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. AUG 10. lR7i .
We are led bit hha who
nrsi zaugtit our annus to
conquer in the West, and
subsequently in the East
also. Richmond would not
come to us till ive sent
Grant after it, and then it.
had to come. He has never
yet been defeated, and he
never will be.-Horace Greeley .
For GoTernor,
C,; 0f Randolfh.
- Lieutenant Governor,
LEONID 8 SiXTOX.ol Itaah.
Congressmen at Large. ,.. ,1
UODLOYE 8. ORTHi of Tippecanoe.
of Kosciusko County .
Baoretary of State,
Hon. W. W.Cl RRY, of Tlgo.
Auditor of State,
JAMES A. WfLDMAX, of Howard.
- Trersuier of State,
JOHN D. GLOYEH, of Lawrence.
Reporter of Supreme Court,
Col. JAMES B. BLACK, Marion,
Clerk o Supreme Court,
CHARLES SCOL1 , ol Clark.
Bnperintetdi nt of Public Instruction,
BENJ. W.8.MITII, of Marion.
Attorney General.
JAMES P. DENNY, of Knox.
Electors for State fit-Large.
JOSEPH 8. BUCKLES, of Delaware.
JOHN SCHWARTZ, of Dearborn.
ISAAC S.MOOHE.ot Warrick.
Congress, 4th District,
Hon. Jerre. M. Wilson
, Repnhlienn County Ticket. .
Representatives, L C Walker, Wm Baxter
Judge 6th Com. Pleas Dis, John F Kibbyt
. Preeculing Atfy, John L, Rope.
Pro.Att'j Di 13th D W Comstock;
Pro. Affy Criminal Court, Tbos J Study.
, , ', Treasurer, Joseph G Lemon;
Sheriff, Wm H Study;
Commissioners, Wm Brocks, Jons Baldwin;
Cornelius Thornburg;
, - Coroner, John J Roney;
Real Estate Appraiser, RW Anderson;
Surveyor, Kobert A flttwari.
, Township Trustee, Samson Boon;
Towner, ip Assessor, Wm. Dulin.
William Baxter,
Will address his fellow-citizens
at the Club Room, on
Mt'isj k, hi M,
on the Political Questions of the
Day. Speaking will commence
at 7:30. ; 1
Richmond, Aug. 10, '72.
Bead Speaker Blaine's reply to Sumner's i
Letter, on our first page. He bits (be nau
on the bead.
We shall publish next week, the admirable
history of ourmno Hon. Geo. W, Julian, as
given In a speech delirered by H. C. Fox Esq.,'
of CentreviUe. It is the best thing of the
season. '
! We always did despise a fellow who
off the old people. fctata Sentinel.
The editor of Sentinel didn't nurse when
an infant, of course ; he was raised on the
ittU 1
ThisUethwaite of the Herald, sticks his
new rooster orer the North Carolina election
returns, and he gets nothing but crow. Bet
ter go back to 'ditching, cleaning pig pens
and hen roosts,, neighbor you'll be more at
home than editing a paper I
The nepotism of Geo. W. Julian, is only
excelled by his cousin Slaj. Isaac Kinley, the
cow Democratio electidn for this Congres
sional District. It is rich. 'Tis funny to
hear the Greelejitea fume about President
Grant's 'nepotism' it is.
Swuxo.-Dr. Boyd, of Dublin, the great
and gle-ortons temperance advocate, a ho
gives bis liearty support to drunken Grata
Brown, for the Vice-Presidency of the United
States, says, in a communication to the Dem
ocratic organ No. 2, alias Radical, of Thurs
day last t 'It is true there are a few who
never smiled again,' after they heard the
late guns irom North Carolina V We are con
cerned to know if the Doctor isn't one ot 'em,
and if he isn't himself something like 'Lapley
of old' 'jolly aa a grave-digger who is
lempelled to dig bis ewn reeting-placa t
Senator Trumbull w Hgnsted deep
ly disgusted. He says tre very tb night
of asking toy President for aa oHice is
disgusting to him. The fact however,
as disclosed Ij a recent investigation,
teems to be that more than a hundred
recommendations to office in President
Orant's file bear the majostie signature
of Mr: Trumbull ! We should think
such 8 cumulation would be disgusting
to him. It ought to disgust him
A WHorrsal A year ago, the Grant party
bad a majority of over nine thousand in North t
Carolioa.TInd. SUte Sentinel. , ,
The Sentinel, when it penned that state- ,
...nt knew it was false. At the only election
held there two years ago. .the majority tor
tbe Democracy was nearly five thousand. . jewned positively that Mr. Baxter
flDbmitted by the Democratio LegUlature to gad refused to eat crow, it OOm
tbe peopU-te Republicans u voted againat mtncci abusing him in tin Dem
ijua proposition, as did quite a number of ' r.1?A .t1l,
" ..!!T ..a 1ui MnaM.nnee waa that the OCraUO ityi.
Aewema, - .
monoaitiOB was Oeieeiea ny oyer nme,.
and That S we iao, .
.. . i ...
u..i:.l .tJ
For the Palladium.
Wat down in North Carolina,
Juat the other day, they aay.
They held a State election
In, a bran now-fangled way.
Where Democrats are 'Liberals'
And colored people rote.
But don't rote with the Democrats
Be pleased to make a note.
Ten thousand clear majority,
The Libel al party claimed.
And Republicans all thought the State
Was lastingly defamed ; ' ' ?
And the favorite salutation,
When the the 'Liberal' fellows met,
Was 'Hare you beard from North Carolina T
Ain't that bully, now r Ycu bet I
Dutdays passed ou and "better news
'O'er telegraphic wires
Came to kindle Ik art a Republican
Into 'spontaneous' fires ;
And tkeir favorite salutation
When the Liber j Is are about, '
Is 'How are you Horace Greeley Y
'Does your mother know your out t'
" Well done, noble Morth Carolina ;
roHOMnesd in advance Ae verdict of Ae nation."
.V. Y. TribvM, Au3h,1 3d, 1874.
Nsw Tons, August 7. The following dis
patches have been received to-day :
TvA-LEiaB, August 7.
To Gen, Geo. N. Sharpe :
It is now conceded br all parties that Cald
well has carried the State by about 400 ma
jority. , (Signed) A W SHArna.
Vi . Kaleioh, August 7.
To the Republican State Committee :
We have carried the State beyond a shadow
of a doubt. The Democrat! all give up the
fight. (Signed) H W Wabwick.
A special from Raleigh to the Telegram,
says :
'PriTate litters received br both parties this
morning from the west, make the lection of
Caldwell, by a small majority, certain. Mer
riman concedes the election. The counties in
the west still to be heard from are reported
as giving Republican gains, which virtually
decide the contest. There is a chauce for the
election of Hughes, Democrat, lor Lieu ten
ent Governor, as Bragden, Republican, runs
far behind bis ticket. The Legislature is
close, Congressmen stand 5 Democrats and
3 Republicans.
Washwgtoh, August 7. The following
telegram was received here this morning, ad
dressed to President Grant :
Raleigh, August 7.
North Carolina has elected ths entire Re
publican State Ticket by majorities ringing
from 1,500 to 2,000.
KswYoai:, August 7. Special dispatches
from Raleigh to the Times say that CaldweP
Is elected in North Carolina by 1,000 majority.
There are as yet three eoudties to be heard
Ralsigs. August 7. The official returns
are nearly all tn, the western counties baring
been heard from except Ashe and Taney.
Caldwell is elected by about 1,000 majority.
The Democrats claim that there has been
great frauds, and it is thought the election
will be contested. - .
The Republicans hold a jubilee to-morrow
night The excitement has subsided, and the
Democrats receive the news oi tneir aeieai
quietly. ,
Kxw Yobk, August 7 The National Re
publican Committee have directed the firing
ol one hundred guns hero to-morrcw in honor
of the result in North Carolina. Their die
patchea claim 2,000 majority.
The following dispatches were received this
evening i
W iijiikgton, N. C, Aug. 7,
To Hon Wm E Chandler ;
There is no longer any doubt. We bare
carried the State ticket by about 2,000 ma
jority. Signed Jos C Abbott.
Too Mcca Liberal! From the fol
lowing notice, which we dip froa the
Indianapolis Journal, of Aug. 4. the
(fceeley Democrats ofourcity.on Thurs
day night Ust. at their club meeting, if
Col. GrosTenor (who was advertised to
make a speech in Lyceum Hall and
didn't come) had filled his appointment,
and both him and Dr- Davu, the cele
brated colored financier, had addressed
them, twouldhavebejn too much they
couldn't bore it ! Sure :
Colonel Grosvenor was dishonorably
dismissed from the army during the lat0
war for conduct unbecoming an officer
anl gsntiemsa. The finding of the court
is on record in the War Department and
the sentence never was revoked. The
offences, repeated and continuous wa-e
of a character not to be named is a re
spectable paper. He is a pretty fellow
. . i ill mvil BimiM
I maeea, to ue wining v....
, reform and calling on honest people to
help him "purge the land of all sin.
For some time, the DemocraUc
Herald of this city, thought,
through the missrepresentatiou of
Geo. W. Julian and other Demo
cratic brow-beaters, that Mr
William Baxter would support
Greeley and the real of the Demo-
Cratic ticket, but this week, having
ti mi
, r- f51 tn hm.T Sanatnr Pblaw
i ft Csntrerille next Saturday-
Out - pouring of the
10,000 inCouncil!!
Last Saturday, at tbc l''air
Grounds, was assembled the larg
est concourse of people the most
att en live tbn'Thocsant) audience,
convened t for 1 hearing political
questions discussed it was ever
our pleasure to see
The meeting waa organized oy
the selection; of Gov. Baker as
President, and the following Vice
Presidents, Judge James Perry, O.
P. Jones, Hon Wm A Peelle,
Wm. Baxter, Bishop Pant Quinn,
and Gen. S)l Meredith, of Wayne
county; Judge ijah Van Sattdt
f Uuion county: Judee Elliott of
tlenry county; Hon. Jas M Cum-
back, of Shelby coanty, W R
Hough, of Hancock county, Ju l go
J M Haynee, ot Jay county, and
Judge Allen of Dark county .
Senator Wilson was introduced
to tbe audience at one o'clock and
spoke an hour and a "aalf.
The slope tn front of the stand
the rear, and on eneb aide of it,
were covered by the dense mass.
and so quiet were they and such
good order did tbey observe, that
the voice f Hkkbt Wil4k, w s
distinctly beard by all tha.t vast
crowd, and as tbe truths . be
enunciated and enforced by un
answerable logic, met a responsive
echo in the hearts of his bearers.
they could not refrain from cheer
ing the eloruent speaker and thus
showing him that tbey appreciated
tbe Republican Gospel he was
proclaiming, with such earnest
He spoke of those who pro
claimed they were s good Re
pulicans as aver; bet had turned
their backs upon tbe party pro
claiming that it had filled its
mission and ought o die ; and
said that tboae who thus estimate
tbe glorious deeds of the Republi
can oigaoization, and tell us that
it should die that the Democratic
party might again take tbe gov
ernment of the country the soon
er lb ey leave the Republican par'y
tho belter and the stronger it will
be. Andrew Johton, Doolittle
tbe Blatrs all deserted the party
and cl amed to be as good Repub
licans as ever?
Gur parly has snrvived the
treachery of such men, and to day
it is three and a half millions
strong a compact and fine organ
izatton, ready to stand or to fall by
its principles. He gave a history
of tho struggle ot twrty-six years
to have the oppressed go free, and
the final triumph cf the right The
prayers, sacrifices aod efforts of
tbe anti-slavery men and women
of tbe country, during the exist
ance of the Republican Party for
twenty-live years, has been to
keep it true to liber'y, patriotism,
instice. humanity, and true to
Chris'ain civilization He then
alluded to a letter written by Gen
Grant in 1863, favoring emancipa
tion, and from that time out, using
bis efforts to perfect measures to
effect that object, up to the lime
be was elected President, and then
using all his influence to have the
Constitutional amendment adopt
ed r wO&ittby the colored people
throughout the L a. ted states hud
tbe ballot placed in their bands
with which to protect their free
dom. The Ivuklux laws, to stop
the murders aud terrible crimes
perpetrated on colored citizens
South, owe their enactment largely
to the influence of Gen. Grant.
The secret associations hive been
kept under by the power of the
government many of their mem
bers have been punished for their
crimes, and the colored people
received the protection that
government should always extend
to - the most ' humble ci'izen, at
home or abroad .
He spoke of the Civil Rights
Bill, having been impeded by sucb
as Trumbull andSa'irz, aided b
the Democratic members, both of
Senate and House, whilst the great
body of Republican . members,
voted with Mr Sumcer for that
favorite bill of bis. From '63
down to this hour, on all the ques
tions that have arisen, Gen. Grant
has been steadily on the side of
giving equal rights and protection
to tbe colored race m our country m
To no man livinr, said Senator
Wilson, during that time do the
colored men of oar country owe
moro gratitude than they owe to
President Grant. He spoke of the
unanimity of the colored men
throughout the Union for Prcsi
deut Grant's re-election. He said
that we were now living in an ae
when every body was to be forgiv
en witb the exception of those who
have never sinned at all ! Tbe
men, who when war came stood by
their icounlry, : fought for-'' tbeir
conntry, shed thtir blood for their
country, lingered at lielle Isle,
Libby Prison, Salisbury, Ander-
sonville those men are unforgiv
en to-day. And on the other
hand, tbe men who fought them,
the men who imprisoned them, the
men who starved them, are to be
clasped to our bosoms cries of
Never' and 'Not this Fall !J Well,
you say never! and I say never !
But there are those all over tbe
land who are ready to forgive
anybody and everybody who took
the side of slavery, who ever
fought against their conntry, who
ever went against the best inter
ests of man and tho law of God
there are those I say, who are
ready to forgive them, and clasp
them and embrace them, but
whose curses are on you and me
and on all of as who have no
malice in oar hearts bat stand true
to man and true to God to-day.
rADolaoae 1
He spoke about the elave pow
er and tbe curses it had commit
ted, and the . Impossibility ol a
man being a Democrat and an
antisiaverv man at the same time;
the uttbr impossibility of three
millions of sinners being sincere
in the tudden repentance they
mauirested in acknoledging tbey
had been wrong for forty years,
and in the twinkling ot an eye they
ell now believed with the i Repub
licans on all questions partaiuing
to bumau lights; bat l it be true,
he lifted his heart in gratitude that
those sinners have suddenly re
pented ! . ..j. ..'.
Sena'or Wilson, earnestly ex -hotted
tbe Republicans to stand
firm by their old organization that
had effected so much good . Tbe
time to disband it had not arrived,
and that we . owed it to tbe dead
who sleep in their bloody shrouds
that the cause for which they died
sbail be accepted, not by lip ser
vice only not by professions
mad for the purpose of seizing
the government of the country
but on conviction of the heart by
tbe American People.
We owe it to - that race that we
have emancipated, that we have
lifted up to citizenship we owe it
to them, tl.a their old masters
shall not have the government of
the United States again until they
accept in tbeir heart of hearts the
doctrine of equal and impartial
liberty for all men. He pronounc
ed tbe Democratic professions and
their taking Horace Greeley as
their candidate, a snare and a de
lusiona putting on the b!u for
the gray, so as to obtain a position
sufficiently close to gain tbtir end.
He implored the old anti-fclavery
men to stand by the old organiza
tion; cling to its principles, fight
its battles; if victory comes, bail
and improve it; make tbe party
wiser and better, and make our
future, if we. can, more glorious
than our past; but if we fail, let us
have the proud consciousness that
we have been faichful to our prins
ciples, true to our convictions; that
we go down with our flag flying.
and trusting in God that our coun
try may yet become what we have
striven to make it the foremost
nation of the globe.
Senator Wilson left for Muncie,
where he spoke at night to one ot
the largest and most enthusiastic
audiences ever assembled in Old
Delaware. At Indianapolis and
Brazil, a perfect avalanche of peo
ple met him, and acres of the bone
and sinew of Indiana heard the
true doctrines with great satisfac
tion form his lips, and had their
political strength renewed.
Gov. Noves, of Ohio, one of ths
most eloquent and attractive speak
ers entertained tbe patient audi-
ence for over an hour and a half,
and bis hometbrusts, were recelv
ed with constant demonstrations of
applause. Tbe old 3epublican
snouts greeted tbe speaker through
& s r . .waa.
out uis enorc. ana, since icb, we
have not witnessed the deep feel
ing and enthusiasm that the talent
ed Governor of Ohio, infused into
tbe hear: s of every Republican
present, wbo lelt indeed that it
was good to be there Gov, N
was followed by Hon. W. Allen, of
Darke -Co., and Gov. Baker, in
few words of exhortation, and then
three cheers were given for Grant
and Wilson, three cheers for tbe
Republican Party, three cheers for
lioys, Noyes and Baker, and three
cheers for Gov. Tom. Browne and
the Republican State Ticket, when
the people separated for their
At night, a torchlight procession.
from different Republican organi
zations in the city, paraded on the
principal streets, aad, together
wuu not less tnas ave or six
thousand people, formed them
selves around the stand on Vaugh
ans corner from which Col. De
Hart of Lafayette, Gov. Baker
Gov. Noyes, . addressed them .
Taken altogether Saturday lasf
was a day long to be rememberea
by our pcopie, for the good seed
that was so wi), that ' will result in
tbe thriumpu of the Republican
Party and its principles in Indiana,
lor the State and National Ticket.
For the Palladium. "
In tbe last issue cf the Palla
dium I am accused of having de
clined further discussion with Mr.
Yaryan on the political issues
the fact is just the contrary,
called on Mr. Yaryan to fix the
time for discussion; he excused
himself on accountjof pressure of
business, but thought the debate
could take place some timo in tho
future. I hold myself in readiness
for the discussionthe more so
that Mr. Yaryan was courteous and
gentlemanly in debate, showing
that people may differ in opinion
without alienation of personal re
gard. So you see Mr. Editor, if tho
debate does not take place,', yon
need not rush hastily to tho-coa
elusion tbat there baa been' any
'backing oat' on my part-
Isaac Eiklst.
SW 'Nary a rush, Major, on
our part after this note; and we
are authorized to assure the Major
that 'if the debate . doesn't take
place,' it will not be any fault of
oar friend Yaryan. We are glad
to know that Maj Kinley has not
concluded to 'back out,' like be
did on the Senatorial question we
alluded to,, and our Republican
friend who requested us to bring
the matter before him, will be
gratified to know tbat the Major
and Mr. Y are to have another
'courteous and gentlenttnly' ex
change of observations.
'Beautify the fronta of the
churches. Set out a few posts for
young people to lean against while
waiting for their sisters.
The greatest cariosity in the
world has at last been found oat
It ia a woman.
Isaac H. Julian, now editing the
Democratio Orgna, No 2, of this
city has not forgotten the training
be received while editing the Jef
fersonian the first democratic
sheet peblished in Richmond
several years ago. and appears to
be perfectly at home in the a1apta (
bility of bi9 peculiar forte or pltini
fabrication aud simple lying. He
never should have left the rut lie
was then in: lor he miht have
becomo more perfect in tbe art
than he now is. We see, that be
is vieing with Thistletb wato of tbe
Herald, to get ahead of bim in that
department, in trying to create the
impression, that onr .colored lei-low-citizens
are opposed to sny
ndividual of their race, beciusei
Gen. Grant, and instances tbe I act
that they waited upon Dr. Davis
(tbe colored individual we noticed
last week who mado a speech iu
Lyceum Hall,) after tbe speech and
warned him to leave town within a
limited time." Isaac 11 Julian
knew that he was s'ander nz our
colored fellow-citizens, and utter
an nnttuth to their injury, when he
thus gave the reason of their din
like to Dr. D, He knew, and he
published the fact at tbe time in
the Radical, that this colored man,
whom he suddenly changes into a
political martyr; collected monev
from our citizens, to pay tbe ex
penses of celebrating the anniver
sary of the freedom of tbe colored
people, and that, he appropriated
tbe.fimds to his own use, instead of
banding it to tbe proper commit
tee to be applied to tbe object for
which it was donated. He knew
all this, and, with every paper in
the city, at that time, he denounced
this 'Dr. Davis,' as ascroundrel !
But, forsooth, for the purpose of
making that which is more needed
now than the Israelites needed
straw for manufacturing their
brick; a little Greeley capital, he
thus stultifies himself.
Although it is an anomaly to
hear of a colored man vot'ng to
place in power .those who dispise
his race and who would if they
could, deprive him of every politU
cal right conferred upon him by
the Republican Constitutional
amendments, and consign him
again to abject slavcrv; atpl our
colored citizens would never mo
lest him for exercising the same
rights which arc guaranted to them
by the same authority the right
of free speech and ' protection to
life and property. They felt in
dignant that the man who had
committed a 'breach of trust' had
betrayed their confldecce appro
priated to his own use that whkh
did not belong to bim -had been
sent as a missionary to inform
them 'what he knew' about their
best and dearest interests, politi
cally end financially. They warn
ed him to leave.- Had bo been
innocent, and only a Greeley mis
sioniary, he would have remaiueJ,
and been protected; but he fell
himself guilty, and 'got up and
got!' t
We do not justify our colored
fellow-citizens, in the nummary
process they adopted towards Da
vis it partakes too- much of tbe
Ku Klux spirit now-animating the
supporters of Horace in Missouri,
under the adminisration "ot drunk
en Gratz Brown, and in Kentucky,
our Inst election dayv and Else
where in the South, and wo would
have them avoid all such pernici
ous examples, even if they do not
go beyond "warning ."
Major 'Kinley addressed the
Democrats of this place last Fiiday evening-
The Major has some reputation as
a man of ability, and we went, expecting
to hear something new ; but in this we
were disappointed. Uis speech was a
mere rehash of old, stale speeches. lie
did not advance a single new idea, nor
give a single reason why any Republican
should not vote for Gen. 'Grant- ; The
Major is a very poor speaker, . b;s lan
guage is too precise, his utterances too
studied to produce any bat a disagiee
able effect upon aa-aadience. He made
more misrepresentations than we have
heard in any one speech this year. Tho
course of Horace Greeley in favoring
peaceable secession and in bailing Jeff
Davis, was fully justified- The Major
was too "consciencious" to vote lor Mor
ton and Cumback for the Uni ed States
Senate, but his conscience allowed him
to make tbe most egrcgrious misstate
ments we have heard this seuon. : lie
staled that Henry A. Wise, Mosby and the
worst rebels were all for Grant, when the
truth is, these men don't like either Grant or
Greeley, and have declared they t won't sup
port either. The Major is a temperance man,
too. He cao't snpport the gallant Tom
Browne because he has heard tbat Tom once
a - a . IU1a Km I - annnnr
B. Grata Brown, who has recently publicly
a: .a t,!mif .'.tt-i vw
disgraced himself by eating "cherries" aid
"soft shell crabs." Tbe Democrats were
thoroughly bored out, but about half a dosen
of them voted that he should make another
speech at some indefinite time. Tbe onlj ap
plause be received was when be justified the
bailing of Jeff Davis, and indulged in the usual
nevi table abuse of Senator Morton. Win-
chesttr Journal.
For ihi Palladium.
Urgent Mission.
Ha. Epitob : It may be interesting to
your readers to know tbat a M iasionsry was
sent over to Centreville, the first of this week
in order that tbe 'dry bones of Estkiel,' alias,
G.JW". Julian, might be raised, and sent over
the county to influence the Quaker vote in
favor of Horace Greeley. '. This missionary
baa the utmost faith ia bis power to effect
tbia miracle and that the Friend Quakers , if
worked on by this spiritual influence, cannot
resist going againat the man wbo inaugurated
tbe humane and Chriatata policy of dealing
with tbe Indians, and ae sett' men t of oar
difficulties with other nations by the peacea
ble means of arbhration. It may be, ISr.
Editor, that the ffnul orer the political Qravt
of this modern Exekiel, may start the dry
bones into activity, but their potency to effect
anything ia changing the determination o
Friends to stand by their life-long, cherished
principles of peace, will be as great and sig
nal a failure aa the lata active principle tbat
oaee inhabited the now defunct 'tough-in
fibre' lean, tbat held 'these famous , bones
together. This is a Oram matter, and it
makes but little differeooe to Friends whoth
er these ' bones 1st where tbey are 'pot or
Wasbinotok, D. C Aug. eib, 1872.
Tho Union Republican Committee, whose
Secretary is the Hon. J. M. Edmunds, is daily
in receipt of letters from all parts of the
country asVing for campaign documents. - It
Is exceedingly gratilying to know that the
. committee i enabled to meet all of the de
mands which average del'y from 50,000 to
100,0i)0. The fnlbwin are the principle
' documents now being sent out-: The speeches
r-f VTIU'm, Carpenter, Logan, Boot well and
Delano. nd 'Orant's Kecord as a States
man ;' 'The Republican pally tbe Woiklng
man's Y. nd ; ' 'The Standard Bearer ; "The
Record 1 1 the Republican Party,' , and tbe
'Financial Record.'
Any of the aliore can be had, in smalt or
large qnitf. by addressing the Secretary.
The World, with the assumption of inno
cence, parades before the public the (act that
the Uuion Republican Committee ia sending
off large quantities of documents, and to
prepare them for mailing, a large nnmber of
boys are employed. It asks who pays them
for tbeir labors T Who pays for the paper
used ? If the World, in its assumed inno
cence, wili take tbe trouble to ascertain who
pays the boys f who pays for the paper and
pasti in their coxmittee rooms ? the
" rooms of the Ureeley and Brown in the Cap
itol, he will be informed. The same disburs
ing clerk pars both out of tbe same fund.
Such has been the caae iu all election cam
paigns before. There is no discrimination
aliowa, one having an equal right and privi
lege with the other, and usually equally im
proved by them. ,
Your correspondent has, on more than cne
occasion, been told that negotiations were be
fog entered into with General Banka by the
. Democrat, the consideration ot which was
to be $10,000 for taking the stump against tbe
Republican party. It is well knuwj here that
General B. is exceedingly poor. His house
in which be lives in Mass., is heavily' mort
gaged. While in Washington be lives bigh
at an enormous expense. What hg drinks
costs him more than what be eats, the quan
tity of the former ia most visibly seen on his
This city is in great excitement orer the
d-'spetchej hourly received from North Caro
lina. The lcm iciats, late last night, claim
ed the election by at least 10,000 mjority,
and it was very disagreeable to a loyal per
ron to hear the bar-room talk of some of the
Greeley men of the old rebel strip. One
says to the other, 'the result of to-day's eon
test in the old Rip Van Winkle SUte is suf
ficient to every Southern mind that we shall
gain ny li e uaiiot in Aovember what we
were unable to get by the sword in over four
years hard fighting.' What is that replied
tbe othjr, the pnwer to secede 7 His ques
tion was not answered directly, but indirect
ly as follows : 'The Uoion Republican Con
gressional Committee is compiling extracta
from Horace, published ia the Tribune just
before and at the commencement of tre war
making him out a worse secessionist than the
Hon. Jefferson Davis ever dared to be. Says
he, 'I shall vote for Horace because be will
not dare, should he be elected President, to
coerce a single State, whose people desire to
to withdraw themselves peacably from tbe
Union, as South Carolina and other Southern
States desired to do when tbey passed the
secession ordinances.'
The latest reports this evening are exceed
ingly encoui aging to the Republicans, and
believe me, every loynl heart beats witb grate
ful emotun. You. Mr. Editor, will have re
ceived the very latest reports ere you receive
this, and ,therefore, score ia unnecessary on
this polat. . 0Sy
Before the war we had no banking system
tbat could be relied upon. Our State banks
were insecure in some sections worthless
Hundreds of men have been ruined by tbe
failure of these banks. There was no relia
ble security for deposits or circulation to rest
upon. The bills of oue Stale were looked
upon with suspicion by the people of other
States. In some States, State bank moiey
issued outside of their own limits could not
be passed except on heavy discount. Every
business man was forced to have a note de
teeter at his elbow, and, even with tbia pro
tection, counterfeit or broken, bank notes
would be imposed upon him. '
The adoption of our (-resent national bank
system gave to the people - the, reqaired rem
edr. Stale banks went on of existence or
were transformed into national banks. Every
State bad a circulating-medium of certain
value. Tbe notes were alike throughout tbe
nation. People became familiar with the ap
pearance of the bids, and counterfeiting be
came almost impossible. Aside from this the
Government had a force ot detectives looking
after the counterfeiters, and their work be
came too dangerous and unprofitable to con
tinue in. Tie circulation of every bank was
secured by United States bondd, fo tbat the
bills of a broken bank have their original
value when sent in for redemption. For this
perfect system the people are indebted to the
Republican party. It waa opposed by the
Tbe policy of the Democratic party has
been, and is now, against the system. It
favcrs a return to the old State bank system,
- and if permitted to come into power will car
ry out its scheme of changing our preaect
banking policy .
In order to show bow perfect tbe national
bank system bis woiked we give tbe follow
ing statement, takea from an official report
upon the aubject :
"Tbe average constant amount of deposits
in the national bmks during the neriod ot
l.are . l "72.
' ,s abo,,t a6OO.OOO.OO0. .The estimated loases
to depositors has bees less than 1-209 of once
por oeot., or about ia in 1 10,000.
The losses from all the banks in tbe eoun
try under the new system have been less than
from a single State under the oil.
- The question for the people .to answer ia,
do they desire to defeat tbe party that up
hold the credit or the naMoa T Da they de
sire to place in power a party fiat ia L-ledsed
to do away with a ayatem that baa proven so
beneficient to tbe whole country 1 It they do.
let them vote for Horace Greeley ; if they do
not, let tbem go to work earnestly to elect the
man who represents the financial interest of
tbe nation. Our bonds increased largely in
value on the election of General Grant. A
still larger increase of value will follow Li
SWOn Saturday ere last, young Hebbler
was shot in his thigh by Joe Smith a colored
man from Ohio. Smith eaoaped. Hebbler,
we are told, was iu company with three other
German boys, picked a quarrel with Smith
called bim very rough names dared him into
tbe street to fight gathered stones and went
up to him on tbe paveu ent, when be drew his
revolver and they ran and 8mith fired, with
the result aa above stated. Whilst ye edit -r
of the So. 2 Democrat! Radieal. is readi :r a
bomily to 'our colored friends,' we euggeat he
wbiapers a word of caution to thoae of hia
friends in this city, wbo are trying to imitate
tte warn Ku -Klux South. Diffuse your
good advice, Isaac.
A Western doctor lately adver
tised tbat for more convenience he
had moved opposite the church
yard. " -' "V;''"Y.-;,
What is tbe perfection of po
liteness? Uffering a standing joke
When lying and bribery, falso
promises and wily deception fail
tbe Greeley democrats, they report
to tbe fiendish work of the Ko
Klux and the unscrupulous trick
ery of the Tammany ring.
The Ku Klux jiancs are organ
izing again in Noith Carolina, and
two recent murders have been
committed. Tammany ngeitis ure
at work, and thousands ot honest
republican voters were marked for
challenge on tb day of election.
All these operations are in favor
of Greeley; and the work ut tbe
Greeley party. - Greeley . wa se
lected by Tammany, ndtnina'ed by
the democrat! and is now leading
tbe same old rebt;l patty that de
clared in favor of secession, and
brought on the late Moody rebel
lion to desolve the Union and es
tablish slavery as a cardinal and
permanent institution in the South
ern confederscy. Beiieve ' it or
believe it cot, it is all too true,'
Greeley ia pledged, by joining the
old democratic party, to dissolve
tbe Union and re-establish slavery,
notwithstanding all the late amend
ments to the Constitution, and
these are the real questions of the
present campaign, hide them, cover
them, ridicule them, scull at them,
and disregard them as you may,
tbey will up, like Hamlet s gboa.
Fight rebels according to the
civilized rales of waifare, and yt-u
will be beaten to ruin and utter
destruction but as they are of tbe
devil, the great arch-rebel that
was thrown overdue battletr ents or
Heaven, fight them with fire and
merciless destruction and you will
vanquish them. So must the Gree
ley party be fought to subdue and
beat it. We tried to crush out and
subdue the late rebellion on the
mild and merciful plan, but defeat
and failure met us on every hand,
until crazy Sherman, as he was
called, lighted tbe torch of merci
less destruction from Chattanooga
to the ocean, and through the
Carolinas, and Sheriden swept
through tbe Shenandoah valley
like a besom of destruction. Rea
son as you may, think as you may,
it is the second grand effort of the
enemies of the Unoin to,break it up
and ruin the country. Incited by
the restless spirit of Schurz, Sum
ner. Tmmbull.Fenton, Tipton, and
other men of place and standing
have consented to, and engaged in.
the destruction of tbe Union, and
of tbeir country.
- Rebellion is of a bad'fpirit with
a devilish purpose, and ot such are
Sumner, Srburz, Greeley, and their
followers. A lew good men may
get in their ranks, but their follow
ers arc mostly bad men; and if they
have tbe majority Our country is
ruined lost.
Grant aad Wilson Guards. .
Four companies Grant and Wilson Guards,
were formed into a Battallion Thursday eve'g
last, numbering 30 ), otlicerea aa follows: alaj
J J Finney, Col ;R Williams, Major; S Wat
son, Adjutant.
Co A, Fred Bobbins. Cspt; H Gouding, 1st
Lt; T J Laudiek, 2d Lt.
Co B,H Hall, capt; A CakwallaJer, let Lt;
S Mote, 2d L.t
Co C, J Foulke, opt: Will Lincoln, 1st Lt
ti Tennis, M u.
yKlT'The colored compa ny 'a officers sre:
A Fuller. Captain: James Burton. 1st Lieut;
B Goens, 2d Lieutenant. Tbe memb-rs of this
company number one hundree all voters and
lor Urant and Wilson. .
Horace and the Know-Nothings.
Mr. Greeley's organ has ac
cused Hon. Henry Wilson
having been a Know Nothing,
sixteen years ago. which has
been disproved. An examination
is now being made as to how. the
philosopher stood on that sub
ject, at the time referred to. The
Chicago Journal says.
A New orker, now a well-
known resident and merchant o
this city, informs us that
1 ooo he was a member of the
first Know-Nothing Counci
formed in the ci v of New York
that the question of securing
newspaper org m ci me up j th it
a committee was Appointed on
this subject, and that at a meeting
of that committee, at 68 East
Broadway, over a drug store
Horace Greeley Was personally
present and submitted u. propo
sition to make his Tribune the
organ of the Know-Nothing party
ofNew York, if the would pay
mm soojuuu. uur lniormant,
who is as reliable a man as can
be found in Chicago's business
circles, s-ands ready to prove his
statement, should old Horace
have the hardihood to puestion
it. : . ;
Another fict. In the New Yori
Express (a Know-Nothingorgan)
of August 21. 1858, appeared a
repart of a meeting at Kngston,
N. Y., at which John T. Head
ley and Horace Greeley were the
speakers. One of the resolutions
adopted by that meeting declared
that a law should be passed
'excluding the foreign born citi
zen from the right to vote in the
State until he shall have resided
in it as long as an Americanborn
citizen exercising the same fran
chise."., Mr. Greeley, in his
m -w ...
speecn, said ne concurred gen
erally and heartily in the senti
ments of the resolutions adopted.
. Greeley, being in the letter
writing business, may now give
us an epistle on what he knows
about Know-Nothingism. "
It is sweet to have friends you
can trust, and convenient some
times to have friends who are not
afraid to trust yoa.
mtWWnm Bear Testiaaowr MSlMfr
. t troadtevflal Carsulro KSTecls.
am. Af'M. Sa tnaoBe
Co.. !THlCtf-.U I
nacian, CL, m4 SS aS M Commm au, Jf. T.
Pima earn make these Bitter ac
cording to directions, and remaiu long unwell,
provided their bone are not destroyed by mine
ral poison or other means, and vital organs
wasted beyond tbe point ot repair.
PyapesteW or laieltcUoa Headache,
Vain in the Shoulders, Coughs. Tightness of tho
Chest, Hsxhtesa, Sour Eructations of tbe Sto
mach, Bad Taste In the Mouth, Bilious Attacks,
Palpitation of tbe Heart, Inflammation of Um
Longa, Pain In the regions of the Kidneys, and ,
a hundred other painful symptoms, are tbe off
springs oT Dyspepsia. . One bottle will prove a
better guarantee of Us menu than a lengthy
For reaaatoCoaBStlalBts, In young or old,
married or single, at the dawn of worn an (mod,
or the turn of lire, these Tonic Bitters display so
decided an Influence that improvement Is soon
For arisaaBBBatofT aixt Chroario
nateamaatlaaw and Gout, Bilious, H in It lent
aad Intermittent Fevers, Diseases of tbe Mood,
Liver, Kidneys and Bladder, these Hitters have ,
no equal. Such Diseases are caused by Vitiated
Blood. -
They are a gomtle Purgative M well
ae a Taale, pons easing the merit of acting aa
a powerful agent In relieving Congestion or in
flammation or tbe Liver and Visceral Organs,
and la Bilious Diseases.
For Batta Diseases, Eruptions, Tetter, Salt
Rheum, Blotches, Spots, I'imples, Pustules,
Bona, Carbuncles, King-worms, Scald-Head,
Bore Eyea, Erysipelas, itch, Scurfs, Dutcol ora
tions or the Skin, Humors and Dtseasee of tho
Skin of whatever name or nature, are liter
ally dag op and carried out of the sys
tem in a short time by the use of tbese Bitters.
OraaosVsl Tfcemsajads proclaim ViMBoaa
Bitters the moat wonderful Invigorant that
ever sustained the sinking svstem.
at. ii. mcDOXAi.D . co.
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For Coughs, Colds and llonrf nc.
These Tableta present the Acid in cc3ina
tion with other efficient remedies, ia a pot vi
ler form for tbe cure of all THROAT hud
LUNO Diseases HOAR3XE33 and UL
. CERATION of the THROAT are immediate
ly relieved, and statements are constantly
being sent to the proprietor of relief iu cases
of Throat difficulties of yeirs standing..
aT A TTranVafa''V Ooo't be deceiv
Vi.U 1 J.ffled by wortbleae
imitations. Get only Welis' Carbolic Tablets.
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BTJUPTION. The primary cause of Consnmp.
tion ie derangement of the digestive organs, Tola
derangement produces deficient nutrition and as
BUnilaUon. By assimilation, I mean that process
by which tho nutriment of the food is converted
Into blood, and thence into the solids of the body.
Persons with digestion thns impaired, having the
slightest predisposition to pulmonary disease, or
If they take cold, will be very liable to have Con
sumption of the Langs in some of Its forms ; and
I hold that lt will be impossible to cure any case
of Consumption without flirt restoring a good
digestion and healthy assimilation. The very first
thing to be done is to cleanse the stomach and
bowels from an diseased mucus and slime which
' are clogging these organs so that they cannot per
form their . functions, and then rouse up and re
store the liver to a healthy action. For this pur-
' pose, tho surest and beet remedy ia Schenck'a
stand rare Pills. These Pills dean the stomach
and bowels of all the dead and morbid slime that
la causing disease and decay In tho whole system.
They win clear out tbe liver of all dlaecsed bile
that has accumulated there, and arouse It up to a
. new and healthy action, by which natural ami
healthy bile la secreted.
The stomach, bowels, and liver arc thns cleansed
by the use of Schenck's Mandrake Pills ; but there
remains In the stomach au exceca of acid, the or
gan Is torpid and the appetite poor. Ia the bow-
. els, tbe lacteals are weak, and requiring strength
and support It ia ia a condition like tiiis that
Schenck's Seaweed Tonic proves to be the mo t
valuable remedy ever discovered. It is alkaline,
and its use will neutralize all excess of acid, mak
ing the stomach sweet and fresh; it will give
permanent tone to this important organ, aud cre
ate a food, hearty appetite, and prepare tbo sys
tem for the first process of a good digestion, and
ultimately makf good, healthy, living blood. A f
tar this preparatory treatment, what remains la
euro most cases of Consumption is the free and
persevering use of Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup.
The Pulmonic Syrup nourishes the system, pari
flea tho blood, and is readily absorbed into tho
circulation, and thence distributed to the diseased
lunge. There it ripens all morbid matters, wheth
er ia the form of abscesses or tubercles, and then
assists Kature to expel all the diseased matter la
the form of frco expectoration, w lieu once it ri
70BS. It is then, by the great healing and purify
ing properties or schenck's Pulmonic Syrup,
that all ulcers and cavities are healed up pound,
and my patient is cured. - , &
Tbe essential thing to be done In curing Cos
sumption is to get up a good appetite aud a good
digestion, so that the body will grow in flet-h and
get strong. If a person has diseased lung, cav
ity or abscess there, tho cavity cannot heal, the
matter cannot ripen, so long as the system U bo
low par. What ia necessary to enre is a new or -
the body to grow in flesh and get fat : then Na
ture is neipeu, me cavities will heal
.wo w uwvu. iiiv uiiiun ma j, ma mailer
will ripen and be thrown off in larjre Quantities.
and the person regain health and strength. Tbia
is the true and only plan to cure Consumption,
and if a person is very bad, if the Inngs are not
entirely destroyed, or even if oue lung is entirelv
gone, if there is enough vitality left m tbe other
to heel up, there ia hope.
' I have seen many persons enred, with only one
Sound long, live and enjoy Hie to a gxl old age.
This to whet Schenck's Medicines ill do to cfin
Consumption. Tbey will clean out the stomach.
sesvu-s ana enmguieu 11, get up a gooa a 1 Irel
and five Nature tbe assistance elm ureri i,
Clear the system of a!l the dierace that is iu tl.o
lungs, whatever the form may be. -
It is important that, while using FchencV
Medicines, care should be exercised not to take
cold: keep in-doore in cool and damp weather;
avoid nkfht-alr, and take out-dour exercise only
ia a genial and warm sunshine.
I wish it distinctly understood that when I re
commend a patient to be careful in regard to tak
ing eoM while using my medi incs,Tdo so lor a
special reason. A man wbo has but pri tally re
covered from Um effects or a bad cold far moro
liable to a relapse than one wbo has been entirelv
nr w iiiu ranrn H in uisease. Hence it is
soat a so arsssauii
against expoei:
that to not gen!
swmptivee luni
isa era a mm f Mm hi.-v. ,
taast eoango or atmosphere will inflame. Tho
gmna secret 01 my euccese with my medicines
wmvih, ib in T Bum 17
tvto BUbnufl inflsmmatlnn I,-..
SSead of provoking ft, as many of tbe facility do.
w. ;. muk owi wnn wecy 10 ue pa
tient be exposed to the biting blaeta of winter or
Sli"..T,?i8vff.J'5ri;' or autumn. It
becarefally shielded from an irritating bv
a. The Utmott cant inn thnnlri l ..hS-a
la this particular, as without it a cure under al
most aay drcnrasUDces is aa impossibilltv.
The person should bo kept en a wholesome and
nutntioua diet, aud aH the medicines continued
anui ma boot oas lesiorca to U tho
iiiatiilll nT Ucita ann tM.tur.k
a was aywii careti oj una treatment of the
w , uauwpuvn, mm nave uvea ttt
get at ana nearly taeee many rears, with oue
king mostly gone. I hsve cured thousands eioca.
and very many have been cured by this treatment
whom I have never seen.
About the 1st of October, I expect to take me
aesimof ny nw bnildtng at the northeast cor
ner of Sixth and Arch Streets, where I ahall be
,1ggi?Sr to " who may reaalra it
Full directions accompany ail my ren&oea. so
S P?!OB partof tbe world canhstead
Kf CaiBa by a Strict observance of the ruga,
J. H. 8CHENCK, m!d!
G. K. M ACRE AD Y & Co.
N. E. Cor. Colombia & Walnut St
Po agents. Circulars free. Si.
m al '
. K '
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