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Tknrsxlay XoraiBC,
tDeoeanber IS. 185.
Tm Our Sabweriber. .
Tna Palladium is twenty-fire years old thi
nani?er; and eu3tera and necessity preispt as to
taj a few wards ta oar readers and patrons, which
we Til! do very briefly. The course of the Pal-
iadion in future, can be judged by the past; by
"'raits" wo hare brought forth, are we williafr to
be judged. We have endeavored to be governed
, in the advocacy of priaciples which we deemed to
be inherently right, by the motto at the head of
ow paper "Be jest and fear not, let all the ends
then aims't at be thy couatry'f thy God,, aad
t-jthV how far short wa hare come of filling- its
recjairr-rcects, it is not for as to say that is fur
jou to decide). It is sufScieat for ns to know and
fee!, that the best of ear feeble abilities have ben
devoted to that which we belie red to be for ths"
welfare of oar country and the perpetuity of her
frac institutions.
We desire to express oar thanks to those who
have patronized us for lo! these many years aot
wi'h a patronage, held back and stinted; bat with
a liberal, open-handed, o;en-hearted manner, that
does oa su! good to fael a real live patroaage,
nvcn with a hearty will, and aot bestowed grudg
ingly. That is the patronage that we are thaakful
for, aid there are many who have been with as
since '30, ef that sort. The fact of their being
with us for so long a time, shows like a note of
htn'J, gi veil "for vatae received," there's a mutual
rved feeling existing they've got our labor
paid os for it, end both parties are satisfied.
A"aia we thank this class of our subscribers, and
may heaven's choicest blessing be theirs they
have been just, and nwd not fear!
We know that titans are hard, money scarce and
not come-at-able at all times we can make due
allowance for the delinq-ienry in Newspaper sub
t .-i iptiots, for two or three years; bat when it
'i.-n " to five, ten, fifteen er tweuty years' delin
T juncy there is no cjrcuau, tuilest niisfortuue by
fi.ij of property, or soma disaster of that kind,
pieces it entirely oat of the power of the delin
fjner.t to liquidate. There is no excute, we say, for
must of these wheel-horses these hold backer?.
I) voi ever rend our motto, fellow-delinquents,
(for that is emphatically the relation which your
cou luct in withholding pay for the paper you read ,
hi plated the publishers you owe us and ice ow e
pf-ix-j maker, journeymen, &c.) we say, fellow-de-Hiiqnents,
did you ever read our motto: "BE
J I'STT If you have not, do so, and practice up
on it, without delay we want mutual benefits to
3 iff from our intercourse with each other. As it
l.n Wen for the put yearp, the advantage ha
beer, yours, and yours ll the yrvfts!
fit: t "there's no une in tVKiu" we have aprep-r-sit.ou
to make those who on-e us for subscrip
tion nJvertmng', find job work, which weinom all
will tuiplejised with and aceedo to, with a degree
of r.i i.tiimity unparalelled, it in this: pay vp and
.- vill ffire you a, receipt in. full that is the
most editable au J "just" method we can imagine.
Accliwrmeihod miiit do for a little while but
It's hku tokin? an oniale for nnis am enlr for n
lime: (fire i your note that will settle our old
boo!i accounts, and if yon don't puy when due
can eemuirBra an amicable suit against you
jon know, that's all!
The to mi, of ll.o I'ulladium are Two Doi.
i v iv it ai.vanck, and we Lone each subscriber
will aid us in increasing eur Kit. There is room I
c-i our books fur double the number we no
Washington, Dec. 3, 1853.
A briI.tand glorious sun beams forth this
morning; we trust, anopiciou of the opening;
f tha 3l;h Congress. A large number of!
:h members are in the city, and the roll call of
-il ty, w ill fiad a much more general atten
Umco than is common. There is, too, more
bftn ordinary excitement in regarl to the or
nizaticu of the House; and conjectures at
.his early hour, as to the result, would be idle. !
Act ...ui.i.j .1
A Speaker may be elected to-day, or not for a ;
. .... . . ; I
week. All depends upon the degree of har- j
mony ma: may exist among the opponents oi , mount to every other consideration, I with-
the Administration. The election ought to be draw my name as a canaidate for Speaker;
mada by the auti-Nebraska bill members, bud aad-.n "at, I desire to return to
,. ' .. ., , . ,..!. i my friends, who have evinced so much fidelity
they are divided to some exlont on the Amen- , ,-. . , ..
J J to me, my bincere gratitude, and to my poht
can question. And the members of the . ical opponents who have exhibited evidence
American party ara also divided upou the
nlavery question. This latter question, will,
however, control tho election, as it should.
The Speaker elected will not, in our opinion,
receive ono vote south of Mason and Dixon's
'iue. If a true man is elected, I do not care
't such should be the fact But the telegraph,
will tive vou the news, and mv scribbling is !
only speculation.
The "magnificent distances" of this city as
.oierrea to oy Mr. ivanuoipn are last disap-j
jVaring before the march of improvement;;
'ut whether th other characteristics given to '
'.is city by that eccentric statesman, is pass-'
igaway.I am not prepared to ay
It is'
eired not. Washington has unproved very
i;cv-j aiuca inv tiu, nail it now assu- t
J i
i.urif tue appearance ot a city in a HounshiDg 1 ,
It formerly resembled a cross-road
vn, upon a grand scale. The visitors are
iv'eted with cordiality by the citizens, but it
npossible to keep down the impression that f
: asaness
is at the bottom of their cord al
.-.iiia-ji-ns ...eauine tradesmen. Anerc.
. - . .V - A 1 l '
il l bo He objection to this, for if we are to .
humbugged, we prefer to have it done by a
.."irs fice instead of a repulsive looking'
..tonance. Politeness will give a smooth !
1 loasaW.
I Live seen but lit Jo of ilia city or its lions, j
; been busily engaged in preparing a I
nc. it is in the true oacneior atyw. no
' aad children to make it pleasant and hap
. But enough of this. More hereafter. II.
Wasminojon, 1c. 6, 1S53.
Pour days have been spent in useless balloting
Speaker of the Iloase, and we are now about
.cre we commenced. This state of affairs may
a strange to those who are not here te see the
. Peaces which have created and sustain these
tensions. With a elcar Aati-Nebraka major
, we are suable to agree upon a man to carry
.cr principles. The entire Anti-Nebraska
! -ratioa from Indiana have voted uniformly for
.- Campbell. Ho ia our neigbor, a bold and
f!os, aad at the same time an able advocate of
therishoi principles friend to Westorn ia
v?l aad ia every respect eminently qualified
- t .a station. Jlut tao probability is that be
.aot be elected. Why? Some ef our Eastern
i Mi object, la too fiat place, boewno he te a
Western man others, because he is net sufficient
ly identified with the American party others,
perhaps, fear that he would sot give them such
prominence in committees as they desire. This
state ef aUkire is deeply to be regretted, bat can
not be helped.
Our friends from Massachusetts present the name
of Nathaniel P. Banks. lie was originally a
democrat, but was elected by that party and the
Know Nothings. Some ef our tariff friends in
Pennsylvania object to him because he is in favor
of free trade, and will not vote for him. Mr.
Banks commenced life by working ia a cotton
factory, then learned the trade of a machinist
ubscquenMy itudidkd law, and ia 1633 was ad
mitted to the bar. Iu t-at year the Democrats
elected him to the Legislature. lie was the frfend
of Van Caren, Cass, Polk and Pierce. He voted
in the last Ceagress against the Nebraska bill, but
received the entire American vote ef his district,
and a large Dumber of Democrats.
Humphrey Marshall, of Kentucky, was an
nounced a the can Iidate of the Southern wing of
the American pirty, aad received their entire
vote. No Aoti-Administration member from the
8outh haj voted for a Northern man; bat our
Demecratie friends, knowing neither a North or a
Sooth nothing but the spoils of office and politi
cal power, are united for a "Northern man with
Southern principles. " Their candidate is Mr.
Richardson, ef Illinois, the go J-father and engineer
of the Nebraska iniquity. There is, however, no
probability of his election. The whole thing will
probably assume a new shape to-morrow, and
members will vote from motives of policy. The
object of a majority of the Northern members is
te elect a reliable Anti-Nebraka speaker, and so
far as I am inJividuaUy concerned, I care but lit
tle what his antecedcuU have been, so he can be
relied npoa now.
This city is crowded with visitors on pleasure
end office seeking. The delay in the organization
of the House interferes materially with the latter
class, as their business is lost sight of in the uncer
tainty, of who is to preside.
The Ssnate, of coarse, transact Lut little busi
ncss. They meet and adjourn. The g iiety of the
city will not commence before New Years. Then
the President will give hi weekly levees, and par
ties will be the order of nights, sad but little le
gislative basines wTH be done daring the day.
The new buildings of the Capitol, in ue of
which is to met the House of representative i,
and the other the .Senate, is rap.diy progressing.
They are entirely detached from the old building,
and are splendid spacimens of architectural skill.
It will require years yet to complete them. The
grounds are also being improved, and are hand
somely ornamented.
Congressional Proceedings. Balloting
have been continued from day to day, and up
up ty the adjournmeat on Tuesday evening,
a Speaker had not been elected. The Totes
of the democrats were uniformly cast fur Rich
ardson, varying from 70 to 74. Campbell
continued to receive the highest vote on the
Republican side, varving from 50 to 81, unti
the twenty-third balloting, when he withdrew
from the contest in a few neat and patriotic
Ma Campbell, asked the indulgence of the
House for a few moments. The country (he
said ) is looking upon our proceedings with
deep anxiety, and every member is ready to
acknowledge the importance of a speedy or
voting five days, and already twonty-three
votes have becu taken. I fluti" lliat, through
the partiality of friends, I have received, in six
of these votes, a higher number than any can-
date before the House, and in all of them ai
greater number than any gentleman placid in j
nomination by the opponents of the Admin
istration. Yet, sir, it is obvious to me that it j
is impossible for my friends to succeed unless ;
1 can P'frra one of two things, viz: either:
a . - n i t ...
repudiate my well-known principles with re
fcreuce to slavery and Americanism, or in r
some way, directly or indirectly, make pledges i
with respect to the organization of my svlf-re-spect,
and, in my judgement, render me a tit.
oC,Jecl lor PwDllc contempt, b nUer these cir-'
cumbtances, and feeling that tho interests of
' ... . ;
"i country require an organization of the
House, and regarding those interests as para-
of personal regard, my thanks
On the next balloting, Mr.Banks vote rose
to 41 and steadily advanced up to the thirty
ninth, on Monday evening, when he received
107, within six votes of a majority. The vo
ting continued on Tuesday, and the most
strenuous efforts were mada to unite the
northern republicins on Backs, bat without
success; on the forty-f;h and hvst trial Banks)
received 106 votes, Fuller 27, Zollicoffer 4, j
urr s, scattering iu us necessary to a
choice. It still continues uncertain as ever,
who will be the Speaker, or wbea an orgaai-
ration will bo effected
An Honjsst Politician. The St. Lawrence
Republican, a leading Democratic paper ia
- -t- . , . . , ,i ,.r ia-,.
JNew l ork, states the issue ot ISoo, as tol
"It is for the people of the United States
to decide whether the mdministration shall be
sustained and Slavery extended or not. This
iesue. In the slave States the adminis- j
5.wa v. v-.v..7
. tlsA Cuia k o c-.Ana ff i
i,in:.f.!,n ,lt,mntU Txallia, nd dnv
rAKUetvu, m iuc ii1 tjMirao a.uc ai iciius vt
the issue, and sustain the administration o'n j
other pretences, and appeal to Democrats!
to sustain the administration because it wasj
ted and brought into power by the Demo-
crabe party. The Democracy have been be-I
traved bv "the administration of Gen. Pierce '
0d the duty of Democrats, under the cir-
cumstauces, is to repudiate the administra
The question is "whether the administra
tion shall be sustained and Slavery extended
or not This is the issue-' Where are you
oa this question, Jeemes?
Dickask of Jcdgk Samplk. We learn,
with much regret, that Hon. Samuel C Sam
ple died at his residence near South Bend, on
last Sabbath evening, Dec. 2d. Judge Sam
ple had been ia feeble health for several
months, and for soma weeks past eonlned at
home. Ho had filled with great credit tho
important stations of Judge of tho Circuit
Court, Member of Congress, and President
of tho Branch Bank at South Bend, aad his
gentkmanlybearinf aad excellent judgement
had drawn towards him universal osteeBL. His
decease is a public loos, while it ia a sad be
reavement to hit afflicted aad estimable family.
The Jeffersoaiaa Defeadiaa; Ferkias.
Our neighbor opens out in his issue of last
week, with a high-wrought commendation of
Judge Perkins opinion, in a style well cal
j culated to make one think he was "playing on
j a harp nv a thousand strings," and from the
horrid screechings of his instrument we might
also conclude that a numerous pack of the
canine ppecies had suddenly broke forth in
their "baying at the moon." We do nott
propose to notice all the discordancies of his ,
article, for it is "not worth the powder,- but j
will only glance at a f w of them. j
j Our neighbor denounces the Prohibitory f
j Law as a "schenae. for abridging the liberties:
' of the Deople," which "came seething from !
the brains of political knaves!" When it is
remembered that the law originated in the
I "old line" Senate, and was passed by the re
publican House, without 'dotting an or cros-
' ping It X , niai All U1U
La. t V a V , i T 1 tlia annniattrinii if
T. ,1.1 mA.roh (a...
our neighbor fall with peculiar force upon the ;
heads of his own political friends his curses,
"like chickens, come home to roost." The ;
question very naturally forces itself upon the
mind of all who read his article, if ho are these j
"political knaves?" are they the political ma-,
j jority in the Senate which originated, perfect-
ed, and, on its final passage approved it, yes,
approved all its obnoxious provisions is the ;
Governor who sanctioned with his own sign ,
manual this abominated law, one of them? or,
is the republican majority of the House and ;
the unquestionable maj'rity of the people of this j
state, embracing the most sober, moral and re-!
ligious classes, who accepted it as a boon from i
their hands, who are thus held np to scorn ;
and derision as "political knave?" j
Our neighbor is desirous that tho.-e who '
disapprove Judge P's. 'opinion, should take ;
up the thing and discuss it in detail show its j
unsoundness by argumentative quotations, j
figures, tropes, &.c. drawn from the illustrious
writers on morals, constitutional law, psalm-1
! ists and poets, who have ever committed their j
j thoughts to paper in "gude black ink." Such j
a course might be particularly gratifying to j
the vanity of the Judge and his protege. El
der, but would fall far short of a full and com
plete answer thereto, and, moreover it 'wouldn't j
pay" 'twould be time lost, paper and talents '
thrown away. We think we have adopted'
j the only feasible mode by which such miser
able sophistry can be answered, and that was
by publishing the thing itself it carries its
own refutation with it, convincing every sen
sible man of its false logic, immoral sentiment,
indecent illustrations and unsoundness gen-1
erally. And to foriify the friends of prohibi-i
tion with arguments, which are arguments, j
we have published the appelee's 'brief in the!
Beebe liquor case. Has our neighbor ever
read that document? Wo presume, if he had
done so, he would not have insisted so strong
ly on an answer to Perkins.
The truth is, Jeemes, this 'opinion' of your
"friend and pitcher," is all stuff, the merest j
stuff, notwithstanding your pathetic sighs !
about his "pride of character (!)" "the high !
responsible position he holds" "his solemn j
obligations to discharge his duties," and all '
that sort of twaddle, still its inherent weakness
is so glaringly apparent that we cannot better '
characterize it than by calling it stcff.
Our neighbor contends with much feeling,
for the 'natural riht' of mankind to indulge
in the 'moderate' use of intoxicating liquors, ;
but if they should by accident over-step the
bounds of 'moderation' or to use Judce P's. !
more refined term, "ration enjoyment"
and be guilty of 'drunkenness,' then they;
should be visitiied with the most condign
'punishment. To carry out this idea, prac- i
tically, it would be necessary first to define j
'drunkenness,' and then to have an iustru-;
ment, which might properly be called a
"drunkometer,' for the purpose of ascertaining !
with the utmost precision when there was a
violation of law. This brilliant idea certainly '
could not have originated in the muddy brain :
of the editor of the Jeff. it must have ema- j
nated from that concentration of legal lore, j
Judge P. himslf. But we have said more !
than we intended at this time upon the sub
ject, and will reserve further comments for
another occasion.
Giving Consolation.
A correspeudent of the State Sentinel, writing
from Connorsviile, ask that paper to "give ceaso
lation to the Democracy'' of this Congressional
District, in consideratioa of the Herculean labers '
they have performed for years, and more especial-'
ly for the boge effort made by the "old Users" in !
aad about the region of old Fayette, at the last
October election ia electing a County Commis-1
sioner! Therenpon, the State organ pours forth j
the oil and wine ef consolation, ia sach an abun-;
dant quantity that if thepetitioner for unctuous !
matter be any thing ef a reasonable man, ha will j
be overwhelmingly thankful and satisfied ! The;
Sentinel first compliments the Democracy ef the J
old "Burnt District," for maintaining their iategri-!
ty battling for Jefersooian principles, aad re
maining ' uncontaminated by the deluge ef fanati
cism which has flooded the State. The organ
does not say at what period this 'flood" occurred
probably it aliades to the fusion of democrats and
abolitieaists in this District, at the time their sui
ted votes sent George W. Julian to Congress to
represent them; if saeh is the fact, the Democracy
of the old -Burnt District" truly deserved the
"consolation" given by the Sentinel, for it was in
deed and in truth a trying time they '-firmly :
maiatained their Democratic faith" on &at occa
sion, "and stood as true as steel to the .Vab'eaa
Democratic Standard T Tho organ then gives
special 'Vonsolatioa" to the Petros the Ileitis
the Herons the Hiakstons the Good, an Jars
the Habkards the Frybargers, Arc, of Fayette
prefacing it with the asnal qaaatity of slang al
ways thrown ai Messrs. Smith aad Parker, to give
it a relish, aad closes by again complimenting the
-gal2aat Democracy ef tho District" as the embod
iment of all that is pore ia Democracy, and aa wa
vering ia patriotism," aad promises if ever it
should want an example of "fealty to party, and
nocomproausing oppotititm to I umo. Jtc it win
not fad to aoint to the "aaeooooerabie host" here
for the especial obiect of reprodacisg that "ea-
Taking? into consideratioa the trials and tribala
tioos oid li seism has undergone in the "Burnt Dis
trict, it gratifies us mora to be aw enabled to
say ia their behalf, in the language ef the immor
tal Juuioa, that they are at tins present wntiaf
"laai t sack creel ti .
With iaet4 mc
Old Lins Mmting. The old liners in thiaj
county hell a meetaag at CeatreviUe on
Thursday last, for the purpose of appointing
delctes to the State Convention on the 8th
of January. We leara from one who was
present, that not more than two hundred were
in attendance, and yet the State Sentinel says,
"the meeting was one of the largest of the
kind ever held by the Democracy" of this
county. However, let the number be great
or small, the "embodiment" were addressed
by John L. Rbj,on. in his usual style the jsome pro-slavery man to injure the free state
abject matter of which we are informed was j party in Kansas. The truth was, that a young
denunciations of preachers, "fusion," "Black j mn by the name of Dow. while at a black
Republican." "Know Nothing" and "Aboli-! smith shop where several 'border ruffians'
tion" parties commendations of old line De- had congregated, was deliberately shot down.
mocracy and Whiggery, tyjuatter Sovereign-, oy one toiemsn. wunoui me sugars proTo
ty, and "a 'judicious" liquor law one that the ! cation. An attempt was made to arrest the ;
democracy could approve of; he declared the : murderer, but through the aid of his abettors
present Prohibitory Law a nullity, and pledg-1 he escaped to Missouri. Being a friend of
ed himself that before "ten days" the Su-! slavery, though cold-blooded murderer as he
preme Court would declare it unconstitution-! i3 Coleman will no doubt there find pro- :
ai. contended that the South had a perfect ; tection. Sheriff Jones arrested a Mr. Bron-.
right to plant slavery in any of our territories, n 4 whose houso Dow had lived, but he
whenever they could command a major- j Wfts rescued from the custody of tho sheriff
ity of voters in such territories apply for hJ a company of his neighbors. The sheriff
admission as Slave States, and the North, fur!111 pplei Governor for assistance, ;
the sake of peace and the Union, should qui-who forthwith telegraphed to tho President,
etly acquiesce; said that Fassmore William-! for the iJ of 1000 government troops. The ;
son had pur-ed himself of contempt (bv say-1 President did not grant the request as was ;
ing precisely the ssme thing when he was i reported, but cautiously replied that he would ,
taken out of jaU that he did when he was put consider on it. Those best informed, think
in by Judge Ks,) vindicated the character j now tbere wil1 not a nguinary contest
of that unjust Judge, told an anecdote about between the two opposing authorities after all.
preachers enticing away from the old line fold i TLo I'reaideut evidently in a quandary i
the lambs of the flock, and asking them if ibout lhe m"r: if he aids the Missouri mob ;
they had seen "Sam?" and if they had cot, ! government, which, it is now admitted on all ;
directing them where to find that ubiquitous bands' Las not. th PPJal of majori-
individual fce 1 of the real citizens of Kansas, it will be so
A Mr. l'owVv followed ' Lard Oil" bv wv ! Spring a violation of his much-lauded doctrine ;
of exhortation, and so well pleased were the
audience with his effort, that each wanted a "'r"8rus BU ,on"1 man ln lue
lock of his hair, as a memento of his services ! wilhout Mushing. On tha other hand, he
'twas a moving one! The meeting nomina-! h,s to Siv lb mb ver.ment ome "aid .
ted Jesse D. Bright for President; Oen. Charles ! and -oaifrt L loe caste w,lh the ;
, . . .'Southern Deonle. an imnortant matter with .
Kavmona was recommended tor secretary of
State delegates were appointed, and, for fur-;
- , , c , i
ther particulars; 6ee Jetfersonian.
Marking a Pbkdictiojj. Friend Bentley.
of the Brookville Democrat seems to be still
elated with his "first choice" for Governor
John L. Robinson, and thus whispers in our
ear one of the secrets of the forthcoming old
line Convention:
"The nomination of John L. Robinson is
among the fixed facts, and his election is as
sure as the 2d Tuesday of October arrives." i
"Tltri i'.uf l.o.. rt-r, f-ik rVv tkA
a. aeu utk J.1U9 Vlil. Wa W IB t UM I KktJD
Democracy of Indiana are bound to win the
day at the coming annual election. Mark oar
We assure Bro. Bentley that he need not
apprehend any serious consequences resulting refuge, and pay himself the sworn value of,
to us from the doings of the Sth of January 'said fugitive slave or slaves out of said prop
Convention, whether his redoubtable candi- erty or debt. There are a good didv clauses !
date is incubated at the sitting thereof or not,
as we are perfectly indifferent as to the choice
that party shall make, believing any one nom-
ui il, is euic lu oo ucicaieu uut mure
. , ' i
parucu;ariy Uro. iJentley s "trst choice.
We have markedjmr frieiid's prediction, and
connaenny bTlieve tat the result will
show that he at least is neither a prophet or .
the son of a prophet. j
Judging from the way Bro. Bentley felici-
tares himself on the "iavor" his suggestion of
an deayervM champion was received by his
party, we should not be at all surprised if the
Convention should now nominate hirn. that a
"serious and fataldisaster would occur" in the
locality of Brookv,lle-for we think Bro. B. ,s or sulject J lhe pf4vme,of ,;l9 dfcbti of tha
quite enthusiastic enough on this subject, to husband in any manner, unless by the written
attempt to do the sime thing our neighbor of consent of the wife first obtained, duly ac
the Jeff, did when he was elected to the legis- knowIedS'1. and recorded, witnessed by at
i3. i. i j t ,, i, , , , , , least two witnesses to be selenttd bv the wife,
lature huld himself out at arm s lensrtn bv 0 i j mi . - ' vi i
Kosolved, That the General Assembly shail
the seat of his breeches! t,, t. m i. Ain ,
n . , T , . . mother of an equanty with tne father in the
Can t Appreciate. The Lafayette Aruer- - . - ti j c , i -t
, - raaintainance, education and care of the chu-
icaa says that the aid line Democracy of Indi- dren; and in no eve ah&A the raother be de
ana cannot appreciate the fact that the nisjor privei of Ler children except on account of
part of the government printing in New York insanity, intemperance, or other gross inapro
ia given to the Evening Tost, merely because Feties.
that paper is now lie the Indiana Democracy tT t. r i -i- t ,
1 r, , J Haik Die. The London 1 .rues rr.tea tte
were a short time s nee, opposed to the exten- , . , , .
, , . n following' circumstance, which shouid be ex-
eion of slavery in any of the, Temtone?. So , , vv , .
J teusively published as a caution to ail person!
6 , ... , ; who seek to change the order of nature by
TL. .. V . l . i ,-. . , i - , , : . . . - .
. u, uuiuiici vi paiee it sue iii nor ienu at hicddiou
Wayno county, from th 5tu of Sept. to the of Oct.:
according to tho raiiaL:um,waj 104S. Tii wil! do prt-
ty well for th- "sober .tdes" ef Ri-hmona. Noneed tot
'froe whisky in that stronc hold of frusioaum. Sent 7.
.,, . . f. . .
Mistake wiU happen in the best re filiated families.
4th..boT.u.uf3. Inadofthomortbein?
fr.m ti,"25ta sept, u ti. 3d Oct.- we .h-uid har.
ail tvntjjitnh ..Seller to tk third of DrctmUr.
"ft", hare but cs legultgent in cur city, Mr. Sentinel,
and Lave really "no need for -free whisky,' " nUbo' voor
Spireme Judge ht male that arti.Ie( ind?id, by li -
cencicg several Illegal ow, for the wtaKi-uiaient of hii
peculiarly free doctrine By thns doing, ie hu clear'.y
demonstrated that "Mar cannot, ly prebibitory taw, be
robbed oi" hi free genyl
A, Good a. a Vi.W, iae.-M". Seam tiat Moee-'
ley, who ltweei eoucnoed inoculating ome of our
cibictu with Porltinf, L. luch an extent that enrcben of
,, ... . . ... .
them ware at leaet aueia, baa been notified ty Messrs. 1
Parry EUbwck, th Owners of tie he oocnpiea, !
to "vamons. th. ranchr immediately, if not aooner.-
Good: y we. Thi. U h. rigbt way to operate. Give
every one who attemrfc to sell intoxicating liquor, a. a i
beverage, a does of cisaj atom. iLb.r rent them a '
bouae, or buy any tLicgfroa them, ao tonj a. they sell '.
the ac-Ttrsed thinv. THi fl.Tetr-'n-. a r-xA as a rr.hih- '
itory law, if every frieai of tsntj-raace wm practice it. (
1 1 !
r.n .. .!lIB"ana' , -
ksV Oi t ndayaigbtlet As enr police were roanuor
. .. . , , . , , , , !
round, a fnead of Ferkia soon they fooni ; a ten foot :
, , . , , ,. cv , . ,
f.w VaAAaS we sbb U la ayvrvA. a,tAg. suvw aenea OVCTU ffarC i.1 Daw ojsU i
bifl btwd; tnd
the. ukefrieuU ttey did him hail, aad
Ln to theii!-tkejtaiu a re then u ,
waM. I.: J ai . J ;t -
IIT Laet Honday nigt. wiiiat .itder the inSaene. of
I'erkini. a Gennaa ttadetook to trcea tie railroad bridg.)
tt owing to th. fact tht his virion was very much im- j
paired by the rarag- of be dUcfs, sod hi. k.oe weak j
aad tottering, be aUsedbia foot hold and tumbled oS
the weatesd cf bridg-aiiiDg ome ten or fiftoea feet
wam aAAAAJ. aaUaA UlClw AASw HUCfXCU " " L " UCAl AAA! aa 1 AI -
I eossiderablv Vrood bat no bone, brvkm.
The Pope h ddressei a letter to the
Archbishops and Siahopa of New York, re
commending the Ctholics of this country to
establish, a College t Rome for tha purpose of
r,.. - a ti. n
educating Pridsta or Aaaenca. The Pope
fears if Priaata reeire as education ia thi
free land, they wilabe leas likely to carry eat
Lis suggestion to Bishop Hughes aid in
'cnaahingoatRepoIicaaism'ia this Coaatry.
m m m m "
etTaUAts: EujZuEiaera Cough
' Tax Kaxsa9 DirncrLTias. Since our lt
issue, we have nothing of special interest m
relation to the disturbances ia Kansas. As
. wo suggested, the first reports telegraphed
over the country, of a pro-slavery man by !
the name of Coleman, being attacked by three !
free state men, apparently without cause
j his wife and children cruelly driven from their!
j house, and that Coleman shot one of his:
, assailants, all out of pure self-defence, turns j
out to be a wieKea uusenooa, coneociea dv ;
.of "squatter sovereignity,
that he could not
: afterwards
1 1 1 . . . i
l . ,1. . r . i I j
mm lusi uu iu eio ui auuiucr i ichiucului
Reprisals. The Georsna Legislature has
under consideration a most singular bill, for j
indemnifying citizens of that State for the
loss of their negroes
We find the following j
s of it in the N. Y. Tribune:
A Georgian goes before a proper tribunal
and swears that one of his negro slaves has
run awav or a dozen of his slaves, as the case ;
may he that said slave or slaves has
made his way to some Free State say. New f
Yurk and that he canuot recover him: where- i
upon the tribunal gives him legal authority to '
seize or attach any property belonging, or debt
due in Georgia to any citiztn of taid free State j
wherein said fugitive is sworn to hare found j
iana Elucn vcrDiage; out iue gisi oi me xuv is
j 5 not pASSei whea we ast heard
f Miiledgeville. but was deemed likely to
1 . ,
become a law
Married Woman in Kansas. The follow-
ing resolutions were adopted bv the Consiitu-
tional Convention recently held in Kansas.!
We trust that a clause embracing theso just!
and equitable principles m.iy find a place in j
the fundamental laws of that young state: j
-'Resolved, That the Gt-neral Assembly shall i
have no power to pass any law whereby the j
separate esta'e of a married woman either in j
Prty, real personal or mixed shall ever
Iw. moIn Lith.A.it f. ,er.,i.n! . f I . , , t- k e. , I '
CO'Orin S their Lair t
i 6 , . i
j A man was placed in Uie Lunatic Asylum
at Berlin, to be treated for mtiital alienation, I
. ,. , . , . ,
brought on by the use of Lair-dar. On ex-1
. , -, , -'
-mining ihe dye which be had employed it!
j wai ascerUmed to be composed of lead, mer- j
CUfJ- .and Junr C USUC' " produced Violent !
pains in the head, and at length led to Iliad-
j j
J From tie CrawforJrville Joaraal j
-tj Some of the old liners deny that they ,
'are the whis-ty party, notwithstanding the re- j
' suits which have followed their triumph, and :
.t . , . . i ;ti J '
amrm itiai ir.ev wi,i ccacia gooa temperance
law wh;ch ig constitntional and will suit the
, jn name of foramon hocestjf
' , , , r ..,,. i. .-m -. J
what kind of a temperance law wiu suit those
, , ,. , . .... 1 , ,. ,, ,
f h dbUera and iquor aeiie who con-
tnbntei ao largely to lawyers for the purpose
ofbreaUn? down the present prohibitory law?
" hat k;nd of Pkas EOW en-
gge tte liquor traffic? W hat kind cf
liquor law will suit those foreigners who
believe with 50336 old liners of this rlaee.
that the right to drink and sell whiskey i the j
inalienable right for which our forefather I
fou - ht, and bled, and died? TVillalaw pleas
- , , . , . , I
in? to thoa classes be worth piacmr: on the
& , , a ti- ? , - ,. .
statute book? Would it save a solitary maa ,
from drunkennes.? or would it promote the (
"use of temperance a single loto? Nay,.
! verily! Such ta.k i as idle aa tbe winds.
Tho5 ld ha h J themaelTM temper- ,
Tnn re ellh" O'-OBast or greatiy de- ,
iwd. Think you the Alamo branch of old j
lineism in this countj would ever sanction a i
law that would ia the least degree curuil 'he J
making, telling, or drinking liquor? Ties
mmm selo IS r,,nc.tAKWs Tr A rv.,manT iV,v
I virocose ueh a law, that Ei.rcect the arcle of
diweord is tlirowo into their ranka, and they
will be rplit into fragment.
i Light nr a Daak P la ex. Brown coonty
Sold Democratic Brown which last year caye
year gaye
aa old line majority of 450. this year elected
a RepabHcan clerk by 1 50 majority. vTho
will now aay that the world doea not more?
Greensbarg Preae. -
XA New York paper, speaking; of the
report on geatlemen'a faahsoaa, eajsc "Tbere
is not much change ia gaxulemaa's pA&ta,loB s
this moa."
McCluke libraries.
FftRSOSS iairrette-t la thf fernatiea of "WtMbj Mea'
1 :i-rr:r. ec4ttrlh hiufiuitt fe-tMt -t im- lm Mr.
And 1,oyv Prirve
Of lb wnAtTtfumA. H will, fur Libruy pvpoHt. Mil it
Urn Sicuc:t from pnM'bMV (.rir for ernth. mud will
f--rjity rr.T t-oet to b prfct. Being pcriuaratlj le
tMl ID CiDcCuaau. t..: curmatee mi b smttl to cry
Linrerj, ma m pow : Mt f of iapfTftcUofl ticbasre wy
Ts.-jt rri.ly t o. t. The utorlmcol ef te uiiers!(3ej
cai" lSr;-'''"l'.Jtn t Try iapomat b-u in lb:
cotintrj ai Earore. U. W. OSK3V.
Vtcettt 15, IsiS. Boour:'ir. CiBeinnui.
NPRI'Ii nSwHl hertT he roMithed, ia one to'-
uo.e. m vl "is., sell pruned en fine vbite peper and tab-
taoc-.eny fconoii, j
A Treatise
On the Prj al Duties f Jusueee nt the Peace na Can- '
'-!' o the ta!e f Inrt;i.. w ih Kcl.r: rn .
rhich ere jwiue4 oeerrsli u ez the Law of Contract.
Ni.-..' Ku!s. tUe lH.Ke:ic iieiuiou. t.iace. oc , l
CVD J, DiVB, Ll,;
Thi :t ttii U-i-.g r.i,1e.l t y t!s- OiEttrj, t-.wjere as J
tue nrft ca cf la4 ta. h siise a? the Aa:fe-r esurea
we'.: jre;re1 e:n1 fjntafai li-t uf ;hs 1 re tiof te
ths euct, &i.(I ece viitch U le riti.2a &utbty. ;
li W IK&B. i
TiCcsber 13. 1;J. Cincircli. O.
CiiM-itiuati and
Ctiieafe Kailroad.
ON" ar.-l a"fr M:i IVB:"or 6. 1S53. an l nutil further
aottce.traice an th.t r-l will run as fialio:
Ltave R.chiccr.t 8 A. M.
Keache Aadersoc. 1 ! li
I.eare A'lrrtoa 2 3 P. If.
Keaehee Kietnoocl 5:10
Caacectii.f wuh Mail 1'raloa of Lt .o aad UasiUoa, aad
Indiana Centra' lUnrotJi.
A a're.ght Trxia, with Pascger Car attache.!.
I -are, Ainiereoii, TOO A.M.
Kearhicic Htchmonl, 10:Sy
Leave i.ichoiaiad. IMF M:
Betcbioi Andernae, S:i0
By thu Train fi 'm Aadereec at A. M.. Puiecnrt may
reach tun by U.l f M.. aad Cincinnati by 1 :0 P. it
7" eannection witktraic treat Dayton er Ciocmeatl
in tb erenlac. S Ii. atoaSK. Snpt.
Seercastle, lecemer 11. i2-lf
One noreChance rerMaking Tlonejr.
fJVHE tubecriher offera for aaie r eichaace the andiei4ed
I half ef a three story Brick Homt. near tha tnt end ef
Main atreet, on the coroer of Jjin and Washington streets,
now occupied by V. W Kobinaen as a Machine Shop The
u?liin is about 00 feet front ty 40 deep, together with a
frame l.uildinic on the back I art cf tie lot. The house ia
nearly nee the lot is about oil by 131 feet, iu a good loca
tion for busmrss a strctt on two sidca and an alley oa
the other si tes. The proi erry will be eld on reasonaMa
terms for cash, one third in hand, on third in one and one
third in two years, or eachaned for a farm or unimproved
land nr c it property Come one, come all one at a tiae
aad you can haTC a bargain, you can Ver particular, ap
plication may be made t y mail or in person.
KT I haee a number of other piece ef City property te
disposenr at various prices tu auit the quality, l'leaeegive
me a call at No. 16 L Main treet,ij Coor of Lynde's i-tiiid-iUK-
Kichmond. Pecemler 13.1S55. iJ-'Jm
Indiana Weekly Journal pleae copy 3 moo'.bs, and end
bill te thi ediee.
Tremendous Reduction in Prices'.!
Thr Crcatf st llariains ever Srtn iu Richmond
From 25 to 100 j-er cent. Cheaper Man they
can be had in the Stote.'
X bow receiving their second Fall aleck or lry tiood.
which on account of the late pressure in the Eastern money
market, har been bought at such rate that will enable us
to sell a ereat many food at one half of era oca former
price. We init the public to coat and eramine this
tock, and if we do no not do a we adeems, don't buy
any thin? . It i impossible for us te enumerate a tithe of the
inducements offered to purchasers at this establishment, but
among the str ci will be found the following goods.
S.OiiO yard plaid lLaioea, warranted net better goods in
Richmond for 24 cents, at 1S
3.0KII jardsSca Island bleached Shirtings. worth IS1,-
3, WO " Cambric ChinU. Leautifut style, li'.c, well
worth is V:
SUdos l.inen Handkerchiefs, all liutn.Sc;
3 do French oordered do, do, 61 -. usual pries t! ;
10 de Needle worked ChemiseU. &e. " " S;
SO do Indies ribbed lamb's wool hose. 37c, cheap at C2;
10 do Men's he-vy woolen half hose, S&t, a ereat bargain;
K0 '-o Masiflcet.t Freuoh Collar. 91. warranted worth,
10 do Youth Silk Crarats, 2ic. cannot he bought for
less than ?Sc.
Our stock of these Ooeds is large, and we will sell them a'
prises that will defy aDy attempt at competition.
Clotb Talmas and Lone Sbawli.
3 doi super Clash Talma. 1 4 503 00;
S do smaller sir do. ti Sue.
Also Bay State, Waverly and Waterloo Locg ShawU;
3 do?. Chi WreiC bv Shjn! Rhawls:
' atoney (.otno, Barcelona and Cashmere Square Shawls.
Cloths, Cassimeres, Satinets, Tweeds, Jeans. Drillings,
Men's lamb's a ool and cotton Shirts and Drawers, linen and
ilk pocket H lkfs. black and fig''! Italian Cravats, etc.
Let all purchasers come and examine this stock, and yea.
will he saUs&ed that the place to buy your goods Is at the
Xtw York Dry Ootids Store,
n. JACKSON, Proprietor.
December 13. 185S. i.'-tf
'jflir; undersi-tied offers for sale at the old Anet'en room,
Sloau House l.n.i j.iiir. a larestock of C0TTAUE BK1-,
TSiDS, emrracing almost every esriety of the modern
styles and patterns liewili sell at wholesale or retail, aad
at prires so low that any person wantiug an article of th
kind, either to seil again, or for their own use. cannot fait to
be satisfied. Call soou. C HI. i i t I.L, Aeent. J
Richmond. December 13, S.o. 5-Ut
I baiiue of Time.
THE Tovniiip Lib-try will hereafter be kep t open on .
Saturday nf each wrek, ineUsd of 'Vedncsday, b.-
tween U A. M.,aT)d 3 F. M. S. W. I.VNDl'.
I'cjfmber ', l'i.
fv iikrii v t fi.-" , rr.,.i,r;:i"; v;t,, ir.T.k im ' T HENTi flneatore room on Main street, twenty
A J - vst.b.isn a -Night W atch ia the X,we wl,,e ,3e bnndrod and ten feet deep, in good of
City of Kiclimoni. der. Will b let for ten years or aa ler Terms moderate.
rrcTii w 1. He it ordained by tha Mayer and Com-1 OcUber iti. IKMs sy lAMU.
rrcn '"ouocil of tha City of Ricbmou i. That altha f.rst
inec'ioc of th Coucril in the motith of January rtwxt, . riyT rrmioai trotting Baggy, a very i.erior and aae
the Common Ccur.cil (hall appoint a instable number t 1llutaa aB. DEN.'tIS ds Kta.
cf p ciiicemen, not exceeding six in number, to act as a ' - :.
Niiht "'V?h ir,,,id cit.y' . . , . .,, .1 l"' of Tram boas, on Se.enU street, tottllf
Src. 2. It shall be the dut v f.f eneli Policemen to f. ioo ferf; . ia fo .n,. on .he side and in th roar.
k sep good rrder in tha city during tb hours they
sh!l te oa dutj to watch snd protect the property
of th citizens sad city from f.ia sad dr j-rojstiens of
ail kinds to spprehend sad fcr'nj t.-. trial all disturber.
of the f r-sce and ail rivtoui and disorderly persons, and
t-i do sr.d ntrt'orm efnerallv such semces si are re-
quired of the City Marshal in !ik rises. ,
Skc. 8. At lesst two '( aurh Folicwmea .hall be oa
duty every nijht 'ion 1 o'clock, f. M.. Vj t o'clock, ;
A. M. from the first of March to the first of October: .
and from 5 o'clork. p. M. to 4 o'clock. A. M , frsm the 1
nrt of October to the tirst of March in each year, and i
hall be subject to such rules and reolaU jn as the j
. ouac ii i r - i. ' un- !onnieiiiii reci tm.
uasiuva ii- i ' sail- -y : .iin inn a e trvj . i
. ti. ..-.a u.i; -L..I .u-:!
ervic e. 1 per BiKht for e.ch night ia actual .ervice),
but their comjensaHon mij be lacrersed by reoeJu-
tion cf tha Couucil, at any meeting, if thc:ght proper
oy the Council, each compensation to be pai Jotrt of the
City Treury.
Src.S. Tbe a:d Fulicemea, c,r any one cr ntoveef
them, may be diarhtreeJ from .ervire st aay nteetlnr
, .
a ihe Council for m(duet or other good cs-js. of
reovovkl. at the pleasura of the ( oancil.
Sac. 6. It ;bai! be tha du'vof the Policemen appoint-
ed under thi. Ordinance. "o nht sad extingui.h the
..-r- ...... ... ......
public laatp . at such time as may aa designated by the '
Mc. i. I h: Url.aince to fce in Itirce Horn snj alter
its pa.ss(e.
F.ed and approved December 4, 155
JOHN FIM-tl", Mayor,
Attest. B. W. Davis, Clerk.
DecesnW C. I'M. - ol
AN OPDIA.NCr. for the continuation of an alley
15 feet wiJe. running, west from Greea street, oe-j
tween tha land, cf Jesse Coffia aad reward Connr
and others. i
Pictiost I. Beit ordained by the Mayor and Com- J
raon Council of the City ef tichasotid. That the alley I
cow cpenei and running west froas (ireea street, he- j
ta oen the !oti of Jesset'-.ffin, I'dw.rd Cocbot aad otb-
er. be eoatinued west fifteen feet wide, tbroekih the
lands ef Dsvid V . Ors re. tht, Kichavnd Ga. Light and 1
Coke Ccmpaey and o'hers. to a point two aaacrad and
sixteen feet from the sr.uthwest coraar cf reward
( onaer'. Lrst. ; AN ORDINANCE to repeal aa Ordiaance entitled
Sate-2. ! i e oraiaa a-e to take efi-Kt and be "in force ; "An Ordiaaare to siusc t'Uth street te Conero
froa an j after it. passage. .treet,' pasd Uecesebar 04, lAio.
t axed aad approved DeeeaSr 4. loS. ; SaC7ioa t. Bo ft ordained by the Mayer aaiC'ees-
JOHN V INLET, M.ytr . f aaow etvocUof the CHy of Rienaaoaa, that .aidOrdi
AtlwL B. W.DiTU.f leri. mace bo and tha assse i hereby ret-oalod.
' . ; ?c. 3 This Ordiuaaeo to tike e2t aad aa iaioraa
A!f OBDlSArL to amend an OrdLtan-e wt:led A froat j mftmr (t, ..,t.
s " '"" " r"""";v'"
i .i i ra.ua, pwars SQ'l approvoa in 1. z I, 1MQ
?cno 1 Be it cT-iaiied by tbe Mavey an4 Coatoson
Coudc-I of tbe City of Kkrsi4.TBat seeeafter it shall
be nuiaa-fal for any rrwi! to yhcot er explode are!
rrackan, torpedoe cr other fire works, or to burn bca -
of Richmonl.oa a.-T occasion whatever.
1:1 i ! - li
tax. I. Aey rnoa ylaiijr the provwioen ertte
tbe Mayor, be feed ia any mm not lews thaw oce dollar,
nor more tfeaa twen'y-nro doitars for each effeex-e. te be
reoovwred as other fiu-s are, and en fail are to pay ev ra
pl erj the eavra-. shall be ton&ned ia th. c.ty priK on.
day for each AVdlar of raea fine.
Sac. J. "I hi. Ordinanco to bo in force from aad after
it peeeage.
Paed and ar proved DoeercW 4th. 1e5-
Ajtewt: B. W. Davti, Cierk.
, . . y i new. i.i 'jw oua,
JTurm! Fnr!
JUST reeeteed a Iwrre Wt of Udie and geatl-wew's rTai
aJ bm ale eorw low BW JAS BAH.
i very low ay
lliAataata let, tarn
.Dennis & Kins Coltunn
w. T. IIU1S.
& KDSa.
Atxctio&eers, Brokers and Commission.
Her chants,
So. 84 Jfain street, Richmond, Ind
BCY aad U Rt t:eurt mmi PwnJktX PreD'T
tock, iiaaii sd .Nutn. rv.
D.tS U Iprotrd -tok. F.,iM TaoU 4
MaeOincrr. of ererf deitrip:u. AUo, Gri p.J.
due and bmi Seec of ell kinJi. '
Acote for lite) purch end eel nf raUabta Dteat
XT LOAAS oetoUtd,aa CASiiade..i t
iirii to
Sotm Hant. Eq , Baskttr, Ricbaoad;
I LvwieBurk.
Br.n a. MJrrr.nr.
uu-haidBil, Oct. 4. 166. . Mf
7IiJHTT acre f rood land ia Oeea eoontj. tx
rr.Ma the musty acj: "v acre clear. (u-l lee -,
timber, one haif aaile freai a rd feaa Mill.
pre en will bw takea ia e
Jic,e. I.K
A GOOD UOrSX. corner of Frost aa.d Walaat strstu
s i roou s-4 cellar, all ia gad order will (weaid
cheap, D K.
'BBKEB ACILES of snjeri o r ! m d oath aoatoa Pike. neat
s- towa. D ekk.
SNro f-aeae ksase aad jreed lot en Trasktta street,
aerth of Maia. at a baxfaia. I. ek K.
7It!HTT ACRES g4 land on Ih Newcastle RaitroaU.
' A nveatlle froat tee a acres eleareJ. cood house: will
hOooU low.
P.ak K.
fI.JUTV aero of land, sail east of aUcatnead. near
the f isacuoa ef aWlreal and Baton pike; wttl be old at
a barga-ti. S.AI
algflatw Acre CSed l.RBal oa the Salimsay Kua.
Ja J tof Southwest quarter, aecttoa 10. towaalun lid, day
county, foar mile ovttth aaat of Camden.
naaa atnst lt near WashiairtoB Aewaao. Let sea
tain three acree. large hoaae, oeeon rooms, sailk
hoase, wood house, spring house, stable and durable aprtag.
Lot caa be subdivided advantageously. A song cottage,
pleasantly situated will be taken ia exchange.
dam Ms dt ansa.
Straus. mv ?Iilt and ix acre of good taad.seeea
miles north of Kais-htstown, Henry county, lnd. Owed
farm, dwellings and oat buildings. Mill iagood order, wita
Shingle Mach.ne and Cera Crusher all complete. Kngiee
of ample power, and plenty of poplar timber otoss to the
mill. Will to sold very low. PC.NXIS 4 tUSU.
( JoxhI Watrr tw?r. Saw Mill and forty Br acre
vl splendid land, throe mile from Richmond. Two teed
ttwcllings, barn and orchards, and durable springs. Mill ia
first rate order good ston quarry and limo kila aa ia
preuiee. Will a sold at a bargain.
lf ue stnd It oa Main streot, between FraaklU
and Fifth Lot 41 feet front by liMdeep Tb mesial,
ieible property on th street, for profitable improvement,
flhrrc Thaautnd Uollsars In aUchmoad City
as. lionds, bearing 6 per oenL, for sale on fair terms.
Da.NMsdt ISt.
'etr t rainr CottagfO an Seventh street. Boar
tfain very snug and comfortable; in first rats order, and
I be sold low. i'K.NMS ok kl.Nt.
4 N iicproved Lot on Main atreut, with all tha Been.
'"sary conveniences for Livery litisiaes. Lot 87 and
4- by 165 feet in good order. Terms low aaaeasy,
with payment, or will be exchanged for Rood wester
lanus. lli.XNb fc KI.NO.
THRKE lots (enclosed) on Seventh street, SOtttA af
Main, very eliiiWy load.
.Nov. b. DLNNISdtKl.NQ.
GOOD house and let oa Pearl street. 49 11 feet
4 trout by 13i t'oetdeep, iu good order, aad will be
old low on easy terms. DKN'.M fcl.SQ.
ONt hundred snJ sixty acre oi gplendid lead i
Tulk county, Lo a, seven miles freia DosMoia,
and one-hall mile from I'esMoinea river forty to
sixty acre in timber. Well watered and good dry
oU. Term moderate. DENNIS 4 KING.
FINE brick store and dwelling oa Mais street, all
in good order, and one of the very best basinets
locations in the city. Possession given immediately.
Nov. a JJi-N.Ma K1NU.
ONE thoussnd dollar mortgage en new and walaabte.
property, worth three time thi amount, wtU a
old to pay (he purchaser lea per cent. .
Nov. 8. UKAMS k KLNO.
T31GHTY acre of fin land in Delaware eouaty,
M J (owa, five milos from the county (eat. (Uolhi)
W ill be exchanged for a good bouse and lot in Rich
mond UfcNMS a KIMO.
I7III K.I.C-A new brick cottage, pleasantly sltaa-
ted, six room anil cellar, all in good order. Price Uv,
and will take a good carriage In part payment.
Octobers. i iXMi d KI50.
rilu oHoaiea and Lata on main trevt-wXow
1 frame houses. 3 room each, .and good well; S lets, ta
gaud order. Will be sold cheap.
Ta, far-y- Ilouar d full half lot on Main trt.
I'lmesnon will b given Immediately, and will be sold
very lowfsr cash, DA Ml dt Aihli.
TtMTED"l parrkiscr foren acre of wall slU
' ' Land iti a 1uar body, ailjoinisg Cbeeter, miles
of Kichiuoud. Iit.NNIi A KL
'tfTKD-efour baBdred dollars, en anouewkerai
Octo'-er 85. liENNIS dc KISX
real estate, at surreal rat of internet
j Only one lot south of Main street; bouse tiastWe reesa.aa)
. g' od sellnr. Wil! be sold chj. HJEN.MS KIw,
Xovember 1.
04 Ma is street.
I a OOOD two nary hrick hoaes, nearly new, with good
I sa
lot. near (he Depot. Fries moderate one-third cash.
and balance tn good building materials.
November I Iia.Ms at h.lu. Aeal K state Agent.
If ease and 1-wt on Pratrl afreet. rull lot sod
good house, rooms, cellar and cistern fan selec
uaa of choice fruit in the yard. Hill he sold at a Bargain
.VirtHiUtl. It.N.Mj If KIM), t Main sueet.
t. ! Hema
at S3 a Haras and seven sere of
I T6e Un4 hDtli ,dlH4 to gardening imrpo, aad wiU
ve eld rer lew er reuteJ. I E.MS ds h-WQ.
w-,i-e- Acres laimd aot a mil. from Main .treat;
i eboap LESMS XISG.
i - , . . . , ,
staat Bnnarea and ai if ttcrea of good waaeev-
.JT,xn iu st,rrr canty. Illiaois, w.th'a 8r saue
i of tho Mitaiuipp rieer. and bear th. flour. sbmg towa of
i AewUoi.on. Will be eold low or eachanr'.d for im cil
: property. IEt !IS dt K ISO. Ageat.
m ehoieeeroand. adiolninetuehm.wl all in eaod order.
TT7E ar prepared to ferniaa McFhor If Co', aew aa
' tent bay and cattle &os ies to all Uioso wantmc, at lower
prices and a welter article limn ha. ever feewa eCcred ia tax
market. These Scase require no Biter wails, are easily te-k-B
up aad rwoaeved. and are s)ss;i rirht aad always relia
Lde. Y r 1 erritorr for tae righl.of theseawases we ar pre
pared to sell, and it furnishes a rare ch&c lor any snaa
tths few sharp idea, to snake a fortuae.
i or further particular, auiiire of
Hovesaber I Re! Areiile for Indiana.
XV E want fifty laonsaad onahels Cns;
Twenty " Wheal;
Por w hich cash and the highest aaarfcet price, will be aaidU
SsnsbnL fcE.NSIa ds KISO. M Main atreaa.
Fortw una:
! Passed Ocsoaor St, IlsAO
Attest: B. W. Dan. Ciark.
jUeceober 6, J(s65. .
i - mmmm-m a
Frlmcr a Ce'a vfHl4
t l ti
' i .oif, oatiefaeu Over threw tbowsaad aa
j smrwai!T for th. part Ibre. yeara, ad i ao ta-
i etaaoo ha oa Boea rwldrawd a del active, vna.iawssw
aad retaut dpo So. 78 West i' aorta street, f iaoianaav.
W . r . WUJl SV.-S.
Pecotabor . Pian- and Melodooa DeaUr.
CIsMiia, Ceaaaisaer
iAF every variety asad new. which we are now
ap to oraosr ia toe Laiesrt aad
c. .i....i.' viaa.
Sept. rr.
at tao City Stove 8ore, if yea wsust ateaa, 'Mwara.
powtiag or any thug els don ehcaf , aad warranto to ae
gooas ar ao pa-. . 4

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