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Call and SEE
ATUROAY, DEC. 2, 1871.
The difference between Republican and
Democratic practiee, jm regard to tllichJ
thieving and iacalitn, by members of i lie
two parties is, that the former r spews
and punishes them, whilst tbe latter
apologise for aad eoneeals their crimes.
A Look io the Fniarc. V
Tbe future policy of the leaders
of tbe Democratic party will be to
create dissensions in tbe rauks of
tbe Republican party, ; and by
forming an allianco with tbe disaf
fected" place a man of tbe Ctiasc,
or Gr&tz Brown's school of refo- m
era in nomination for tbe 1'residen
cy This movement, advocated by
Senator Blair in his Montgom
ery speeob, is endorsed by . such
men as Scbnre of the Republican
party, who, like Dana, ot tbe New
York Son, are opposed to tbe re
nomination of President Grant
simply because they are unable to
control his administration- There
is no doubt that such a scheme is
on foot, aad it will probably be
perfected during the coming ses
sion of Congress. .
The future policy of tbe Repub
lican party is plain. It bas no re
organizing to effect further than to
slough off a few disorganize and
purge itself of traitors and dema
gogues. It is tbe misfortune of
the Republican party that it bas
stood by some men who have at
tempted to dictate the policy of tbe
party or play the demogogue loo
long. As in the case of Andrew
Johnson, had he been denounced
from the day bo was inaugurated
Vice-President, tbe party and the
country would .have been belter
off. But tbe Repnblican party, in
hope, clung to bim until disgrace
covered it and calamity nearly
overtook it. Men should profit by
experience, and a repetition of this
dangerous course be avoided. Men
who are not with us, can bo safe
ly set down as being against us
and while it h highly proper to
harmonizo as far as possible all tbe
difierent factions and elements of
the party, it is better stall times
to show up pclitical leaders in their
true light, and let the people, who
are the legitimate arbitrators
decide upon their merits. ;
Savings Osaka, c ;
How much wages do you get
per day? ' said an English gentle
man to a Clay county coal miner
the other day? About three dol
lars, sir, was the answer. ; "What
does your liviDg cost you?" "A
dollar a day." "What do you do
with the other two dollars?" "Oh
Bir, a man must have his beer, and
a little fun now and then." So it
happens with many poor fellows
who work and wear their lives
out In the mines, foundries and
workshops ot our land. There is
plenty of work at good wages in
America for all who are willing to
labor, but how few of the vast
. army of wcikicgmen have any
thing at the end of the year to
show as the result of their toil.
Journeymen printers get no less
than three dollars per day, and
tbe average is above this. : Machi
nists, carpenters, blacksmiths, are
as well paid, while unskilled la
borers earn from one and a half
to two dollars per day. A large
number of our best mechanics . are
single young mcn,and if they were
asked what became of that portion
of their earnings not repuired to
meet their living; expenses, the
answer would be broadcloth, fine
boots, billiards beer, and other
items which may be classed as
fun. Merchant tailors and fash
ionable boot makers get their most
expensive orders from journeymen
mechanics.clerks and book keepers
' and workmen dress, as a' rule' more
expensive clothing than their em-
. ployers,whilo the beer gardens and
billiard saloons look to" them ' for
their main support This Vis all
folly. A single young man, whose
. wages are three dollars per day,
can save four hundred dallars per
annum without depriving himself
of a single real pleasure. ; Invest
ed in lot in any of the additions ad
joining tbe city, it will double ia
value In two years, and there is no
, good reason why every sober and
industrious' young mechanic may
not accummulate and save in this
manner two or three thousand in
four or five years. We know
many instances in which this , has
been :, danc, and such instances
should be multiplied. The trouble
with many young men is in making
a start. It seems like a small mat
ter to begin by laying by a few
-dollars at a time. Let all who
reason thus be reminded that the
foundations ol great fortunes are
all laid in that way. The estab
lishment of the savings banks in
out city, under the control and
management of some of , our best
citizens furnish good opportuni
ties for all who are disposed to
make a trial. Tho shameful ex
travagance of our young men is
one of the great banes of A merit
can society. In their fruitless
pursuit of pleasure our industrious
workmen squander thtir hard
earnings, and after years of toil
ther can only look back to Uvea
wasted, and forward to poverty
jrtrioken old age. Ind. Journal.
Beautiful Vases,
The B eautiful L
; The 3 Mini Evil. ,
' Grumbling at te manner - ot ex
ecuting the law, we do not rare to
indulge in only when there seems
,to be an imperative necessity, and
we think that moviog power is now
sufficient to impel us to whisper a
thought or so to our municipal au
t!i or! lies, as to the mode in which
'they are executing the liw for the
suppression of the "social evil"
in our ei . ,. J 1 ,
; The similarity of executing fie
"cow ordinance," we used to have
In our city, and the law regarding
houses of ' ""ill -fame," bears eo
striking a resemblance that we
can not refrain from noticing it
It will be recollected that, as an
t ndu cement to the polico officers at
that time, and to secure their, vig
ilance, the sum of 75cts. per bead,
. was tbe reward, for cows impound
ed by those guardiance of the pub
lic peace. ' It will be ; recollected
itbat the 'pound proved almost "too
email to hold the bovincs so keen
eyed did the 'force' become and
'. one dark night, especially, eo vig
ilant were they ' that an old . gray
mare was impounded, having been
mistaken for a cow so intent were
they seeking after that 75 cts !
Well, the law under consider
ation allows 75cts. for each ar
rest made for a male . visitant to
, one of those disreputable houses,
and the Police are peculiarly lynx
eyed, and can see afar off, and they
rarely fail to nab : the unlucky
wight found in one of those cham
bers of death. ' We havo no com
plaint to make, regarding these
arcsts,or the money they may make
by the; operation, provided they
would only go one step farther and
arrest the equally vile inmates of
these dens, and inducing causes of
those visitations, and obtain the
75cls. per head for them also. . It
looks inconsistent with the rule of
equal and exact justice, to permit
the cause of the trouble to remain
undisturbed' and unmolested the
trap and the bait to be constantly
set, and male game subject only
to seizure and punishment. We ein-
cearly believe that the constant
capture and fining ot Ihe "soiled
doves" together with their visitors,
would dry up this evil; but, at the
' same time the 75cts. per head for
arests, would also vanish.
- Bat if the law was intended, to
destroy these dens.inslead of keep
ing thcro alive fur the sake of put'
ting money' in the , pockets ol the
police, the course we have pointer
out should bo observed, and all
should suffer the penalty alike.
The State Printing Frauds.
From tbeTerre Haute Journal of yesterday
we extract the following coi respondents,
which explains itself:
To His Excellency Conrad Baker, Gover
ner, and Hon. Baylecs W. Hapna, Attor
; nay-General of Indiana:
I hereby propose to pay and return to the
State Treasury tbe sum of eighteen thousand
eight hundred'and ninety-six dollars and fifty
cents $18 898,501 in solvent notes, mortgages
and obligations,well secured, and bearing in
terest, which I so propose in full satisfaction
Of all liability to the Stale of Indiana on
account of my overdraw, or other act by me
as State Printer of said State, including any
liability of any person, on account of being
surety on my official bonds as such State
Printer, subject only on this eondition: that
nothing herein shall be construed to prevent
the state Irons maintaining tbe proper ac
tion against any parson or persons, who may,
in mr name as State Primer, have imprcper-
. ly have obtained money from the treasury of
tbe State: or to recover from any person wno
may be jointly liable with me as State Print
er, or otherwise, any sum by them illegally
obtained from the States and to that end,
when necessary to interplead me itlt any
snch person. The offer thus made is largely
in excess of my means and ability to pay,
aad I am enabled to make it with the ail and
assistance of relatives and friends. I do not
admit hereby that lam liable to the State for
any ever draw of monies or otherwise, but
make the offer by way of compromise and to
avoid litigation. - A. II. Con rib.
iKOiAtupoua, Ind., Nov. 20, 1891
We recommend the above statement, be
lieving it to be for the best interests of tbe
-i- W. C. Wneo.
' .!. i S. CI.ATP30L,
. N. 11. Tat lob.
We concur in fbe above recommendation
(or the reasons assigned by the above attor
neys. ' Johr C. Shotjcamr,
! Auditor ol State.
Iames B. Btan,
Treasurer of State.
If the Attorney General is aatisffed that the
foregoing preposition of Mr, Conner will se
cure to the State as much or more than can
be made by litigation, I do not hesitate to say
that the proposition ought to be accepted.
If the Attorney General is, or shall thus be
satisfied. I will approve of the compromise
when he shall have made it.
- i f ' Ooheab BaEin, . .
. . Governor of Indiana.
I am satisfied from a thorough examina
tion of the law and a like investigation of the
facta in this case, that the above compromise,
aa recommended; ought, in the interest of the
State, be so made therefore I give my ap
, proval. -: . r; . '
s . .-. , . - ; j. . B. W. Hakka,
" " Attorney Geieral of Indiana.
.r A colored member of the Texas
Legislature was recently seen with
a roll ot greenbacks in bis hand,
over which be chuc&lcd so louclly
as to Attract, tbe attention of a by
slander, who said to bim: "What
are von lauchins about, Jim?''
. Jim replied, 'Well boss, I jus got
' dat for ray vote-1've been bo't four
or five times in my life, but dis is
de fast time 1 eber got do cash my
Tbe Indianapolis post office has
cleared over 850,000 for the Gov
ernment, during the past year
Hon. J. D. G. Nelson, of Fort
Wayne, lost a horse tho other day
43 years old.
Variety b
Washington Correspondence.
Washington, lib. Nov: 2ih,l87l .'
The arrival of Alexis in Wash-
ipgton at this time, like the arrival
of I rince Arthur in Jariuarjv 1870,
has caused a considerable flurry in
the ranks of tbe aristocracy . Did
you see the Prince"? is the general
salute here ever since be left.
Hundreds ot dollars will be ex
pended by those who are not able
to meet the current expenses .in
tnacing preparation to meet Prince
Alexis, if 'he returns', sometime
during the season at the Gh and
Aristocratic Hoi. Hhit are you
toadism excuse your correspond
ent; he can't help the exclamation
when he sees so much fuss and
feathers among the gentry of
Washington just to serve personal
ends. 'Of course, only those who
are invited by the committee, se
lected for the occasion, -can gain
an entrance to ' the Grand Ball.
There are a chosen few who are
sure to receive an Invitation, . but
the ; majority will be made . up
through the r introduction of the
members of the chosen few on ac
count of political, preference or
otherwise- the balance, which will
constitute no mean portian, will
bo compelled, in order, to gain an
entrance to exchange freely Uncle
Sam's "General Commodity." -
t Howcver.there exist some doub'
whether there will be an aristo
cratic hop. Alexia has left us and
there is on certainty of his return
ing to us again . If he does not,
it will his fault, for Washington is
suffering for an opportunity to
have an other Prince Arthur dis
It is variously estimated that
there are from fifty thousand to
seventy-five thousand applications
for clerkships in the various Gov
ernment Departments at Washing
ton, and the additions daily to the
present number are exceedingly
large, and great is tbe artifice used
by the applicants to be success fu
in their applications. Senators and
Representatives, at their homes are
written to by these applicants, ap
pealing to their, warmest natures
to write a special letter in their fa
vor to the Head of tbe Dent, in
which their applications are filled
With such endorsement from a M
C. together with the influence they
bring to bear by virtue of tbeir be
ing present here, one would think
their, chances good. But to the
contrary; so many are the endorse
merits of M. C'a, for positions for
their friends,: that now the' only
virtue of such' endorsements is
when accompanied by the endors
er in person. : :
The better protection of emi
grants ik transitu is engaging the
earnest attention of the Adminis
tration. Last summer the Secre
tary of the Treasury sent Mr. J.
Fred Meyers to investigate the
question. His report, which has
been translated into the German
language, is now before us. It
points in graphic language the evils
of the stccrSge passage, and .pro
poses the establishment of an Emi
grant Bureau, and the more strict
supervision as some of the reme
dies. ": ; v '
The result of the election on
Wednesday last, as all along been
anticipated by your correspondent,
was such a Republican victory as
to wipe out every vestige of De
mocracy, and settle beyond a
doubt, by voting in favor of the
'four million loan' that the people
of Washington is fully aroused to
the necessity of at once making
such improvements as will make
Ibis city worlhy of its name. There
will be an effort made soon to in
duce Congress to appropaiate an
am mount equally In proportion to
the value of Government property
liere to releive in part, the proper
ty owners of the burden of taxation
imposed upon them by' this loan.
The present debt of the .city is 5
per cent, of tbe assessed value of
property and with this loan it will
amount to, at least, nine per cent
while the enormous debt of New
York is only 5 per cent; Philadel
phia 4 Chicago 3; Boston 2; and
Baltimore 2. The city property in
all these cities, consists mainly of
docks, water-works, gas-works.
rail-roads . &c, fcc, all available
for revenue, while this city baa no
property whatever.
In all the elections of 1871, the
Democrats forced an issue with
the National administration. In
many instances local issues were
entirely ignored, and . President
Grant's administration waa plac
ed on trial. The result" has been
a glorious National victory. The
administration has been sustained
and indorsed evey where. The
economical, wise and judicions pol
icy oi ine rresiaent. nas met with
the hearty approval of the people
They have found him in civil, as
in military pursuits, in command
and at tbe head of the army
They have expressed their appro
valof bis course as Chief Execu
tive, and today he stands fairly
accorded the champion of tbe great
Regublican party of. the country.
holiday: PRESENTS at
ohu Walen, a Sullivan County
fa', ner, hung Ids coat, containing
th 875 he wa- going to finish pay
in y for his farm with, on a , brash
pi . lie did not need his coat
w lo the fire lasted, aud cocce lo
lo : k for it he coulda't find It
V little son of Cyrus Rusk live-
in . near Attica, was shockingly
nv tilated and kilied by a horse he
w riding lo water a few days ago.
T s horse ran away and the. boy
w t thrown, while nie loot was
ci a.igled in the harnesn. ? .
isora Denton of Greenville,
F oyd county, never succeeds in
bi ything. Ilia attempt at hang-
u a lew woeKs ago was a mourn-
fi failure, aud his mere recent.
tl .tat-cuttiDg, with a view to
st ieide, was not a conspicuous
si cccss. The doctor tewed .him
u., and saved him. .,, t
Daniel McDaniel, an old citizen
of Greggtownship, Morgan coun-
t , in the eightieth year of .his
r ..a. .while returning from Robert
Brown's sale last Saturday, fell 8
fi m his horse and immediately
; .pired. .. ' r.'5
Harry Cook, of Terre Haute.who
1 ved not wisely but too welt took
n orphine in his'n, wrestled with a
s mach pump all night, and lives
t love again.
Near Hartsville.Bartholmew
c tnty. a few nights ago, a - man
r mcd Ui.tnife had his head' split
j j" twa'n by the falling of a huge
li nb from a tree be was felling.
jasper tonn, oi oooo euwuaiuip,
, r, .
( tss county, can not warn others
f ;inet the evil practice offconck-
i g apples from trees with the butt
f a loaded gun, ct UEe he's dead
James Moor was seriously and
1 erhaps fatally injured by being I
aught in the belting of the ma
lincry of a Muncie slaughter
. rase a few days ago.
Forty-one divorces were granted
: t the Allen county courts , in one
The leading German citizens of
.afavette are establishing a sav-
; igs bank.
The Kuklux of Clara: county
. ive issued a proclamation order
ig all colored persons who -have
ettled- there, since the war, to
ave on pain of death. It is time
. teso "regulators", were regulated.
A $1,000 organ is one item of
he furniture of a Lafayette saloon.
The Rsv. Dr. Boujls dedicated
church at Frankfort last Sunday.
Alexis will come West in a few
eeks. Snobs will please get their
nee-hinges greased. . . (
If Mr. Hanra wins a heap of
aurels in the black cat war, he will
ot be baylcss any longer. :
rr v a m. .
XHOMAS r. itsDBKWa ouM
unting near Decatur, Indiana, on
.Vednesdav. His comnanion cllOn- I
- . . r I
ed a tree, which, in its fall, hit
Vndrews on the left side of tbe
. . . , I
,ead, producing a wound from the
fleets of which he died id' the
The President has refused to
isrdon Levi Obbeholskr, of Vln-
ennes, sentenced to the pentien-
iary for ten years for fraud' in an
application to be adjudged a bank
rupt." ", " " : . ,' ,''
Bartholomew county voted $100,
000 stock in the Terre Haute and
Cincinnati Railroad, by a large ma
Miss Addie II. Ballou, a disciple
of Victoria Woodhull, bas brought
a libel suit against the Terre Ilaute
Gazette for 810,000 damages.
Samuel Wilson, aged ninety six,
a veteran of the war of 1812, lives
at Boydaton Mills, Kosciusko
Jcrdan Wyatt, goes from Eyans-
I'viHe t the penitentiary for steal-
ing two hogs.
Jacob Hall
killed an immense
wild Cat in tbe WO0(1Sr adjoining
Aimon, iNoble county, last week,
The animl had been prowling
arouna ior some lime, Keeping me
(onntrv in arntA nf ularm TTia
lonth ... fr foot . .v. .tt,e
c . .'-f 7"6"
nevcniy pottn a s.
r o . j , '
On Saturday night four prisoners
overpowered the iailor in " Frank-
lin, as he was taking in tbeir SUp-
n i .
tier, nml f-aonnorl flnn rharorod
X 1 - B
with murder, was speedily recap
tured. The other three have sot
since been heard from. They are.
M C Williams, a Methodist preach-
i " . w
c,.cL.rfd itU bo,., ..ag;
Minor Berry, charged with rape,
ana a man names Jones, cnargea
with stealing clothing.
William Williamson shot and
killed William Willis, ia Warrick
county, a few days since. An old
feud existed between them- Wil
liamson shot Willis in the shoulder
a few days before, and the latter
uact a warrant issued ior uis ar
rest, and was assisting the officers
to serve it when the fatal shooting
took place- Both were well-to-do
, Congress meets on next , lfondav. Th
Fres blent bas finished his annual message
out its contents will remain a secret until
transmitted to Congress, as it will neither
be aent out to the press, nor even printed in'
"SCAR J. DUNN. . f.
Ieutcnant-Governor'DuMK,' of Louisiana,
whose death is announced in our colanins
was a colored man, and at one time a slave.
In a Sew Orleans "piper, in 1341, he was ad
vertised as a fugitive, ia the following terms:
5 KaxABD Kon awav from the sub
scribers, on the 23d of November, . tbe negro
boy Oscar Dunn, an apprentice to the plas
tering iraae. ue is ot gnfle color, between
twenty and twenty one years f aee, and
aoout lire feet tea or eleven inches hiffh. AU
persons are cautioned not t harbor said boy.
unuvr penaiiv 01 me la sr. Wilson fatter-
son, corner Bt. John and Common streets.
The WW in lujirita 1 by the slave-holders
to sustain their peculiar institution baa chang
ed ail tuat. The reconstruction acta went
stilt furfher and, supplemented by tbe three
last consitational amendments, completed
the colurad man's enfranchisement. Thus
it happened Ihat the fugitive apprentice, with
so poor an outlook for the future then, twen
ty years later died while holding the office of
Lieutenant-Governor of his native State.
Mr. Iunn waa a man of excellent natu
ral abilities, and secured respect in the com
paratively high position to whiek be bad
been elevated by tbe suffrages of his' fellow-
citizens, ,-rio had beea seriously ill for sm
time, and tb fatal termination of his' diseaae
was. not unexpected.. i ;
F1ea.Jint Peronalitie?.
The times are given to much Deraonalilv.
The papers of the democratic party in this
re P'tcuiarly personal. We give a
JTheVincconet Sun calls Binebam. editor
or tne Injianapolis Ssntinal a perjured con-
pinitor ana a aemented old bloat."
Toe Sentinel caHs Kise, editor of the Vin
Cannes Sun, a scallawag and a camp fol
lower m the Democratic army.
Han Toorhees, through the Terre Hauta
Journal denounces Senator Jim Hages as "a
liar, a tawf and a coward." .
The Democratic Standard of Anderson.
gets classical, and denounces the prospective '
Democratic candidate for State Auditor, Hon.
John B. Stoll. of Loironier. "a nnt-hnliinJ !
DutchmanrQ .;-'.
The New Albany Ledger goes for Dick
Bngbt, State Printer, in
despises, vis: A perjured thief and notorious
--", iu b hbt inn IJ1CE
.1 . ... 1
Heboid how pleasant it is for brethren to
I dewgll together in unity.
a rarmerirom Ureen township was in the
city last Monday, searching for twelve head
of fat cattle that had been stolen from- him
Saturday night. The tracka of the cattle
were plainly visible to within a mils of the
city where all trace of them waa lost. The
farmer after making inquiry of our butchers,
was satisfied that the cattle had been sent
to some other place, went home feeling that
ha had lost about $400 by the transaction.
Tenderloins and spare riba are the pop-
nur bill oi fare at the boarding houses.
It is with nnrrow souled people as with
narrow necked bottles; the less they hive in
them the i re noiso t'uey make in pouring
The talent of turning men int o redicule,
and exposing to laughter those ono convers
es wkh, is the gratification of little minds
anl nngererous tempers.
all passions, jealousy is that which
exacts tho hardest service, and pays tbe
bitterest wages. Its services is to watch
the-sucess of our enemr: its waraa to ha!
sure of it.
Tell not your secrets to your servant, for
he w ill then be yortr master. ' '
If you would have faithful sefvpnt, and j
one that you like, serve yourself.
ue who bas ni opinion of his own, but
depends npon the opinion and taste of others,
a a slave. .
Temperance, is indeed, a bridle of irold: and
he who uses it rightly, is more like a god !
taan nian. f
.A good word is an easy obligation; but not
to speak ill, requires only our silence, which
costs us nothing.
A double-barreled shot gun, sev
en or eight feet of bologna sau
sage, a few crackers, a bottle of
rheumatic liniment; and a lantern
constituted the outfit of four Lo-
gauspuri. youtus oi tender years,
who started west to grow up with
the country, but were overtaken,
brought back.and promptly spank
It is said thttif a miff nf air v.m in H
blown into a vein of an animal, death would
instantaneously toilow, because circulation
would be stopped. The blood makes tbe en
ure circuit ot tne human body eveiy seven
minutes, and whenever this circulation ia
impeded or any of its channels are clo?md
by impurities which ought to be carried off,
disease tollows fever or a disorder of liver
or kidneys, or scrofula, or dvpoensia. Tn
get at and remove the source of the difficulty,
uac lutr uiu mau lniauioie oiooa purinre, ui, :
. . 36-wd
To Consnmptives-
The advertiser, having been permanently
ored of that dread disease, Consumption, by
, is anxious to make known
to bis ft How BuiTerf-rs tbe meant of care.
erers tbe means of cure. To
all who desire it, he will send a copy of the
directions for preparing and uaing the aame.
r wo,ca lDe:' w,u duj? srM w r vox
i aaoress iiev,uVAKO a.wilson,.
I ,- , ; iu csoutnimra street.
Williamsbnrgh, .Y
I We would direct attention to Messrs.
l.i s, Kiekb A Co's advertisement of CDK-
I l'uAautJ,the new remedy for Cancer,
Scrofula, and all diseases resulting from im'
Pure wood. The cures accomplished by this
renway.as reportea, are truly marvellona
I Measta Bliss. Keene A Co., are regular phya-
i iemii, w niu Biaujing, ana inorousmy re
I , ... m-i.- uuiw.iI
Cincinnati, Dec. 1.
Dull at $6 50: Wheat
1 40;
Corn, 44c. Oats, 35c:
lI.00O head. Greoi meat.
are in demand at U for shoulders
Usgs. 94 25 to 4 40. Receipts
l ana yc tor sines.
Cincinnati Live Stock Market.
Beef tattle, extra ahinnino- tni.k. 1 SO m
a (0; butcher's stock 3 75 a 4 25: medium at
3 J4 a 3 60: inferior 3 SO a 3 00 . -
- tsneep continues in active demand, at 3 50 a I
50, per eontal live weight, for common to
prime ....nogs large arnrala-all sold at I
gross, ior light to heavy averages . 4
' ' raODTTon.
Wheat 130 per bntl.ph Crnt.i. n.i.
20; Flaxseed 160; Hay J 2 dollars iWton.
uutier. ..(s isc hm mi dm iani.
A pples.bu. 4030 Potatoes: SO hn.
FLOtns, peiewt. ..S3 es
iM"ATSwfl,ml, ,nITr-cured, per lb. 12o
Bhoulder, nex ib ....8o
side, per lb 8e
I-ard, per lb.. 9c
stToan (crushed) MAb
(Coffee) white, extra, yellow, brown, 1S(jJ1C
Orleans Moiasses,persai S',00
Sorghum 75,.
S.yrnpr... 0ai,25;
Card-cases, Card-receiv
MrtTJTiXltl O TT ?l A T
banned Goods and Foreign Fruits
330 MAIN ST.,
?iCHr.iorjD, irjD.
(,'20-tf i
Entire New Stock !
Gents Furnishing Goods,
Oil Cloth,
Lace Window Curtains;
Richmond, Ind:
April 29, 1871. N 7tf
BRYANT strattow
iftaBiss, MiliUry and Ledure
A New and Practical System of American
ftducation. Mr. It. T. UKOWN.rres t
Forciroular and particulars address the
superintendent, - A. I. SOUTHAKU.
juie-ly. Indianapolis, Ind.
Cincinnati, Richmond & fort
Notice to Stockholders.
Should no unforseen accident occur, the
' Crack on this Railroad will bo completed tbe
KeWagvne1vth; Richmond to
t WTreee
fen.a . w.h. n.nt .ii :j ..-.u
Itoad are hereby notified that all unpaid stock
timer dv note or subscription will then be
foe, and they are respectfully urged to pay
i'ie same immediately thereafter to the nn-
i ers igned, Treasurer of the aforesaid C. R. A
t. W. Uailioad Uomnanv. and therebr avoid
I ii cos is oi collecting tne same. xne best
ii -r ii : -
inter esta oi the stockholders require nrommV
1 a .U: . ...... n . t n .
j to i MiuiiiMcii dj unwr oi tne ooaru.
J.n moorman, Treasurer,
Richmond. Nov. 29. 1871. 5-5-,
Slassware of all Rinds,
IFrench China, Table CQtlery,
and IPlated Ware.
All very cheap. We sell
Homers to purchase. Don't
2 77 Main-st., opposite First National Bank;
a?ia:Ei itew - ;
; WSaeeles: & Wiloon
- For sale at
ers and Bronses, at
Iron Pumps, Steam . Valves,
Brass Goods, Lead Pipe, i ;
number's work at reduced rates
Hydraulic Hams,
Wash Stands, Water Closets. Tump
Sinks. Patentee's sole agents of
Which are driven and warranted
to work satisfactorily. Repair,
ing done promptly.
Sontb. Sixth etroet, aear Maim
THE LIVlNft AGE has no eonal
in any country? Pbila. Press.
"It stands at the head ol nineteenth-
century Ittnerature. Chicago Evening
"Tte best periodical In America.
1 Bev. Then. L. Cuyler. ' - v -w--
Litteffs Living Age,
Issned every Saturday gives fifty-two
numbera or sixty-tour pages eacn, or
more than ' i
ThreerThousarid Dcyubleh-Cdiumn '
Octavp Pages
of readinar matter yearly : and is the only
comp laiion that presents, with a satis
factory completeness as wen as ireso
ness, the best Essays, Reviews, Criticisms,
i j oi . i.' . : U . Q.:..4iR
Biographical, Historical, and Political Infor-
mation. from the entire body of Foreign I'eri-
odical Literature, and front the pens of tbe
It is therefore indispensable to every one
who wishes to keep pace with the events or
intellectual progress of the time, or to culti
vate in himself or his family general intelli
gence and literary taste. -f . i '
Extracts front Notices.
"Were I. in view of all the competitors
that are now in the field, to those. I should
certainly choose "The Living Age.'. 'Rev.
tlenry Ward Beecher. ,
"In no. other single publication can there
be found so much of sterling literary excel
lence." New York Evening Post. .
MTbe best of all our eclectic publications."
The Nation, N.Y.
"The ablest essays, tbe most entertaining
stories, the finest poetry ot the English lan-
uage, are here gatberea together." Illinois
State Journal.
"For thinking eopte. th best of all tbe
eclectic publications, and tbe cheapest.
it i a mnntnir that eomaa every wees. -
The Advance, Chicago. v -
"It gives to its readers more man tnree
thousand doable-column ootavo c aires a year.
of the most valuable, instruetive, and enter
taining reading of the day. 'History, biogra
phy, fiction," poetry, wit, scienoe, politics,
criticism, art what is not Here r - it ia tne
only compilation that presents with, a satis
factory completeness, aa well aa freshness,
tbe best literature of the almost innumerable,
and generally inaccessible, European quar
lies, monthlies, and weeklies, literature em
braciner the orod actions of the abUst and
most cultured writers living. It is, therefore,
indispensable to every one wno desires a
thorough comDendium of all that ia admira
ble and noteworthy in tbe literary world."
Boston Post. '
Published weekly at $8 00 a year, free of
postage. Address
iiii iisiiLi at ixA. v , uoston.
Tae best Uome and Foreign Litem-
tore at Clan Prices. - -
'Possessed of 'Utt .'Il'a Living Ago and of
one or utuer ui our vitkciuuv AmcnciD
monthlies, a subscriber will find himself in
command of the whole situation." Philadel
phia Ev. Bulletin.
For Ten Dollars. The Llvinr Age, weekly.
be sent to one address for one year, vis. :
containing the cream of Foreign Periodical
year. vis. :
Harper Monthly (or Weekly, or Baser),
The Atlantic Monthly, JLIpplncott's Monthly,
The Gallazy.Old and New, Scribner'a Month
ly, or Appleton's Journal (weekly); or, for
$8 50, The Living Age and our Young Folka.
Address as above. 3a
jj W
A MONTH. Horse and car
I irnmZSmw
riage furnished; expenses paid
aaxples free. H. B SHAW, Alfred, Me.38 4wd
at such prices as will pay
all cus-
forsret tha xU.
- 0 r ...
A B Crocker Ct Co's
limber 243
It Is NOT A PHTSIC-It is MOT what U
popularly called a BITTERS, nor Is it intend
plant that haa been naed fi r many years by
the medical faculty of those countries with
wonderful effleacv aa a POWERFUL AL
TfcRAT.VE and nneonaled pnriHer of the
piaivu ftini a eare ana
perfect Remedy for
all Diaeases of tbe
Liver and Spleen. Enlargement; or Obstruc
tion of Intestines, Urinary, Uterine, ut "
Abduminr.l Organs, Poverty, or a '
Want of Blood, Intermittent or
Remittent Fevers, Inflama- '
tion of the Liver.Dropsy, -Sluggish
, of the Blood, A b-
cesses, Tu- . . .
.. ' Jaumlice, ,
Scrofula, Dyspepsia,
Apaei Fever, or tbeir Concomitants. -
lr. Mi Mud of fabh
ts offered to the pnWie as a great invigorator
and remedy lor nil impurities of tbe blood, or
for organic weakness with tbeir atteddant
evils. For the foregoing comylaiots -
is confidently recommended to every family
as a household remdy, aad bould be freely
taken in all derangements of the system; ft
givs a health, vigor and tone to all tbe vital
forces, animates nod fortifies all weak and
lymphatic temperaments- -
WBS Q. KELLOGG, 18 Piatt St. New
York. Sola agent for the United States.
PriceOne Dollar per bottle. " ' J,
; 39-4wd ( - dead for Circular
: ll .... , ,, . : '
Agents, we will pay you f 40 per week I'n'easb,
if you will engage with ns at once. Every
thing famished and ei pen sea paii. Address
F. A. ELLS A CO., Charlotte, Miclj. . S6-4wd
We will send a handsome Piospectnsof oar
New Illustrated Family Bible, containing
over 200 fine Scripture Illustrations to aay
" il." ,
ten, irro oi cnarge. aROress, RA
TIO At Ppblisbimo Co., Chicago, III. Cincin
nati, O., or St. Louis, Mo. &S-4wd
PSYCHOLOGIC Fascination or Sent
Charming, 40 U pages by Herbet Hamil
ton, B. A. How to nse this power (which all
possess) at will. Divination, Spiritualism,
Sorceries, Peraonology.anda thousand other
wonders i Price by mail fl.25, in cloth : pa
per severs $1.00. Copy free to agents only.
$1,000 monthly easily made. Address T. W.
EVANS, Pub. 41 S. 8th Street, Philadelphia,
Pa. S-4f
i .
7V CHance for Agents.
I 1 Do' you want a situation aS agent,
; I I - local or traveling, with cbanoa jto
' I I : make $3 to $SO per day selling onr
II I new 7 strand White Wire Ciotbes
Ml Lines? They last forever; aaaa
II pie free, so there is no risk. Ad
; dU-J dress at ' once Hudrou River Wire
Works, cor. Water St. A Maiden Lane, N. Y
or 18 Dearborn St. Chicago.. 36-4wd ;
20,000 FARMEIZS.
THE HELPER shows you how to save
and how to make money on tbe farm. Where
to look for tbe profits, and how to obtain
them. How to clear $600.00 from Oct. to
May. A copy fkkb to every farmer sending
name and P. O. address to - -
36-4d . - Cincinnati, O.
Whitney's Neats Foot I Harness
I T Oils, Blacks, Polishes and
boaps at tbe same time. Pot
up in Urge and small size boxes,
also io 3 lb. bars. Hss been in
nvw aovns nse for years and gives perfect
satisfaction. Send stamp for onr WAVERLY.
Addreaa G. F. WHITNl
Y A CO. 69 Milk Si.
Boston, Maaa.
with the Orwcn Tea Flavor.
Warranted to soit alttaatsa
- For tale mergwhrn, m oar
"tridt-mark" . pound " tmd
half poumd paekagm omlt. And for sale whole
sale only by tbe Ureat A'. (antic and Pa-
' cific Tea Co., 8 Church St., New York, P.
O. Box 6506. Send for Tea-Nectar Circu
lar, j ; 36-4wd
. The Crowning Horror of the 19th Century.
100J900 persons reduced to beggary.
-. Fearful Scenes. Heartrend
j ing Incidents. .-
ouo to iuvv copies ot una Boor Belling par
Sample Cop
, post paia, ouc. nadr
JD, Chicago, Cincinnati
St. Louis.
- Ann tbi .
A concise history of the fast of this moat
wonderful of cities, and a detailed, cir
cunatancil and vivid account of its de
struction by fire ; with scenes, incidents, Ac
By Messrs Colbort 4c Chnannorlnin.
City Editor of Chicngo Tribune, Ful
ly illustrated from Photographs taken on the
spot. Agents Wabted.
Address V. F. YKNT,3S W. 4th bt.,
30-4 wd Cincinnati. Ohio.
These Tablets present the Acid in combina
tion witr. otner emcient remedies, ia a popu
lar form for the cure of all THROAT and
LONG Diseases. H0AR4NE33 and UL
CERATION of the THROAT are immediate-
Iy rfMrrwt, lrt-stalrnnnta an atantlr
imiUtions; Get only Wells' Carbolic Tal
being sent to the proprietor ot relief in eaaen
i'rice 2d uts. per Box. johji y. kklluuu
13 riatt St., N. Y., Sole Agent (or tbe U. S.
8end for Circular. -4wd
With n fall and authentic history of Polyn
any, by J. fl. BEADLE, Editor of tbe Salt
Lake Reporter. ' ",.
Agents are meeting with unprecedented
snccess,one reports 186 eubscribera in lonr
days another Tl in two days. Send foe Cir
culars and see what the press aaya of tho
work. Addreaa NATIONAL rCBUSHIVa
CO.: Chicago, 111.; Cincinnati, Ohio; or St.
Lonui, Ho. ; 3-4wd
Great Saving to ConsamenkV
s - -Send for onr New Price List sad a
club form will accompany it, containing foil
directions making a large saving to consu
mers and remunerative to club organizers.
The Great American TeaCo
31 dt 33 VESEY STREET,
P. OBpx 6M3. New York. 36-4
Call and See
ft 171 1
, NIt ! eUte retreesajr
ttosMSBwsn atasVA awV awarVsVawSBjCsnSkw
a !! SB PiClilBTr.

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