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Be just and fear not: i.et all the ends thou aims't at be tliy Country's tbjr Ood's and Truth's.
D. F. HOIXOWAY CO.. Publishers.
NO. 9.
nOLLOWAT, B. W. i I. S. DRiKE.
Term wf Aarertilni
"""""''a . 9i '-'"n.
1 ....... Itft U -c.etl;fm.'',l. 1
....iuirf nrl
I2,!U III I cm.
i'jivi One " !
til.) ,
, , ,iiSpliyeJ advcrtiaemenU will be
. l . , - c ; . .
- - b'tce an-l-a-". wv
rise f , charable io conformity with the abov
, : . ' '
lb the above rate.
in re.;enUy t'jen fitt'sJ up with the la'.eatftytea
J triw ami " n"w i rnirei t.i d . all kin ia cf J j'j
Wer'a unh H""k, Pmphlet, CircuUrs, Hills, Canl.
Fatten Hrintiug done in iancy-eot'rcd Inks, willi
aoalnou and d-wpatcU. Ord-sw thankfully receired and
jrearJtlJ attendjd to. Advtre.8. Hollow AY A Co.
For the Palladium.
'Ht y.u hrd th famou Luoy r
I.ury, wno ol lumaio
1kt the fastcf. ta!l the Lrpjt,
Talkf the oaoet vt wit, and wiwicai,
l.d-y! woiuaniy, n.l sotle,
I.uey! driii) and dfiant,
I.ucy! wiih a -ico 1.1 liquid,
Musi'-al. i the tinkling
houud of bcl'.n, atrw tiie tueadnwi
Hum?, upon the hrecxo of August
Loy, with an eye, that flanhce
il!rth,orciirn,or indignation.
Or, Jrojyj i'.hoi a she withei
I.ucy! armiid from hed to fbne tie,
Or, i in French i armed cap a pin.
With all weapon" inielleelual,
lVwrww fur oa.-nce or drfencc,
Mon' -y, like m hatrtir.g (tuivcr,
Kto-Jr.l wilb j.ir.ti"d fa.-t- like arrow,
l.vge. p.ni'1' rou ami h''avy
A a Mi.rn:nn' of battle
V it ai brilliant, kon and ll tubing.
A' llc bl.iilei.y(.lit.t Ojtma u
M'nfncen. Iikeloadnl fi?tlf
K.ium i with meaning ( tit- tu"r'.
Hate ou t-n her? II.tr yea heard her.
Seen tbi quei f Ijy V e:lier.T
Ilrarir ber ni:h:y :nt ouati'tt.
To h?r x to up anJ bnjtle?
Not lib bian their b4ci enlarging,
lint bantlo --ih.it iJ. to h'- doing
r lTm r. und - o'..l et-t :i tut. ring
Dnuliti rit. a i.l t-n iuK,H j.-,-par:n -
For all p-it- 1 r. fo iiona',
A'o, Aijrii'ulur.tl,
Mef-aiilile Mt.-hsr.ical.
Natal and Ci-nr,-ioiial
I'rjjin them, by S-b"f-l am! folle.
Te jur-us the roa'l t knowit ijo
I o tool, bi-f" re a bonix-l,
Km j a hlate and 1 y pht-r on -
JlnirrMir.j. by frm-i tacti-.;,
A I the ologiri1, auJ at;. .
Till at Ut, crt.ilion' lord,
Vannui.-hed,ihall thton a. an thir wr,nl. "
Yes, we're hoar J her. heard her mighty in
vocations ? this tjuflen of lady preachers,
and from our inmost s..ul pity those who did
nut who closed tlii-ir ears to the music of
her voice, who by the L.-y of ilu-ir will, locked
their hearts in their own bosoms, that her
deep and flowing eloqunnce sh juld not enter
there, to break up their time honored custom,
to disrobe them of their traditional garments
(made now unfashionable, hcati'-e "worn by
tome old loy before the Hood ) suu love,:,
cherished and worshipped as their hearts truest
Yti -ww p y thoM whose prcep
tioo, of the true and beautiful oul of the no
ble woman who has been among us, should be
to ilia as not to have appreciated their own
true interest, but stopped their tare, and said,
"I will W hear her;" ari l those of her own
ei who did h"ar Iter, and can still say, "we
hve all the rights we want." we pity still j
more. We fear they are past redemption, for r( yi v. e put him on a certain railroad and
if the logic cf Lucy Stone failed to reach ihur ; iiri,0 pmi through in lightning speed. If
reason, it must lie so deeply buried under 1 Kc!.vlK.kv feels aggrieved, let her ladies retal-th-influence
of public Sentiment, that all the ' lit them set un sewir.i? societies for
ni wiiicn may no tnrown upon ir.eir imiius -
from any other source, will have no more ef ;
ft. i-t -1 .e- ij
ieci man 1110 rays 01 mo suu 11:0c nau, me.-.e
few djs past, ia dispelling the cdd and icy
tmosphere that r.t present surrounds us.
A!a! for min is, that reasoning, sa -h as hers.
emtio? reach. Heaven grant, that the clouds
of tradition and cducutiou may pass away by
ome cause; that our private comprehension
does not now ce, and the effect come to wo
man, ere 1 mg, that she shall see herself in the
mirnir that has been so brilliantly placed be
fore hi r, and h'r eyes were so dim, that she
eould discern her own image. Or, if discern
ing. he is so in love with herself, that she
whispers to her heart, "I have nil the rights I
ul;" and thus to ba a contented slave, is
her highest conception of liberty.
Richmond, Feb. 5th. ICoC.
A I,aiy on R.sards.
A fair correspondent of the Home Journal
hsi the foil owing sensible remarks on the
wholt-iome habit of wearing the beard, which
lat U:w -i.;..,.
... ... , ,
I. is astonishing what ci.ange a few years
i.'u j ii . ii, ri'trj to -tiivi:i - o iph
mrjbo-ly shave t, but now I much miv,,-,
c'ry gen icman i:a h : louuaio i.i;e or
Hot lo shave, a question sug ;es'ed by ids
Horning toilet. Alas for the rnz-r-trop man.
Hi acoup )oa "u neatly gone. I hope he
will succeed in finding anttJier. f r tt'.o pres
ent iriera' ion wut b.t a b-.i.iiiiul race.
"I was quite in'erested lsr Winter in read
"S 'Natural His-.tu v tf the II nii in Sreci-s.
h. Lieienant- Cvlont l Chailes H in-.ii-.on mut.,
'n Wlik-H he ; that thr bearded races Hrr
Jhe ten paeiing iaccs. For il.is re.iMn the
oryilo.s rsct-s areaerse to the union with
them This avrrsion he sta'es to be tho result
w eipetiem-e, proving il. superior activity
W those whu have sprung from such races.
'Uis. finniur and V.
ac.tr rsjiH .. were uirect-
J. or in thtir nnc
ry, tieseen led from Cau-
tsian mothers, and hence, aisvt, the j alous
cuion of European women from Chiaa. ',
progressiva, nations, h
;.e tens us. re a
Jr-leJ anJ hairy race.
Sims- n's streni th
"TH Li hair.
Bereft of that his
Pvtwer Was gone. The lion is king of the" for-I
. How much of his proud U-au'y he owes
i, ki mast"lUiei-nt mne- him. and he J
How much of his rtrou 1 la-au'v hm ntr,i '
mn Z ' . . ?-ao. ra " S-'s-n to ,
Ui tne,, i k' " . . :-"r'l."; 1
j,:i,. . . . J e .
Tltoh-ei " :""n ,f 'd exisu;ni.
is an trob'wru of manlv Dower
Sni'y. and is certainly an element of manlv !
th-o' l P v - ,s U; , ' ,ln,u
''-areHsaad Prophets wore a beard;
aid oar t.ivior, when he dwelt as man
thTv6' to ' f f J uJ- to- mtst of
as tKr k ines who hava -ransmitted to
i m? f tne:!,,S7- i a modern
-."..ion io suave ort the whole beard. It.
'Holr,-.u Kr . ,
not eommon before th commencement
tlt last century
. , . .
to ma t! t - s- .iua- eir tfiTa
he, I V,,I!ner , U,ir WJ- "d D"via-
nan'. T wf w inu, by Ha-
" loruaue ine avs
. -
mi iitov.m. . i . .-,,Us, ,vr. .
haiirow mloU:Tya Jericho UlltlwirUards
arieJtwT l'De"a'. rds. per-;
J "While the beard, proper! worn, is an or-
'n-ment. it ii sometimes rendered hideous by
'uniiMiiuri iu uiui it ij iuuui:u. i. ivulu
aiasti of bristles on the chin is never becoming,
jet sometimes thin -checked, long faced gen
tlemen elongate their countenances in this
way; often these tuft impart a iow. animal
AWr . . . . . I , . n . t V . ... . .,-... 1 1 rMr i n rti-
, uwiins " ic k1","
. ... ii I, , nll.r..a n. iMi,tmil-a ini J
lull mnBii , uvucia J u';u-3ii.v.
i iuui ocat wiiii me Uiara iruouieu iiuci viwc
. ...
, it requires an artist s eye 10 aecioe on umii
is must becomiriL'. -Nature leaves a varying
outiiiia to the beard which is more perfect than
any aenii-circle cut by the razor.
Yours, he, "ANNA HOPE."
Frum tbe Cia'jictkti Gazette of Feb. 4.
T!ie fugitive SIae Citsc.
I .1ir.t.t-. t'iu zithers, oJ Cincinnati, and II "?
j 4' fit mil, of Kentucliif.jijr the Claimant.
Jf.-. Jollijj'f i- U itch ell, Jhr the Shuts.
On the opening of the Court yesterday mo:-
i nin-, Mr. Jolleue commenced his argument.
1 It- ("aid: 1 have v'avju to rejoice to-day in
j behalf of my clients and of the country, that
j this case is to be tried before a gentleman who
, lias tried similar cases, and had the moral
courage to decide against the claimant. Ii
I was not the pride of opinion that controlled
his judgment, bat a sincere convictiou of the
tru:'i and j tice of such a cour.-e.
i I will first no ice ihe argument of my four
; teo'is oppotu-nt, Mr. Fintieli. He said Ken
j lucky tt.- d Virginia were not repo!iible lor
1 81 tvery, but the Yankee, who sold them the
1 negroes. 0 hers have charged that England
.lotted Slave! v upon us. Bit whwii hian
J ceuV-r ai.d nitue w.-nt tiown to Noi itVa So
I bny .-law;-. wet 'hey no! t,be blame-!? The"
1 rr.-:cli.tti;s and trtder old thein for gold
j for ohl 'hev would 1 ae -Sold llie j;tirers a
j vi .11 I!iir were not they h temp ed the
, mert h.tnts to bring t!.t m .slaves, ciju!ly guilty
i with thte wiio hrotigl.t them
j lie st'.d, also. i!i.-t iiwas the Abolitionists
who w-r creating ail thi- a'ra.ion. and he
J denounced them as "pot-house politicians."
j Now, who are tile Aboli.io'.iists? I know
those in Ohio, perhatts. as wtii as tliat gtn-
tli'inrtn , but I do not know timong them a
single matt to whom tlie phrase, "pot -house
politician," could be appli-d.
Tlic gonlh-rnin was iii-advied in his attack,
lit: was firing hisgrpd and cannister into the
ranks of his tiilies, and at every charge they
lVll. The Union savers, they are the pot-house
politicians men who love everything hut
God and the poor for the meaner and more
degraded a white man is, the raore he hates a
nero. He further charged us with beinr
ungrateful to Kentucky, who assisted to tight
our battles in the Northwest. When Ktu-
tuekj render a iy str'ce t. the Union, a'ae.as
a .State, claims credit for it; butwh.cn sacrifices
are expected from Ohio, we arc to make them
entirely for the sake of the Union.
But we do return the kindness. 'When a
poor and friendless Kentuckian comes here
naked, we clothe him; hungry, we feed him;
oppressed, we relieve him; bound on a jour
jlt0r Uhuans and as hospitable
better than i.icayune Ohio, let th
Kentucky is
am send ten
for one of our poor people to Texas, Kansas,
or any such places as they desire to emigrate.
, ( Appiause and cries of order.)
1 No, poor Kentucki.ms, even the tint! des
t'tuV. find friends and counsel here. For all
the.sij people, en both sides of this case, are
Ktutuckians. The only dirl'erence between
them i.s that while they (looking towards tiie
slaves) are heroically struggling for freedom,
that man (looking at Mr. Marshal!) comes
ir.'o Coin-'., I. is hands all dripping with warm
blood, and ask;? to fake tin; father of that mur
dered infant back into interminable slavery
and the grandfather back into everlastinghoti
dage. (Applause, and cries of order.)
ilut the gentleman says, the Constitution of
the United Sta'es gnes him a right to these
O'i, ?:ar-eyi-d cicni- h-t thou wani-rvj tiers
Tw brio;; k-li the taea'ajp of d-.-npair?
Tt a' a straight line is the shortest distance
Between two Hir.is, is an axoim. i lie pipe-
silion on whii;''1 1 ska!i b8-' argument i
ro !s P1;,!n li 1 -: T"Ji f,'- y man "
"' the rigi t io d'j every ih'tH? thai God h'is
ma,ie it h du.. to do Q( , Am nt). hre
,! It i.. .!..,.-.,.. ,i;fe....n ..:... t. ..
()I:lv a CIvii;,. a,- r ing rights, and a-mime
v-r.ing rtgt
duties are mora clearly s a'ed iu the Ihble.
than oli eis, I wii! vuiy the form, and sav:
That every mm on emu ha-! ii. right to do
everything tha: God. in the B.bie 1 si c'eaily
ma le it hi- du v f do.
,-i i .i
tioa rot ie !-. use duty rt U -in lei ;.i p'SV.
the-- -a i-- -s:i V. p:r foibii ii ul inj
U.rie '.o:y ci .iciiei! ;e- i -t'ast in tvow down be
loir an tdoi ot t .p,,Jrs to j reach th.e
doctrine if the resuir, c ion of Crannior and
Ki llev to refuse t bow down to the sacrifice
of ihc M tss h?i i in tloitig s. 'hev ai; u.ser;.
ed tlieir right. Right an i d.ity sw correla
tive terms, as in separably mingled as the
r -l.f on! fi..t t( lliii ctm S-i l.s it... fy
missiont-r. ) i: is your right, sitting there as a
Cetmssissitiner of the U. S.. to lova God wi:b
all your heart, and your weight r as vourself.
This i.s a right tor which the martyrs" suffered
and lor wr.ieri our fat n era riourt-d r.ut tneiv
blood like water the rir'ht of every Ameri-
coun. il. You have a liirht to love that old
man. (putting his hand on the head of old
mon.) as you love yourself, and to do to 1
..,,: v:i i .l . i t .i.n c-;
as you wouiJ have Lim do to Tou. and it
It is
your duty, sitting here in the temple of jus- i
1 - Biercis inai rtgr.t.
ppori uie v-onsutuiion im-
poses an obligation to sapptrt it all. not only !
whole Constitution
.. v. tne a s-rcuon, out ice
Constitution says ( 1st Amendment.)
'"Congress shall make no law respecting an
! establishment ef religion or prohibitin'-'tbe
i lne ex ?r,is -henwt" This mar not embrace
' the religion of China and tbe Hindoos, but it
certainly does embrace the Christian reli-ion
Whatti. the Chri.in -.li.rinn 1,1-:
. . . a"- -
tal urine r. e is "to lor Go.1 with all
' . J i
i,rri. ana your neignuor as Toarseti, and
et9r7 Uw lfaa interferes with this, (as do the
acts of '03 and '50,) pierces the vitals of the
r.rt ai-.,l w n.i rnU.r a rn-tr. f " . i I
' j ..v .ji,.. uu i
v,iris.lKin rcu;-.oB as me spear ot me ivoman
soldier p.eread th.. haart of Christ on the
Christian religion as the spear of the Roman
Should CuiigrcM! pas a law forbiddiug
: rou to read the Bib e. doe ar.y rnan dou bt
i mai ! wuaiu u ujii3.i'i.uuua.. ire. v. on-
! cress passes a law forbidding you to ober the
' cress passes a law forbidding you to obey the
Bible, is not that unconstitutional? W hat
binding forej woulu a iaw have d-c.uwj that
: there is no God? II w much better ii aa
. 1. t 1. . . . . t 1 . i . '1 1 t . 1 I.m' ,-. t, ViH
not ouejr iijuj; ."uiiuui - iuu;e. .o. i::ar.ii vjoa, is ii-jhuv
. I - U . 1 Ii-. i . I .'.. IV-.
, i; liUIi " I i-IU-IJV udnva "ixi.ti
i outcasi to oreitfc. every yoke aua iv- n:e o:-
. . r , ,
; pressed go tree, ine ad-jiuwiusu .i:e na -
ted, the despised have for the last 25 years
I ben asserting these rights, unconsciously of the nation, bat the path that the eye of the
j bearing upon their own shoulders the rights ' Vulturu Lath not seen, may be discovered bv
; of the whole American people. j animals of more limited visio.tr- Eureka! I
j A few years ago all Christendom were in ! have foan.l it! I see it plainly. D. not
; dignant because '-tie Ma iair fam'ly were im- j Ken-u.-kian-t love religious freedom a well as
! prisoned for l eading the Bible. Bat what we do? Do you think because they ar fcUve.
j difference is there b-stwecti imprisoning a man , holders they rue n to go down to Hell? No.
for reading the Bible in Italy, and for obey ' W;;at ii slavery? Atheism. Not that which
ing it in the United States? ; denies the t xitance jfa G-d. but that which
j All men have a religion, no matter whether ; denies the immortality of man-f
members of churches or not deep down in ' Our friends are thoe who tvll u t;tr faults,
. the heart of every man, is a sense ot responsi- , and help us to correct them, ai l the aboli-
bility to his maker. It may not slow itself, tiouists are your very best f.icais. (t Mr.
' till called to do som- gigantic wrong, but then ' Fiuuell ). Tiiese men that ate pimping to
it rises up to restrain his hand. 'your vi,:.-., are d -i ig s. i!ia. they mty g--t
When called upon to decide upon a que- your nioric-y or vour vo-s. Tiiey c.i-e rut
tion like this, it is your duty to listeu to i's whither u k yo-i or vour bl tek mat th.-.i'.s a
That man (putting his hand on young Si
mon) is here a prisoner, guilty of no crime,
his wife in iaii in a deiif ite siitrfion. needing
her husbaud'said, and Mr. Marshall a-ks you
ti tear him from ids wife's arms. His three
children, one an infant at the brea-t demand
his care, and you are asked to tear htm from
both wife and childr-n that this m 1:1 ;:i ty --tk.-htm
into K-m'ucky. to sell h.s ri.--h. blood
and bone. and soui. on the aac ion b!ck.
Do your duties as a ohii ia i, in-eifeie with
'la? C.i 1 mi'.i doit and keep your con-'
"cit-nc Void ot olf-itee? l-.m VoU tlo it :;d
maiti-ain lor tlic peojtie ,f Hie L U'e ri.'ii.,
! religious free Join? When we c insider ; e'
reat (i it-tion tf religious freedom Mvo'.ved.
in ir. tiie ri-ght of the- irot!e ?fi-.ome nisi - ,
nitican'. It is your right and mine.
Nevar in the history of jurisprudence has ,
question of sucii importance oeen snomu- ,
tea to trie decision ol a sin
sustain these lights, you
ic man. ii you,
susta.n religious i
freedom for us ail; if r.ot, you betray human
U? then Considered t.ie ru.es 01 cons-rue- government is. tli.j. tnere is no tiign-T law.
tion by which ihis Article of the Constitution ' My theory is. that there is a God, and that
was to be interpreted, and the purpose for , human g ovcrna.eti'-s are valuable, oiilv to
which ii was made. Now, said he, it Con- ! far at they enable men to obey God. Dan
gress cannot pass a law Compelling you to : iel Vebster said in his speech at Ct.tapon
worship God, can they pass a law compelling ' Springs, near where I was born, "the North
you to sin against God? mountain is higher than the B!u-i Ridge, and
The trouble is this: The Cong! ess of the . the Alleghany higher than that; but this
United States lave endeavored to pass a law ' higher law soars an eagle's Sight above lueni
declaring that wrong 'a right. Th.ero is . ail." Sir. this higher law rises higher than
danger in thus disregarding rights, for every ever an eagle flew. If you take the wings
iaw that supports slavery strikes down some j of the morning and fly to the uttermost pares
right of the slaveholders. The principle thai! of the earth, it is there. D. scend to the
rives you a right to vourjand.
- - . .....
lis th.en read from the Bible the account !
of the creation of man. "In the image of j
(od crea'ed by him, to have dominion overj
every living thing that moveth upon the ;
earth." Can man, the lord of creation, made 1
property . W here ver man is tound no mat
. ter how degraded his condition, even th
nnL-.f ,.."-ro it.-islin r in the soili Or ivmrr in '
palm tree's shade he is still the lord of ere-;
jation. Ti.c distinction between man and
; those over whom he rules is this; that man '
! everywhere, no matter how d-based or ig-
r norant, can be taught to love and obey God; '
' brutes never can. Congress has no more ,
': right to pass a law that man should bow dou
' before r.iai than that he sh.oul 1 bo'.v before the
' consecra'e 1 wafer. Both are he res 'o- one
. of America and th? other of Europe. Wha"
right ha 1 Congress to enforce one heresy and '
refuse the other. It is an article of religious j
belief in me that man cann-v hold property
in man. I take it from the Dibie. Ca'holics'
n I Mjrinoiis are protected iu their creed ;
why not I in mine? 1
The l.w of 'j J (The Ftigi.ive Slave Law !
commands you to treat those people as slaves;
the Bible as men. As siaves they may not
learn lo read the Bible nor at end divine ser
vice nor preach the go-pel to tuiycr. a
ture nor bring up itieir children in the nur
ture and admonition of the L rd nor cher
ish their husbands and wives; but as men
hey cr'ji.y all thcae rights. Don't voa see
.Lat the Bible is on one si.'e and the Fugi'ive
Slave law on the other? By ihe hallowed
memory of the Mothers who taught us to
reveieiie tire 15. hb by the battle lie! is of
our reiolutieoiarv tires we must no: dare
not relinquish this threat and glorious right
of loving our neighbor as we love ourseh es
Th.e Piesident nny send s'ee! c'al men to
comjiel U: all the woe. of the human race
may fail on us. but s'ui " eir lien led
knees and with out-itretched' hands wtil we
'chug to their riglvs.
i Il-:e is an oM vcn-n p-"ing Lis ban 1
, r. ol ! 2d irv "s j ea i ) orttven y r 'hirtv ve-fs
; H!l li..:.i e.i all.t lep c.t:d Inehib-r of he
Church et Chri.-t. It e etiuhi see a I ihitigs
as they are. we should iu tlos rxm a hr.t
of angeis around her we .shi.uid see Jesus
lo-re. "Whatsoever you do to lie least f
! tiu-s ye do i". unto me." if you send her
to illery you sen J ihe Saviour if you send
: her fo ti.e auction block you send Christ, there.
! "Wi.os'sever s'-.all offend one of the leas, of
these, it is better that a mill stone be hanged
about his neck and that he be cast into ihe
depth cf the sea." If Ch;nres enjoins vou
. to piuck out an eye, would you do it? But
we.uld it not be beta r to enter into Heaven
; without an eye than having two eyes to bv
' cast in'e Ueil fire.
My friends, (turning to the counsel L.rlilr.
aiarsiiaii, f nai noma you nave, jusi so
sure as you tear that sucking babe from the
I 1 I ' . 1 I I I tA T .
bosom of its mother, the very stones will
rise agaiast you. not m moo violence, j but
j but '
in six monins ine tnieii m do ai an enu;
and better far that it should end, than to
saccuon sucn vteiencc.
The constitution does -
not require you to do an act which shall
wrap tiiis land in flames and drench it in
blood. You Lave only to assert your own
! religious freedom. By doing so you refuse
! Mr. Marshall his fugitives, but you secure
1 him a greater, a 'dearer right. What right
nave vou to send a writ to the marshal, re-
vni,i mm u rinute sucn nioniinius w rur..
ic.lt. . .. . : : ti?.
- - f - l - s- u-r -a c ereiusc-iitie eititt
....ii i i j -
.tr-ie. couia vou asa mm to co t
' TXkSsft lal m fin th rvff V-t hon i altrr fl.1 -i n1
t -s- --- s wve Hhu
TBI J--!- -s. .1 i W a. t ' l
nt ulrTi, l t i ii W , s :
-v., "t I 'T!7, kRT L'm
wtatnght have you to add another drop to
; It is f r you to decide whether this man
shall be free to worship God without the
; aau -r.y & ;a j,jvv OI isis mas;r uciDcva i.im
and Lis" creator free to ro w!
and Lis c-.ator free to o w&ere he rinses
t free to embrace hit wife and his children.
Then, thon 'h a'! t! - calamities of ea-.h ome
'upon him. no sUvehol ier caa enter his cabin
T 1 1 . 1 ' '
ess boa-
UrciI, t HOW t.ttj iiW Ol
- . 1 .1 1 C
tha land that is
our "iorsous HClta '
! , . .
i 1 am aware that this s'ament I.as not been
: used Lv anv of our iT-reat men ii the Congress
.ave, so t:iev gsi mo
know v!.cre to iind v
tell you of v-mr vic.?
Vou arc a ;.-iU'ioUs
;ey ov
Hat voti
is. We sfteak out and
But Wv; k'toW lt:Ht
n hearted t ace. .,'1 J as
brave m oi as ever trod
earth, save on!v
those of Oil Virginia.
S! ivei v is uHuutbih-m. not fnat of ea ing.
bat o: .s.Uiig i: -.i.-ii t.i ll.'sh a id b'oo.i. oiij
i".l-.:- tiic "icin up for r'oo 1.
him for m ;icv. X s
:i'i 1 toe o ...t sells
: are vo'.i reaui.c.l
dtp y-.ar i.nuds it. this bhn-dy system of
lie ihe: i t- i item the iasi u o, of j-.i . ice.
act co.n.m-ii -!'ig.- In .1 aniifi Jam-'ni Jesu
Ciristi. The way i w.-.ic:. c:o'ii enaotmetits
then ojnm -need. l';i New Te ament has
it. do all in t-.-e naute oi lb" Lord Jesus
Christ." Would you heal your m in la'e.
In the name of the L nl Jesus Ciirit, hurl
back tha- tdd servant of the Lrd, who ha
Herve.J i.im llurty jcais into tne seeming
hell ot American s.av
rv? Tiie error in Dan-
j-1 Webster was that he took but half the
Constitution. You must enlarge the bi-is,
and take it all. The theory in matters of civil
i depths of lleii. and i: is thttie i: fo!iow
man through death and the higher law is
with Daniel Webster to-day, wherever he
may be in the universe of G 1. To son. I
this man back, would be to separate him
from his wife, for as she its to be tried sepa-
v. tiie Court will presume her tree, uuLu
proved other wis
Can vou find a law to
cAnam' fnilein.-f nn.f wif..-?
Had such a provision bten inerhd in the
act, it would ut-ver have b::eii pissed. Ask
f r a law to tear that babe from its mother's
breast. When Shaksreare put in the mouth
of lady Macbeth "I tear the nipple from its
bmeless gums and dah its brains out," tiie
poet's imagination could co no fariiior. liut
liiii is r,t to dash its brains ou (oil the
mother would kneel and implore ou to do
u) but to send it hick to tiie roaring, sceth-
ing hissing hot hell of Anvtiean slavery.
Will you do it? (To counsel for claimant)
Gentlemen, look io it if there is any such law.
Take your poun i of ilosh.'but r.oione drop of
He then rec .pi;ulavd
e tes mi nv. in re-
hi'ioii to the luginves having been in Onio.
and said that the m txini of law was "once
tree, always
Kentucky court di 1
not deny this, but deci le I th it the freedom
must b? asserted at the lime. But young Si
mon was then a minor, and Miry a feinme
..,,,; s..t.U r,-.,L,i I.-..,! I n- -sr.'.5....lUi,,t;
oie ' " "
Now Lete is the l ist one. (patting his hand
on ti.e old man's head. ) although 1 most ear
nestly de-ire las freedom, yet 1 cannot inis
rqresent tho testimoni-. I belie e it was
Robert's ( veiurig Simon) oldest brother, Si
mon's son. that was here, an I the resemblance
;l::rount tor the mistake of the witness.
I now leave the relig; .i lth.-r-y of the U
S. in your bin Is. Sic.saet-e has uevr be
fore a'lsen, and if vo'.i separate the
e pfor.le
ii. will b sae'i a j i ig'nent as ha
tier -r b 'eti
given since 1 on.tus i i.a e sa
uion H e judg-
men; seat.
Mr Jolbtfe close 1 abtu' hslfpi-' 1 2 o'e
ail C L Ciani')-.-- -a J . m viev o
course of arg i u-r:". he wis n-it prep-ir
reply, and re q w- id t'no Court
9 o'clock ibis morning.
urn to
0?" "Oh. that mine enemy would write) a
book. Writings . are troublesome things to
politicians; once on paper, the politicians can
only change his "spots' as the !. pard chan
ges l.is. The troublesome, fanatical abolition
ists have been lo iking about among the re
cords, and have discovered some curious ante
cedents of the Attorney General. Cileb Cush
ing. In 18'VJ the distinguished d. mocrat. !''
now Attorney General, was a whig member
of Congress from M-issachu-seits, atid i.pposrd
the airaissioa of Aikanas iaio the Union; his
chief objection was that the people of that
territory in tiieir memorial tsau uect.-ed, "tiiat
the General Assembly shall hate no power
. - -1, ., . ,
to pass laws for the emancipa ion of slaves
without the consent of the owners. They
without the consent of tbe o
snail. nave no p-i wet to prevent t mi rrants to
thl5:ate from bringing wkh them "h per-
Sens as are deemed -daves hr the laws ot anv
one of the United S'a'es."
These provisions of the new constitu'ion
Mr. Gushing said hi consti'uents considered
anti - Republican, an J he concurred with them
in reprobating them. He said he could not
ratify or sanction any government which "ua
dertakes in this way to foreclose, m advance
, - .... .. . ,
u, progress Ol ci rui:a;ws ana Treeton lor
S. 3 . J tm
Mi. Cushlng then thought negro sl.i"
Ahet rTiita.l tK r-. rer..-a y-,f eiiili , t 4 L
VVCkl MVi -X. M .sT M 1 S V llHt.i;i, IaL
. t - 1 a . . aw w m
v " 10 r ZW t. , thouU
IKPF the territory had no power to
legislate for the perpetaation of sUrery.
F.r tbo Fat: iiain. ,
Messrs. Eorrottst Will vou permit an in -'
einertenceit wn er to can rasi tns woraio gs or .
the prohibitory iiouor law. with that threat
boon of American Lberty "free an-d una lul
tera'eJ whisky" by rc-civing a few passing
ctents tii i-: have tianspirvd under his own ob
serva.i !i. hp:tig thereby to stimulate the al
most dormant exertions of the temperance
'phalanx to gird on their armor anew, aril
, fight for that liberty which does not bring
death poverty and disgrace on the iouoceut
' and unoffending.
The 13.h day of June. 1S55. ushered in
the practical opera'ions of the temperance or
prohibitory law, and that day will long be
' bailed wiJi joy by the poor victim of iau-iu-pe
From that day tip to the ides of November,
when Judge Perkins signalized himself in in
famy and demagogueism. by his new fanglcd
u'jcuintj 011 cousui.u-Hai aw. maain' iiic
1 , , ... , 3
crea'ed rreaer lhau the Lrear, and seium;
. 7 , , - 1 .. , , "
HI a . j.l . mi ' f:thr in oTium, nl t in ur.
or?ssed wi'l 01 the p-oplv? through their r--:i -
r-senta ives, ourusualir quiet t .wn :tnd vi -irii-ty
whs one coniinue-.i hum of iudust rv, econ
ouiv. peace, ejuietu te, and in fuel a!i the ne-c-s-ary
ingredients and epi tliricati. tis, when
Combined. tiit g to m tk- up a viruiou.s and
pro-pt-rous community. A i l duri'ig the c.a
i iu:;-!ee of the prohibitory law, every individ
ual was scrupulously alteutive to his own r
o aiio'is; ;t;eu of dou!)tl'ui propriety and idle
disposition', were grain i:iv gaming omii-
dctice. tor the great lomeritor ol vice, pi-o!l:g i
j cy and disip-t;ion iiai ceased to be loutid
1 a'li ag us, a-d joy a-tj gladness reigtcd 1 11
1 umphant. Old wis bi-.anie sober, arid iudus
: tnoas men apparently and in fact were ma
king every laulable exertion to retrieve nat
hs l bjen lost by dissipa'ion and drunkenness.
The young, thoughtless and giddy, tlitted
away their idle moments in innocent amus--
inents and pleasant hihiri'y.
The do-ggery keeper of this vicinity closed
li fi-.,nr d...,r f:4.t n.;ol milt' u A ni t fil
pir.icular pets of his former aVocadons by tiie
'. r . J
back wavs. and lounging roun 1
01 Corner
and counter, wi making str ng resolves an 1
re -resolves, to commence a means of honora-
hie livelihood for future employment.
ijiii aias. tiiai 1 itaiuay ir.c uesot .Mo
ber the day which ha-i signalize:! the
T . - l.i..-. if .1 -i r
ion of Juge Perkins, and will cause hi
name to go down to posterity with the with-
jrit:g bi;o-;-t of the drunkard's laudations,
wife's imprecations, iad ti.e mo!iers m
diction, and Iris bro-ight mi-ery, disease, uis
-ipation, death, fearful damnation and all t'. ",
rightful oucomi'ants up-'i untold th jus mis
f Indiana's fair sons and daughters!
Tliis samo "doggei y k .-ejvr" wholial ma le
hes. resolves, as son a- :! a fa'nl anuounce
netit was made "I therefore proiiiuinc-? the
aw unconstiwionul" r-turne.l t his old
ivo'iation, the sow returns to her w.i'.h-.w-
ng m tne mire, or tne "Jog
" r.;s vomit.
I -it VI in in- .
:i.l rv;. se place ol iie-s ni-j t n
are recognize by ti:e aprvropria!
and -.ve'.i
tarnea cognomen ot the "niisu ii ;,;, -i -J'.otigh
he is not known to prey upon th.n
"eadie.-ed portion of bipe Is. He threw open1
..isiront door, with a pressing invita'ion to all j
r.is customers, that could stand tiie peculiar
stench of the wily animals to come in an i ;
partake, of the luscious feats he was prepared '
to set before them "Free Whisky," not the'
genuine bald face of old. but the drugged an ' ;
watered r jI of the present day, f r I heard j
one of ti.e victims which Uhs there Ire j
bueiitly say that "it was all lired strong, arid ;
yet it would freeze." And here, by the way. i
'et me stop to inquire whether this is tho same '
iind that the Court knows, and is capable of !
;-a.r.eta!ly asserting the fact that it is not ne !
:essariiy iiurttui, any nior
i:d ice-cream."
thau lemoiiade
pm to fontin or '
T.iiss.nue "m'.uk h !e"
nanuhicture more species of animals than
own kind, for the mink is not known as b-ung ; setting forth that, indications exist that too
noisy. Bat even men enter this den pei"c pubiic tranquility and the. supremacy of the law
ful and quie. an 1 come for'h into socie 'in K'in"-f ar en J mgered by tl e r.-prehensi-woiac
than -lemons, disturbing the slumber- i b!- acts or purposes both in and out ..f Kan
of tiie unsuspecting inhabitants by the wail pas. who propose todiiect and control its p.
itigs of the ad'righte 1 female, an 1 shrieks ,' h:i -al organization by force; that comb,n i
the abused infants whom they have assa il ed. ; '-tons have lH.et, f,i me.l tlwrein to resist the
and making night terrible by their bacchau- J territorial 1 iw an 1 thus, in efle-t. subvert
ahan veils and demonical curses, and day di., I 'i pre-eiit cons'.: utional a, id legal authority;
a rrte.-ible. danaerous and irksome by theii !
incessant impo.tuni.ies, m.-uaces and b ab i
Tli is same "mink hole" is en'icing the
young, thoughtless and gi ! J from the paths
of virtue, peace and tranqauoy. thereby con
' tamina'ing the minds and apj Elites of the fu
ture heads of society, and lea ting a i"itted
appefi.e to harrasa i.s victims.
N 't a -lav ssis but the suckers of the
"lire war" m iy be seen skulking about ihi
"miuk ho!u" this clen of iniquity and abom
i i i. ions; r-.nd eten that acred day w-iich G d
i:as consecrated to rest and q i'tef.iJe is equal ;
!y profound. Not a Stbba h pa :es but you
,'A-t . htA nnrtr if'imh i-.firso K'jiti !:n r stover.
in bleak art i wiu.rv blast, while l.is mer
r - - l
mg in Oie ia
cite-s owner is i to ing an 1 carousing wilbin.
An 1 when we contemplate that this iionly
an isoli e l case, but one small pimple n the
l.. . 1 ,- -1 , . 1-, 'a ll.'j i ..nil- ti f:iTt r, ts - , r.
l . ,,.i.:..
11. I -, I , II.IHI.I.
of wha' is 'ling on all over this fair Sta'e
. . . . .
i: not lim-' to endeavor to call forth the sleep
mg en- rgies
,.fil. tAm.rs..M ..mm.i..itw
ie temiteratice community
Is i; n.c time to endeavor to arouse the patriot
ii ml; it.. 1 I im ,, r
l ,1 .,..; -
' But fea-in- I may weary the patience of ' ' ,a' ,h.at carnno.t th':,ik of anJ'
both primer at.d reader. I will close by aying r --nduion man that of being leJ.
I may tire vou again by your permis-ion. The People's party, we will tell the Jour-
Jacksonsburg.SoO'. Anti Bakhis. n il. has no leaders, every man enjoys the in-
- - alienable right of thinking tor himself no man
-jTAa itinerant phrenologist stopped at a leads an J no man follows. A few tricksters
rustic farm-hoase. the proprietor of which was are not permiue 1 to control their sense of
busily engaged in threshing. "I am a phr-n- right; a few ambitious demagogues cannot as
ologist would you like to have me examine sembie at the Capital an 1 dic'a'e to them
the heads of your children? I will do it np what to do. Bat lay ir,g aside all personal am
cheap." "Wall," said the farmer, pausing be- bition, they act alone for their couVrvo, irood.
tween two strokes
:s, I rather guess they don i
need it the old wowan combs'em with a fine
tooth comb once a week. f
TiPA wri'er in on? of the northern papers.
on School Discipline say, "Without a liberal
use of the rod, it is impossible to make boys
smart." '
' . :
Advice toBots. 1 ouare made tobe kir.d
and generous. If there w a boy at school .
who ha5 a club toot, don't let l.im know you
ever saw it. If there is a boy with ragged
clothes, don't talk about ras in his hearing.
s-1"--- J " J - - - . ---a
If there is a lame bov. assim to him some part
of the game whiidi does not require running. ;
If there is a hungry one, gve him par u! .
JO"dlnaer- Iftbereuauuaone neip tn
g-t his lessons. All the school will show by ;
their couatenaace how muca better it is to j
Consrcisionn! Srrert?ii-!s.
Washin.-.tov. Feb. II
Sr.KATE On tio'iott of Mr. Fish, the Sec
retary of War was reuncsted tt it p,tr! wheth
er anv, and if so. wl -l a litio--1 i'trt iikations
were necessity f, r ti e ,!e'"er.ce i f t! e har
bor f New Yolk and the Lit kL'vu Nav
Ott motion of Mr. Thompson ff Kr., a
resolu. ion was adopted instrur'ing t!e C-om-mittee
on Miii'arT Officers t inquire into the
expediency of ab-di-hing the Miii at v Alun
at Harodsourg. Ky. He said the old --.fir
were not ;iti-ried to be so far from sH!t Writer
and vviiere they co-.ild p;et their Sch-idsm
S.:hiitpps and Irish Whiskey.
On m..;i.!i of Mr Sumner, the Post OSIca
Ctimn-.it't e was direo'e 1 to couid-T whether
the charges on letters carried on. t! a Ocean
steamers are not unnecessarily large find bur
densome, and whether something mar not be
,1 . 1 y... . .1 t. j.-.
done. nd if o, what, to secure the banet-U
, r t, k .
cf cheap o-ean rwst.ij,
- . ...
C)u motion tf iir. Sumner tbe committee
on Judieiiry s instructed to consider the
expediency of the appointment of a commis
sion lo revise the public s'a ues. so as to re
duce them to one connef 'ed text, and render
ltie:r langu.ig i-t'eiogiftle to all.
The S--11 1 e lhn a ijourned.
H.irss. .V resolution 'o proceed to the
e':ecton of a P'i-.iter forthwith, wis adopted,
and a bal'ot lu-iiij, ha 1 renhed as follows:
Foil - t 6S, W ..-idei! 0 j. Farnahani IU. Nathan
.""argent 0. No eivcum, 87 being necessary
to a t lioiv ,-.
The H-.i'iv- ( O'i'iniie d voting for Iinr,
ater some other business, when two vo'es
were had, the last one resul in-g as follows;
Foilctt Co. Wen ieil 71, Farnaham 9. Sirgetit
6, scattering lt. Neet ssary to a choice, 81.
T.'te House then atliourned.
r.ont as!- i -toi..
Tlio Secretary of the Navy ha- aisen'ed to
request ol Lieut. II lutein to g in search
c .1 1 - . rj..:.- ,t it !.. .
i-tiu-iuip a neoiv: i.ti ti.c e. . o. x 1 o -
i -Her
ttiil go
to .sea to-'Ja y
g if r.-ady.
to it '.( r ves-
necessary supplies t-an bt
d.-igii is to furnish relief
sels 111 titstix-ss. l! s:;e s.iout 1 ot.l ir vn.i! aiv.
The arctic is ihu a.vataer o su -cessiul iu
i ti e search for Dr. Kane.
t Mr. Sneakr Bank lias not yet comn'ete.l
: the lot ;.na'io:t u
s'a-; hug conimittees ot tue
, c. r.ain that thev will
II -l - ana i
i 1
be i.m.oancd to-nionow.
O.' each coniii.it'.ee lite wiil ba R--'pub!ica!s,
three Dur 'era s, :i;id ou Ameticatt.
Tiis is the principl-t that i to be pursu.rl
i!i thi ir forma ion, it 1 I on those1 eoimiii'ti-es
allec'.ing siwt v. it.o S..udi will be repieeu-
t. 1 !)V Its stou :sr nj.-n.
The inipre)ou pie vails here that Mr.
Cramp ton will shortly retire voluntarily and
not in consequence of any demand for Ids
General Almon'e, the Mexican Miuis'es has
Ivf'W Lsiiii:g i for Mexico, at the urgent so.
hi itriti-T, of i is friefi 1. as the Consti'u ion of
hat country is being re mo hnled an 1 his pres
et:?'? is ;.'( i.-: -I i.ec.'s-ary
luri- t-M-T. iri'-s.
for present and lu-
Pa: k-.-r 11. I len
!cf. here rcsfi rdnv after-
ilia iei
His f
iv p:eci-eded
ni on
e t rev ions (lav. i!e s -t A ociore
i.-aving his m en ton to re'ur.i on Tuesday.
Cuiium. tl e newly elected Cietk, !.a!e aiti
ed Ii irc'a v. Hack and liuris. as clerks, ml
removed nhiovil twenty others, supplying Uie
vaeancics thui crea'ed.
Tiie Senate liave adop'ed the report of the
committee acquitting M
charges brought ag-tinst
Mr. A. t. Seimnu of
him of mal-a 1 rninis-
'ra'ion, !o day t miirn.ed lo re-appom'metit
S i termteri lent of public printing.
T..C 1 're -l Jeui to-dv is-ue I a proclamation
.ich wii! appear in th Union to morrow.
tnat persons residing without the territory.
" it near i's borders, contemplate an armed
tn.erven ion in Use aTitrs T;;erto;; tna. other
;k rsoris.
inhabitants of run e S'a'es. are ool-
m oiiev. eng-ig'ng men. and providing
arms for t!- ;i
nations a l.'.in th
by the a -.;ncv of
rpose, and hat conibi-
irrriiorv are endeavoring.
emmisaries and otherwise.
to induce indivi i.nl S a:es of the LTnioa to in
terferi; in the atitiir i.hereof.in violation uf the
Constitution of the L'uited Sta'es, and warn-
mg at
that '.he law must and shall be en-
People i'mr.
The Terre Haute Express, commenting on
- i tii ,s . t . i tt .1
lne c "' ,1r 1 o:ieii ion tint t rt.pr. mm
peiaineniy rcpii.- io some
foolish re-
uiai ks ot t
- ...
Terre Hante Journal
The T
-rre 1 1 lie J our i ;o caii ti-i: uneierstana
. . , , , ,
why shis Convention is called, and a-U the
. - . . 1 1 ."i -1 . i ti - il i . n 1 1 a ft.
'e lea ler rf
r of that sheet
: th? feohit ran: l eaitorot thai
i . i. ... . . I. . , . l
caunoi ooticriir how a party k uv urzau.seu
wufiout leulers U.ey nave so long Been
J - A . . -
laugiit to stieeie i:e:ieer hk ii meirieau-
. . . . . . I 1 . . ' I 1
The Journal alsoa-ksu. if we mean to "re-
spon 1 to that call by urging the opposition
parly to send delegates to- the-aforeaid Con-
en 'ton."
We mean to place from time to time, the
past and present corruption of the oH hoe
par y before the readers of the Expretn We
intnJ to show them, that oingto til line
eoriip i,,n, a; uus most important crisis i our
Xatiotial effatfa the S a'e of Indiana is but
i,ajf represent-d to the Senate of the Unittd
Sta es. We intend to show them that our
1 w Urm- and cnr.fl'n'tin - i :., 1r.
laws are ui
of old line leenslators to leisKt
W- iBtB.4 to -how them 'thai all .to, t ... ,.t
jgUIa are that preceded tbe lsU rc tin.
c,as..:lotiunal Mlfoid aave, perhaps, Are,
9 We intend lo show. lat owin to
the negligence of the old line Senate of last
owing to its corruption, we hare n appor
tionment bill. We intend to show them that
the "Bank of the State Bill" as it passed the
old line Senate was art absolute and unquali
gcd pilfering of $600,000 of the people's
money, and then we will conclude by piot ing
ihat Ashbel P. Yt!lard, the old line nominee
' ir Got eroor. was the principal and rhi-f
couseofali the above. We thiuk. then, after
ihU has bee If do u the people will ae thr- ne
cessity of a Conrention, without our urg
trrf it.
1 1 consequence of the recent decletoa of tbcSa
rrein. Lrt, l ff-ct annullieg the law prohibi
taig the mav.ufactsre ar.d s!e of intoxicating li
(;aor as a beverajre, the uudershrrnad, nichiber of
the State t'etitrsl Temperanct! Committee, at the
! reqnest of roany friends, have deemed it advisable
'to ta"l a Coaventioa of all the aien ia Indiana
' ho favor the canse of lemix reee, and have fixed
the Jay cf the Convention the 2'2i of February,
' li."ia, mid the place ludi&napohB.
We believe that it is the earnest desire of tL
rie-ple ef InJiatia to eradicate the evils of intem
perar.ee by a sound and a.Tective law; and thst they
', ready by all laafal and honorable nwans te se
j care that er.d. That they are well convinced that
; moral suasion, without law, is ineufucient to carry
out the Temperance reformation, and that nothing
! bt; such a law can. Year after year thousand
i hate petitioned the LcgialataM for such a law
j thoasunda have organized into Association?, Lavo
expended their means, have devoted their time and
' -.ill their enerrio to accomplish that purpose. It
t has become a part of the policy cf or.r State.
l.i .r,ttr.:-j t, tt.fi vt ill ftf tKit t,i.-tr: n,-.i? it
; loud a.,.I rejated call, twira -a-iihin the last
; five ears Save tlis renreeutative-i of the leoni-
e iacU-d las rvotraiLirij; the fre traffic in intoai-caiin-r
ilrinks; twice have the Supreme C art de
clared them void; tica Los a 115.1 of disorder,
. mi-erv, dru:.ke:n.es, d;', crime tuid d!ath been
s.l uriua In- n;r.vhhn:r and iino-Tcndin? hea
if ir.r ciiii 'n. '!. -;,- arc thrown a-:ala npon their
la'tve and tr.M'.enab.e right ot sell u-iSence; aga.a
hey mast assemble, and or'antja and petition. A
. legij'a'.nre is lo he e'.ertrd, a tew law is to b
ni -te l. Nat till then tho reisra or order m:d
.inrLty He restore L T113 brief experience hi.r
lie aiiu iiiuig of tiu la h '8 proved lhisfoevrr
.eiovii; ttru I Ti - riia, murder ttnj ttiv, th t
dehri'i nail d.,a,h that stalk abroad ia Conua
ty tell th"-. The voi -e h suianity and ihe erit a
of the lUli. 'ted cij:ia?!y derla'C this to hs trna
J'iierefr.r-! the andersigneJ hava deemed it exred.
of that tha popij again sboeld meet in Convtiti
t: u f.j concert menarii ia aeeord trice with Iht.'r
ti .'-J and unalterable parpos--, that Indiana auil
h. i t jci'wranee S a! .1.
We d. mast earuestiy recotnmsnd trs th" paop".
im ii .l.a'3 action ia the premises ihat they rail
iu n!g. revive t h -ir Tonipcrauee Societies, s
i tn'.i.ii n ones, aud anite i;i seeding full deltga-li-Aiis
ut ihe time we hava dimjnau?d. Let not
tti? S-ins nd Daught. -m tf Teinpnranr.-e, tha fco-
i t! Cir -'.ft. the Degrees and tha Templars be nn
r et.re.s.-ute i i.i a rieetmir so importatit aal ritJ to
the well being of I.i i.ina
We Tin er request ail papers friendly to tha
cm-e of Temperance throughout tho State tj
p'l'oii.slj this call immediately.
' Calvjst I':.TCaas,
Jambs Huakk
E. H Baaar, -
Va. Hout'ON.
No-r-IsTKRy emtio:;. Amongst the bill? in
troduced into the House of Delegates of Geor
gia, we notice one "to promote the settlement
of ihe Territories of the United States " It
protiles for State aid to companies of Geor
gians, organized for the purpose of emigrating
io K mas, but who may be disabl -d from so
doing for want of funds. It proposes that
the leader or captain of the company shall
give bond an 1 aecuriiy for the faithful dis
bursement of the funds, and within twelve
i month after the receipt thereof transport one
j hundred emigrants to Kansas. It proposes
that the aid shall be given in sums of lifty dol
lar to each emigrant, not to exceed in the r.g
gregate 5J,00U, and that the money ao ex
peude.I is to be reimbursed by a special lax
on slaves. Xulional InUlligenctr.
It looks a little strange that a Southern
State should pursuu a course as indicated ia
the above paragraph. Tho South ha3 contin
' u.tlly complained of the exertions on the pa:t
.-.f the North, to make Kansas a free State.
ts'-.e has anathamatized the northern emigrant
aid societies she has ued liar bitterest invec
i t ves against the northern voluntary associa
J lion. for the furnishing of money and assistance
f o those who wished to remove into the terri
i forie-, and help mould and fashion their ir.sti
I utions she has censured the north and
piestioned her right to resort to unusual means
;o people rvansas, ana yet tren now, naiia
her ri'.tjoerations are ringing in northern ears,
there is introduced into a southern State legis
lature, a bill, to furnish from the State treaury,
means sufficient to transport one hundred cm-
, igrants to this territory, which they appt-ar
de'ermined shall b cursed with the footsteps
'of slaves. This a remarkable more on tho
I part of a southern S'ate, end if it was safe to
judge of aouthern sentiment, by an tzprttsioa
of southern feeling, we would have supposed
that a bill similar to the one men ioned above,
-r .. r . I l. ... .n B.....t ..l nn I , . 4 1 t .1
i i:.i '-iu,i-u u.s iw
jductionmto a southern legislature.
! seems, however, not to have been the case in
' this pir.icular instance, aal w j will wait and
ai j I tAr'fi a u.n rl t --. m a a rv. i -wo r. ' v. wi,o9 tie
! ' 6..r.4uv,.u..-..- '''
, .ruunj-e ui me oa.. w atujM,
.. .01- 1.1
We will
wait until this occurs, and then we will lok
well to the north. Terrt Hauls JZtprtsi.
Accident to fien. Caw.
WasHnroroir. Feb. 8.
As Gen. Cas was leaving the Patent Office
1 this moriug. he fell down o-i the e'.eps and
' was taken to the National Hotel inaninseosi
' bi condition. When taken up. he was bleed
ing at the temple and raoa.h. and it was feared
; his skull was fractured. Drs. Miller and Gar
i nett were summoned to his aid, and he has
since recognized some of hit friends. His
arm was not broken as was at first reported.
i 3 o'clock P. M.
! 1 r, ,v t ' j .j ,-! i
-1. 1 . 1. 1 in-- irvuuu wa uimcu, wi u;ihiw
j siept soundly tor some time. TLU evening
j hi symtoras are all favorable. He was much
injured by th fail, and the danger is now
from in flam a tion. Were he a young man h
'would, no doubt, FpeediJy recover.
j -Idlecesa wsatea a row as industry ta
i proves him, evil deeds and evil thoughts nrtT
i creep npoa him who is afcidnooslv eirplcrei!
nP"B fwoa one ine mino ana nocy retn
t.,.,r,t' X? tP Pnr d bca,!l!.r
action. Lrfse water, it ront tree it tm pure at
aho'ei-oaie; bat what is there more neieome ar1 ,
thaa a strnat pael! Ihlireaee n
alase is a fair fortune, and Lastrr is a
(rjod eita to kave a&d Lcid WtUr Curt Jo-ur
j, - j aw.w a aa sw tauus Vt 4-'.
have a great soul than a great Est.
I w La ter, we have no assessment law, aad that ; aal

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