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a c. & l.
Effective Feb. 7th, 1904
No. t No. 4 No
Daily Daily Bun only
ex. Hun.
I.V Rlcbmond 8.5a 4. -At -3-
IA' I'"' ie Grove v.35 5.05 7.-v
Af C.noluiiatl ll.W
No. 1 No. 3
Daily Daily
L,v Cincinnati ".45 o.lo
Ar Richmond 10.20 8.00
No 1 Noll
Dnilv Dally
Iv Richmond 10.20 8.00
Ar Muncle 11 .SO -27
Ar Marion 12 50pm !".;
Ar Peru 2.1"pin ll.U
Ar North Judson 4.05pm
No. 2 Nc. 4 No. rt
Daiiv Daily San only
ex. Sun.
r.v Nor th Judson JlMm rn
I,v Peru 5-15 12.10pm 2 50
Ar Richmond 4.20pm B.Iia
For rates or information regarding con
nections Inquire of C. A BLAIR,
Home Phone 44 City Ticket Agent.
Every Day
Mnncie, Marion, Pern
and Northern Indiana cities
C. C- &b I
Leave Richmond
Daily, 10:20 am 8:00 p m
Through tickets sold to all
For particulars enquire oi
C. A. Blaia. C. P. A,
Home Tel. 44
On account MARDIGRAS
Richmond to New Orleans .... f24 25
Mobile 22 85
Pensacola ..... 22.85
Selling date, Feb. 9th to 15th.
Return limit, March 5th.
For further information call on
C. A. Blair, C. T. A.
Florae Telephone -14
in the
Great Arena
at the
J I rrtD a oottttp
(C Look at theMapJLc
or THE
To New Orleans, Mobile and Pensaco
la via Pennsylvania Lines.
February Oth to 15th, inclusive, ex
cursion tickets to New Orleans, La.,
Mobile, Ala., and Pensacola, Fla.,
will be sold via Pennsylvania lines.
Fares, time of trains, etc., furnished
by ticket agents of the Pennsylvania
f) Wilf
fci flfirnll Td tm it r ?fitom&'fcr
I V- 1904 v- t
In Eflect 2pm, Fib 7.
v'tbTWARD Depart
Rich and I.tutnn Ac Ex ft. 45 am
Chicago Mail and Kx 11.15am
Cin and Mae t'x
("in a"d Ivati Ex 5.00 pm
Cin and Rich Ac Kx
Cin and Mack Mail and Ex
Cin and Chi Mail and Kx 11.15 pm
"hi and Cin Mail and Ex 4 15 am
Alack and Cin Mail and Ex 5 15am
Rich and Cm Ac Ex 7 (X) am
lxtran and Cm Ao Kx 1 .loam
Mack ami Cin Kx :i 4-. pm
Fast South fx and Mail 4.00 pm
IOgan and liicn Ac
11 10 am
2.00 pm
4 -i-T piu
7 'J.'i pin
10 ."0 pin
11 to pin
4 05 am
9. 18 am
3.5.1 pm
5.40 pm
In Eflect 9 a. m., Nov. 29.
4.45 am N Y and St L Maii
St L Fat Ex
4 50 am
4.45 am
10 15 am
10 30 am
1 25 pm
10 10 pm
5 35 am
10.15 am
3 57 pm
7 30 pm
St L Fast Mail and Ex
Col and Ind Ac Ex
10.25 am
1.2 pm
9.15 pm
N Y and fct L. Mail and Ex
Col and Ind Ac Ex
Pt L and N Y Mail and Ex
Ind and Col Ac Mail and Ex
St L and N Y Fast Mail
Ind and Col Ac Ex
Peona perial (Mai!)
St 1- and N Y Mail and Ex
St L and N Y Limited Ex
n. 9.1 am
9 45 am
9 50 am
3.45 pm
4 5 pm
7 20 pm
8.40 pm
In Eflect 12 01 p. m., Jan. 21
4 37 am St L Fast Ex
10.00 am Sprim?fd and K.ca Ac
10 10 am Si L Fast Mail and Ex
10.02 pm Sprin and Rich Mail and Ex
Rich and Sprin Mail and Ex
Rich and Xeuia Ac Ex
N V Fact Mail
Penna Special Mail and Ex
St L and N Y Limited Ex
5 30 am
8.15 am
9 55 am
4 55 pm
8.49 pm
In Effect 2 p m., Jan. 10
4.a5 am Mack and Cin Mail and Ex
9.42 am Ft W and Rich Mail and Ex
3.40 pm Mack and Cin Mall and Ex
9.45 pm Sunday Acg
Rich and G R Mail and Ex 5.40 am
Cin and Mack Mall and Ex 1 2.05 pm
Cin and Mack Mail and Ex 10.55 pm
Daily. Sunday only. All trains, unless
otherwise indicated, depart and arrive daily,
except Sunday.
Dayton and Western
Traction Co.
In effect Jan. 25. U01.
Cars leave union station, .sonth 8th street,
every hour ft:00, 7:45, and 45 minutes after
every hour until 7:45 p. m., 9:00, 9:15 and 11
i). in., for New Paris, New "Westville, New
'aris, Eaton, West Alexandria, Dayton,
Xenia, Tippecanoe, Troy, Piqua, Spring
Held, Urbana, London, Columbus.
Last car to Dayton at 9 p. m. stops only at
New Westville. New Hope, Katon, West
Alexandria and way points east.
9:15 and 11 p. m. cars to West Alexandria
New Paris local car leaves at 4:50, 6:2J,
8:20, 10:20 a. m., 12:20, 2:20, 4:2u, 6:20 and 9:15
p. m.
For further information call phone 209.
O. O. BAKEK, Agent.
South of Main, West of Seventh.
L2 First and south C, piano factory.
13 Second and south B. .
14 Fourth and south D.
15 Fifth and south B.
1G Fifth and south II.
IS Seventh and south II.
Sonth of Main, Eetween Seventh and
21 Eighth and Main.
23 Eighth and south E.
24 Seventh and south G.
25 Ninth and south A.
2G Tenth and south C.
27 Eleventh and Main.
2S Eleventh and south J.
South of Main, East of Eleventh.
31 Twelfth and south B.
32 Twelfth and south E.
34 Fourteenth and Main.
35 Fourteenth and south C.
3G Eleventh and south A.
37 Twentieth and Main.
North of Main, West of Tenth to
41 Third and Main, Robinson's shop
42 Third and North C.
43 City Building.
45 Gaar, Scott & Co.
46 No. 1 Hose House, N. Eighth.
47 Champion Roller Mills.
4S Tenth and North I.
West Richmond and Fairview.
5 West Third and Chestnut.
51 West Third and National Road.
52 West Third and Kinsey.
53 West Third and Richmond Ave.
54 Earlham College.
55 State and Boyer.
50 Grant and Ridge.
57 Hunt and Maple.
58 Grant and Sheridan.
59 Bridge Ave., Paper Mill.
North of E, East of Tenth.
Gl Railroad Shops.
G2 Hut ton's Coffin Factory.
03 Tloosier Drill Works.
04 Wayne Agricultural Works.
05 Richmond City Mill Works.
GG West cot t Carriage Works.
G7 Thirteenth and North II.
Between Main and North D., East of
7 Ninth and North A.
71 Eleventh and North B.
72 Fourteenth and North C.
73 No. 3 Hose House, East End.
74 Eighteenth and North C.
75 Twenty-second and North E.
1-2-1 Fire Out.
10-10-10 Natural Gas Off.
10 Natural Gas On.
312 Noon and 6 p. m.
Uncfe Sam Transfers Marines From
Colon to Santo Domlnnc.
Colon, Feb. 15. Hurried orders from
Washington were received to embark
a battalion of marines on the Prairie.
A special train left Colon Sunday and
returned with the 450 marines who
were encamped at Bas Obispo station
on the Panama railroad. The Prairie's
boats were kept busy all day embark
ing the camp fittings, baggage, s'ores,
etc. Major Lucas will command the
battalion. The Prairie sailed today
under sealed orders. It has leaked
out here that the marines are destined
for Santo Domingo. Only about 100
marines now remain at Ba3 Obispo.
An Official Explanation.
Washington, Feb. 15. Naval offi
cials say that while the Prairie with
450 marines from Colon aboard will
touch at San Domingo, that the real
destination of the vessel Is the naval
station at Guatanamo. The purpose
of taking the men there, they say, is to
give them a change of climate and sur
Outcome of Operation on Viola Allen
Awaited With Uneasiness.
New York Feb. 15. Viola Allen,
whose engagement in "Twelfth Night"
at the Knickerbocker theater was
brought to a temporary close Saturday
night on account of her illness, under
went an operation for mastoiditis at
the Eye and Ear hospital Sunday.
The surgeon who performed the op
eration discovered that the actress
was suffering from mastoiditis in its
most advanced form.-
"Had Miss Allen delayed in having
this operation twenty-four hours." he
said after it was over, "she could not
have lived. The brain is exposed in
two places and it will take several
days to tell what the outcome will be."
Tragic End of an Old Feud.
Cory don, Ind., Feb. 15. George
Heishman and his son Albert were
shot by Albert Meyers, at the Scott
township precinct during the progress
of the Democratic primary election.
The elder Heishman was shot in the
right breast and the wound is consid
ered fatal. The son was not seriously
injured. Meyers escaped into Ken
tucky. He is twenty-one years old and
had trouble previously with the Heish
mans. Serious Charge Against Woman.
Dover, Del., Feb. 15. Mrs. Mary
Anna Powell was arrested last night,
charged with the murder of Estella
Allan and her 21-year-old adopted
daughter, whose mutiliated body was
found last Tuesday In the attic of the
Powell farm house, near Magnolia, ten
miles from here. The accused woman
was placed in the Dover jail and will
be given a hearing on Tuesday.
British Steamer Held.
Che Foo, Feb. 15. The Russians
have explained their reasons for firing
on the British steamer Fu Ping in
which three of the Chinese crew were
wounded. They assert that the vessel
was leaving port without clearing.
The British steamer Wenchow is being
held by the Russians for refusing to
deliver Japanese passengers.
Fatal Stabbing In Saloon.
Goshen, Ind., Feb. 15. In a saloon
disturbance at Cromwell, Noble coun
ty, Joseph Eslich, a friend of the publi
can, who was trying to eject James
Davault, stabbed the latter in the ab
domen and it is expected his injuries
will prove fatal. Both men are resi
dents of Cromwell.
Funeral of Millionaire Suicide.
St. Louis, Feb. 15. The funeral of
William J. Lemp, the multi-m'Jlionaire
brewer who committed suicide by
shooting Saturday, was held this after
noon at the family residence with pri
vate Interment.
According to the report of the state board of
health, pneumonia caused 639 deaths in Indiana
in January.
Three masked men entered the station on the
Vnnd&lia at Hobbs, Ind., and robbed the opera
tor of K and a sold watch.
The Waba-h Railway company ha bought a
bloclc of ground at Loganport, Ind., on which
it will erect a 10 J.000 station.
The Southern Ind.'aua Pre association will
hold the sprin meetinf? at Bloominjjton Wed
nesday and Thursday, March 9 and 10.
President Kooserelt hai declined to order the
secretary of war to return the battle-flasr of the
Forty-eighth Confederate Georgia regiment to
that state.
Vf illiam Stone, a negro, was sentenced at TCr
angviTe to the state prison for from one to
twenty-one years for assaulting L.A Lynch,
aged twelve.
Senator Allison, whoe leadership in the sen
ate is undisputed, is qnot'd as authority for the
opinion that congress w:Ii not be in session
much later than May 1.
A tfte judsro wa delirorinjr his Instruction
to a Jnry at Butte, Mont., in the cape of Alfred
Beckman, accusod of murder, lieckman drew
a razor, cut his throat aud fell to the floor,
fatally wounded.
Interesting Gossip Regarding Possible
Successor to Fairbanks.
Indianapolis, Feb. 1 5. -There will be
an abundance) of material to select
another United States senator from if
Senator Charles W. Fairbanks is elect
ed vice president. Congressman Chas.
B. Landis, of the Ninth district, Is
making no secret of the fact that he
wants the place and that he will ask
for it. Congressman Crumpacker also
has an eye on the opportunity and it is
very probable he will enter if there is
a vacancy. He would have a very
strong Republican district at his back.
Congressman Hemenway, of the First,
i the most talked of prospective can
didate as there Is reason to believe
that he has the support of a very large
number of party leaders. Charles L.
Henry, publisher of the party organ, is
also being talked of and then there is
a lot of talk about Governor Durbin for
the place. One occasionally hear3
George F. McCulloch, the interurban
and newspaper magnate, spoken of for
the position, and J. Frank Hanly's
name is also used. Of course the poli
ticians may be counting their chickens
before they're hatched, as Senator
Fairbanks might refuse to accept the
nomination, but the possibility of a va
cancy in his seat In the senate has giv
en rise to a lot of speculation as to who
would succeed him.
The popularity of Senator Hanna In
Indiana could not have been illustrated
more perfectly than at the Lincoln
Day banquet at the Columbia Club
when over two hundred and fifty of the
most prominent Republicans in the
state fairly hung to every word from
Washington concerning his condition.
In fact it could have been called a
Hanna dinner without detracting any
from the honor that was paid to Lin
coln. When a bulletin was received
announcing that his condition was im
proved a great burden seemed to have
been lifted and the banquet continued
in a more happy vein. Throughout the
entire state tnere has been a feeling of
great alarm over the condition of Sen
ator Hanna. A well known Republi
can politician declared today that no
other man in public life has mere
friends in Indiana than the stricken
Ohio senator.
It is probable that a meeting of the
state committee of the Republicans
will be held here this week. The call
has not been issued, but Chairman
Goodrich says it will be held just as
soon as arrangements can be made.
A number of important matters are to
be considered and he wants to have
them all in shape so they may be dis
posed, of at one meeting so there will
be no necessity for another trip of the
members to this city. He says the
date for the state convention has not
been definitely determined but that it
will probably be held the latter part of
April. Something may come up, how
ever, that will necessitate a change to
a later date. One or two of the com
mitteemen, it is understood, are in fa
vor of holding the convention about
the middle of May.
The Republican candidates for nom
ination for governor are already begin
ning to spar for position. It is rumor
ed that Hanly and Taylor are in favor
of holding the convention about the
middle of April. They have been in
the race for a year and have their
forces pretty well lined up. On the
other hand Judge Penfield and Warren
G. Sayre are just starting and it is said
that they would rather the convention
would not be held before the middle of
May as it would give them more time
to perfect an organization. Their
wishes will be consulted before the
date for the convention is formally
announced. All of the candidates are
in the saddle so to speak, going from
county to county after support.
Trolley Car Ran Away and Then
Jumped the Track.
Chagrin Falls O., Feb. 15 The worst
wreck in the history of the Eastern
Ohio Traction company occurred Sun
day night in this village when a heavi
ly loaded passenger car dashed down
a steep hill for more than a mile from
the center of the town and jumped the
track at a sharp curve. The motorman
lost control of his brakes. Sixteen
persons were more or less seriously
hurt by the car overturning and slid
ing along the ground for twenty-five
Trolley Car Ran Away.
Cumberland, Me., Feb. 15. Two per
sons were killed and about seventy-five
injured, twenty-five of whom were ser
iously hurt, in a trolley car accident
in Frostburg Sunday. The car ran
away on a steep grade, and upon
reaching a sharp curve jumped tho
track and crashed into a telegraph
pole. The car was smashed to splint
ers and scarcely one of the eighty pass
engers escaped injury of some sort.
Merlden's Town Hall Destroyed.
Meriden, Conn., Feb. 15. For eight
hours Sunday firemen fought a fire
which finally caused the complete de
struction of the town hall and injuries
to six men of the fire department. The
loss is about $130,000, of which amount
about $125,000 falls upon the town.
Judge Brewster Dead.
Dcnbury. Conn.. Feb. 15. Judge Ly
man Denison Brewster, jurist of na
tional reputation, was found dead at
his home in this city Sunday. Appo
plexy was the cause.
Dreyfus Trial Set.
Paris, Feb. 15. The Dreyftis case
has been definitely set down for trial
by the court of cassation beginning
Feb. 25 nexL
FeB. 13.
Mnncie vs.
Citizens of Richmond and Vicinity:
One and all, you are invited tovlsit the Only Department Store in Richmond
and partake of the free condiments that are being served to you by the Snider
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Do not fail to visit our store and see what we have.
Yours l? r more business,
Wide-A wake
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town and county should subscribe
for a
Good Local
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Richmond, Ind.,
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come visitor in every household.
Regular Price. $1.00 Per Year
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The Biehmond Palladium
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ejpR p
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9 . H WH
Cherry Pectoral
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bedtime quiets their night
coughs and prevents croup.
Ask your doctor. iH&z
A High Class
Agricultural Weekly
to give him the experience of others
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x Jg. ozo Norm

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