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Tha:dT 5lornini:,::::::Xoember . IHia.
Kamu CoBveatioa.
Previous to its adjournment, the Kansas
(institutional Convention adopted a clause,
giving the 4th of July next a the time pre -
vious to which all slaves should be removed
f.om the Territory.
No permanent Capital of the Territory jhas
yet been located. "
The elective franchise is to be confined to
white male persons, twenty -one years of age,
who are citizens of the United S'ates, have
resided six months in the Territory, thirty
days in the county, ten days in the precinct,
and who shall have paid tax within the year
assessed at least teu days before the electidfc
at wlich the vote is offered. Soldiers, tailor
and mariners
s of the United Slates are exclu
ded. The
people are to vote oy Dauoi, ana
the L?ii!ature viva voce.
The question of the exclusion of frej
negroes, was left to a vo'e of the people when
voting on the Constitution its elf.
Judgf S. G. Caddo, appointed in the place'
of lion. U. EIrnore, Lad arrived at tl.e Shaw- j
nee mission, to cuter at ouce upon Lis duties. !
The latter still adheres to his determination :
to conte.-t his claim to the offie.
It i.s said that the special election in Leaven- j
worth district for the location of the county '
rejit, li;n bten sal aside by Gov. Shannon,
btcame it was controlled rvideiiily by Mis-j
souriau. The number of vote was so much ;
larger than tho number of voters, that there j
could be no doubt of the true state of the!
case. I
ifTLe State Sentinel publishes an article!
from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, complaining i
about the Statute of Indiana preventing!
the testimony of negroes beinif received in the
Courts, that H gives to them a monopoly of;
the carrying trade in liquor in this State; for, j
a, they Cannot be made witnesses under thi. ;
law, the liquor-dealers are not afraid to sell
to them the prohibited article. The Sentinel
acknowledges all this to be true, and indirec
tly blames the fusionists with bringing about
this Mate of things by asking the question,
"when have the fusionists been in power that ;
they did not make laws calculated to Kive!
, .'.
focoi.-ni is to blame: for when have thev been i
.. , .
in jKwer, and have not passed laws to degrade "
white nu n, by perm ti ng the carry n trade
,. , 1 , , ,7 !
m liquor by negroes, so that liquor-sellers
. ... 4 . i
could use mem more effectually, and continue ;
fl,..;. . ft- .9
tlieir nelanous trallio"
What a blessed thing liberty is, especially !
tl,r i;t,i fi. c.;..i .i.. ...i :. . !
..Lrta.v .-vobiti... . ... . . i ni i ,a Ilia. W.l.Lt?
, ,
men are deprived of m ti e above paragraph :
the liberty of earn m liquor from the hell of j
tbe liquor seller to the abode of his victims!!
But nidi is old lineism. and this crv for
the efforts 1
Perkins up!
. r P ,
hberty pervades and radiates all
ol the leaders of that party, from
to the cscntinftl- for thv t,,r,r tt t tl,- vr- i
, , . , , , . !
existence of that party depend on crippling
or destroying the prohibitory law. that;
white men could enjoy the blessed liberty of j
getting drunk and "carrying- the much covet- j
ed article; thus placing them on an equality
,.,...) ;
wi. incgioo. :
Wuie Snakes.'- In a windy artid- on "our!
. r. . i it . . n . -
r.ext Governor." the ninklit, Democrat brings
forward the name of John L. Robinson, as'
its first choice. In his zeal for "Lard Oil,. 1
the editor imagines he sees that champion of
slavery and "free v.hisky." actually slaying I
and mcontinentally killing every foe he meets J
m his victorious march to the Gubbernatorial
chair not even stopping to bury the dead or. !
liU Gen. Crary of Michigan in his attack on !
a wa'er-mellon patch, even glancing with hi,
, . . i t i i
eag.o eye backwards over tho hecatomb of
- slashed and bleeding skulls, that marked the
road he had traveled! and ever and anoa, is
in t ,r is,.,r
wiTh MsZr,', !
with Methodist
heard his 'clarion voice' shoutin
( i .. l ,i
t.ctj tviiiaav. uunn wi'.n iueanoii
preachers!! True, Bro. Bentley, the peo
pld of Indiana "know tbe man;" and, know-
iug him by the cognomen of "Ellington's
watch-dog," it is fitting for his friends to think !
when urging Lis claims, of "puppies" and
"kennels." The mere announcement of his
name is suggestive of these things.
'Law and Order' Convention- in Kansas, f
The advocates of slavery in Kansas held
what they term a 'law and order' Convention,
at Leavenworth on the 15th icst. for the pur
pose of counteracting the free state move
ment. Only about two undted persons were I
present at the meeting. Got. Shannon acted variably expressed their surprise at the pro
u Pri,!M sr.,1 m..u . h; .-k CTess in education and discipline. 1 have
the occasion, in which be came out boldly in!
favor of sustaining "law and order" ms estab-;
I. .1 1L ll - 1 .. .aa vt ar !
lished by the slavery mobocrats from Missou- j
n, through that burlesque assemblage called i
a legislature. A string of resolu.ians de-!
nouneing the free state convention, were pas-!
8fd. The pro-lavery party in Kansas has !
of late assumed a milder and less defiant tone !
than formerly. It is very apparent that they !
begin to feel somewhat "cowed" at the firm
ness of the free state party.
ajr"The Vincennes Gazette, makes out the
Iadiana State debt, at $7,783,474. The Ca
nal debt, made wholly dependent on the Wa
bash and Erie Canal and its donated lands,
at S6.979.931.
X"The last Louisville Courier, gives the
No. of hogs slaughtered in that city by two
houses, at 2100. The Courier says: "Figures
range at 64,50 gross -holders are askinsr!
more. We heard of a sale of 1000 head at i
.? or. .V. L. J.i:. I t-k i I
t 24.
- i - - , - vgvcuiuet. t 'f t
There are but few hogs in the pens, and but'
few arriving except by the cars.
aCSTThe Indiana Sentinel says the platform
erected by the late American Convention in '
mis ciiy, is aoonuon enougo io suii me raosi
bitter;" and yet all the platform demands, is
the restoration of the Missouri compromise
line, aad if that is not granted then the ad
mission of no Slave States formed of the ter
ritory covered by the Missouri restriction.
Where is tho "ultra Abolition" in this demand;
where is tr.- r "Abolition" at all in it?
Xot Satisfied. An astute writer in the
last Jeff, comes to the conclusion that the
,ltrtion of Judge Elliott, "is equal to a de
i teat, and he sets himself about the task ol
proving this singular proposition by asserting
that the centre township in the different
J counties gave large majorities for Judge
Smith, and also that a majority of the mem-
bers of the bar voted for him 28 members
of the legal profession vo'ed for Smith and , which they tender their thanks to Mr. Derby
only 21 for Elliott! and the conclusion arrived j "for his generous and timely gift the first of
at is that "if they (the members of the bar) ; the kind made to the University since i;s great
had had the choice to make, it would have calamity, in the destruction by fire of its libra-
fallen on Judge Smith!" We cannot for thejry'and instructing the Building Committee
life of us seewhat Mr. 'R. is going to make j "to finish an Alcove in the new Library Room
of his array of (acts and figures, unless he in- j for the reception of these books, and that, as
tends doing like a blacksmith in our city once a perpetual memorial of the generosity of the
did with a piece of iron, out of which he was ; donor, there be inscribed above the Alcove
endeavoring to make something useful. He these words: "The Gift of Henry W. Derby,
first tried to make a horse-shoe, but failed be-
cno.ee mere wasu t euougn me, uu .
clevis; but couldu't for the same reason I
then a barrow-tooth; but all wouldn't do. and
becomins tired with his repeated failures, he ; . . , T . , ... -
3 , , ., j diences in Kentucky. It is charac.eristij of
threw it indignantly under Ins bench with ; , . , . , , ,
, , . ,. ... i that chivalrous and talented gentleman:
the remark that the 'cussed thing miUt do i . . ,
. I "He sends an appointment to a given pace
to make a whang out of sometime! to iecture at a ceriain time; perhaps on,e of
The members of the bar, didn't have 'the j the natives will send word that he will not be
chance to make,' neither did the centre town- allowed to lecture there; he sends word that ;
ships, which gave Judge Smith such 'large be will be on hand and lecture there aocor
. , .. , r !.. i I &in to previous notice. 1 he time comes, a '
' r r
that matter very satisfactorily for themwslve
001 :...:. f... T.
vj gitiug J uuajvfii twi -ujjv
there we are willing to leave it. If, however,
it ui'l ,fT..r,l -If',. .jM.tira in future
make a wham; out of the materials he has
been toiling an J sweating over, we hope he ; -Cutlemen, says he. f have a few prelirn
will not be deterred by his failure in this in- inarms to selile, previous to entering upon the
Btance in Smith ery. His fW-onn;ter i en-; main subject of discussion. I want to make
tiielv out of order, tho"!
Somk Pkrkins Again. On Sa'.urJav fcve-
ring last, an Iii.hman who l;ad been swallow-
wfc a Tornou ot the Judges argument, be-.-j. ifl my appeal fo relior;OU!j por:ion f
cunie tine what troublesome at the Depot, and society "and lavs it down on the stand before
was ejected from the Central freight room'hini. Then he holds up the Constitution of
without uiudi c cremonv; he landed on the
-..,.1, ,.r.i, .l I.;, di.rl.tW
,, , , , , , , ':
Phlebotomy, however, merely cooled his f-i
ver for a short time, when he broke out at the
mouth awfully. The night watch then took
charge of the patient and conveyed him to the
hospital in the Warner Building" cellar, where
', , 0 .
...-v.. .. rt n.. .111:
VOJ.VM.UU.N. All oiuuuer.
h is.ueJ ,.att f Convention of the
, . i r v , 0.1 rr .
rar,Jat Indianapolis on the Cih of January
,, :
; , 'T .T" rx' - x , .v.
e nave receiveu ine jec. no. oi tne
us UT P UP
ahead of his promises this No.
t . r . .. r l l.
a 'Ieetle'
is decidedly
y. t O .1. .
Goody, bee prospectus in another column,
alld recollect that now is the time to get the
palladium and Book for Four Dollars. j
ii7Kaa' i-TTaaa.
n t i- ..... t. t
(rfit-Subjoined. is my 2d Monthly ;
Report of the Public Schools of Richmond.
tJ thAmAnt1. pndincr iflA in.t.
for the month ending lG;h inst
It affords me much pleasure to report a sreat
impri)Vement iu M the Departments, on almost
every Rubiect. Tho per :t. of Dailv At'.en-;
dance of the whole number enrolled, is about ,
04. Three per ct of absence was from sick-
, eaving only 3 per ct. for .11 other cause.
This u a higher per ct. than that of any other
pUU;;c school of which I have any knowledge.
, V10 cf es of 'ard.ness have been reduced ,
dunnsj the past month three-fourths o. the
numbr rt.rtH, iast monlh. Cas-s of quar-
rellin, falsehood and profanity have been less
during the past mouth.
The number of citizens, who have vi,ited us. tie term of six years.
Sc " 7 y-eu
ha-teadily increased, and much permanent drawn by four locomotives, arrived at the
improvement has been made in the Govern- j Depot in this city on the 0. and C. Railroad,
ment. ' bound for the Porkopolis of the West Cin-
Wh!5a il for frm perfect. I have no hesi- !c;nnati Fort of lhe car4 were laJen j ,
fT tIiat ? 6chol. ear a ;
favorable comparison with many older schools, j " c
in g0,ul order and general ambition of the! W The comparative danger of s'anding
pupils. I cannot commend, too higLly. the on the platforms of railroad cars, is shown by
taiihful and devoted ettorts ol ail our teachers; ;
and I have no doubt their valuable labors are
alread-' PPc5teJ b Jon and the citizens .
generally. !
There have been but two cases of corporeal
punishment during the month. This speaks
louaiy lor ine aoimy oi our teacners. io:
3 c a. . u i m i
novice of a teacher can govern a school well, i
. , , it . ? . t,
by moral and intellectual power. It repuires
J . . w ' n '
a workman to do ic in one ot our I nmary
I t W-i r vr vIIVl A. I IUISI J I
of tardiness in each Iu
V. iKiiuiuvoa .11 ii. au
the Female Department of Grammar School.
only ten cases of incorrectness were reported i
during the week. f
Teachers, and others from abroad, interested
in education, have -.sited us, aud have in
, y - !
be realized iu this school. Time, and
j a -II '
a system of means already iu operation, w ill
effect -.
I. Xo. of Scholar, ent'd to public funds, 1614
Tcaeiiere emploved, - - 11
" Fupils enrolled, in attendance, 720
" ' " High Schools, 124
" " um grammar - 231
" - " -1 Secondarv " 120
" Primary" " 245
Daily average in High School. - - 11"
" tJrammar Schools, 220
' " Secondary " 10?
I'rimarv 227
all the Schools. - - CT2
13. Cases of tardiness ia High School, - 24
14. " absenee " 40
15. - " Gtmev schools, 33
16. " - - Secondarv " 22
17. - - " Primary " 47
IS. - " " - all from sickness; 60
19. No. of PupHs enirajed ia qaar-elling
total, in Graniniar School, - 4
cases detected iu f.Jjehood, do. 7
- "in profane lanv-uage, do. 7
" corporal panishment iiiflicted, 2
- visiters from city, - - 120
" - " coontnr, 15
visits from the Board, 12
26. No of Popils tardy. No. cases of Urdlnes,
Primary department, 12
Secondary " 10
Grammar School, 23
atyThe Washington correspondent of the
N. Y. Herald, says: "I learn that Mr. Cush
ing decides that the Mexican three million
drafts having been regularly drawn by Santa
Anna while in full power, are binding on
Mexico, and should be paid to the American
holders. The imp res ion ia that the money
will be paid without further delay."
aSchool.. there were only five cases reported p,T,e "'J . X - S t
incorrect during tho past week, and in another ?ubsnld, to.tbe a preaching h-isUture. It .
, i , i i j nnaerstooa to contain all tlie principles of;
of the same department, only two tardy dur-1 . . ,- , . , S , 1 ,
,i ,,,!, t !,;.-;the o!J "Cense laws the sale, bv licensed!
i.i liio uio.ivti, a.i
Gft of Bool to the Indiana University, by 'i
H.W.Derbt. We notice that Mr. Derbt", of!
Cincinnati, has donated fifteen hundred dol-
lars worm 01 D.Kts to the Indiana L mversuy
at Bloomington, to be selected from hisgen-j
ersl catalogue by the President (Mm. M. Dai-j
lt) of that Institution. This munifieeut gift
is suitably acknowledged in a series of resolu
tions adopted at a meeting of the Faculty, in
j Esquire, of Cincinnati."
Cassics M. Clat. A correspondent of the
Christian Ad
!i-.en imv-s th f,.l!nw'.tiif as
j '. .,. . . ,. VZ ...
1 I jimk M I iav a nm. ! (,'. manainiii' his aa-
"rent crowd is collected to hear the lecturer
to see ,j:e nK,b; prcnily tl.e lrcturer
' 1. .1 . ..... .1. .1 1 .
, conies, lie passes uirBt i) inruugu uie viomu, i
'mounts the forum, waves his band for atteu- ;
trt;tkm. ar0 turnetl toward the speaker.
tnnf. nf vnii th fnll.iwincr rmai Ls"
i uiree M'orl -PP?ais t mrce classes 01 persons,
. t . . ........ 1 1. t 1 . . ., ' ; 1 J , . ' .
! gentlemen, says he, is '.he great charter record
? h.um on wlii !' a!1 ljw ""J elal"
nsUtUllOll of
uen, says he, '
lin. uontuu-
, the I. mted states. Here gentlemen
s e on,J "jr nion, the no
tion of our Glorious Iiepublic, which says that
men are born free rnd equal, with certain
inalienable rights,' Ac. fcc. This is my appeal
to gentlemen, to patriots, and all true-heaiied
Americans, and places it with the Bible be-
fore, h'm- Thcn hJ Pll! his hand into his
pocket and hauls out an enormous six-shoot-
pr; holding it up be ft re the audience, he ex-
'rlaim. and here irftitlemen. i.s a s: v-shooter.
- " ' " '." . . , . V - ,
e -T r 1 th u ,i'avi,jr K,;ltJeJ w,th
pow uer nu com iea.i. i his is my anpe.-u to
the mobocrats, and 1 will bl -w its contents
. . , ' r,, , a
through the heart of the iir.t man who otters
to lay his l ands on me. to silem-e me in my
. . -
native State, or to a' free soeech in
peecli in my pre
sence. This he also la s down upon the
stand with his two former appeals, ready for
action; then he commences a perfect storm
against the peculiar institution.' enough to
wring the sweat out of old Kentucky' from
every pore. By this time all are awed into
submissive silence. Such sir. is the celebra-
. , , r i l tt rti i
nephew of old Ienry Clay in his own
to lus efforU. May he live
.Pe .,he lall's fal1 from every slave in the
land of his birth."
XWlt is announced officially that the
py,,,, Messai,e not be sent this tirriQ
- advance of its del-very
lo U!C pitss-gang in ajtanceot its cJeMerj.
So planters will liave to wait for the mail con-
fining the weighty suggestions of this Grey- j
. iminutr.!i,w i
" Am"Istra-wa-
I ;:omas J. Husk has been unanimous-j
!y elected to the U. S. Senate from Texas, for I
the State Lngineer and Surveyor of New
York, bv which it appears that over twelve !
million. 'of passengers were carried over the j
main railroads durin this last yeAr. Outof!
this immense number twelve were killed, and
of these eleven were standing on the rla'form.
,,T1 , , .
1 he Portland Advertiser states
T , .. , . , ... ,
Judge elis, the democratic and liberal
, , , , . , .
dldate for (rovernor of Maine, has ti!iil; i
ZlT The Portland Advertiser States that j
f , I
rsns' n mre than a cer?a!:l IW-XJ.
, . .v. . .
e.OTPot t0 ,be fnf on,lhe. remises; ;
d!St;1'a"on.,fur "edt,caI aad Frpo- .
ses to be allowed. &e. ;
at The Roman Catholics of Bah, Maine, '
attemp'edon the 10;h inst., to lay the corner
stone of a new church of their denomination, I
but were prevented by a rowdy mob. who j
pui eu aown tne,r crosj. insulted them by
ed to displace their cornerstone; but this was !
prevented by otneers of the jteace. The ;
Catholics made no resistance, returned no s
taunt, but quietly abandoned the ground
when they found that their religious exerei- j
ses would not be allowed to proceed with
peace and decorum. Had they returned with
imuslietsand shot a dozon of the cowardly'
rumansoeaam tneir tracts they would have
done an unw.se. but perfectly justifiable act.
XST On the 7th Oct. a party of Chin3men,
while asleep at night in their tents, near St.
Louis, Sierra County, California, were attack
ed by robbers, and live of the Celestials were
stain and several others severely wonnded.
The robbers took eleven hundred dollars in ;
dust from the tents. '
iC-f" A large number of men (about 60)
have deserted from the United States frigate
Independence, king at Mare Island, Califor
nia. Several have been wounded while try-'.
acy to detraud a number of wholesale dealers j
of large quantities of goods. Thev were
held to bad ia S3, 000 each.
XA rmiadelphia, on the 2Sth, AMieat 1
was sellinij at from 82,10 to 2,17 for South
ern and Pennsylvania, ordinary and prime
Red; S2,I5a2,30 for White. Corn 70a75
new yellow; 81 for old. Flour 89,5Ca 10.25
quiet but firm.
JTaw Yors Sot. 28. Flour, $9.25 to 9,75
for mixed fancy and Western; S9,37al!,25
for extra Genessee. Wheat, 1 2, 152,30.
Com. 8 1.0a 1. 06 per brl.
inr 10 escape ana eve were found together' tiuy, co.i jsd.co. oeei ...-e. a iu co, .. s.. bt k nommn eaucMioo, ci-aot m kiiw min
drowned in the mud on the shore of the bay ' Lard 1 lalliprices firm Butter, I Za?0c . ntTi llr'.T.fVl
c 11.. . . - ior rou, z-i.020 ior cnoice uta.e use. i ore T R Rf f.DlNG i
VS?I WT IScperdozen. Clorersced. 810. Flaxseed, f J.V ooper.
.New lorkon the l.lh, charged With consmr- t-f. : j j Xr Castl... Nov. 15. !"5. Teacher.
The Prohibitory- Litj lor Lata .
Palladium: la re.ie.n? the pro- ,
. .. T-mnerance law. laUflv deei-
UDCr,nstituuonal bv Jude iV-kins, I am
led to be-Iii-ve tha. only the following sections
will be claimed br tiny or. as having a b-ar
ingupon that law. either f r or against it. I
shall leave your leaJers to deciJe whe.her
my deductions are correct. .
The preamble declares.
"To the end, that justice be established.;
public order maintained, and liberty be pr-:
retuated: We the people, Ac, do orJain t'nis
Cf.nstitulion," con'aining
ART. lit. ec. 1st. "Ihat atl men are
pi. OaC. j at. ximw tt iiicil
aiedeq .1!; that ther are endowed bv their
. , ' . .- ,. , . . . " ,
C-alor With certain inalienable rights; that
amon" these are life. liberty and the pursuit of
., . . .-.. .
happiness; mat au power is tn.tertni. in j.-.e
people; and that all free govtrnmer.'-s ar, and
of a ri -ht ouh: to be. founded on their au -
. Va " 5" . , .
thori'.y and instituted lor taeir peace safety
and ct 11 being."
ART. 1st. Sec. 2.1. " the right of the
IVor!e to b secure in tlieir rerson-4, hases
riMrrs f fpets a ninst unreasonaUe seHrfh
or seizure, shall not be iohrtd; and no war-
i ant shall issue, but on jr-JiUi cau?, st.;
ported by oath or anirin-.i'n, ana pnr.ioumriy
describing the tlc to b searched and tl.e
, - I ?
person or thing U V-.. I.
i, i i i 'toi.' i" i" f, i-i.it i..mr-.s.
sha.i be ta.ell bv la. Ut.OUl jal Cmfensa-
Hon; nor, except in ca-c ji me s a e. wiriiout
such c:mtHnsatiun a-s.seseJ an 1 ttn lere.l "
, . ' . . . - in I .. I,. 11
ART. 4 h Sko. 10 h. 'r.(r, act fli.H.
ci.nectel therewith; which uV,-ct shall be
"""rVMrT .. . .. J
expressed 111 the title.
Thin we see, in the Preamble, that t'e
. r ... ... - - - .
... .
main ainaaee 01 pidi'C oraer w im a pro.iuii.Mit
reason for tl.e ordaining of our L onstituiion;
and wr.at is a more frequent cause or its
breach, than the misuse of Is.
in the 1st, sec, ol the bill of
breach, than the misuse of lhiuors? Aglin,
n,rhl iC is de-
elated that oil pOWtr tS tnhertnt in the people
aiid that i.V emment is itisrituied solely- tor
peace, safety and w.lt being: the very ba-
sis ot a republican government is the greatest
good to
th; greatest number, a'ld that great-
est number iu their "inherent power
lias e
decided that tempennce principles are most
. ..11 .11 ,1 . ,1
condueive to the happiness of all; that the
peace of th State is less liable to be disturb-
ej fc.v. if any riots occur, iu which drunk-
, " ., , , 1 f
t.a nien do not strike the hrst blow) the sate-
ty of its citizens more t-eeure and re lera!
. 1 .1 1 .1 1
u.-j.. ..j luni.i,., y-
given power ot tWi men, 1 this shield ot sate-
tv to be rt moved aud riot and misery again
... . 1 1 1 ... . "1
to StaU through the hind? lruiv. we hope
not. Vet fear! By Art. 1st, sec. 2. The people
i ,
are to be secure horn ta.nreu.ion.ibte search or
seizure, and bv tl.O tem t'. ar'CC law, no pi i-
vate house or dwelling is l be searched, ex-
Cept on positive pro it, supported bv o;ltn or
seizure, and by tl.O temr t'. ar'ce law. no pi i-
vat i.v.is or lwel hn-r is I . I).- searched, ex-
"" " """o " ' "- "
cept on positive pro if, supported by oatn or
affirmation, that liquor had been sold or given
... e , i
away in vioia lor. oi ice law, in sucu nouse,
nor in any public house, till two or m rc per
sons have taken their ai!il.iit, to tlu-ir fcrm
belief t iat contra Jan. 1 liquors are kept f. r il
legal sale. Is there anv.hing uti e.si n .ble
iu this? Would not every well disposed
person, grant and uphold even more rigid
, f . : - ,i ' ,i
search for COUUtei tcH COM! or Other Illegal
J rjperty
Art. 1st. sec. 21s savs "Xo man's proper-
.... . ,,- ., .,r
erty shall be taken by law. without just com-
Dentation. Our law demands the seizure and
cotifiscation, only ot thai p roper; v which it
has declared to be llUgatand injurious, ana is,
similar in its operation; to those laws that seize
and destroy -rambling tables, apparatus for
count.-rft.'itin, etc. It permits ti.ts matiufno
ture for mechanical, mvjiciual and sacramen- !
tal purposes, only restraining tlie manufactu-
rer so far as to requir.i him to sell to those per- !
sons onlj (in our State) who are aulhori.cil
and sworu to sell it for such proper purposes
a:i;l no other, and if, asjude Perkins avers,:
agents do not buy of them, the fault must be :
with themselves, and probably exists i'l sue-
eessful competition of ol; er Jstates, in price ,
or u iinli' v
Art. 4;h, sec. 19th. requires that every act,
shall embrace but one subject and matter prop- j
erly connected wish it, and such subject be'
fully expressed in its title; this section I-will)
)ss without comment Hs I believe the oppo-
rii'nfs..f tl.A h -i.riH.. it - i-s ren-rremi-nts
iicnTx.i iae aw, ..jiee ii.i. ij. re-iu.remenis
are ful tilled.
Having, as I believe, fairly, shown the
bearinirs of the constitution on the law. I
WOUM now a-K. llie inipurtl..! jU.JLrment Of US;
enemies as well as IrienJs, wherein they con '
laree witu M., in your paper 01 ustweek, j connecting a foiii..- At j.i..i-r.-.nthmemii.ctrai
tJf lff friend ?f Temperance a.e doei .rM l
cn,iih e- for their lukewarmness; we i.avej,DdiA ji. train frffi in.n,,,,,,.,,:,; tl) mlh eJ;B
- . m- . m
rested at ease, seeming to think that the
1, , , . . . ,
IW once passed, tne Wul'S was done. A!a ;
1 ...l .,t t.t.l l - .1,.
friends of ris,-h: the remarks of the "State
I 1A1 a r .a rvi" . rj i.ttrii ijiiilli itiCVi k ' w li,c
T-.iirr.al "tliot tbo . olccacj or.,1 inaPiwn.
Journal tnat tne arelessness atui metacien-
cy OI US eieCU.Ion, lias in manv p.a'jes rrea-
ated enemies to the law;" I fear is too true;
any law. biud.n only on tho hiw-aotding t it- .
izen and tetrorless to those who onlv obey,
through terror, will shield tl.e seartiD. while It
O I '
oppresses the honest man; in some cities where
oflicers are im.rncal to the law, it has become
almost a dead lefer to the vicious, whilst on -
erOUS to the -ood, and a'.l through the Supine-
Hess OI tliOSeV.'no WOrEfu riObiV lur lvS pa- ;
sa 'e.
, l v . ti . ' , . t
In reading JuJge Perkins' argument, so &r
as given ia the Palladium, I w is pleased t-i
see the following (no doubt) unintentional,
cemplimentto the law, then receiving his ad
verse decision: "The morality of that law
which prohibits the distribution of hcuperism i
, ,. . i
ana crime, disease ana death, at Jiome, and
permits them to be scattered amongst our
neighbors is not to be envied." Permit me to
ask him wheiher it would not be "unconstitu
tional" to make laws for our neihbur of an
other S'ate.
Important Movevbsts. The National In-
telHncer of Wednesday sirs that the Gov-
ernment has received dispatches from C.l. j
Wheeler, relatin" to the ret crt events i-i Nic-
. . . ...
arauua, and it is rumorcl that t! ev are ot .
ana it is Tumon. i irsa; trey are oi ,
ature as to r-iuire prompt and d--eis- '
ti.vn Ir : '-v renn-'l tha Com- 1
.ion. tt a.SO repO.J in. tm j
Pauldir.g is to proceed to Nicaragua;
such a na
ive atten
moaore I'au'Jir.jr is to proc?,
in a slr'p of war, with instructions to inquire
into thr circa-ns:nees atten l:ig the outrages.
ClSCISNATt, Nov. FioJP, S3a8,10. j
Wheat. Sl.53al.75. Com, 454oC. O.V.S, '.
, Ty l o..-.--. T oa c.--"
31c. Barley. Sl,4oalo0. l.ye, 82aS-. i
Richmond Prices Current.
Dealer is sail kinds nf foaatrT Arsasl a. .
Flour, V bhi $5 00 ivtatoe. V .
ewt 4 S3 CU.eer -c-J.
Wheat, TjJ bah 1 T :Tirootit-.
Kre. - !Ueon Haaai. 5.
Cora, SesShtalder,
Corn-na!. Widr, "
Oat. Ij, Batter. .
Bariey. 1 ilLarl, "
Brji-kwheal " 75jTillvsr, .
Flajti-eed, " 1 SOIfVkled Port, "
Beauu, 1 74; Hotter. . m .
fry. - 9i liH.. .... S
tfry - 1 OQ, .-heaf Uat. d..i 2
it . sr. i- c- T . 1 . ... r- . .
-i.iv iu ueiEiaa. I i
ay-, B
PETt AT'" br tlxf'r fwwrftit hijiw on the -nter-Ml
; J
: f Jit': arnnii 1 rr'Lirc - u-'?.!h.-'m-'
!toh. tv-.-r. !-. liver. ...l otht .ran of the
, and. .-v rest. a tht-tr ureifnUr iwtrxc t heilta. -
...i-rever thv exi-t. s s-a ci-r.nstcint nts a are i
: -.eaiihv arti m
f the Kdy.
j f d:eip.
i hx I rjfes.rs. I'iiva
An eitPn!Te trial f thtir T:rt -.e.
ivsu-nrx. and l'aftents, his shown enres
;f i)Ver,t ,t.! l:-,ut teio:vl WU wre ther
: ant vtsnti t.- t tir r"r f -i h ex il;ed pi-i: .-n
! !-d. :tcr " :? fi , f ,,ntr..t.n.
, I heir ecrtincates arr pnbbsh4 sn mv American Aluuue,
srhi. h the Aj u-low umri :ie ple4 to furnish
frc to :i inqnirin. . . . .
: t1;,:,.s whi,h tjcv h;iTe lwn foBnd u, cure; ;
' Fun cvttve t. 'i'.Xc (me or tir pi'sl. or such
fl"':'' M. teutly ran
4 cauv of t tLF, asui t tc fr.r?
cur of t-:h. No pron cin .
f'-1 well v-Lil itndr a rf-f;ve haMt f Vvdv. Ilcncc it i
iTSi-M;.t ii,a i mietiine te cau c.f
Cotcnets. vul al-j uncimi fumble, take nuii a :
from on' to f--ur t Pt;mniitf tbe stomach and !
,:Vrr int hcallhv a. riot.. Ihcy wiU do it, and the I
' '.v a-apr.?ar. ' Whrli it is Rt.ii.-. Ann't ' l'ors'pt hat cure-i
, . l
I'm: a Foi l SroMic
or M -rbitl ItiU-tioi of th? J.;tr
' ! ': pr.!.i-. ?.-nor: a-s..-ion of t
uatl health, tk fr-nu f.-nr M -.aht I aK
mi,U,.r a,, lfltrK uut;t privity and
e-iio t.f the spir.ts and
at nrst. and
and strength arc
. r iHvvy. sirit Hrmr. Na..e P,,n
; a Not t. A, tf.rt. w Mke from f.mr to riiil.t
f:iU on R..itiit to U-1. If th-y !o not upw.it- uHit-acnt-
iy. t.iVi n..r the i.or.t a l tVy I'iw om-
pla.cli W! ri" v our r"n 1 -..-i-.i. i"ii v
t;,--.-and the.
h.ndrd d:urio uue your bititi.ui h
i f-.n!.
tua mkifvi a. KiiY-ir-i i . r.,.a n. mjm of t.t?
Sum. take the 1 .Us tr.-.v n:v. tioinicnllv, to keep the
horn'. ; cpen. The cmptii-Ms aill RotirraUy s.Hin tMiu t.)
d.nniitii Olid aisflpivenr. M ir. r.r.'dcliut tiicers ana sorts
1 1 i .j v,.. a .,c ;.,.. .or,..
of these r.U-. and some diu-ti. dis-aes, xtiuch seemed
to ttataruto tlio whulo svst i.:, h.tvp ctmipK-U-lv viel.icd to
,,aticlits, our dMy , sH.u.t, iurSia, tiat ?oll should
parade yourself around the vrM vvt-red with 1'im-
, t' e- UoU h.-s. uk-.-rs. -;rcs. at.d at. r any
anv of the un-
. V , ' .1.1 U.JIHOO V, .1.1 9JV.U, UCVdl.mr ,OI.. II 1 .111 1-1 HU1IU
In fUBiFY the tii.oon, they are the be-t meu.nne
eer uiscoverea. 1 nev snouia no taken neeiv ami tre-
npnt!.. mwi im,iriti. whieh th a... f i,,..,.-
ruble rfiseasc wiU be aw.pt out of the v8tem liko elwlf
rfure Rewind. Iiy this Pro,..-rty ihevd-.a mu.-h Bd
m tsreventiiii; an-liiies.- as tv the rc:ii.tritai;le cures which
thev are making eer h.:r.
1. 1vr.1t 1' )MPL.I.XT, J.vcn:ice, mid all FiUohs Afc;
turns arise trem some deranyetneiit -
c!it;tti..n. or obstruction-, ot the
I.iwr. 'i or.iidi tv
and cotmesti.. vtt;te t-ie bile, ana rend.r it unfit br
nor,. This i disastro.w t..the health, and the eon
stilui.uii 1 ire'juciit.v undermined bv 110 otner eause 1
IndcUon is the -iwtmu. Ottru"etiun of tbe dutt '
which empties the bile int.. the stoma, h cuus
to o.ertiow into the blood, this produces
Wltil H h)iia j ,1!jeruu tTaiu uf ,;is. t'.
or. atterr.utelv, cnst.ver! and dUrrUca. prerai
Uh y mptoa;. languor, low spirit, wearimw, re
and uu l uicholv, w.ih fiimennics inabiutv t
sometitaes crat drowsiness; sometimes there
causes the bile
. ostiveiidss t
or. aTterr.utely, cnst.ver! and dUrrUca, prevails. F-ier- '
te:nl?,j;l sp;:.ir m-s,res.i-nes9
and m. luicholv, vvuh meiiu.es inability t.. a!.ep. and
sometimes Krat drowsiness; sometime there is severe
P ;ia in th- 'lp: the skin and the white of the ee
riiilie a uivi-ill-- u ll'Uii" ; i.i;- Muiniii :i lo-u ; I :ic t,o
Snre to the to-tc'.t ; th-.--U
s stem iri.t.lhte. .v.tii a t n-
rlenrv to fever, viiicli uii-. : t-n to ! ilijiis fever. Hi ions culi.
b.lioas diantia'a. dysenterv, a.c. A nifdi'iin tioeof tire-..
or fjur piiis tken r.t niiit, f. '.t'c.vcd ! v t.vo or li.ree in
tiie mori:i:ij. and repented a iciv u .vi, m;1 rc:n o. e ti;e
cause of ail tin se troubhis. It is Tr.-. ke 1 to sa.ie;- satl
pains when you can cure theia for J ecits.
11 UEf M vtism, liorr, ana a i l.iji.tmuiaturti tircrs are
rapidly enred by the purifyinsr effects of thee l'tiU U-on
the blood and the stimulus which thev nitonl to the . it d
iuci ,e f Ufe. For these and uil itmdr.d eomidainU
they should he taken in mild do es, to move the bowels
'gently, but freelv. .
As a Dinner 1 Ii-L, this is both agreeable and usctul.
- pill f ,e made more pleasant lo t..ke, and eerUit.ly
wne has been intd m ire em-. tnal to th? puriw.-e for
which a dinner pill i employed.
; T- C?. u. ZsC t'tJaHL,
Practical and Analtliral Cfaoniist.
I., n. McCl-1:..u-1i, HUhinotid, Ind.,
'.. Ij. J Vts. d
i.urbnnk a Itro., d.
.Tne! I'alker. Newprrt,
I'lithank Davis, William-burg,
J W. Dousrherty. Ceritrvviile,
Cffiiii K Litis, Ef.ni.iny,
I. H. uth, Daltor,.
Willienu & H.o., Fr:i:.l.!in,
And by agents in m..st towns in tha State
I'iiK'iniiati and .ii.-j-( icailru.-ad
Xanl after Wednesday, f'rto'r . 13. and uuti
! "'!r notice.traina or. tins r..;..J ill run as foiloas:
t Lrive Audersoa at: a. M.an i 3:i p. m.
til fur-
' e cantle
4 3D
5 -'5
5 SO
VI a-liil!irton, n:ij
; Arrietng at Uiciuueud Vr.x
I.ea.e Rtchaiond e:3-.l A. M. and G an p. M.
i " ea-caslie. 9:1
I lrir sat 4r ler.An 1 I iil
i ith morning train
ing ;
i fm -y. cner.nau and imiianapci .
Down- t
. - i Mini,-. 1 1 wi.i, Mi..., a. imiiraoilil L
and Day ten at 10-30 A .. au.i CJ.I P. M..aud to la
mcinnau I
and to ladaaapo
lis at 5:50 P. M
. . ... .. .
F-'sUriu once'each Tav dlllpr UiThnM.n.1 at s a. M
Anderson at 10 A. M.. tnakinc connections with trains
of E. & t p. & c K !roads-torming a through Freight
i ?'a ki? - eteen i :i.rmnati and mf tanapo
j Sesrcat!e. Octoi
s is. morse. .s.;..-t
i Tl'RVfJflftTIQ i
0 .Jk Wl s sT sJsatT ls I
j . , .... .... . I
111' , Llli IU at or A artl.t.ln:e farith I.riri. nu.n I. .
j t tin of f.oois yet to arrive.; no j
- largest it Hit t luitpest
, .tock ot Dry Goods ever ctfered i. the Wetl! Ther.!
h. retn snms Jeclme .n the prices of Goods, wirh
feat weeks. . hirh ensoies u to buy largq luts ot 1
ioo.'.i, at Auctioa or ia Jobs, at v:-rv low pries, sn i
ejyiia, a. .luiuuu .a i at v:rT low uric, sn I
- ,h,4 1?:i ma:t h?,ow ,he u,.,;lrt. i
W would rail attention ij
Moire Antique,
k ancy .-M'k?.
1'lain biack Siiks.
i rench Mrinoes,
, ... . ,. -T-me 1 ' .
'Te tn Fr-n?ed AU wool le-Lainei, an imtner.se
stock. Price 12 to 25c.
ursn. Knlish aal French print., price from
5 - f"t!
A moft e!fgnt vnriety; Velvet!, Cloth n Trlaj-
!B,och .ul Bay state Snwi., at lower ,-.e, ,h.e
: re, before oUered.
Lmbroiderie nnd I.acp.
7 rSj .
.ic., jic.
-" -.
tVo rorJiallv invite Ii a exaraination cf our i
11'- which sir til b fjuai greater in extant, ad at ,
iow rriewthB nay other H.,.n effer ',
' tviLLMM I.f.k & CO.. ;
Xovtmbfr ls-53
t'ineinaa'.i. O.
IVc.r CnslIe .IcnrJcmv. i
""liE net terai of this Jn-titution wiil ceoimenre
1 ' -hee0r.d MonJa. !h .V..v nr.-vr, aal cn -;
t:o"i t,t ii. It has Ion? Kn known s rne '
c- ne hest Invitations in lie sod person de-!
At al! t.sie for Grain and ill kind of Ccar.try Predace
TJ'We areretailinr Groceries at a rear low r.; es
At the Depot, lUetusioad. In.
Aaraat 2. 1SS. 33-n
!!lia-A l, DeLsiiiir). Ac.
sar-ply of Bay &ate ?hawis. ail i
t Mfris.. CsMrn. r c. fwr sale c He d ty
1 SeLainee,
litis aa a. 1st.
g'innf lontcisQmisr., jus i
j Vf J Kf ly si; -ea.. an( for saie by
a I r-rnrsirt trr;
reeeirel tail day
Wbeieaaie Deaj;rist-Kor-Bast
cQmer 7-nb aad Ma.a street. Ci&e.naati.
Oet-r 1, I"".!. 44 T:
yx rv
1 1. . -
Ao'l vry article rfnnctl mtb th
Manufacturer and exclusive v!rAlr in Cljk, Maot-l!
73 Fourth Street. CINCINNATI,
Opposite the Gazette Of.ce.
X. 3- FurijUhe-J M.u-r:a!$ mr.ufac tared to orir, ani
Gsrtetit cut frtfzu LifwfvB.em to Ct tb form.
45 If
-tO!'r A- t it tWI'UUU hive iai-gentiwii ot
I uie w.i and cattoa Cari-C?;
Vine ail tt-l d
Iouhie tt.pcr
3 !y rt".
Rrusfl. c'v:
nvri Tjatry
S.nrf'r And il-jiU i 5la:r no;
Septeralf r 1j 3!Mf
i eull A. Craw frd kr,, Oston rti. r.tW Wr
, 4 ut S hr-.l. huc su.l c.-l..reJ: T ire. Wickinc CH
t m lurtin an 1 w.
Mii.g; I1; tin ,.rri and Ku'hmonJ
SH. 13.
arott A ( ratu fi.rd a Lir Mck-f vtsena-ir.
Cr-rt-kfry, tilaSd art, Lrnk u.g l.iit(.. rlc.
S. l ifHi'.r 13 3j t(
111 .vi -y.tt v niitii v
Muuiifa-tttrers vf Superior Butcher and Shoe
A'nu t; JilCIIMOXD, JXD.,
KKKI'an af:.rtmcut of their UH ri ir I'.utoher and Shoe
Knivo-. for aie, al.t it-;ile i r mail, at the Ilurd
.'ArcSturo of .1. i. Straw brid. Ataia ?trtt. Met. !
chant anJothrr. ar? invite 1 to. a ! ni'd rvutuiiie them. '
lf Ail orders adilresicj to I. X. Martin iU he
1 irropiiv attenaea to.
Kiehnioud. N.veuimr -Jt.
i. IC
Coach .Manufactory and Repository,
Xortheast corner of .Vain and Kranllin streets,
he hii conitantW for sale
VStCi-rVV general ss
ssortn.ent of Carriage of the
thionkb'e st vie, aai finished
wortimnship. such a C.:rhe. Char
intrei, St ll trt, ) vrk Ctirryttilis and Trottinj tli.on.
buitt of the best miterii-ta, and hy the most compulent
workmen, un.ter the i-nmediale. auneriDtendence of
the proprietor. IT Ordera for Carriage to any
amount, executed with despatch.
Cichmond, December 15, ljt 5'2-tf
Commission am! Forwarding Merchants,
.fr (lie Depot. Ilirhmond, lad.
Wholesale Grocery Store.
Wholesale ani Retail Druggist,
Corner Jfuin anil MarL.n sti-eots, oj-pusife tht
Gilbert U' use, I2ichr:iutd, lad.,
JfT EKl'S constancy on ii-n! .1 fLi ! 1 arrtnieut at th tov
est c.ti price. f lrur . -'h.-ic. icala.Oila. l'aint. lye
pius, .iiasa and t. t-.aswarc. V;.r i.iptir:., llrushes. Cistern
Cement, plaster P.-ir;-., French aic Painis. Japr.n I'r ir.
Putty, Spirits Turi 'untie, Uurnii: Huid, Cainphene, and
Lamps in itreat v.ti::ty.
AIi-o Ajrwi.t for alt the pnpul.ir Patent 5Ilicines ef the
di.y .
Also Side prnj r.ctor and maniifiict'.irer of TV. I.. Hurn
in j"s celel.rted vrKHtalde Aear Syrnp; l.r. A. pntta celbra-tt-il
vF.-t.Ht.le t'ho.Lra ryruj.; 1-r. A. I'utti." unrlvjticd llva.l
Sh.'t J ri .th Aclir and K ir Ache Irn a. and 1'r. A. l'o!t' I'.e
jinnee l.aisaiu, ttic )cl Liniu.ei i li' ttie A'e, for internal ai.d
ettfrniil use.
Ail ordera f .rthe al.ove remedies, should 1-e addrestad to
. A 1'otta, Kiriiuit.n.!, lo.l.
A.-n:s w:ui".e'i in atl the citie.. towns and villages in
tae i nittiii nates i sen .nese reme ii.-s.
Moveml-cr 1, Irjj 4G-tf
f R-' atVKB daily ly Kipress, Fresh Oysters, in
!f J ans an.l half Crtin., tf a very choice quality,
aj y and (furat.t.'e 1 yoo.l.
' Ail orders from a .1. ft u.ee promptly attended
t-, and customers can always reiy upon gelling the very
Lest article at ail times during the season.
Octot erSS. O) pes te Passanger Depot.
'B,IiK partnership heretofore existing l.etween Robert C
Shnteand Job Broan, ia this riay tlis.x.lved by mutual
cor.ai-nt. 1'lie Imsiness will l.e carried on, as heretofore. I.y
Jih Itrown, in ail its branches All nrr-um inilehie.1 in th.
I old firm, are r. utste.l to call anil settle their accounts as
soon as possible. Tile books will be in the hunds of lt. C.
Slfite. alio may be easily found at the null, and who mill 1.
-j -e reaoy i.i receive liie casj aud pive receipts.
winiwr m, irjj. Mil TK A UkOWN.
p 1 ,i;t-r to stli my interest in the mill on reasonable
terms, if application is mae soon.
tr Kt-nFRT c. PnrrE.
f yon srant a nne, nice CIrtAU. call at HOLLOW A r dt
HiaillTiiX'S, furtliey keep the nicest stock in town.
October .... 4S-it
they lle&tl!i'oV "r,,: " """"
f KAI PITK.-A l;irj supply aborted ' 1"
I a.' l ii ii ,,. in.imj r i ...I - .it lT.'
i... 4,1, l,4, i;-anasiasUe, f .r sale at the u.
fU re of
. . ...I ....
rhite ,I"ih and .MacUrrel. Cordage. Halter.
Hopes Ibr 4ic., for sale by K M. COOK i SON.
July lo4 31 tf
sala-a aa-lai
flf1 have on hand a splendid stock of Shawls, of every
- description, both piam and fashionable. Dun't fail to
see thera before you buy. T. WKItillT ex C').
Seple.rot.er -0.
r if
tllV-f Ien,, ,r.;,-i..n .
in particti !r
' -i
New stlc -'lo'n Cloak:
I- Talma:
Do Fuii trtntmed Dresses;
do ilo ruisses and children .
Do do do boy ;
Ail entirely new. Pattern free.
Sj.inlr It! 39-tf
Citv Daierreian Gallerv!
- J J
UKIinOM), lD.,
t S w !! arranged w.th a .ombioe-i side snl aky-lieht. and
n.c-sy iittedup f..r the reception of all who may Sih "a
nerreutj pe,. as . e.l as tho, . ho uiay call for the porp
t of exam
y . ' n.n , i- S . i. r. ... ... . . .. . n .
ex (-.!,. -1.1 execun .n: amler tbe eatire aew arrangement, he
has spared neither money nor pains.
AU Miay le ttCOUiniOtlated.
As the proprietor has purchased the latest i.nprsve4 and
largest . aed instroinenl, by wh, eh (.ietare may be taken of
ctror""sias ,uch ut"Uk" ""4 "a
Mr. Watson wouM y to hi patron that he I thankfol
for past patronage, and no effort shall be spared te const.-
tate li. room the place for superior work, aasurpsed -y
trareliinc or lecate. arti.ts.
Kememtier. tne le-ti iai.iy o; (tocc is used, ana w. a ill
'.' ,i""!""flh '' r :-.
f V.XTiuT"9-
XoeetM.er 1, i'ii 6-tf
1 - ia .1 .a a. o--, mils una t.ips;
f HA V in store s ni f. tale a from V) to 25 per cent.
I . ,h 1!.. a.u.i eli
A iv 'h-o tae usual rile
IJies' h'ak aud t-oi'ii Gaiter :
I -ti. Calf sn-i M .roeeo Boe'.s
4te Morocco aai Iia. M r.-w Eoota:
OeiitKmen s tine rail acl kip Hovi. aad Shoe:
E -v Y-.aii. 5j ; 4j do-
-iu-- entire; r ew ;j!e. Kauan4 Cap.
September 57 . -.. 41-tf
Watclies and Jewelry!
JC?TreireJ frea tin fUst loot ry Cse Watch
e. gold and silver ease, for railroad purpose
iiid Guard and Fob Chains;
tar Ricz of varioa pattern.:
Mcsirsi riexe and A-eordeoas;
Go' J P-n and l encil ' am;
S-ilwer Ware nd Plti Goai.i
r.reastniaa of tne lateat patterns.
"atene, .us Citvet. repaired ST aiiUal
worsmsn. Ilariba; rraectred one of th beat work-
men, I ln,d that .11 work ib.t i entmed to n.y
car, .sail b. repaired wi.b the Btt msussi
rea.cnable ter-.i aJ warranted to keep rood tiaaB -
..i,. .u .
'. tf their ,Ul.tT. .
liisnalai for pt uvors, l wisn a oBtinsBe ot ts
' r- . rurrivsov
JTo 35 JIaia street, aign of OoiceB t.iis.
. . .. ...
si, is-s.
0V IT' rA ,e. ?h:a market, tr
as low- as eeer errerea in cai saaraea. ty
. W. BAK.XE9-
J-ne 7. tf
Dennis & Column.
W. T- lKia. -
Auctioneers, Brokers and Comaissi0a
Xo. 84 Main street, HicAmonJ, ,
tcck. liona ad -Note. "P"?.
XI . . . .
Juc uu urm ol ail iuj. '
Amtu tor t!) pjr.-ha tad ..: of UlU rt..-.
Lr LOANS Doiiated.anj UMI adva "
m to
John IIuul, , Bdt, Kk-hiacDj;
lwia Burk. '
tfroiii & Morrow.
RichoiooJ. tct. 4, 13. 43-tf
!' !AI.Xi'
Sigbty Acr UMd Laud on i!k S.HM,,
4 of outhwrsl quarter, section lu. lov&fta:(i X3, JT
couDl) t fur miies auth 1 Cjb4cii.
Htae Slid near W al.ioeton Av&q. La.
um ttaraa acres, large 1.mj., acvca t.imi,
huue. vutxl hwuse. S.riug Ma'.'laauuUwraNic aiv-a).
l.vE caa Ic ubdi.w.l advai.LaAHiftt5 . A cmu'
l!eantt aiiuaLed ill ta lakei. in &chne.
Clrau NJt w !Milt aej ri acrrs f fool lm4, srra
t i tkorxh of Kuifft.lst.iwn. t.cury coanty, lt.4. mw4
fwrm. dwUit.aa aud iHil tuilu:tis. itil in avtfd tmlr. mux
Ish'tpSe .aciitQe anj Cora Cmslirr alt cuiudri4. kfcg.tia
wf aa.'l power, and i.Uoty of oir tiiur v.f u. (a
uuil. tl ul k uid xtti lua. iJt.NMa kl.Nti.
Pood Uatrr Haurr, Sua
l irndiU land, iLrrr milra fro
Vill and forty ft aera
from KichiuoiMl. Twa twA
.iw i jttin, ' am au.t nrca.ru., and ilurai-lr at-rinita. Mta la
t:r.-& ratr .r.lrr (i.o I atona iiarrjr tail ttua-aila ao ia
1-reu.iacs. 1 itl 1-v aulU at a harg.a.
IIeu.r and Lot 01 Main atrret, . twarn Praail.'a
ai.Jr itlh Lot i (rrt trout t 1.".1-j 1 bf aw,,.
iil'lc r.'i-t.rlr uu lb strnft for iTufct-V't in:truv-Mi.Dt.
tt.NM.-4 Kl.Nii.
'rhrre XHuaianl Uollura ia Kichaiana C.tj
ta fU.u.la, bar:tf pr cent , for aie on fair trrmi.
l'tMit Kl.a.
! 4 ew Framr Caaltairr on Seventh itmt, ctr
.Ut!n..vi' .mi.inil famfnnihlu' in .1 . . i n. . . . 1 . .
Ui be aold loir. ' 1 f.N M S k l.ii.
4 N improved Lot on Main atreet, with all tha aaca.
ary cocvenieucea for Livery liuaine.a. Lot acj
4? by i, feet iu good order. lrni low taintj,
with pyn:ent, or w ill be eachangad for gjod we. era
Una. W..N.MS 4. kl.NU.
rf "'HREF, loti (enclosed) on Seventh street, (oath el
.1 Mam, very eligibly located
GOOD house and lot on IVarl street, 4i) 9-13 fe
front bv 13'i feet deep, in rood order, and arill k.
sold low on easy terms.
l'KX.Nh & KING.
ON K hundred and sixty acre oi splendiJ land ia
ParUe county, Iowa, seven miles fru.n DesMniacs,
and one-half mile lrora I'eaVloinea river forty to
sixty acres in timber. Well watered and good dry
soil. Kive miles from Agency Prairie, the County
seat. Terms moderate. 1-ENN1S if KING.
4 K1N!C brick store and dwelling on Main street, all
in good order, aud one of tbe very beat business
locations in the city. Tossession given immaji.tf.ly.
Nov. 8 OtNM KINU.
ONti thousand dollar mort.iago on new sad valuabl
property, worth throe tnuua this amount, will be
sol Ho pay tho purchaser ten per rent.
.Nov. H. Dil.NMS & KING.
IIGHTY acres of fine land iu Delaware county,
J i Iowa, five miles from the county seat, (Delhi )
t ill be exchanged for a good bouse aad lot ia Rich
mom1. Dli.NMS St KING.
IiMHC SAI.I". A new nrick entta-a, pleasantly sltna-
ted, six rooms and cellar, ail in k-1 order. Fric lov.
and will talceagood carriage in part p-ivment.
October Jo. I KN .MS A KINO.
rnwollensrt and l,olaen lnln atreet 't
I frame houses, 3 ruom each, "i.nd poorl well; fa lwt. ia
good order. W ill l.e sold cheap. lr. N IS 6l KlNti
PU Msrf llaauoe and full half lot on Maia atrax.
i 1'uaaeaaion will b (tveu iuwedtaU-iy. .mi mu toti
very lowfor cash
tT. " T I".I"-A pore has tr for en acres of well sUuaMl
Land in a square body, adjoiniug Chester, 4inilcs nartk
of Kicbinond. IiK.SMi 6. kl.Nd.
VAf TF,U-Four hundred dollars, on unencumbered
' " real estate, at current rates of interest
October Si. lr..MS 4 KINO.
TO It I.T A flnestore room on Slain street, twsaty
two feet wide, one hundred and ten feet deep, in good or
der. Will be let fortcu yearsor under Terms moderata.
Octoi-er25. DEN.MS K10.
A FIN K premium trotting Buggy, a very superior and sri
st&utial joii. li..MS ta klilts.
Mf half of Fnm hmm on Peventh itreet, lot 41
lot feet; ft lt foot mlU-y on the and io twrtir.
! Only one lot south ur -Main at eel; bouse has ore rooms and
i irood cellar. W illba aold ehean. DENNIS tt KI.VU.
I November 1. W Main auaaU
A fillOD two story brick house, nearly new, with good
lot, near the Oenot. rnce moderate une-Uird i
and balance in krood buildinz materials.
November 1 KINO Keal Estate Agents.
ouseand Lot on !. rl slrrr t. full lotaaa
good house, five rooms, cellar and cistern One sslec-
- lltNN'IS KING. ,4 Mam aU
' . -- Ifonae nl llnru, and seven acre f
choice ground, adjoining Kicnmon I, all in good order,
Th. ,,, ;.,. ..." ... .... ,n
; foid rer low er rented.
Ii cLean
Be land cot a mile from Main stress;
kar hundred n rail aixty arm of goad tinner-
i j ed upland ia Mercer county, lllinoia, w. thin fira .!.
! of the -Mississippi river, and near the flourishing teas af
j e boston. Will be aold low or eirhanged for goed eity
j proi-erty. DENNIS ds K1.N0, Agents.
xo rTTLn yiv.M.
W prepmrea w. rurn.an Merneraon '.iBeape
tent nay aud cattie !V:ales to ait those want. ng, at
n. at lower
pi-lees and a bertar article than has ever lieea ottered to this
market. 1 bene scales require no pit or srai la, ar ea.iy ta
kn up and removed, and are always ri.'it aud always rciiar
hle- 3C Terrif.ry f..r the rights vf these Scales we arepre
pnred to sell, aad It furnishes a rare chance for any aiaa
w th a few sharp ideas, to make a fortune.
For further particulars, euquire ef
Xoveraber I
Bole Agents for Indian.
tWB (;TG?
i VJ TK ati Fifty thousand
j ,T T.entr
GRAIN!! grain:::
hashel Corn ;
I ... , Oats:
' h aad the hi chest market prle-s willbepaM.
i N h - IiM-MHai hl li. strea.
Oat a:
' ItJr T. M.'illnctl. IIOt (V II
, A I.AK-K lot of Cassia-errs. t!atinet. Hoots. Shoes ao4
Ut. ji-l received and -rill iold cheat, a th eaear
lltb month 1. lnS5. 46 14
j 1153-C.
I lEKag.
I TVe TriljsM. etnpley no traeelips; agents. an4 en4es
no papers oa traat. If U i not stopped srben the ban a
for expire, ani the auiiacr.:rf-r sloes not choose far'Jier t
! py fori:, we resort to a lel rece to cmxA hts Oe
. trie Weekly, wc saeaai te atop e-eer aMir ea tSe exsaraiiesi
; of the a-ivar.ee r-iv merit, aaaitinx a fiesh reir..ttace fross
j tbe aahacriuer. If bob euane. toe aeeoant is etoee.
1 pay no local agents wish Do snetiey pwij to any woea the
paper cannot imat hita te snail er atherw-.se seal it te w.
' "V ' 1 at smr nsk. an4 a eei--
oftea hwtar fratefal to errey en woo de. I
, road -.k ohtl.i -d t,.ti tne .. ass awseey
ecefeir rusa m
road rt t ebtals. and forwarsl tile ane aa4 BMsewy s
his friends ax.4 Be.-bbors. Oi.r t-rcos iavarf'U.iy are ess-
Dairy TrU.ane. S-3 per anwaso.
j Serai Weekly. 93; twe copies for SJ; fie far SI1 ti-
I Weekly, Si, three copies for S; 6e cpie fo S:
' eopie for S h!r twenty copies ta en aJdres for ft lari'
clar,. sji eacn aieeriewr
Ad iiuoes may at all tisaa be made le a clab at tarw
tai4 by tlioa already ia it.
CKCELT 4k M.-li-aATn. -Jf
e. 154 asaa street, Ir.
Aow in I he Time.
VOW i th time to aeeure yoor Msgszie
'ewppT for lSi. at a ;ret redurtu-. '
regular subscription rate. 1 wiil furnish --eJ
in; Magazine sod Newspapers at th price
perr issan, xix: Harper, $2 25; FtjtBasB, 1 25. Grt.
t 25; Lwi'j. 3 25; Kni k.rixcaer. S StS. Host--
Words. 2 &-. Biaeksrnnd. Artker's Ho
' aine, 1 W: PsHersoo" Ladies National. 1 W '"f
. . r . . ' , TSc. CalrJ-
; 77 .. . r. . . C -a.---. I ti
"'-1?'$- I'tZZ r
V" J" T' J mr-S,; S",J Jlc
. --. . H? J""1"' 7TZ
i Bats GazBtt, I 2j; C lacunar l (.oramercial. vac. s-
ei . k-.. oV srtt.r. Bt SM11. eat. -
. ,7.: . ; . - -tat.
i eopie of th !ob may be at fbo ofSc n. -
. a-aarmA, .A it. m.ib Mrau .. ar.tr.
Send ta xoat
i ". ' . ' Vf Li-ut n P V
Rsebsaond. Ind, Nor. 1S.1S65.
j Vmtw Wstr
f WCfT reewfeed a lerir lot ef ladle, and
aad for sa's eery law ty
llthsBMtsilst. 1-i.

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