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" ,.
SH3 PAIili
! " 8--f4Y8AT--T,T
Pittsburg, Cincinnati & St- Louis
i . BaUway-t'; ' -v:
1-4 i " -. 7s i 1:
Coi-donaed TinM Card.
Cokunbos lodi
Oct ST, ?T.
anagolis Division,
No. 8. N0.6. 1 No.IO,
Wttibuntb, .....
ktiirrd Center...
Vfunavv. .....
I. 10am
f .S8pm
1 0.40pm
II. 31pm
11.1 5ro
Bradford JonctionJ
Ore wile,....
KWhBOBd ......
Cmbridra City,
II .23pm
a 4fl..4' S4nm
T.maif 4 pmv
o yspmi
onto liar.
No. Ti
ambridge City,..
Gftenrille, .......
ft.&Oam 11.10am
6 .37am 1 12. 05pm
2,1 pm
Bradford Junction
Plana,. ........
Xllfora Canter.
Colnmboa .....
3,' 5pm
11. 1 Sax
6.09 pm
8.1 pa
3 and 7
and 7 ran Daily. Ail otner trams
Daily, except Sunday, -";
Biohnond & Chicago Division-
,Wo.. iH.. So. IP.
Cotinaati. ,
Richmond........ "' l1iM
Uager.towo . .... lm """P
NewCaaU.. 1-PP 1'm
Anderson..... 2;l8pni , l;lam
ItokoB-o..,. ..... 11.12pm 4;05pm 2;48am
Logas-sport UJi ;00pm t4im
CWojbT.. 0ml 9:40pm 8;45ahi
"i'V. -'.'-i.'-n- nOOf;.,:Ot f.f- .'
- ' ; . ''-. . MyvjU No. 3. Noyjj.
ChV. .... .... "?T50pm 8,0Uam "P
La Crosse. ....... 9.29pm 9;Mam 3.04pm
Logansport ... 12,3&am l;00pm S0pm
Kokonio. 1,45am 2;20pm .00p
Aadaraon.... .... 3,40am 4;15pm .......4
Ksweastle........ A Mam 8;15pm
Hsgerstown .... 8;18am 547pm .......
Richmond... 8;00am 8;30pm ..,...-:
Cine isti ....... .' 9;05am 9;pm' ....
Jfo. 8 arrires State Line at ;55 p. m and
Ko. 18 at 8-10 a. aa. - Jto. ' laws Chicago
Dally, aseept Saturday. Xo.; 10, leave Bich-
mood daily, except Sunday, and Lo-gansport
for Chicago daily. ; So res daily, except
Batavday and rJonday. All other Train run
esoept Sonday.
; &jLF..B. MYERS,
Oenl Paasenger and Ticket Agent.
;; :';.V.V."f. aowo' oiitb.'
S;00am j Spes Uv 8;45pm
.i 3;00pm I Mail .... 9;45am
r.1040m I Freight. 3;25pm
IIAILM Arrival nod Departure.'
no DIM.
j OHM. ouii.:
Cincinnati and way
7. 30am
5.00 ant .
11.45 am
4,00 pm
UhWog, turoagh
1.... ....
' 9.40pm
12.00 m.
7.00 am
vnicagaana way
Colamhaa and way ....
Uaytoa and way
ladiaaapolii and thrcugb
ladianapolia and way . . .
WlBvabeater and way-....
, Ara,Mooday,WdatlaT
Friday. '
Bloomlpgaport, Tuesday,
Thuraday and Saturday ,
College Corner, Tueaday,
Llbertf routeJlottday and
U Friday- .VV::
7.00 pm
4.00 pm
8.00 pm
7 JO am ,5.80 am
1.30 pm 3.00 pm
1.00 pmll0.45m;
111 .00 am:
12.00 as
,2.00 par
12.08 : ml
12.30pm .
7.00 in
8.00 pm
' Office open from 7:30 a. . to 7:00'
On Sunday, from 9:01 to 10:00 a if
:V B. W. DAV1S, F. M.
n;; dicionson,
Jeweler, 2S0
f j, 154m -
ReT. E. B. Sntdkb, - former Pas
tot tjf , Grace C!hurdi,, -will preach ,
fhorer morning and eyefting toVmor-
TO w rSabbatb.3 s ,:
i,-'7 f,i 7 -f 3 J rati
VXUSE BElllGIOiyThProgreaalra
Ljeemm- meeU every Sunday at 3 r. at, ia
Lyeeom' Batt. W aordUlly; iariU all tha .
to? on of fret thought and free apeecb, on ra.
ligioue matUra, to come and bring their '
cbildrea and join with as in oar exercises. ';
We igonre all creed a of every kind, and teach V
hoaeaty, purity, truthfoloeee, temperance "
aad klndoes aa the eeaentiaU, ; , 45tf ;i"
For the accommodation of tax
payers in the eastern part.' of the
county, the County Treasurer has
Arranged to send tax receipts when
requested to the Citizens Rank,"
Richmond, for 0 Election wtt hoot''
expense.'. -; Leave names' at . that
Bank and in a feir days the Receipt,
will oe reauy, oti
Capital $23000.
Burplua Fund $105,741.33
Tha busineaa of the Citixea'a Bank will be
eoaaolidatad from thia date with that of the
. ,.- . s -- ; -. - -
wnfca will occupy the Banking Douse of
MoiCa, Blancbard A Co., and thereby the '
Arm el Morrison, Blancbard A Co., la thia day
diaaolved by mutual consent.
Prompt, attention paid to business, aa
bsratoten. ,j
Jaa.1, 1872. ' .
Chapped bands, faee.-rough akin, pimp lea .
ringworms, aalV-rbeam, and other eutaneous
affections eared and the akfn made soft and
smooth, by using the Juniper Tar Soap.made
by CasweH.Eaiard A-po.: New York.- Be
certain to get the Juniper Tar Soap, as there
are many worthless imitations mad with
common tar.' - - 4l-12w
The purest and sweetest Cod Liver Oil is
Basard A Caswell's, made on the aea shore
from fresh selected livers, by Caswell Has
ard A Co, New Totk. It is absolutely pure '
and sweet.'' Patients who bars once taken it
prefer H to all others. Physicians have deci
ded it superior tofaoT of the other oils la the
market. 41-12w
Ladies Gold Watches and Chains
t H. C. Dickinion's, 229 MJn
Street. ' tf ; ;
- Sunstrokes are scarce.
The severity of the weather has,
been bad for loafers. n4:joSi "? .a i
Checker is the popular game in
Eggs have been few and far be
tween recently.
Gentle zeDhvrs MB-raood to
' T - . -f i I I rr. I 1
aaa'aaa,w' ww. kp wi
: White dock pantaloons has no
bnsme8s!aroudfnow. ;
No odor of wood and meadow
flowers comes creeping up the dale
these matter of -fact-days.
Initial Stationery at the Post Of
fice News Depot. .
The soda water and ice cream
business is extremely dulL
"Will the House Bill No. 327
pass, is the great question now be
fore the people. j .
viHow, gently did that more gentle
maiden get out of a sleigh the otter
day' and kick a balky horse!- .T-l
Wood stealing is not an art of
ancient days, by any means. So
Farm bells are not an uncommon
sight on horses out sleigh .riding
in Richmond.
We can't believe the rumor that
two of our young ; ladie&arlo
have a wood sawing match at $10
a side. We always saw a thing be
fore we credit it.
4H0W xiBpleasantit is thi weather
offo out on a sunny afternoon and
have a big icicle drop down from a
cornice and take you a dip on the
the head.
.. Our (rifted poetess,- Mrs. D.i M
Jordan, has been presented with
handsome volume descriptive and
illustrative of the Davidson Foun
tain, at Cincinnati Among other
features of the book, is Mrs. Jor
dan's poem respecting the unveil
ing of the Fountain.
Our friend Farquhar, is at In
dianapolis, with Messrs, Adams &
Hatch, 66 East Washington street
RiCtt Bakt. In noticing the in
crease in capital stock in the Sec
ond National Bank, two weeks ago,
our types made us say Band instead
"Bank; with $200,000 . additional
stock.' .This would be musical.
In publishing the statistics of the
Home for Friendless in the total
adult3 and children at present there
it should be 26 instead of 16.
Fifteen adults and eleven children.
A slip of the type.
Governor Seward's new " book,
"Travels Around" the' World," is
meeting with almost unparalled suc
cess ;50,000 copies will not meet
the present demand. Orders are
pouring in from all quarters of the
world. -.. "'"i?;- IV r '' 7: .: ;
t P. T. Barnum suggests that the
Greeley monument should be a
building erected and used for the
purpose of exhibiting and display-
mg iae iorms 01 me arc 01 printers
. V . . 1 1 . 1
. Affidavits are in ' the
hands of
the District Attorney, showing that
five of the jurors in the Tweed case
was approached by parties ' in the
interest of the defenden. pending"
the trial, and it is charged that the
verdict of acquittal was obtained
inconsequence. The matter will
be more fully inquired into.
' Gen. Shanks has filed notice that
he will contest J.FL Neffs right to
a seat in Congress from the Ninth
Indiana District. He charges that
twenty minors voted forNeff in
each precinct in the district, and
Neff replies by. counter charge8.,oi
fraud. ;.;: .
15 r.i
Fobt Watke, Ind., Feb 2.-About
3 o clock ' this evening a ' German
named Frank Rudolph shot himself
through the heart in ah alley. He
died immediately' after. " " He had
been abseut from home three years
and returned a few days since.
Some difficulty with his wife is the
supposed cause for the. act
A little act of Congress just ap
proved by the .President will be re-
I gorded with especial favor by our
CTicuiturai mends. It authorizes
the trnsmission by mail of seeds.
cuttings, bulb rootr And scions of
any weight in packages not to ex
ceexr four pounds each, pJagej" "fa-J
be one cent for two punees. Here
tofore such packages have not been
allowed to exceed twelve ounces.
! Papas are not romantic it must
be confessed, ' One of them m Dav
enport, Iowa, with three marriage
able aaughters, has posted the fol
lowing notice over his bell pull
"Wood, $6 a cord, coal, aCT cents a
1 bushel ; gas dear and bad. Parties
1 staying after 9 . o clock will, please
settle quarterly." N. B. A Teduc-
tibn made after engagements and
the full amount added to marriasre
4 I.
,The New-Castle Courier, of the
; 3st ult, goes off into a fit, oi !&.-,
joicing over a hogj'raised by a Mr,
I B. Harlan, of Henry oounty,
, . , ... . ,
wmcn it avers -wiu weisrn more
I than a thousand pounds." His hog
ship was, on Monday last, escorted
into town by the New-Castle Silver
Cornet Band, Bays the Courier,
f ' .. ' .
- S "1 1 a
uub. proven, passenger con
ductor on the G. E. R. R slipped
and fell on the sidewalk on South
rean street, on rriaay evening
last, breaking his arm near the
1 A i a
wrist. Gut. Is 'confined ' to his
room, but grins and bears it"
use a utue man.,, ue is consoled
I by the thought that sinners stand
nrt alinnerv nlac9."
J ' ".' .-n
For the Palladium.
m s --Te Miaterv Solved,
I'mtetD BCT.i-I notioed in the la- j
Times the following instructive and
touching paragraph, viz: ? r r."
I 'CJtttow a. lady who always
ears Tor hef Sundtty bustle copies
of 'Zion's Herald' and the 'Christ
iin at Work.' On week davs she
uses the Sunday Commercial" , -
That s the advantage oi imvmg
a Lady's Department, the uninitia
ted find out j about tnese tumgs;
wTiAreas thfiv miuht cro to the end
of ; their -days 'in;, ignorance, r and
think those humps were there all
the time. -
That woman who wears and car
ries about .her so ;much -religious
heading is as" literary as the woman
JBrick Pomroy tells about, who al
ways made her; bustle of the' New
goes to the bottom of things:
1 air! I
10 wxinb mux, unco,
As Obsesvep
. -
a,The Kentucky We is said to be,
for the . first 100& deduct 25 for
gross; for the second 100 pounds
deduct 12i for the thirdlOO pounds
deduct 6j?all over the third hun-
AtpA ia net. The net weight 01 a
hog weighing 100 gross is 75 pounds;
a hoer of 150 cross will net 110;
of 250 erross, 209? net; and a hog,
the erross weight of, which is duu
pounds will net 256 pounds. From
the gross weight of a hog .that goes.
over 300, 43 pounds is . deauctea,
even should the weight'bei ' 400.
This rule, if correctly stated, may
be of use to somebody.
The JusTiciiTbf Z : tEeTverdict ren
dered bv the pubhc years . ago m
fiiortMexicMutang Lini
ment mnsuoe apparent tu ii
have used that famous preparation
or been it used. Tits- heahnff anflu
ence is irrestible. The most obsti
nate forms of - neuraleric or rheu
matic disease are totally cured ,by
itr and' 'that ' in an ; inconceivably
short space of time. External m
juries or sores, whether of man or
beast, as well as all equine
or human maladies for which a lini
ment maybe used, are speedily re
medied bv its use. Remember it is
not merely a palliative but an eradi-
cant of disease. JJSo. 4U. 1
" Some idea of what is being done
inX3aUfornia to repair the enormous
waste pf forest areas may be gain
ed from the statement that a single
forest grown in the State has over
50,000 trees of the Encalyptus va-
riftv under ciiltevation. wnen 11 is
r .. - . . . -
knOwn that this tree, in Austrana,
has been known to reach the height
of 480 feet, the above aKffresrate
becomes somewhat ; formidable. A
correspondent of the Genekal Land
Office, a few years ago, stated that
an Encalyptus in Colorado , had, in
five vears, acortiired a thickness of
trunk or fifteen mches. At sucn a
rate of growth the treeless region
beyond the" Mississippi 'may soon
become a wilderness 01 vegetation.
The South, a paper devoted to
the interests of the section whose
name it bears, is surprised at the
continued flow of immigration west
ward, while the South, with a pre:J
ferable climate, with matchless pro
ductive resources and with faculties
of : transportation to ; any extent, ,
pleads in vain for the life blood of
population. The west is now glut
ted with produce that - can find no
market, yet both native and for-
eign immigrants crowa to us un
broken , "wilderness. The magic
charm of freedom, of a civilization
overshadowed by no class interests, -pleads
more strongly than do pros
pects of On'aiial wealth. The
West affords a scope tor mannooa;
the South still retain ideas and
traditions which repel free man
hood. -''-- ' "i "
We heard a milkman say most
emphatically on 1 last" Saturday,
thai the process of milk-making had
never been discovered.;-- How curi
ous! And all these darymen have
been working, entirely ignorant of
what they were doing. If this milk
man will give us 5, and allow us
to watch him one night, we will
gurantee a written description of
the process of making modern nul.
The sun has grandly' smiled up
on us, and the Bpeedy " resumption
of lively business seems imminent;
but alash human foresight is weak,
ana another month of ice and snow
njay;be in store forus,, f .''a-u -
i Common.'. Pleas Quart;2 Adjourned
jjaturaay aiiernoon. - juage - jvid-
tbfy tmplimented-the jury in very
natnng Wrmd; for taeir prompt
ness and good behavior.1 vCihis is
sometlung unusual for the Judge.
It is needless to say - that none of
the jury were professionals. Cam
bridge Tribune. - -
ISheriff Study and Marshall Stray
er, captured a burglar b the name
McIntyre1pon Triday . nighf-of iast
week. who was trying tobreaVJntdi
the residence Of John Peelhv at
Cfentrevillo. It is supposed that
JVlcIntyre' as been concerned in
the other btrrglaries that have been
perpetrated, ot-ojjr county seat dur
ing the presei-t.yearM' v
Charles Wiggmgineer, was
killed at Indianapolis, Saturday
niH .lasts y,"lhV tender of the
ne,w pony engine, named John F;
Miller, falling upon him and crush
ing br$ to death. His reniains
were taken to Columbus for inter
ment. He leaves a wife.
In tho Criminal Court, two rape
cases were disposed of -Greenhofi
and May; the former was sent to
the Penitentiary for five years, and
the latter two years. - -v
The marks of ' epizootic are still
in the land, in the shape of tumble
down carts, ricketly wheelbarrows
and gauntf sad-eyed oxen.
mm- ooou nas been home -on a
I VlBlt-.f" Ha lohlrfi npnrv
Temperance Meeeting.
We attended one of Ue largest
and most determined temperance
meetings on Saturday night last, il
has bectloar plesaare to Jie at for
several years, at Phillips' Hall. It
was organized by calling Hon. l.
B.'Criwford to preside, and ap
pointing as Vice Presidents James
E. Reeves, J. M. Hughes, W G.
Scott Samson Boone, Rev. Father
MeMollen, J, H. Hutton, Geoigo
H.-Gnt' Rev. N. Gillara, Thomas
Woodnut;RvS-I.JYoartee1 Bev.
Wilkinson -"Timothy Nicholson,
DrO PSaer; Chas; Fi Cbnan,-R
Rilfcv Wc, . ReitVElWtod
Pattereos, A. A. Corme, AGaar,
E. D. PahiB er Levi Jes up, A . Sam
j son,, Jmlg&IIoUand. D. KY Zeller,
and JEzra Mmtu. : Jvditors 01 tno
different papers present were re-
questcct to act as secretaries. .
William t'axtcr (Representative
in the Jjegisuture) was -present,
and, in a brief aQd epmpwhensive
mannefy explained the provisions
of the. BaltsV temperance bill then
pending in the House (now passed
that body by a voto of 5& to 38,
and gone to the Sehate, which lody
the Journal says it will alio be sure
to pass) and he was followed bv
Revs. Wilkinson, Hughes, Gil laaVf
MtMullen and.Yoirtee, who all
urged the people to put orth their
best united efforts to stay the rav
ages of the demon intemperance!
We were . especially interested in
the emphatic condemnation' of the
monster evil, that fell frornlhelips'
of Rev. Father McMulleri,' snd we
only wished that every whisky-lov-
ing-generous hearted Irish Catho
lic wcre.oniy present to listen to
the fervid eloquence and truthful
arguments he brought to bear
against the unmitigated eia of.in
temperance. This is the first in
stance in this city where a clergy
man of this 1 denomination - has
united with the temperance-, move
ment, and threw his moral and so
cial weight in the scale with us,
and we rtjoice in this because it
wilt effect an untold amount of
good in our community. We need
the influence of the Father
Matthews and the Father MoMul-
lens and every earnest Christian
man and woman in our land, every
fiendjQl good order, and the per
manent . prosperity " of our little
city,-, especially, to mitigate the
evils flowing from intemperance, if
its entire eradication cannot he ac
complished. v -V;., ,
diaries F. Coffin introduced the
following preamble and resolutions
which wero unanimously adopted:
Whereap, Experience has abun
danily demonstrated that the sale
and use of intoxicating Honors is
by far the most fruitful source of
gnorancc, pauperism and ciiaie
that intemperance furnUhes a larg
er percentage of the idiocy, insan
ity aniljother frightful maladies
that it fosters every species of
vice, and tends continually to nul-
iiy ail eaorts lor the moral "eleva
tion of society, end that it forms
the most formit'able barrier to the
jrogrcss and security of . a free
government; therefore,
Kesclvkd, That wo, the citizens
of 'Richmond, in mass meeting as
sembleir do instruct otir Senators
and Reprcseotarives to exert their
best mllueuce to secure the pas
sage 01 Buch a law by our present
General Assembly as will prevent
toe evils resulting to societv from
iue eisnng license law OI - our
State. .
Resolved, That we sustain our
Senators ' and Representatives "in
their opposition to intern perdnce,
anu meir utciueu siaou m- lavor
of judicious legislation to eradicate
it. . .... ,. . -.-
Kesolved, IhaS.thi3 meeting
heartily approves of the earnest
and judicious efforts of our Repre
sentativc, William Baxter, and that
we shall rejoice to see the bill in
troduced by him passed, as being
probably the most effectual law
which'can, under present circuin'
tances, . v& , enacted and . carried
i Lwtal V AssociATojf. 1 Last
Monday, Messrs. J. M. Gaar, J.-W.
Yeo, X. 'Jeas, T. W. Roberts, A.
Ai Curme W.' H. Bennett,' A F.
Scott, Ste. Farlow, JarvisHormel,
Levi Druley and J. H. Moormann,
were elected Directors. J. M. Gaar.
was elected, President; J.rWlXeo,
Vice rres't; Oran Ferry, Sec'y; C.
v. Ferguson, Treasurer; (Juris.
Fetta, SuppnintendenL r. r; .
Can the dalt-er not loose its
savor sufScient to mould it into a
Republican "Mayor within a period
of; a little qver three months ? is
the question that is perplexing the
heads el several of cot democratic
feUqw-citizeWat tfus present vrit-
ing. This question is equally as
dimcult to answer as the one: "will
saltpeter explode?" that ckimed the
attention xf savana . several years
ago. : :. - - -, v. ,
- Why is tt that business is TveTy
at li road way Wooer end Coal Yard
Because they sell the beet the mar
ket afford! Cheap for Cash. "
Marriage License, this week are
scarce only two issued; Jacob La.
moot to Mary A. AVaymire, Milton,
and vvm. rL limdmanto Clara F.
Newcourt, Hagerstown. 1 -.
Ton can always find good, sound
v ooxt at Mmmon s, at a fair price.
Synnpsia ollpoancil.
The Finance Committee examin
ed Jacob Maddaugh's claims for
work on north sewer, and the Com
mittee reported that, after allowing
him for 6unages,s &c. his s account
will stand $6,337,13 wjjlk.ft-credit
01 5o,ui 74 -baianoe due mm $445-
39, which is recommended to be
paid, and the contract fox said sew
er (which is two-thirds completed)
be abrogated. A resolution? to that
effect was offered and adopted.
The same ' committee reported
that it had, through Winslow, La
nier & Co. Morrisson, Blancbard
& Co., effected the sale of $30,000
City Bonds the sum of $28,355.
Dr. Hibberd's bill for keeping the
crossings, and pavements free from
ice and snow, was referred to t the
i .. .-' '
1 committee on Railroads.
The petition, asking for erection
of school-house north of tf railroad,
was referred to School Board.
Fifty eight arrests were made
during January (by police forced and
forty persons furnisned lodgings in
the station-hous9.
The January report of Treasurer
is, receipts, $15,016 21 disburse
ments, $4,947 12, leaving balance
in Treasury $10,069 09. : : v
"HOME."--.The following dona
tions were received at the Home'
for Friendless, during the month'
of January: ' "J ,
M. Gaar, cash, $d; . G. Scott,
$2; A. Gaar, $3; F. N. Land, $1;
Fielding Gaar, $1; Wm. S. Reid, $2;
Geo. W. Vanneman, $2; Wm. Spen
cer, $1; L H. Howard, $1; Reid &
Beeler, 50 cts. Mrs. Unthank, Do
ver, $2,50; Mrs. S. A. 1 Davis, 1
stove; Elizath Hopkins, 16 pieces
clothing; Wm. Hiatt, 4 bu. applies
and 1 bu. turnips; Rev. E. Garret-
son, Randolph co., 3 boxes clothing.
200 lbs. meat; Rev. Mr. Wakefild,
3 cakes from festival; Mrs. R. Men
denhall, bread, butter, apples, etc;
E. Fletcher, crackers, - meat and
peaches; Shute; potatoes; Joshua
Nyej-'fart load of wood; Mrs. i-
Stearns, wood; airs. Maria Craw
ford, 10J yds. calico, and 6 spools of
tnread. ,
In making out the annual report,
we regret we did not acknowledge
the recept of a . valuable box, con-
taming cioiiung, musuns, Dea-cio-
mg, also contribuucm in money
from Mrs. Ualhoun, of Ironton, U.j
and we now gladly remedy that
omission, and return our ' grateful
thanks for the same, .
S. A- Ilttf Davis.
The Indianapohg "People" has
been 1 pubhshing the portraits of
different individuals. Mrs. Clem
and Cluck and now . comes what
purports to be the portriat of Gen-
Danl. McCauley,' at present and
for several years past the worthy
Mayor of Indianapolis, be ques
tion is asked, seriously, here abouts
what has Gen. McCauley done,
what crime has he committed that a ,
portrait, intended for him, but.
which looks more like that of -John -
Jacob Townsend, Jr the Sarsapar-
illa man, should dangle , in the
columns of the People, and be ex
posed to the gaze of the world? '
. ,,,,,,-, . -
'A lot of belligerent typos raised
a serious commotion in the bowels
of the Palladium office to day.
Several noses were knocked into pi." .
, The above is one of the "eil de-
tajntimnu telegrams sent last Mon
day to the Cincinnati Gazette, by.
Surface of the Telegram: The dif
ficulty occurred between two out
siders Capt. Whisky was the mov
ing cause; so, you see, it was only ;
a Sceface deranscement. , .
;U. S. Postage, stamps, in. vogue
before the Southern rebellion an
consequence of many of thein be
ing held by the rebel postmasters,
were cancelled by the. government,
and arc worthless. A few are in the
hands of - individuals hereabouts
and occasionally are put on letters,
and the natural consequence is the
letters are held for postage.
"Barrows', Business. C3o"ixege'-
We are glad to learn that ' this - In
stitution is succecdmg beyond the
expectations of the proprietor.
New Scholars are cominc: in, daily,
t'4 VIVAA. 7 JJkU,. VaAlj UUClJ.fj
He has a Teacher of Penmanship,
unexcelled iu the art, and hero now1!
is the opportunity offered to learn
to write a hand that no one need
be -ashamed of. - The specimens of
Chirography exhibrted, are tiie"E8Tr
we jiavu ever e:miiieu. , . .
"TroubJe is &s-a body takes it,"
but it would jbe ' less trouble for
those who write a letter and drop
it into the basket, to write another.
than to get a P. O- clerk to spend "
fifteen to twenty minutes looking;
through two or three hundred let
ters for it . Of course it wou!diL
Four hundred mosey orders were;
issued and three- hundred and ten
paid, at; the oatfifflce during the"
nonth ol January, 1873. Amount
issued, 84.866 -7 - amount paid,
$6 648.42, Sumo month inil8Z2:-
libus l, 04.OOS. 05 pad ; 94,445.69.
GooD.'--f"re Legislture has ap
propriated $ 10,000 for two years
for the .geological survey of the
State, and gives a salary of $3,000 -per
year to Prof. Cox, lie Geolo- '
Bis - '' -
John Paxson teUs us he is tiroinc
to build another 'dwelling on the
corner 01 rnui and Sasaafraa He a
detei-mined to continue to build up-
Milliner Store.?
Circuil'Ckiurt is now in s session
jJudge Haynefl presiding. r, 3 d
Mrs.- Kerff Ks moved her Milin"
ery Store lb 21 .North Fifth-stre'et.
General, Howard s rt Fjrepdmen
Bureau accounts are said to bo cor
rect. '. . .. ,,,,. u,,,t ,i ,-ifi -Atui
The President has approved the
act abolishing the franking privi
lege, ha ,WoJ . uttt ut
k vTher art 28,681 'scholars n the
393 Ba pt 1st S-iud ay -ac tjjdjs Tpt I n-
!aD"r:' t'(U 's.' moss m I'a's --1
. For -fresh Limr gmto G. W.
SimmonV,.and also, s for 0 the 3 best
of Coal.;;r &i cJ 7w xr
Coal and wood at red-Ced prtpes
at Simmons i ard'bn Fort' Wayne
Avenue, ,., ,
S. B. Con over, Republican, wss
elected U S. Senator . fromijFlora-
da, Friday, e .-; i,-o? r.r.-t 't4
In noticing 'grave nffttter's, ii's
best alwav1o kiiow they. are hot
mere lumdrsr'1 s V " "H J'"-"-' -' ' :
i'T r, -i.-T?ir? a i-i
Go to W . L.tFrqubar faryour
nice cooked Uysters, .aoa-youf
good. groceries.- , ?i ??a tu-
John Nicholson, ' of the' firm of
- -
Nicholson "Bro. has gone' East
biz" takes him. " ! 1 ' 5 ' - '
. -..if ..' : v.--!.
. After, some three or four weeks
j stay in WTashington City, CoL John
A. Bndgland is again in our city.
Senator Pdmeroy asks the pub
lic to euapend judanaentuntit he
has had a fair hearing'in the conrts.
Go to Simmons coal and . wood
1 1 .,
yard on Fort Wayne,. Avenue, to
get your fire l)xick, cement, plaster,
and lime.
The county seat junction icase
is set for trial before Judge Hayhes
in the Circuit Court, ' on -the 17th",
next Monday week. : -?
' The loss by .the burning of , the,
Cresoent City Jsrugnr , refinery. ,at
New Orleans Thursday night, will
reach half a million.
The individual with a 'sweet tooth'
will be around in a few daysif
the weather waxes warm enough to
make sugar water inn. i - '
Cal. Johnson' smiling visage
appeared on our ttrceU last Sun
day week, it being the fiftieth an
niversary of his birth day. ,
For battering -a couple of Stu
dents, the Superintendent cf public
schools at Centreville was fined
$10, in the. Criminal Cturt, j
Maltese cats are not bringing
fancy, prices at the postoffice as
much aa formerly. The mucilage
bottle ha9 again been replenished
and all is well. ' '.'
The President: has vetoed the
bill for ihe rtlif of .East Venues
see University, on the ground that
it would establish a bad -prece
dent.- '1 -: .... rl? vtiixl
At W. L. vFarquhar's you 'will
Gud Barnes1 new perfection . sugar
cured hams, both whole and scl Ic
ed, and the are "extra ; nice select
ed one9, too. . ; . ; .
Etshteen eadets of the" number
appointed to West Point, last year.
have been recommended for u-is-
ctiarge, ami; their places will be
filled in Mar. .'.:,. ui
L. II. McCullough, ' No. ! 320
M-iin straet will hereafter be pre
pared .to fill all orders lor curflbw
ers and flowering plants, from L.-
B. Uase s greenhouse. , . , ,
Nearly the whole town of Can-
nelton, Indiana, i8 ;;. inoculated
with the : srqall-pcx. Business is
neaily suspended in consequence
of the scoiMRge. . Several . deaths
Are reportedi-,; i :,..' sA I ,-fir ,
There V'slight'conflict.between
the civil and' military' authotftiCS
at St. Louis; and General Grier
son, commandant at' the Arsenal,
has been cited to appear for , con
tempt. A useable, relations ar i
still , mautiihed between O'lio aiwl
Indianaby Gov. Hndricks..' " ... s
A merchant's daughter' oli Co
lumbus, Ohio, kicked off a loung
maa a hut the 1o'her day .'because
he sat down' i'm her parlor1 with
that artiole of wearing sear upon
his head. 'She used her foot inn
stead cf her HantL. because s!ie bap-s
pencd to bo-carmng an artotul of
book?, and was KQ-t indignant to
postpoae putmlimf nf.. ji .." .f.::
.ReanoTcil.; . -. .7.
Mrs. J. P. Kerr has located her
millinery, fancy goods and notion
'establishment atNo. 21 north Fifth
street. She takes pleasure In re
turning thanks to' her customers
and respeetf ulh: olicits a contin
uance cf their )atronagei
Throofib a letter" to a friend of
hi?,: wc leafn that Mr. Samfiei H ad-
ley is now: locatfrd afnonar tha- Si!
ver mines at Brown Mountain; near
Georgetown, xCoioratlo ?Trrifory
Sanf says arhe winds threaten to
carry him down - the Val!y every
few moment;' tind that t pUdtlhs
on the China seas never gave' hhn
scc'.i fears of-being wrect'ed. " We
would be pleased to receive a let
ter for publication fiom him." -
The Utah question. ;
The President' was at the Capitol
on the oOth for the purpose of nrg;
lag upu: me meinoers -01 noVu
h iuses of Congresa the neccEsitv
ot taking some (bc'sive act:Oh thi-
session upon, the Utah -ones' ion'
tie beld consultations with the
members ol Uo.h , the filouse and
Senate . I udicsEV ,Comiuit.tres. ant
stated .that , he hal been peti tioned
oy a vast numner ot tue inhabit
ants of Utah to not only guarantee
them the usual constitutional pro
tection, but to atl t.l tlicmthe
rights which properly epperUined
1 to Aroei ican, citizens. Tlie l'i evi
dent in' imated tliat lie would iiu
meadiat- ly aend Congress a spec
ial, message callicc on them- for
legis-la-ion on this subject. : r;
21 Fifth-Street,
Mr. CoLFi. A Baltimore Bpec
Tal8ayt that.attbe temperance ad
dress b) " Vic- President Colfax',
Saturday night, the receiitlon was
the greatest, tn 'prtlnt.'einoinbers : pnk
and cnthusiism,' ever held n' Hv't ;'.
city. ' Judge Danials, chairman of -)fh
the- raeetin,VTn fntroducluz .Mr.
uoiiax; anuaeu 10 ins purity 01
character and the failure in, the'e t-
teoipt to J fcou'nect'Ma' name' with
the creaic wooiuor; upon wmcu
there warimmensc cheering "n hen
Mr." CoKaX men ccd epeaklDg
the applause was" Ver great. 'Th i
greeting he had received, uoaid.
was. gratifying, because it, suowed
that they believed that , during his
public life, that woul J close next
, 'l " . - j ,'.-. - 1
moDiP, ne naa soueut y biauu
right iu te sisht bf Sod, WI.etlier .
tli e?t,w6yld judged ',lu m wrong"
no V Mr Colfax theh , went oa';
or IA
tA I
peak of the evils' of inlempersnce
and the best methods of teniper
ance legislation; - Alluding o him
self bnt once more," he said;: I he
world is so fuir, of human trial?,
crime and e offering, so full of war,
disease and breaking hearts, so full
of unjust aspersions, that it is some
times hard to hear Unless the minds
are conscioua'o'f reel tiude." Loud
applause; ' t;V"'. ?X Vtr 2
The sifence pf ' the
organs at Indianapolis ou tUo
State printing business, coupled
with the, fact that a tremendous
effort is being made to put through
the Legislature , a scbeino Jj the
interest of one of them, is calcula
ted to confirm the ; prevalent itn-
- ...it 4 1 , . 1 -
presaion cuai sue ohi, parinersui
in Iniquity has ; never lie en entire-,
Iy dissolived." It may not be -mies
to remind these organs that the.
days of the "cat-skinners" arc
past. , The Sute printing in all
its departments and details, mate-,
rial, binding,, composition, press-,
work, etc., must be . opened up to
fair competitive bidding.--Terrc 1
Haute Express. . .,1 j si
The thing has the same nglv'
look down this way.: The people'
are watching this matter closely.?"
The Indianapolis papers; first di
rected their attention to it, and
they are determined that no more
"cal; skinning" shall take 'place ;
without making it interesting to -the
cat skinners Evanf-villo Jour
nal. .. : -It i :
An interesting case was 'decided
last week by A 1'hiladelpbia Judge.'
The plaintiff was a woman who ap
plied for an allowance for the sup-1
port of herself and children from'
her husband. -The-woman 'stated 5
tlmt'she married the - defendant
lived with hitn for sixteen years,
and was the mother of seven chil
dren by him. The defendaat as-J
serted that he went through .the
marriage ceremony' with the wo
man,i he ceremony being performed
by a Catholic priest in Ireland - but 1
he declared that he was a Protestant,"
and cited as a fjfoof that-the msr-
ijsge was not legal, an Eglsh s'at
ute passed la the - nineteenth year
of the rein of Gt-ofg, ll, whic1! d
claree: ''That every marriage that1
Bhall be celebrated after'the l6t day
of May,-1746," between a 4Papist J
and eny person who hath proless-
cd him or berselt to be' a! Pr"otes';
tp.nt at any time ; within ' twelve-
months before such celebration of
marriage, or between two Proles- '
tants . if celebrated by a Popish
ircistsl ail be and 'i hereby dc-
lared sbnolotely null and void to
nil intents and purposes, without
any process, judgm nt or sentence
of law whatafever.-" 'The Jcdce
promptly decided in favor of the"
woman, on the. ground that ;-this
Goveroient will not tolerate a-law"'
born in bigotry and Intemperance.
The present small-pox epidem
ic in uoston nas received meiuc-
rics of . a pveiovs one which swept
over, fie city years ago, wben . m-
oculation of the disease in its form
was thought to be ihef only way'
of escaping it, in its more danger-,,
ous form. A4 that time "sarall pox
parties ... were-orgaiUited, atd a.
company, of '.fr)-sd8 Oi noighbora
would cLub; together and. .take , a
house, hire nurses, and , seperate
themselves from society, Until all
d anser was.' past . It eg ular , in v i t a-t
tions were issued for these parties,
and no doubt they were very ex .
elusive atd select. . , - , ,, . . : ....
fT---T.:. r.-.-f
1 An t(nnrliaL nAWananaf dnAutr.
fngofthe largo amount, of; coal
tm ported, X torn. the United , States .
into the. United Kingdom thiuks
it probable in at eyeoluaiiy a sys-,
tern of iron steam colliers of large
tonoage.willcarry United States,
coal 4.0 all ? parts, of the world, -Some
vessels now loading . for the.
export tiado have a capacity of
4,000 tons. - .
Offlftial) cent us 'reurna ahow.
io,oJW siavea on ibiauu ov uu.
Remaining ia the PostoSiceat Richmond, Ind,:
February 7, 1.87?. , . r .
Andrews Edgar ' Mafia M A
Baldwin fieo rui Milier Martha , . s
Tuiley Murtda K Minnck Amanda , , -
nensoD Tinianr. mcwit nra r
Barret Lilv
Monney I S
llowlin I.isle
Buleer -Nancy '
liosnot Wm
Butler Xfoltie '
CaTapbell Andrew -Cardiral
J W ,
Chapman Jennie
Clark w R , , ,
Cochran Horace
Cook Lydia J .
Cook Ella
Collenham Tbossa
Cure Pary
Elom H- aterN
Entninger Philip
Griffith Lnlie
ttrimea Lncinda.
Harr Christian '
Hnsmeier Ed .
Ilaworth Mablva
Haiton lizsy , i
Huftnnn John
Jackson Lib t-i,
Je-aopKU ? - .
Jol nson Anna
Klenk John '
K-ller Sam-ssl
Kenly Henry , .
Lanaton N R
I-eaTftt Z M J
Monroe Georsit W
":. Merlurney Mr.
, , Neel John
- Patterson Jane '
. Parker Cteorge .
Peningfon James
' ' Pickett Frank
, Porter J W
- Rench Wm C
Rees Liasio , ,
. Rife Mary L
Reed MaitieE - -.
Shank Jacob
Strawbridge Alios
Siatbnek Asa
Sch wan Adam
t Samms Sada . , .
' v Skill man Lillie ' ' 1
Shut Aku ' '
t Tailor George H
Thomas Jennie '
'Thomas Eliaa "
'Tbompeon C I
n Wanker Carolina
Wade A .Scott
Watson John- '
' Wray Charles.
, Wren i M . ,
Wilaon George W "
White H . 1
1 Persons calling I'n- these Letters will plea-'
yAD?Rri'D5Jnn4 gir tho date pi
Miislist j L6t , aB, W. pAfU, .
f Corrected weekly. y K. W. Briffwi a4
Tfod. Neator-tbe former jrivea ua the prinee
of Grain, and the latter, the prices of other
proouce aoa uroeeries.j -
w neat per bu
tl 0 . , 81 W
Corn per ba.... 85 ' '45
Oats pet !............' M)t
Hay per ton 914.80 , r . V '
Butter per lb 98 J'-
EKK per dos. ;.....Hl 85 . at
Piuties periB..,.......: 48,3,i S'J ''
Flour per ewt .... wA 0,1
flams, arored, V.J. fc'".15
Shoulders per lb i.......; 1 .A- i. s J
Sides per lb ., Jj.12
LnrJ per lb .... . t 8. ' ... .r 12
rWr, 'rosT.ed, . f f ' !
JCiOcBU)rra, white, yellowA brown 1CM
New Orleans Molaiaes per nUo...'..". (i 100
sorghum Molasses .pes; gallon.
....... w
el auoiiv.. ,';T..;:.
MfP P R .Of P A
- 11M11 ;Willlfl
" ' - 7 'T- - r
EneoarSc-ed by the faror with which , the
lTEJt-OCN Has been received, the pro
prietor has eoiar--ed it to a . . . 1 . C
- Forty Lnrge Cohmn of Rending "Matter . y
' lu 'tha futore, as in the past,' the INTER
UCEAN will continne the staunch advocate
t the principles ot the Republican partr.
During the political campaign jnst cl' Se it
won position s .'-i-- - : V " ,-';-5...:
i - . , " I- 3-i-i?
TnEEEADD-Q i .,: .
axi--B--roiur, x'-i
And this pgsltioa it will endeavor to maintain.
The INTER OCEAN will continne to be the
Orffn of the People in the largest sense of
the word; iugietiog npon the preservation of
the rights of the a an as against the few. To
this end it will maintaia an unceasing war-,
fare against the abuses and extortions of all
cnartered monopolies; not attempticir to de
stroy the just rights of any, bat determined
to brinff erery special priritee granted br
legisiauro aoi unner control or the power
that conferred it, believing that the pub! is
conscience is the true conn of final resort in :
all questions aHecting the relations of cor
porations and the people. - .--.' v', iilC
In Literature, General News, Yortlga nod'-.
Domestic correspondence, Local Matters, atut , ,
all that goes to make a FIRST-CLASS . ,
li does not intend to be excelled by fcnymbv,
frr . , licatioo in the conntrj-'. -! '
I 'The Commercial Department
Will be conducted with great care, and erery
; , iing possibta will be done Ui-naUes the :
- Jk.HWKMX fEUEiJE-c-E-i.-x-e ;
Snch as the Farmers and Business -en or the
Northwest csn relr apou. ' '
Th9 gricultural Department
Will be carefully edited by a gentleman of
, t . . ability and eiperience. . r,i
- The Religions and Moral Character will be
guarded with especial care, and nothing will
be admitted into its columcs. either as adrer-
tisement or reading matter, improper for the
family .circle. , y c; '
is piiblishad e-fery-day in the' week, Sunday
excepted., i r.i : .;, .
Dy Mail (payable in advance) per annum 812
' :' - , " for six montlis , 6 "
' " - , V for three months ,
Daily every other day, (hrea limes per ' - ,
week,, per year:.;... "1. ... .... 8.00
Papsr for Htuvlay ...j.. .;.... . .$Jektra.
Now goes to more than 3,000 postofBces, dis- "'
tribute i Qver forty-e--e States, Tirritoriej and "t
Provinces, and we solicit subscriptions from
al! parts of the -rorld. - - !
While the INTER OCEAN will especially "
represent the great interests ol tne North- j -wcst.it
is the intention to make it 1 ;
One that w'll be found inlerei-ting and nsefnl A,
to Americans in erery part of the Globe. ZZ
Single Copies, one year ... .... ..1' 1 SO
Four Copies, one yeart.,. . 5 00
Ten Copies, one year.. i.. .....,.. ! 00 j t
Tire; ty Copies, tne year .... .. . . .. . . 20 00 ;
KnAPlfll irmnirAmaMla .... -fU 1
publishers for-clubbing ,with their paWiaa-"
Hample Copies Free".- Money Wn be' ienf ''
by draft, money order erpreas.br rejrhtered 4
letter, at oaf risk. Address ,1 r :-, i;
18 CoB-press Street, Chici-jro.
We will pay all Agents 140 per week in cash -who
will engage with us at once. TerTthin
furnished and expenses paid. Address "
451 A. CLTLfcR Co., Charlotte, Mich, i
J- - y f, . .. . i-, ,,P- t,,, , j,, ,, , a ., ,
. Agents Wanted for .Banyan's. . ,
t f--Y " '"'r" -nu iK' ty
; riigmirs ftogress. -
Tlie most beautiful edition erer published.
I'linled on elegant D.iDer. withnearlv .00 v.
t'qnisite iUustratiors. ' Profits la-ee and salec
. ftnrA. RvArrlm'tf m-. il.: 1.1- i. ' o .
. . j .mo na miuio wra rur
' f circular sod. terms address .JOHX h POT
!TER'4,To'. rublUhera. Phil&!nhi . isi-
to 7ZZ ITii ' KeD" wanted!
dZf --" j . . . ; '. "
people, of either sex, joonj- or old, make
""" """v " lorni m tneir vpare
motiiep tfl, -iftafl ie' time, than at anything
el Particulars .fjBO
SOX i mt, l"brtl - ad, Maine.
AtUlrosaU STIN-
i i v !
A S .is SOLDIERS who- were "wounded 7:
m. ,r eontrscted permanent dweaaes m the '
riTV V f n y.ll --,ii.'n-a . ...
ir- . I i. i . wrum-f to John -:
. . Agent, -aiaiieoonrne
Ohio, inslosina; posUge 1 45w4 ' :
V,- " ' '
rorany case of Blind,
uicmiDg, ncning or Ul
cerated P lie s th a t D 8
Jijtio's Pru RnfEDTfans '
to cure.T It is prepared expressly to core
411 . . aIl! . 1 an aa !
jria.s.' Price $1.00
iitr-,iii'i nciiuiDir eise. isoia dt all Urusr-
We core the habit permanently '
cheap, quick, without anSarlng ;
or inconrenienos. describe yoor
case;. Address S G Armotrnx.
M. D., Berrien, Hichigatu' 1 O Box 8.
:i -, NOBTH-WESrpK5. - r,
1373 Wabash Ave; Cfclcag-o, f lliaols.
r- ?. tAFI.ijr President, Curea 6an-'"
cers wiihoat knifo. or caoatie. or oaln. dr..
always guaranteed.
. - 4Mr
A Book of 128 parea. ehowiiK, Iiav.' mA
where to advertise, and eonteining'a list of
nearl-r 3,000 newsp ape ra, with nvbeh other in-
neany 3,ws newsp ape ra, with mueh ot-ftr
fontion of interest to adwtifers Addr
GEO P. ROW ELI. C0."pnbli.h.
l Park Row, Mew YOi"MV "-Ji
Address -

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