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flabrrt wrrinnw, ,
JSSSU F. , -
Proprietors. it
I IflSTB ' '
-id 4eMt0B.
0BBifSA M tOP' 41
2u9nt Pump. aI. BliuU &
Door ?I.tnifiirlor
lOSSf!! DlCavISOX has bought tha stock on hand,
am Sab " D.JOT V'actory, eairie4 on hcrf tnfore
u.-u ilmit actonr. earnea on ni!rru.ii , .
af ts . ' . ,
vu Paaio Manafactory, aail ha employe! cumpe
ka r?
L.ke3 ia the l.ne, nd w.U hereafur carry on
: .tl krrvrfhei. in eunnection with th
-al esyinese . - .
ILL .urines. Orders fr Sah, ISiiods, DoorFmines,
. , a iv i t;. ,;. will v.. nranarlv attend."!
. aoaable price
"All workfrombts estabU'bnieut, will be warranted
:..aatufaolion. A considerable stock of tho aW
irirt ...wjo hand. 31 mo. Hth.lo55.
Mi Cburcli.
jBfhm'nd. .tnnn 1 1. 1S3S.
Wayne County i:epnblicaa Ticket.
nni to till the various departments, as oon
HAVING rosumtd the I'racttco or Medicine. surj ry. , -j . ,, rt,v ,.,-parate It fiOill the btan
and their co'lateritl hnsnihe.. tnty be conultoil ai t- i .1. I- l .
corner Mainanl Man.,n street., -rat hi. j Outeide of the cylinder there are division plates
Ldsuowa f ifth aUMt.tww door uorih efth fVcsby- which separate the dinereut irradea of flour.
r. J;.,iZefT,rJ.d1reof this J.idi.-ial circuit. " ! 111 USe' ll run Wllh "l least one-third JeSS Mure. A'"'""-'"! IYcJ':.: b .ilin- cid.-r a:. 1 aiq.le butlw, full .apply at tho !ft,rUdie, ,J gentlemen', wear, varying irom 45 ' t,ch p,ck..e contain, four dillerent color, black, . . , . .'..t?.
,,V. .re authorixed to announce A sc,:r w K..-M.OTT. power than any Other bolt. In its Simplicity rscalcuVateiV. Stove Store, and mauuLictured by to Sl4li. Silver Watches from f 10 to $7'V so.ne ol ti.em blue, gre.n inJ red. will full and printed instruction. I "1 mv. m.j.. it on o nu
a..caad.die or Clerk of the eouru of Vayne county. Df construction and durabililv t!. f ,tl, ivfiti-e Reports of Unit-1 states Talents granted arealso publish- ; T- J. BARf.IS. eaptessly for Bailroal men, and necessari.y of for mll to u., ,Dd will last aulficicntly to obtain rivic i ever and Ague l ursj. or Antidote lo .ilat.ria. ant
g,atas.wv ... : OI .construction ana auraoilliy, the Clotll beitlje ,(1 tiery week. i..cn.,l.ng on.cal corp. of all th. Patent , May 21, 1355. 0-tf ith. be.tqu.litv Every vsri. tv of breastpin, linger j,,,,,,.- ipreion. . have te.ted it for Arsenic. Mercury. Qotnino .ud
c T. i l -. Wire, It 13 impossible to DC Cestrovei" by , CUin.s. toge-.herwith news and information upon thousands , 'rinijj and ear'drops. oi the la est and mojt beinuiu! It is put up in l-au' .Hilly enameled colored envel- Mrychnine, but have not found particle ol eithor in
TB LNI0S IltWL. ine large ana com- ih? s. comukne i ""jf"" , ,, , A ,, I BtML BRIUI1T .VEIL i ,.erns:gentu-mn'. gold rob Chaios, very fine. a.Iver wllth . tmrhful likeness or the proprietor .tt.ch ! it n,.r have I found any .ub.t.iice in It. composiuoi.
BJiou. building erected by our city for the aJ)iptation for M Lilldsof wheat and weafhei, m.en?, p now opening . .pl.ndU ..sorter of spring ; - lJJ inin'XI.ingie pack.- JV CUu
CI.0CJ. of this dintrlet. is nearly completed, beinj, so constructed as to bolt damp wheat in , rollduc: ZZXt ZXIXX 1aSU US' velinreiihenUerorT- pure A I- Ztn fhe orUnVh. re- , Evlae..77-7 M.rU
snJ W;U tirobablv bereadr for use bv the 15ih damp weather, as free as drv wheat in Febru- t only f..r the excellence and truthfulness of it. n.russious. i Ladie3 Dre3S IxOOdV. lata T.ble. Tea and Dessert Spoons, tar .upetior to tn.t;on cf the sl.ove pri.-es Address, post paid, p ,a-
BIIW.Il puamvuBirau; loiuco. , , , . Lut for tlie fearlessi.es wiih which error i coinhaied, and ( .. German s,lVpr. and s'.n.o.t ea.ni io ptire siK er; Tslle j nntBKI K Ki7 Broadway. New ork. ! ' Litwisauau, Lnum Co., Pa . May 2, Is.j.
rtOth Of next month. The Trustees have al7 ,r March. In CS adaptation lo custom- .,e theerie.ar. expired. . , Such .. Silk. nd S.t.a. SiU T..n. er.ge.. Ber.ge . t o m.teri.UGolJ ad Silver Thimble. ! . Oi'l N IONS OF THE mESS. i M J A. Rhode Desr Sir: The bov of mediini
. , f, ,,.. . w Work as well as merchant-Wolk, for the flour ; i1"'"'.1'"' Ijiyemor. Engineer. Chemists. Manuractnr- ..,l.,t.,e Utifage and 1 awr.-. .r-l v.i-.wy aud Uolo pvn ,j ,.wu,d .silver l'cil C..e.i Clok in ; "',"-, " p . Wm ,.r ' vou sent me ws. duly received on the llth of April.
areJtl.e aerv.C of Josiah Hurty, A. M. U discha J from the bo,; jnto lhe chest or '1 '0;: gro ..riety, emog which .re "--of the STi. b.vesold about oneh.lf of ..d.of.r .be pel-pie
iWpal or Superintendent. A corps in than haf A minute a,ter iu erltr -1-! s w i n V Do" e d M 1 ins v.ctJl "!- tl' X. . ZV7 J.V r'- ZZ?tZVX Z
of Well-UUdlifiud assistant teachers Will be en-I which will irive. Strictly, everv man his oar. continual source of knowlcige. the cvperieuce of vhich ria L. wns, thread hdging. .Muslin and t amhnc In- , , . tht tun4 ona year, ifcc rt,BV have .l.i invention. I h- cheapness sno.iia inauce an to g.ve is hss u,d , J ,i, 0f iSe case, were of long stan li.ij
u practicable. Of Mr. Hurty, we are pre- The machines are manufactured by Nor-
r.. 1 r 1 . 1 :,; ' dyke, Ham & Co., Richmond, Indiana, and
tjared to .peak from Ion; and intimate ac- , . , '
1 r f . , the gentlemen who are here are ready to con-
,aititanc. We regard his qualifications for tract fl,r lht.m an j t0 seI1 Suite C()Unry or in
tbgpostas not inferior to that of any teacher dividual rights in any of the Northwestern
in the wesletn country. He ha for many States, except Wisconsin. The s;ie Mneo th
re-rt had charge of schools similar to the one (patent was issued last February has amounted
., 1 1, . 1 , 1; to over 870,OUO. and are a sufficient evidence!
proposed here, and ha been highly success-1 . ... , ., .. ,
r ,. , , , , ,.. , , g 1 of the utility of the invention. Millers and
fuL We understand that the faithful and .'manufacturers may well examine into the
ficitnt Trustees of our Union School intend claims of this improvement, for if it will stand
to make il a first class institution, equal in the test ol actual use, there is saving and
very respect to the best Seminaries or High 'money in its adoption, even if other good bolts
. . are thown awav.
School of the country; in some respects we. -
duubl not it will be superior. , Tub Grkatkst Thief now Known. Pro-
.. ,(.
Gas Light and Cork Compact. A
panrlias been formed in this city for the pur
pose of manufacturing Gas and Coke. The
WJoiring named genflemen have been elect
td th Board of Directors: Messrs. Charles
Collier, Kobert Morrison, Jno. T. Plummer,
William Cain and William R. Webster. Dr.
Jno. T. riummer has been elected President,
William Cai n, Treasurer, and W. R. Webster,
P T 1 1 . V . . . ..
cecre.ary. i lie wot as arc to uv r.ev.
oq a lot in lhe ravine immediately north of,
tlie Candle Factory. Preparations for the
buikling have already been made, and the en-:
tire concern is to be completed with one mile
of main pipe laid down, within uinety days. '
Tiie streets are to bo lighted at a price for the
e not to excer J that paid at Cincinnati, for ,
0 . . ' . '
treet lamps. The prti-t. to private consumers
ii tint to exceed that paid at Dayton. Wecon-
.rr.'.il,.' a. j'i 1 , i. , t-'t i if.i.iD nnnn flna tmnr..v..
. . .
merit to our cur. .
, ... .
FrtcniM's Improved Saw Mill. We
visited the establishment of Mr. Fulghum on
Saturday last, for the purpose of witnessing
the operations of his recently patented im-
Provement upon the Saw Mill. The one now
iuopemtiun is designed and only mnable uf
uwinjra iz four feet long, and is now used
for sawing out broom handles, and any thing
of that character. It has circular saws, one
tunning perpendicularly, and the other hori-
ijaially, cutiiuif two lines at the same time.
, . 1 9
TL - It. r
The lo revolves at everx- rassaire of the saws.
v a -
end thus a piece is taken out each time the
ttws paxs. Its simplicity is a distinctive fea
ture; and having been so thoroughly and
practically tested, there cannot now exist any
-ubtof iu utility. It requires far less pow -
r than the sash saw mills, and can be made
to aoswer every purpose, except that of saw-
.;v"TT-i. 1 " ,. " " "
SUch s joist, scanihng, flooring,
weatherboarding or any thin"r of this k.nd it
is a great
improvement. J-., M. Ilutton, of
thUcitv. u tV,. r-a,,t . g .v. ,
S;-us, County and Individual Ri t, Xnv
ii!orrnati..n 'desired in rP,rd to fbis mn
be obtaitked by .ddressinj hira ,t tWs koi?
A Goon llorsKKUPaa not only understands
the Q-UJi'v of Mrr!l,; i -UaareWna
" 4 wi. y ot everything which he, may have
Occasion to U ami thw rtl l "
u--, -n, i i. lie oet way of Usin v it,
DUt she also Understands thai tk . '
ici.aims ill" Very best place
10 get It where shw can Cet the m.v.t . I i. .
, , . au ec' lnp most and best
goods fur her money. If ,he wants dry (roods
he g.-ws directly to the Ne- Vork r
y. . .i o h) Of
r. Jackson, in the ferarr baildit.o-
ksn.ia.ikil 'lOltlg.
aeowing that his assortment is the mt varied
-nd complete in tha eitv. Tl -t 1. i !
j - -
J" richt and b,,t good- ,v,r brooght to
, :, , , . . .
' uj u taiau piain ana more er-
!. good., i. r,ot ih., h. b j,t ,h.i '
v. 1 .
wjy else in town.
Reader, call and see if
thi is not true
at-ir The Ser
fren.A.l wirK a.1.: .v
v , . we were
konotej a few ,,ight3 eince, . defT-ehtfullr
-uied The mSio wa. eao,n.nt, lnd the
I of our fair friend, full cf melody and
ry. Th.Fa.UdoB of piaces were much
- w-- -a ,"1 TTT f I " . 1 a"". I T
zo Demucrnt, tLe following notice ol the - ire
Flour Bull, invented by our fellow citizens
,AordyLni limit, who are doing an extensive
!bu!liQ;s,. notonW in tl;e teriilorial I
....... ' r it - , i
rtm, out me raanuiaciure ana taie oi xons. ;
is beyond aii controversy iiie greatest idi- ,
, I provemnt that has be-rt madts in Mill ma
rodaee Bills and r . .
I chinery in a quarter of a eeutory. nether
htcao evvrbe surverceded will depend upon a
to exist:
A New Patent Flo' R Bolt Important
to Miller. We paid a visit last Saturday to
the Lake House. fjr the purpose of inspecting
a new patent flour bol:, t xhibited there by
Me.-trs. J. W. Griffin and C. Johnson, agents
, . . . ,
tor ana associated wun ine prt-pneiora, rMor-
iJvke, Ham 6c Co., of Uivhuiond, Indiana.
, '
tliC 11 1 u 1 1 i 1 1 J n uit;ii v r: n u iiui lull
b;iri built for a model, but it wa hr;e
enough to fcc-t forth the principle and did ita
work to admira-ion. The b..Un.? cloth ia of j
tetl wire, and to faciliuse 5c perfect the pass- .
!a of the flour through it. a set of brushes
ruvolve rapidly on the inside, :n an ppM.e
lrc:i'n to the cylinder, creaiin-' a. currt-nt of
;tir to fore the tlourou'.as well as to cool i:
to their distance frin th head
of ti.e bolt, and yive airection to its passing
off so a to form the dulerent qtialiti.-s
V ithout a diagram it will be difliouit to ex
plain perfectly trie operation of the bolt, but
the machinery is exceedingly simple, nol lia
ble to get out of order, or easy to wear ou',
and the advantages my bo expressed as ful
lows: "In its reduced price from any a ml allo'her
bolting machines in u.-e, heinuaboutone-tl iid
the cost of a common bolt. Its size bi-ing
about one-tix;h of that of the common bolt,
and can, therefore, be 6et up in a rci'J without
taking up, as wiih the common bolt, the very
best loom in the mill. It will save, on an
average, 2 lbs. of flour on every bushel of
wheat bolted over an v other hohin.e n.achin.
. . O - !
flour from his own grain."
ciastination is the greatest thief of tho age.
lie has stolen more time occasioned more
reirrets been the cause of more losses than
any other one thing. Its influeuce should be
stopped, and we advise all who would avoid
deep and lasting regrets, to go to Watson's
and obtain a daguerrian copy of themselves
and friends, before this great thief shall make
it too late. Mr. Watson can take them at al
most any hour in the day in rain or ?un-
, ,
' . ,
LOST On Wednesday evening. August
15th, an emblematic gold Breastpin heart
in hand, sword, battle axe and three links.
A liberal reward will be paid for its recovery,
if left at the Palladium office.
; " - ' ,
Goukt 8 Lady s Kook. tor N'p'ember. is
... , . i
1 vvtr i iria . at -a v . . . . - ......
and 100 page. 1 he ..eel ingiaving and
: ... l......... I.....tir.,l Tl... ruo.linnr
1.SS111011 I ' o. .r aiv . 7 . u . . . o
1 ... .
matter is unexceptionable, and interesting to
all friends of poli e li.erature. Wo furnish
the Boot and Palladium tor 4.
X3r N ativ weiu to a;i lhe go now.,.
iys; hM cannot ge, Vm na. ive Ui5nff
comv M npar Jt a9 slb
. , , 4l . . .,.... i
i ou cannot h.whvs iit mc irt.c i-xa
beaming couutenance of your friends ncaryou
you cannot always have the pleasure of see
ing your sxvt et-heart when you choose, hence
u. o wniil.t s.lvi.1 von to seenra a counterfeit oi
, , , i . t-..
them, which c iti be done at tlie Cot. age Ua-
F -J
guerreian Gailery. opposite the Star House.
Friend Schoolet makes ihern look like the
native thins itse'.f.
.Sal- of Tropertv. Mr. John M. Paxson,
has sold to Henry Hoover his handsome resi-
dene erected during the past year. The
price paid and received was 4 2,774 40. Mr.
' ' immediatclT
the erection of a larger and better bouse on
the lot immeii.i.lv .JioinitiLr the one sold.
- . J c
Laxd W arrants Locateo We invi'e at-
,'nt,on to tjfl JwrUaemen: of Mr. Holman.
ruWlhJ another column. We will vouch
, Vr the faithful and prompt discharge of a.'l
'duties confided to him.
,ne of h."d e-tuer, of .,.. wn, oa gnday. the 7-.h
i 2.V f' Stp,-','r I' had teea nxef for ls.Uir4ay.th-,
l'. buttha; conB cticg wHh ethsr rrar,gca;iit.it fia xu
.ch"Beed to Hhif. eeptm:r Uiu A,, cuiieu. of nayno
eoucty. who cam her previous te Ie20. ar. invited, ai-d
earnestly salicited to attend Further particular will be,
giea from time to time.
we County A-rriculiural rHr.
tk, F-fth Annua! Fair of the XVayue Comtv Acricultur.l
tk1?'"" bhd carurtiiie.,. Ta.ia-.-iMi,ia.
Thur.y,i rr,.ii.tri.n..h, PAh. lTtth and 14th of tepiem-
r J"' J1 " open t. .ah.oiiKH-. .,. n
i JT. fr!
i tic I af turn i "n-rac-yj .inns eeery ar-
j 5S; HE--'
( ..rwees a.aa.st
. - ''nn iB an.
is art.
Th. crnds -elaew. fc. m . .. 4.
Wra. An atlicieai potiew
UOLLOWAV. Presideut,
riKDOn San-lay w.rn;r,. A
lild sf Apol.o and Saras, u. -U. ZVl, "K- Ctuatta, a'r
month. -".ageu four j earsnnA
" -vrwTTT-y v-le ne. ,f ir.
And bathe ia its M:siai iMp . '
One er tn j.vs eg oar .,. ,
the little fray that died
A N axea-s w-a k. s i. . a.
a.KTS. A salarr mf ..al . , .7 ll-
n wiliwa taasd. -Sal... ' ...T- -7Z, '." "9m
law, ad irwss n, V" . TT" IS f-r-aariie-
The WorWiujf TIeui or Iticnneud.
RE re.rpee-.fu.iy teuii,
&. n-u.e - I-" -" -
turned tu attend a meeting of the Liora-
i. ui) ib uie .
36 It
EO.K? Oi!chh mtricjn luior.. fiffj T"!-
ed . rive '-tstct.n. n.itmmnmiifijiM-
I eaa:sed Oum Brltin. Tftrlous wiuth. t N ?H Wttj strt-rt-
Aagust 33, 1B53.
To City nnd Country Dealers.
TV .opinirf Rmrrrin. which thrr offer to the trwls at .
Cincinnati prices, with theonlr addition of Ireicbt. Callat
their store, ojtoi:te the PssaeDcer Iiepot. iiichmond. All ,
order uromt'tly actcoileil to. i
A iffiiili3. ltii.
KROIKKA ELETCliER have just rereired a large lot
of ?uuar. Molasses. CoBee and other Groceries, a hich .
they offer on such terms will inducethoseto purchase who ?
will rive them aca.il. Their eslalilnhmeut la oppoa.t to , ,
the Pas.encer H-t ot. Richmond.
At goat i:3, l!?ii.
36 tf
any ii.i. h. sold at ruMic sale, at the residence of trie suh !
srritier, four miles northeast of Richmond, on Sialh
a..r,.,.,... ... r.i, ,.t Hi,i,.h month. (Sei.temt.er.l the fol- ;
ri;.V'"l' i r.t,l.. M lk sh;. tn,,
i lino. Ilae nri Oats in th harn. one two-barse waa-on. f rui i
o,.i, nown on the of sale. Joseph hill.
Kighth atottth, t3. ws. K-u.
Ho! for the West.
flMJE underined designs startinr on a tour through the j freUliulil EflipifC JSlevI HOttS.
j S State oT toa. on or aWtt.t the Vth day of Peptemt-er ! TIflVpY PO
mat. and i.ropos, for a reasonable coail-eesation. to lo o. llUivNcl at t J .9
cat any Land Warrants that may l e entrusted to him. and 1T70l-LD rt.nectfui:T iutorm their friends and theagricu
aill a. so uiakc entries with cash. From h s extet.sive ac i W , WeaLtlaat the. are uow preunre-l to fnr-
quau.tar.ee ith the .eorrnphr of that 5t-te. and a ora"'"!
ex, eriecee in the heal Kstte hus.ness. be Hatters himself ,
. that b can render s.'itis faction to all who may entrust their
Labil e- to h: cart
' The ar-raa-iija- Vtit holdi out trreat inducementi for tha
i .nve-LDiritt of Jiuiited rrfiM, anrl ihr uD.leritfnevi prj- At the last Indiana Stattf Fir,fr ti:eral purposes. Taejr
' )- to tiiai We invcta.nits fr those who are not ireijretl to ' aluo received a ssil.eT Cupat the satue fair for tlie
make lar;e entries, at lkm tb?i the expense attemlin : BEST SOD PLOW.
: m personal tmir. llnTing et- rataeJ a farmer, he may be j . . . . . . . - , r. . n
considered a fair j..d Jf -hat that ls. of person, most 'h late Wayne Count, a.r th.-y received the F.r. . Pre
nee.1 in rear.l to ioil. location. &c. Ali who are disposed I ' the Best two horse Plo.. saS soil 1 1 one-horse
,i , thi. .,rM, or rh f..r JO . .i . Plow and Cuitiv aior ; and the premium aaarded for the b. st
wards, a HI receive his beat moment It. locate. '
No. 11 West Washington str-et. Ind-arai-ili. Ind.
! Refers to Wm Wslince, Ks.,.. Attorney at La; !
Win. Henderson, " " !
And Mt!,,M 5M.tri:v. !
' Auj(.iit '.3. Isoj. 36 tt ,
, XrLXi ObiXja lit Wj AlUiAlUaai1. i
Splenditl I'.USraviuiTs Hud 1'lijes. I
The eleventh arnuil volume of this useful publication ,
con.uiences on tue l.triuay nt rentemrier.
The 'sc:ei.ts tic Aaiercn' is nn ii iust rated periodical, de
y"M cyi!., cuir.! to -
tevu:itl necuniarv estitnate.
1 The Scici. title Antercan is published onee a week; eTcry !
nttLniit-r contains eiht I:ir-e iu:irto i-atres; f.irmiEjiE annually
nunariV.'.Tinal raviU t
i ;'ERXne;,r,r.tcrorna.:,V! year. or,, r.,:,
.months, rive copies, for :x mouths. 9 1; for a venr. $.
For further C!ul. rates, and for statement of the fourteen
: large Cash Prices, oilered ly the puoliahers, see Scientific
K Southern, Western and Canada money, or Post Office ;
f" -......
Letters should l e directed, post pa.d, to
M CNN & CO.,
128 Fulton street. N w Vorlt. ,
Tf- Messrs Mrs. Ac Co.. have heen for many years es j
and will advise inventors, free of thir, in regard lo the 9
novelty of their improvements.
Horse Thief lef4rlion:
I H" T?SOI.tEI. Thai the Wayne Horse Company will pay
MII.I.AKS ItKlVARDto any person who pro- '.
t and conviotion of any horse thief, who shall i
ste.l a horse from a niera erof this Company, or a meaner
wf any n-.her Con..an v.oritaniie.1 for the same rurpose. with- '
m th.s county, under the rev, s ed st..tmeof this ?l.ite. appro -i
a.-d Marcli 1-.VJ. provided this shall nut be binding after
cures xhearre
.1 ftc01111iiL.fi. in the t'alUiliurn.
Thi org .niE iLiou coutii.t uf near forty member, of good .
ct-iKrii. tt uli rre.uleiit, Secretary anl TreaiSurer. a com
tn ttee of teir for eirchin, nt a coiuniitiee of three for se- !
cm-t erriee. who are viKmite,i hy the Company tu nmke aueh
v. angeuiei.' as ihey may ilecm prmlnt for arrea.111.1; l-ur-ITlart,
and o.her matter of interest. lUvin a cotistituJon
an,roeii l' the Coui;y C'tmimaiioners; each iueinler i in-e-ted
with the Muie uf Cuii&lable or Sheriff. 1
J y orUer 01 the Coiaranr, ,
J. M. HARRIS. Secretary. '
'Si"TfTI0K i here'-r tfiren that the umier.'giit? 1 haTeeen j
; ai.poiittt -f1mini'irator of the estate ot David Heeaon.
l'?r-ea .ert . I ate. of Wayne county.
Said e.tate ia supposed to
j n solvent
j J 1,TUt 23. TP55.-3t
A lnnnistr:ttors.
r 1 ill . r. t term o' this popular in-.fituTion wnl com- I
I. m.-u. H on Movpav. sepr..Mnbcr .1, l.n. I.sr. di:o
H. Jociihi-.v, A M.. (rli lormcr I'l uli-sor ol Mthe- !
marie a an.. Ntiir-I . ienre.) has been scurid aa IVoi-
idetit I hrt InsiitutWin and assisted bv a enrpa of ex !
rel!nt, f achr, the ror d ol TiHtr-n tel ronl'iHrnt
thi t.Lt f-irmer ttigH ?nLi,jn ot the t'o'Ia will b
fullv ma intaiud. l"h? Poard and fr a . It v -rf dt-tr
mn. ai tTat no elFort nh!l be wantini; on thfir part to
fta.t -r th) lnti!ut;on acceptable and p(di table Tn ali
who toyr iearo to secure tor their noni and d-uhtra
a th rcm.gh and substantial education. An the Inititu
j tiutt a v ell aud l vorVt.Iy knivca abroad, it m eerned
; unai .ccsjary to add mure, run her inform a' inn c an be
' obti .neJ by rf :m r:n,j to th- ttaloi;u tf lst year, or
: by letter to Pre. dent Jocedyn, or cither of the unrier
, si'gi.ed.
t terms:
; Inthrt Pr.marv Tieartment, for tern, of 1
1 Wttekn,
In the Academic department,
la the ."Viixed eour
Xf,iic. per term of 14 week. -
t'se of Pi.n-...- - - - ..
t 0.1 "
2 00
e'amfing and llrswin, i -0 j
ytota-rn Lanstiai;e - 2 00
kiciarding h.s had, in mo-? excellent families.
convenient to the rrt.ltog?, cn rta5r.nal! forms. A i
few pupil csn hit received into the family of the i
r reel denr
Tim bill for tuition snd boarding wi'.l be expected
! in adv ance.
! F. G BLATK, Fres't B. of Trustees,
j W. I1rv:t. cretarv
Ceo terv'lie. Aucvat 13. 1553 36 tt
Wliolescle and Rrtail Dealer ia
4; a- -
T3t-Xo. ir M.tv. .71"-'" "I. ixn.
"tUrchl'3 ; 3-tf
Diseussion is tlif Toueh-Stont ol Trnth
4 MtKTING of those who sjitst? the rcorms of
- X the j(e. tske, place in the Grc-re B-r the
.v.. ......... .. ..cn. mcisr.s. co-B-nenc.og .
on .nd.y.lbe 31t dy ot August, and contiuu3 fjr
j thre da-- All who feel an ti trel in the PTcere
sioa, of this Age. "and tr.e rest if -nankin-), are tnvi
I tad -o -nd Atl public .paker. will be i rin'
' e -ale "ae "g, ujoo .iti of th most inter ' '
, esaiu;: subjects ui ileierm, B.. g.t!ed in t'tii coun-1
try; sr.d a'i oppossr ar. ir vited to a rain canirin.. ;
....7.1 u.i...wfi. i n lAitow.nj Clitlnviii,
Vhe tollowin distin..i.K-
jent emen hv ccett?i invitations to be present, snd
. . . . e
! saidr the sreetiaj. L A. (line. Cincinnati, los Bar-
swr. Salem. M. R. Hull. Aleums l, vv J!i.
Certe-rT-Uleid G. tiiicklev. XX'inches'er '
lnvitau.tf have) been extended w Henry H. and Lo- '
v Storia Llackweli, of Oaio; Valentine Nicholson.
'"7."- ,,"-"'"t'- Jetyrt$..,0 ; W.r-
. ... ry nii.nm, .ir.- urit'. t. LOUIS, Mo
risers, fomtil wno.n Respected to -.ttend.
- rV - rtk.tON, President
XtCE Pursirs-XT.-Dr N.than Johnson: f'.lk
Lewi. John Besrd; I.ie. M.Uhw-. Icn XVhippo: Set h
H.n. .w: freder .cn Hoover J.i-ath.n Bond- Geo XV.
! iu" Jri.n -swam; Robert Murphy. M. R, Ha.L
; U- at"?""" Secretlie.
":": "-"'
! A 5u.t Id. la,
1 $Cril Snil'll.
II AT I"r, with a view to tha accon.vIation of his fasBi-
w ly. lorvtel himself al K chmoad. Warrie ctmntr. In...
t favnr kias with tfieir patronage, and will fa.tWratly srtc4 i
such r,,in,in fc.s line as may to ceoftjed him. Pr
ni-ss-tewcetsoanb Sixth stree.
lUrsatw o. a faaei ot C. . Xew To'k: C. R ITawes
" -. aaoaaaa liogtaes. Phi aJelnhia: Thomas ILu.oll
sV't . more
... .-.."...-...v..... ... . iiii-rr.il ni.i a a. i.- n.o. iv ...muu., iu. lair.irv pnnufinTo uwia na iori ...iv..- ,th.t, i . . ....
rjrV.V -J .71 r-A'aT.; rare sh.il b rep.ir"- raa:-r I 0.1,-, ...uli ! J.OUU,", m. .rl iil be Paid en a.ortment on hand, which con be seo by cUin-f
..:t. r...t-. -i--i- .... - reasonable term,, p.t rranied to keep good time ac- . . . d.Iiverv at th. bet..u Ware-room. In ,! lilion. I ihaUl keen ca
" Oil. P" . "-fpart-oV.. I wish , eentlnuanee of the ' 9-gecer,l ...ort.n.nt of tarr.ge. of the ; .Jl "1 F v r v a
luk. ..s5nees. r-nuTs. Tobacco. -... C. A. Dlf K I V env ' Vimot fashionable ti. and finished h, .,,,-i ,,., .. I XT O ft Ti K A O O F F I X S .
r scottr
inc. fr sale 1 J
JiUie i6.
Jio. -IT .Vain -street.
m -... n ari M4.riil 4trobeut of Paint ;
rubeut of Taint
, jtylM itml ! ''u f
July 26.
SUPr.RIOR article -f Ib'-i S'yr JT' fr le th case
or -tT;ie, a;
L. U. HcCl LWluU .
in. 47 Hin street.
aa! halt, itnat4 a Fifth trr. Itrst &uue outh of
July 26.
(I:i.vt :t re.
3 HAVE a Tsrre lot of Glassware fur sale, consisting ia
part of c,urt. . eall&n and aan Jar. oMets. Tum
iilers, (sotue verr line,; Lauurrt. BuUfr I'la4e. Preserve
Hates. c. W. I.. F SHQI HAR.
i.lers. not vt fine.i Lantern. Buur Plate. Preserve ;
la'es 4-c W. I- Paltstl'll R i
jB-"i 64 Main street.
' ' ' j
- g(-pRT.nu, lot of Cod LiverOil Just receired and for
i H. McClLLnlOIl'S.
July 26 ..4;Na.oiirt. i
finaeett Oil, by the barrel or g-illon. for alat
J L. H. McCl LLOt tilCS.
No. 47 Mam street.
oralic t emrniasd rmsier '' uw
',,r.c.sfor cash, at L II. 3 .CI t.l ocoll s.
July Vt-
o. 4T Matu street.
!,nK Uite t,e MVni
; iuv it tiain sire
i .
d for
r. rairEsso-S
j. w. KfLtiiifa.
V. FL"LOSlf.
nUh lhrir prcuiium Empire Steel Plows in UrKe quantiues.
. ,,'.. , Do.m. Thj Plow receiTeu the nrt tre-
; auy pon
, minis of a
S0 Mlver Cup.
Wow mat. ship, was awarded to those who used their Plows. , t
tnese premiums were awariei . i"iiiiiiuu w
h,CB v retolore heett U.jjld, honored with pre-
unums.koth at stateand County rairs.
The proprietors of this esla'dnhment are all practical
work lueu thev emt.loy none hat competent h.inds. and nse
none hut the best materials, brace they 'eel a confidence in
commending their work to the puMic They also manufac- i f
' HABK0W3,
Of differ.-nt patterns and of all s.t.i: Cultivators, of three
ui.d five hoes; A jtriculiurai implements of v.irious kinds.
and will ftimi'sli to order any article that may t desired.
Their esta'disluueiit is near the Depot, corner of sront
street and isuiugiou
1, Ir5j.
a?rt.n ana L-Jetnen
Jerilt;evs snJ (.'Ua.rj ot ali k.ls and prices. Also,
a rret var'-ty
. t--;- breath... Silk L.ce,
sa,1. i ringe ot all colors. Hats and ( ap. Uoots and
Shoi'. iiroceries. ilar i-Arare, Quensware, Glassware,
ari;l in tact slinosl evory article i..ti:.tiy Ui-pt in a g. n-
eral merchandizing business, i.r.tel'ui tor the pstron-
J, h..I,.,c,f,r ,r,.M , KiT. fl mn rppttlu!ly
l.l f.ion.f. ,.nr! tho r,..l.li.- to - in him s eall
April - l-io.".
19 tf
Job 'rli
(NK at all time in Copper, Tin, Sheet Iron and Zinc,
at the ?h.rtet notice, and in tfoo I worKm tn : 1 k e man
ner, at the City Sw Store. LEKKVKK A" l"Nl)KKVV(HM.
t Octot.e -.". l'-54. 44 tf
House puilit.
f.LAT. Valley and llniEin Gutters, Conducting Pipes ,
and Ilea I. dtc. made and put up hoth in town and
country, at nil times, and warranted at low figures for cash,
Shop near the Huntington ll;e. ovrnnr.
,,-. Tf
I'.-tol.er 30. Ine. n-u
Ooors Door Frames. :isli, r.
'IlE undersiitne.1 is prepared tn make to order, on th
shortest notice, alt kind of lloors. Door and Window
Frames. Sash of all kinds, and in r.ictull kinds of Carper
ter work, on a lair terms as any soop in th- place, ami in
a styl cf workmanship ur.surpassel. He may le found at
his shop on South Sixth street, where perHni wishing any
thing in his line arerei)Uestel to call.
- Material furnished and l.uil.ling. put up on fair
terms. All kind, of luuilier taken in exchange for work
Richmond. xtarch 7. l'o IC aires
L.:iiseite :iil
A liotl snpply of I a Belle Naiis on hand. Those who
April Ci.
Voimliioulieny Coal.
a AfVl 1 WMIKl? real youe!iiO"henv Coal at re-
' ? ely diicel prices, I y CAIN Ac MALSRV.
t month. 10cl, lsii
4 tf
II ti LFS.-Machir.e,ct and -have.!, Poplar. Ash,
Waluut aud Oak tfhiaieat, of a superior quality for sale
l,y tLLloTT V COALE.
j. a. ji LiA?, w. p. arxTO,
C!rcil!r, Richmond,
jtTTORT.rs w.v cor.s'srtrofts at i.jttr,
Richmond., Ititiia.
Office in the Wigim liui iin,
March 111. lco4.
12- f
Lard Oil and Candles.
THE subscriber having cc nnloted their arrsnse-
l'..b n-l lm&.tninisetts.un- .. . - .1...;. ri,... ' trul. rriilaueipnta jierru.ni.
i I ments for manufacturing tke above Good. re pre-
psrej to furnish the tnenhants sn i inhabitant of
g2 50 : Hichmocd nd vicinity with OIL AMI f 'ANI-I.US of
4 50 superior quality, at price rarin below theCinrin
ti 5i n.ti niaiiiot. Persons in want ot tha atove good
! wi I find it greatly ta their advantage to call at ti t
'establishment before purchasing olsowhere.
j.'.torv ia the old tichmi.nd loun.irv Cutldicz.
Baylies march a NT.
February 0 1 o5.
t? tl
Watches and Jewelry!
USTreceivei from th Fst ra? very fine XX'stch
' " es, gold and sliver case, lor raiu oad purpo.
t.oid Gusr.ls and r'b Chain..:
Kar Rings of viriou potorn:
Musical lioxes and A-rordecns;
Gold Pens nd 1 encil ( es;
Silver Ware and Tlatod Goods;
BreaMpin of the Iste-t patterns.
XX atrhes and i.it repaired by a sKitlful
woikmsn ilai.g procure one oi tne e9t work
No. 35 Main street, aicn of Golden lela.
June 21. 11:.. 2-tf
A la I, K N & li II C ADIi IS,
iieeiiaire Ileiilei-.,
No. S, blain Sect, Eichxnond.
af"v iT VXe h.vere.-enr'v beenret-eiv-fXSsO
J Irs s new sni complete atcck of
errf $5 food round in ear line, con
sisting or VJuevii.wsro. Gliit
wre. Trench C hina. L ri'annia.
..Church. Msre and House Lamn.
' Candiesticis. Waiter. i.c.
Cur stok i of tha test, but a
we are not fond of buastinar. we
'. not aay w bat we cn or what we cannot do. but
' w,ul-' request sit persons wanting goods in onr line.
V ci' e""Iline 1 j"-g for thamsedve before buy
; n elsewhere.
f Ju
f June.lw. . 23. tf
" i'otnb-stuttex, liauitments, JPc.
, I- i R. MJflRlON. Main St., Richmond. Ind.
X.J still coatiniae ! manaia; ture. to order, ivprv
earietv of H.ia and Dra.wier.t.l Tomls-Stone. Mon-
i meat. of the late- sivle, aai moat beautiful
patterns "
I rgy- Ha takes pains in informing hi, friend, that
hoili .ell as cheap, il fo a i.f'Ic ctmrtr, for ready
cash, than can be, bVmgM in tie State. 1
His work is warranted eual to any made in the
West, .mi perfect sarist.ctton gu.ranteod. The pub-
lie are invited to call and examine hi stock and .pWi-
Richmond. March 1MSM
3 hhd banr;
IO sacks CoHee;
U ihuc;
lu sacks Dried Peaches;
9e Jls Mlssrt;
x haif bbls Molases;
"'1?. ''" ""' " :a amafVl "
Tj4 BA8 ES.
' '
. men. i inieua t.iai. . - ' ' . ..-v . vo.rusit-u ton. y t vi-Uisaa rurnrr i ,t i a i n anti r ran Ann Birccix. -. -. c. t, . r. r , d -nr.innt n n.t, .n iih inn wanted. to tne totaa ezeiusion ... ... wrw wu.u .
;iitiprtaut to -ftaw Owners and)
! OfIltlHi 1 "' ' " f r
i f -
M'HF. unrsizni-ti rlTrr fr sat on cf J R. Sfcsn-tV '
I rT.r-i. J Lath t urna i.-hin. witn th exc.u-
I 1 ;th t u;in Mi.-hinki. wirh th xcia-
rihit ue in W.-rne ccuoly Aioi-
I cxhitn tth tir of the Mechanic' Institute, j
t mA ikMM h.ai 20 A! Dr dir. Tha inachtne re-
quires so little power to run it that any mill owner 1
i would furui-h power grslii. as it would furnish a good ;
n.rit at homo tir lumber . inemsrnina may r
: in ooration in Dslton. Wavne county. Ind
r C. RfciNOLDS.
J August 9. 1S.5. 34-tf
lis r rill IIM ra I ,
. f : i s . 1. . 1 hav irA vrv and cijci. liwmci
X lsiiis wb. per d.y. Oo hjnd can of. count 1 . n lhit nc lh tlllr, of ,f,,u S. C'
ti up rady lor Hisrkrt 5 to 13 M , t wo h.nis 15 to ttt.Wit!S Cmuikui V eJnclT. July 1 1. 1-iS.
, . jKCQ ifieniselres, they are tajaMed te aeil as cheap, at least,
rTHE unJerigned having removed irom Awfitli, M th. chralsl ant trhaps aliuiebelow them. Call and
I w ,eU his houe and lot in that place, also his examine for yourseWe.
houe snd lot 21 miles north of Psris. on the road ' Richmond. Oct.nta 134. l-tf
l..-i..r v. P.,i. P.lin h th itiowrtv'i I .
hin. er s.ltaMs and r.lant ilatioa. AST I
peroo withinc t purchsse. may call cn John P. Ire-
land. New 1'irn, or James Ireland, ono mile north ot
Paris, or Samuel Tod.i. 1?1 miles north of Psris. on the I
j Palestine Pike, who will give all n"cery in'orma
jtton. AnT ono wanting a real bargain, nnw ia Tour -
chance ' M IRKLAN IV
i New Taris.O , August 9. 13-5. Si-tf
TrT kv LRlMlK IflvYIVJfcCO. "obl l.un
si s'rer-t. opprita the Kailrosd Depot, and for sale at 1
the lowest rstes
1-1 bhds Suicar,
15 bags Colle?.
Clarified ugar,
15bbls lolaiies,
30 kegs Nails.
Dried Bee',
Dried Peaches
Crushed do.
Loaf do.
Powdeted do.
Kviract Logwood,
H bv 10III-.
April J7. 1S.V5.
S C. oda.
it - lbs. ttaalwatUB l ir, sujrior quality, at
l. u. sjcCfi.i.occitrs.
July 5u.
No. 47 Main street.
X extra lot of Chr. tne fireon:
- ellow;
" lio-l;
Jut received nd for sale by
Ju'v 2fi. No. 47 Miiin Mrwl.
-j .
H(K KKIK5. A fresh upd1v of ramilv Orocerie
received by K. A! 1 WK,
March 29, ls5A No. 7 Main tr-et. .
- !
FIIISII A II It I V .4 la '
'ap vimv i vn 5PT PVIiTH .T F.W F.LTiY !
"1 KsSRS. CON E v BK , are now opening at tneir
1 store. No. 1 S Main street, opposite Hrightweil'
sines., ourchased m New York at the lowe.-t cah pri- .
res. and which will lie sold at a small advance.
I Watches f paired in a superior manner, and
warranted sccordirg to contract. r,-
C ONL s 11 iv '
Richmond. April 25, 1S.15. 1 Mf
" iT.vriis v jiiiti i.
Manufacturers of Superior Butcher ana Shoe
KEEP an assortment -f their superior l!utc!ier and
knives for ale. wh..tja!e or retail, at the Hird.
wares ture of .1. 15. Strawbridg", Mam tri-et. Mer
chant andoth. rs arc invited to call and examine them.
All order. addressed to 1. Martin win nc
; prompt! V niton. led to.
i Richmond. November 21, 1S51
ilcaiii II ill.
twrnr. , ..-..ti trm Uion ni th
! public gen -rally that they are now prepared to
Ifurnii-h bill, of lumber, of sln.oft every quality, and
II' x.'L L.W itiJet tinny iifoi iu uti. . .
; t any ordinary extent, at their Means baw .Mill, near .
thnlh nnt in thisci'v. snd at the shortest notii e. They
hire also in connection a I.ath !ach:n. wnicn ena
t. . . ... ... -.. .l...o..i.l Ir.r f..lh Alo. 1
o.. ... .o .oj,,. . .... - :
Hominy XI ill. at which thwy manu'acture a superior ,
article of ilcnin -. I'hey ii.o wish lo buy .llkinJ
of timber suitable for Lumber, for wmcn tney win
pay In ir prices Any ons wUhmg to purchase, or hav
ing for sale anv thing in Their line, are invited to call.
T'.trhmond. June 7. 1.V S5-tl
fire: fire ! fire::i
Cl KATEFt'L for the very liberal jiatronase which has
been extended to theuj heretofore, return their thank
to the.r many friends and cutomer for the r snpport.
They would also announce to their customers that they are
recetvine me nest sioc ... ,r.o.- .c - - .
brought to th.s rity.
hich they will sell low for caan, an.i
as they intend to i y tor cast., aim icn cac.o..c.j ...
same, they flatter theinselve they can make It to the ad
vantage of every one to buy of them.
They also keep a general assortment of Family Flour and
Feed on hand, which they will deliver to any part of the city
free of charge. Order, left with theui will Le promptly s.t
! tended to ,
Oood State Hack Money kept on nanu to pay .or a,.
kinds of t-roduce.
K.chn.on.1, January 12, 1P55.
In . . .h....l. or retail at No. 31 Main street.
March'. I. OEO- BARSKS.
Comer iff jruafl if o onot Winnit air
I. 1. SLOAX, Proprietor.
July 2S lsil.
i. v yi it i: it v a it i .
RAVE commenced a Luailer Yard or. Franklin sfr-et
north of Main, where they are prepared to furnish the
public with almost every kind cf Luiul er for huSl-ling pur
i poses. Their facilities for obtaining stock will enablethem
to kep no their assortment, and hi 1 bill of almost any
,ixe. TMey rey.ectfiilly solicit the patronaire of the public
as they are determined ta. .ell as low as any other establish
' mem. and at Cincinnati prices.
6th month. 10. 1-54. -" tf
1 f E.VU PI I'K. A larjo .upply ..rtc4 i, J
' l'j, 1, I.1', 1; nd 2 indie..
sill? RT the Stove
. ?tore ot
T. i. BAIiGIS.
! 1
Coach Manufartory and Repository,
e..n-.. lVlrVra.a.tf Trottima Ha ion.. .
' t-.,;. f . K n k..t m.f.ril. .nd kw tb nui-t rADIDvtrr.l
"" - . .. .
ir,.'n.n nnr'ar the. iiutiadiite suoerin t en dene e oi :
:the propnet.r. L '-rd-r. tor v.rri. io any
' amotinT. executed with despa'ch.
Kichmond, December lo. iso4.
' Z -
t a tir - innn 1 v- !
, JAMtj J'JiiUA,
. . . ... - . r
j .-HO. -II ...ia. II -rcri, am.vsaaaaw.au, j
HAVlMOtakenanew room. a few doors east of his former ,
.. . ., 1. nnw ro ..(T-r to th. eitizei.s of Rich-
mond.a stock of Famny Groceries which rar.not l-e excelled i
m quality in tm. cuy. iiu r.ie.i csninii ia pan m ,
laiueri... uuu Poader aod Voui.a II - Sou Teas;
Kio and pure old Java Coffee:
Loaf, crushed, clarified and V O. Sucar;
9urar house and N ew Orleans iiolaxse;
Pure Cider Vinegar;
White Fish. Uacaerel, Pickereiand lierriag;
Star and Pressed Candies;
Ti.iucro, ef all kinds;
Imported Cigars; Jmoking Toacco;
Powder. ?iiot. Lead and Caps:
faleeatu. Indico. fTarcia: epic, of a. I kinds.
WOOtiLN WAH.IS. such a I -is, li octets. Sugar Boxes, (
half-sushel measure. VI askards. Clotbes Fins. (
WIL1AW-W ARK Xlaraeting and Clothe Baskets ef dif- i
' feretlt sues. Chairs, die . Jfil-, Mop handles, Bef Cord.
j Cotlon Clothe. Lines. B.-ashe. Carp-.. Cfcsi.n. all eolor. '
Coverlet t arp nd Cotton lrnCar,.llew,c. F.tchers. Mo- 1
Usse Cans. sp-tas, r-itcner. lm. lers, cadtuck. i
L. II.. .
Figs. Ravism. Fr-ine. Plums. Feaches. Tickle. Lemon
i .?"V.
2"? SiUT"
Cart asi Spiced Oi ster. h eras etie. lly sealed ia cans. Scoe ;
InutMs; Hatclae. Cofrrta. xioas a a a Aoti,
Farucnlar attention is Invited te my stock of Teas j
it Is large and warranted- i
)rf I have iu connection with my Grocery tore. a fin !
new Son. ForsT.i. for the comfort of those wko wish a
j csai.re.muiiiE9r.s si . . ..urfHrw.iu.)
of an delientfal na.or. inclualia Slnsrtoerrv. kaasUrn.
cool, refresh i n r drink It issupplied with the pares 9yrupe,
Orarfui for past patros.rs. 1 msi respectfally solicit a
.Bare of taablie (aausuaage. j
Mas 24. le5. ae-Sss I
I BJC-iT received from Cincinnati, sen P'
tern ot Ci. fsw-fae. rl"t auaat .
th (or cat oe wood, wa.c sillMaaUaisinajajws
pries for caak.al tu City e r-tore. r.- i
I Store, a vprv extensive and jfoetal assortment ot i n n ,,..., OI th public pr
-r - ttarb9 -
A vafrior Jaaiwioo-u Matches, hici will o!4
a ,ow s avei c 3trirvl ia C-.s sukarWet. ty
u. BAB.XF:.
Jans 7. 25 if
TowiDlii? Library.
'.!!' of tarfa e tttsa tb hours '4
S. W. LYM'lt, LiSraHaa.
S-rsrar. B. Wuhjij, Clerk
Jui' S. 1.
0 tf
Kemoval. BACK. aGAI.M!
fSTELL fc MEN KA bare removed tneir Boot and Shoe :
Store to their new four-story building on Slain t-. and
re prepared to acconuxodate their cmstomers and the pub- !
lie ceerii. with aa assortment of as rood Boots and
shoes as can h fvnd in the y; and aa they are warie
lotte Ware.
innn GALLONS aorld Stone Wre, just re-
v' c i
red snd for sale bw
Opposite the I'epot.
.H. II. TllOUNBL'lM.., Proprietor,
is commoJiotis. convi-nient. and lately enlarged
and well fitted np, and stUrd every requisite tten-
!.i aiitl.
U Advantages of the Stage ui Livery Stable e-
. rur-. ti-t trarotlers.
' j;" Customer centered to nd from the Depot.
free of charge
1 June 17. l;JA S4 tf
Till: ItlACilC llPKE!IO.
'"PLK lor writing without petto ink, copy it
: M. plsnt., leaves, fiowfti, pictures, patterns for en
broidery, markirg !in ca indelibly, and M-XNIKOLD
XXHITING. Tni sr'icli i absolutely the bet porta- l
ible inisti nd iu ths known world, for a small quantity j and all other form oi disess which bsv a cotumo'l
folded snj placed in th po kt constitutes a traveling jorum in Malaria or Missive
, inasrand which cannot be broken. No pen i needad. "Thi is a Natural Antidote, which will entirely
tor any ck abstpencd to a point write equally a 'protect nay resident or traveler eve iu the moat ai.k-
well as the best gold pen in the universe. I or draw- ly or swsmpy localities, from any Ague or liilioua Ris
ing it is indispoussble It is, indeed, the only art of ' ease whatever, or any injury from constantly iulialuig
; Data wiwo and I'a imtisd taught in one leason. Any Malaria or Miasma,
leaf, plsut or iloia er can be trsnsferred to the pages of i It will instantly check the Ague in person who
an ah um, with a minute and distinct resemblance ol
nature. With equil facility, pictures and embroidery
patterns are taken anJ hava received the highest eu-
loiMHit.s irom the iir sex, and indeed a more tasteful (
nro,,..i for a la.! could not be produced
I he MAGIC F A IT.K will al-o mark linen or othr
irlicp,, as lo remain perlertly indelible. All Inn
washing in the world tails to bring it out. Any child
rsn use a with perfect esse. X ith thi MAGIC PA-
PUK, likewise, one or tour copies of every letter
wnln tan v
l-e secured without any ailJitional labor
w hatevur, making it the cheapest sod most convenient
,rtic'u rxt.i.t. it is used to grest sdvantsge by re-
os, telegraphic operator nd
snui.a men " " ' .
1 1 . oouiT.
Jut uhil tho public has long desired, nl recom-
mrn.'s itsell to every lover ol taste and refinement.- '
Journal n,l Courier. '
June 25. IS65 " f !
Kuuui. to L.'l!
www ITH horse power, at the old Richmond Foundry. Ap-
"j ply on the premises, to
M ly 31, IMS.
riiic Tea.
' 11 K l est Teas of every variety are constantly for al
" h the undersigned. Person wanting a iroo l article,
should aliv;iyicall at No. 31 ilain .treet, where they can get
March 9, l!-55.
loA'Ier, Powder.
! 'rllF. best qual.ty of Kitle and lllasting Powder can atway.
1 l e fv.uud l y llit- keg. cauister or in sn-.aller quantities, at
No. 31 Main street.
. . .s. l.rd. Linseed
lolive. Mach.ue. Cod Li.
, Castor, Serm, Crude Fish.
ver and other Otis, for aala ly
the barrel or gallon, t.y
IHh month, 15. Is54.
I'irkleal Pork!
July 7.
FW hundred pounds very superior Pickled Pork , e
uounced by competent judges, at
flXO supply E.tern manulacturer. We will pay
1 th biheHt price the market will justify. Call
and see u before yon s 'II. Clean 'tub" wa.hed XX'nol
is worth as inu.-h as '.linep waahod ' Don't lorgel the
"iVt Laino," No. b Main atre.t, Kichmond.
Iticlamoiicl, Ind.
I-t?"D(uee, one door wert of tiie Vuft Olfice, l'p Stairs.
Fresh Arrival!
HAV I V( just received from Vhiladelphia and Pittsburg', a
large asaortmeiit of Xrrufrs, ahtrh, in addition to coy old
itocit. maLrs it complete, 1 am now ready t watt upon
Country lru.'i.ttH and I hysiciana, who m ilt find it to their
advatitatceto call before ruyin; clae where, a I am prepared
to leil at pru-ri lo suit the tio.es. llavta? aelwcted with
care tht n:e !:c;itf which I liiir. I can safely recommend
eaii and t-kuuJirnif stoc. of faints ami prices, before uit
iiiji ihemseH". elsewhere. Peddlers supplied with Ksaences.
Cjwtorsol Rwe 't hi. Inks, etc- A general assortment of
t aiicy article-. Tooth, llirand Paint brushes. Paiia, Per
fumery. 5o-.pi, as well as a pujrerior article of Tohaeew and
imported SeKar. Do not fjrget the No., which is 47 Main
j:reet, v here ciiilomtri will ie met with prnmpt attention.
Adorde-rs rorrertly aiiswere!. ihyictans prescriptions
carefully cocu nunueti at uii hurs, day or uiicht
W holefate and lUtaii ftrufzit,
July 'JO, 185. o. 4T Mam fi treet Kichmond.
Uatch and Clock lie pairing.
UA s commenced Uie above business in a room of the
Old Sloan House, occupied by Mr. Farouhar as aa
, Auctiou Room, lie is prepared to repair all kind of time
: pieces malt) ie of -rork.iuai.shtp that cannot be excelled, and
tmpes t y prompt ettention to bu.rnpss, to receive a share of
the public patrona. All kinds uf Jea-elry repaired lie
h i s also a few Clocks for sale, at the lowest possible rates.
Call at the oi l Sloan House.
trr ilaiing made arrangement with one of the best
houses in Cincinnati. 1 am prepared to furnish to order.
Watches. Jewelry, or any other article in my line, at uch
i rate as will be an inducement f&r person, to favor me with
their orders
Richmond. July 25, IRSi. 32-tf
Ccntreville Steam Works!
loss aa eonveaietit. e also de Turnina- gawin. Horn m v
a r- T. iV L n iLir
Grind in r. etc.
July '."6. less
r, IlcIv.Illvr- irk7MS6
II French Chin. Gold Band
Do do VX hite. plain and fluted;
XA hite Iron stone IX'are. oval, fluted and octagon;
L.tr- i .oi Te. xx e:
Britannia Tea Pot. Cotfee Pet. ng.r, Crem
Bowl, ladles. Lamp, candlesticks, castors;
tl.. (a.nt. Erit.niti. I B. SAfc-
J ; - . t,
Pl.ted Ger. Mlver nd Dnt.BBia Table and Tes- i
Lo Ladle. Dinner, Median, and Deert Forks j
A-x.erlcan and JL-Bluh laole cuUery;
i ir : f . .-a T . 1. 1 sr.,-.
Girandole and Solar Uispi;
Hall Lamps and Lanterns;
Oval. Octagon and round Wire Covers;
The av yvefor sale at small advance for cash or ap- l
prpavo paper, uy O. ALDRICH. i
ttXlain street, bet. Fourth and 1 ii'th. Cincinnati
Vav 5. tho. 3-tf ?
FA.niLV iaHOLKItlE'.
nicriT ha jot received a tarre and genera
, u , ,fc u- Mrk coas-sis j
B , ' r ".,,, Jio,. z'jnp. Tea. Chocolate, f
- -E . Taeee. Civars. ureodv.
fMD( n ,.lrk eJTiishi-aenta. Per s. us wibmg any thing
:it a...ii u rmll atwf taisa before twefeine
e.se. bercaa Is is dVetermined t. l
March 9. tiiS.
uEO. W. BAR-IE3,
1 Ma, a
A TTOB.1EV aX la A W , "
. .,,
" I. ItaSl.
i Irr Pine and Peplar Laaakr.
f U?T receive a lot of Clear rise. On bud. Is B
, gd casen rum: .0ue feet seaseaed F spaaa-. all tfueH
fee ; iorii.g, pine aaiijs-piax. Band
Cincinnati and Chicago Railroad.
f firS-OrEN TO illDDUITOWX.j
OS n sttsr WednesJay, Aegust flh, snJ until lur
ibos cauce, trails ca this roi will run. as K'-
Newc.Mlefor Rirhmoad aad way atstioaa. i 50 A. M.
Kichmaad tow .MaVilslsaB H '
Uhidletown to sUchaaoBj. S.li P. M.
Ki. hmood to 5ew I'sstla. 6 SO "
Making ircipck way 4Uy. suscept Sunday,
between Mtidtetown and Richmond, and two Iripa
between New Caaale and Rxhaaoaid.
Passengers for. MidJlatrkw r:.:--.: . - l
-- traane lot auchSDon.t. and
preceed directly to Maddletswa. where Stage will be
ready Icr Andersen and Chawteruuld.
State will also tun from those petals t eennect
wath i 4j t. M. train front Middlwtown, by which
passengers way reach Cincinnati, Dayton or India
oapolia the tame evenine.
r'rei.ht will be carried by the Middle4ewa trains.
S, B. JsOKSt, Su t .
New CaatterASwt 3,1&5. &i-tf
iOAAAlks. WanitLael Just reeeired and for sal fcy
. - v"1' llRlil'SON a. KO.
i Auiraat . 1PS5. 33 tf
ifr Aiteou for Jones. White k Mc'Cariy's Teeth."
Angut. IKiS
t .4!.DLC .HOI'LD!,
( Si rERIOB. article of Moulds for raouldinr Cr.d!e4, of
. w bard Britannia Metal, ami a arrant sd. Manufactured
i by John Calvertey. Alse, Syringes. Surgical lustrumcuts
I and r.ritann.aWare JOHN CALVERLKY,
Ana.ti, lsii. 109 Race street. Philadelphia.
' IT'OR the Prevention and Cure of Intermittent aud
Remittent lever, fever and Ague, Chilis sad
ever. Dumb Atue. General Debility. Sight Sweat.
have suffered any length of time, from ono day to
twenty year, ao tht they need never te bave another
chill, by continuing its use according to direction.
The patient at once begins to recover appetite sad
rength, a nd continue until permanent aud radical
cure is effected.
One or two bottle will answer for ordinary rses,
acme may require more. Direction printed in tlrr
man. 1'rem h and Spanish accompany each bottle. Lib
eral diacoun's maie to the trade.
Providence, K. 1
I'.videurc ( Safely,
I Mv sister, who hs hal it for five or six ye.r. back.
and never could get itsrpped, e
that only a. long as ho- would Val
entirely cured by your Tosnody.
that only a. long s h. would take it, la no w, I th ink.
C. R. McC.INLY."
Cautiwii let Ague Sufferer.
T.ke no more Arsenic. Tunics. Mercury. Quinine,
! Febriluge. Mrychnine, or Ann -Periodic 01 any kind.
The well known inetficiency of theae noxious poiaun
' prove, them to be the oirpring either of Islse m.di
1 al principle, or of mercenary quark. The nuly rem
! o.i iu eviatem e that is both sure and harmless, ia
For sale bv Druggist generally.
August 9, 1S55.
31 -tf
Tvlcr Davidson & Co.,
! N. 140 and 141'Main alrit,CINClSN ATI,
iiio t' i,r
SOcasks nfGalvaoitsd Posup Chain;
4il setts Pump fixtures
! nasi feet Oalvanised Pump Tubing;
1 SOOO do Pin Pump Tubing.
1 al.so,
100 setts American Socket Firmer Chisel.;
loM doxen brass and iron pocstet level.
Every variety for Machinists. Stair Builders, Ship Car
penters and Millwrights, and 75 cases Kacle Uimlet Screw.
Orders taken for any kind of llachin Screw.
August 2, IfiS. 33-tf
nl UOV XIATS; Clothe nd Market Baskets; Tut..; Co v
rrr. Kuckets and Boxes : Wa.l.boarda- Soaa. to go with
theui; Starch aud Indigo Buckets. Clothes Pins, of various
kinds, besides many ether t hmga useful in house keeping,
kept constantly ou band and for sale by
Youur' Exprets
1YTILLI ready at all times to dV liver Flour to order, I
geUier with all kinds of Provision. Urecerivs,
free of charire. Exres hauline done to order on :.or no
lice. All order left at Young's Prevision House, for Hour
and Provisions, will receive prompt attention. Than .f.il
for the very liberal patronage heretofore received, he hi,es
i.y strict attention and untiring enery to make it pleanmt
and profitable to all who may favor him with a call for II "ir
or provisions. The highest cash price paid at all timca for
every description of product.
T. y. TOt'N'l.
March 10. 1I554. 1 '!-'
Spiing Style of Hats.
rff JOHN Sfr'KRrNS would respectfully i-if.ii.i
hi friendU aaid, tba public trfcat hebue jut reiv
od the Sprin? stjle uf Fashionable Huts, i u y
are very neat, and of a higla finith . He La !-.i a a -era!
assortment of plain mid other Hats, Cvp, cVe. l'i r
sona wi.-hin; to pur. haee are invited to call..
March 16. 13 'f
MASON'S vARirit00.7IJ,
Corner Main aid Frout fg., Richmond, Ja.
TlfE subscriber havln-f made arra.nmen with VX.
(.'. Iiavis k. ilo., of Cincinnati, to kep oon-rtaJi'ly
on haod Fifk' I'atent Air-Tiirht
Which are the grenfest invention of the atre f r the
i den.1, would call the attention of the public to their auper
ierity over the common wooden eoffini now in nse, for all
masons of the yer,f or vault purpoaes, triuispurtavtioo,
s b-auty, tyle of finish nod tlwabitity. Thf-y aro unriv-
' , . , i . . l ; . j .. ... .. i. l - 1, A. ..
aicn, ana wnrirrwmrj .... ou m...". j- . . -
tiav sua
at my
baud all
Manufactured of the best materials, svntl made by tae
a A.I -r - - j-- . v .assa in i i . f "
e V s. I XV.-tCia '3
EATON' Is CLAkK. ' be?t workmen in the eity. 1 am prepareel b attend Idu-33-tf
' crais with a faabionabie or piam HEAR-L, and tuy
terios shall he a low tu any (hop, for similar serv iea.
Richmond, November 17, 54.-
j A M, rr-rtiun article ot enciog miiohm.
........ n - . r r. . I n
! ju.t
received and foe eaie. tV
) 5th month 13, 1S55.
ocvrl. Street,
i kEBOT a. caascr.
ejvrrsra rr-rv
B BOW-.s;a, )
" jooe i. leii.
M. C. LEWIS & CO.,
RC bow receiving their Spring supply of new sn
fresh Goods, coosiating of a great variety ef NO
PfcRKCMF.Ry. tic. which they offer for ie at r hole
sale er retail, oa mach terra a will suit tutoaier.
Ther hare lo establishod in eoaoeetsoo a K vkL
RT, nd ore prepared, to fauna ts. lo order wvervtainj
in that line, at wholoaala and rttl, lhe he vti
clsy., and t ae low terms as Uy caa be n4 la tue
"call snd examine owr .tok. We bare the anielea
er eale, and rill sell to those who wish te oaxclu.
of the bloaa Hease.
XT et n
kichmond, April 13. H-
FOR A A,-- A Cacaag Dweiliag aituaWi
r.na stxwet, north ot Main. Eiiiiulr of .,.
so. aw - , . . -
Wleiew 31tB)e, of all i-. taetW wit Giaaa
ssrs. of variaas dewentxiooa. waaiabl tor eaikSff
Fra-t ia, nr. to be fowad a '. 41 1
1P7 i"
1 -
f h
ii j
1 1 1 CAs 13 p Olire 0J. fr sale by
" - "fc- H- McCCXLOCOH.
JlyaS It- ; ta are
TtSa Bowah. IM. lS4.
Ocsotaer . IPSA
ltaaa't, 13
t. B.eTXI.0C;B.

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