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RICHMOND 'liAliiirtt&AVlVMU' mowiiAx, iMftgi x.
Uncle Sam Promises to Take
a Hand on Behalf of
Japanese Non-Combatants Detained
at Port Arthur the Subject
C of Representations.
American Ambassador at St. Peters-
burg Will be Instructed to
; Find Out About It.
This Government lias Agreed to
, Ijook After Japs On Russian
Ground Liate War News.
Port Arthur, Feb. 15. Official ad
vices state that the Japanese landed
600 soldiers near Talien Wan with dis
astrous results, 410 being sabred by
cossacks. The remainder escaped to
their ships. It is further stated that
the Japanese landed at Dove bay,
where thirty cf them were killed and
the remainder retreated.
Nagasaki, Feb. 15. Six Norwegian
steamers, chartered by a Russian na
val contractor, have been captured.
They carried coal cargoes. It is ru
mored that 1,800 Japanese Soldiers
have been killed, presumably by the
sinking of a transport. Disturbances
are reported proceeding in Seoul.
Shanghai, Feb. 15. It is reported
that the Japanese have bombarded
Dalny and landed marines.
Tokio, Feb. 15. It is said that the
Japanese squadron Las sealed Port
Washington, Feb. 15. Japan will ap
peal to the United States to prevail
on the Russian government to release
the 100 Japanese subjects reported
detained at Port Arthur. Mr. Taka
hira, the Japanese minister, it is ex
pected will present the appeal to Sec
retary Hay today.
In a cablegram received from Tokio
the minister was informed that ac
cording to news brought to Che Foo
by a British steamer from Port Ar
thur 100 Japanese refugees had been
taken from the steamer by the Russian
authorities just beiore the vessel sail
ed, in spite of the protest of the Japan
ese. Having agreed to look out for
Japanese c'tizens in Russian territory
during the war, this government will
instruct Mr. McCormick. the American
ambassador at St. Petersburg to in
quire of the Russian government on
the subject, as to tue Japanese in ques
tion. Although Russia's answer to Secre
tary Hay's note asking her to respect
the neutrality of China and localize
hostilities as much as possible has not
yet been received, the state depart
ment knows indirectly from London
and Paris that Russia will reply favor
ably. It thon will remain for the
powers to fix the scope of their note
and to draft a more definite proposi
tion for acceptance by the two com
batants. Satisfaction is expressed in admin
istration circles that Great Britain as
veil as Russia has decided to waive
objections to the note. It is expected
that all the formal answers to the
secretary's note will reach here early
this week.
Japan Declares Her Right to Russian
Nagasaki, Feb. 15. According to
advices received here, the engagement
at Port Arthur commenced at 4 o'clock
on the morning of the 9th. Altogether
twelve vessels were destroyed and
eight captured. The captured vessels
were expected at Sasebo Sunday.
The emperor has congratulated Ad
miral Togo, commanding the fleet, for
his splendid victory. It i3 considered
significant that the rigid censorship
regarding th movements of the Japan
ese fleet haji been withdrawn The
Dry, moist, scaly tetter, all forms
of eczema or salt rheum, pimples
and other cutaneous eruptions pro
ceed from humors, either inherited,
or acquired through defective di
gestion and assimilation.
To treat these eruptions "with
drying medicines is dangerous.
The thing to do is to take
Hood's Sarsaparilla
and Pills
Which thoroughly cleanse the blood,
expelling all humors and building
up the whole system. They cure
Hood's Sarsaparilla permanently cured J.
Q. Hines, Franks, 111., of eczeina, from which
be had suffered for some time: and Miss
AJvina Wolter, Box 212, Algona. Wis., of pim
ples on her face and back and chafed skin on
ber body, by which she had been ereatly
troubled. There are more testimonials in
favor of Hood's than can be published.
Hood's SarsaparUta promises to
cure and keeps the promfse.
vessels 'that comprised Jhe Japanese
fleet which attacked and destroyed the
Russian cruisers Variag and Korittz at
Chemulpo on the'Sth instant, were the
cruisers Naniva, Takachino, Akashi
Suma and the Asama. The Japanese
did not lose a man.
The survivors from the Variag and
the Korietz, the Russian cruisers that
were sunk by the Japanese fleet at
Chemulpo last Tuesday still remiln
on board the British cruiser Talbot,
the Italian cruiser Elba and the French
cruiser Pascal. The situation is be
coming acute as the Japanese have
twice made demands on the command
ers of the three foreign vessels that
the Russians be surrendered as pris
oners of war. The captain of tho
Talbot, being the senior naval officer,
each time replied that he was awaiting
instructions from his government.
None of the Russians are on board
the American gunboat Vicksburg,
whose commander considers that the
Japanese are right in their demands
as the Russians took advantage of
tb ciciency of the Japanese in re
turning to the harbor and then taking
refuse on the foreign vessels and re
lusiug to surrender whereas the Jap
anese feet refrained from sinking
them in the open sea as they could
have dona.
The Zensho Maru Incident Is Called
a Wanton Crime.
Tokio, Feb. 15. Japan is deeply
stirred and bitterly resentful over the
sinking of the merchant vessel Zensho
Maru by four Russian cruisers which
attacked the Zensho Maru and her
companion the Naganoura Maru while
on their way from Hakodate to
Otaru, on the island Hakkaido. The
attack of the Russians is declared to
be a wanton crime, unjustified under
any circumstances, even assuming
that the Zensho Maru disregarded sig
nals, which is denied.
The foreign office has issued the fol
lowing statement regarding the sink
ing of the Zensho Maru: "Two Jap
anese merchant vessels, the Zensho
Maru and the Naganoura Maru, ton
nage 170 and 700 respectively, while
sailing from Hakata for Otaru, were
suddenly attacked by four Russian
cruisers from Vladivostock on Feb. 11,
while ten miles off Jensangtsi. Fire
was opened without any 'order being
given the vessels to surrender. The
Naganoura succeeded in escaping.
The other vessel was surrounded by
the cruisers and sunk. All on board
were either killed or drowned."
It is said the Japanese government
is planning reprisals. Several Russian
ships which have been detained in or
der to prevent reports of the move
ments of the Japanese from reaching
the enemy will now, it is said, be sent
to the prize courts, and in all probabil
ity will be confiscated.
The presence of the Russian squad
rons in northern Japanese waters cen
ters all interest there. The country is
Isolated and it is difficult to obtain sat
isfactory reports from there.
A variety of rumors stir Tokio. One
says Matsuma has been bombarded;
another that the Japanese cruisers
have engaged the Russians. The gov
ernment has not confirmed anything
ercept the Zensho Maru incident. It
is. doubted that Matsuma has been
bombarded, as it is undefended. It is
regarded as probable that the Russian
fleet returned to Vladivostock after
completing a movement planned to di
vert the Japanese.
The Japanese war ship Amain has
captured the German steamer Yoko
hama which had a cargo including dy
namite for Pore Arthur.
Official Confirmation of Heavy Move
ment at Chemulpo.
St. Petersburg, Feb. 15. A commu
nication from Viceroy Alexieff. just re
ceived, confirms the report of the land
ing of 19,000 Japanese troops at Che
mulpo. The viceroy ad Is that reports
have been received of attempts to cut
the telegraph wires along the Chinese
Eastern railway and also to destroy
one of the abutments of the Sungari
bridge. These attempts, he says,
were immediately detected and deci
sive measures taken to guard the rail
way. There is no official confirmation
of the rumor from Port Arthur cf the
landing of Japanese troops at Shan-Kai-Kwan.
If the rumors should
prove to be correct it wiil moan that
the Japanese are trying to got in the
rear of the Russians from both flanko
with the object of cutting communica
tions. All is quiet at Port Arthur. There is
no nows of the enemy's fleet, and no
confirmation of the reported appear
ance of Japanese iron-clads off Tatung
I'an, but the indications are that the
enemy's scouts are off In Kan. The
mobilization of troops is being success
fully carried out. General Razilewski,
chief engineer, reports that the Port
Arthur forts were not damaged during
the bombardment.
A Land Battle Reported.
Che Foo, Feb. "15. It Is reported
that 12,000 Japanese troops were land
ed at Dove bay last Wednesday morn
ing and that they were met by the
Russians who engaged them In a hand-to-hand
fight. The reports say the
Japanese were driven back. It Is also
reported that Japanese troops have
been landed forty miles further west.
Little Fresh News.
London, Feb. 15. There were a
number of belated telegrams reaching
London from the far East today, but
added little or nothing to what is
already known regarding the situation
there. The mystery surrounding the
fate of the Vladivostock squadron Is
still unsolved.
Monroe County AVliitccaps
Go Scot Free From
The Prosecuting "Witnesses Knew
They Had Been Whipped Ilat
Didn't Know By Whom.
Every Kflbrt Was Made by the Grand
Jury to Secure Indictments
Without Avail.
Bloomington, Ind., Feb. 15. The
grand jury failed to find indictments
against any one accused of being con
nected with the whipping of the Stev
ens girls and the negro Shively,
which occurred in this city about a
year ago. Every effort was made and
every person examined who could pos
sibly know anything of t"e whipping.
The victims, while stating that they
had been whipped, said they could not
and did not recognize any one. They
gave every indication that they did
not want to .prosecute, and the grand
jury could not have made a case hold
against any one.
Old Struggle Has Been Renewed at
Indianapolis, Feb. 15. The meeting
of the committee, representing the op
erators and mine workers of the states
of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Western
Pennsylvania, which was appointed at
the recent unsuccessful conference to
decide upon a date for the calling
together of the joint wage scale com
mittee, is in session today in the Clay
pool hotel. It was thought by many
miners and some operators that the
joint conference would again be called,
but this will not be done unless the
joint scale committee fails to come to
an agreement on a wage scale to ,a
into effect for one year, beginning
April 1.
The committee will set a date on
which members of the scale committee
will assemble in Indianapolis to fight
out the wage scale issue. Failing to
come to an agreement, a call will be
sent to all delegates of the miners
and operators to again meet in joint
conference, when the quastion will be
again heard.
Unless the operators grant the min
ers' demands in the scale committee
meetings it is certain a general call
must be made, as the miners have in
structed their scale committee to ac
cept nothing but the present scale.
A Valuable Map.
Indianapolis, Ind., Feb. 15. After al
most a decade of unremitting labor
State Geologist Blatchley has complet
ed his geological map of Indiana, the
first of its kind for this state. Topo
graphically it is accurate in every
particular, and the various sections
of the map each represent personal
surveys of the different parts of Indi
ana made by Mr. Blatchley. This map
will be embodied in his annual report.
Will Try to Pay in Full.
Marion, Ind., Feb. 15. The closing
of the First National bank, at Matth
ews occasioned great excitment here
and it is rumored several Marion par
ties are in different ways interested
In the bank. Failure of the glass fac
tories in the county to resume opera
tions are said to be the cause of the
bank's failure. An official of the bank
said that an effort will be made to pay
dollar for dollar to depositors.
The Bedford Mystery.
Bedford, Ind., Feb. 15. Aside from
a continuous conference between the
detectives there have been no new de
velopments in the Schafer case. The
grand jury convened today and it is
expected the Pinkerton detectives will
submit to that body all the evidence
in their possession against McDonald.
Few people in Bedford believe that
McDonald is guilty of the murder.
Shot Twice in Mouth.
Lafayette, Ind., Feb. 15 Frank W.
Royse, expert accountant and member
of a local wholesale notion firm, at
tempted suicide in the basement of the
company's warehouse. Ro3'se shot
himself twice in the mouth with a
small revolver. That the wounds will
prove fatal is the verdict of the doc
tors. - 4 T
Lincoln League Elects Officers.
Evansville, Ind., Feb. 15. At the
meeting of the Indiana Lincoln League
held in this city, the following officers
were elected: C. W. McGuire, India
napolis, president; Will A. Stevens,
Columbus, vice-president; George D.
Heilman, Evansville, secretary; M. S.
Hawkins, Portland, treasurer.
Evansville's Water Famine.
Evansville, Ind., Feb. 15. A water
famine prevails in Evansville owing
to the crippled condition of the water
works. The pressure is very weak
and in case of a fire the firemen would
be handicapped. It is not known when
the repairs of the plant can be finished.
Suicide of a Farmer.
Vincennes, Ind., Feb. 15. Thomas
Welton, a well-to-do farmer of Fritch
ton, fifty-five years old, committed sui
cide by shooting himself in the head
to end his sufferings from temporary
brain trouble, lie left a widow and
several children.
Weighed Only Five
Restless, Cried Day
and Nigrit.
Dr. Miles Nervine Did
Wonders, Cured Her.
A l.ttle ever two years ao I had a little,
nervous baby who weighed only hve pounds
at binh. At first she was restless and cross
and after she was four weeks ol t she cried
nay and niht, and would uut sleep without
narcotic . Shj was so nervous that we did
not dare to move wh.n she i id sleep a short
nme, as she would wake scre.iminj as
though she was goin? to hae a fit. We
called a doctor; he c. iled it infantile colic;
raid he could ieheve h r. coul i not cure her.
After a short time the effect of his medicine
wore off and 1 was in despair. I tried all
known home remedies and innumerable
patent medicines. At last I gave her
Dr. Mdes' Re-torative Nervine and she
was easy and slept without narcotics. Since
that time I have used a dozen bottles
and would not be without it. I am now c'iv
ng it to anuther baby and it has the same
eltect, immediate relief always." Mrs. Vin
cent ZiJek, Verona. N. D.
"Threi years acjo I was taken with nervous
prostration, which brought on heart trouble,
ind my he irt would palpitate at every little
noise. I had smothering spells so that at
:;m s I would nearly sink a way. 1 c t one
'to tic each of Dr. Miles' Nervine and Heart
Cure and I could feel cood results from the
first few doses. T.iey nave since effected a
oermanent cure. I recommend Dr. Miles'
Remedies to all who suffer as I did." Mrs.
J. C. James, Fairmont, Nebraska.
All rirujjist? sell and guarantee first bot
le Dr. Miles' Remedies. Send for free book
jn Nervous and Heart Diseases. Address
Or. Miles Medical Co, Elkhait. lad.
Via Pennsylvania Lines in February
and March.
Excursion rates to New York, ac
count spring meetings of Merchants'
association will be in effect via Penn
sylvania lines February 6th, 7th, 0th
and 10th; also on February 27ih,
28th and 29th, and March 1st, 1904.
The sale of tickets will be governed
by the certificate plan, which will be
fully explained by ticket agents of
the Pennsylvania lines. Apply to C.
W. Elmer, ticket agent, Richmond,
Ind., for particulars. d3t-wk!2t
The Death Penalty.
A little thing sometimes results
in death. Thus a mere scratch, in
significant cuts or puny boils ! ave
paid the death penalty. It is wise
to have Bucklen's Arnica Salve ever
handy. It's the best Salve on earth
and will prevent fatality, when
Burns, sores, Ulcers and Piles tbr",
en. Only 25c, at A. G. Luken & Co..
drug store.
The break-down in the Greenfield
station has been repaired and limited
cars on the interurban line were put
in operation today, and will continue
regularly. City cars leaving the cor
ner of eighth and Main at 8:30 a. m..
12 :30 p. m. and 4 :30 p. m. make im
mediate connection with the Indian
apolis car at the west side barns. In
addition to these cars local cars leave
company office, near the corner of
eight and Main at 7, 9 and 11 in the
morning and 1, 3 and 5 in the after
noon. Returning cars leave Indian
apolis for Richmond same hours.
Reduced Fares to Evansville, Ind.,
via Pennsylvania Lines.
Tickets at reduced fares will be
sold February 12th and 13th to
Evansville, Ind., via Pennsylvania
lines, account annual meeting, Lin
coln league of Indiana. Inquire of
ticket agents Pennsylvania lines for
Low Fares to Indianapolis via Penn
sylvania Lines.
February lOth and 11th, excur
sion tickets to Indianapolis, account
Indiana Pythian Jubilee, Grand
Lodge Knights of Pythias, will be
sold via Pennsylvania lines. Ticket
agents of Pennsylvania lines will give
full particulars.
mm nam mm mmm -i - ' "
Who was your grandfather of 1C0
Tears ago? We know how to trace
rour foreparents back, perhaps far
jeyond the origin of yonr family
lame. Please enclose a stomp for
eply when you write, for we work"
heap. Address Samuel B. Huddles
on, Dublin, Ind.
One way Colonist Rates to the
vVest and Northwest via The C, C.
L. Washington, Oregon, Montana,
fcc. For further information call on
1 A. Blair, C. T. A. Home 'Phone 44.
Low Fares to Georgia via Pennsyl
vania Lines.
Excursion tickets to Atlanta, Ga.,
will be sold via Fennsjlvania lines
February 20th and 21st, account De
partment of Superintendence Nation
al Educational association. For fares,
time of trains, etc., apply to ticket
agents of the Pennsylvania lines.
L iL i
,,v. ,it fir c .c
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