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SETPT; 1-4 1872.
- i i , iinivow, new I on
c;eor;e r. roweli. & co.,
" ZA- ! r r 40 Trk Row Sew York,
re tlio Agents for tho Richmond Palled-
i Hut city, and are autborixed to con
trett:rinserting advertisements fomsatonr
.vat cash ratetj, Advertnert.in that city
r r-(,notcd to leavclbeir favors with either
0 the above houses.
' Railroad Tiriie-Table
1 itt.h rU Cinciitrnl'. nnd St.I.ouiv
Kitil wny. .
Condensed Tinw Curd,
anapolis DivUiun.
Columbus and Indi
June 2, '18.
No. 2.
No. IO
I'ittsbnreh,-3 0"pni 1.45m
CnlnmliiH 12 aiui I ft. 1 (him
Milt'rd Center.... I.55.im 11 2Sm
Urbana 2.43am 13 15rm
Piqna 3.63.IIII .20pn
ISradford Junction, 4.25m 2 00pm
Greenville,.,...;:. 4 Warn 2.26pm
Richmond 5.5:5m 3.16pm
I mnbridge City,.. 37m. 4 0:ipni
Knightstown, 7.2 aa 4 48pm
ludianapolis 8.40am 0 lupin
6. '. 0pm
8 iiSpm
0.40pm '
10. MH.m
11. npm
12. t;ani
12 0a m
3 55 m
5.50a m
No 5.
No. T.
Indianapolis ....
Cambridge City,.
Gr.euYllle.... r
P. 53pm
1 1 ;0-'pm
12;10 m
Bradford Junction
2; 15pm
Ml I ford Center.
Columbus .....
lo.OJain 4;22pm
1 1.05a n 5;30pm
6.35pml l;00am
Sos. 2 and. ,7 jun Daily- AH other trains
.- ' Daily, except Sunday. .
Richmond and Chicago Division.
No. 8.
No. IO.
Cincinnati ..,
Richmond ...
Ilagerstnwn .
Anderson. ...
Kokomo ....
La Crosse ..
Chicago ....
, uutsa SOUTH.
NO. 1
N. 3
Chicago ....
La Crosse ...
Ln transport
Kokomo ....
Anderson ...
New Castle.". .
Richmond m
Cincinnati ...
5; 15pm
No. 8 arrives State Line at 9;55 p. m., and
No. 10 at ;10 a. ro. No. 1 leaves Chicago
Daily, except Saturday. No. 10 leaves Lo
gansport Daily, Eicept Monday. AU other
Trains start Daily, except Sunday.
Gen'l Passenger and Ticket Agent.
Freight .... 5;00am I Express 6;45pm
Mail 3;00pm I Mail ;45am
Fxpress....ln;4ujnn Freight, 3;25pm
- MAILS-Arrival and Depnrturc.
I ortvg. CLOSB.
Ctne'onatiand way
Chicago, through
Chicago and way
Columbus and way ....
t IndlaaapoHs and thnugh
Inlianapolisand way....
Winchester and way....
7. 30m
11.45 am
5.30 an,
6.1 0 pin
7:30 am
7.00 pn
0 00pm
12.00 in
4 00 pm
8.30 pm
7.30 am
1.09 pm
6.30 pm
11.00 am
12.00 in
12.00 m
6.00 pm
0.30 am
5.30 am
3.M pm
10.45a nu
12.00 m
Hlnomtsfsport .
College Corner..
2.00 pm
7.00 am
nir.ee onen from 7:15 a. M. to 7:30
On Sunday, from 9:00 to 10:00 All
Main Street-
Jeweler, 220.
Row 13 the time to subscribe
. or the Palladium.
Black Ink, tor schools 5c. per
bottlc-at the P. P.' News stand
l'':iilit;tt fMonaWeM innery,of.ll
, kVndaycall at the Store, of . Mrs 8. A.
Ihff Davis, on .North Franbn Street.
Now w the time to subscribe
for tho Palladium.
The New Yoik Daily Times aud
Herald, airtho P. O. News stand.
Chemical Paint is
at the
"Frank Leslie's Weekl? ,"
P. O. New 8 Vtar.d.; -' '-l i - -
Vu,. 1
Averill Chemical Paint at
mons', .
tf Norway White Pine, ash and
Walnut Fiooting at .'ohnson'ii'. ,
y Xt A- -Paints at Comnions
fcaf Depot"
II if
fr rtjliott A Ittiirou'rfro oSTcring frtrnitare cheap
er' tlian ever. - If 'you want to procure bagains
now is the time to do it..
The finest and best hats at Stifliins' Hat
D:t. Haukiman, bavirg determin
ed to remain ia Rluhmoml, has.
withdrawn his properly for sale.
He will be found as usual at his
odlce, opposite the Warner Baild
ing, where calls in the line of his
profession 'will bo prompvly attend
il to. -. v !,!.-.. . - "" 273. .
The Fulton Market is revel
ling in all the excellent varie
ties of Fruit-, Vegetables, Meats,
etc. Go there and fill your
baskets. U r-
.3 "
Be sure to read the article in reference
to the charges made against Gen. Grant.
Mrs.9 Julian, published in Jhe, Radios 1
ani concerning, which, LsaM it to mneh
exerciaed this week.
Hon. J. 11. Wilson, ppcaks this week
in Shc!bv county.'
Isaac claims a Liberal victory in Maine.
"Wboa, Coley l'
Indiana Yearly Meeting ol Friends
commences at this place, one week from
next Wednesday. .
As a consequence dI the blessed rain
last Thursday night, the Wheat "looked
up" and "greened." ,
Our friend Kd. Dalhy is building a
shop for the manufacture f certain ar
ticles of furniture, on the lot owned by
his mother, on Washington, Avenue.
Earlham (Mlegd is in full b!at, its
enliro corps of I,r;fcssors "aro wel! d.ili
cd and thorough, ani the institution is
a credit to the Society under whose
attspicies it is conducted.
- The grand result of the Geneva Arbi
tration, w tiuly a triutiiph of reason over
the swoid, in which Christianity and
civilization r jo:ce; and 'is a crowning
actnfiloty to frcstilent Orai.t's Ad
The best nnI purest Medicines
and Drugs, arc alwavs to be had at
the Depot Drag Sfoio'of M. B.
UaKanl. Prescriptions f:iithful!y
compounded. Mack's medicines
will cure j on, if any will.
Blessing? brighten as they lake their
flight. The chief of blessings is good
health, without which nothing is worth
the having; it is always appreciated at
is true value after t i3 lost, but, too
often, not before. Live properly, and
correct ailments before they become sea
ted. For diseases of the liver, kidneys,
skin, stomach, and all ai ibing from im
pure or 'eeblo blood, Da. Walker's
California Vineoar BiTratts are a
suro and speedy remedy. It has never
yet failed in a sinste instance. 4w
The following Piitents were issued from the
TJ. S. Patent Offico to citizens of Indiana, for
the week ending Aug. 20, 1 872, reported for
the Palladium, by Alexander k Mason, Solic
itors of Patents. 605 Seventh street, Wash
ington City.
Paving Brick J Overmyer. Indianapolis.
Safety Hitching Device for Whiffletrce
J S Ewan, North Vernon.
Plow M Butler, Vernon.
Nut Lock John Miller, Richmond.
Kolo Trap John A Myers, Lovely Dale.
"Plow Chas Urie,Evansvillo.
Water Wheel Thos J Chubb, W'illiams
bnrg. , r.
J. Zeyen & Bro'f. fall stock is
now what might be called com
plete, yet they arc still adding new
and elegant pattcrne in coatings,
vestings and suitings, while they
have the best linne cf. pantaloon
goods ever brought to this market,
bt-tli . foreign 5and domestic. . In
gents furnishing goods thev have
the famous star 6hirts of .all sizes,
an endless line of new style neck
ties, end make a specialty of extra
large-sized underwear for corpulent
men, while their stock embraces
everything else in lhat lino Re
member the place, J. Zeyen & Uro.,
No. 232 Main s., and don't fail
to call before making jour pur
chaes. ; Ten Because8. A hundred rea
son mijlit be given why Lyon's
Ka'haircn should be used by every
intelligent human being lu prefer;
ence to every other preparation for
the hair, but ten will suffice. Here
they arc: "'Because it nourishes the
fibers, multiplies them and makes
them grow; because it thus pre
vents them from withering and
bleaching; because; it removes tho
ecurff and .dandruff wkicii choke
thonj as lores "thot:e the Vjgohlen
grain ; .because it keeps tlio 6calp
clean,. and ptevents eruptions; be
cause it resridcra the hair lustrous
as satin; because it makes it pliant
and elastic because it L a fragrant
and delightful dressiir; because
it does not soil the pillow, the cup
or the hat; because it is without a
rival in cheapness, and because no
other article sold for the same pur
pose, in this or any other country,
possess all, or even one-liplf, of
these invaluable- properties-
jEjss 1. . Williams. Wo are
gra'ified to learn that" our old
friend Jesse, is not only in the
land of the living and himti-lf and
laini'y enj iying goo I health, but
the pcoplu of Minneopolis, Min
nesota, have properly appreciated
him by nominating him for Sheriff
of their county. Mr. Williams
served as She: iff of "Old Wayne,"
and it is only justice lor us to say
lhat our county has never had an
officer in this position, who attend
-d to his duties more honesllj',
promptly, and faithfully than he
did. We hope that the Republi
cans of Hcnnipin county will elect
him by an overwet Itning majotity.
In spa"king of the result in Maine,
the Cincinnati Commercial of tho 11th,
says : ' .. ,
"t has bten estimated that if the
Republican msjc ril.V in Maine yekteidat,
fellhort often thousand, Greeley might
count on carrying New Hampshire and
Connecticut, and that if it exceeded ten
thousand (as it docs considerably) the
chances were 14 favor of a solid vote of
the New England States for Grant."
John Suffrinf, the pioneer hat
ter, who has kept paco with the
times and always had tbe latest
styles and the best goods since the
days of yore, now has .in stock
both Grant and Greeley, as well as
other late style hats, including the
fall style silk hat : Don't fail to
look through his large variety be
fore making your purchases.'
Riders in abundance.
All the bens have commenced to
raise chickens for next Pair.
All the stalls for stock were tak
en as early as Monday.
Among tho showmen who wcro
in attendance, was a gentleman,
who wished tho managers to pay
him 8100, for the pleasure of his
attractive show, and final'.y'com
prnmiscd with them by paying
35 for the privilege of showing.
The b5jh tariff imposed by the
R. It's, tunning into this city, for
freight ful. the foreign mechanical
department a litie shot t.
The finest white and ; e-ilow cr,rn
in the.f ection.
Brr. Minor was otit in full force.
lie intde it pr t'y lively for tne
Entry Cleiks on Aloud ay momintr.
Tho finest pair ol White Tar
keys were exhibited. ' Thev would
have made a valuable addition. to
the ' MuScnm showing on Utc
grounds and were much rarer
specimens llirn they had in their
The rrospent us or the Louis- I
ville Expo'ition was received by
Col. Perry during the Fair It will
be a n;uch better place for our
home exhibitors and manufactur
ers than the Cincinnati Exposition.
Co'. Dennis and Sam Mortis
gathered items for the Daily News
on the grounds. '
Andy Russell's fitie stud of
Horse?, ten in number and Dan
Brown's fast stock. looked like a
caravan coming intotourn on Mon
day and Tuesday.
Beautiful pits ures in abundance,
more than we knew wcro owned
by our citizens, were hung in
Floral Hall. Two of them pattic
ulariy noticable, ; the property of
Mrs. Belle Gilbcit, "Innocence,"
an imported picture, and "Hen and
Chickens" painted by- Mr. J. A
Bridgeland, and copied from one of
the pictures in the celebrated
Dusselldorf Gallery.
,' Although the rule was made this
year to allow no cntryes to be made
after Tuesday, the Entry Depart
ment was beseiged until late Wed
ncsday evening.
The weather could not have been
more propitious than xt was on
Tuesday anu Wednesday. Enough
rain fell on Monday night to lay
the dust and cool the air, every one
seemed to appreciate the favor,
The Anderson Fair is very high
ly spoken or in respect to display
and attendance.
Moses Robbing was indistin
guishable! on the grounds on Tues
day owing to his size. He said ho '
bad come to "carry the news to
Horace." .
A youth made his appearanco
witha Coon for entry on Tuesday,
Hutton said ''that st ttled it."
. The Red Balloons fro come and
the little folks ara happy. ,
Kersey was one of the assistants
in Col. Perry's cilice be was wa
ter carrier general.
Tbe finest and largest number of
speed horses ever seen at any fair
in Wayrio Conntv was present this
3-ear. Horse-men couiptain that
premiums are too light.
The Richmond ' bilve.r Cornet
Band furnished the best of music
for the fair this week. -Another
band belonging t the Circus was
also present but its music was a
little -'thin." . ;
. Tint Woodru (I, the veteran. miht
hare been seen t King out to "tha
grounds through the sun on Mon
day. Tim is still a Nijger Min
&tr 1.
Moses Long, .1. Hall and Abe
Strauss were the judges in the
trotting rnccs which oceuncd on
IDr Peters of this city took tbe
first money in the Green Trot.
: rrhe Grand Stand was' well filled
with handsomely dressed ladies
during the cont:nutnc of tho trots
on Thursday. Richmond need not
be ashamed of the beauty and 6ty le
of her ladies.
f Bill Bi r.cett rct-.i Sved quite fin
ovation at the Lands ol the c rowd
for trotting an entue heat during
Thursday's Race without any com
petitor, owing to a mis-uudcrstand-ing
in relerenca to the word "o."
The storm on Wednesday played
havoc with things in gcneraljoc the
groun e. The wind being 1 cost
a gale frcm tho Soalh stud Socth
wet ar.d at 'imes blew the rain
from the south entrance of the
Floral Hall through to the north
entrance. The 'Howe and 'Grovcr
& Baker' sewing machines occupied
the space in the centre of the south
wing, and along the fides were ar
ranged Forkner's fine carpets, cur
tains, &c. The sewing machines
and machine wo:k suffered most,
and some pictures strung aoroes the
Hall were slammed about consider
ably and consequently somewhat
damaged. One fine ohromo had a
hole broken ca ircly through, it by
being blown against tho corner of
another frame. Tho show-tents,
two of them, were blown down and
tbe occupants stiuggled out of
them, into the rain, reminding one
of rats running from under a fallen
hay stack. Tho people seemed to
take it as a good joke and laughed
tt the mishaps and duckings of
each ether rather ucattily. One
old farmer seemed to be especiall)
pleased. lie turned to hi3 wife
and wi.h a grin that reached aline at
from ear to ear, "that rain reaches
our bouse."
Wednesday !asf, was in one sense
at least rnc of the moat interesting
days of the Fair.
'I he day opened lair ts a fresh
blown rose, and up to noon of the
day everything was lovely. About
dinner-time ' fitful gusts cf wind
commenced driving small cloud?,
the brca'lth of a man's : hand,
athwart the sk', and ancn the
scene 'rew darker end darker un
til suddeilaiVi.a howl like- a vcr
ttblo dei stem bsrst upon
ns. The , wind came from west,
but suddenly veering around to the
Soulli k blft w likeJho 1 J6t ,rni?P of
vaaoriei. we cuanccu to oe in
Floral Hall when the rain, com -I
menced to fall, and . the exhibition
I at that place was of a nature not
down on tbe billi.
Pictures on the waMs seeded
suddenly gifted with life, end striv-
V ing to free themselves from their
fastenings to seek shelter from the
r driving blast. Dry goods flapped
i in the wind, or were carried across
V the hall. Sewing machine?, pian
' oes and raelodeans were drenched
with rain, and flowers were bioken
off or blown bodily from the stand
or pedestal.
Those within tho hall crowded
hither and thither, seeking a dry
spo"" and bnding none, but the la
d:cs fc?,ood it like "maityrses" and
I siJ presented a good humor.
During the hightof the storm
the tent oi one of the side shows
was blown away, leaving exposed
to the rude gaze of the world tho
two headed cow and the four aim
cd baby. The damage from the
storm was considerable, but every
thing was son put to rights and
the Fair continued on the even
tenor of its way.
The magnificent grotto, formed
and fashioned of Flowers, by Mt
James Smith, (in the employ of our
old fihnd Gardener Mendcnhall,)
and who as a thorough, artistic
landscape Gardener cannot bo ex
celled here or c'sewhere, was the
handsomest thin'' we saw at the
Fair. Whilst we stood in Tront ol j
it, we heard more commendations" '
of the exoellcnt tisto displayed in
the arrangement of the flower1
its beauty its cvidcut perfection,
than on any otheis of the numer
ous floral beauties, that greeted
the eye in every direction.
The Cross and Wreath exhibito l by L. 15.
Case, desftves more than a passing notice
they Were very fni9, and shovel most excrl
lcnt taste in form and airanement. The
Floral Department had on- boat lire repre
seutalives Mendetihall, Teas, Case, and Hill
and we venture the assertion that no Expo
sition bete or elsewhere, has ever, presented
finar and more beautiful varieties of the floral
Kingdom than ha) been exhibited hcie at the
Industrial Fair this week.
The finest work in the Sewing Line we have
ever seen done by maebinery, was exhibited
by our friend Phil. Dickinson (agent in this
city for rhe nowe Sewing Machine), at the
Industrial Fair, just closed. Hnndiet's of
admiring eyes gaz?d on two perfect porlrafts
one of which was a complete medallion port
rait of Eliis Howe, jr., forrasd and fashioned
by this Sewing Machiac,stitching the complete
outlines of the face, and forming the !i.1?r of
the head making a perfect stitched. picture
every stitch perfect and "nary one droppad.'
The Gun-shi.i "Galena" was also stitch p.uru
ed. A machine taat will do all that can't help
do all the delicate embioidered work required
for tbe baby and the bah nee of the fami'.v
If we wanted a terprct .inichino f! can
conscientiously nse part of the expression the
"b'hoys" use occasionally and say "ilowB
IS THAT," and recommend every i ody and his
wife to go to Phil. Dickinson's immediately
and order one, '
We viaitcd the Fair on Thursday forenonn
and many thing we looked at, deserving
special notice, we shall give next week.
Thnrsday's programme at the Fair Grounds
was carried out exactly. The two races were
very fine an I theJinterest manifested was con
siderable. TlSfjtfee 'mile dash was won by
"Dun Biown," drtVea by Dan Brown, of
Cuntetvil'j?, and the time was nine minutes
and two -ccond.-t. The race was closely con
tested throughout by I-r. rcter' "Uar Lucy."
The paring raco, Hire? best in fiVe, was won
byMBilly ITippo," uwned by Mr. S. Shepherd,
in three straight heats.' This was a very
one aided race. . Ui lly was much the fastest
horse, and cimlc easily have distanced the
other two horses in either beat, and came very
near doing, so, notwithstanding the efforts
made by tho diiver to hold him in. ho
crowd was much larger than any day previous
and leaves it no longer any question as to tbe
financial safety of the association upon the
expenses this yar. Wo had hoped to have
been able to have given our readers tbo pre
mium list iu full this week, bnt are unable to
do ao, aa it i not completed as we go to press.
W. W. Rattray,' the grocer, at
Githen's old stand, opposite Phil
lips. Hall who has tor a short time
been slightly indispossed, jis ' but
again with a , will, " serving the
cause of Republicanism, and Grant
and Wilson, at the same time he is
serving his customers with some
thing in the way of fancy .and
staple groceries, at the yery low
est figures.
All Delinquent Suio, County and Rail
Road Taxea MUST be settled before October
1st, 1872, or shall be compelled to eu force the
law. --.J. J..i
JOHN $IM, Treas.
P. S.-Tbo Tax Duplicate for Way no
Township, including the city of Richmond,
will be lound at tho offico of W. II. JJradbnry
k Son, N. E. Cor. Main and Marion streets "
Up Stairs.
From the "V. S. Mail" tor September.
" By Section 133 any article not
weighing over twelve ounces, and not danger
ous to the mails or Post Officials, is made
mailable matter, and, under tho name of
samples, by Section 163, is subject to postaga
at the rate of two cents for each two ounces
or fraction thereof. This includes wearing
appearl, hardware, groceries, an in fact, as
the law provides, "all other articles not aJjove
the weight proscribed by law." Another
radical change fs that, by section 1;'5, alt
meh matter may be registered on the pay men
of proper postage and tho registry fee. Here
tofore letter postage ws required on all
packages that were registered.
John Henley declines the nomination of
Connty Commissioner, tendered him by tho
Democrats at Centerville," last Thursday wock.
That we Igo wouln't work. Next.
Geo. W. Julian, last Saturday
went to Eaton,- Ohio, to enjoy a
menl of Ohio crow thinking the
foul bird would taste better than
the Indiana species, and his health
would be rejuvinated by the
cLajjgc; but, from the account the
Eaton RsgUter give", (the editor
of which used to swear "By
George P) ."the Buckeye genus is
no better than tho Hoosier. Oolv
100 fcastod together cn the foul,
fricasseed a.la-Julian, in the after
noon, and then ,75 supped on the
offal at night. The Register says
thai at night "there was the same
array of empty soats, the same
ftigid air even the Democrats
feeling down in the bottom of their
maws, as he spoke, lhat somebody
was getting awfully fooled. No
life, no enthusiasm, no spirit of victory-all
was dead, deed, dead.
And so this first effort ended."
'Raw for Greeley ! !
For the Palladium.
When we lo-k nt our leaders like Greeley
i that's fell,
To be comrado3 of rebels av 1 partners as well;
There is a secret we know that they dare not '
Bat this much we kn:w there's a cat in the
' wetl.
Tw antipodes never together can dwell,
But thiity an do just is easy and wtll;
Fr, if honesty the same tale they never could
' ' tell c
Which bhows very plain there's a Cat in tho
well. '
Such fellows in "paradise never would dwellf
(Orneaven)if money and power was in hell;
They'd follow it there with the devil to dwell'
Wficn all must agree there's a cat in the well'
When Sumner anil Greeley, renowned in the
. plSt, '..,.-.; "i.'.i'..-;- -
Comes down to the filthiest rebel at last;
And when thus united, its hard for to tell
WhaJ they'll do, but we know there's cat in
the iv ell! '.. JIkehiah. '
The Richmond Con.mandry, under command
of its superior edicef. Sir CanTl. Conklio,
ttlade a fine street parade on Saturday evening1
last, headed by the Uichmond Cornet Band.
They marched to the residence of Sir Knight
E. A.Jono?, (who has been confined to his "
room by sickness for some time) and to Sir
Knight J no. Elderkio, and gave them a sere
nade. . j
' On Wednpadaiy night Messrs. Amnden, Jones
and O'Connel went Into McCoy's st loon, on
ila:n street, ao I raised a row and committed
n assault upon tho proprietor,' hitting him
three or four tiaics with a sling-shot or brass
knucks. ' The citj reaped thV benefit of such
id occurrance iu '.he shape of a fine froa
each of the parties. .. . .
.sc- .1.
A conversation between Senator
Trumbull of -Illinoif, and an cs
United States Senator of the South
at Washington,-, was reported to
the Louisville . Comier-Joiiin.il,
and reprinted m tha Now York
Tribune of I)eceii:bei-G', in 1ST 1.
We copy it in, full, premising t'.iat
it occtired only nine anQtitlis ago,
and long after r.U 'the j.cts had
been committed for which the Sen
ator now arihigns llc Republican
I will not be a conservative
candidato for President aalnrtt
Grai tlor muii.y lessontO'a.n sst
iscd with my presaut place as it
is honorable, and with it I can be
more nse.fuU I do nr.t agiee wih
ho programme-w!iichr hii Wttn
maikcd out by thosa wlii refuse to
support the candidacy of the Pres
ident for re-clcct";cr. I am con
scious of the need of many re
forms, and I am daily striving to
accomplish them.. 1 do not belies
a revoiulton of rortifa wtrttld i
salutary."-; I do 1 or I tliev ti her
the pee jle of the Norfii "br Son'.ii
are ready to profit by V cbaugc.
"And why not V '
'-Because the per pie of the Sonlh
have tcaily . at'ceutculnothicr. and
rc not wiling t co-operato with
tbe liberals of the North in settling
i the practical relations t of society
on a sure end genuine basis. - I
know that the South has much to .ttween the two powers, for the prin
complain of. But so liave the rctpTes of i.itcrna'ionsl law govern
Liberal Republicans. It is not the -ng'such ca-cs b:; c been Solemnly
rebel elementy perhaps, but the na- ' agreed upon by beth c:?at:tiics, and
Usrc of things, that the t South the verdict of the Aibitrators set
should not realize .ibo. complete tics precisely ; what constitutes a
overthrow of the old order and the i violation of these principles. Heie
necesity for a complete change of ; ifter, therefore, the delicate ques
fche domestic policy. J ; I believe tiojs 'pertaining ; to the rights of
that the defeat of Gen: ' Grant
would involve a reaction in the
South, whose consequences: would
be even worse than . the .present
state of affairs." '
"Do you think that Geo. Grant
meditates tho permanent usurpa-
tioii of the executive office?" J
' No, I do not; my opinion is
that Gen. Grant is, in the main, a
conservative man. He has made
mistake?, but I can not say ' ihey
justify his removal."
- "What are your ; personal ; rela
tions?" "Very friendly. I have oppos
ed some of his measures, . but I
have no. personal feeling agaiutt
him. and indeed this is one of the
reasons why it is disagreeable to
have my namo mentioned in the
connection yon name."
"You say the Dcmocrac3 would
support you w ith pleasure."
' You arc mistaken. The Dcm
ocrncy is yet too trong in ntim-
hers to disband, for lhar, i the J
meaninz" of the passive policy.
Thiee millions of Democratic vo
ters can not afford to Bell ; them
selves to two or three hundred
thousand Republican voters, and
that for a mess of pottage which
the Republicans and not the Dem
ocrats are to enjoy. I don't believe
they will do it. I think Ihe'passive
policy already a failure." , .
"Do you like the new depart
ure?" ""o, net exactly win or lose.
Had the Democrats not adopted
it; but in its place adopted the
plalforfa of 1868, they would have
been still mote disastrously beat
en. The new departure initio no
recruits," because the people did
not be-iieve it honest. Tho Dom
ex; rats did what - they could no
longer avoid that i"; accept the
anicndmants; and the Republicans
have to thank such writers as' Mr.
Stephens and Mr. Forsyth that
the step in advance did not make
further inroads. B' 1876, the
issues of the war, the amendments
and the Kukiux will be out of the
way and there may be a new nnd
complete reorganization of parlies,
but not now." -T
"What do you think ot the Ku
Klux." - ;
"They may bo exaggerated.- But
lucre is enouglt tln ttnisiicd vio
lence at the Soutlt- to justify tlio
v.ewfspapcrs in all the outcry they
are making. This alone would
beat the Democracy."
"Then you think the fight next
year will be a straight out party
fight ?"
"I think it will be as far as the
Republicans arc coricerned. - The
par'y is really not divider!. Its in
ternal discussions merely exhibit
the exercise of individual free will
and dd it good, not harm; it w ill
act as it bedv, and 1 thick it will
poll a larger vole ? than it did in
1868," no matter what framework
or what candidates aro opposed to
it.oThe pooplo belicvcan the Re
publican party on account ct its
liberal discussions.
Tho general scope of the rjucj
tion submitted and just now
decided 03 the Board may be brief
ly fctalou thus: The United Slates
Government being engaged in
prosecuting a war against 6evend
revolting States, those States be
ing virtually without any ports or
sea coast or shipyards, or any
vessels or naval equipment",- never
theless undertook to prosecute a
maritime war against the Govern
ment. Their efforts were pecend
ed bv tbe subject of Great Britain
to the extent of building, equip
ping and anting certain vestels for
them, which sailed from Briiibh
ports end foutwl frequent refuge in
British wateif. These ; Cor.frder
at vessels thus built and laur.ehcd
In British htindp, trflictrtt j;irnt
ii.jnry on thu merehar.tile mniine
of the United Staler, and the ques
tion arose whether the acl'on of
Great Britain was not a violation
of international law.
T; b.y a foundation ,'fo the
peacelt:! tel.leuuat ol the question
a treaty was agreed oa between the
the two powers t xing the princi
ples on which the settlement
should In; based, then a Board of
Arbitration was appointed to whom
J M tlie ,atls in he tAi-Cf lo?f.tu.r
with thetlaiin of the &nttetl States
were submitted. And on the prin
ciples of iiitemational law as Ret
tltil by -the Treaty aid the facts
as submitted or proved before the
Board, a tlescisitin has now been
reached awarding damages to the
4 United States in the sum of-about
315,000,000. C ' '..? y
Since Ibis elecision, no similar
h difficulty can ever arise again be-
neutrals and belligerents during
. time of war may be , considered as
removed from the arena of discus
' sion so far as the United States and
1 Great Britian are concernded.
Tho Board of Arbitration was
composed as follows; Arbitrator on
the part of the United Stales, Char
les Francis Adams ; Arbitrator on
the part;of Great Britain, Sir Alex
ander, Cockburn, Lord Chief Jus
tice of England; Arbitrator ap
pointed by Italy, Count Scloi9
appointed by Switzerland, Mr.
Jacob S"tampfli; appointed by Bra
zil, Baron D'ltajuba; agent on the
part of the United Statcp, J. C.
Bar-croft Davis: sscnt on the nart I -
vawtna iutu;f UUI U A vlllvlttvll
counril for tho United States, Ca
lab dishing,' William M. Evarts
and M. R. Waite; counsel for Great I
Biftain, Sir Roundel! Palmer,
The argument was conducted
wish greet al ilily on both sides
arid it u gratifj ing to know that
l,,e mr si tnl!ghtcned judginont of
Europe" lias accorded a very:bigh
rank to the distinguished counsel
for the United S atcs whose Fplcn-'
diil ability and able management
have brought the case to such a
Suppose a private citizen should have
1. . 1 . 1 - - r ... .
u.u me mis;ortune 1 nave been engag
ed during most of his active life in re
sisting the aggressions of a relative and
neighbor, who unscrupulous, arrogant,
insolent, wealthy, and able, hsd devoted
most of his energies to the destruction
of hit relative and' neighbor's peace.
corn'ort and prosperity, inciting disorder
ia the homestead, poisoning tho minds
of his neighbor's family and at last
breaking ontinto violence.seeking there
by to break up and ruiu his home. Sup
pose the assailed citizen whoso only
cause of moral objection ti the perpetu
atton ot a degrading system of coacu
Linage by his neighbor, and under the
eyes of the objector's chKdren,- should
have borne quietly rtt firat, yielding and
compromising for peaoe sako at a later
daw, even in part condoning his rla
tives immorality and calling it good ; but
that at last driret to bay by lawsuits
and perselution.t, had nitnu'dy "resisted
and handsomely thrashed the ggressor,
at the same time iifiing the victims of the
adjoining farmer's immorality into com.
parativo freedom from such degrada
tion ? . .. -
4 What would be tbo virdict ' of the
world on a man who ; after btbg thus
persecuted, 6hos1i! turn lotmd and
yield tho management of his affairs to
tbe family and the man by whom he
and his had lieen so violently and mali
ciously assailed? Would ho not bo re
garded as a weak and foolish pcr.-on es
pecially attsr having at every point
defeated ' hij dnnmy an I laid biro his
atrogancb ard crimes ? Suppose ha ex
cused himself for fcuch action. by the
pica that bis enemy, obviously for the
one purposa of obtaining enntrof of tho
property and interests of both parlies
had acknowledged ha had done wrong ;
th.rt his concubinage was an ofT-nc e
"that had Hie piimal curse upon it ;"
and as a p'oof this wound up by 6aying
that his only desire was to forgivo those
who had dafeated him, and "clasp hands
across the bloody chgVn"be himself had
been the moms i f d"iggin;. Would no
a sensible ciiti.c declare th it too rnsoleht
hypacrit w'a worthy the preceding base
ness and treachery ? : ,
But putting tnat a:de, whet would
f!t a propei jndscrncnt' on mrinWrs of
the a'rievcd niiii'j fimily--of . u ho
had !t'M-d by him in resisling'iho spoiler
and nialinant ani f ho now st od up
f to declare their father and lliosJ of their
brethren who sustained them In protect
ing themselves against new aggressions
to be tyrants and oppressors1, ua worthy
of the public cnfilenoe,' and only de
serving of a non-sail in fho court of ap
peals before which a final pl-a 1 is being
made, when then thoir only plea was
that the hitherto aisailent, finding him
self sura of defeat on tho old argtrtnects,
had turned" around sowed dissensions,
and was socking to use ihosieeof the
other party ? Every sensibio person
would declare such conduct to lw un
wise as a matter of plicy, treacherous
and dirihctiC('t as a ulatter or morality.
These suppositions fit the position .f the
Democrats nnd their "Liberal" ullies at
this juncture.- The impertinance of the
ltteris only equaled by the childlike
and bland smile" with which they seek
tocj'l) the country by assuring it
STat the only way to secure libetty h
t j give power t2 thce who. resisted
it ; that the only way to obttin peaco i
ti turn over powey to those who adone
ntadewar; that to tffect reconciliation
we must condone crime and let the
criniinsLj have their ovCrf way.' It is
difiid'ult to tell at which to be the most
amazed the treachery that surrenders,
or the cheek that demands tho same
thing of the conntrr. ; i 1 :
P.emainipg in he Post OStce at Richmond
Ind, Sxrr. 13, 1372." J
AndrewsJ V .
Rajlies Mrs Ada'ino'
Kiitey Geo F
liesch A .1
ftroiva L "J
l!mk!:.-.r.l Albert F
l.uik- Win
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Cammack Lmn M
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Fleck John .
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Goens Alice
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He fleck Miss Emma
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Hunt Chancv D
Johrson C fl .
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Kelly lvi H '
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McMakin Wm '
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Mcnroe George i ;
Neal John
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fykena .enry , Temme Mrs J A
niteoen atutabetb 2 f T Tore Jennie '
McCoy Thomas Wise MolU'
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