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Flttsaarg, ClaelaMtl a Ml Bt. Lamia
cosmcxsicn tims card. coi.mnrs and
No.. 2. j No. 8. No. a.
No. 10.
2:45 m
2:1 Sum
7:48 pm
8:38 pm
1:30 am! 4:35 pin
2:4)) am! 6:02 pin
838 ani 7:01 pin
Brad Jim.
4.44 am 833 pm
5:00 am 8:55 pin
i l:Hpm
6:14 ami iteft) am
7:25 am 10:05 am
am 113)1 am
10HJOun.il2.-IO pm
Rlchm '!..
12:43 am
2:55 am
India' pi is.
No. No. 3, i So. 5. 1 N 7,
4:52 am 3:30 pm IfltfOam
70 pm
8:05 pm
mh pm iiKim
6:40 am 8:02 pn.l2.Mpm
I 7:12 am 0-.50 pm :12:52pm
, 8m8 nm x. .
. 8:32 anr6:50 am
,! 9:13 am 7:20 am
,i 10:10 am 8:35 am
10.50 am 9:30 am
11:00 pin
11:30 pm
124 am
Brad J an
1:48 am
(VriumbuH,H:44 am IlKiO am1
0:15pnw tim
rTOsmirg..', 7.20 pm -
1.2, anl 7 run f)ally. All other train
I Hilly, except Hunday. ' ' "
BJcbaaoad a ad Ckienga Dlvtalaaj.
NOVEMBER 2, 1873.
No. 2. i No. 8. j No. 10.
Cincinnati 70 am 80 pm
Richmond' 100 am ...'11:00 pm
Haaemt'n.i 10:47 pro .11:45 pm
Newcastle '11:20 pm 12:17 am
AMteraim.t... .?12H0 pm,..r-aj, LM am
JCokomo... 11:15 pmi 2:20 pm 2-jO am
Logansp't, 12:20 ami S:2o pm .... 8:45 am
frown Ft. 4:22 am 6:50 pm 7 KM am
Chicago j B:30 am! frco pin 8:45 am
I No. 1.
No. 3. i
Chicago ; 7:50 pm
Crown PtJ -
Lceansp't. 12:40 am
8:20 ami !
t-rtl rmt - !
Kokomo...! lUm
230 pm; .....
4:12 pm .
5:08 pm .. ........
5:38 pm ......
820 pm ..........
30 pmi
3:42 am
4:44 am
5:15 am
6:00 am
8:35 am
No. 8 arrives at State Line at t55 p. m. and
No. 10 at 6:45 a. m. No 2 leaves Chicago Dal
ly, except Saturdav. N. 10 leave Richmond
daily, except Hunday, and Logansport for
Chicago dally. No. 2 leavea daily, except
Saturday and Hunday. All other trains run
except Hunday.
IJttla Mlaanl Blvtelaa.
Novkmbkb 2, 1873.
No. 2.
No. 4.
No. 6.
No. 10.
2:45 nm
2:15 am
9:40 am
635 pm
70 pm
8:44 pm
do pm
1135 pm
90 pm
10-3) pm
2:20 am
DHM mil , 1 1 .o mil
4:58 am
:.) am
KtoVOam 3:10 pin
T.n. lUli.n
Xenia ..
8:40am 7:25 am 12:40pm
&UTaml 90 and l::i5pm
Km!...J 3:45 Dm
Dayton j
Ind 'polls,
I'ivlllnmi I 6-JiOam
No. 1.
No. 5. I No. 7.
Ind 'a poll.!
lMWam! 3:30pm
8-lfl am
85 pm 110 pm
40 pm 12i am
1:80 pmi 95 pm
30 pm 11:15pm
40 pm 12:30 am
5:14 pm 11 am
6:15 pmi 255 am
London ....
9:20 am
8:18 am
j 10:38 am
urea. June,
8:40pm 5:lam
2:15 am 11:50am
,730 pm
No. 1, 2, 6 and 7 ran Dally to and from
Cincinnati. No. 1 and 6 Daily between
Xenia and Dayton. All other Trni n Dally,
xeept Hunday. F. R. MYERH,
uen I rawwnfiersna iinAnrub
, , C. M. 4k P. Wjra Bail:
O R ml A ex.io0 am I Portland ae... 90 am
Portland ac.40 P5!lLi?J1-L'L!-'JEl.?1.
Arriral aad DtMrlintf tk Malla.
Cincinnati, through....
niMt ami bdIO am
Cincinnati and way
HhM ami am
70 ami tjbi
nicao ana way iwiicwpi
)lnmhu and wy 4J)0 pm 12)0 pm
Day tti and way 9-Jt0 am ftXMi
tntllanapolli,throaKh ... 8 am 0am
Indianapolis and way...... 11 am 8-JO pm
rt. Wayne and way 70 pm 9-J0am
ARBA. - - - ,
Monday, Wed'clay, Friday ,110 am 120 m
Tuesday , Thursday JHat'd'y 1120 m 20 pm
Tuesday and Friday v..'l20 m l30pm
Monday and Friday
Lake Bhore via Winche'r,
60 pmi 70 am
90 am fMO am
OIHce open from 70 a. m. to 7:30 p: in.
..OuHuuday, fromtolOOa.m :M
. ... 1 ! n
t l. M. FimrEWIIX .,
- . . 40 Park Row, New York,"
"Are agents for the Richmond Palladium lit
that city, and are authorised to contract for
Inserting adverttsnnents for us at lowest
cash rates. - Advertisers in that eity are re
quested to leave favors with thanw ,"
S4.00 Per M.
Will be eharce all daa Bill Ml
atM mr berore the aoth mf ttm
i"' t ' ' r- k .
Office hours, ' 7 a. "m. to 6 . m.
Open Saturday evenings till 9 p. u.
Consumers can save 10 per cent by
prompt payment of bills, and by
that means only.
City Oflieers. '
Mayor James Elder.
Marshal Iewls U. Hliofcr.
Clerk P. P. Kern.
Treasurer William P. Wilson.
Attorney John H. Lyle.
Fivil EiiKlneer Oliver Butler.
Market Master Wm. I. Taylor.
Wood Measurer John J. Roney.
City Asssor Lewis M. Baxter.
Htn-et ('opimisiiioner David Haner.
'hlef Fire Department I.G. Dougnn.
Police Bennl Elder, Hlbberd, Conklin.
Chief of Police Alex. Horney.
Board of Public Improvement Roberts,
Nye, Rosa,
(omnittee on Finance Dick man, Hlb
berd, Watt.
rinims Papte. Conklin, Marlatt.
HtroeUand Alleys Nye, Rosa, Roberta
r ire iwwruorui iwa, uaun, ftlge.
Public Hehools Dulin, Marlatt, Conklin.
Markets and Public Build inn Marlatt.
Watt, Pane. '
J.n I. ilit Conklin, Pikp.
las Liiclit Conklin, Pave, Hibherd.
Printing end Stationery Walt, Roberts,
Railroads III bberd, Rosa, Nye.
Caaty OMeera.
Jude of the Wayne County Circuit Court .
-John y, Kibbey.
Pnwex'utitin Attorney of the Wayne Clr
CJit Court-1). W. Cotustock.
Clerk of the Court-W. W. lhtdley.' -
Deputy W. H. Lyndc.
Hherilf Wm. II. Htudv.
Ih'puty Joseph 1 Smith.
Auditor E. M . Parker. '
iVputy-R. II. Kinic.
Treasurer Joseph ti. Lemon.
leputy-0. V. Lemon.
Reconler Jesse E. Jones.
lVputy James W. Wilson.
County Commissioner Andres Wiggins.
William Brooks. Jonathan Baldwin.
County Assessor Riley W. Anderson.
V. 8. Commissioner Harmon B. Payne,
' Richmond. Ind ' . i . '
We are glad to learn that the
friends of the Orphans' Home tyre
bestirring themselves to raise funds
for extending its usefulness, and
that Wm. Baxter, has consented to
give a lecture at Lyceum Hall on
the evening of the 3d of Jan. next,
charging 25 cts. admission. The
! subject of .! he lecture will be: r John
Tym .and ' the ' Commonwealth : of
England.' - f. -.- -- ,
j0. 9.
tt-Xt am
7:10 pm
mi pm
60 pm
7:15 pm
8:48 pm
9:50 pm
The Tax Ordinance" absorbs the
space devoted to editorial and news
this week
T)an. Hollo way conductor ori the
Chicago Road, 1 as gone to Florida
to recruit his health. i r
The meetings at Fifth-st. Friends
Meeting House, have been brought
to a close.
The Ville Du Havre collided with
Loch Earn, (steamers) on 23d alt,
and from 175 to 200 lives lost
, , Rev. Wilkinson's sermon Sunday
last--on so-called "higher life,",
abounded with nails driven in a
sure place. It should be published.
Capt. Crocker should keep his
cellar door closed at the P 0. if he
doesn't wish to have the Mayor
fine(d) him."
,. John Fippino fell down cellar at
Webber's. (Locksmith) on Main,.
and bruised his side very consider
ably. He suffers for his misstep.
Speaker Blaine was re-elected and
the House and Senate are busy.
The salary law looks like it will be
repealed, four to one. ... , , . ,
On Monday last, a little son of
Mr, B. Girrard, about six years old,
on North Marion, fell from a horse
and bruised himself very severely.
He is recovering rapidly.
The County ' Commissioners al
lowed four permits to be issued
to parties in Cambridge, in accord
ance with the provisions of the Bar
ter Law.
Commissioners granted .Thomas
Lichtenfels a 'permit" to retail
intoxicating liquors The bond is
signed by Peter Schindler, Louie
Enopft C. H. Knopf, and Michael
' The managers of the Orphan's
Home acknowledges, with thanks,
a donation of $43,57 contributed
by thV congregation at St Paul's
Church7 " on Thanksgiving day.
Also for $9 from Si John's Luther
on Church, on the same day.
Suit has been brought against
the proprietors of Fifth Street li
quor store, and the owners of the
building in which the business is
conducted, by Mrs. Wilson, for the
inebriation of her husband. J. H.
Popp, and John and Lee Yaryan
are her attorneys. The damages
are laid at $5,000.
At its last meeting, the Council
substituted the "Palladium' for the
Times," as city printer, "at the
discretion of the Council," and on
the same contract terms as 'the
Times proprietors had agreed to,
by proposition from the Palladium
The ''Richmond Times" has been
suspended the material was seized
on by . Wm. Thistlethwait, former
owner, to pay first mortgage note
and interest amounting to $1,400.
The original price he sold it to Sal
ter & Co., was $4,000, in four notes
of $1,000 each, with interest. Josh
ua Hunt, one of the Company, ad
ding the material, of his job office,
etc, amounting to about $2,000,
and the firm purchasing new ma
terial amounting to not less than
two thousand more making the
office worth now not less than
$8,000, - We hope the Times' can
raise tho necessary funds to pay
T's entire claim and go ahead, again.
The editor of the Richmond Tel
egram has been very kind to his
readers in furnishing them with
the "President's Message and ac ,
companying documents within two
days after their appearance in the
daily papers and v simultaneously
with the Metropolitan weeklies," if
he did "get them printed in the Cin
cinnati Gazette office. Our cotcm
porary, we are determined, shall
not get ahead of us in .journalistic
enterprise, whilst we can say that
we were "rcBursHED the President's
Message, printed at the Indianap
olis Journal, in about the same time
the Telegram received its Supple
ment from Cincinnati. Enterprise,
we trust, will not -go unrewarded !
The December number of Wood's
Household Ma4azinb is rcDlete
with eood reidint.entertaininK sketch
es, stories, poems, &c. &c. Its table of
contents embraces the following ar
tides: "A Better Country," Mary
Hartwell; An Engineer's Yarn, Al
bert Williams, Jr., Our Party at Sea,
-T fit Wk ' a.1 mmm . '
Kev.J. s. Breckinridge; Two fcnthu
siasts, H. M, Lew tral; Presence of
Mind, Kev. F. W. Holland; Our Ba
bies, D. A. Gorton, 31. D. Blessed
ness of Biches, Tenoroon; Hans
Doodledee. Rudolph Mental: install
ment of Max Kromc, author of Jes
sica s f irst prayer; todnish and Po
tatoes, Chapter 11, by iileanor Kirk;
Misery Jippeau, Chapter VII, VIJII,
by H. V. Osborne. - In addition to
these articles are several pretty poems,
a charming little Cottage Design, and
editorial departments embracing Our
Housekeeper, Correspondence, Lit-,
erary Notices, Laughing Stock, &e.
&c. The engraving for this month is
entitled "Old Folks."
All the above for only one dollar
per year or with chromo YesEXiTK
on dollar and a half.. Address, : ; . '
Wood'B HocseBold Magazine,
i - Newburg, N. Y.
The snrvcy 'far a 'new harbor ' nt
Wolf Lake, in Lake county, is to be
made by the government.
The Temperance meeting on the
night of the 3d, was not largely at
tended in consequence of the se-
vere storm coming on aoout toe
hour of assembling. Col. Ray and
Judge Mellett, of Indianapolis, and
William Baxter, addressed those
present to their profit urging the
public and private necessity of a
rigid enforcement of the temper
ance law. Mr. Hotchkis produced
and repeated an excellent and ap
propriate poem, which was well re
ceived, and we repeat the universal
wish expressed by the audience for
its publication, and hope he'll com
ply. Its too good to be laid on
the shelf.
The Vsbmb'i C'hrtatiaa Ai
f Klctnnnd.
This Association held a
meeting '
on last Monday evening to amend '
tho constitution and by laws, and -
elect officers for the ensuing year.
We give the three first articles of '
the constitution, and names of the '
Article First This Association
shall be called the Woman's Christ
ian A ssbciation of ' Richmond
Article Second The object of
the Association shall be to look '
after the spiritual and temporal;
wants of such persons as may need
our aid. . v
Article Third All funds and,
contributions shall be appropriated
to,benevolent purposes as the As
sociation may direct.
officer's names.
President. Mrs Elizabeth B.
Hopkins. ' ' ' ' ' ': ' '
"Vie 'Presidents. Mr. William
L. Johns,. Mrs.; N. Gillam, Mrs.
William S. Reid, Mrs. Sarah Biff
Davis, Mrs. Rhoda Mote.
Secretary. Mrs. " Wilham W.
Austin. -
Treasmer. Mrs. John C. Whit
ridge. Executive Committee. Dr. Mary
F. Thomas, Mrs. Martha Valentine,'
Mrs. Margaret J. Newton, Mrs. A. '
L. Wilkinson, Mrs. Edward Dennis,
Mrs J. M. Hugehs, Miss Emily '
All contributions can be left at
the residence of Dr. A. N. Newt- J
on on Marion street, Morrisson
Library Building: . '
The next meeting of the Associ
ation will be on Monday evening :
Dec. 8th at the Y. M. C. A. rooms,
at 7 o'clock. All the members are
requested to be present, with their,
subscription books. An invitation
is extended to all ladies to ''attend,'
who feel an interest in the work of :
A ociAAiariAn
For the Palladium.
Taxes Fbbbj Heading.
In the last issue of the Telegram is
an article on laxation in lieneral
and '"proposed City Ordinance," writ-
by J F. H. It contains some "funny .
things and induces research. In the
first place the writer says: J
"Taxation, as an abstract nrooosi-1
tion in sociology, is one of the most
simple and comprehensible that can ;
be stated. Kvery poll should pay a ,
fixed sum as a personal tax. and all '
property should pay a certain per cent-"
age on its value as a property tax, and;
those two combined, should make the
amount necessary to support the gov-f
ernment established to maintain the
liberty of the individual and his rights,
in property. This is the whole theory "
of taxation, in the abstract." f
The above extract fully explains
"taxation" in the "concrete," but, not
in the "abstract" as the writer would-
have it. "Taxation, as an abstract',
proposition in sociology," simply indi-
cates that, the people owe the govern-
ment under which they live a tax or,
revenue sufficient .to defray the expen-:
scs of the government, in exchange'
for the protection of their lives, liber-;
ties and pursuits of happiness. Tax-'
ation, as a "concrete proposition" in
Social Science, means all that it does
in the "abstract;" besides, it implies,
according to the will of the people of
any oy ernment under which they live,
the mode or manner in which the tax,
or revenue shall be levied and collect
ed. There are several other points in
connection with this part of the sub
ject which ought to be spoken of, but
will be defered to another time.
Again the writer says:
"But to any one whose duty it was
to look over the returns made by the
City Assessor this year, the first that
the new law has been in force, there '
will come with force the plain fact
that there has been deplorable failure
to accomplish the purpose of the law."'
On reading the above extract I was 1
induced to examine into this matter,1
as well as several other things in con
nection with it, which will be noticed
at a future time. As, to the writer
being correct in this matter, he is ful
ly verified, by the results of my obser
vations. But, will his "proposed City
Ordinance" remedy the evil. I trow
not. The "new tax law" of the State
of Indiana is as full and as explicit as
the "proposed Ordinance" dare be,
and is ! made applicable to the city.
However, I trust the Doctor will suc
ceed in his laudable efforts, as "he
knows how it is himself." As tho
Doctor is the author of the "reform,"
it will be right and proper to sec
whether he is capable of equalizing, his
own property. If ho is t not then ho
should not attempt to equclize the
property of others. Here is the
valuation of his property, as found on
the "tax. duplicate" of the city for
taxation in 1873:
Lot No. 104; 64 feet, and lot No. 105;
36 ft. 100 feet valued at $3,100;value
of improvements on lots, $11,000; value
of personal property, 3,550; total value
real and personal, $17,650.
The valuation of the same property
is as follows, for county and State pur
poses, for the year of 1873:
Lot No. 104: 64 feet, and lot No. 105:
I & feet, lOOfcx, valued $5 000; value
improvements on lots, $4,000; value
personal property 3.900; total lvalue
On comparing the valuation of the
above property for city, and for State
and county purposes, it makes some
very funny reading.
For instance, the unimproved lots
for city purposes are only valued at
$3,100 or r31 per foot, while for State
and county purposes, they are valued
at $5,000 or fr50 per foot, a difference of
$1,900 or $19 per foot, which is more
than nineteen men out of every twenty
are worth, each. It is conceded by all
persons who are acquainted with the
value of this ground on Fifth street,
that it is worth at least, unimproved
$80 per foot, or $8,000 for the 100 feet.
Again, for city purposes the im
provements on these . lots are
valued at $11,000, which, all will con
cede is a very fair valuation. But,
for State and county purposes they are
only valued at $4,000, a difference of
$7,000, or more than one man in thirty
is worth. Again, the personal proper
ty, for State and county is valued at
$3,900, and for city $3,550, or a differ
ence of $350.
Further comment is unnecessary in
this case. It is always a good plan to
pluck the beam out of thiue Own eyes
before searching for the mote in thy
neighbor's. If it is your ox that is gor
ea, keephini at benier
1' 5
For the Palladium. "
Correction Keerreete4 .
The following is clipped from an ed
itorial in last week's Palladium: '
' - "correction.
A correspondent in the last number
of the Palladium, mistakes the desti
nation of the $100 appropriati -n made
by the Council, in the extention of the
gas main to Earlham, at the last meet
ing of our city guardians. Instead of
the appropriation going intd the pock
ets of the gas company, it was given
direct to Larlham College, to assist
her in bearing the expenses of light
ing the the College building. .
To show that the above extract it
incorrect and that tho appropriation
was made directly to' the "Richmond
Gas Light and Coke Company," ALA
James M. Starr, and not to Earlham.
1 herewith present the "resolution,"
by which the appropriation was made:
: . "Resol ved. By the Common Coun
cil of the city of Richmond, that when
ever the Mayor and City Clerk shall
be satisfied that the Richmond Gas
Light and Coke Company have laid
down Gas mains to the west end of the
bridge over White Water river on the
Wayne County Turnpike, so that said
bridge on the street leading thereto
can be liehted with iras. the said offi
cers are hereby instructed to draw an
order on the City Treasurer for one
hundred dollars in favor of said "Gas
Light and Coke Company" as a con
tribution to said Company for putting
down such mains."
Mr. Editor, it is not the province or
desire of the writer to misrepresent the
acts of our Public Officers in the
least, but to get before the public
"how our money goes" and who gets
it. This, certainly is laudable and
Supper, to night, by the Ladies
of the Baptist Church, next door
routh of Postoffice, in the Lyceum
Building. Oysters and everything
good to eat in abundance. Admis
sion 10 cents supper 40 cents.
. hbsj i jp aai
Jeff Davis concluded a speech on
slavery with a threat that, if the
North did not yeildtothe demands
of the South, the States of that
section would depart "like the ten
tribes of Israel." John P. Hale
sprang to his feet, and, in his mag
nificent voice, said: "And what
became of the ten tribes of Israel?
Dispersed, scattard, lost; and no
one knows what became of them ;
but the Ark of the Covenant of the
living God remained with the tribe
of Judah." 5- , ,
Treasury officials find fault with
the nrtstic apparance of the new
trade dollar. The female figure
upon it may be a type of the woman
of the period as to physical pro
portions, but is not noted for a
symmetrical ' development . The
shoulders are as narrow as those of
a child, and the figure, seated upon
a bale of cotton is very much, like
a rail, - The Fist Comptroller, who
is a naughty man, says "the bale of
cotton is in the wrong place." ;
' : 1 a -
Quick. The President's message,
an abstract of . the report .of : the
Secretary of the Treasury, and the
protocol in the Virginias case, in
all 13,600 words,' were' transmitted
from Washington, to Chicago, by
the Western Union Telegraph
Company, in two hours and thirty
minutes. , The message was sent
over eight wires to New York, and
from there to this city over four
wires. The dispatches came clearly
and plainly written, and the care
and dispatch displayed, reflect much
credit on General Stager, the Su
perintendent, and those employed
in the work. Inter-Ocean.
Senator Pbatt got in the best
bill on the back pay matter during
Monday's session of Congress. He
proposes to restore the pay to 85,
000 per annum, without renewing
the mileage and franking frauds.
In lieu he allows actual travlling
expenses to and from the Capitol,
in no case more than one eighth
the old mileage, and two hundred
dollars for postage, stationery, etc.
His bill further provides that the
disbursing officers of the Senate
and House shall retain one-third
each month from the compensation
of Senators, members and delegates
of the present Congress in such
sum as will amount, by the 4th of
March, 1875, to the excess above
the rate of $5,000 which has been
heretofore paid under the act of
March the 3, 1873, the sums so
retained tor be returned to the
Treasury of the United Stated.
The measure lays the axe at the
very root, and is the land of one
to be promptly passed.
The Hon. Thomas H." Nelson
wl : has foe . savers! years been
United 8tt Minister to Uesioo.
has returned to his home in Terra
HauteJ'"-' iV1 "'TH
Remaining in the Foatofflce at Richmond
Indiana, Decern ber 4, W73. : - - , .. ' I
Amhercomble R O ; Iiehman Francis
Auderson Jarai a
League Oliver M
Leeds Wm B
Mellette Mary " -Mlckdornrn
Merkle I, . t
Moore Lts : ,
Moody Wro n
Moflitt A Co ' ,
McDuiean Reneec
McCluro J-".Uabeth J
Newport Mary Mrs 2
Nmuiun J Jt or W C
Leet ' -
Parker Mary ;.ln
Rollce Luby
Reeves John -Robin;i
Roberts Oeor?e
Pussell Elizabeth Mrs
Hraall Abe
Heou Caroline Mr
Hturtivant 11 II
Sullivan Mary E
Taylor James Mrs
Tingling Hellen Mrs
Thomas JennU C
watson Lydia
Waitinam David W.
Winborn F.ltsabeth
WhitHeld Ed B
Wljite (1 ,
Wcod Valentine
Arehy Larkin S
liiiiuian Louis Mrs
Bouuer No la
Cnthran Lida
Cannon Delia,
Cary Aloczo
Carr John
Cook Emma
tjx fhrmn Mm
Cropley Hell :
Davis Myliasey
Dawson, Henry
Edwards Elizabeth
Essenmaker Joseph
Erans J Mrs
Ertshmau Andrew
Fisher Emiua .
Friek Henry
illman Henry
Hecker Wm
Harris Addison
Harris A C Mrs
Haywood George
Hartmtin John
Hester W A V Dr
Huir Dorilas
Hoover lleitrude
Jolitison Mary
Johnson Ixtannn
Klav Man-
Lamb Joseph Boon
Persons calling for these letters will please
Ray "advertised," and give the date of this
list. B. W. DAVIS, P.M. ,
RiebBMBid Markcta.
fCorrected weekly by N. W. Briggs and
Trios. Nettor. The former gives us the prices
of grain, and the latter the prices of other
produce and groceries,
Buying. Helling.
Wheat per bushel 1 ii
Corn per bushel . ...... 55
Oats per bushel.. . 3i . .,
Hay per tm ........... ' W 00
Butter per pound. 22 30
Egg per dozen 25 1W
Potatoes per bushel ........... 60 7A
Flonr per 100 pounds 8 50 ' 3 75
Hams, sugar cured 15 17
Shoulders perpouud 7 10
Hides per ponnd.......... , HI
Lard per pound ' '8 10
fujrar, crushed "13
Cotlvin Sugars, white, yellow and
brown VT.....7. 12 to 15
New Orleans Molasses per kaIIou- I'M
Morgbnm Molasses per gallru 75
Syrups per gallon........... .75 to 81 10
On Wednesdry last, after a brief illness.
Edward T. Bursoo,at;ed 31 years. Funeral
takes place Monday nest.
OnSatorday last, T.H. Knopf, father of
the Messrs. Knopf Broa., axed as years. He
was buried by the I. O. O. F. Monday last, of
which Order he has been au honored mem
ber for a uumberof years.
XiOeal Noticed.
At Ejreeum nail, FrMajr evenlne,
December 131b." .
Beat Bwa Coffee,
. For 35 cents per pound, at Nor
ton & Clark's.
J.yeeamn Hall, Dee. 12, 1S7S.
No one who expects to attend the
Entertainment, to be given by Prof.
RobL Kidd, the great Elocutionist,
should fail to secure seats at once.
Tickets for sale at Johnson's Book
Store. Reserved seals at Nichol
son's. Tbe ftea4l Term
Of the Richmond Normal Insti
tute, conducted by Prof. MiNeil,
will begin next Monday. : , J
Clreen Bio CaT
Best quality from 28 to 30 cts.
per pound, at Norton & Clark b.
Cfcappe Hali, Face, -
: Rough skin, pimples, ringworm,
salt rheum and other cutaneous af
fections cured, and the skin made
soft and smooth, by using the Juni
per Tar Soap, made by Caswell,
Hazard & Co., New York. Be cer
tain to get the Juniper Tar Soap,
ks there are many imitations made
with common tar which are worth
less. . 4w
: f
Standard "A" Sajrar
- For 124, cents per pound, at Nor
ton & Clark's. ;
Aaetloa aad CoasmlMNion Basiness.
No. 10 South Marion st, one
door south of Plummcr & Morris
sion's Drugstore, N. S. Williams.
will be found at all times ready to '
attend to all calls in the auction
line. He has every article on sale
at auction and panic prices. Horses
for sale, every Saturday. Calls for
his services as Auctioneer, prompt '
ly attended to in city or county. -.
A good Horse will be sold to day
at 2 o'clock, p. w.
Narta-n at Clark, '.
: Will sell you good Imperial .Tea ;
for 40 cents per pound; Young Hy-'
son, 50 cts ; Oolong, 45. In Sugar
and Coffee, they defy competition.'!
Call and examine their stock before ;
purchasing elsewhere. ,
Go to Simmons' for Coke.
Freak Meat.asMI Baac.
Vanneman, Reid & Co. have on
sale at the meat store of Charles
Geier, on Main street under the
Independent Office, a full supply of'
tenderloins, spare ribs, backbones, '
sausage meat pigs feet etc. William
Fryar will be found there ready to
snpply the wants of customers. -Call
and get your baskets filled.
Best Domestic Coke at Simmons.
W. 1. Farqahar
Has the best brands of Baltimore
Oysters in the market hy the caf o
or can, and served in any . style.
Also, fresh Cooked and Pickeled
Tripeat No. 13, North Fifth street
For Freak asWI Oaatf
Beef, Veal, Pork and Mutton; and
for Breakfast Bacon, Ham Sausage
Bologna, and the best fresh San
sage in the city, go to the Messrs.;
Enopf Bros., opposite the Palladium
Office: '
Try Jordaa's
Own brand of Oysters. He has
them packed expressly for himself.
J. J. for soup, J. J. . J.' for stews
and scallops, and "i J. J. select
for frying and eating raw. .
Nut Coke at Simmons'. A ,
W. LvMeWhinney, sucoessor to
Messrs. Sulser & Wollfer, at the
Broadway Wood Yard, has an ex
cellent stock of good seasoned wood
on hand, and best of coal! Cheap
for cask : ' - Y .
t'arrata mm Dry
At James Forkner's, No. 70, Main
street '-,
Go to Simmons' for Coke. .
Kraal tb tomnt. - " '
v. At W. L. Farquhar's on North
Fifth Street fresh and tweet .
The Peil r Blcha0i
' And surrounding country, are
realizing the great benefits of the
50 Cent Store of T. L. Cheek. It
is the place all can go to with con
fidence, and get what they want, at
a less price, than at any other store
in Richmond. One visit to this es
tablishment will convince you of
the fact He has recently received
a large stock of Clothing, Dry
Goods, Notions, etc., at panic prices
and will be sold cheaper than the
same class of goods ever before of
fered in this market Other im
mense stocks will be added for the
approaching holidays. Call and
examine. THain st north side, two
doors west of Marion. . '
Nut Coke at Simmons'.
Traun! Trnsaea!
Ross Bros., at 257 Main St, have
now in stock the largest and best
variety of Trusses ever brought to
this city. Their facilities for -pro
curing anything in the Truss line
direct from manufacturers, is un
surpassed. Do not be swindled
with the so called "Newley Patent
ed Truses," until yon see us-
Best Domestic Coke at Simmons.
The Indlaa Farater.
Our State Agricultural Paper is
now published weekly, under the
above title. It is a neatly printed
and ably conducted paper, and is
to be enlarged and improved alter
January next It is by far the best
journal of its class for all Indiana
Farmers. Price $2,00. Specimen
copies sent free.. We have arrang
ed to elnb the Farmer with the
Palladium for $3,25 a year. We
will send the Farmer one year and
its holiday present, the chromo, "An
Art Loving Cow," to all subscribers
to our paper who send in their
names before December 31st, for
$3,50. 37tf.
Wayne County, J
. ...
' Wayne Circuit Court, February term, 1874.
Attachment. No. 788.
Henry T. Burns vs. Henry Trlmpe.
Be it known, That on the 2d day of De
cember, 1873, the above named plaintiff, by
8. A. Forkner, attorney, filed in the office of
the Clerk of the Wayne Circuit Court, his
complaint against said defendant in the
above entitled cause, together wi:h the affi
davit of a competent person, that said de
fendant, Henry Trirape, is not a resident of
the State of ludiamv.
Raid defendant, Henry Trimpe, therefore,
is hereby notified of the nlinii a nd pendency
of said complaint against him, and that
uuless tic appear and and answer or demur
thereto, at ttiw culling of the said cause, on
the second day of the next term of said
court, to be tcgun and held at the Court
House, in Richmond, on the first Monday of
February, 1874. next, and complaint aud the
matters aud things therein contained and
alleged, will be taken as true, and the said
eause will be heard aad determined in bis
Witness, the Clerk, and the seal of
oeal said Court, at Richmond, this itd
day of December, 1873.
WM. W. DUDLEY, Clerk.
S. A. Kohxnkb, Attorney. 39-3 :
' By virtue of an execution to me directed
from the WayneCireuitCou-t, I will expose
at public sale, at the Court House door in
the City of Richmond, Wayne county, In
diana, on the 27th. day of December, 1873,
between the hours of 10 o'clock, a. m., and
4 o'clock, p. m., on said day, the following
property, to wit: Tie undivided one-third
of lri'i feet off of the north side of Lot No.
S8, in that part of tte City of Richmond,
Wayne county, Indiana, laid out by John
To be sold as the property of Charles Lei ve
to satisfy said execution In my bands in fa.
vor of Abraham Senior, et ai. Maid sale
without relief from valuation or appraise
ment laws. wm. it. sruuv,
Sheriff of Wayne County.
Deo ruber 4th, lt7A pr fee $82. 3w
W. A. Bickle, attorney for plaintiff.
' Wayne County,
Before Enos Thomas, Justice of the Peace1,
Wayne township. -; ,
Levi R. Doty, Addison Watson, and Ed
ward M. Doty, vs. William F. Romizier and
John E. Small wooll. Attachment and Gar
nishment. The above named defendants are hereby
notified that on the 3d day of November,
1873,-1 isatied a Writ of Attachment, and also
a Writ of Garnishment in the above eu titled
cause, and that the hearing of said cause is
set for 10 o'clock ou tho 31st day of January,
1871. F.XOH THOMAS, J. P. .
1). W. CouSTOTK, Attorney, 39-3w i
Before Enos Thomas. Justice of the Peace,
of Wayne township, Wayne county, State
of Indiana. .
Levi R. Doty, et. ah, vs. WiUiant F. Rom
izier. 1 1. nl.
Tlie above named defendants are hereby
notified that the plaintiffs in the above en
titled cause will take the depositions at the
Mayor's ijfflce of the eity of Columbus coun
ty of Franklin, S.ate of Ohio, on the 30th
day December, A. IX. 1873, between the hours
of 8 o'clock a. m and 6 o'clock p. m., of said
day, before some officer authorised to take
depositions, of sundry witnesses, to be read
in evidence in the trial of said cause, in be
half of the plaintiffs, now pending before
aid Justice. and continue from day to day
till all are taken. D. W. COMSTOCK,
38-Sw AU'y for PCfT.
The flrm'of Plummr,Morrisson Co. was
dissolved by mutual consent, on the 15th
instant. The business will hereafter be con
ducted byj. W. Plummer, under the name
of Plummer A Morrison, R. Morrison's in
terest remaining in the new firm.
Xatie ta Ow Castemen.
Our customers who need Brandy, Wine or
other I.iqufKs, for Medical parpuces, will
very much oblige us by bringing prescrip
tions for whatever their Physicians pre
scribe. We want to make no distinction between
persons, and desire to carry out the present
law in letter and spirit, being in full sym
pathy with Its purpose.
November 22, 1873. - J7-3W i
k Omc or Crnr TaJumrftKs,)
Hi CHJfOVBt Ijtbs Mev. 1, 1973.
In compllanoa with aeetlon U of th City
Charter, notice is hereby given that tha Tax
Dnpllcttte for the year 1873, has this day been
placed In my hands for eoilsetlort by th
City Clerk. On and after tbe third Monday
at Mureb, iS7t, there will be vharved and
collected a penalty of ten (10) per cent, on
aU taxen remaining onpald at that time.
The City Counetl hove established the fol
lowing rntes for the year I87i
A ' , BATES.-; f I
For flenern! Purpoaes, 7ft eta. on each MO
For Kahroiid Bond Int- 13 eta. on each
SlOU viil. ution.
For l po Bond Int., 2i cts. on eaob tlOO
vriinntlon. . :
For i-'h-4 Fuudini; Bond Jut., y. cts. on each
Woo valuation.
For Heeoud FuudJ ug Bond Int . J ets. on eaeta
- f too valuauou.
For Railroad Bond Sinking Fund, eta. on
each 100 valuation.
For Depot Bond Kinking Fond, 1 et. on each
SUM) valuation.
For First Funding Bond Sinking Fund, 4 !
cts. on each 1100 valuation.
For Second Funding Boud Kinking Fund, S
cts. ou each flOD valuation.
For Park Bonds, 40 cm, on each I00 valaa-
tlon, . - ,. . , .
On eaclt PolL 00 ceuU, .
Making a total of one dollar and fifty -four
cents m M) on each one hundred dollars
valuation of taxable property.
. 39-8 City Treasurer.
PSrl!l dose s times dally of
Promotes healthy action of tle KIPXF.Y.
LIVER and BOWKIX: la therefore the
greatest Blaaa FariBer mm MealUl
Freaerver of the age, and prevents diseas
es by removing the cause. It has stood the
tet, and is tbe best medicine in use. ,
. - , . W. C HAMILTON Av CO..
39Hw Cincinnati, Ohio.
0l.fU weak. Will prove it or forfeit
J506. New articles Just patented. Samples
sent free to all. Address,
39-4 . ; 287 Broadway, New York.
IACIC COMB Heat by mail to
anv one for SI.
ill chamre any colored hair to a Dennn-
nentoiacK or orown, anu contains nopoi
son. Tradesupplied at low rates. Address,
MAGIC COMB CO., Springfield, Mass.
Brings you free by mail tbe very best
Write at once to Pomeroy & Co., 141 Broad
way, New York. .TSMw
A honk iT1 aranaA tfcli
Aauaa. utm m iai-, tt cw .a,xiaw ssa
89-4 . -
JL IK. How either sex may fasci
nate and gain the love and affections of any
person they choose Instantly. This simple
mental a-xiuircmeat all can possess, free, by
miUi, for2ac.,togtther with a marriage guide.
Egyptian Oracle, Dreams, Hints to Ladies,
Wedding Night Shirt, etc. A queer book.
Address T. WILLIAM ft CO., Pubs., Phila
delphia., . -
poB cerciHs, colds,
Haarseaeaa, asl all Tkraat Dlaeaaea,
Pat ap ealy im Blae Baxea.
Sold by Druggists. . ' f - . 8-4
The nigkeat Meelleal Atkarttleaf
Eurap say the strongest Tonic, Purifier
and Deobstrnent known to tbe medical
world is ' ; . ' "
: It r.rrest- decay of vital forces, exhaustion
of Cie nervous system, restores vigor to the
deh.l !jted, eleanses vitiated hlood,removes
vesicle obstructions, and acts directly on th.
Liver and Spleen. Price 1 a bottle. JOHN
KELLOOO, 18 Piatt street, N.Y. 39-4
neya far la veatara. Experimental Ma
chines and Models; also, Patented Articles
Manufactured for Inventors, '
Twenty years experience. All business
strictly confidential. Complete list of Pat
ents from 1790 to date. Bend for Circular.
lr.inrp'srpf'cidecures Dyspepsia, Liver
Coiupltu.it, Constipation, Vomiting of Food,
Hour rAtomncn, Mater ttrasn, lieanoiirn.
Low Spirits, etc. In thirty-five years never
(ailinK to cure tbe most obstinate cases. ;
Sold by druggists generally. C. E. POTTS
& CO., 20 Main street, Agents for Richmond,
Indiana. Depot, 145 Eighth street, N. Y.
Circulars mailed on application. 3S-4w
fsixteea OH PalatttBga Im a Baak!
Never before was such an Idea attemptel
for book illustration;: every rne who has
seen It pronounces it SUPERB. - Mrs.- Har- .
riet Beecher Stowe's latest work.
Woman In Sarred History,
Is a series of narrative-sketches, drawn from r
flcripturnl, historical,nud legendnry sources.
lllaatrate-I with Nix. teen Ckaiee Oil
Ousum. after paintings by the most cel
ebrated artists of the world, giving a rich
and magnificent variety of Oriental cos
tume and beauty. Mrs. Stowe in her cliOm
lng style hns written a book full of interest,
and without a dull page in it, which even if
not illustrated would sell rapidly; but tbe
Brllllaat OI!COLOR PICTrKEft,
make it one. of the most unique, original,
and remarkable books ever ottered. The pic
tures, if published separately, would readily
sell for 2 each ortttL while the entire book,
with the sixteen pictures, together witli
sumptuous bindings of the volume, can be
had for one-fifth of that amount. The
hook is published in ENGLISH and in
GERMAN, and is making a tremendous
ftensatian Amoag A grata.
And Salesmen, because It is absolutely new '
and "has money in it." To get pleasant
work and ood pay, send forterms,circulars,
etc.. J. B. FORD & CO., New York, lloston, .
Chicago, San Francisco, or Cincinnati. .
. That at the same time
Fnrgen, Fariaea mm Ktrraurtkevia tka
' Dr. Taf t's Fills are composed of many
ingredient. Prominent among tbem are
Sarsapzirtita and Wild Cherry, so united as
to nc. together; the one, through its admix
ture wit ii other substances, purifying and
pniidii; while the other is strengthening
th: sy stem. Thus these Pills are at the
same time a tonic and a cathartic, a desid
eratum long sought for by madieal men,
but never before discovered. - In other
words, they do the work ot two medicine,
and do It much better than any two we
know of, for they remove nothing from tbe
system but Impurities, so that while they
purge they also strengthen, and heaea they
cause no debility and are followed by no re
action. - '
Or. Tatc'a Fllla have a wonderful in
fluence on the Mood. They not oniy purify
w.thaut weakening it, but they remove ail
noxious pertides from the ehyU) aatoreit It
converted into fluid, and thus makes impure
blood an utter Impossibility. As there is no
debilitation, so tnere is no nausea or sick
ness attending the operation of this most
excellent medicine, wniob never strains or
tortures the digeetlvo organs but cause
them to workiuaperfectlynainral man net ;
h nee persons taking them do notbeeom
pale and emaciated, but on the contrary,
wliile oil impurities are being removed, tin
combined action of the Sarsapaiilla and
Wild Cherry purifies and invbcoratea the
body, and a robunt st!rte-of health is the rr
stilt of tetr united action. Prlce,25eenUa
box. Sold by all druggists. Depotti Oort
lanJtsttet,NwYotti.. SM i
slkjajalaWan -..""
)lUj,! :i'. -v.A
wm u EXvaors from rfca wm Mere
klk to wmmoa Blotak mr Mavalc.
From two t tgboules m w?anu' v,
pii aicsri or Totcer. BnasFle
m raee, nana, EnilMM ;!
.ivar a9Mtikt. Hx tolwelre 1 -..
wrrunn;i u ear Mfnilewa '
'elllaaa ami Isiu sad all Lklm
loa-A lHscaaaa. By lu wockr:Yf
rvctoral nronertles it wilt nm tm -: t
evero recent or ttagerliig CmH w I nil
the tUne rtKiulred by gay.tafmd!c::i
and U perfectly safe, loosebtag eooca, -. v
tag IrrttBtian, aad raHeTiwjr sia im. f-..?a
WrMa mnmmmMrytmJiZCt.
sm ' ... r.
I The cheapest nnd liest selling Agent'
Bibles in the market. ForclrcuInrsaiMiess
A. J. HOLMAX A lX)m Arch street, Phil
adelphia. , SMl
By orderof the Marion Civil ClrcuitCr.ui t,
the undersigned, administrators of the es
tate of Samuel W. Bernams, deceased, oiler
for the next ninety days, lot No. eleven,
(lit, in Starr s addition to the eity of Rich
mond, Wayne county, Indiana.
Terms One-sixth cash In hand, and one
sixth In each of , 12, 18, 24 and SO months,
with 6 per cent. Interest.
Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 18, 187. 27-3w
19. --NT. Freshman,
C I C I If X A T I , O.
AdvertlaeBaenta lawertaal im may pa
par at fkvarakla ratea. .
Estimates furnished free. Send for a cir
cular. i(Mw
Etimii Wijis Ejllig.,
vnn vnfvc r.riTim '
Lucius H. Bugbee, D. D. Pres't.
Tills oldest and btrgest College for Indies
in the West, will resume after the holidays.
Jan. 5th. Pupils can enter then, or Jan.
SStth, the date ot the opening of the second
session. . Expenses reasonable.- Eight De
partments, liesliles the Literary Depart
ments, there is the College of Music, tinder
the directorship of Carl Barus. This gives a
thorough course in Music, with graduation.
The Academy of Design, for Art Studies, i j
thoroughly furnished with excellent mod
els The elegant edifice is entirely furnish
ed. The faculty is laige and experienced.
Direct letter of inquiry tor Catalogues, or
conce.-ning boardlug accommodations, to
8Mw Cincinnati, Ohio.
We have a large, stock of goods for the
Holidays, comprising fine editions of excel
ALBUMS, etc. Orders by letter promptly
. HirnicecL waeoex,
S8-4 IPO Fourth street, Cincinnati.
Holiday Presents.
WM. & J. C. MICIIIE, Jewelers,
17S W. Faartk Mt., ClarlaMti, O.,
Offer an unusually attractive line of Holi
day Presents at low prices. Full stock of
American and Kwiss Watches, Silver aud
Plated Ware, etc. SXi-4
A cure assured without the use of the
knife. Persons requiring our services will
be visited in any part of the country. Heud
for Book giving manner of treatment, and
Certificintesof cores. . :
Address . - DR. L. H. GRATIGNY,
28 Plum street,
Box 2087 Cincinnati, Ohio.
rV "T" IT a- al-a.. uM
dily cured by -Dr. Beck's
only known and sure Remedy. : NO
CHARGE lor treatment until eared. Call
onoraddrcrs ,,- , DR. J. C BECK,
38-4 Cincinnati, Ohio.
, When Ton: Want
A FIXE ' ' '
Etc, Etc,
At m BesMBaMe Filer, Ito to ;
C, A. Vandnzen c C o ,
- S, W. Cor. Fourth and Mala StsI
All the latest Holiday Novelties In Fancy
Leatlier Goods, for Ladies and gentlemen.
The Largest, Finest, and Best Assortment of
Pocket Books in the West. ,
; FX4oods sent by Mali and Express.s
, 38-4 - 'i
Medicine compounded by a sufferer Bur-
feon IT. H. A. Also cures DraB.kennea.
t always cures. Send for work on "Onf um
eaUng and 1U Cure," to W. B. SQUIRE, M.
D. , W orthlngton, Greene Co, Ind. 38-4
nail's Journal of Health says: "Buck
wheat cakes, properly baked, are very heal
thy and nutritious. They should be baked
on a SOAP STONE GRIDDLE, without
grease. When baked on an Iron griddle,
with grease, they are spoiled; and Instead of
being the most nutritious of food, become
the most indigestible." The material com
posing tho Griddles Is a mild aabstanec,
produelug and retaining a oft and Deli
cious Hot. They requite no GREASING,
and bake the eakos brown, spongy, and of a
delicious flavor, rover burning them, nor
diffusing auy :::ell through the room while
In use. . Soap Ht-m a a FOOT WARMER
has no eonal, the beat radiated from it lie
lug a mild, solt, aad natural heat. Price of
Griddle yl to 83. Foot Warmers, 75c to
fln.Tin and Japan Mfg. Co. 1S8 Wi 4th St,
f A FlTTcC Physician ot twenty
JJnllUO" years unsurpassed suc
cess in the treatment ot Diseases of Females.-
- i
NO CHARGE for treatment until cured.
Address PROF BECK, Lock Beat 860,
-4 . .. CINCINNATI, O.
At lowest prices. The finest Instruments
aaade. Also, PIANOS and ORGANS at less
than Gold prices. Good, new, aeven-octave
Rosewoad Ptanoa t 82B0. Fiaaoncd, new,
five-octave Organs at 875. New fonr-ootave
Organs at 855.. We invite the attention of
dealers, SMITH m NIXON,
38-t r -: . . . :. ; CtncinnaU.ohio.
"t - - - a. . .. .- ' ,
Merchant Tailor
Alwayakeepalarjce iirtouaut Of all first
class goods, which he sella- at reasonable
rates. His elegant styles are tmtmrnassed
Br tho West, and hlg prices mike him the
most popular Tailor in Cincinnati. 2S W.
Fourth st., near Bsce, Cincinnati. - a-4
is ii

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