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Hi!.!, t,,'W !
"'ttUaaaCVattTSTCaoAY,BY ' ' 3
RICHMOND FEB, 22,18,3.
. The Tpenttei.liw,!B Bjiiopsig
of whieh wejtibiieh in another col
iunh, pawed the Senate 'oh Thurs
day by ft TC$of $6 xd lis
w aiting the signature of Governor
Hendricks to beedme law.: s When
the Grorenior t3xe ' his 'signature
to it, then 'it goes into' operation
imme&fttexjv "suggest; tuais
soon a this few , goes .into effect,
uur ciuxen Bee to U that its pro
Irisions are fully sawied1 but15 The
only way to male V goocl law effeo
lire, ia fc the, people tc, sie, that it
is rigidly enfeceetL So lenifu;: int
':-. '' .i ! V ...i j(L-4txiAtrt
Under the' 'IbefeBsts?. jfiSfctof
May, 186 eyey cttaaiiof the Uni.
ted Stiles is entitled to J WO acres
of the pubSc domain who set
tle thereon, and reside for jthejpace
of fire jasw.tMDdinet to
this act, made last year, a diserimi
nation is made in faTOf of soldiers
and BaUons, by, dedTixg from the
act jusi passed all ime '. served , by
them in the army or navy,-' to per
fect a title; also allowing them 6
select or locale by an agent, instead
of in person. " This las, privilege
saves a vast3 eal ; of .expense' and
time to those; who propose to locate
lands. IXany are taking advantage
of this amendment, and ; Bhould the
bill now before Congress, ; which
has already passed the. Senate, be
come a law, and of thfs we entertain
no doubt, those' wW locate under
the old law can at once j change' to
the latter,thns having the advantage
of earlier and better i selections of
lands. unii ..ttst. o e'un
Laads For SoMiera V""''-" '
Petitions ' areffuring 'Via upon
Vyongreiw urging the passage of the
bill granting to each soldier,, and
sailer who served in the- - late war,
one hundred and sixty acres 6f pub-'
that this bill will soon become a
law, as it has already passed . the
Senate.''-'- nit vi ( i-'y -u
We can view the paRsage of 'this
act in no other light than as an act
of justice to f the ,- brave men I who
perilled not only their fortunes but
their lives to -'sustain the govern
ment Better give to the soldiers,
inan to Dioatea railroad ;; Corpora
tions. ;-.r.. jf-. j ;ti ,.'! .:i
The Poland Credit Mobilier Com
mittee of Congress made its report
to the House last Tuesday. The
committee recommends - the : , expul
sion oi Uaks Ames, of Massachus
etts, and James Brooks,:. of. New
York, but does not find . any , thing
serious against , the other members
implicated. Next Tuesday, is, agreed
upon lor the consideration . of tbe
report by the louse. The opinion
is freely expressed, at. .Washington
that the requisite two-thirds majori
ty for. an expulsion can not be se-
cured,.. , :.,,f Ti;onu i-.m to - in
The House hAs passed a bill . fix
ing the salary. . of the Superintend
dent olFubnc Instractionat 92,000,
Knox comity, the very first orga
nized in the mate, has not' a mile
of turnpiko road. ! ! ' ,,,' t,! v-:
The Southern Prison, , at Jeffer
BonriQe, has ' seventeen . iemale . in-
mate, amongVhom is ,Mrs. Clem.
The Boehester f Sentinel! relates
that Mr. Wm. Reed, . a i respectable
farmer, has become m insane' from
having to pay a security debt 'r " ; '
' A father and three children in a
family named Walters, at Madison,
have died ef smallpox, lesving the
mother as the only survivdr. .
Mr. Geo. H. Bishop, : of Moral
township, informs us that he raised
1,615 pounds of tobacco from: one
acre of ground last season, and sold
it at 7 cents- per pound, thereby
realizing 91210$ per ; acre. Shel .
byville Volunteer. j ban tf : '(
Hugh Diveh fell frompome part
of the old distillery rums last Fri
day and broke his leg m two places?
split, making the injury a very se-,'
rior.H miR- Cnrnhriffrre Tn'btinA '
The Telegram says: Eighty per
sons in Richmond pay taxes on $10,-
000 worth of ftoperty or over. tThe
heaviest tax payers axe Gaar Scott
& Co., whose property is assessed
at 8172.325., .Two others are as
sessed at over $100,000, (Vaneman,
Raid it Co., and Jaa J. f Morrison,
A deflated emcWiMe candidate
for Coagresa in Connecticut 'two
years ago has no further taste for
poblio -i life.' He ' say's: The
knowledge' obUfned7 at our last
Congressional election leads me to
beiieve that Ii not "the man of
the period,' -In my political Joar
nev in 1871, on the political' ' Irish
wav, as lowest down froitt Jeruas-
lera to -Jerioho,' : I; fell1 ' among
tb- ose experiences which u 'are
some of the most cherished 1 of my
life, roe l osnnoi forget them
ir Lvrnaia. '
Too rreuaent . is resarded . as
quite in earnest in hi determUia-
atlon to secure the.enfoi cement of
the law In Utah. He, recantly
remarked thstif Copgess.id not
give Dim aid in tue legislation
which is needed he would be oblig
ed to to tend more troops to that
Territory. . Tbe Mormons have
90d resson for their excitement
ttr. ColfeBs ViSlanntion
WASHTSQfTebria- The to!
lowincr statement reerarding Mr.
Colfax is made to-day upon the. au
thority of his counsel, Judge Hale :
Jlt'ftmir'ODnAmttee'bn the 11th
ufst., It was for the purpose of show-
200 deposited by him Junfe 22, was
derived, an ? attempt having been
made to' connect- that with: : the . al
leged payment to hicCt ;by: Oakes
Amaa,- His testimony -in that con
nection related solely to the receipt
of $1,000 from Mr. Nesbitt of New
lork, between the 16th and 22d of
June, 1868, and to the sums of $200
paid him. by Mr. Mathews,- his utep-
xathec,. during i the same time., Mt.:
Colfax ) in fact received ;.from . Mr.
NesbitVduring the year :S1G8,- $4-,
000, contributed in part fox person-;
aland in pert , for political -purpo
ses, in four remittances i-of - l,yiH)
h, sent respectively m April, June,
July and r October, r In giving his
testimony Mr. Colfax acting under
the advice of counsel who had full
knowledge of all the : facts, and to
whom belongs the entire responsi-
uihty of the conduct of the case in
this regard, confined himseli to a
statement in regard to r the:- remit ,
tance of June, that being the ;onlv
one having any possible connection
with the 'Subject of 1 inquiry ,- befor
the .TCOmmittee . which ! coulil 1 he
brought before' them without being
deemed wholly unimportant to the
issuer ? After 7, the committee - hrtd
dosed its pnbhc sessions Mr. .Col
fax learned that-inquiriee were. b:
ing made privately by th wmaoit
tee . concerning his ; bank , account
during the months of: May and. July,
concerning which no queniion . had
been under them raised., iHe there
upon immediately notified the com
mittee by letter of the abave re
mittances of Apr&aBd July, stating
the reason why he had not referred
to them in his . evidence as above
giren and say ing to the committee
that he.would be glad to appear be
fore them and submit , in the first
instance to their private ins))ection
the? letters covering the remittances
o April , and July, and tbatf it .on
uuch . inspection the) conimittee
deemed them pertinent 4 to , th$ 1 in
quiry with which they were charged,
he would then testify publiely con
crning them, and submit the , let?
terst for ;pnblication The propo
sal 1, -was f again submitted by (M v.
Colfax's counsel to the committee' in
person, but the committee! have - as
yet accorded no further hearing to
Mr Colfax,' public or private. -
-1 Meanwhile i grossly- i perverted
statements charging Mr. Colfax with
having informed the committee that
wheh he testified concerning the re
mittsnceof June he had forgotten
the check received in July, and also
that he had deliberately suppressed
ft1 part of the truth, material to the
issue, have been circulated and tele
graphed to the press.; 7 In fact the
remittances, of April and July and
the correspondence covering - them
confirm, instead of weakening, 'the
testimony of ; Mru 3olfax f 'and the
witnesses by whom he is sustained.
T Of Mr.' Oollsx's defense the Cin
cinnati Gazette - gives an 1 opinion'
that will find indorsement with all
save bitter partisans whom nothing
will satisfy: Mr. Colfax has- kept
Imrpromlse, and has done what few
I men of a busy life can brought '.up
details of money received four years
back, and shown where the curren
cy and other funds came from which
made up this deposit in -which was
supposed ' to be the proceeds ; of
Oakes ! Ames' check." When the av-
' cusation of publio men ragee in pro-
of legal evidence;snd demands of
them to establish their"- innocence
by proving' a 1 'negative, it forces
them to faring their family and their
most private affairs into public: To
deny full credit to ; Mr. v- Colfax's
statementt requires that we. ' shall
believe that he and his father-in-law,
MrlMatthews, and bis half sister.'
Mrs,! i HoHister, havet committed
perjuryToi :It requires us to believe1
that! Hub mother, in I order '.'to
prepare', future 'corroboration for
this falsehood, wrote to her daught-'
er in Iowa, telling of this" generous
gift to Mr. Colfax's champaign ' ex
penses; as if in motherly pride at
this token, of the popular apprecia
tion of her son, i ' It requires us to
beheve that years- ago,- when Mr.
Golfax was on a . wedding journey,
he told his wife a lie, to prepare her
to testify in future ) to corroborate
his falsehood. d--u 1 v. Jj-.i..."
I Washwotok Feb. 19-Judge Po-
i land's ( Committee , held : a ' special',
', meetmg this morning to hear: thd
1 additional statements of Wcv' Presi-;
dent CoMai,rwho was present with
his counsel, Judge Hale; ? 'Ames sat
j ! directly opposite
the'-'Vice' Presi-
dfttlft; ';if Jjhh
i Judge Hale said that when 3Ir.
i Colfax came' upon the stand, on the
i 11th insti,; the immediate question
; before - the committee ' related to
j deposits of June 22, and he examin
' ed him solely as to to 'the- 'sources
j from which he ' Colfax obtained
- that money.'" At the time he rhad
full knowledge of the remittances
ifrom Nesbitt,' Which - Mr. Colfax
i would exnlain and; submit 'letters'
from Nesbitt 'Mr. Hale was influil
enced in this course mainly to con-!
fine that testimony to the point . at
issue:! Again; as the' letters' Were
' somewhat' of ' a private nature, : he
did not Want to bring them before
the public. Vbtl Collar now desires
to present these letters r and answer
aar otiestions asked.J ' ! - 9-J ' l
I Mr.' Goifax, 'after reading ' the, let-
tors oi Nesbitt stated that the first
of the remittances in April was1 es,
prelfely for personal use; I'Thethon-
sana aoiiar diii m ; me
tat letter of June was
for1 political
he check in
nurposek s&d so was the check
the letter of nly! " He then1 pro-
a .... ,r, At. -
r i,ouo, dated
June 22, the same day that he de
posited 11,200 in bills, which 'draft
he had sent to and was endorsed
by the Chairman of the Indiana
Republican Committee, and of an
other draft, dated July 18, which
he had sent to and endorsed bv
I ' i-1
hun : bysWH)btaeM pfhrpew
es that month, stating that these
drafts circumstantially proved that
the! two rfcacXr June Vnd
the following affiijavi adding- titat
aiinougn nis imeinent as pwomn-
I tm fi"n titfwfit-a iff Vj bir hi
reasons stated by. his counsL .re
ferred only tpjthft $1,000 in June,!
the gentleman showed that his
memory was that, Colfax ,hadtold
him of both these, pohtieal remit-'
tencea.of Nesbitt's, y, rf.,aj ,-. mc
.State,' of Indiana,,; St, Joseph
County, Bickston - Burroughs, , citi
zen of South Bend, in said, equnty
and Stote, being vdnly ,; swornPi d-'
pqses as follows : During the sum
mer of . 1868 , after thei-.retujn ; of
Mr Colfax , from .Washington,- in
consultation about thejapproaching
political compaigu,. he fColfaxl re
lated jtcj j me t one ( of the .circum
stances of r having made i'theu ac
quaintance of jan old gentleman in
New i'ork ...fjity by i&ej name , of
Nesbeti that he., fNesbett, . stated
to Mr, Colfax that he nor his friends
wanted any "office, c or- 4n common
parlance, he had no axes to grind,
and he had an abundance of j means
for himself and family, and . wished
if Mr. Colfax .would accept, to .-.bestow
part of his wealth iin surh a
manner as wfuld; assist' Colfax in
defraying his -increasing expenses
incident to the campaign and .then
offered him , Colfax : the 1 . sum t of
$1,00Q or 2,0Q0 Iiam, not fcertain
which sum, but it.was either SS1,00Oj
or $2,000, for u such 'purpose, iwd,
that all the favor he fNesbitt j would
ask in return was that he - CoHaxcP
would, call on -i him , Nesbitt and
take tea with him. I have frequenii-'
ly spoken bf paid conversation'; to
many of my .neighbors and friend
in South Bend, during the last fctr
weeks, and having 5 been informed
this eveningf that Colfax had recent
ly made a statement in relatioa .to
said matter, before the ; investigat
ing .committee ii Wsshingtonr( V
though I. have not seen! said. ustate
mtait, yet I take .pleasure in making
this affidavit ii proof of - tbe trans
action about ( receiving said money
from the said Nesbitt, in the . hope
that it may ill some measure serve
the cause of truith; and help to vin
dicate the character of a ' just 1 and
truthful man, (whom I j haves inti
mately known for more than thirty
years,' against the malicious asper
sions with which;his good: name is
assailed. ; I will addr further that
Colfax mformed;me during the con
versation aboytc referred: to, , that
the said Nesbite did give him $1,000
pr $2,000, 1 am not ! certain which
sum,! ana that ne ilfaxj; soon
after sent the amount so received
to the Chairman -of the .-1 Campaign
Ltommittee at fiiidianapolis.
j: i -. 1 BlCKBTSpS BuRKOTTOHS-t;
.,. Subscribed and sworn to .before
me, this 13th day of Feb. 1872- -:
; Seal . Gbobgk H. Alwabd, T '
h'SqsO Oi:T . Notary Pjiblie:.,u
rNsw York,0 Feb. nlft Theo Post
Imsa the t- following : special ' ' from
Washington iovlni regard toff Mr.
Colfax there is some additional evt
deuce of the most 'positive charact
tor that "Ames, in iai conversation
with gentlemen other than Crounse
amvthe'iA evening': of ui the same
day; or-that -of-xhe-day''foll6wmg:
that on which Mr. Colfax first testi
fied before- the - Poland !ommittee
after (holiday recess,' did say that
Colfax's - testimony was substantial
ly correct, and that the 'only point
upon which they differed was in re
gard to his stiii i owing i-Colfax - the
.i$500 paid a subscription to Credit
u'u;i:..v 4..i " -,iVJi
his merr ory was clear that h$ had
returned this moneys and : that1 the
aocount between" ? them was i closed
without "I receiving "anVi dividend
whatever ;fronretock4U he J;
i-rro-; .''mi)" mm d:' . Uiats.i.
f I make now ;myi pilgrimage.
the.Weet; again vuodertespeetA'
tkoueena,, times; morex ropiuous
and with, the assurance that il - ait)
a, citizen a eoifuiry freeJiu.Ueti
and whicii jlp caii. traTel ia ,( very
part witb't penli to; life or Urn1)
When 1m l, 1, went ,We Ij kept th
liQe Maon and-Pixpn s liud-asi
there was danger', in ; sayiugr, tbat
God made men free, and the r devU
only took their Ubf rues away j byt
now thvre is nonch danger u
there is not a State in " whic-li
cannot travel un molested ; , there is
not Sj State- In which 1 vnno sut
whatever tBxight tor any -,maa 1 10
say. .1 glory in t!e emancipation of
my country ) 1 glory iotthis with
joyouf ipirit v with;, a, gladnes!
cauopt exprer6 ;i''i promiu.pewi
of myjfoouny ;tI.jrejoice int her
defttinV. , I may nver againr,;have
a opportunity to.,set Bmy(, toot oj
the Weet, apd.I go. witk.gladaes;
and although yoo uannot . particiT
pate in niyeatbusiaflin I know, you.
sympathizewith u.in the Jarget
degree, I shall be absent hut itwp
Sabhaths, and be with yauagaia ,0
the second ( Sucday in.,MrcUr.fr,
the comutuxuonof tb , church.
U i'nry , Ward Beech er's,, sex 01,00 1
a.'Plymoaih'Cbb.-cVtnJ' d-wohi
ii a in on k tue urst inmates 01 ,iue
State PrU6n, k Jeffersor.yTlle.r
whom the IhvestigaUiii; Comtnittee
expressed a desire to ete, was 'jlrs, ,
Vtem. oue receiyeq .fuerj visitors
with that self-i or sensed andlad,y
lfbe manner ' fo' Whiilh0 she U so
noted, and throughout ttieintereiew'
maintained a'1' qufet and dignlred
mien. She lias not been' eniovinj?
as good henUb during the pitst two
months as before, though the irK
some conflneinht does sot appear !
execution thai she is 'considerably '
pater.'i She does' nor SeeWJwJ;be
cast down by her f itnation run
expresses the utmost confiderlce In
; final escape,' and 'still asserts er'!
innocence of the 'awful crime' with.
which she i'cnafedLln heconi1
I versanon a,ae is very
reticent Si'.
i i J1-HV. -.l.'i. j t i; 'i-;
concerning her chances for having1
Lt 1 ner luiure luueuuoui ui uuuca
a rehearing in court p, and decltn
ed to talk on tbe sucject. nbe is au
careful reader of the Indianapolis
papers, and keeps thoroughly post
ed regarding Indianapolis affairs.
IV .
A bill has been passed by the
House, which provides that coun
tieOkvlngTho agriculturalrv. society'
Qiltoir awiwhuJt-Jht-lnnginc . to .a
diatact agricultural fgciety, shall
tuttil overi the h&Mm , money i re-
chandise or . exhibitors , of , public
Siloes ai,such fairs toihereasmrer
Tof such society.
Vlije Senate
amending tne
i $ , to w 1 i 1 n co rp r. a 1 on
tt a'uth pri ?.e in cu v t o r tel
xact a licence fee o
. 1
act, so ag to
towns to exact
'$100 ayear'frpm tiqu9f yidei7 and
xfifty ' dollars a year, froiii! keeper-. ' f
public bitliaid, tbj'i. Tlie lloue
llus 'passed a simitar t)TI,r 8Utlir4z
Tirft lie collectioij of ViloO Jiquui'
license fee, M - ;
The IIoue Corouiutt , on jlfenev,
6lent Institutions recomiuii. I. aj-
proprlatiOns for Alie iVcxt t'wo yearn
as follows;' For flVn "Uo'spitul Tor
fthe insane, 8381,000; or the" Ins; i-T
ute for the Deaf and fyWb, $13
500 for the Institute foV the Hliudj
13l,000 , The apprpbriatlona in-J
cioao tue cost ii .enlargement i
the Insane' Hospital anil 11. imi Asy
lum. v. '
1 - Baxter's Temnerance Bill. v f
- , ,V .-. ;v.-. v-7
ine icnowing nrucie, wmcu we
ttke fiouilhe Inntanspolis Journal,
bf'Tluirsday last., fcee'tn .to '.aaMirt'
the,p8sage of this biil, j'ist as it,
i from t ie House. j,f I ner Jour-.j
says: ''The 'Jrn-hds t. the
House temperanuc Vyl' . wMi'jjC has
created sub a coinmoiion of. late,
(were jusuy juoi aisi inay... evening
over .the assured sucoess .f the.
measure.1. " Tbe action of '.tho Sen
utej yesterday, indicated ' its pass-
"J ttai ooMy beyonti quea ion.
"A mos; stiibborn fight was made
against its'. passage ia',.)ls', present'
sliapV Niimetous ' amendment
were onered, some , in good vaiili
an'4 80ine,,evidehtlv, for the . purr
yua tit ueiay. pumft f un;ujitr
"who suunOrted tlie bill aa it cme
from the'Houso were . nor satisfied j
with it iii!- everv v'barUcula'rI'i 'and
"would have favors' cerlainauaeridV
uieuis ouereu nu ifci'ie,en,-,A,eeu,,;.lP
pricticablc. .ut a whbtsou e fear
W.as eniertame'i mat 11 ie o:u wa
tiniendedind a ietiifried T to the
ioiise,. its enemies woulfl jny.sqBpe
nocus pocus,' contrive to bury ii
for th rfminIr nf tlin wpssinn
It was evident that the ' noses tiai
It was evident that the .noses .
ueen . carefully , cdunled, . and its
friend,' knowing thai they ' bad, a
klear, reliable majority in its favp",
stubbornly 'refused ta'-allow tbe
crossing' of a ,tv,"jpr; the dotting o;
su.'"i," and" the b'lV wa-'iidereil to
a third reading preclstly as it came
"frdm the House. Tlie . passage or
the bid is, then alsurtd. The
blood of the temperance people is
at lever heat, and they will lo-te no
time" in testing its qualities, and so
its ' constitutionality "and efficacy
will soon be brought in. .question "
The bill prohibits the sale or giv
ing .-a way j of , intoxicating, liquors,
with a view of being drank on the
premises, without .a license. , Par
ties who , obtain .'a" license' . are 4 re
quired to file a 'petitioh with the
county commissioners, ."signed by a
'inajority .of the voters in , the ward,
te'wn : or township, oh the basis of
the yote.oast at' the last ? preceding
Ctongressipnal . election.' The j seller
is also required q fi a ! bond for
$3,000, properly executed,.'with two
good freehold securities. , , The bill
declares that any personj who shall,
Duelling or , giving . : liquor ' to : mi
"hpr cause,' in whole or in part, the
'intoxication of Jany .-, other,, person,
shall be ; tiable for anl compelled.to
pay a, reasonable fomriensation ,tq
any perspi . who maytake, charge
and care, fpr , such drunken person,
whicii Vmay be', recoyed ,in any
potirt pf competent jurisdiction. . ?It
declares it unlawful toi. become ; in
toxicated, .with a penalty of .fine . or
unprisonmeni ; prohibit the, sale of
nquor, M on, punqays,, , uimuaja, , , uai
election 'days, and. also between the
hours of . 9 p.. 'm. . and " 6 .a m., of
evej-jf other day, under a, penalty .of
frpm.$5 to f 25 fpr ', every , .sale. f:j It
prpviaes ,inat, any. . iiusoajiu, uts,
chuot parent, euardianr employe, or
biher person, who shall be injured
hi person pr property, 'or means of
support, ,by an. nitpxi.cated , person,
or in consequence' of .the, intoxica
tipn of any , person, ; shall , .have a
right of action in.j his,t'pr "her, oyrn
name, severally. , 'pr, jointly s. against
tlie'jperspn- or ' personsho shall
have been, mstrumental m causing
such inioxication, by giving or sell-
mg liquor,, anq any perspn ownmg,
renting, leasing... or. rttmtting the
occupation , of any ,, premises, . and
knowing' tliat intoxicating hquors
are aispensea inerein, or., who, . iiay
ing leased the same for ) sother, pun
poses,' shall knowingly. , permit in'
toxicating hquors , to be sold -there,
in, shall become equally Uable, with
the seller of the Hqubr for any dam-
. ages, provided .that, ; the .execution
shall first be levied on the property
of the vender., , , A married . woman
shall .have the same right to bring
and control a suit as a lemme sole.
' The unlawful sale or givmg 'away
; of ljfots Shall work a forfeiture of
: the'lease,! and all the rhts of the
lessee of the premises: All ! suits
may be brought in ' any competent
court and the judgments recovered
without relief. . The bill makes, it
tmlawful to furnish to any person
any Kqubr when , he isdxunk pr if
he is in the habit of bejhmg'drunk.'
The penalties' for "the "violation "of
this section ' are' from'5 $5 ' tb ' $50?
The 55 bill establishes" penalties ' b!
fines from $5 to $50 and unprison
ment in the county jail from ten to'
thirty days for each offense.":.. &
.There , has been great excitement
over, the question in,lhetate and
the tieOTslature .has-been over-
! whelmed Svith petitions and membr-
37,000 persons and wasT00 feel
long, ; There seems tcibe.no doub
House, Feb. 191873.,
The House passed the following
To authorize county boards to
declare what water courses shall be
considered navigable and allowing
the exnimdifuredl additional jnoijfy
to prevent-flie Otfeuctf6Tr-6fwaftSr
courses. .. ..
PrpyMin& that Jn uits, fgupst
railway 'cdmpanleffTdr' damages-for
fttock hilled the jgdgments'whalHn-cludeivraatoaa'attdrne-
3 RepeaKhgthblefttiotf of theT Sid
and Treasurer 2300 for 8tiperri
ing the free, banking business. M
.The Hou concurred in thq Sen
ate amendments to .the Practice Act
giving the 'Stte-"the ' opening 'and
closing iirguments' in criminal -cases.
,. Bills were introduced aa follows :
Declaratory of the meaning of the
act supplemental , to, the act ap
proved May 12. 1869, providing for
aid to railways byrcbunties or town-.
ships taking -stocX therein or- mak
ing donations; thereto-: -.:( oati)
JMaking further provision. for tiie
cure of the "insane hy 4 the erection
of an additional insane hospital'
! Providing-for the' construction of
private ii narrow-gauge railways.!
This bill gives the prwners of nulls,
quarries, etc the', privilege of. .lay
ing a three-foot gauge railway .from
their rirmequarry or other place' of
business to any railway biS naviga
hls sti eam Under: the same rules as:
govern Ahe laying out of highways.
For the reHef . of , honorably. dis-J
charged soldiers or their, wiclbws
and orphansj !whJrnay 'have become
paupers.-s-iq 5t iiinn .
To provide' that ittbe rate of in
terest on vei diets shall be the same
as mentioneofinTne original con--tract.
iri -l Ja K s.t
Providing for" the reoreranization
and g6verhment6f "'State prisons.
This bill, places prisons under charge;
of a board bf seyenrto, be ; chosen !
by the pbveiorand providefor,
teacherf of-,'the common , English
branches in addition to the,, Chan-;
lain. The,,, boairtL must also , take
cogmzanco o. e conainon 01 ue
county jaus, ana . J nave, ; general
charge of the details of the govern
ment oI.thelpxisani.Y' ,vt;'J -.uxmJL
Authorizing t township trustees
doing township business to declare
water courses public highways. . "
Jrrovidmg for tha estabhshment
of a bureau of statistics of labor J
Providing fori a 'progressive' tax
on the property of the State. J-lvit
, ' The bul making a. second ' mort
gage, providing it shall - have been
first recordedj -the prior hem failed
to pass, - t I'lsiktvr.': h-yyrilj
- The following bills were indefi nitely
postponecb.il 1 ) ' ) an butt
Authorizing' smtei to be brought
in the partnership ,xune rgainst in
dividual members of the firm. ;iJ -u
. .Defining the rights of pastures
and feeders of stock; . 1 c "b mu.
. 'Amending: section ; 591 of ' the
Practice Act amending the; act con
cerning the election and qualified
tioi of jaroralnp iadj ''m na
-, ! Reducing the per 'diem of ' mem!
bers to per day. wf! :-:H.iq
7l..r. - ;,'., ,;vi. :t
) OBgresfonaI.
1l .-.y.'i
r . .l-.T.nT.T- - . ' -
iioAT, r eo.
Sematc ,The comoiittee on peoaions
reported adversely, to. granting pensions
to soldiers of tne warof 1812 who serv
ed :eas tnan sixty avja. ine same com
mittee reported without amendment the
House bill to restore' to tbe pension
rolls the names- of (orroer pensioners of
the war of lolij dropped because of tbe a-
sympathy with the rebellion. An ataTnd-
ment to thft Naval Appropriatlonf fiiil.
making the term at t ho Naval Academy
b:x insteaa or jour years was agreed to
also an ..amendment r appropriating $3,-
ZUU,UU tor the construction otight
steam war vessels.-s"u ' ' ': i: !,i t '
Housr. Th Senate ' Mineral 'Land
Bill passed. i A bill.iwas reported to aid
the construction, oC, the Surro Tpguel
from 'the. .nrnceeda of sales of mineral
lands by a loan of 200.090.000 on first
mortgage. , vTbe bill ,to provide rfQr ,i
Board of Commissioners of Commerce
Was laid on the table.1 ' ' A t J ;
Skati. A series of resolution' oon-
gratulating Spain .updo the establishment
of a ' republican . form of enverntnent
were offered and laid over" The Ooue
bill to consolidate the' pension laws was !
amended te lfmit he Compensation 'of
c'aim agentP-and'inSsevemi other ' pari
iicuiarK ,v.lT amended bin waa tSien
passed. Anamenduteat to tha Naval
Appropnation Bill, priiding thatflkfttl
cers promoted,sbU-pot draw tbeir pay
unti) specially deKignated by thePresir
deal to fill vacani:s, was agreed to.; Aa
amendment providing that no part of the
money-ppropriated bv the bUVsha.lt be
On account of vessels or vessel ' eneines
contracted for -daring ' the war was
agreed tSv, o-,oI .U';.iimiia to
Hoow: The won was chiefly 'oc
cupied iadibensaioo of the bill fori the
distribution of the , Geneva award.- on
which no action waa tak&n. ,,,., t ,d
: 1 zA) -tMdsoAT,'' Feb. Vtf.d
SKMAt J.'The1 majority ' of the fnes-i
tijratin$ committee' m the Caldwell tease
reported hi electmr. ': Senator; from
Kansas invalid j The Goat Island r Bill
was reported,, without, . recommendation,
from the Military Committee, ard placid
on trie caiemlur, I he amendmect XQ.
the Naal Appropriation bill, giving in
creased pay to retired officer?, war Con
curred in. The Nil Was then passed.'5'"
fItcsuThi bill ippropriating $63,4
001) t reimburse the College of William
an t Mary, of Virlia,1 for deatractien of
property during tha 'war, wag passed-'
An amendmenf wa9iftfred to tbe San
dry Civil Appropriatioti , bill prohibiting
the printing of books py the uovernmmt
lor Ire distribution. me American
and Asiatic Telepnph hi! I was uaaed.
It autbonsea nhCAinerica and Cast
India Tlegrah "CiMnrmrrv to lav a snb
marine cable' r troWxtie' Pacific - coast1 of
the United HtatMa te'thb Atlantic
and that, vna , rh moret Goverataent
Bteamersmaj aid in the-work. A aub-t
stitute for the Agricultural College, bilV
providing that lor .vrv $i'H or ftnnuat
income derived -from the" benefits' of the
act there shall be a free scholarship, and
tnat wnn tne inooine aoiounrs to sou;
009 tuition shall be free, was ' airreedte
and the bill passed.! It. - ambza
, SBKiTK.The Hoase biU allowing atr-
der tbe bankranl la 1 the ' ! exemotiona
allowed by tha laws of each State in 4871
to be valid against 4ebt . coatiaotsd
fore theaioutian of auh law; aFaflaa
afterward, waa passed. The Amerioaa
and Asiatic i elesraph bill waa paamd :
also, the tluse billjor relief of eetjJers
on ine cioox recervaiion in tninnenoia.
The Vice P esident laid before the Sen
ate a petition of Simpson, of counsel in
tbe Pomeroy investigation, asking that
the investigation may be extended so as
to receive the statements of members of
the Kansas Legislature now at the cap!
il & n 7L. , ,
om Honty was offered btj
u6offs-wRVineroy for
ing for him, and after debate a resolution
was agreed to directing the special com
nptte tr iqriirer-'.te VT ai legalise ef
bribery or corruption by Pomeroy in the
A f'Sfi?W.
members named in conoeeiiop with the
Credit Mobitier. The reinaiuder "of the
it RBioa wai'fpent in ' Committee O the
c Whole eh the .Civil , Service billif ; jaI j
l.r hi .:lj:i.a3yn?MP Fell9,.j j
Sekats.-TUp House bill provid-i
jin that. upon. importations of ,su
ar,',mblas8v.a, and pig and railroad
"iron 'the' mount' 1 "th'4 "bond1 re
quired shall be bnly- double' the a
. in on ut of r the duties to be paid;and!
upon another importations tue in
MKK v8iue,oi ,iue.gooiis witii
lies auned,'cwas' reported 1 w
amendment by tha Pinanco
mittee, A bill, was mtroducedahd
referred lo.tbe Judiciary; Oomnait
tee authorizing the P.rtfsident,.to
appoint'three commission v ra to je-i
vise the bankrupt laws. Passed: '7 S
Housb.h Passed : ."Tii e bill pro-i
yiding for tUer publication rjofhe'
debates by Miirtog'h,'6f.the Wash-,
ington Republican; the bill extend
ing till Febtuarv ,l.f 1874,' the 'time
fiozi filing; iclaiBift! for- additional
vboupty under tbe.acjt of..;18G6; ... tie
nill to proyiau torheadstones in the
national umitary vemeteriesj a I so.
a uni to previrro .-"tnat 'no person
6bali''befpronotedin array who,
is. addicted to the intemperate use:
of intoxicalingJLiquors or drugs.
Gigantic Building Lot Swindle.,, '
CHiCAGoVFeb.' 'gourde Trib ine
this morring published a-'iulk;ex-
P9se.lSot a jawinrlle, ip..so called,,
.(UhicagQ city lo wiiipiappesrs. to
uv -i nirciuiv uuuiuKrru iln viii.ithb
-by-triousannS and Xif be still' adding
Ttoi.. tne Tittmir iB the - Kastern
States. :, : it . ap pear a. from tbisf sc-
.posniahatjpnef.Wf.i Scotia pur
chased a quantity of., swamp Ian,d,
Heuseat$9 ah acre,aud subdivided
it intb iotay which have been sold at
j$00 jeaipiiundxeds; of people in
ihis city,, and to many . in f. other
ttecuonsoi inecoumry. l ne. rriD
?nrie publishe1 "a rlift of ! over ' one
thousand purchasers;1 An eiarMoa-
- tion of the plat of : this subdivision
.which was dubbed abe Boulevard
Saljdivision, ahpws that tlia lot
'ranged in si2e from 15' by 35 to 9
?by 120 feet.7 The streets averaged
.6 feetin wklth and the alleys 'lS
t j Xetters are being constantly".. re
reived here fiom 'nariiea East' in
qairlhg tts. to the value "of lots" n
Ibis subdivision,'7 showing11 that
some parties are offering' thein for
saie;invthat part or the country.!!
' If- there" were -'nothinar- elseJ to
.commend Mr Golfax to fair and un
. prejudiced treatment at the hands
of bis countrymen,, f, tbe , ferocity
and malice' with which he "is Dur-
sued by Democratic fonrnals would
be sufficient. Tbe eagerness with
. which tbeee reixe upon ever? u
mor and fact that can. be employed
.to his disad.yantage, clearly, reveals
the spirit and' purpose, which actu
ate them. -' u is not troth nor?
justice that they seek, but the grat
iCcation of f, partiaan hate..: Mr.
Colfax, above, most ther men. has
Ipng been and still is, an object
or popular Tegara ana uonor, . ana
rwbatever promises to lessen 'these
is hailed as a sod-eend by bia pb
litieal enemies.,, , 'fhff.t distinction
. which malice thus confers on him
'above others in the Credit Mobilier
affair, is'ati' honor of which he may
justly be prtfad.--Toledo Cbtnmer-
.ictaUoru.ti Hail hisa MaiuxsZM t-iu
Eflect of the Grant ot 8ay of. Pro.
5 reeding ia theStoke CaW. -L 1
-5 I '
The question i everywhere asked, in I
what - way ir tha, Vmm decision ! in ithe
Stokes cave to operate as . a v bar ,to its !
final adiudicationT The case now 'goes
-to the General Term or fall bench ot tbe
Supreme Coort,- where it is passed in re
View W the bill of exceptions. Should
The ratings of he' Judge in 'the" lower
vurt be sustained, the council for ine
prisoner, bas the. rightand of caurse will
take advantage of it, to carry the case up
ti the'Court Of A ppeala,'' the decision' of
jwhith is -finakr" The ( General .Term
nieeta in Ne w york, City if March but
the argamentj through various legal re
sorts on the part br tb defence; may Be
delayed fof some time. : By 'some good
judges it is asserted,, that , Stokes is safe
for two 'years longer5." Ha," will "be re
moved in aew days to the comforts
fbia.eldosllro-f htittn ,rMT.:.tad?i;l
, The Ltiweil Carpel Company are
in troducin g a novelty in extra 'sup
er carpeting which wonsists of
giving the'gddds1, the' appearance
of 'a ! four-frame !brusse"ls,'i wfthont
increasing fthe ? number : of iflysi
Such as have been produced have
a r'bbed ..appearance, .very; .much
Tike rhat , bt bnissels, but the atr
ferns," we tniuk,are! not equal ' ib
those .of the tegular goods.' ' 10
It is staged with1 reference i6 the
probabie-for tune bf the 1 ttd trade.
that i within .jfoorteerii or -fifteen
months Iro.ia tbis time five-thous
and tons of pure: tin metal, will be
exported' from Sid neyT Australia',
ind that not less than that quantity
can be shipped regularly for years
to.come. asooiq's.r'i.'ffrj' mm j iilA
q .The gold .watch lost Vv t he youag
lady stopping at, Mr. O Isriea was
found by Mr, Beni. Dresser, ot the
car works! ; The loss was announc
ed by Elder Tomasbn at the ' close
Of services at the Cbristain cbnrcb
on Suuday evening' the 9th. r. After
t,h congregation llwaa, li?.ini(e f
Mr. Jre8er. wanted lorwar.i an
deTivereu the lost proiepty ' thus
proving himself honest and worthy
of the-Con6dence of bis .'employers
aad community .-Cambtidge0Xlb
, ;Tbe gallant Attorney General of
Stale ha informed the Legislature
inai mere is uu cousuiuuouai. pro
vision prohibiting an Unmarried fe
male from holdine the office of
State Librarian. He thinks the
bill now pending in the House wil
make valid the election of Mrs
tal,l wi
Meat eaters and vegeteriansi
show m their persons the effect olj
the diet. The first has the most
brain form,, and.,, nervous p-nergy.'
bletionsx ddvaloges nlhest
treme pngnacity when the vegetai
rian's views in regard to that one
engrossing thought of nltr me are
discussed. They are anual meeting
reformers, without ever ' setting a
river on fire-i Arabs fare r a . .sober,'
frugal pacerratner sienaernotf tu,
consci6ncious and J contention's on
religious subjects 'n They-' largeTy
subsist on rice, pulse, n41k ajjd ikei-i
mac, something similar tq whipped
cream. . Through a vast region ox;
aired country where they are mdi
Srenous.' "TheV arVnot' destitute" of
mutton, goatet 'camels and 'game;
but they manifest no disposition M
feed, upon meats; as is, necessary in
tempeate zones, W in'' high nbrth-l
ern lauruaes. .ainieiiecuuu iuu.
one of their kindred,' 'who Mses -to
distinction by, the ganduerofthis
mental status is-; extremelyT rare.
The beer and ale , drittkers expand
and grow fat;5 but' ,theyr"are hot
much given tb profound1 research
es in science.5'.: ? u-issq mH
The Louisville Courier Journal
is oppbsed to extending tlie patents
on sewing machines!1 It'sayS:' Wo
man's rights are in danger ifotlbe
ing assailed in a very serious point,
one which is pf. more , conceitp
the gentler sex than " the ' right' of
suffrage 'or office holding. u -The
sewing ; machine manufacturers,
whose, patents will shoKtlyi run sout,
are; not, disppsed to surrender., their
highly prohtable monopoly without
'trvincr to ' briiicr a boerful lobbv
influence to' bring " nporK CSoDgreBS
The price of a . sewing j machine ;m
the United States- Is , about i,vnce
the price ..of a..tsimilar. article. jn
England. ' If we multiply 'tiiis ' e'n-
brmous' excess by' the "number of
sewmg machines sold paunuaily c in
this country it.' ican' easily. be, ieben
that the monopoly, isj. wrthuuv:
Hons. It is stated, that a good m
chine Can be made and sold prbfitai-
bly for-' $15, - and, in behalf u of ' wo
men, we call-on Ckhgre8Srtb"dathe
fair thing, and, i eject the request of
the mpnopoiists, jWho - have made
quite enough ouj; of the sale, of an
in evirv lr(-bbMi;' i? T3X o mya
. The Clinton, ( Iowa ) .- Herald says:
Some of the journals of this couh
try will now be' obliged to' take ' ih'e
back tr&cK, or remain m' an' unen
viable condition as regrrds the tio-i
aition assumed toward I-o pA
"We do not expect thOse Twhich Wil
low in the slime of 1 opposition '' to
BepubUcanisrh-tb retraCt--that is
nottheir business. " - -The. greater
the ..falsehood "against. andT, the
ereater.the likelihood that thev can
bring down t6; their 7 own level, ua
man of such-pure and unblemished
character as Mr. Dolfas the umbre
are .they confirmed, inj prosecuting;
ithe nefarious work xetr we believe
there . are nonorable exceptions
among- th'es'e'ran'd we do not : expect
to see alV of them -attempt tb belief
tie' the plain and unvarnished state
ment of JIr.,(luix,.whinli sustains
his reputation for truthfulness and
, ;, Tbe ijHartfprd Cuuranj, fpeaking
of the popularity,. the Cqp.Dec.tj
cut J Republican' trtjketj ""saysj.:
'There is not a paper -(hv; the 'State
wbich bas been, worki eg steadily in
harmony,. ,wi, h, ,the7.,Bepliliap
party for tbe,p.asi year ,ut "fiiyep
an earnest and hearty 8npiKr,'l6
the note inees: of the 1 co'nrentiorf.
Evea nbn-partisant journalr auch
as f he Danbury ;, Qie w an i .Soutb
Norwatk Sen'inel,. are enthusiastic
in ira rut ir i n , I o ti Ati
aU 110 VUUJUiTU.IIIWVUt - . r
3 . -UJ
A Petterslwirg, jVirgiiija, firfii,iiaa
receiver! a bnle of f yeg etable wool,
made ' in '.Franklin'" county Jorth
Carolina: u It la somevrhaf 'similar
to cottott;Wow ot u. hi-iq Ua inoil
At his 'reslilsnt-e, in Whitewater, Indiana.
the 8th inst . Joem AmLr4 aw, ad near-
ty 83 years., , ' ur
; i jal tail ..it
f--uu HJ
tf i.ur .'A Mi a .hitnivti.q
Thursday, 'rbJmarys24j 1673.
tw p ;EftMri&
Afternoon at 3, .Evening at 7:45.rt
vDoors opeoat 3 and f o'clock!' uUsT
.... Manager.
ot '-.'loir ii x&ai-ir
GenTom Thumb & Wife
Commodore 'Nuttt"UOI )d A
lrtv-yi: hx h. nyrL .SMuCii
,J Miss Minnie Warren,
Jnst retttriied to. Atnerioa after a Tnrae
Yeats' toiir arountl the fVorld Witt appear rh
a rariety of ;j (jtj-q . .IWf.rfs:iUj 3f
Fascinating . , Performances,
Magnificent Diamonds, fccU'l
L dmission iOnly f 25oi 1
iA Few.f rrt.Seta-f.,fi...'4-.,4-.i Ceats
VDlcureo unuer iu .. .......... .;cno,
Childreu under It) to f ront enl-s.,24t.ents:
-. . i aal t o Rf; SI fTCHELL,' AVrrtf I
State of Indiaftay Wayne. Cotntya:
- Befere Robert Gordon a Jastiee o( the Feace
in snd for Jeftersen Tnwnship in said County.
Job' Myer" "Y "k W"M u
f!" j i.v- 'j-ivi Jft-ji Aisaaanens. wmr
a . fi
Charles. E. Madcria. J, . f .
u"fh above named' defendant ii
f f . . r
s nntmed or
the pendency of tl above cause; and that on
tbe 20.h dar of Januarr. 1873. I issued a
writ of atUehmeat be rain jralnM th - ftdeda ,
ebattela, nchtSk ereditsi moneya ao4 eoeeta ol
said defendant in -'said county, and at the
same date a summons was issued to Harry
Walts, garnishee: and that said cause is set
for hearing on February 26th. 1873, at 10
o'clock A. M
ROBERT GORDON. Justice Peace.
January 27tn, 1873.
473w JSEAL
fTut aid Lewi Men
r IT m
To Ooaituraptica.
- -The advertiaer, hriii(r been paraaaaaaty
curedAT lh; dread diafaali(,eiifptioo, by
a simple remedy, is anxious to make known
o his fellow sufferers tne4 meana of ear. To
alt who desire it, he will send a copy of the
prescription naed, (f pm of charge), with the
.direction! for preparing and omir tbaaaiee
,fWch-they whl find J seas Cctt lot Ceaw
srMrmnt, AiraMABRnNCBiris, le.
' Parties wishibf the prescription wilt pteaae
wSSlWT 111 1 f.EHHTABU aTWHaWf
3-lv . 194 Pno Street,
f.o-.-in .ii ... nn, wi.. I. '..,. iniii
Be ttireaieinberedi tbt An aba 4tb o f
Jpecember. JS72. tha ataie. bring tbf M. 4
of the December Term 1872 of he Commis-
'sfoaerti Court of Wayne County, Indiana;!
JoUtmlog tuanog othur proceedlnga Werfcfcftd,
to-wit: eh
In, t'4t.iaordrd.hy tha Board of OomBitMAoa
ers that the Auditor of said County advertiae
in tb? Dwspapera -ef reDeral eireatattOB,
published fa. said poonty - and by . aoatinit
copies of tbe same in six publio places ia
Wdeonhryrfor seated "r
"tli'tmild i t'bnrt Hoifne and Jail, la the city
ot Richmond, in said County; on tbe site
deawpaled m the amtition for the reloeatfcm
of the (Jouat.r Seat. , The same tone haUtia
coiitormity with' plans and specifications and
estimates that will be -on file In said Audi
. tor's Ofiaee on and al ter the 15th dsr of yb
raary, 1873. tiaid bids or proposals to be
oitther fdr all ' or ' a jr part of said workman
-so V received at (he regnlar sessloa of' aaid
Board in March, 1873. Bids wjtl be received
up to nOMf FS Vetoek) ofTharsdav, Marea
6th,. I87, tad not later; 'said contract to b
-let ia or 'pert for tb- erection of said
tiiWmf s epoo the- est and most favorable
terms to be bad, and in conformity with .tbe
.statute to stteh e made Ind prortdeel, Said
HoatB reserving the right to -reject any and
i.ll bids do made, and aa y person makfoe such
bids 8hall fie with said Board at tha time of
-M'bfd bein made, a pood and satisfactory
bond, with twp pood names as. hi jecarity,
jn the penalty of J64ono, for. tlie perfermaae
Vhis said bid if the same be ateeptad by said
Board, and .that at the time ,sttin: ,aaid
conrracf to him ' M Vitl Ate! any addltioaal
scurtfrj if required by sa'd Board.
ftTAgOF. IKDlAXAJju-tr. a dT
WAY.NK COUNTY. T t,5p' f.ri
I. Elfhil M'.PaikerAifcrtor within and1 lor
aid County, nerebr certify that the abore, and
forgoiasao be anie copy uf.tlie order passed
by the Board -t ' 'Ootnmfgsiotwrs, ' of said
Ctiunty. on the 4th, day of December, 1672,
'undas amended'on the Alb day 'of January
j878' Ibe.aime beiur'aaadjoarosd aesaioa
of tbepeumber, termi as the saaae appears
"bf record in in V office. "
i-iCtvju 'Witness mFBame.madfne'ml
1 " l Hoard of CovmissieMms
it Izii'tp j Y?yn Conntyi Indiana, at
uv .a ceatevilte,'lbis ldtb. .day of
St Jaaa,lSTli-5 '.'''i
i to "1 vaErj rj jf ;;PAliKER,'TAodi"tor.
cotfanssioNERs sale of
ofdanfmi:, JKEAL JE8TAmrr:br
TUBgUANT Wjik order . oCi the jCottrt of
lfj Common Pleas of Waype county, and
State, ot .lodiana, the undersigned. oners at
Sfwlvaia) Sale the following real estate iitoateft
.ia: said cowhty,. to-wit t 1 Lot No. Sin that
pact of the cityof Richmond laid out bv Bickle
A taws, oft south side ot Majo, between Sev
enth abd EtlKhui streets, -six aS by4S0 feet
nd also a part of lot numbered 19 w that
"part of 'iiiw ettylaid' ont by Charles W.
-6tarran4;l ia bounded as follows, 4owlt.
Commenins on Franklin street at the sorta
weat. corner of said lot, and' running south
"Wonr said Street 401 feet; 'tbenee-'earst pt-.-tetlel
.whj the laorthj line of aai4.kS -aa
-lley; thence north, alone aaid attev to the
'northeast "corner of said' tot; thence west to
tbe place of rwicioarnir, witb a fine brick liV
ry stable on said loa, 40 by ISO feet, beina a
first-claas I' very slabla all in good candition.
"Aid ajso.the foHowinjt tract of. land to
'wit: iiBatnnauit t ttie aonthwest eosnerdf
.aeetien 47( ia tOwashi 17 and iraacenekat
west, and rapnins: thence north 8Apols4e a
' stake thence east lftff proles to a stake ;
:theaee south 8ft poleathence west 1SS poles
.to.tha place of heffiBoiojr, oca tain ina; 47 acses,
i-ith a buildioR suitable for a small family
bara stable, com cribs and -a good bearfnjr
i apple orchard ad 301 peach trees three years'
growth and, J0Q .grapevinea.of . two jraars
'growth, tw6 aever-faiting springs bear the
bonse, the land beinjr on a good jrravet TOad
,Jhrt miles jaorthwest of ; tUe city 6r :Rieb
mond bavinjr fifty acres cleared and. seven
acres of timber,' iOfle-ronrth of the purchase
itootoev Will be tehft'ed down and ihe4eside
: tbtea.equal tastalmetvts of aix. twelve and
eighteen months, after': date, .with interest
,from date and secured by a ftiortgage on the
property aoldV ! A. deed will beaaade Ihepor
, chaser fha the , Vale is - eoafhtmed , nd the
conveyance ordered by said Court. . '
Xtoamissioaer and Administrator? ot James
SJT virtue f a decree and execntloa to rue
rr !
JLk aireeud ' from i tha waa Oomaiea
Jfleas Court, 1 will ejrposw at; fuhlie alev at
the Court House door in the .town of Centra
'vine. Wayne cobnty, Indiana, tm the ' ' 1
8 ;; jsf day.'of iLfrch; JSly .
oelwnen tlie hours of 1(1 o'clnctt A. M,' and 4
Velock' P. Y..i on said flay", ' tlie following
-propertT, to- it The folhiwinjr real estate
tn Wayne county, State of Indiana, to-wjtjr
Be'in the west half (beihft fll teen feet more
less) off - a sirip of frritund thirty
-Isefc, wide off of tbe jwest jend ef. lot aatabef
thirteen ( 13J in James ,K. I)ujrdales addition
ti the crty af Richmond, ii be sold as the
property if Milton) Wh'tfaere and Sarah
JWhitaere to Satisfy said . decree aad eiecutkB
in my hands in favor ot -William Comer.
atoV sale without' relief from Valuation ' Mr
-appraiseDMDt laws.: ' - ei.'" "r -lL
, , , Sheriff of Wayne county.
tTiLKta 4 wlsr; Attorneys for phi. '
a Sebraary 3,l873, ;, r:: . t w '..4ft-8tl
aordintr to (HrecUm, and rc-mai.i itmz nuwclL,
proviafrt theltlxJac arc not destrernd ?y iiini.
a poiKHi or.oUi'.T.ia'-am, :u.t yjtni organ
wasted oeyeiicl tiic point ol'.rcpai . .
Drpritliv rr Inttgrt, Vnnrbm;
Ji0 iil ilM' Slionkior. Cmigks. TUtti,f ma
jcnestj llizzfncss. Sjnr F.rurtatioii or flip S
!mBli. Bad 'EAKto li Uic Month. Vilhxm Attacks;
PlUpitsBriii of the Ik-art. InUnnimntion ef Um
tunirs, rain In tltc regions or tlio Kidney, amt"
b hnil rvj other paintul ymptrnt, arc tho iT-
nilS or Djspcpais. , nc .iou;e win prove
'Fni-FeaialtConplalaU. In toOntf br old.
-mtrCul nr slnrie, at tlie aawn ol woaiahlieeiU
.or tu ;.l:rnjot life, tliese Toaic r4tw-rij display m
.wk" r an lnaueuccttiai unprovciucat w mmhi
CreptlblC. ' - j i i !;s-r ii''- l'"7 -tlr,
' For.- Inflammatory unci , Ctirnnle
ttltcmfatiam' anil tiuut,-liliMe.'ltmiiliK.-u
-uiHl lutornuuent Kover. Ii-iisi !ir the lilood.
Livcf, KMneyitand liladder. l!ico UitterH liave
.aooaieU. Sucailiscaacaarticauaul byiMUuieA
Bloods.- -. r, iV . r, ;:. ,
nejr are a ifcwtle- ttirt:Hi i-e a
imm Taaatc, pMiiit Uks mnt of acti ds
,a powerful asent In rclievi-i-; '(inr""ln or In .
AaaniaumTta um- ulfJ- 4r..- vrgan
Por SklM IM8eaac,T.rC.-.i ii-hCTcf '"r. Salt
(instant) i Ulotchps, pta,i i ufJo. ' liri uieaj
I Boils,. Carbuncles. lUus-Trsn'-.i -. iiVrlleadw
5eore Byes, Kmttpela.-'item? Pieolora
Hons of the SWiru llumou and -aM-saf tb
Skin of whatever namo rr n.i;r.iv. are liter
ally das; up and carried ont of the svs
tern in a short lirao by the use of these bitters.
Bnternl Thousands proclaim Vineham
Bittkrs the most wonderful Invttoraul that
ever sustained tho slnkins; pvstciii.
DmSKists and Oeu. Apts., Sua Francisco. Cal
A cor. of Washington and C'.inrltou fits., N.Y.

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