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OCT 21st, 1069.
Arrival Depsrtares of Malls
' - ii 111 it - -
r,l ambus tniEut...."..;. .. .... 50 r u
thicafo 2AM
t ineinsati........ .. .". ...4SCm
L.ton WsT.... An
I ndianapolia A West.. w
rril OPEK. f A. .
Indianapolis and West 4 30 r
Cincinnati........... ........... ......11 SC
Dayton Wry !
JtlaaMi Md lart .'fni.'.v.i.' ... .... 4 45r a
sstOBaadBeecByHireeeyesTueidsj ni .
ridsy,t..i... ...r.:..... .'.v..'.: ..... 8 0
lo. f, ftrriTta istse 4sjs
day and Friday, st 9iM
lo. arr. Monday, Wednesday and Triday 4 t
Vincuestsr New - Garden, lesyes.-..
Mondsy, Wednesday and Friday.at.... o 0" am
J. ar r . Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 4 8 0 m
Brookrillevia Abington, Wares MondayO
and Friday at-.. 8 00 am
Arrives Tuesday a4 Saturday at. 00 M
vay-Offiee open from 7:00 a JV toSrOe x On
Arrivals aa Departares of Traiaa.
Colambas&ladiaaapolis Central Railway
First Diaisioa abbitbs most ixbiahapoms.;".
D a v K x p4esl . ...... i -
Mail E .press - - ; M.
Rich. A lad. Accom..
Sight Express (dsily).. . . ..... . .... . JO 17 P. M.
-1 4K7 ABTS to ' rOTA!APOLI8. "
Nijrht Express (daily)... 4.1 A.M.
Rich. A Ind. Accom.. A. M.
DayEpres.";r:.;...... v w
Western Express..... 10.17 r. M.
AKKITBS MOJf COM71r,0.,Tia. flQUA.
Night Expresa. daily).. ...... 4.16 A.m.
Pay Expres., ........ i,' m"
Western Express 'u r-
Li avis torn coixmbcs, o:, via. "Q.tfa. .
Day Exprts .. MO A.M.
Man Express- .. .r..'. .? i'S
Sijtht Express (Daily) .... .... 10.17 P. M.
Third DiTision AnniTM raOK cbicaoo. ill.
No.Iarrrrea........ .-TOO A.M
No. 6 strives... 2 F M,
r ft. fit mpABTS VOB OBMAOO, ILL. '
Wo: departs. A- .
No. 1 departs.... ......... r-
Cinoiaaati Riohataad dk Chicago R. R.
Cincinnati ria. Hamilton i ' ! 1; "
,t.. t,' -. .t .- .' TBAIK8 LBATB. ABUTS.
loeounuadation.... .......7.00 A. M. 11.00 P.M.
...5.15 P. M. 8.86 P. M.
Daytoa db Xeniaft. Day toa As. Western R.R.
n-i r..n- i- ' I
Day i xpraitsT. . -j . ! MS 5
Aooommodatlon...T 5.05 A. M. 4.50 P. M.
Street ! Railroad to Oen
,n m jit a treville. f; f. 1 sot
t -A-djoiornecl Meeting.
.. !! 2 ..
The Citizen of Biohnaond, and Cen
treviUe. And those residing on the line
of the proposed Railroad, will meet at
lie- Hall of Irvin Reed (the Henry
Hall,) on Satnrday evening next, at 7
o'clock, to, consult und lake action in
building the proposed Street Railroad,
from Richmond to Centreville. We re
apectfully urge every bnsines- man in
the city to be present, and . do what be
can to promote the snccesa of this en
- '' By order of the meeting.
t'."';p - John S.'LTUComi."
'Richmond, Oct. 21, 18G9." V:
Dr. Daks is meeting with great success. He
till remains at the Tremoot House and pur
pores remaining with us for ome time,'
For a foil "rig" Coat, Pantaloons, Vest,
Shirt lawirs, Soclce, Collar and Neck-Tie
go to Zeyen St Bro., No. 232 Main , Street:
They will fit you out completely, and on the
cheapest possible terms. , Giro theia a cell
No. 181 Main Street, one door East of Nes
tor's Grocery, is the place to puichase Good
and Cheap Boots'and Shoes. ' Ladies, Gents,
Misses and Boys, can always be fitted at No.
18l Go there. . J'. r-,-.
The finest Bright Nary, and Strawberry, at
25 cen"ts a plug, at.$. Bachman's.' ,. t
Zktxs & Bao have one of the -largest and
finest assortments of , Cloths, Cassimerei,
Goods for Vi stings, and for. Ladies' Saques;
Gentlemen's Collars, Neck Ties, etc., now In
the city. Call at No. 232 Main Street, and
ei arpiae their Goods and Prices.. , t . ,
Gas WAKTBp.It is seldom that edi
tors need, gaa in- order to go ahead ; bnt
juet at this present -writing wc need it
muchly. -We are behind with our pa
per in consequence of' a - want of that
necessary article to enlighten our com
positors, so they- can see to print the
gas of I the editor and " correspondents.
So, I nrry upro. Starr, and supply ua
out of. that new gasometer just erected
Tlie place to get your money back is
at Jacob Kern's Clothing Store, where
he will fit you with everything in his
line that you seed, and "at? prices j ou
can well afford. Go and see Jacob and
his fine Stcck or Clothing, at Reed's"
Corner; opposite! the "ist National
Bankv I S3 p ' U I
' : s - J ' - - - I ':'
ouuw uu luesua inns, lata inst. ' AO-
day 14 (Wednesday) 15 the wheather has
cleared up heautifnlly, and every indi
cation is that we shall have a glorioua
. i n l 1 in. i. . . . m
season of "Indian Summer,? go that
nousec(eaning can oe -aia ana every
thing fixed fn order for winterl
Doc. Davis, oneof, the Street Com
mi tfdbbrolko through t&i bridge' at De
pot, across from Beard fe Sinex's old
stand to the old Plow shop of t Horney
and Co, the other day with his horse and
btfgsy, and,wne are so uncharitable aa
to conclude that, the accident, couldn't
have overtaken one that would give
mdre general aatiafaction, (provided
neither the Doc, bis horse or buggy re
oeived damage as in this case) because
. epaira would oe instantly ,if not sooner,
Paxson Take the Field Again!
; OaV friead, Jobn M. Paxson, baa de
termtoed that the cilizena of Richmond
halt be aa well provided for in the fu
ture as in the past, and that they shall
not be j disappointed when? he caters to'
their wants, He has commenced, pack
ing Pork for"the retail trade, in the room
on Fifth street, to doors North of the
Tremoot Hoxjac; where he purposes for-
nisuin' fainiliea, with Sugar-cured Flam,'
Lard; Sausage, Bticon, roi l Pickled Pork.
.He will also sell Bet f. Pork and Mut
toni by the quarter or1 side to dealers,
and furnish families with dried beef,
"kits" of corned beef, and all other
kinds) of Meats at wholesale, and he re
spectfully solicits his old friends to give
him a call, and he will supply them on
better term3 than they can get else-
jWhereasi "i T'.'i f A'w UiHii
: air raxsoD, ai3 proposes io meet
the wants of every? family, , and, mrso
doing7'the,ibehefi!r. conferred will "pay"
both ways.? f Tiiose who have been sup
plied with provisions in his liae hereto
fore, require no prompting on our i part
they know how to appreciate his la i
bora in their behalf. Our object sow is
to induce those who have not patronized
him, to avail themselves of his skill and
experience in putting .up and properly
providing for meeting the necessary de
mand, of FAMILIES lor MEAT.
May Apple Navy, the besi in the country,
for sale at 25 cents a plug at S. Bachman's,
opposite G. W. Barnes & Co.
; . i ; ., ... . : i.t .-t
; X"To-Night at Henry Hall, our
young mechanics have a Social Ball
under the management of M. Samuels,
J. Wilkins, J. O'Hara, and B. Nolan.
Price of Tickets 75. Cents.; They will,
uo doubt, in despite of any sanitary ad
vice we might give them' to ."keep good'
ho'jrs," etc , dance all night t'll broad
daylight, and go home with the girls in
the"morning'? ''.
. We learn that ijuite au exteusive fire
occurred in Cincinnati yesterday (Wed
nesday) afternoon. The olil Merchants'
Exchange in which the Y. M. Library
is situated, was destroyed. Loss 850,
000. .
The funeral of David Grave was I rge
ly attended on Sabbath last, 75 vehicles
were , in procession, and nearly three
hundred members of the Order of Odd
Fellows,' to, which tlie deceased ' was
Warmly , attached, , were in attendance;;
besides a large circle, of friends and
neighbors who had known him long and
well,' and thus testified ihe esteem in
which they held him by paying the last,
sad tribute to his memory.
The Gacsdpohl be thanked for a cov
ering for our head a splendid Hat
makiug us feel young, gaj' and festive.
We havn'troom to thank him in fitting
terms this week. More anon.
. "Bulla!" Was our exclamation the
moment our eyes rested on a basketful
of mammoth Sweet Potatoes, one of
which made a mess for four hungrv'uns
rnd three good solid inches left, which
we ate cold for supper. These po tatoes
are of the finest yellow variety, and our
friend Hiram Bulla has, for the past nine
years, raised the same , fine, large and
excellent kind on the same ground, and
has never failed In bringing U3 a liberal
supply th at is the secret of his suc
cess, no doubt! s Thanks! -
Death of Miss-Sadiv- McMink. We
perform a most painful task in announc
ing the death Of this 'young lady, which
occurred sometime during Sunday night
last. She had .been, in company with
other young ladies, at the house of a
friend on SablathevenTng; and was en
joying her usnal health 'and spirits. Left
there and went to the house of iicr broth
er, Henry McMinn, wheto she boarded,
and retired .to bed-' .She hadrequently
been subjected tt attacks of. headache,
and was in the habit of inimling"chloro
lorm in' order to alleviate' the pain, in"
the morning, her sister-in-law went to
ber room, and ollad her to breakfast
finding her efforts to arouse her unavail
ing, she t tried the door, and found it
locked. T then becoming alarmed, she
went to th neighbors ( Mr F. Knollen- .
berg,) and he and his wife returned
with her, and the efforts to attract Miss
M's attention was. renewed, but without
success. Mr. K. t;ien broke down the
door, and there, prone upon the bed lay ;
the lifeless body of Sadie, who, only a
lew brief moments before, wa3 enjoing
life and life's brightest anticipations.
The grim messenger of death had come,
through the means of a pain-alleviator,
and t.-all , pain consciousness breath
ceased ! The spirit had ascended ' to
God 'who gave It f ' " ''
; jury 3 was summoned by Coroner
Ronet, who, after carefnl inquest, de
cided that she came to. her death by the
use " of chloroform taken to " relieve
headache. The handkerchief, which
was Maturated with chloroform, was
found grasped in her hand, ahd her face
buried ,in the pillow. We learn that
physicians gave it as tbeir opinon that
the quantity of chloroform she inhaled
would not have produced death; bnt that,
from the posture in which she lay, and,
the indications, death was caused by
auffocationl : -
' Odd Fellows Hall Dedication.
j This splendid Hall the pride of onr
City-will be dedicated on Friday eve
ning pext (Oct. 22d)' The Dedication
Ceremonies .will be conducted by the
Grand Master of-." the )rder, J. A:
Waldman.5 The Address will be deliv
ered by the Gand Secretary, E. II.
Babey. As far as possible, those who
are not members of the . Order, will be
made welcome, to witness the interest
ing ceremonies, xt.ti ?
! Bay yoar Pine Cat Chewing Tobacco at 228
Main St., and get a Tobacco Box thrown in.
f Are you unwell sick ailing? Go
to M.B. Ballard's Depot Drugstore and
if he doesn't cure -yonthen there's no
use taking medicine; because he his the
very article that will do it.
i- ; ? . r
The meeting at Smith's School House,
last Saturday night, was largely attend
ed by those interested in the : proposed
Street Railroad. A very full and free
discussion of the subject was had, and
from which it appeared that there is no
doubt whatever of the early building of
the road. It was stated by one of the
speakers that 820,000 of the Stock would
be subscribed by persons then in the
meeting. - It the business men of Rich
mond will take hold of the work as their
interests certainly demand they should,
the street cars will be running to Cen
treville within the next three months.
The meeting adjournedto meet in
Henry Hall, in this city, on next Satur
day night, when a permanent organiza
tion of the Company will be effected
withr 'iT capital - Stock of 50,000 which
it is ascertained' will be sufficient to
build and stock the road. .
Wo hope the citizens of Richmond
will turn out and help make the meeting
a success.. .,,
Major J. S. Lyle, waa authorized to
give notice through the papers of the
adjourned meeting, which will be found
in nnother column. !
Fire On Sunday afternoon last, the
brick stable of Noah S Leeds, on North -East
corner of Seventh and Vine streets,
caught fire through the carelesness of
his colored man, who had been smoking
a cigar and had thrown the stump of it
in the straw. r Most of the contents of
the stable were destroyed. including
two sets of harness, and all that was
burnable in the building. His loss can
not be short of eight hundred or one
thousand dollars. ..All the engines were
on hind; but there was a scarcity of wa
ter, and they were not as effective for
that reas ta as they would have been.
More cisterns are needed in that part of
town, to save valuable property, and the
citizens should go to work immediately
in that direction. We give No. 3's cred
it for throwing first water. '
Another. On Monday evening last,
the dwelling of James McWhinnev, on
Linden hill," (South of the old Rails
back fc Hutton Nursery,) formerly own
ed by John H Hutton, caught fire from
a furnace in the cellar. When it was first
discovered, the building was sensibly
kept closed- whilst a man in - a buggy
was sent to town to give tle alarm. Soon
the engines, by dint of the encouraging
shouts of "hoove-'em up," were on the
ground and in operation, and the dimes
were extinguished. The fire, water and
smoke caused Mr. MeWhinney damage
to the amount, of not less than three
thousand dollars. We could aot ascer
tain whether Mr. MeWhinney was insur
ed or not; but judge from his uniform
prudence that be was. The No. 2's
have the credit of 4skwirting'' the first
We neglected to notice the fire on S. ,
7th street, near the Park;two weeks ago,
Nagle's property, which burnt off the
roof and badly damaged the back part
of the cottage, destroying nearly all
the furniture, clothing, etc., of the ten
ant fa woman who supported herself
and her bid father by washing. We
learn that our liberal' fellow citizens
contributed tc. her relief. The proper
ty wasjnsured, and Mr.N.is repairing it
Throwing "First Water!'' One of
the 'member of No 3 fire company ' in '
forms us that he ' has no objections
to either of the rival engines receiving
the credit, for throwing first water,
provided -the No 3"s are not more than
from five to ten minuets ahead, as was
the case at the fire that ocenred ut the
MeWhinney slaughter house ! We "ac
knowledge ' the . corn" and make the
amende; as late as it is, having . then
gave the credit to No.l's. v . . .
,Nkw Telegraphic Line. A new line,
direct to New York and Chicago, hav
ing connections with all the prominent
lines in the country, has just been es
tablished in this city, and our young
friend Albert G. Drake (son of Dr. I.
S. Drake, of -' this city) is the operator
here. The tariff rates are considerably
lower ' by the Pacific and Atlantic line,
than our people have been paying.,
"Buy jour Cigars of S. Bachman and get a
Cirgar-Bolder for nothing.
Accidents. On Monday last, our
young friend, Ed. Thatcher, had his arm
fractured at the wrUt, and mashing the
joint, by his borse falling on him. lie
is considerably bruistd on his body, but
is getting along as well as could be ex
pected. "At Cectrcville.'Sunday last,a"yo;ing
man by the name of Rast, was so se
verely injured by being thrown from his
horse, that he died. .
.Whilst there is life, there is hope; and
whilst there are Drags and Medicines at
A. S. Reed's Drugstore, at the Ol 1
Plummer Corner, there is no danger but
life may be prolonged by alleviating and
curing diseases therewith. Go there,
for your Toilet articles, Brushes, Lamps,
Trusses, etc , etc.
Wood and Coal Yard. -
Lewis Clare:, having just established
himself in - this business, on Broadway
between Pearl and Marion sta , West
from the Morrison Library, solicits a
share of public patronage. He will de
liver Wood and Coal In any part of the
City, and bis charges are very reason
able, uive mm a cai:, ana you will get
pood, sound Wood and full load.
ArraAXi t tbb Pgblic This representetht
that Calvin Outlend is; the. only: Agent
Wayne County, Indiana, to so'icit aid on pay.
ment of the A. M. E. Church. '': a. t
Richmond. InL. Oct. 21 1889. n32tf
Goto Mrs. S. A. XI iff, for latest styles ol
Bonnets, Ribbons, Laces, and Millinery Goods
of every description, at the raost reasonable
prices, at her establishment on North Frank
Hn-stn' a few doors from Main East side.
Has been fitted op with a Laundry, and has for the
past few months been successfully - engaged in
washing and ironing. By this means we hare beev
able to contribute largely towards supplying ihe
daily wants of the Home We would respectfully
solicit the patronage of the public, and warrant sat
isfaction. Clothes will be sent for and returned ia
good order at as low rates or lower than anywhere
else. . The application for washing may be left at the
post office, at the Home on South 6th street, neartbe
corner of Market, or with any one of the managers.
On behalf ot the Board.
R.M. COFFIN. President.
Richmond, Sept.l. 188P.
The Home for the Friendless is now prepared to do
all kinds of plain sewing with neatness aud dispatch.
Terms moderate. Applications may be made at the
Home or to any of the managers.
R. M. COFFIN, Pres t.
The Great Cause
OP . ... -
Humaii Misery.
Just Published, in a sealed envelope. Pric 6 cents.
A Lecture on the Natura, Treatment and Radical
Cure of Seminal Weakness, or Spermatorrhoea,
induced by Self-Abuse ; I' voluntary Emissions,
Impotener, Nerroua Debility, and Impedimenta trt
Marriage' generally; Consumption, Epilepsy, and
Fits, Mental and Physical Incapacity, Ac By Rob.
J. Culrerwell, M. D., author of the 'Green Book,' Ao.
The world-reoowoed author, in this admirable Lec
ture, clearly proves from his own experience that
the awful consequence of Self-Abuse mar be effectu
ally removed without dangerous surgical operations,
bougies, instruments, rings or cordials, pointing out
a mode of cure at once csrtain and effectual, by
which every sufferer, no m.itter what his condition
may oe, rn.tr cure himself cheaply, privately and
radically. This lecture will prove a boon to thous
ands and tliousandt .
Sent under seal, in a plain envelope, to any ad -dress
on receipt of six cents, or two postage stamps,
by ad lr'ssiny the publishers.
Also.Di. Culverwell's 'Mirriage Guide, puce 2
Address the Publishers,
i - , Chas. J. C. Kline fc Co.,
Post office Box 4,5S5. 127 Bowtry, New York. "
Oas Office on Main Street, between Peai 1
and Marion, on 2d Floor. ' ' -
Fine Gas Fixtures, at Less
;jytAII work promptly done in the best and m
satisfactory manner and Warranted.
Richmond, Jan 5, 1869. " 44:ly
s&r tar. ts& t& sr
The attention of our readers is directei to
the advertisement of COE'S DYSPEPSIA
CURE, in another part of the Palladium.
, This truly Valuable Medicineis recommend
edby ll wa use it. lead the certificates.
Peculiar Adaptability.
Thsir pacoliar a lapta'iilitv to all constitutions as
clean ers of the bowels and the blood has established
their great merit. Thay restore the liver, tho spleen
and even the heart to healthy aclion when other
remedies have been used without producing any ben
efit. They do not expose those who use them to any
danger, being as safe as salutary. ; ; r.
Extract from a Letter to Dr. Brandreth, from C. J.
Fay, Esq., P. M., Hammonton, ST. J.
"Ia 1H33 I was in poor health, and my friends as
well as myself supposed that my earthly voyage
would soon terminate. Bat after taking one box of
BrandretVs Pills, I bjgaa to feel better. Well air
when I had use ! up twelve boxes I was a well, heal
thy mn my weight having gone from 131 pounds
up to 152 paunds. I then ordered a supply, and be
tween that time and the present I have retailed three
thousand dollars worth of these invaluable pills and
am quite Sure that I bava thereby been instrumental
in saving thousands of lives.
"Yours, truly; C.J-FAY, P.M.
Sold by all Druggists. Observe my name in white
le'ters in the government stamp. ,
no27-4tc PA co.
A Partner Wanted,'
To take an interest in anew discovery of great val
ue. - Perfect satisfaction guaranteed. The parties
can have an opportunity to teit the articles to their
entire satisfaction. The articles are in the shape of
medicine, and has never (ailed to cure in a half doien
different diseases that are ve ry common to man and
will prove fatal if not removed. I have no desire to
swicdie any one. My reasons fur a partner is for .
tho want of'capital. Any person desirous of engag-
ing in a very paying business, and to relieve the dis
tress of thousands Aoulddo well to investigate this
matter. For further particulars inquire at the Pal
ladium office.
no22-tt. ' " ""'
a fcc-ai '
RESPECTFULLY announces to the citizens
of Richmond and Wayne county, that ha has
resumed the Practice of Law iu the room over
Haines Store, opposite the Richmond National Bank,
where he would be pleased to see his old friends and
all deniring bis assistance in f bat line. ,
"Entrance one door West of S. Ki' Wiggins A
Co.'a Saddlery and Leather Store.
Richmond, Aug. 10, 1869. 23tf
V G V S T U S B . Y O U N CS ,
Attorney arid Notary,
SsTOfficein Haines Building, opposite the Rich-'
mond National and Citizens' Banks,
Richmend, lad.
T. ROSE, Dentist, 1
N. W. Corner of Main and PearNste.,
. y Richmond. IrLti r ?
rMtEETH EXTRACTED without pain by the
M. use of Nitrons Oxyde or Laughing Gas.
Teeth inserted from $10 to $ 15 per set. ' "
VAU work wakbavtkd. Feb. 20, 1888,
Booksellers & Statio ners,
Cor: 5th and Main, Odd Fellow Bnilding;
J O B N H . P O P. P ,
. Office No. 33, Main-st., R Bea, Imi
Attends to the collection ot all claims in any State d
the Union. - Will practice in any or the Courts ol In-
(liana and Ohio.. Execute Deeds, Mortgages, and'
Powers of Attorney, either inland or foreign. Br '
special arrangement with C. P. Ad AC, in Cincinnati,
(German Consul) and HiLiva A Co., of New Tork, I
am enabled to forward and receive any money packa-'1
ges or other valuables, as well as to attend to the
transit of persons from any part of Europe or from
tli is conn try. ; ,
Allbusioess strictly confidential end promptly
attended to. - - - - .H.P.
Jelvrth,lS59. ltf
f cy ( Consumption 4
Dr. Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup for the cure
of Coughs, Colds and Consumption.
Dr. Sohenck's Seaweed Toaio for the cure of
Dyspepsia and all the Debilitated Con litions of the
Stomach. -
Dr. Schonck'a Mandrake Pills, for Diseases of
the Liver.or to act as a Gentle Purgative.
All of these three medicines are often required in
caring Consumption, though the Pulmonie Hyrap
alone has cured many desparate cases.' The Seaweed
Tonic and Mandrake Pillsdesperateca alating the
Stomach and Liver, and help the Pulmonie Syrup
to digest and search through the blood vessels, by
which means a cure is soon effected.
These Medicines are conscientiously offered to
the public as the only safe, certain and reliable
remedies for Pulmonary Consumption, and for all
those morbid conditions of the body which lead to
that fatal disease. Liver Complaint and Dyspep
sia are often forerunners of Consumption; and when
they manifest themselves they require the most
prompt attention. ":! ' "' ' '
The Pulm.tmio Syrup is a medicine which has had
a long probation bofore the public. Its value has
been proved by the thousands of cores it naa made
thiough a period of more than thirty-fire yesrs, in
all ol which tims its reputation has constantly in
creased, and the mast obstinate skepticism can no
longer doubt that it is a remedy which may be used
with confidence in all cases which admit of a euro..
If the patient will perseverinsrly follow the direc
tions which accompany each bottle, he will certain
ly be cured, if his lungs are not too much wasted
to make a cure possible. Even in ras supposed
to be incurs b'e, when friends and physicians have
despaired, the use of this Meiicina has saved the
life of the patient and restored him to perfect
Dr. Schenck does not say that all case9 of Pul
monary Consumption are within the reach of medi
cine, but he emphatically asserts that often when
patients have the most alarming symptoms, such as
a violent cough creeping chills, sight sweats and
general debility, even to such a degree that they are
obliged to lie in bed, and when they are given up by
their physician they may still bo cured. No medi
cal treatment can create new lungs, but when the
lungs are very sadly dissased, and to so ne extent
destroyed, a cure may be affected by Dr. Schenck '
medicines. -
Also in Scrofulous Diseases these medicin es are
equally efficient. Dr. Schenck has photographs of
a number of perso ns who have been nearly covered
with running sores, and "now 'allhealed up. This
shows its purifying properties, which must be done
to heal cavities in the lungs .
In the treatment of Consumption, it is of the ut
most importance to give vigor and a healthy tone to
the system. . Hence it is necessary to strengthen the
appetite of the patient and improve digestion .
Proper nourishment is required together with such
means as will m ike the food easily digestible. The
articles most suitable for the diet of Consumptive
patients are designated in Dr. Schenck's Almanacs,
which are distributed gratuitously. In general, the
most highly nutritious 'articles are to be preferred,
but the digestive organs nr.st be strengthened in or
der to make either foodor meiicine serviceable. This
requirement is met by the Seaweed Tonic, and for
this purpose it was designated. ' t
When the digestive powers are put in good order,
the food has its proper effect, the system of the pa
tient is invigorated and the lungs begin to exercise
their functions in a normal and healthy manner.
Then the healing powers of the Pulmonic Syrup
will complete the cure.
Pulmonary Consumption is almost always com
plicated with "Dyspepsia and ' Liver Complaint.
Schenck's Mandrake- Pills are intended ' to remove
obstructions from the Liver and restore its healthy
action. They have all the efficacy which U ascrib
ed to calomel or 'blue mass, and are warranted not
to contain a particle of any mineral, poison. These
pills cure the most obstinate costivenes3, sick head
ache, piles, billions affections, and all other diseases
which arise from a torpid or obstructed condition of
the liver. One box of these pills will prove the effi
cacy of the medicine. ,
In Consumption the Seaweed Tonic and Mandrake
Pillsare invaluable auxiliary medicines. They re
lieve the sufferings of the patient and assist the
Pulmonic Syrup in effecting a cure. They have been
found useful in advanced stages of Consumption,
where the lungs are almost entirely destroyed, and
all symptoms, according to the judgment of the phy
sicians, indicated speedy death. The lives of pa
taaats who were actually in a dying condition, hve
been preserved for months by the use of Schenck's
three great remedies.
' Dr. Schenck's Aim vnac, containing a full treatise
on the various form of diseAse, hi mode of treat
ment, and general diractiiMis. how to use his med-
cine, can be had gratis, or sent by mail by addressing
bis Priucipal OlHe, No. la North Sixth St.; Phila-
delpbia, Pa . . . . . ; ,
' Price of the Pulmonic Syrup and Seaweed Tonic,
each SI 50 per bottle, or $7 50 a palf dozen. Man
drake Pills, 25 cents per box. v - ' v ,::
j For sale by all Druggists a oJ dealers.
4 ly-S M P
Against all impositions upon the peopl e, and Sci
ence, following the glorious Example, is out ,
who sell sugar of lead hair dyes, that not only ruin
hair, but para'yze the system. Imposters .f ,,
should be pat dawn by law. In the meantime,
Criscadoro's Excelsior . Hair Dye
is offered nader the guarantee of Professor Chilton,
the famous analytical chemist, as an ,
Efficient. Pare aud Harmless Preparation.
Dressing, acts like a charm on thi hair after Dye
ing. Try it. ; -; m i
no27-4tc P Co - ;
To Owners of Horses and Cattle.
i t .
TOBIAS' Derby Condition Powders are warrant
ed superior to any others, or no pay, for the cure of
Dystemper, Worms, Bots, Coughs, Hide bonnd,
Colds, Ac, in Horses; and C.lis, Coughs, Loss ot
Milk, Black Tongue, Horn Distemper, Ac.,, in Cattle.
They aie perfectly safe and innocent ; ! bo need of
stopping the working of your animals. . They in
crease the apatite, give a One coat, cleans: the sto
mach and urinary organs; also increase the milk of
cows, 'fry them and you will never -be c without
them. The late Hiram Woodruff, celebrated trainer
of trotting horses, used them for years. Col. Philo.
P. Bush, of the Jerome Race' Course, Fordham, N.
T., would not use them until be was told of what
they were composed, siaes which be is never without
thero. jJIe has ove Ltweatyi rnjbuin Jborsea ia hia
charge, and lor the last three years has used no oth
er medicine for them. 5 He has kindly permitted me
to refer "any one to him. Over 1.000 ' other referen
ces can be seen at the Depot.
Sold by Druggists and Saddlers. Price, 25 cents
per box. Depot 10 Park Place, New York.
no27 -4t c P A Co. .
r Administrator a Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has
been duly appointed administrator of the. estate of
Charlott AY.Myrick deceased. All claim against
said estate are required to be presented according to
law. Said estate. is probably solvent.
. -, - . ELISU A D. FISHER, Adm'r.
J. c;. nivriage, AM-r.-
Sept. S, 186-iw, ' '
N o t arv I ti "b 1 i c "
Office, over Citizens Dank, entrance on
Xain Street: RICHMOND, IND
----- . -j ' - i. J
HR. HtlVTER :1,
CONTINUES to treat all private diseases, SypbiHh
in all its forms. Gonorrhea, Gleet, Stricture, Or
chitis, and all urinary diseases, and the effects of
mercury are completely eradicated; Spermatorrhea
or Seminal Weakness, resulting from self abuse or
other causes, and which produces tone of the fol
lowing eff-cts, as blotches, bdily weakness, indiges
tion, constipation, aversion te society, nnmaolincss,
dread of future events, los of memory, indolence,
nocturnal emissions, and finally prostration of the
vital pow?r, can be fully restored to health. : Per-:
sons afflicted with this or .any ocber delicate, intri
cate, or long standing constitutional coroplaint,shouid
give the Doctor a trial. He nver fails. ' "
The Doctor publishes a medical circular that gives
a full exposition of venereal and private diseases,
that can be had free at office, or by mail for one
stamp., , It gives a clear delineation of all the diseas
es and conditions resulting from the infringement f
the moral laws, excesses, indulgences, exposures,and -imprudences
in married or single life. Every sen- ,
tence contains instruction to the afflicted andenatr '"
ing them to determine the; precise nature of their,:
The establishment,' comprising ten ample moms, !
central. When it is not convenient to- visit the city,
th Doctor's opinion by giving a written statement '
of the ease, and medicines can be forwarded by mail
er express. ; in some instances, however, personal
examination is absolutely necessarr, while in others
daily personal attention is required, and for the ac- -commodation
of such patients there are apartments
connected with the office that are provided with every
requisite that is calculated to promote recovery, in-.
eluding medicated vapor baths- All prescriptions
are prepared in the Doctor's Laboratory, onder bis !
personal supervision. Medical pamphlet at office
free, or by mail for two stamps. No matter who
have failed, read what he says. - Office No 183 Third i
street, between Green and Walnut streets, near the .
Post office. Louisville, Kv. Office hours 9am to 7
p k.; Sundays 10 A m lo 12 M. ri7-ly
Commissioner s Sale
Heal 2E5s&ae.
PURSUANT to a decree of the Court of Common
Pleas of Wayne county, Indiana, the undersigned
will offer at - ..i-', !
Pixblic Sale,
On the premises hereinafter named, oa ' ' ?
S 'iA. TXJ RIa. Y",;
The 6th Day of Nov, '69,
At one o'clock of said day, the following Real Estate,
to-wit: , ,
The north half of the southeast quarter of Lot Xo.;
three (3) in that part of the city of Richmond, Wayne ;
county, Indiana, laid out by Commissioners to sell
the real estate of Samuel WV Smith. This property 1
has on it a .'-.-...;' ',-
And also Lots No. .13 and 19, in that part of said
city laid out by Charles T. Price and Clements W.
Also lots Ko 14, 15, 33 and 3(, and known as the
plat of Greenwood laid out by James ,W.-Sutton,
containing" - "v -- -' ' -
And situated to the northeast of said city and near it.
The fourth of the purchase money will be required
down, and the residue in three equal instalments of
6, laod 13 months after date, with . interest from
date, for the payment of which notes and a mortgage
on the property sold will be required of the purchas
er. A certificate will be given to each purchaser
conditioned to make a deed when the sale is confirm
ed and the conveyance is ordered !v the Court.
Oct. 5, 1369-ta -Commissioners. .
" 1
Agricultural and Fireside Journal,
. . run
MXTEES handsome fHo pases, printed from new
type, ob aaperana book paper, and abundantly 111 as
trated by the btt artirt. ' .. "-
V . ------ : -. ' . ,-. -
- . iMtn r
- Asm ' ' '
aselated by a corps of able adlton and eontribntera la
each department. : -.. r,,.., -, . -
It Is devoted to the Interest of the "
and the FLORIST
.... PLASS.OFi
noted for their attraetlreness, i
tlae to ttn9 ; as also Ceraeterli
A earafnl Report
toa. Philadelphia.
will he farnisl
Parmer Infoi
and WHEK
written expressly for tfhTKABTH ASTD HOME, ia
aaaaea In first (Deeomber Xth) aambar. ,
will find thatr own pag always U(htd with auch fan '
In pictures, and fan la itorle. hall make them
look sharply rery wk fo the oomlnx of &SABTH 1
AHD HOME.' uJ o.-:i v-: . t-.m.i-.-x i-aa
.i'- ;!TEBni FOR. 189. - ;
Single Copies ti, lnrarlably in, adraneet t Coptas
S10 ; S Copies tli. Any on sanding $45 for a clah .
of 15 Copies (all at on ttm). will reoeir a copy -free.
.; .-.-j
Ho traTeUing afents mployetx. Address all eenv
kmnlestlon to -:-.-:,:.-..);; v.
WPa Bow.irnwToi
SherifFs Sale. A "
T TIRTDE of a decree end execution to me di-
fnelAfl fmm tliA Wmiu r!nmwM.M 11 ri . B
7 1 9 "
f ..;:;sffew Tort, Bee,;
i .N X etrlng th
nr. , V , Miam wua tu w a
y 0 VtWly OLrolo . 7 ,
ltirir yfa Interest tho houeholdi plain
rulV. CIV yring and domestic management,
fremV:T"-' yt aaPkla the alng of
good dlaSy' Jftm Aanart of ehadrem. , -
mba. nowS. v i ' ""4 V T I I
; ... an MrMABT K. DODO,
wUiewMrAeUteaaehnaair -, .; -. V
t ' " ' Is - iS ' w
y . mg inn m i. s. -w
X. - . A. A. . . t f
win t.jiun, puwio his lu voopt unose door in
th town of CenterrUle, Wayne county, Indiana,
On tbe 23rd Day of October, 18fJ9, ' ca
between tbe boors of 10 o'clock ,. m. a ad 4 o'clock
p. M., on said day, the interest of John Coleman in .
the following property, to-wit: Lot No. twenty-four"
24 in Samuel Uaar's Addition to the town of Rich
mond, Wayne county. Indiana. To be sold aa tbe
property of John Coleman, to aatiVy said decree in
my bands in faror of Albertus Swain et al.
''" Sheriff of Wayne county.7
J.C.Whitridge,Att'r for Fl'ff. T-
8p. JS.iMa.ts.ffl
GREAT- cf AW'rMAST0D0?j't
The only Gigantic, Legitimate, Unqualified, Uujivi
ded, Cneveeptiomxd and Cotfipretiensive
WilDBtmSllOn Ifi Al.UhlC
: : ' TBI AN' :S-'C'
. . . t r i --. i
. , Ever in Riclmio nd, - - -
25 Masaive Dens of Living Animals !
r A LfM a ika MB fttrnHfrrl thrt till h k let "t
vuuu aaM r - pv, a
, r . iWEAXYTH, V; f
Will Exhibit at RICHMOND
At ONE and SEVEX o'ct t k, P. f .
Two Separate' Tents.
One Ticket Admits to Both Shows-
Admission - . - , . eO Csuts.
Children under Ten Years 23 Cents.
Are a greater variety of Living S put nuns of Ammi
ted Nature than wew ever b3fore cucentr ited in any
Animal Snow, on the erlobe, k correct list of which
my be found in Pamphlets and Descriptive Uills.
TTIiree JEIepliaiftiN
! Ami a Herd of :
precis oiaQu,-;.
Whiclr ia frijec in a separate apart a'y.t, withjai ax
tra charge, is inferior to no Cuinuiu-r ou tua co.ni
pent. - A glance at the names, wtiicVttro 'puSHbed
in the vari' us bills, and a riew of t!i j extensive Cir
cus Retinne, op its entree iatOi to va, wj j wari int
Spe ciaV .Totici o .
-- ..... ( . - iA.i S,4- r i
Particular attention is called to th-3j mj.iii- ia
which these exhibitions are eireii.1- 'Saeaifrfy s:t
arate and distinct re they from eaeU wtn' ,.t,v.t. 'c
s'US deairinjr only to see the Meoasrari can" Ma;l
tee ilay, if necessarr, In uaintwar.ta U me-iibvlioa
amonr these representatives of tUe u m il la3:
and with eq'ial satisfaction so can "tnVsre w!iri tn1-, to
enjoy the sports and p-tstimet-of .-t&a Arena bj f?&a
from the roarinp of lions and the c.iatlerin of iv.-Ur
bird and monkeys. - r.-ji.qa Ui Ci :
Given daily abont 10 A. M., a ad then if imt sitistit;,l
that the Show, is alt that it is claimed to iy, don't
patronize it. u ' '
.- nnnvnirrt ixm rent n nn
i. FOREPCGH .....
JiE. WARNER .....
J. J. JUSTICE .... .
General iireclor.
Agact. ; :
!- -y
And other FARM SEEDS, rrom leitz Eiperi
, mental Farm, Chambersburg. Pa.,
" i 31 --- . ,--. . 1 ; 1m't.-3 . :',' i
Dieht's and Bouerhton t Beardless, Week's and
Treadwell'a Bearded Whit Wheats, French White
and Red Chaff; I'urple .Straw Bearded Red Mediterra
nean, end German Amber Beardless, are the , best,
earliest, hardieat and most productive Wh-ats that
csn.be recommend, d for setters! cultivation. Price
S per bushel. 4 pounds of any kind by mail post
paid, for $1. ' Twenty heads of different varieties
sent post paid for $1. Twenty other ,- rari -ties ot
Wheat, Barley and Oats ol tast year's m W-t i.ion.
ree veits s Azpenmeniai earn Joorrtui.; j jit:iu nud
Subscribe for it: only f I 50 a jear : the 19 i nsjlul
Journal printed. Address i4 - -
QEO. A. DITZ, Chnrors
' - j O r M
r M i
ss-v rw4rvA J w
anjj 81 .it.

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