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SATURDAY, SEPT. 16, 1871.
Glorioae News from Ctt'iforuia! ;
Tbe deaiorrocv routeO. hore. foot anil dra
goons, by ort-f aix thousand majority. The--"
entire Kpubliao ticket elected. Kunerially
do we rejoice over the success ( our friend
Tnoa. A. BrwiMOW, editor of (lie Amador
Ledger, candidate for State Printer.
"Julian command,; yonr aid, O Mnsea. bring:
Whet Mum tor Julian can refute to sine?".
We beg Pope's pardon for changing the"
bore to suit the ease of our disconsolate
friend Isaac, who bitekes Pollock to hie
mournful car .
"end with the grasshopper which sung
uia evening song beneath bis feet, conversed!"
Isaac's them is full of P 0 (Path Oe)!
Then were throe' funerals last Sun
dp, ft Terjr unusual thing for Richmond.
The trade in quinine i-i I risk.
Prairie chickens, the best of all
birds, can be found at the Fulton max
Lemons, figs, raisins, currents, citrons, al
monds, filberts and cream nut, just receired
and for sale by Fletcher A Co, No. 333 Main
Go from home to bear news listen :
"Julian still claims that bit removal from
the Richmond postoffice was 'wrong in prin
ciple and policy, and a great blunder' on the
member from that District.'' Indiana State
Sentinel. -'
Levitj. One point abont sonv
murderers They "take life"cliee.
A cocktail o( morphine, whisky
and vinegar is Raid to be an anti
dote for a mild dose of strychnine
' A North Carolina widow bit the
nose off a judge' and floored tut
jailer with an ir.ksUod which ad
journed the court. !
To Poultry keepers. Is there
any difference between a hen steal
log and a cock robbing ?
Salem, New Hampshire,' ha- ex
perienced a frost every mouth in
the year thus far. .....
"The Wtohon . the a Rhine" tat
brought its composer a pension of
1,000 thalers. Few watches could
be 'epouted' for so much.
Massachusetts baa had a compul
sory education law on its statute
books for years.
A' Doctor's Eitajih "He
them sll out."
Sf w
A prickly-puir A hedgehog and
Proverbial. Cleanliness is nex
to Godliness, and it's soap that
nxt to Charity.
A man who loses his dexter eye
generally has a sinister look.
The day to pick your wife U
Chooee-day. Weddensday is tin
day to be married on, of course.
Wheels co best when they
thoroughly tired Judy.
"O Nanny ! wilt thou gang
tnc?" as the fellow- said when
was trying to steal a goat
Destructive Fire at Cambridge City.
The large repair shop belonging to the
Junction Railroad took fire en Monday
evening, and within an hour was entire
ly consumed. Tho fire originated in the
paint room, but how has not been ascer
tained. There were three engines, a
new passenger coach, and aeveral freight
cars in the building, which were all de
stroyed, as were the tools in the several
departments. The lors is supposed to
be about $120,000, and no insurance.
By this disaster fifty persons will be
thrown out of employment, most of
whom have families:
Under the supplemental act pass
ed by tho last legislature, the Kan
kakee Valley Draining Company
has been organized and began Its
work, which proves so oppressive
that the counties of St. Joseph,
Laporte, Stark, Porter, Jasper,
Lke and Newton arc almost rife
for rebellion. The company claims
that its object is to drain the
swamp land lying along the valley
of the Kankakee river. It has
issued 82,000,000 in bonds and has
made assessments of benefits on
600,000 "acres of land, on which
these bonds are a mortgage. The
assessments are outrageous and in
i many cases ruinous. A few cases
will show it better than vauge gen
eral statements. One man, who, a
few years ago, bought 1G0 acres
'and who has by hard work and
close living paid lor it, is assosid
81,600 by the Draining Cumpnny
and yet there is no ditch within five
miles of his property. This 81,
600 he must pay in cash or pay it
at the end of twenty years with
semi-annual gold interest at ten
per cent. The Laporte Herald
says that Mr. Daniel Fry, of that
city, owns a piece of land in the
Kankakee Galley which was ap
praised for taxation at 8790. This
land has been assessed by the
company for 87,500, nearly ten
times its appraised value. These
and other like cases explain the in
dignation of the people who live
along the line of this swindling
Democratic- ditch which is intend
ed to stuff the pockets of a few par
ty pets who are leeches oh the pnb
lio treasury. From present ap
pearances the thing, seoms likely
o prove an abortion.
Seconal Aaaaal Biaibitloa.
The Secretary of the Indianapo
lis Pair, f H. Loom is, Eq , has
just furnished us with ihe advance
sheet of ..the, programme .for., the
second Annual fair of our anstci
alion. Every indication betokei s
the best success. The grounds of
- the Association arc new, and the
best adapted to the purposes iu
hand of,, any fair grounds west of
the mountains, containing eighty .
six acres well watered with natural
- streams, and abundantly - shaded
with native forest trees of unsnr-
' passed beauty, '' A great number of
stalls and spice in the various ex.
hibition .halls have already bt to
engaged, and the entries' made so
much so that the Board of Direc
tors ordered the erection of one
hundred more cattle stalls to be
erected immediately.
We hope to see our Association's
grounds filled to overflowing from1.
September 25 to SO. Surely their
large prizes to be awarded on their.
- plendid one mile time track must
' bring a large concourse of people.
Their premiums are also equally
liberal in tbe agricultural, mechan
ical, miscellaneous,-fiue art, cattle
'and hog departments We select
" he following from the program me:
Monday and Tuesday, Septem
. ber 25 ami 20, entries aod arrange
a ment of -articles for. exhibition. ''AH
entries close at six o'clock in the
' afternoon, on Tuesday, the 26 ih ot
September, ' except for the 8300
; Consolation Prize, which will close
on Saturday, at eight o'clock. , -Tuesday,
at- two o'clock in the
ettcraootv equeairatn exercises.
Class C, Live Stack Department'
Two hundred dollars, Wednes
day, ten o'clock a. m., trotting etal
lions.', ; Fi8t; 810Q ; second, 875 j
third, 825. ; ,
' Three hundred ' dollars, pacing
prizo. First, 8150; second, 8100;
third, 850. ;'; . . .: ..
jgThree hundred dollars, trotting
double team. First, $150; second.
8100i third 850.
Same day, commencement of the
grand plowing I match inside the
grounds, for a practical test of im
plements for the cultivation of the
soil. , -
: Two hundred dollars, Thursday,'
ten a. m., trotting four year olds
First, 8100; second, 870; third, 830.
Two thousand dollars, Grand Ex
tra Prize, (Railway, Hotel and Cit
izen's Premium). For ail trotting
' horses or 1 mares : First, 81,000;
second, 8600 third, 8250; fourth
8150 barring Goldsmith Maid and
Three hundred dollars, Grand
Prize foi ail running horses : First,
8150; second, 8100; third 850.
Fivo hundred dollars, Friday,
ten a. m., all trotting horses that
have not shown better than 2:45
first, 850; second, 81f0, third,
. 8100.. ..-
One thousand dollars, all trot
ting horses, or mares that have not
made better time than 2:30 first,
8600; second, 830O; third, 8100
' Three hundred dollars, Satur
day, ten o'clock a. m., Consolation
Prize first, 8120; seoond 880,
third, 860; fourth, 840.
The examination of other branch
es of - live stock, agricultural and
mcchanicsl products, will be an
nounced through the city papers,
and upon tho fair ground.: For de
tailed particulars, see premium list.
Senator Morton has accepted an
invitation from the officers the
American Institute of .New .York,
to deliver the closing address to
that Society in October. Address
88 have been delivered before this
body in their turn by Seward, Clin
ton, Everett, Greeley, Beecher, and
other equally 'distinguished per
sons. Senator Morton has also
consented to speak at Cincinnati
and Dayton,' Ohio, after which it
is probable, he. will make a South
ern tour in .order to accept in vita,
tions tendered . him to speak at
Nashville, Memphis, - and other
leading cities in the South,
The editor of the Radical in his i.-iiue of two
weeks ago, says that Col. Holloway, Post
master at Indianapolis, recently discharged
three of the employees of that office in order
that he might provide a place as Supcrioten
dent, (an office unknown to the law,) for his
brother. Erery word of which is false, as
the editor of the Radical knew sich to be the
ease when be pennsd tba article. Coi. fl.
has published a card in the Indianapolis
Sentinel denying the abore charge.' Three
clerks in the Indianapolis post office tendered
their resignations sad they were accepted,
but their places were filled the same day, and
no inconvenience has arisen whatever. The
Indianapolis postoffioo has had a Superinten
dent for over two years , ss has the Cincin
nati, Chicago and all other first class offices.
The Indianapolis post office now hss a larger
' number of clerks thsn ever before, and the
work of the office is performed more satisfac
torily to the people of the capital than ever
Miss .Wright, from. Greenville, ar-.
rested for larceny, in this city, last week,
was acquitted, 00 one appearing against
E. W. Otwell, of the - Greenville
Journal, gave .us a friendly call yester
day. He . represents tba Journal to be
io a healthy condition.
f " Murder in Kentucky.- -
Lxxinuion, September 11 Last
night, Jacob Harper, an old man sev
enty years eld, and brother to John
Harper, owner of Longfellow, who li
ved about fifteen nfiles from this city,
with BetseTIarper.Trrnaidcn sister, 80
years old, were murdered in their beds.
The throats oF earr-wrre cut frtHu ear
to ear. As yet tlu-'re-is bo clue to the
perpetrators ofttte" crime. " The deed
was committed with a knife.
It was the Ketreiaksupuositiou that
there was a large sum at money in the
bouse, as John Harper had recently ar- !
rived home from Saratogo, where his f '
horse had won several stakes,
The supposition is that the crime was
committed by negroes who formerly
belonged to them, and w ho exacted to
get the money of the old couple after
their death.
It is said that the negroes believed a
will had been made to that effect, and
they were tired of waiting for the end
to come, naturally. Three negro men,
who were found lying concealed in a
neighboring field, and whose clothes
were very bloody, were arrested and
lodged in jail. Harper and his sifter
lived on the Frankfort Road, about
three miles from Midway, nnd uotonly j
the people there, but this community,
have been intensely excited since the
news of itte tragedy was received.
John Harper was out on the race
course, superintending the exercise
of some of his horses, when the sad
intelligence was brought to. him, and
he at once started for home.
SUELBYVILLE, Ixt). Sept. 11, '71.
On Friday night last at about eight
o'clock three men entered the house of
David Hoover, living three miles south
of Boggstown this county, when,:ifter
tying the inmates,consistuigof Hoover,
aged about sixty-five years, his wife,
about the. same age, and a little boy
about ten years old, thejr proceeded to.
search the house for money and valu
ables. In their haste they failed to no
tice the old man, who in the mean
time had freed his hands, and, opening
an old . penknife that he had used for
forty years .and with but a single- blade
in it, he rushed upon one of the rob
bers, wno ftreu at but missed him, cut
tinsr him dangerously iu nineteen dif
ferent places. s The others took alarm
and left in haste, taking with them
their -wounded comrade, but leaving!
him for dead alter a short d
They made their escape. The
ed man was afterward found, and is
nowhere in jail,- In a very low condi
tion, : with- lie hopes of his recovery.
The., wounded robber is named Wm.
Kennedy, from : Iudiaiiapolis. The
names of the other two are known, but
withheld for prudential reasons.
. i ii . . r 1
. New, York, September 9. The Lon
don papers of August 29th, received by
last night's mail, have a tetter of Glad-
says tLat tlic Government does not in
tend to recede from the course which
it has deliberately adopted, and which
the House of Commons and the coun
try have approved.
Loxdox, September 9. Commis
sioner Gurney sails to-day, in the
China, for New York.
The Duchess of St. Albans, only 22
3'ears of age, died In childbed.
Christiana Edmunds, the Brighton
prisoner, has been committed on the
Oharge of willful murder.
, Eugenie embarked to-day, at South
ampton, for Spain, where she is to re
main about two months. Napoleon
will in the mean time make his abode
at Forquay.
, lion. William IT. Seward arrived in
Berlin on Thursday.
Some continental journals state that
the betrothal of Prince Mary Elir.abeth
of Prussia, to the Grand Duke Alexis,
of linssia, will, ere long, be officially
announced The princess is the eldest
daughter of Prince Frederic Charles.
Turkey, ;
Constantinople, sept. 10. Moham
med Pasha, minister without a port
folio, iu the cabinet of the Sultan, is
dead.' '
Copenhagen, September 8. The Im
perial Russian squadron under com
mand of Duke Alexis Alexandrovitch,
has arrived here en route for America'.
The squadron is one of the finest that
ever appeared in Danish waters.
A lonely pioneer writes as follows
from La Corna, Wyoming: 4I sincerely
wish that many hundred of old maids
and widow's who cannot eret husbands
at home would come out here, where
tney coiuu speedily get a choice ofgood,
honest, hard-working men, who, could
make them comfortable and indepen
dent. There are I really think, live
mentor one woman. In fact, very many
of them have been compelled to live
witu native inuian women, who, to my
eyes, are perfect frights, and worse in
their conduct than appearance, ' al
though that is bad enough." .. ..
There is a terrible famine exist
ing in southern-Hungary, produced
by tremendous'; 'hail-storms and
floods, . aggravated by shocking
isgovernraent. The Vicuna Press
says: "Wnile the people are thus
suffering from natural - causes the
Government has' put -in execution
for arrears of taxes. It is a sad
fact that many villages have ar
rears far exceeding the Value of the
property; more , especially ia this
tho case with-oervian and Koumani
au communities. The cattle of the
peasants are now . taken and sold
for these arrears. -The sum ob
tained does not even cover the costs
of execution, and the peasant is
left a beggar.- Pauperism? is fright
fully on the increase - for, with the
ruin of the agriculture, trade and
industry arc also brought down"
The New Orleans Picayune wants
its readers to prepare for the ffreat
naai wave, which, according to the
.... . t . ' . .
calculation of a 'profound astrono
mer, is to sweep over the whole
ocean coast from Hatteras to Bahia,
to the height of fifty feet or more.
on the night of the 5th of October,
or on the morning of the 6th. This
wave, if it comes, will put about al
of Florida and a large portion of
Louisiana under water It is the
prediction of Agassiz, and is very
Europe would appear to beat
America in the matter of the tele
graph. , There are 450,000 miles in
the former, and; only 190,000 in
America. But of Hint 190,000
stone s on the subject of the ballot, in f The Court opens thereon the 25th inst,
w hich he expressed his regrets at the : and Mrs. Clem w ill be removed to the
rejection of the bill by the Lords, but tail at Lebanon on the 21d. She ex-
nearly alW of it is in ,thej United,
States. No one country in Europe
..begins to approximate with u
i .therefore, in that respfecj. 'j,
Read your home paper. ?
Great Britain drinks four times as
much tea as the United States. "
:''o Douglas's old school- house is
now a blacksmith shop.
, There are 3,064 bin guages Spoke it
n the world.
iionner jias z,uw invested, iu
horse flesh. .u.i, Vl
The 'Sagc-of Auburn' will return
in October. :
Indianapolis, sends 14,732 "ehlld
. ren to school from 5,805 families.
"The breath of a charming wo
man" is the same of a new, per
fume. - . '; ;. . -
The appointment . by Tliiera of
Due d' Aunialc, the fourth son of
King Louis-Phillippe, to the com
mand of the French army in Al
giers, has a strong squint toward
. the idea that Thiers, despite his pro
fessions for the Republic, is really
plotting for an Orleans restoration.
MrrxiGAK,has commenced proceedings
in the Huntington county courts on a
writ of error, with a view of having the
Supreme Court of Indiana, review the
proceedings by which the casev was.
transferred'-. -to-; the- United States
Courts. ... .
'My friend, have you sufficient
confidence to lend rue a dollarV
'Oh, yes! confidence enough, but
' not the dollar.' , ,
The Republican party in Eng
land seems to have engrafted uion
it the principle of the Socialists in
this: "The State to provide work
for those laborers who are able to
work, and sustenance for those who
are incapacitated from work." This
is a job the State can not perform.
and it would be folly to undertake
it.: The Democratic' element iu
Ktigland has', injured its cause bv
putting this plank in its platform.
Mrs. Margaret Harvey, who diet!
recently near New Castle, Indn was 73
years old. She came with her father,
Mr. Charles Canady to Wayne county,
Indiana, in 1813, and settled on 'Green's
Fork' aliout three miles west of Centre-
ville was murried to James Harvey,
in October 12th, 1820, in V uyne coun
ty. Removed the next week after mar
riage, to Henry county, w here she set
tled with her husband on Blue river,
about five miles north of new Castle
" The trial of Mrs. Clem, by change of
venue, is to take place iu ltoonc county
presses great confidence in the result
of the trial. . ,
Tiik high school of Springfield Ohio,
graduated the young ladies of its last
class in calico dresses, as pleasing to
tne eye ot taste as to the lianu o
economy. This was brought about by
tne ttioughtlul suggestion otthesuiK-r
intendent nnd the hearty acquiescence
ot tne gins themselves.
A Turk has appeared at New York
with a wife whose strange, luxuriant
beauty has created a deep sensation. She:
has the eyes ot a houri, almond-shaped,
deep and dreamy, and brilliantly white
teeth that laugh as she laughs. The
delicate white lace that covers her blue
dress is held by little groups of real
humming birds, perched on branches
made of the brilliont whig-sheaths of
tne green beetle. I hey are sojournin
at an up-town hotel, en route for Can
Mrs. II. M.. Itoso, Nt rth Fifth st
near .Main, has received her fall stock o(
millinery goods', embtacing all the hues)
styles of bonnets,' bats, ribbons fl'.wtrs
We feel confident that we no'vef invited
the attention of our lady readers to
finer Block. '
Van Brown fell out of Lis ' little bed
Wednesday night, and dislocated hi
wrist. Van was dreaming that he waf
encircling with hia arms 175 pounds o
female ly veliness, but in making the en
circling motion his vwion of bliss vn
dissipsied by a falf on the tutor and a
which resulted in a dislocated wrint.
With tears in h?r cyea , a little
girl of Ave summi ts asked : ,'Will
deer little Johnny die tj uilii
mother? And when site wu a-eur-ed
th..t the doctor thouglxt n. t, she
continued, whiln" sobs, choked her
utterances, 'Poor . Johnny ! . I winli
he would, because then I could
have his little white, baudh d knifn
and fork.' ..
Come, Bob, get up saitt a-, in
dignant father to hU hopeful hop..
the other morning, rt-niemd. r the
early bird ca tc hog the , worm.'
'What do I care for worms V ' re
plied the young hopeful, "mother
won't let me go Hehing.' "
jt The Palladium Job Office
ib the place to get your printing
done, 226 Main street. -
Reinaiuiog in the rust' 6&ce at Richmond,
I ol, SEPTEMBER 15,1871.
Persons calling lor these Letters wilt please
y "ADVERTISED and give the date ot
this list. -
Alnvtn Ssllav,
Bowen Jas. 8.
Brittoo, Adam
Brown, Mrs Nancy
Barvis, Mrs Benj .
Chipmsn, Oria
Mitchell, Miss Eva
More C.
Moore Thomas J
Morrow Milesaa '
Oaks, Mr.
Psrrish. Mrs. S. J. '
Xox, Sasanah
Ponndstone Miaa Ali-
vrrqnet Aggiomanc torullen, Mrs. Mary
Crook A Home Reid, Miss Manaur S.
vavis, Uhristopber , Hobison, Mia Emily
Dumsn, Edward
Scott A Co.
Sntton, Winneld S.
Stil well. Miss Minnie
. Fru se, Herman
Graves, Lon
Bienmiller, Jacobs
. Houlh, Richard
Hocam, Henry
'. Haeksoo, Lindley M
. Kinlep, Thomas J
Long, Miss Nettie 9
, Lloyd, Edward
Matt, Jobsn
1 Mrvill, Miss Fannie
ry 7U JntUB
Stork. Flits
Thompson, Mre Maner
- va
Fowls John W.
Webster. Mrs. . Louisa
Wilson, Mrs. Ann
Williamson Aniruatine
Wools, Missee Mary 1.
ataoo, nr. nook ma a
H. H. Rntsell, Indiaonpoli; fnd.
Jas. Bell A Co., Wbeelbig, W. Vd, t ,
J. M. Stackhouse, liensallier, rod.
Mattie Woodward,Terre Haute, Ind. .
E. T. Teas, Richmond.
D.W. Davis P. 1
Sex eral Chicagoains have Utel
died of throat disease, superinduc
ed by raiers. " v ' j
' A: marble playing cTub Ifrom
Bloomingtorvlndiana, is preparing L
tor a starring tour. Which would
be fully a sensible as a starring
tour.ot haliitts. - -
G-im rat l-lutlcr's ot speech'
nal.iiij: aiid lt;jt-r Kii ing. is do-
criLt-il an the hat um -scat iim-h-i-er,
kuoi'k-duwu-an! drag- !,
iie-diwn-tinoiUer.cuuie-oo, g it-yo-ciipi
les sttle "
When a man puts up at a Chica
go hotel he sees m the paper nejt
morning that he has "reined in hi
foaming valise at the Trctnont."
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE is Lirebr given tlist the under-
urtied has taken out of the Wayne Probato
Court Letters of Administration on the estate
of James K. Itryaut, lato ot Wayne county,
nil lana, deceased. Those indebted to sa.d
estate wilt please make immediate aettleinent,
and those haviug claims against the same
win present loeni. legally aattient'.catod for
settlement, within the time prescribed by law
The estate is solvent
- i Admiaislratur.
Sept. 13, 1871.-$3-27-3ir
Adjourned Session :
State 'of Indiana,)
Wayne County.)
PURSUANT to an order ot the Wayn
Civil Circuit Court, there will be an ad
joufhed Session of the August Term, A. D.,
isi,oi sam court, tield at the Court House
in the town of Centrevilie, in said countr.
commencing on the second Monday of Ao-1
retnoer, tne same being the 13th Jay or No
ember, A. D., 1171, for the purpose of dis
posing of the untiniglied business upon the
Docket of the August Term, 1871 of said
Conrt. All persons interested, will theralore
take notice and be jtortrned accordingly. ' '
j SKAL j-
v itness my name and the Heal of
said Court, at CenircTilto, this
llth day of Septo'r, 1871. .
Wm. W. DUDLEY, Clerk.
Bankruptcy Notice,
In the DiNtrn-t Court of the Ustited
States, tor the District of Indiana. -In
the matter of , 1
James L. Wbippo, In Bankini'tor
Vauluupr." )
deraWntd hereby gives Notice of his ap
pointment as Assignee of James W hippo, of
Dubliu.in the county of Wsyne, State ot
Indiana, within said District, who bas been
adjudged a Itankrupt npon his own petition,
by the District Court of said District.
Dated September 6th, 1871, at New Castle,
s7-3w. 9
1.1 and Unimproved hands tor bale bv Mc-,
1 1111 pro'
Nutt fc Mos
rN, .Mo.
27 4
Notico to tho Stockholders u
OF TUt .
fS liereby given, that there will be a meet'
t'-C ot the Stockholders in said Unit. ou
the erenirir .if the 2Sth ol this month, on Im".
pui tout business, liy onler ol the Tiustccs-,
Richmond, Ind., Sep. 14th, 1871.
NOTICE is hereby (rin, that I will sell at
l'ublic Auction, on Wednetiiay, the llth dar
ot October, 1871, at the residence of Jsmus.
E. Uryant, late ot Watne county. dcceatd.
four uiil.-s north west fiom Richmond, on the."
nulan's Fork and Kichninnd -Turnpike," J
an ma personal property, (not tuken by the
widow.) consisting of Horses, tloga, Milch
Cows. Corn by the bushel snj in tbe field.
Wheal and Oats by the bishel, Hay in tie
How, one Reapur, Wagons, Farming "Utensil
and Household Uoods, and other articles too
numerous to mention. . :
A credit of ten months will be (jiveo on all
scttns of three dollars, hr purchaser giving
his tote with approved security, waving val
uation and appraikment laws. Sale to bt-giu
at ten o'olock A. n.
Sep. 13th, 1971 seplGtd 1 " 1 $5
Can be made by any smart man ho can ket n
his business to himself. Send stamp for
particulars to HOWARD A CO., Williams
burgh, N. Y. 24-4.
It ia a sure and perfect ren.edy for all dis
eases of the
Liver and Spleen KnUrgrment or. ObstrKc
. no ii intestines, urinary, Lttrine.or
Abdominal Organs, Poverty, .r a
Want .of Blood, Intermittent or
Remittent Fevers, Inflama
, tion of the Liver.Dmpsy,
Slugginb circulation'
of theBlood.Ab
. , cesses, To . v
Jaundice, Scrofula, Dyspepsia, Ague and Fe
ver or their Concomitants.
Dr. Wills havincr become aware of the ox.
traordinary medicinal oroDertieact Iha ttnntl.
American Plant, called
sent a special commission to that countrv t
proenro it in its native purity, and baring
foand its wonderful curstive DroLcrtiri tn
oven exceed the anticipations formed by its
jjuihtu, nas concinaeu io oner it to
the public, and U litppv to slate tint he hss
Ierfected anangements fora regular monthly
supply of this wouderful Plant. He has
iipent much timo rxporiir enlinc and inrsati.
Kating as to the most efficient preparation
lnm it, Tor popular we, .and Lis lor son:
time used in hiaown practice with' oroathvt.
py run u Its the effectual medicine Ux a ;. resett
ed to the public as - . ;
Sr. Wells' Esir&Gi of JMbh
to I he confidently recommends it to eveiy
family as a household' reiuedv which should
be ireely taken as a Ulood Pi'ttmin in all
iwrangeiiienta of the system and to animate
;-iu lortiiy an ek and Lj mphiitic temnera
n.ert JOU Q. KELLOOU. PUtt Si's..
York. Sclo agent for the United Stales.
PriceOne Dollar per bottle.
22 i Send forCircuIsr.
Iron Pumps, Steam Valves,
Brass Goods, Lead Pipe,.
Plumber's work at reduced rales
Hydraulic Rama,
Wash Stands, Water Closeta. Pump
kiubc. m. RreuKc a buib agents Ol
.WUioh are. driven and warranted
to work9aUsractorilj'. , Re)ajr-.
log done promptly.
South Sixth street, near Main
RICH 3fO?in, IND.
, ' 1 if
IL1FF sella Best Navy at 25 Cents per Piug!
; ' lLIKFcll Dosf Fine-Cut" $1.00 r Pound ! ' 7
T . I LI FF sells mure and hetti r ig:trs; tbrui anyone else ,1
HUT Sells all the Papers,
reriodicalst Novels, Novelettes, $c., of tlie, Dai).
On hand. Has a I)eli very Route and Dclivtrs Papers Free
! of Extra Charge. - - :
tW When you sret near the Poetoffice. look for 92ft Main Stree..
; or tbe hign of the FOP, and you
- r. inojis sole Agent for !Le celebrated Pickwick, Punch
Little One, and Young America Bratds of Cigars. 22-tf.
39 and 41 Lyceum
-DBAXiKRa zzej-
parlor, Dirjirjc-Roon, AWD
Sofas, Folding Chairs, Spring Bed-Bottoms,
Mattresses, and Upholstery Generally. ; '
Largest Stock of
the city.
ar , ..... ,
- Richmond Insurance, Real: Estate
y ' '-. .i ' ' - - .-: :. ' ,
- AND v ' :
Established over Nineteen Years ' -' : ! ' ;
W in. JE. DBell, Argent,
" - ,. .. - . - - : j .... . -.2f. il .,-rv.
JSJT FIRE IN'SUUAM'E eflecteJ in all classes of property at lowest rales, in first class
Cnmpama .
I.IPR INSURANCE in leading Companies, on all the diflerentj plane, embrumgYue
CONTRIBUTION and other new and popular system of Life Insurance.
- - ; . V..: ' .v . ' - - . ' '
Of all descriptions nought and ezchaneed. City pn'pertv. vacant lots, and Suhnrban
residences for sale at great bargains, and in many cases will be exchanged wholly for .good
Western land.
pier Special t tie n lion given to this branch of the busiaese. Farms,' Milt and Mannfao
turing proerty al' lQC sal or lrd.. . . f .. r . .
Taxes Paid, Titles Traced, &. Abstracts Furnishedi :
Colk-etiona made and rents collected on reasonable terms.';. ' . " " ' -' ''
Cabin nnd Steerage FuscMge Ticket to or from Liverpool,' New York and Ger
many, on the Iaman and Archor Line of Steamships, for sale at lowest terms. ' '
Deeds, Mortgages, Leases, and Agreements,
And all other instruments of writing, eseented with acenracy aod dispatch, by ; y . '
Notary Pid)Uc,: Conveyancer and Licensed Broker, '
Office S.
; ; wood ;
C o o k i ng S t o v e !
10,860 SOLD IN 18701
The largest Oven of any Stove in the Uni
ted States. Patent Indistructable Doable Fire
Bottom. Uses leas fuel thsn stoves with ovens
ene-third smaller. ' '
Hot Air Chamber in Front
r 1
of Oven every Stove guaranteed to give per-
eet satisfaction, and its baking qualities equal
to those of the old fashion brick oven.
jaaTmaaaXactared from No. 1 CHARCOAL
IRON, by
, Cincinnati', onio.
run SALE by all reliable Stove L'caers
. T. J. BARQIS' SON, Riekmond, Ind. '
, f'OR SALE. A lion se an J Lot 44 feet
rroat, situated on South Front Street. It ia
coffered oa fair and reasonable term, nnd ia
aniaenmbered. ltia a very couv,-,ient Une
plenty of room in good repair good eel
Jar, stable, Ae. Inquire, for terms, Ac. at
he Palladium Uffice. Feb. 18. 18TI.
&f : " V
... V
will find ILIFFS. :
Hall, 5th Street.
i t-J-r.
E., Corner Fifth and Mails Streets,
tor Atihma. Hume lt!A llnm
"oUiiiitr mi mcrnnariil T, sHrrcaLV,
pniiiyitt. lioftoH. Ki coiniiimuUKl by lr. i . W.
Holm os Ilulmiy rriirw. JOS. BtTUriTt 1 00
lkwton, Alius. boll by ail (truinjist. . "
' v J eh O F RCo 21-4w.
Shrewd but qniet noea ean make a urtune
by revealing the aeeret Of the bnntness' to' no
one. a caress j. wtni.tni7w
88 Broadway, New lork 2i iv.
1,003 GIFTS ;
or axil GirTCOxcmr ab Disraiaunoif, '
For the Benefit of. the - '
In tbe CHy of New York, and
Washington, D. C,
Tobebeld in WASHINGTON, D. C, (aa
soon aa an I icceta are sola, or wbich Ten
Days Notice will be given,) and not latter than
November 23d, 1671. Entire number of
tickets, 62,000 9 ench. 1,003 (lifts. aaoouat
mg to 9io,000, to be awarded. Bend for
circular, giving list of Gu'ta and refereaeea.
- Tickets can be bad or KILEY A ARGENT,
General Newa Agents), Colambas, Ohio, and
Richmond, Indoor 1; v
52,000 Tickets only will be sold, at i each,
Hon. H. MOUllL.LULUii,of BIKtOO, Md,
Major GEO. T. CASTLE, Baltimore, lid,
' Commiastoneri
lion. JAS. 8. KEOLEY, M. C Pitubnr.
S4-4w. , Truaten
iled by- one.
to rell p
Dictnrea averv
nrre, n nurrj a vo., porwicn, VI. ZO-w
l . t ' 1 : . . . , . M9
It Cur a acd Its Proven Uva.
BY J; H. SCHBlrck, ttl).
Many abaaaan bains naspasssd awar forwnoee
daatfetaara was no other reasoo Ikan UiaiMMc
Sof known tm lodtapMaMr 9rjTa mmni oi
Bom near and taar to ramUy aaa frtanos an
IM artapiie wnmmr uuo vam
t ,. , . - I.ATaUiTr -
and availed themselves of his woniJerfnny teiea
;toas BiadletMa. tkay smMsM bav amltan.
Tt. McWea haa in-tils own aaa proved ths
wherever eaShileot vitality rseaalna, that vlhst.
- ttr. by fata BMdtelnaa and bis direction lor 111 Bit
nee, ia qwoaenea into naaitniui vuror.
In this ftemant tber la otalna-
revreaentatlon that Is not a thouaod tlmas saw
stantlalad by llvlnaj and vtalbl woika. Tan
taeory of the cure By Dr.' SclMnek'a madlelnaa
is as simpia as 11 ia
arutraa no argumant.
ta as simple as It Is mnfalltna. IU ptolloeopbr sw-
riiTni. iiiI TVviHf and atandnka Pitts are I
rat two weapons with which the citadel Of the
aaiaav ia iniuta. two tniroa 01 ura.wps m
ttonaUr dlaordared Itver. Vntfithla eondtMoa
' iwlMMU In arupaai l
tna nroooniai tabea " armpatniae " wiw ua
atoaweh. They respond to the morbIM aetlon
. f thn Nvar. Hera than eomea the euunloaunei
reanM, and the estUnsj tn,wlUi nU Its distress
. ThnVandrahaPnlaareaomporedof one of Na
ture's nobleat alfta-the Podophllliut Pallataat.
Tay poateu all thn blood aaarehlna. altanuve
Brvpertlcs of ealomal, but, nuUke caiomel, Ihej
The work of cure is nowee?inninav ThavlMa-
ted andmneon deposMa In the bawela
and In the
alUnentarr emnal am elected.
Tba liver. Ilia
a eiuca. is wonna up.
It aronaes f ron Its torpta-
ItT. Tna stomach acts reavonstvely, and thn
jtwtlant Usflns to feet thatheUfeUlncstkM.
Thn gee-weed Tonte. In eonjanetlon with thn
PUIa, p ! end asatniuatnawtth the food.
ChylUaUlon la now proBTeMln wlthont Ha pra.
vlona tortnraa. Dlneatlon heeomas palnWns.and
hnenrnlsaeentODSatnana. 'mere lanonMrn
njaiTisiii n- nTsrirTrl' T r' Aa
"owooiaea Ua arsatast Blood PurtBer ever yet
van Dy an inoniceot uaner to wnnoi nuu.
1 rainMnue nrrap nonea in 10 penurm
tona nnd to hasten and complete the
cake. It enters at once upon tta work. Natnrn
can. not ba ahaalad. It collecU and rtpsna the
Impaired and dlaaassd portlona of tbn Inngs.
1 lathe form of sjathartncs.lt ninpares thcaijbr
Zpeotorsuon, ana 101 in n vary anon mmm w
.nwSdyis vnnantaked, tbe rotten throna that It
oeeuplisd at renovated and made new, and tbe
patient. In all tba dignity of racalnnd vigor, steps
forth to enjoy tbe manbood or womanhood that
01m dp ib Lear. .
The second thine Is. the pattenls mnat auv In n
1 room nnui tney get wen t it ia ainioat -
- peastble to prnv
are diseased, but
want tantas: com wnen tne ranga
but It mnat be prevented or n earn
etian. jrren nir aoa naiaw om.
that aseUon of tbe country, fa the
fall and winter eaason. are all wrong. Physi
cian who recommend that otmran lose their pa
tients, if their langa are badly diseased: and yea.
. Daeanae tbay arnln the house they must not
tit down qet i they must walk ittUerooni
- M muoh and aa f aat as tbn strangtn-wlll bear, to
i aw if r r "!Tr"
must heap In good splrtta be determined n gat
well. This haa a great aeai to oo warn tuna
To despair of cure after such evidence ot tie
noastbtluy In tbe worst enaae. end moral ear.
- aatatv In all oaem. Is slnfulTHBr. Bebonck's B
. soma stat ment to the Faculty of bla own Cure
waa In these modest words: . .
"Many years ago I waa In the last stages ot
au. - awilma 4n vain
eonuumpuoni eonnnea to bi obii. ana w warn
fune my pnyaiciana wwugB. . waw nv. u.
i noaM fad Um penatfnM ar wlioto systaaa.
FMr soon npanan uw maawr in vnmw
would spit np morn than n pint of obaostve
fellow mailer evarr morn In a- for n tone tlasa. .
"As soon aa that nnsnn to aaMMe. my oonfn.
f avnr, pains. an4 n!bt awaaU all bnian U) leave
bm. anVmv appatlin bnnanMi ao 7IUa K waa
wtth alfltanltr tbat 1 aould naen from eatlnf too
mneh. I aoon nlnad my ateenitb, and nave
crown In flash avav alnee,
r waa wnlcnad shorUr after mv fecoverr."
added the Doctor, "tnen looking like s aiare
akalMoni my weiht waa only ninety-seven
pound : mypraaent welnht la rs anndiad nnd
. fwentr flva h) poand, aad for years 1 have an-
joyed uninterrupted health."
i fcr. Sehaock naa dlaoonUnajed his professtonnl
vlatta to Maw.York and. Boston. Ua or his sun.
Dr. J. H. Sebenck. Jr still continue to see pa
tient at lueir omee. no. w nu oisw dm
bi laderphln. eery 8turUf from 0 A.M. to I PJt.
Those who wlh n thorough examination wtth
the Resplromaiar will be charged as. The Bee.
pirometar dealafne the esaet eoodUlon of thn
lunea, and patients can readily learn whether
they are onrnbie or not.
, The dlraotiona for taking the medlelnee nrn
adapted to the tntenieenea even of a child, rob
low these direction, and kind Natnrn will dp the
rest, exception that In eome case the Mandrake
Ptlla are to be taken In Increased doses i the
three medletnee need no other acoompantmente
. than the ampin tnatrnctlnna that accompany
them : VI rat create appetite. Of returning
health, hunger la the most welcome aymptom.
When It comes, a It will eome, let the despair.
Ins at once ba of good cheer. Good blood atone
foBowe, the oongn loosen, the night sweat le
abated? In a short time both of these morbid
uv. scnancB amiw.uv pnhwhmi -
mm of thmund of 1 amines. As n laxntlv or
puiwallin.lha Mandrakn Fill araa iandard pre.
paratlont wMle tan rnimoni bttw. mm m mn
of ooufrha and eolds. may he sevnrded aa n DTO
phyhtcterle against ooneuuiptlon In any of !
Price of the Pnlmonlc Syrup maA Sea-weed
Tonic tl JO a bottle, or 7J0 a half dosen. Man.
drake Pill. IS cent a box. For aalo by all drug.
.. . of MORMON ISM. lT
Wlth a fnlt and authentic history of Poly
ranay, by J, 11. BEADLE, Editor ot trie Halt
Lake Reporter. -' - '
Agents are meeting with unprecedented euc
" cess,' one reports 186 subscribers in four days,
another 71 io two davs. Address NTION Al.
PITBL1SIIINU CO., Chicago, IU; Cin
einnati. Ohio; or St. Louis, Mo. 2J-tw.
opiuiihabi i.
Enables tbe patient to discontinue the one
of Opium iu any form, at ocoe,wifliot paia or
inconvenience, and without', any interruption
of prdinary buiiieaa. It jebai'lds the broken
constitution and restores the nervous en
It ia the only Painless Care for tba
Opium Habit ever Discovered.
t A book of over 100 Daros. containing tetters
of F1T2-HUGU LUDLOW the well-known
letter of G. A.. T., exposing the iotrieues of
a full description of the Antidote, sent free to
any address. Address,
, Laporte. Indiana.
euGPUA C0 2l-4w
Uoe IO Drops. Price SOc. Warrauttd
i The reason why the Ague Drops sell so
well and i ron'fh universal satisfactionTia
because they are "sure to cure and kaTe'ao
anplessant tflects. They are the cbeapra
aTUsTIN A. SYKEs', PlymoatA. O.
cb D P R A CO. IMr
popery. ;
What it haa done. What ft ia doioi
K aod Mat
it means to- do. its power, its n i iiii i
Its Infallibility. ' Its frauds. ' Its relicts. Ita
miracles. . Ita Idolatry. Its persecution a. Ita
hatred of onr publie schools and of civil aad
reUa-ioua libertr. Ita niartlimr crimen. . Its
.SMfrU wickedness and ITS NEW YC3K
A book that ia wanted everywhere. : Wa
went agents to introduce it in every eonjatr
. at toce, and will nirt them lieefally, Bead
for circnlar. Address KIEGLER A ataOUSSY
.138 lUce St. Cincinnati, Ohio. : a4-
-It bs iuWSsBcaae ana rail
and bent remedy in ueejor Ague and all bil
lioua dmeaaes.
.... .MH - -.
nyaer stj mm een.1

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