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B. W. DA-JV I S .
BICOMONl", IND., March 33, 1ST!
For Governor, ;
. Of Randolph.
'"' r' Lieutenant Governor,
Congressman at Large. ,
GODLOVK M. ORTU, of Tippecanoe.
. : Secretary of State,
V Hea. W. W. CL'RRY, of Vigo.
?? Auditor of State.
JAMES A. WILDMAN, of Howard.
Trersurer of State,
JOHN D. GIJVEH, ol Lawrence.
Reporter of Supreme Court,
Col. JAMES B. BLACK, of Marion,
Clerk of Supreme Court,
CHARLES SCOL1 , of Clark.
Superintend! nt of Public Instruction,
BEN J. W.SMlTHtOfMarioa.
Attorney General,
JAMES P. DENNY, of Knox.
Congress, 4th District,
For the BepoUioan Nomination:
Look at This jTheu Look nt This
From Julian's Radi ) From Julian's Radi
eal while Ike wasJ'ost-'cal since Ike was turn
master : ed out :
"General Grant has "The Radical bas
faithfully redeemed alljOiore political infiV
Ms pledges to the pco- knee than all the othet
pie. "While, Ihereiore.'pspers of Richmocd
we are as a gmeratcombinod. - Julian
rule in furor of 'the one' Radical.
term principle,' we "Oar unhappy ami
are yet FULLY PER-'bewildered neighbor ol
SUADED that in tliejibe Palladium thinks
ease before us OUR.tliat Ccn. Grant is the
COUNTRY CAN NOT Kepublican party."
AFFORD TO niS-!fyWe Radical.
PEXSK WITH TI1E - Nothing could be
SERVICES AS more shameful, more
CHIEF EXF.CUTI VEidishonoriog to political
FOR A N O T II E R decency than the con
TERM, OF O i; U duct of Gen. Grant in
GREAT CAPTAIN using all the ri
A TRUE IN DE- power and patronast
PENDENT. litiN-or tits inch ciuce ge
a8T MAN."'- ii-isecurinjc bis reflection!
lias's Radical
for a second t e r in n
Tenors! Grant for
putting tbe manage
ment of onr Indian
Aflairs In QUAKER
hurling from ofllc;
faittfnl men, siuipl d
to make rlaces lor
bauds, shows a mind
scalawags and thieres r
much above tbe grata turning out tried Re;
of the mere politician jpubiicaus and nnnincn
a prececal wisdom ing loyalists, and put
i . , j : . v. : I i : i-
W it ICQ S cetup -tiuui- it'ug iu tuvir pmccs me-
eated by results." long Democrats or hall
Julian' Radical.
Lojk at this Fie
Now Look at this
From (he Telegram of
From the Telegram cfl
" Two rears aeo. we
"Judae Wilson,
of plainly saw and keenly
Connersville, a man of!
felt Judge Wilson's
eminent ability, pure
and uoriirbt life, and
"Never was a
in every respect an ao-preposterous claim act
eeptablo and available up for any man than
candidate as the sue- that tbe Republican
censor of Mr. Jalian."party ower judge Wil-
Telegram, Dee. 22, son a second, or any
i860. nomination to Con
"It f Judas Wilson'i
tress. Tbe indebted
lens is entirely on the
therside. If beweie
.o serre the party die
remainder of bis days
without office.he would
aot discharge tbe obli
gation he ia under. -
Had be brought
itrtngtb, instead - ot
weakness to tbe Con
gressional canrasa, the
claim would not be so
speech at Dublin, ii
1870, will be read witl
interest as the firs
gun of the campaign
from tbe Republicai
aide, and especially at
beinir Judze Wilson'i
flrat appearance in t hip
eonntv on the plat
form as a candidate
for Congress. A aw
expected, snd as all ex
peeteu wno anew nim
utterly absurd. Had
the Judge acquitted he made a brilliant
himself in a manner race with Judge Good-
that reflects iredit up- ing, one that would
on himtelt and tbe
party."-tTele grain.1
have roused tie en
thusiasm of bis party
and friends, instead of
July 22,1870.
"We yield
a largci damaging ineir seai
amount of our space
this week, to tbe speech
of Judge Wilson, our
next Congressman. It
is one of the clearest
and discouraging tneir
hopes, someining or
praise, at least, might
be due him. .'Tele
gram, March 8, 1872.
arguments the cam
nahrn baa produced
and we bespeak for it1
a careful reading by
. both Republicans ana
Democrats. Those
who hare not had Jhel
oDnortnnitv of hearing
the Judge, will be able
to make up a correct
estimate of tbe man.
There if no sophistry
or buneombo about it;
ao dodging, knotty
questions, or perver
sion of facts. Every
matter vital to tbe in
tercet of tbe people, is
carefully considered."!
Telegram, Aug. tv,
M Republicans have
aothinsr to fear from
the contest. Judge!
Wilson's reeord is
clean, and his doctrine
as sound as the basis
of this Government.'
Telegram, Aug 20,
Probable Vote in contention.
We presume the number of votes
ia the Congressional Convention
will be based on the vote, by conn-
ties, in this district, cast for Iloff
man in 1870, and the number of
delegates will be one for each one
hundred votes, in each couaty, to
Vote for
Hoflmau Delegates
Fayette M'A
Eranklln J,28e
Hancock..., MM
Shslby l.WT
Unlou m
Wayne A
Total WO
As each Township is entitled to
at least one vote, the number will
- be probably increased 130.
The Tel answers our query in
regard to receiving pay for abuai-ig
Mr. Wilson, by stating that there
was no need of trying to buy' him
he didn't get a cent! Well, our
friend Surface' course reminds us
of an incident: A profane swearer
araa asked by a pious old gent.
'How much do yon receive for
wearing?' 'Not a cent, sir,1 was
the reply: 'but what's that your
business?' 'Mot much, my friend,'
' said the old: man; 'but you cer
tainly work harder for . the old
. Devil without receiving a cent for
serving him, than any man I ever
knew!' '.
Nomination Election, on Wed
nesday next, April 3d.
For the Palladium. ' ii
Jodie WiUea ladepeadeat.
"Wilson's Darmsa. '
Elsewheie we give place to a communication
from one of Judge Wilson's supporters, who
signs himself SA Live Unburnt Republican,'
whatever that may mean . Aa to the gentle
man's Republicanism it is a subject upon
which, doubtless, much might be said on both
ides. It is true that he is at present, inden
tified with the Republican party, and it is
tru t also, that a few short years ago the ine
briate Andy, after swinging around the cir
cle, appointed him one of bis Post Masters,
from which position he was ioeontineuilr
kicked by a Republican Adminintration at the
earliest opportunity. But we are not dis
posed to write the biography of tbia greet
'Unburnt,' although it might be made to
'point a moral or adorn a tale,' but shall
briefly notice s few points in bis manifesto. "
Independent, March 23.
KoiToa Palladicm
Br all honorablo editors, it is not consider
ed allowable to make known to the public
even by allusion, who their anonymous cor
respondent a are, when tbe names of the
writers hsve been confided to them.
With sueb editors however, as hsve very
little honor, and leas political consistency,
the esse appears, from the above extract, to
be different.
One would suppose from reading the In
dependent editor's challenge, to examine po
lUical records, that his Republicanism wa
ft subject upon which there was little to offer
on 'both sides,' on tbe principle that, 'Who
drives fat oxen should himself be fat.'
For in tbe given case, was there any ne
cessity for the dishonorable betrayal ot the
Independent's correspondent 1
Tbe conduct of tbe editor, to rsy the least,
does not supply evidence that small persons
are .exeunt from perpetrating orrMpnading
littleness snd meanness in their actioss aa
editors or that he is capable of demeaning
himself as a gentleman.
Tbe political standing of the individual
criticised, is well kuown in this community.
Fe not only never voted with any but the
Republican party, but never acted, nor was
be identified with tbe paity of the 'inebriate
Andy' never contributed one cent to en
courage that erratic traitor to those wo3
placed him in power, nor did he disgrace him
self by attending the State or ny other
'inebriate Andy' Convention I Can dare
the Independent editor ssy as much for
The writer has been iodusel to look np
the files of a certain newspiper the Brook
vilb Amsricm of which tha Iodeiendent
man has probally hearl ; at any rate tbe
numbers of the paper iu question sport the
name of one Mr. R. II. Swift as editor it
may be a difierent Swift from our Indepen
dent Buzfuz.
Well this American makes sane curious
development, truly.
In fact, political biographies are some
times wonderlullv amusing !
For the present only a very few very pre
cious excerpts will be given from the editorials:
"rat isebriati Andy's" Phi lad klpb i 4
"The Philadelphia Convention in numbers,
Enthusiasm and harmonv was all its most
ssnguine friends could have anticipated.
On our first page will be found a full re
port, Ac.
But when our subscribers determine our
paper is not worth tbe small sum of the
subscription price charged, or decide te sup
port only such pipers ss are ready to mike a
crusade in behalf of negro sufirage,c.'
Negro suffrage' is good.
We had thought if Wendell Phillips,
Thaddcus Stevens and George W Julian were
the correct exponents of Radicalism that we
were not affec:ed with it to an alarming ex
tent.' " ,
It also appears from the same paper that
R H Swift whoever that n ay be partici
pated actively in tbe 'Inebriate Andy's' In
dianapolis State Convention and that he was a
member of llu committee on resolutions.
What Swift this was perhaps onr Indepen
dent msn can tell.
He msy rise, coma to the front snd
Tbe material is rich and abundant to abow
that there are hardly two sides to Swift's
political status.
Tbe writer does not fay that the 'Ameri
can' Swift is identical wiih the Independent
editor. -
. Hut tbe rich placer of the American spoons
out well and must be reseived for future usj
ii circumstances shoull render it necesssiy.
It is for the Independent to say.
There is also a painfully sensational ru
nor that there was a certain autobiogragbi
cal polities! sketch of the American Swift
carefully prepared and sent to tbe 'Inebriate
Andy's Secretary of the Treasury detail
ing minutely tbe peculiar executive ability of
the gentleman his official integrity and his
perfect soundness on the Inebriate Andy.'
Wonder if this biography U apochryphal or
is it canonical ? -
This puts us in painful suspense 1 Csn U
be possible that this is the veritable amateur
editor of tke Independent, who ia trying to
originate a factious oppposition to Judgs
Wilson t If so, bis political record may
e tsily be made both to 'point a moral and
adorn a talo.'
And tbe American Swift can rest assured
that if he is Identical with the Independent
man, and shsll continue to slop over so pro
miscuously and miscellaneously, the 'tale
aball be adorned and tbe moral as well point
ed' as an unskilled pen can do it.
On tbe supposition that the 'American'
editor is tbe shade of the Independent, what
are this community to think of the impudence
that would allow him to talk so flippantly (
Unburnt ' Republican's political status, and
ta exhibit the braxen effrontery of assuming
to teach this heathen people how to vote for
It is to be feared that modesty is not cne
of his accomplishment
The writer has not used near all, nor even
the best material iu hand, to illustrate his
subject nor does be ask any urgent tempts
tinn to turn it to account and a 'tale uafold,
and hereby promises, if need be, to do bis
part towards abating the nuisance that has
been afflicting our citix?ns, through the la
If the Independent political 'bummer,' who
baa Invited an examination of political re
cords, expects to have it all tils own way, in
the indulgence of bis rare agilltr if he in
dulgss the belief that all political eonsiaten
er centres in him and br the dash of his
pen, he csn wipe oqt all opposition or that
by the exercise of his selNimportance, be
ean write down all questioning of his om
nipotence, be need Danny be assured that
recent importations into our quiet village, eao
not be allowed sueh luxury I
If.however: he is of different opinion aa
a free American citizen? he has the privilege
of satisfying himself on the subject.
Senator Morton bas introduced
and passed through the Senate
law extending the homestead priv
ilege on the public lands to soldiers
who served during lue rebellion
and allowing the time of service to
be credited on their fire years of
occupation necessary to receive
title from the Government. It
was also granted that the alternate
sections in railroad grants oe open
ed for such settlemett. Tbe bil
is a liberal and just one, and we
hope to see it become a law.
And yet strange as it may ap
pear, the Palladium is permitted to
enter the house and homes of some
of our most respected and respec
table citizens. Independent.
Notatall "strange" it has alwsys
been so many of 'our most respected and
respectable citizens' have taken it for upwards
of forty-one years; but we venture the pre
diction that if Swift is continued as the editor
of tbe Independent a few weeks more, the
same cannot be said of it!
A Knowikg One! Our ( leasant
neighbor of the Te'egrara, for
whose peculiar talent of manufac
turing any conceivable amount of
"undeveloped truth," we have pro
found admiration, thus gives bis
readers a sample of the superior
knowledge contained in his box:
" We k&ow the peculiar ear,
marks of the anonymous pack of
scribblers in the Palladium."
"We know where each particular
spring lies. "We can state
exactly how the postoffice spoils
were to be parcelled out to them,
what each one expected to get for
himself and friends, what each did
or didn't get, and all about it. We
may have occasion at some future
date to give the public the benefit
of our information on this subject.
Telegram, March 29.
l5TWe trust our friend Surface,
whose Ben-eficent labors in our
behalf have been untiring, will net
put off the developments promised
at too late a period in the 'future,'
so that the people may learn some
thing from that source while it is
fresh. We will be happy to assist
him or his friends to a list of our
contributors, whom he euphoneous
ly styles a 'pack of scribblers;' and
should he be at a loss in anything
pertaining to our personal history
lor the past fifty-six y-cars. we
will cheerfully render him all the
assistance in our power, so that the
bio Telegram may be made, f.ir
once, interesting to its readers and
tbe waiting ''public"!!! Proceed,
Brother Surface, to unfold your
tale; we shall do everything in onr
power -to aid you in your praise
wor.hy enterprise.
' " ' asa a . . i.
Richmond. Ind., March 30, 1372.
Eft. Pal. The following letter was re
ceived .by one of our citizens, and it may be of
ioteresi to such of our people as do not seem
to know Judge Wilson. Its writer is the able
meutber of Congress from the Tenth Indiana
District: Amticklctian'.
WasHikgtox, D. C, March 15th, 1S72.
Dear Sib Oa my return from tbo cam
paign in Connecticut, I find your favor, and
in. replr, have the honor to state, that there
is no member of Congress, who stands more
fair than Judge Wilson. He is on tbe Ju
diciary Committee, and Judge liiugham.
Chairman; and several other members of the
Committee, have told me that they considered
him one uf the ablest of it's members, and
a very bard worker. His speech on "Refund
ing the 5 per cent, to Indiana, Ohio and Il
linois, or the 2 per cent. Balance Due," was
considered the most able speech, in a legal
point ol view, made on that subject. Quite a
Urge number of members of rte Uousa said
to me : "It was a splendid legal argument.''
Judge Wilson is always at work, anl always
votes, lis never dodges any question, and I
know, that the old Sth will find no abler ad
vocate ol Republican principles, than Judge
Wilson, and no new member who will more
readily command tbe respect and confidence
of tbe House. Yours, Ac,
W. William.
The mad dog editor of the Richmond Rad
ical beslimes himself in trying to be
slinie other people. Tbe froth be emits (rom
his pen, is caused by just the same thing
that throws a mean yellow dog into contor
tions when be approaches water. Anything
that is free from impurities, is naiurany oo
noxions to Isaac, and he Immediately begins
h is insane abuse of it. Hence, manv gentle
men of character, above tbe reproach of any
one, fall victims to the vile and disgusting stuff
ho so recklessly slobbers over people. Cam
bridge Tribune.
.This is snfflciont answer to every arti
cle in last Thursday's issue of the Radical,
against Morton and Wilson. Tbe flecks
foaming saliva that fall so plenteously
from the distended jaws of "the mean yellow
dog" is harmless.
Recollect that the Republican
Nominating Election takes place
on Wednesday next, April 3d.
i- sas a -i i i i .1
What is Thk Usb. It ia admitted
on all hands that Jerry Wilson can not
bo elected if nominated that the result
will inevitably be tbe election of a Dent-
ociat. wny, men. snouiu itepuoucans
stultify themselves by supporting such a
roan. Kadi cat..
Brother George say? that neither Mr.
Wilson nor Mr. Claypool "can be elec
ted, if nominated." Now, if this be the
case, we suppose that the Democrats
have a sura thing of it, and "what is the
use" of our laboring any farther for the
success of the Republican Party ia this
District T The trouble with the editor
of the Radical, and Brother George is
they are working for the success of the
Democracy or a ''Third Party which
U about the same thing, and we suppose
that such sentiments as the above from
them, should not be regarded as at all
marvelous .
Beaver -Lake Again. The
House Committee on Public Lands,
has reported a substitute for the
Senate bill, which is a sort of a
compromise between toe Tyner
bill and the Senato or Test bill.
It provides for the sale of the
lands by the government, but gives
the purchasers from the State &c,
the preference.and thus completely
cuts Milroy and his gang of 'Chi
cago Land Grabbers' out They
cant get a smell.' Where's Swift?
aj isi m
The Jilbertr Herald in advocacy of tbe
claims if Mr. Clay poo I, says i
We think that our present representative
. . ii & 1 ' i Ar ' .M I
lias ooie wen, nut we uiiuk mr. vfiajpvut vmu
and will, do better.'
'We bare heard of the maxim, 'Let well
enoufh alone.' Brookville American.
And we think that maxim the best for this
occasion' Connsrs villa Times.
J And the People wilt aay 'Amen I'
April 3, is Nominating Elec
tipn Day- don't forget next
Ed Palladium It ioes not
appear to be generally 'kiown that
J G Lemon tbe popular candidate
for county Treasurer is a wounded
ftoMter, and a cripple for life. Mr.
Lemon with that characteristic
modesty for which we all so much
a J mire him, has made the entire
canvass of tbe county, and we
doubt if he has ever -mentioned
the feet that he is a crippled sol
dier, j
A lsrge number of his friends,
soldiers and others, therefore de
sire to call the attention of all
friends of tbe soldier to the im
portant fact that he was disabled
for life by a hostile bullet received
in actual combat, a fact which lie
in his modesty, has rather sought
to conceal.
Mr Lemon entered the service
when he was a mere boy, and after
three years of hard service par
ticipating in all of the important
battles of the South-west includ
ing Cbickamauga, Lookout Moun
tain and Missionary Bidge, he was
disabled for future service by a
rebel bullet, which struck his
right sholdier and passing oblique
ly through his shoulder and arm
made a frightful wound, nine inch
es in length. It was feared that
the wound might prove fatal. For
mon'hs be hovered between life
and death . For a year he was a
feeble invalid, but after eighteen
mouths of intense suffering the
wound healed, leaviug him with a
stiff shoulder and bat the 'partial
use of his right arm.
lie is thoroughly incapacitated
for all manual labor, and any slight
strain of his crippled arm causes
him weeks of suffering. He is a
poor man and is dependent upon
itis pen for the support of his lit
tle family. His coat hides his de
formity. He himself modestly
conceals it. We, therefore, who
know of his misfortune, deem it a
duty that we owe to all fiiends of
the family to make this simple an
nouncement, which we do without
the slightest knowledge on his; part,
rs we know full well he would coi
give his consent Patriots.
The day set apart for making
Republican Nominations, in this
county, is Wednesday next.
For the Palladium.
Prosecuting Attorney.
Ed. Palladium J. L. Yaryan,
candidate for Prosecuting Attor
ney, gradmted at Miami Univer
sity in the tlass of 1860, and sub
6tqacntty at the Cincinnati Law
School. Ai soon as ho completed
his Collegiate Course, he com
menced reading law and continued
his studies until the war broke out;
he then threw aside his books and
enlisted in the army as a private,
and went South to teach Rebels
the first principles of law, the duty
of allegiance. He helped fight
the battles of Shilo, Stone River,
Chickamauga, Mission Ridge, Per
ryville and the Siege of Knoxville.
He was chief of Gen. T. J. Woods'
staff for three years, and was in
active service until the close of
the war. Oa account of the war
Mr. Yaryan delayed in getting in
to practice, but ho is a good law
yer, and in point of education and
ability has no rival in the field.
If elected he will discharge the
duties of his Office honestly, im
partially and faithful-y. The peo
ple of Old Wayne cannot overlook
the claims ef her soldier boys.
The Richmond Telegram is edited by
a man who can not speak of a member
of bis own party, with whom he differs,
without dealing in personal abuse.
Abuse with Mr. Surface seems to be the
height of argument, and all who see fit
to hold an advene opinion to his, receive
a full share of it. Just now the Tele
gram is violently opposed to Judge Wil
son, and every person or paper support
ing tha Judge is a fit subject for tbis fa
vorite pastime ot Mr. Surface. If he
desires to speak of the Palladium he re
fers to it as the "Postoffice sheet," or a
"dishrag." If he has occasion to say
anything of the Times, bis sweetest name
fur us is ' Jerry Wilson's hand organ."
And when Mr. Surface wants to annihi
late some Wilson man, he mildly refers
to him as one of "Jerry's henchmen."
All this may be very fine fun for Mr.
Surface, and he may imagine that he is
doing Mr. Claypool a srreat deal of
good. lie may also imagine that ihe
present abuse he is heaping upon J udge
Wilson the misrepresentations he uses,
and the unfounded claim that the Ju Ige
can't bo elected, all add to Mr. Clay-
pool's chances ol being nominated. It
looks as if Mr. Surface had allowed his
passion to overrule his, judgment. He
is placing himself in such a position
that it will bo hard Tor him to support
Wilson with honor, and ho seems de
termined to make Wilsoa's friends so
indignant llut they witl care little or
nothing for Ciaypool s election, should
Wilson be defeated in the manner in
which the Telegram is conducting Mr.
Cla j pool's side of this nominating cam
paign. Uonnersvu:e limes.
A colored boj in Terre Haute ia bard
work leading law, "all by himself."
Huntington has given oat a contract for a
$24,300 school house.
Knightsville rotes on the naestion of in
corporating to-day.
Auburn, DeKalb county, has "prospects'
lor a fonadrj and machine shop.
Work bas been commenced oa tbe ezcara
tioa for the new jail a Browastowa.
One hundred ear loads . of coal were
shipped to Chicago frop grajul last
A two-year old sen of Aaron Rose
of Bloomington. died last Saturday,
from accidental poisoning.
The Grand Commandery of this State, Sir
Knight . U. rauner wmnu inmaanuu,
holds its annual conclave at Indianapolis next
week, commencing on Tuesday, at o'clock
. w En R W. Dealer. S. Conkliu
nd H. N. Land are the delegatea from tbo
Uichmond Commandery No. 8,
Special Correspondenoe of the Gazette. ,
I notice in your paper of yester
day a communication from O.K.,
of this city, which with your per
mission I would like lo make some
comments upon, as it is calculated
to produce wrong impressions iu
some localities. We presume the
writer is some transient visitr
or at least he appears to ba better
acquainted willi the 'hotel and
pigeon business' than he is with
the politics of county end dis
trict As regards the hotel and pegeon
business, we will not take isnuc
with him on that subject, for we
presume iu these matters he is
better posted than we arc. Your
correspondent very facetiously
goes on to say that Claypool and
Wiison, of this place are both
very able men and both candidates
for Congress in Ibis district. He
then says Claypool is the strongest
man in the city and county, and
will finally get the nomination.
His reasons are: "First, he is
able and convincing on the stump
with much experience, and in the
heat of a campaign is calculated
to bring into the fold the unde
cided floating vote." Now as to
the "convincing" part, we have
nothing to say; but as to the ex
perience on the stump, we don't
know where that experience be
gins, for we never knea of his
making a dozen political speeches
in hi life until his present cam
paign. Second, he says there is
no settled opposition to Claypool.
as a candidate, no factions formed
against him, no old scores to pay
off and finally, if nominated, will
carry everything, while Wilson
will if nominated, have great op -position.
As regards what the writer says
about 'factions' we think he will
find there is 'one' at least forming
that will, by the 1st day of April,
bo a hard customer lor Claypool
to get over. The two last charges
your correspondent makes on Wil
son ore simply ridiculous. His
first charge is, that two years Bgo
Julian was defeated by Wilson for
nomination, consequently Julian's
friends will not support Wiison if
nominated. This charge is pre
posterous and damaging to the
party, and a slur on the friends of
Julian in this district. Julian's
friends are composed of some of
the best and truest men in' our
party, and none know better than
they the popularity of Judge Wil
son, and they, are proud that their
champion was defeated, if defeated
at all, by a man of each marked
ability, and to-day there are many
of them working hard to secure
his nomination, while some are
doing what tliey can for Claypool,
following the Golden Rule, 'do
unto others Ac' This I am glad to
see, for it looks like the old trou
bles in this district would soon be
obliterated. I have not u sbadow
of doubt but that Claypool or Wil
son can either of them be elected!
if nominated. That Wilson will
carry his county and get the no-ai
ination there is hardly a doubt,
and there is no one who know
this better than Claypool and bis
friends We concede to Claypool
a very fair vote under the circum
stances, and shall not attribute it
lo his unpopularity in not receiv
ing the nomination. Wilson' &
course in Congress has been en
tirely satisfactory to the people,
and they intend and feel it their i
duty to honor him with another f
term in Congress
Wayni Countt.Ikd., March 21.
To the Editor of tba Cincinnati Gazette :
As the election of a Congressman is a mat
ter of national interest, it is a subject of
congratulation with Republicans everywhere
that th old internal fends of tbo former
Fifth and tbe present Eourth District bare I
been, at least for tbe present campaign, laid
aside, and. the canvas is being conducted
with a fairness and moderation that is truly
refreshing la all bat onr opponents.
The only computers for Congressional hon
ors in this district are Judge J M Wilson,
tbe present incumbent, and lion, lit Ulay-
pool, both ol uonnersruie, r ayeiie uonnty.
Thev are both eentlemen of marked ability
and worth, and either would fill tiia position
with honor?
We wish however, to correct an error of
your Richmond correspondent in predicting
that WaTne County will give a liberal ma
jority for Mr. Cloyrool. WaTne county
T i i ii i r j Tir-i
in ail prooaoimy win enuursc uuge usun
for re-election for the reason that not even
those who faror his opponent bare yet given
or can give any gooa reason wny ii bquuiu
We have not vet seen the slightest dis
satisfaction expressed with Wilson's coarse
in Congress. He has shown no lack of either
ability or energy, and bat few men have
been aa prominent and useful in their first
term. II these are tacts, mere snonia oe
Bomerery weighty reasons given to induce a
It is an nndouDteu laci mat Mr. liiaypooi
relies mainly for bis strength upon the sup
port ot the former friends of Mr. Julian,
bat with what consistency they can support
him does not appear trora bis tormer record.
It is a fact too notorious to need proof that
Mr. Clarpool has all his life been an ultra-
conaerrative, and but three years ago ret used
to sign a petition to the Legislature, tbe
tenor of which was to either admit colored
children to our schools or to give them their
proportion of tbe school fund.
Aaw, vuv jriuuimi wujw n v. uu,v
Wilson's oppouenU has been that he did not
as soon as elected turn out all of Mr. Julian's
fronds and SDDOint llisown.
Sacb being the facts, it is dfficolt for us to
view the situation in ine liiumioaxion wim
which Mr. Claypool and his friends seem to
see it when they expect the support of the
TtiHinl irinir of the DSrtV.
Judge Wiison has made but three or four
changes in tbe district, and these were de
mKiulad br considerations of public and
party policy, and without any thongbt of
nersonal conaiaera lions. oe umm im
tir- if inr of his former friends, and will
gain a large majority of the Radical vote, as
his reeord for consistent Radicalism is cer
tainly far better than that of bis opponent,
and we do not nesiiaw to auu-m u um u
hMn aa ions and faithful, though bv reason
of circumstances, not as prominent a Radical
as his distinguished predecessor, Mr, Julian.
Judge Wilson was the first Judge in In
diana, and we believe tbe only one, who ever
decided before tbe 15th amendment was
framed, that a man who bad more white than
hluk blood in his veins bad a right to rote
and upon a written charge to a jury to, that
eB'ect a colored man recovered a judgement
against one of hie (Judge Wilson's) friends
lor refusing his rote.Slfis record as to the
ciril ritrhta hill shoves thit he has favored
eVery motion to faciiitate tbe measure, and
voted against javery dilatory motion in regard
to it. with .the hoDe that it may yet goto a
committee to be so perfected as to make it
acceptable to its fiiends.
Beaver Lake is draind dry, and
ao is Swift.
Bead tlit letter of Hon. Wm. Williams, If.
C, from tlis 10 til Indiana District, in another
column. It confirms Snrfaee's evidence, that
Judge Wilson, w "tlu peer of the best man
in Congress." .
Rich! To hesr so snperserriceable a tool
to the "Inebriate Andy," as Swift of the In
dependent was, when be was Assessor and
editor of the Brookrille American, calling the
editors of the vpera in this district that
support JndfreWiUnn for Congress, "Brasa
Collar Organs"!! It is rich. Call Brown!
We have received a copy of
Senator Pratt's ablo speech on
the Beaver L ke Land Bill A(cr
showing how the Democrats swin
dled the school children of Indiana
out of 81.000,000 worth of awamp
lands during Governor Willard's
administration, he gives the his
tory of the State's claim to a por
tion of tbe reclaimed bed of Beaver
Lake home eight thousand acres
of this land was accepted by the
State is settlement with John P.
Dunn and his sureties, and was
subsequently Bold by authority of
a State law ta the rate ofbno dollar
per acre. It is claimed that as
the bed of the lake was never
transferred by the United States
to the State of Indiana, that no
title ever vested in Dunn or the
State, and that pre-emptors have
the right to take up tbe reclaimed
land under the provisions ef the
United Swtcs laws. It is elear
that Dunn had no shadow of title
and that neither the State of In
diana nor the United States ever
received one cent of consideration
for the satao from him The lands
were stolen, and the State, by
accepting them from tbe twelves,
became in oue sense the receiver
of stolen, goods which she after
wards transferred ro the present
claimants for the price named. Mr.
Pratt's bill canfirms this fraudu
lent title, and as the State has
levied and collected taxes from the
occnpant3 of the land, it is plausi
bly argned this tba state should
defend the title of her grantees.
Mr Pkatt expressly disclaimed
any intention of defending the
Beiuht claim to a portion of the
stolen lands, and insisted that the
title to them mast bo fought out
in the courts. The Senate was.
convinced that Mr. Pratt's view
of the subject was correct, and
passed the bill. It is now up in
the House, and Mr. Ttxer has in
trodaced a bill declaring the land
to be the property of the United
States, and providing for their
survey and ssie, giving the occu
pants the first right to take them
at a stipulated price. The whole
business is fall of difficulty and
the theives Uavo adroitly managed
to entangle their rosealry clahns
with tbe inu-rcstiof many honest
people, who are forced to defend
knavery whi?e aiming to assert
their cwn rights. Ind. Journal.
Liberalism and Pnssivisaa.
We clip the fo'lowing platform from a
Southern journal, to show what liberalism
and passirism s re nnderslood to mean by ear
Southern brethren, and tbe Repnblicana may
see the declaration of principles on which
B. Orate Brown ia being supported for tbe
Presidency in the sunny South. IJere it is :
The ConsStution of 1380 and tbe Rights of
ThiSj? Wbite Man'a Gorernmer.t, made br
White Men, fr White Men and their Pos
terity, Forerert
Down with the Fifteenth Amendment I
Total Repud.-atioa of tbe Mooatrons Yankee
ttar Deht l-Tliat Aecurscd, Uneonstilu-
. tional Burden t Accumo'ated by an Un
constitutional Mob, atyling itself a Con
gress, in the Prosecution of an Unconsti
tutional Crusade, for the Accomplishment
of an Unconstitutional and Horrid Purpose I
Down with the Bcnidholdera and Taxation t
Equal Taxation and Rightful Representation
of all tbe States, or
RerelBtfon most be met by Counter Reolu
tios t-Force by Force f-Violence by
Violence I and Usurpation should be Orer
thrown, if needs be, by the Bayonet 1
For President :
Of Mis-sour).
Although the name of B. (Jrats Brown is
placed at the head of the columns from whieb
the above platform is clipped, and he is its
first choice for President, the names ol Horace
Greeley and Lyman TrrnnbuH are editorially
suggested as equally satisfactory.
A well known citizen visited Wash
ington for the express purpose of inter
viewing Ihe boaorablo Voorhces in ref
erence to Mrs. Gem's case, and if pos
sible securing his valuable services. He
was won. and the other day he made
his appearance in this city, and visiting
the jail had one or two interviews with
Mrs. Clem, at ono of which Mr. Bing
ham, of the Sentinel, was present It
is gecei ally conceded, we believe, that
if Mrs. Clem ts not covicted at the next
trial, or the jury fail to agree, a nollo
prosequi will bo entered and she will be
set at liberty Ind People.
At Sylvan Height
New Hybrid Geraniums, in full bloom ; Dah
lies, in rsrietis ; Roses, in full bloom, by
tbe hundred ; Pampas Grass, and other fine
varieties a fail supply on bsnd ; Vegetable
Plants a full supply ia their season , Bed
ding Plant in great variety.
Do not forget to call and examine the
stock, for vonrselres.
S-3r. Proprietor.
Forty Acres of Land!
ONE and-a-half miles south-east of this
city part timber adjoining William
Harvey's, on the south snd Watermyer'a lands
on tbe west. If not sold by tbe 1st day ot
April at private sale, it will on that day bo
aoldat Auction, on the premises, in five acre
lots. Terms made known on day of sale.
Also, house and lot on Marion street, known
as the Su&raine property. It not sold br the
3d day of April, will on that day be sold at
Auction on tae premises, -t erms made known
on day of sale.
Address, Lock-Box No. 1182.
Richmond, March Sth, 137 J, 52.
Candidate's Column.
We are authorised to ' an
nounce Nathan H. Cammack, of Cambtidge
City, as a candidate for Treasurer ot Wayne
County, Ineiana, aubject to Republican nom
ination. We are authorised to announce Jacob Vobi
of Dublin, as a candidate for Treaaurer, sub
ject to tbe decision of tbe Republican nomin
ating election. '
We are authorised to onr: ounce Jassi
Hiatt, of Dublin, as a candidate for Treas
urer of Wayne county, aubject to the decis
ion of tbe Republican nominating election.
We are authorized to announce Thaddecs
C. Gbckks as a candidate for Treasurer ot
Wayne county, subject to the Republican
We are authorized to announce Bbkjamim
Stbattan, as a candidate for Treasurer of
Wayne county,, tubjtct to the Republican
nominating election, to bo beld in April next.
Please announce tbe nane of Akdbus S.
Wiogihs ot Jefferson township, as a candi
date for Treasurer of Wayne county, subject
to the decision of tbe nominating election, and
oblige ' Mams Fbiskds.
We are authorized to announce Dr. W. P.
Wakino as a candidate for County Treasurer,
subject to the Republican nominating election.
We are authorized to announce H. W. Max
well, as a candidate for Treasurer of Wayne
county, subject to the decision ot tbe nomina
ting election in April aexU :
We are authorized to announce Joskfh G.
Lbmoh, as a candidate for County Treasurer,
subject to the Republican Nominating Elec
tion in Aptil next.
We are authorised to announce Joxatbax
Baldwin, of Clay Township, as a candidate
fo lor Ccnnty Commissioner, Subject to the
Republican nomination.
We are authorised to announce Josiah
Clawson, ol Clay township, as a cs ndklate
for County Commissioner ; subjetet to the
decision of the Republican nominating elec
tion. We ate authorized by the friends of Wharton
L;mB, to announce him aa a candidate for
Rep res ntative to the Legislature, subject to
the Jbepcblic&ti nominating elec lion.
We are authorized to announce Major B. L.
Mabtin, as a candidate for re -election to the
Legislature; subject to the decision ol tbe
Republican Nominating Election.
We aie authorized to announce E. B. Rey
nolds, as a candidate for tbe 13th Judicial
District ; subject to the nominating election
of the Republican Party, in April next.
We are authorized to announce Lewis C.
Walkbb, as a candidate to represent Wayne
county in thb Legislature; subject to the de
cision of tbe Republican nominating election.
We are authorized to announce Hbbman
B, Patnb as a candidate for Representative,
subject to tbe Republican nomination.
Ricbmoni), March 20, 1872.
Eesroa Pal. : You are hereby authorized
to announce William Baxter, as a candidate
for Representative, at tbe Republican nom
ination in April.
Please announce William Q. Elliott, of
Centre Township, as a candidate for the Legis
lature, subject to tbe April nominating elec
tion. We are authorized to announce B. G. Kel
ley, of Jackson township, as a candidate for
Kepseseutative to the State Legislature, sub
ject to- the decision of the Republican nom
inating election.
Anthirizicl to Enounce W. Ballen--ger,
Esq., aa a candidate for the Legislature.
Subject to the decision of tbe Republican
nominating e'ection.
pros. AKcrromsrr.
We are authorized to announce Tnos. J.
Study, of Centreville, as a candidate for
Prosecuting Attorney for the Wayne Crimi
nal Conrt, subject to the Republican nomina
ting election.
We are authorized to announce J. L. Yab
TAM, Esq., as a candidate for Prosecuting
Attorney, for the Criminal Court of Wayne
eounty ; subject to the nomination ef the
Republican party.
D. W. Comstocx, win" be a candidate for
Prosecuting Attorney of the 13th Jndieial
Circuit, subiect to tbe ensuing nominating
election by tbe Republican party.
We are authorized to announce D. W.
Mason, as a candidate for re-election to the
office of Prosecuting Attorney, for the Warne
Criminal Civcnit Court, subject te the Re
publican nominating election.
We are authorized to announce John M.
Paxson , a a candidate for Sheriff, subiect to
the decision of the Republican nominating
We ard authorised to announce W. H.
Stcdy, as a candidate for re-election to the
office of Sheriff of Wayne county, subject to
the decision of tbe Republican nominating
We are authorised to acnonnre John H.
STiABKn, as a candidate for the office of
Sheriff of Wayne county, subject to the de
cision of the Kepubl can nominating election.
ooac. xx,
We are authorised
to announce John F.
Kibbbt as a candidate for re-election to the
office of Judge of the Court ot Common Pleas
for the Sixth Judicial Circuit, sabjeet to tbe
Republican nomination.
We are authorized to announce J, J
Russell, as a candidate for Township Trustee,
subject to tbe Republican nomination.
TT- . . ..
e are aniunrizeu to announce the name
of Job Hbklbt, as a candidate for Town-
snip trustee, subject to the Republican
We are authorized to annonnpe ALnlumS
J"Berie!, as a candidate for Assessor of
Wayne Township, subject to tbe decision of
the Republican Dominating election.
We are authorized to announce R. W.
Anderson, as a candidate for the nomination
of Real Esiate Appraiser of Wavne county,
subject to the Republican nominating election.
We are authorized to announce John Hi
Cadwallader. as a candidate for Townshia
Trastee; subject to tbe Republican Nominat-
Dg raecion.
Supply Store !
Cotton and Woolen Machinery,
Mines, nana ana rower units
Genuine Oak-Tanned Leather Belting.
Rubber Belting, llose and Packing
Dye Stuffs, Acids, Lace "Leather, Oils,
vv nrpsy
and all kinds of Manufacturer's Supplies.
No. 15 Noble Slieet,
Opp. West End Union Depot. 46m3
For Cough?, Colds and Iloarr aess.
These Tablets present the Acid in coxbina
tioa with other efficient remedies, ia a pot. a
lar form for the cure of all TUROAT und
CERATION of the THROAT are immediate
ly relieved, and statements are constantly
being sent to the proprietor of relief in cases
of Throat difficulties of yeirs standing.
imitations. Get only Wells' Carbolic Tablets.
Price 25 Cto. per Box. JOHN Q. KELLOGG
18 Piatt St., N. Y Sole Agent fur tbe U. S.
Send for Circular. 60-4wd
Administratrix Sale.
THE nndersigned will offer at Publie Sate,
on Saturday, the 30th day of March,
1872, at 1 o'clock p. m., of said day, at the
late residence of Milton Hollingswortb, in the
cityof Riohmood, Ind., the following personal
property, to- wit :
One horse; one carriage; one spring wag
con; one set of harnese; one parlor stove;
bedsteads, chairs, tables, and other articles
of household goods. A credit ot NINE
MONTHS will be given on all sums over $3.00.
Notes and approved security will be required
of each purchaser.
Riobmond, Ind., March 8, 1872.
Gral Siwg lo , Coo.
frMd business for one or two persons
or either sex in Richmond and adjoinix
towns, by which you can make from $100 to
$1M per month, with but little interference
with ordinary business. Articles as Staph)
as flour or cotton cloth.. A Mod business for
agents, sure. If your whole time is given, a
much larger sum ean be made.' Club cir
culars free, giving complete list of articles
and commissions allowed. Hobtos, Racu
daob A Co., 011 Pine St., St. Louis, Uo.l-sw
Supply of Bark Asearo. Price Re-
" - dwecd.
Bliss, Kcene A Co's Fluid Extract
Cures Cancer, Scrofula, Syphilis, Catarrh,
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Pulmonary Com
plaints, L'lccrs, Salt bheum, Skin Diseases,
all Mood Miseases. Is purely vegetable.
Tbe test known Blood Purifier. Sold by all
Druggists. Price IS per bottle. Observe Um
trade mark. Send for circular. Office SO
Cedar street, New York. ... t-imt
Sheriff's Sale.
BY virtue of a Decree and Execution to
me directed from the Wayne Circuit
Court, I will expose at Public Bale, at the
Court House door in the town of Centreville,
Wayne county, Indiana, on tbe Sth day of
April, 18 2. between the hours of 10 o'clock
a. m., and i o'clock p. m., on said day, the
following property to-wit :
B eginning at the southwest earner of frac
tionarseetion number twenty-four 24, town
ship fourteen 14, of range two 2 west; run
ning thence west twenty-two chains and ten
links to a stake; thence south thirty-three 33
chains and sixty SO links to a stake; thence
east fourteen 14 chains and twentv 20 links
more or less, to a stake on the old boundary
line; thence westardly on said boundary line
to the place of beginning, containing sixty
60 acres.
Also, the folTou ing tract of land, known aa
being a pait of fractional tectron eleven 11
and two 2, in township sixteen 16, in range
fourteen 14, east; and bounded as follows,
to-wh: Beginning at the northwest corner
of tbe other lands of Abijah RicL; thence
east along the line of said Rich's other taode
eighty-eight perches and 4-1 to a stone in
the old boundary line; thence north twelve
degrees east on said boundary line forty-eight
perches and 3-10 to a stone, thence west
ninety-eight 88 perches to a stone in the
section line; thence south ' forty-seven 47
perches and 5-10 to the place of beginning,
containing twenty-seven, acres and a ban,
and thirty-six perches, more or less.
Also, the following tract of land: Begin
ning at the southwest corner of fractional
section eleven, in township sixteen, range
fourteen east; running thence north to Joseph)
Rich's corner on the west line of said named
fraction eleven 11. thence eaat to the old
boundary line; thence southwestwardly with
said old boundary line to the southeast corner
of said fractional sec tioD eleven; thence west
to the place of beginning, containing nbont
four 4 acres, situate in Wayne county, State
of Indiana.
To be soid as tbe property of Abijah Rich
and Diadama Rieb. et ak Te satisfy saidV
decree and execution, in my hands in favor
of Andrew F. Scott. Said sale witfiout relief
fiom valuation or appraisement laws-
WM. H. STUDY, Sheriff WC.
O. n. Burchenaf, Att'y Plt'ff.
March 14, 1872. ' l-4w-pf$13.90.
;. , AKP
Established 19 Years,
General Agent,
S. E. Cor Fifth mdA Mate Streets,
Richmond, Ind
RO'WXtXiXi'a OOXal
A Work Det.criptive of the City of
If ew York ia all Its Verioas Phases
Its splendors and wretchedness, its high and
low life its marble palaces and dark dens, u
attractions and dangers, its Rings and
Frauds, its leading men and. politicians, it
adventurers, its charities, its mysteries and
Illustrated with Nearly 250 Fine Engravings.
AGENTS WANTEtt. Send for circu
lars and see our terms snd a fuIT description
of tbe work. Address National Publishing Co.,
Chicago, III., Cincinnati, O,, or St. Louis,
Mo. l-4wr
The greatest ' illustrated Original Story
Paper in America. Eight new and Orig
inal Stories m first cumber. No literary
treat ceua! to it. Agents and canvassers
wanted in every town and city of the Union.
$10 a week easily realised by the sale of this
extraordinary Irish and American Jeurnal.
Specimen copies free. Fur sale bv all newa-
di-aiers. Price, rte., S 2,50 t r year. Address.
M.J. OLbaby A Co., P. O.
Box 6,07-4, tievt
' l-4wr
The most valuable Timber and Nut Produ
cing Tree on the continent. 300,000 yet un
sold. A tft-page circular free. Send for one.
Chestnut Seed preserved for planting, per
pound 50 crs., by mail post-paid. A 45
page Catalogue of Beautiful Flowers and rare
Plants free. Plants sent safety by mail any
dUtance. Try it. Nursestes established 18
years. 200 acres, 9 green-bouses. Address
STORRS, HARRISON t CO., Painesville,
Lake County, Ohio. - l4wr
JOHN ELLIOTT . Proprietor.
Richmond, Ind.
A new and distinct var ety. It bas been
tested in nearly every State the past season,
has taken tbe highest premium at State ard
County Fairs wherever exhibited, JSorth,
SontU, East and West, testify to its superior
ity over all other varieties. With equal
chance it bas ripened from two to three
weeks earlier and produced from one-third
to doub'e the quantity ef other corn. These
are facts. Every Farmer should send stamp
for circular, giving full description, Hirtory
and Testimonials. No bought or bogus testi
mony, no humbug. 1 Quart by mail pust
paid, AOc-; 2, $1. Peck by Expres or
Freight, 2. Half boshel, 3 dots; bush., 6
dols. Address S. R; FANNING, Jamesaort,
New York. l-4wd
AdiainistratriaNo tice
ar ETTERS of administration on the Estate
1 A of William L. Brady late of the city of
Richmond, Wayne county and Stale of
Indiana, deceased, have tbia day been
granted to the undersigned by the Clerk of
the Court of Cummin Pleas of said eounty.
All persona having claims against said Es
tate are required to file them in tbe Office
of said Cleik duly proved within one year ,
from this publications in"
posed to be Solvent.
; i-s.
March 10, 1872.
3 1 150) uttered by proprle.
Uemedy.lbran incnruMi
case of "CoW Ia
Otea or Catarrh Sold
by drugplsU St SO cvou.

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