lv lt v. i -i t lie 1 1'
oi l fuel it to their interest in stive us a
rot.ms pr j..i:'v J.
;i. Nrr. i;
aoii :aitl l.os for
i -t o uoj-cj ana i. .-is on I an au
.lit i ...... i. f !..!,.. ..... 5 .w. r
't, nc:tr Main, and
su-eet. arc ottered
it tl v sUnuteti. and
SMll ii, or
v'i I rs'.ie. Tfte ilwei-iii rinitses aro i r-i.
tvil' 1 aoM nt f iir rates. Ari'b to V, 11
.'I, 1-34.
A. W
- M.
City !
.FPETKR A nnPR V !. at the
tot t.ire, it ou want Stoves, 'l'inware, 4 outitig oi-
aiy Lhitift else i.im cheA, and warranted to le good or n.. p it-.
Oeloi tr -t. Is-54. 44 -tf
a'lll: ri.! m.-nd V... .:.--i ftl..ry. i
I Lot ni and uer Hi. t:inor. 1, t lit
vaiietv of vacant
U Lit-5 :..i- r'.-1 ten -es
a.id bn inoss t
Lots. Husmt as
.?.bllihtt-,en; also. Ptroliln Ii..-usus at..!
flenses and Lote, an-! Farm. For partic
ular. tBtiriireof ' OLIVl'n CUTLER,
Real .FiTil-j and Gou. ral Asront,
rv.v t-,;.. ... . " ?m .- ..t rt,; n.i.
f Ai.gust ll,l-54. S-t-tf
V:tliiulI' t'i5frty fur Sule!
j A XY purson wi.hintr to purchuse a pleasant residence, beirc"
i A oi.eaud a half stones nigh, six rooms, in comnlete ero.-i-:
an. I rei.,iir. There is also oa the premises an excctleut strt.le
! :u.d ottic-r conve., lencc-s. A fine lot of lYjil tr.-.-, ihruM cry,
etc. iror furtlier particulars and terms, en. jtn re of
L. 1'. HOLLOW A V.
Sei-t. n.1 er 2(5. Ici4. 41 tf
IJ IB KliT V A Ii If.
j J JTAVF cemmence-l a Lnniber Yard on Franklin street, north
I I of i:.!ti, where tr:ey are i-repared t- furnish the pu! lie with
j ali:.et t. -r.v kin. I of Ltimi er for tmiMa-.p purposes. Their fa
: eillti.-s f.-r o: taiuir.jj stock, w ill cnal le them to keei.Ep their as
t sortmenT. nu.l fill tills of almost nuy siy. Tliey respectfully
1 solicit tlie patronaee of tJia 4rblie, as tKey are -4.-tern-.inel u
'-e!l as lew as ai.v oil.er cstabiisuiiieul, andat Ciucuiu.tti iws.
j ttth month, lit. lt?o-l. , .e';
I aPlCES Cr'oaud an-1 ur.rounJ. Candies. Fruits, Con-
? fetti. ns. Ac., for sa'.o Ly" E- M. COOK ti SON.
Julv f; .. -r,i. ai-tf
mill is sdatdt'd, re ruhire t oin and t oo logetner;
Shelling Corn: Orindinc; Meal: Making Hcmtny; Grinding
Oats. Arc. Unlike otl.er t rushers, tnis .tun t.-eus useii.
n.,.n., I wi,K iHa 1 r t.i t cir, i.f corn l.v throwing in a
f.i,!.i ,','m, ,t .
i. Tbia celebrated and truly valuable Mat tune is for sala
byJ.K. BOSWELL. Hi' bmcnd. Ind . where -.e can besd
j dressed in regard to Mills cr county rit;!its. The constant
demand for those Crusheis juatify'J. k. B ia reducing tha
price to 4fj. ,. ... . -' -
! j :- I armors call rn Vcdnosdays, Thursdays or Iri
! days at the Railroad Depot, and see this Mill work fceforo
! buying el-.ewh.-re.
i November IT, 1551, Fal. aci Far. tf
C1ROCKI-.R A SON hsve opened a New Grocery and
' Provision Store, on Main srePt, one door east of the
, where they will keep constantly oti
oi roduc.. tr.Ol KlRu .U.
Kichmn!, Jonalf), lM
" " "
si i.-jl- C,, -,,1 TT" v!
t F. ;.va rtn rt -i -catc-JIy soncitel ly tlir farrr-.-r of Infiian,
furi h th;u. - ill a Kitoil Cura at i Cob i. rus::tr. and hare;
; er-.t u.i.u 'i t'n-c a;.a U;Uiit i:i rucu.rinc l4.ch ;ie i!i..t ifialii
!ve ? iUf .cl'.'r;, itt. I iiiit.i rccci;ti" wJ Itave iit.,e t ta sr if
'ltBla tri.e : -st- . eu' t ku'tQ Witu mv tis re just re
ceivei ritt ci-:"-rat-i Inm anil Cu'i Mill, for wu re ntc
asror.ts fv-r Irish:!, s. -A ire lct re:iiy u Cf.wy fnr
r.-'-r cr: rr;Aiaj4la' i-i, T-s.s mill rt if - inn ai 'h- r fr-ru
tito :i-t ihttli-tea ATv of thr-t r-f .-r1, c.uie
: V-;'ai8 it ucii uecoixe tin 11 an.! worn, aryr! c-c ui.J v v any
ra7Kuer Bi lei'iaeei. wfaerfa in t hr other Crn Cob SiUIi
thr tihaUitf oi ca; irus. vr. ! trhen thi.. twe:" vm. 4lv are
Ui.ru ivr ue, uri'.ii new vnes ar Ttii ii;?U i T--tTTsriy
a ia I''-.! lt:." t'T-r :'cel for ratt!e. fcore. ht-e. Arc. xt. r-!
C'ICoth an-? c -N 5:-, U' --.vy :; ,u r I ti::i r.trs f-r :hc f- :
of St,.. J. . crv f nt.u'Tcs f'wr t" t:;-;
saiiit: au..uiit :i rk. tj siiy du! et1rH t?.2 j '! ; c.
iaiikmi coi.fUticU'.ijgiveiti.asa a&lTantafeaf er'fc! n 4my -tr'T
c-rft in a ruiii nTt-r before aitaii t-i in amy
r"?T mT. T: 1 "it.r:e ::i iti CL-iaStnieuvji, ourA-iti ami trxsrfy
k-1 i . r.irr iU --rlLi'i ir:,i It' to 25 1 u.-.. ; '.-r . i-. - c' .
ii nr to th ower aj-nlte-i. It i? very ";;.i' '. -. ; iv t t. , e :
el to J:-.-'e. ;-,im or :t--r j.owtT, s-cU::. or:!y i-'u Liii-ss.;
flri trfv j "H!t !. It r:,n.r:.s a ar.-.1-! f fr-.Lz rvo-
httirt" V'r tjlrut. V e ?..-f:',:e i ur. c- K .r etUi:aUiiv - t,
:u 4 rrn it Ty ;vas jdAdr. W e :avli ; e p'-. - : 5. --v . ta
rb- y r.. i s c, nr.-i then. V t-Ai see (wr i.' m-s-iM
tiat: H j'"? tVe mr.i tiist ri i-rr. n I it t I -. T
.- ;. : i..-. .-.. hm it eT the fjrir-rs to ,e
i :;! f-- i. - .r.. he rii nn V- ! a: a rm:. i
,-rtce, o-.;.- v .-( jr-ar tvr itself rhcrf trie
is,mjr his n.'-. li. r-ja-U-aVaj t . i . a:.d !.i. avbd ie:tr. v . r . d .
- SEAIiD. 5ivrx ir M'XN.
KivLai-lwiti.ti I;:tU . , ; j ' !. aad Far if
7 HE
PirACIfrsiA d-r. ; us'arti -::- , f Jersey
5 zr-h 1 as t.-vr ia e-uis UariaftitijU; v suitl cwi.-
ytsntfr rv. hand nr
1 f r i'.i ti! Cincir.r-.'t :ee ', tr
4'oiniuori U'iire.
DOED C C. ar.i raiatsd Warj:
masa Teas
i pint, j MU quart and piat co.-nmoa Tumilers:
1 Lit aoi l.ui r lasis, for sale ty
11 M.in street, bet Fourth n3 Fiflh. Cincinnati.
v 6, li4.
' ri4TA "
i a-i- is do piece c; rounj tsar I lie uep iiaail so
riTenbly si this. It is o3ered earire, or wiil te divided
to suit purchasers. For further iniorsnatian enju re at
!th Spring i'oandrv "
Rirhmoad. dene
i s-1 c aasa.a sr-piwr sat n .t crarntiM Rir a
fci ha of rHae at; a Po.bar Lata fr sale a their Board
I Poplar l4lth.HwcrsrT!ir6rt fear.
Fracklin sLreet, av iaia.
f Ir: TofshaV Alterative Balrar
For Intfrual and l:ternal l"e.
tm'St V.C. or So.:, .t c? ."., J v rlJ-- if. II t f-
(i-.-T- . or - r A -ci . vr Trttt, S a. ... :i
jf - i -r. .1 n. i -.it: ii.'. tiei
i:. .... .' .i-a-. '-i.''- n. f'rrrn frf.
saiiz: scs caiss.'m.. '
r -.. .1.1-' A V --.
i'th, CVr.s, i'-tA i
'" '- "
-i .-irlassKsfsea is tr itftti. Al.ssatieJ. nin '
Or A..lt- v.. " - . . . I r . ': -,
' H.-s. t j- ifV -tr ,o . r i .s ( ;- -ijtCi,f.
IH.-, vi.-t.l in'f, .iy. ., esc, e.'c.
HUl reason why- this Ba'. n reaches all these cases, is
because it i,-0a.f in:!atritui!;.n, tr.d arouses the t.
rr te-s ana ri?tvcu system intiv action. 'I his .-Ci r is
oMUito pouar couibiaatica of r.edicai jr.. parties
j iy sal. It will, it useu ("ri-ly , aet imsuedL.:j. y upon the
; a n:., .ii ti.e.i LT..:,;ui-u.!ji;o.j i :;v- nit- ir.e :. t eriecl.
aver, anaaiio;:ier c.r. ;ve ..rgacs.
' .
ititati ue i.au.u iii Ofi i.acrtlt s:
' CertUicate of !r J. li. Jord.n. iate te-jticr-t phvsLiaa ol
( the 1 ourtli street ( liolera llc-tpitaL
j 1 caa chrc-r i.Uy recou.ii.iiid thoAucrative l:.tm to the
public, know in. as I r? , t'-.at it i an exce'Ier.t jrti.-ie I
1 i.soi i:.ta gok-d e;ie.t in ti.e Ch. ...:-. Hospital ia this !
j city, in cs.'s o. r..:;r, a:d p.ir in tne stort.i. h attd
I uuivti i. I s ist useu u i.i a i-aa c-f nidaiuaiatA: ol the
! kiJn," s with tS.. h.pj iest c5ect Fr my kTn.-.vle.!4 ot
(its.irtuvs ia the uvvt oteaiea and others, la which I
hav e osei it, 1 hat e r.v. h ..ir.ni. y in j roiio.iiivii: i: stij..
Irior to any medicine hitherto orT-reJ t-J the pi.r!i- vt itli
ivthichl have lconi acquainted, and would cheerfully
' recommend it to tho rutli
To the Fufclic.
Tl.is i. to certify that la June, la.t I as attacked with
the Asiatic Cholera, ja 1 was seen, as toy phyaictan said,
in a collapsed state. 1 hai remained in thi'-. state soma
two fco'.n-s when my j h siciau uiloi med my tam.iy and
friends tlrat I conld net possibly live, and stvicilv iovbid
my vi i;e peritittin any one giving me any mctlicine or
nouri.-l'.tnent what, v.-r, as it w..uld only hasten rr.y .loath.
At tiiis time -Mr- Foraha causa to see nit:, and-iront-ht w itii
him a bottle e-..ii.tinitig ieur ounces
of hi
.titer' a e
Ba l:r, and asked pcrmiasicu of my wil'o to use it on me,
as rie i louut it uu.i i.iiiiirwiiim. ..w ,4, ....
immediately applied, and was in a warm porpirat!,: 1 ri
or ta wbicb time my extremities were cold, a ci array !
sweat was on my face and head After the us-' of t-A-e- oih- i
er bottles of tha nme met! tr in.-. I was eitt.reix Tll.Tf.t
all dii-trc-ss, au.iiu a tiaw- uays vt .s r.-e.-r -.1 t t: -.i:tr:
1 would most che;it luiiy -ad heartily 1 -"H o:ii:u?:id t!:is
l?alm to all who sro a "lifted in a siu.il. r v. y. 1 i el
also used it iu other ciseases, snd hive !. und it a :oo.l
ex. eileut rerucdy. I vie n. I think it can 1 e i ?. l :e...i. 1 ...
romuiendod. ,!','"!. K'CV.
I do her
t the vo icitii.c..tsi ij ...ia.
: hvsi.isr tr-;,!.. t. me is tieo
' ' Jl'f.U ANN kil.HV.
and thj s?stcm?r.tof tit
A certificate fi
. J. E. F.ule
t'.-;st, in, M r
Pit. i'oKSHA Ti'.ts is
I liivo ivea my r.d.-n:.
the Urst ti ie in n lonjlifetb.t
ui re. o:n nicllaat ion ot any loedi-
. ten-'
a.-i a ;
h I h.
11 cct i ..cl-
) te.l I havo tisej
yonr Air rattv Rslra I r r.rr.ri-. tit.i
lust i"r t!-
J v:.i.!t 1 wis n--ii :y
j ses ou :wo ot ;ati
riioinnOsm ia my hip and knee. I
a ciu; le. tl; 'a tor fry tie 1 t ui-
. . -.
V loiei.t altack CI Uir.rr h.ea
'on Itlt ,-e!
tb"n ft-r in'tTrmation. Ft
ev a
i very seve one 01 aim uvih, vutiuui vti L-y a violent ,
cold, and I thial. I Lave had fall proot ef Us meuital pi op. j.
slili ueek,
er.ies in a graft inanv of the diseases for which .-a rt-
i ccmmi.-tid it, an.l I have nut loun.i it to lail in even 000 of
! them. Still, I ia net say that It is an infallible cure, yet
i it is mi v sober con victiea' that it is tne bast ettmpo.ir.d lor
those v'omplaints for whit h it is recammended, ti.jt i haye
(ever ti-ied, awl I have tried many. I will not, if" I fin
procure it, . vvitnou; 11 in my laui.iy ior any roanuera -tinn.
Hoping 'hat vo l will still continue to compound it
honestly; and that 11 jnay relieve thonsinds of suiferers,
I most heartily recommend it to my leiiovv citizens as a
most txcellent family medicine. Yotirr, affecti. rrl-,
J. li. FIaLEV.
1 his is to certify that in the summer of l.-i,-, I became
so very lamo and weak in my bacjt, occasioned by lifting,
that I could not sit d wn or get up without holding onto
some object I was advised to try Mr. Kt-rsha's Altera--tive
Lslin. Bv bathini; it ain o-hs-( --'f aci was
perfectly Nrto"red; and! have felt nj symptom ot its re -
-1 turn siuce.
i ily wile, also, lias used it for Rheunuatis pains tiead
'aclie and to.ttb.ache, ith very beneficial results,
j 1 I. VI1AK.I E.
j December 1st, lc44-
j , C-ortiucate from V. L. Starr.
j I have known Mr. 1 Orsha's Alterative: iialm tn perform
' a very extraordinary cure upon a horse that was very
badly cut. some time since-
I used it upon one occasion, externally, with t,-ood enVrt.
I believ it to be a perfectly safe and eUicacinu. remedy to
beuedin many complaints. f. L. STARIl.
N ovember "1st, 1-S03, '
To the I'ttltlie.
il.19 is to certify that my wife was alliicted w i"h the
epmai anecrion ana ayspppsia lor nine years, ami a iargq
portion ol the 1
her back-bone -
by the disease i
her stature during her illness. We had three physicians
attending her during the principal part of her ilintw, but
experienced no permsnent relief from their prescriptions,
I stterw ard procured ne bottle of Or. Foralia's A ItCirs-
tive Halm, and ly the time she hatisd that bottle, sho
felt great relief She steed but seven Lotties when she
fc .- , , - , e . ,. , , , ,
j was entirely cured and well of her disease, and her Lack-
j bone has lost its curve, snd she is as stiaiyht iu her stat-
; ure as she was previous to her attack. e hereby certi-
fv that we believe the Ralm to be tha best medicine in use:
time conuned to hT room. I hreo joints or n ujumirajoi u ianneu. utuici uiay soar tlii
was thrown out ef place snd curve 1, caused 1 ''C1"1 sole.1 tot, or shoes In the most inclement weather with
dr-i . . . iiiiuuiiiij, uii owwimni..it, w iT.-mni iinonr tiif rnnn. ni
pain. Sho was quite bowed f?otvn in ..; :,, . k.. ,i.;...i .!.. - Z, ' it"'
a'u.l we believe it to be a certain cure for spiual ailoctiou A " '' J'e" .'s becoming more known. Its sale is In
, 1 , . ., r , - . creasinic to an almost incretlilile esttest. Last v ear in London,
and dyspepsia, an. 1 cannot too h.j-hly rsscouimend u to fr- , .Mcbcster, B.rminehaar, IMTnom t,ZZn,
. , j , t . .... ..... w- . " v mta- i.uu mns autwerp, iuniiniin ain nernn, our sales reachetl I,73a,-
it an elFectual cure in many other diseases in which wo pairs of Cork Boles. This year th cumber will far aurps.s
have tried it iu our family. . that.
I Signed ALENANOEfi CLARK, ' Ask the Fsaalty taeir opinion ef ttielr valae aa a itbt
' " M RV B CI TK at. , for Coughs, Culds, Bronchitis, AsiaunaaaJ Coasssaiptian.
I I.ynchbur3. IIibUnd o., OKio'. Jan. 2, 11 ' ! V'"' J""' "tf5 ; "
I I am well actjoainted with Aloxacaer Clark sud his) j Boys' and Misses' S3 , -
j wife, and also John Walker, and know the above state ) Xotu r. Pram the retail ibices we make a very libersvl allow-
nentsto be rr utters of fart, and they sja persons of re- 1 mice to Jobbers aaul H Bolvlers, so that any storekeeper mas
' spectability and candor. intake a Hue prulU on ihcir sale, while they are an article that
Signed! ABRAHAM GIBLER. i may be kept In any store, amonir any ctasa of -ohIs.
j M hol--ale D?pct at J. A C. RitaKiKT'a, No
' strt?et, Cincinnfti.
;l FearF
! fr. S. W. FOKSHA, Drug Store, nortii side of F-'a'i at.
' three door3 east of Smith, Cincinnati, O.
i l or sale by I 'ruggists generally in Richmond.
j July T, 1851. . ..-,, 3-tC,
tiii: riiKXiT.
Fnt ASTLEY COOl'Elt, BART., M. D.,
rllllF: cuiinnt Mfiical I'i-actuioiir-r, has ieftaaiuat'
I t.ih vnrl.l in hiss liKT.
: TI.X, ar'l trril;'l!r.r cure fr r !ultnor.ary pir-:;i.-.v
e f AIe4emt? Sir A. C, Bart., Invt-nte ! an
' us of the j
j Medicated Fur Chest Protector!
To ail i.cr-wii-. f iA E:e3 aVJid coLditfi.8, ;t3 a crrtairi and
?if ?h;t-!.i ; t .111 -t t!if,-e fo -.rful lisetti'.-i.toii iHi-.tii, Kr.
, fo;ri. and ut.i?r '.-j
v. h'clt jr.-e fV j. .!
t .--. -o, t;..t ut
i- t s.-ri ttftre of t'. c. t. e-'r
't.dii'teti htatfr4 of o:r c::i:.At.
itai y a riMffiniCHtiy rfiiisi-ci
W.tll (-'.fa; HL. 1
the rfl:-t In
;.it.-d, 1
li e re , c.tr
U "d, 'i-kW3.&
:i Uji.L;r ti-Ai
aOm, ."Aiil A htrjta an t tU.' WtH ll.tUtp. I h s - fr f
liuieioiti i tUf.it. siiivle ui liuij: i bjtl Crnt..? cijitti,
Kiyf-i-e, Li it L.Ai. s-Vriii jU .-,- i;a-ii ic ta lue :
nn ir'-lef f. ..
XaFafia-wvaiBlr" T;-e f .ct, ri. ".':ir- cf ur.T KiiJ r- -i :
! i?
T Of
jmii rTiMi.ity of Hiw kr rf the hr.-jr.c.ii .i .ir
itrE ;Jr lrrutrci irai mm r-itB to D'rTR''j rf s- ?:r-!.
j t il cf s it Frelecioi is a ui r irit:o. -??- ? i1!
.-jtii.'. S- wtifc t io Tat--s tb'i hesaith o .ir f fr
r trriiiy : -.. 1 Utr Livrui ii twuU -y arc
, nrt a:-"-" rr -r . them, ix rapici-, -.zr ai- 4 m a.
Ilarc-tti t. Bn'!!'T r, ,rf I.onIxu, MutJitiicr. i- B
were oriifin.aiiy'ntr!'' with rhe itianvfactsre t-f i'.- i'rv- '-Ara
l j 1 5 c bsoieot-! lr. CViTr. r-f cmtim1 to rrrSTiuf-.ctT.'"- j."
criliEi: Ut ti' nsii I- wn;rticj and thrffi r"i 1 - 1
tV'- t" L j j . i ir -ar !. r,awtt.ct jts." t aee ti tif-.r le:ni
,ar: 1 3-j F it-i a 1 1
fif-Iit's .z,
livj s ii n-.ji-soo.
1! i'UAil'iil, LU AL.LE a - CO.. -
It. ..:j.a .-.i-jri. Xc Vara, C. 3-
'tj-I tri.-e Ccai ade. i.olldu.
s- y, -neh.ter, Ln'an !.
.tne IWUf'.r the sa.e of the 'rr-'iNt
2" Ar-:i s'.r.- i r,: -i
fe'iy-ipal War eh -'". V
.Mamtfaetery. 41 fs-tt.
-li- B.dc 1 are sRaitlis
U.r" in a.i pacta of Amer-ca. ftiysieiar-s, rsurgemis. rrrr!s
ti. truer. :-ry .-in Mtr.-u:-.... I Utters arl Mi.ie
ti'.:ntifci.His p-ru.rh.i.ff 5u,i ikvcr -:rs are etitmsurtl
aboies-tlc a i.d r. -r.ti " -i v.-ju of ;hni, a:.d to lea mast
-ral terms are are-l f'.r .-? et.t-rpr.se, aa,.! a spisatitd c.j.ir-tili.itj-
ope.. t . tir. f r s ife art r-.fta. 'c t.u...- - ,-.
Fur t :ra;s. a; ; ; ta MAkCCKT. BRAD1.KT 4V C.."
. . -s-. c lu aixoca. Ace Xeris. 1 . a.
ifV" ECTBt-""" i 39 3ai'
China flail ilia Ontnawurf Starr in RirhmanJ i
Sb. 53 J fain tlreet, ojposlte Sloan Jl'ttue
kCI.J.A fc itilOALFaOS,
PMPOUTPI.? !t4 3lers ia China.
s $5 u.aas aad Qneesi sware. entsr. Jas aad
ivjf Car- t hen. Lau s. .liiranoalf-s, etc.
t are coy cotftarirlr recsirinr di-
ASi Tui. r .-. ;. wis. ;l.c i-n, 1'ouer. . sas4 soaa-
fjt .Vi . --.Tacttrtri ,f !?.. c . u;.'.ri . acoa.yU-.e as-
i? :Xfhr'' -vmsKtX cf V.ires, comprising , :
Va,;a; ir,n c..jj rjteled. ITKta Trench
rt.-,..t t'i'r!.-i. r.inir.T tnA Tea S.-tt. T,,:.ell
Ware. vs. rtrH 1taket. C"c--::fr.,
br.Lai.-.a w are. Cast- r. T- Tray. Anj
j assorts.!.! &f Yeile ad v. jUew Ware. Lacp Csircricys.
j Siulo, V it as, -. - t i , ,- ' - 1
j ICr A!o. fce. -p nmstiEt'y on fcarel. B.raa- Fiid and Cnm- j
!f'i(,ail-f rtirltn offer a; Ice.t casiiiices. 3ackax.s ;
i:i h - (uj . ,1. OeaKI. tr-r r lew'sr.itr their '
.-Mki. ALLKN sUi'yAiits- j
Jm Hi. IJ4. ' a. IX
sup . v, K....e , . r - -.- r-. me rr 2 ioat
? savthatevervanieU .. f Jewelry JJ frosa. aar sasAa.A-
meet i.rrrorsfd to be in w!-2 l! re; re-l.
i.UAa R. IltVt IN A CO.
iiSy i? ,
I eceived tSri Oar. : 1 F sale cheap, a fine lot
lV. G' l.lan-l Sitrcr Wfca-.
y iT f a KS'.VFl IRWfVtro-
i-Vl QOH AX I K SitrC .0 R D l. A L , .
, .V I'hruouieuon ia Mrslif i-I . . , ,
- . JyurtuH-f jr, . ; ....
I T ill rec-lace weakness with streerHth. iecr-acrtv
w"-1 ST c,-n; y. irreit:Tirity with ucitWm aad ua-.ural
a d. ail t. aetata ai-tviiir a Uhoat haiasuiastiiiwarbut
with a nappy eriec: on tne gewsrai oraiaUoa. W.ear ia
m.nd ail loaiac'ies. nkWsvsr thav.hpsa, tiaa.h wuh
li.e nervous .vstfio, and that lha pary iixaUos of tSe nerve
tj cation and eus::co is physical death. Bear ia mind
s'.-p, that for every Viud &l auxvous uUoaaa, the tdiair
Viwteiai 1 th only reliable preparative hnowa.
iCartj t t'rtou lienr.
No Ur.j5Bsgf.caa eeavey aa sdequau. idea ef the. imn..
dnre and atmost miraculoc ehanae which itocca.toria ,n
be Jiseased. cebiiitated and ahatrered nervous system,
w hatiier bea wa rjj, fcxceiS.vvoaji ay natura.r .m
paued by sincss-T;5 unstrung and r.aed crcanija-
lion is at ence braced, re-vivi!iei and built up. Tlie t
f! ni psy5i,-! symptcms ct norrous disease vinij'
;ci5.cr mwr its inisuence. or is th efrtct tmpur at v
en Cue c-K'raty. the rcUyf J purmanent, for the Cord.al
I ropi
iM tn miHii.-iiit' reach tlie coastitatwa iloli.
( and restore it to its norma! condition . '
t " ' '' l .Ufntoiy. .
Csi.fu:. a. fr.liites, rash of blood to tho bead, met.
ot.-hf.y. debtaty. h ,ten. wr.ttcheane,, thuhrs of lf
d-.tru-tiou. t'asr if iessulty, eypcp4i,gsieiai pr.i.tra
Men. irr i? b iirt . n.'rvoune.s, iaalunty to slo.p. dt.tfasca
;:o iJeut to uii.es. decay oj" the propoatrRsj funtiMkaa, kv
t. ria, me-ncmaTti3 . vsuc terrors . plpitatioa of the heart,
in.poten. y. .- -n ip.ti . n, etc., trom whttevor cjsj ari-
iiijt. it is. .! t-irre le ant r.'ii.s.-e to ba placed ou human
tct.iuc-uy, v . i tecCv uital!i'. !-. - - : s
A 4irtal H'dniiir for Feiitalrv.'
The tiapjiatleleJ erteits ot this grvat r.otorti-e. ia all
complaint incident to females, mark a new era in t'.io -ual.
of meatciruv '1 h.vusands of stimulants have been
invented -ttioasends ef in iorjiit, concocted il por
ortin to bcspecntel in tiie various cViasaseaand deracje
mem to which the delicate rorraifion of women reajer
her lia!le. . ' - '
t:-r- Uoiuan of teaie,
Who sjff : lu'iiiwMln-.irti. Jcrin-nsisin, nervousness
tremor. , pain ill the has-k, rrmy other dior Jul. whet her
pecu.iir to her se. or rommoato bolh sexes to civ e tha
InvijoratioCjr lial a trial. . '
.lai l it tl I's t Homs
Or ctliers u ill find ISis Cordial. ater they havo u.od a
bottle or two, a thorough regencist.-r oi tho ay.fe n In
all dir.-rti. ns ire to bo found'the happy parents of healthy
i !l-( r.r ..ho would not havo bciju o hut far this extra
ordinary prMrawrT Ah it l e,flPy potent lor the
in.ny itj.ease x. tvhivh &t is to bo recommence i. Thou
sands of young men have been restored by usin it, and
not in a single instance has it f.il est ta benefit the in,
I't'iMiii ol" Pitle 4'uinpltiwti
Or consumptive habits, arereetored by the Usof a bot
tlo or two, to bloom and vior, changing the kia lrortt a
pivlo eitoe. &lei;Sy color, to a beautitul llor id complexion.
To the .tlii;iii'tl.
I hese are s :no o the sad and molau. h. lv effects nro.
1 h1.' eiriy habit of youth, viz Weakness of the
tck aad limb-, pains in tho tied, dimaessof sight, loss of
.iusonlar p".worf pn'pitati.n td" ih-j. heart, dvspoo.t, ner
t us irt -'sibilitv, derangement of the diiresfive functions,
K feral uebt!i'.y, svnrtruus oi cun-unapUt.n. ct.
Aient-liy , the ft'ii a., elicit, on tho mind are much to be
dread.-. U l ots ct raomorv, oonfusioaof ideas, tlepresaion
of spirits, fesffttl forebodings, aversion to society, sell
distrust, love of solitude, timiditv, etc., etc., sre soma of
Ui evils pi . ,'uced. Ail thus alllictoj
Hifore foiitriiiila lili Iisrrlmte!
Sliould re:..-.- tiiat a soiin.i mini and tK.!y are tho mast
necessary reuiMtes t promote connur.iai naf.pinessi in-
de.nl, without these, t it journey through lire hecomes a
weal v piltrimaae the prospect hourly aUrkaus th view
ii. ' .. i. j , V. : i .-ii..
n.e i. una ---e. ou.es snauowea vv mi uespair, ana liltea
w ith laeroe! .aelu 1 y retlM-tion that tha h.ppiiiess of auo-
e 1 with vonr own.
lr. Morse InrlgTratinj; CiTfdtil hs been rounterfett-
by t-time unp rmt iplod persfiue. s . . . -
ia ftituxa, all goauiua Cordial will hsva llio propi lot ox's
f siu i!e pst.d ever the cork of each bottle, and the fol-
' rowing words 1 Lvvvn in the jrlass: '
1 .Dr. Jforst's lin'i'fn'fltiHf OorLtl;
C. II. KING, I'roprtetcr, N. Y. .
Tha Cordial is nut ur, hjchlv concentrated, in pint bot-
tles-eprlce thrvo dollars per bottle-, two for five dollars,
six for twelve dullsis. - -.
C. II RING, Proprietor,
, . JOt BrosdT,-NfL ,'k-
Sol 1 by J. R, MtK-MKitA KisbtaM-r- n:1 bJ 'if"
ii.ts througbeat thel'riited a-. Cansda and the Wost
Z;.Tir , , . 25-tf
ty Uoval Letter I'utfut. .. .
I a a is r r a e t e m : . ' . , .-. '.
1 Katrrourt, Itrmlley V Co.,
j ' " " 44 .Virtrr sfrc sr. .Vusr esrer."
j Prineipal Waraaotise, U3 Wood Street, C'haapalde, Londea,
England, American Estaldishments 3 Ann street and 102 as
1 snu street, fvstr Vork. LT. S. '.
) llyilromaaten is a valuable discovery for protecting th
1 al feet from damp or cold , and therefore a preventive of mane
Lung; diseases, mf k. nt any doctoring vhatectr. Tlie llydroraa
' . - 1 - ' - - -y .0 1. , - - , ..... ..v-J. M al,ve
I Its fhratrH cliaraetff it a powerful antidote to disease.
Por (k-ntieuieu, it a ill tie found asreeaUle, warm and Ileal thr.
to wear in mc coiucov or raiiues, acaturr, as tae tool cannot be-
! entirely a.rt r. aatii Utter causes the fee te pr-
1 spire in a verv unhealthy manner; and besides are titAdaJiinvuaa
.wear to pedestrians in icy weather, liks luxlia JauhLvr. VVhil
latter e-insetbe feet t- appear extremely large, the flydrom-
atree-betrtea merethiu slleeof cork prepared, pccntlarly plce4
1 H'S" ot th" "r, c'"":t" 'J'f tn
. aptar uututy. To children they are aalremelr valuatde, aa
n.y may euicige In exercise with comfort ana healthy eBts.
Their expense as a slifht a-t scarce ne.l mention; besides,
those who patronise Uo-iu will hud their yarv dvctor'a btlit
mne dimmishri thertbf.
. w, m3, I'l'Ji .0 11.1 HCOL IV I , -til., 1'l.f-, 1 0 i ll.,
prpte-uber 15. lit
3 Ann street. New Vork.
:vj 3m
Railway Time Keepers!
Fur Station lift, JJrnrtf and
I am now prepared to furnish Rail
way Companies with tba most substan
tial and the most accurate
ever manufactured for Railway purpo
se. Every oao set up at the ?ts
tions, s A
. To perform well. Managers of tha
principal roads East will bear Testi-
mony as te Itietr neri -
No. 35 Main street,
April 2?, 1551.
I 'J tf
si spectfuliy infom s trie public that ha r.a removed to
Marion street, th first LniHing south bf ,tain, which h
has built tni fimish'd with steam power arid rnacjiiacry
for Lssrier aed turning I'rrmp. and vVood I lping. lie bas
spare! rm f!pite tn avail himself of evf-ry facility and
in provemeTi rc his line, and believes that with the assist
ance el s??m power, he can do business more pTomptlr
and at lower rr than before. He is prepared also to fit
p erry hind of Metal Pumps, Water Closets, Eaths.Ac.
J i.t,ril Jr. A .x.x'.x, tnar.kful for
favors, re-
A variety ol .1 umps and lad ripinr on hand.
i D. is isfttt fir j. Strait's Lightning Hods.
Mav Vi. I-.'t
I One .Tioi e CJaitnct? lor it I'lti-itii t llotnsV
; fllll'i tiaieni;ned having purchased that well knot
4 lar-a
os winch Samuel fiarvey now restd. sre pre
fire'. ;a ott.-r iu-t-re.-itoi.tr persons wsnfinj; country
le.iu.ncs ia lha vicia.ty of Richmond, and we now pro
pose to sell t.i-1 Farm at private stli; ia lots from one to
Lit, en acres, to tuit purchasers. 8ai4 farm i. situated
nearly noiLh of I.irhmond, and close to the t-nrporatiou
hne. overlooking a large j ortioa of the city . Tae ImnA is
ot superior equality, sua possesses n any tsoifl build,
ir.g s'.tustions. VV e aro determined to sell, and rmr
terms will be easy and accoma-ii-ang Corae soon, srhtl
rota can Lava choice of situations. .
- -.....-., . WILLIAM HARVEY,
JE.-t.M. HIT I TON. '
JAMt M. P J K.
N. E .Wanted hands fo cut Im or 1;0 eori of Woo J
Wo wiil ht a liberal mes i.- cah.
Richmond, Ottoi
tr IS. 104.
New York Jew43lry Store.
T"rntc"he :uid Jewelry repair ia tho best ma
W aer aftthe "
jleowest City- Kit tew.
, .tvONF. A ARON.
Main s'oet, one dor west of Folts Drag Store.
yRirhseont!. Msy 6. I4;t. " . 3d tf ,
f fJT RECEIVED, at No. W Main street, r tea. of
ss Isvrrra
Crisasla t.se of i tst qtta
which aiU
t sola low- t. nJH o aius a sarraia. -
treailer I. 14. . TnOMAg BKyTOg
D1tIFI BKEF1 -A very su prrior article j net rewired
aad Car sale at No. SI Main r-r, It
' fkeesafl a at at Lam call.
4 IJL, Mteocs kaowus; ibesnselve ia-lehtcl to T J. Fer
. a. irajn. eti.er by nute or book a soo ut, are hereby noti-.
fied that if the saaae is set paid fey the Lrt of October, they
saar expsrt to par cost after that date. I ass fully authorise.!
lorvireabdaeceipt fortha sama. H. B PAVNE.
Rieam si. SatwetBher . 1 Sit. 1 ' f
I 'p
i lm

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