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Maude's Lou? Vexing Nat-
nral Gas Contest to
I be Settled.
Ordinance Seeking: to Cancel Con
tract lietween Companj and City
the Point at Issue.
Various blatters of Interest t o I loos
t ier Headers Krieily Present
" ; ed Here.
Indianapolis, Ind., Feb. 16. The
fight between the people of Muncie
and the Muncie Gas, Light and Fuel
company over the question of rates
and the placing of meters has been
transferred to the federal court where
application has been made by the com
pany for an injunction to restrain the
city council and city officers from pro
ceeding to pass a pending ordinance
which seeks to cancel the contract
between the city and the company.
The contest between the company
and its customers was brought to a
head by the action of the company in
shutting off consumers who refuse
to place their meters inside their hous
es. When patrons refused to do this
the company began shutting them off.
An injunction was obtained from the
Delaware county court to prevent the
company from doing this. The council
then took the matter up and on Feb.
8 an ordinance was introduced to re
peal the ordinance which constituted
the contract between the city and the
Offered Compensation for a Melon
Stolen Years Ago.
Petersburg, Ind., Feb. 3 0. Because
his conscience disturbed him for an
offence committed thirty years ago,
which at tha time was not considered
bad, Jonathan Jerrell, cf Oakland City,
sent Hosea Alexander, a farmer, south
of this city, a money order for 50
cents, for a watermelon he said he
hid taken thirty years ago.
growing to manhood, Mr. Jerrell has
become rc-ligious, and he is now
preaching tor what is called the Sanc
tified Methodists, at a srn?.ll country
place nzr Oakland City. He stated
in his letter to Mr. .Alexander that
this was the ozly thing that h? was
not religiously c'. rsar on.
He a3ked
forgiveness, and said that he was try
ing to live trv.e Christian life. Mr.
Alexander ti ne the money order back
to the seri'lor. ,,8 ?
Didn't Lcce Any Time.
Nashville, Ind., Fob. 16. Mary E.
Penrose was granted a divorce from
Elisha Penrose in the circuit court.
Jonathan W. .Moore, a Johnson county
farmer, was in the courtroom as an
interested spectator. As the judge
was granting the divorce and was
writing a rocord of it, Moore waved
his hand at the clerk, who understood
the signal. The clerk wrote out a
marriage license as the judge was re
cording tho divorce. Jonathan W.
Moore and Mary E. Penrose went to
the clerk's office and were married
within two minutes after the judge
had completed the divorce record.
V A Temporary Suspension.
' Matthews, Ind., Feb. 16. W. D. Fra
zier, -national bank examiner, has tak
en charge of the First National bank
here, which failed to open Saturday.
That the closing of the bank is not a
failure, but merely a suspension for
a few days, seems to be the sentiment
of business men and local depositors.
Some few depositors seem to censure
President Wood for mismanagement,
but the majority of them have confi
dence in him, and those who know
state that all depositors will be paid
in full. The leading directors an
nounce that the bank will be reorgan
ized and reopened at once.
i Brought Directors to Time.
Zionsville, Ind., Feb. 16. A few
days since the directors of the local
telephone cr-rr.pany sent letters to pat
rons notifying them that the price of
phones would be raised on Feb. 15.
After receiving these letters the men
called a meeting and signed an agree
ment to have their phone3 taken out
should the telephone directors insist
upon raising the rental. This agree
ment was placed in the hands of the
directors of the telephone company.
Yesterday the directors notified the
patrons that the price would not be
Jury Mixed Its Figures.
Nashville. ?nd., Feb. 10. A inry in
The Non-Irritating
Ea?y to take, easy to operate
Hood's Bill
Cun Bi for unnatural
dir-charcs, inflammations,
rritations or ulcerations
of inn co an membranes
Paining, and not astrin
I I lei 1?. I
' Qairlliw4 J
not to atHcture.
Tmrmtm C'Mtaartoa.
Ithe Evans Chemical Co.
gent or poionou.
Sold by Irntnria(s.
aent in plain wrapper
br exDrenn, prepaid, fol
$1.00. or 3 bottle t2.75.
Circular seat oa reuuaaK
V. B. A.
a n ra n n rn ra
Covering One Side of
Face and Reaching
to the Eye
Which Acted Like a Charm
After Doctors and
Hospitals Failed.
Here is another of those remarkable
cures of torturing, disfiguring skin hu
' mors daily made by Cuticura Resolv
ent, assisted by Cuticura Ointment and
Soap, after physicians, hospitals and all
else had failed.
" I feel it my dnty to try to help those
suffering from skin diseases. My case
was a very bad one, covering all of one
side of my face and had reached my
eye. I had two or three doctors pre
scribe without any relief. They said
my disease was Epithelioma. I was
then advised to go to one of our hos
pitals, which I did, taking their treat
ment for some time. I had given up all
hope when my husband asked me to try
the CuticuTa Remedies. My face being
in such a very bad state, I used the
Cuticura Soap with luke-warm water
and a small silk sponge and then applied
the Cuticura Ointment. I took one tea
spoonful of the Resolvent four times a
day. They acted like a charm, and in
one week's time my face was cured en
tirely and has remained so. I certainly
can recommend the Cuticura Remedies
as infallible."
2400 Catharine St.,
Feb. 9, 1903. Philadelphia.
The purity and sweetness, the power
to afford immediate relief, the certainty
of speedy and permanent cure, the ab
solute safety and great economy have
made Cuticura Remedies the standard
skin cures, blood purifiers and humor
remedies of the world.
Sold throughout the -world. Cuticura Resolvent. 50c.
(in form of Chocolate Coated Pills, 25c. per vial of HO),
Ointment, 30e.. Soap. 25e. Depot: London, 27 Charter
houe Sq.j Paria, 5 Rue de la Paixs Boston, 137 Colum
bus Ave. Potter Drug tt Chem . Corp., Sole Proprietor.
S3" Send for "How to Cure Every Humour." ,
the circuit"" court"' irai haa iierrd the
suit of George W. Perkinson against
Charles Caldwell made a mistake in
getting its finding on paper. The
plaintiff asked for $600 as commission
and damages in selling real estate for
Caldwell As the verdict read., tha
plaintiff received $20 when the jury in
tended to give him $G20. The plaintiff
has asked for a new trial.
CaOcjht by Motcr C?r.
Muncie, Ind., Feb. 1G. Charier
Brady, twenty-three years old, a well
known young man, recently married,
stepped in front of a West' Side car
and was so severely injured that he
died in the hospital a few hours later.
He was a skilled silverware worker.
Is Being Offered Freely to Plucky
Tokio, Feb. 16. Core Takahira, the
Japanese minister at Washington, has
officially advised his government that
he is receiving numerous offers of
large contributions to the war fund
from Americans, and requests instruc
tions as to the policy cf the govern
ment in tho matter. It is considered
probable that Japan will refuse to ac
cept this proffered aid, while stating
that the g .. . nr :",t "3 deeply gratified
at this and oilier expressions of Amer
ican sympathy.
The cabinet will consider the ques
tion and formally instruct Mis i .iter
Takahira shortly. M.tny applications
for permission to enlist in the Jap
anese army and r.v. " nr-j ccp.iag lien
various parts of tho world.
Some of thosy au&ious to fight for
Japan have apsl.eu rcrsrn.Uiy to the
military authorities here. Amo:
this nuicLor la izvAvdd rt Turkish of
ficer. All of these applicators haves
been politoly t'Jit firi-ly Tzr:z:6. ao
foreigners will be allowed to partici
pate in the r-iiiiiary or naval opera
tions of Japan except as spectators.
Eaormoi"? r: ..': a ry activity contin
ues, but tho Soerxsrr.erit carefully con
ceals its p!r.::s and docs not in licate
the date of any projected movement.
Although every moment of delay en
ables the Russians to lecome better
prepared for hie conflict, the Japanese
apparently are un :m.s jferned and con
fident. They fully realize that the
limited "capacity of the trans-Siberian
railway, the distance of the Russians
from their base of supplies and the
lack of comrmmication by sea sets lim
itations on the proposed accomplish
ments of Russia in Manchuria and Si
beria. They feel that no danger at
taches in that quarter and are await
ing the completion of Japan's naval
An Ancient Elm.
There is an elm tree in the depart
ment of Ardeche, France, which is vig
orous and flourishing, though it has at
tained the patriarchal age of 793 years.
According to official documents, it was
planted on the grave of a nobleman in
the reign of King Philip II.
Strolien In Sliavinpr.
A man recently counted the motions
made by a barber's hand during the
process of shaving one man and found
them to be GTS.
Representative Kyle's Story of
a Great Promiser.
Hon He Inadvertently Stirred I
Three Cliliiumeii Visiting- le
W'litte House Sneaker Cannon's
Contraband t!gar-Fauie For See
retnry Sliaw.
"There is a man in my district." said
Representative Tom Kyle, the? "Sweet
Singer of Ohio." to the New York
World's Washington correspondent,
"whose name is Doyle. lie is a poli
tician, and he has the fatal habit of
promising all things to all men No
body ever went to him to ask him to
get him a job that Doyle did not say,
'Why. yes; I'll get that for you.'
"Nine times out of ten Doyle doesn't
make good, but he goes on promising
just the same. Some years ago two
Irishmen who worked in a boiler fao
tory in my town were busy riveting.
One man was inside the boiler holding
a hammer against the rivets, and the
other was outside swinging the sledge
and making the rivets fast.
"After half an hour's steady pound
ing the man inside stuck his head out
of the boiler and said:
' 'Say. Pat. did ye hear that they've
been after caakin' this man Corrigan a
" 'Are ye tellin' me?' asked Pat,
"Why. d'ye know, Doyle promised that
job to me?' "
For five minutes the other night it
seemed that the United States had
mixed in the eastern question, says the
New York World.
Nai Cheung, Chang Chuan and Sun
Sze Yee, attaches of the Chinese lega
tion, went to the White House as guests
at Mrs. Roosevelt's inusicale. They
came into the corridor and stood irreso
lutely, as if waiting to be shown where
to go to leave their wraps. One of the
watchmen, seeing the quandary of the
orientals, leaned forward to direct a
negro attendant to show the guests to
the dressing room for diplomats.
"Take these gentlemen to the" He
put out his hand, but instead of touch
ing the negro attendant on the shoul
der he touched one of the Chinese. All
the feathers of diplomatic dignity stood
at once on end.
"You touched me," said the diplomat.
"Why did you touch me? You have no
right to touch me."
The watchman tried to explain. The
diplomats would not listen. They pro
tested shrilly. Arriving guests were
attracted by the fuss and gathered
around tho excited Chinese. They turn
ed away and were apparently about to
go to their legation, in which event
formal explanations from the White
House would have been in order.
The captain of the White : House
watch appeared. He saved the situa
tion. After listening a moment he
said, "Come with me." His voice was
authoritative, and though it rather sug
gested that they were being arrested
than conducted to a dressing room, the
three attaches went without another
worth The incident seemed to spoil
the evening for the trio of orientals.
They listened gloomily to the music
and went home early.
Speaker Cannon emerged from the
president's office the other morning and
ran plump into a crowd of newspaper
correspondents, says the New York
Tribune's Washington correspondent.
"You might just as well give up,"
one of them remarked. "We are sorry
to hold up the speaker and rob him of
all he knows, but the news field is bare
and famine stares us in the face."
"Boys, I don't know a blessed thing,"
he exclaimed regretfully, "and the only
thing I can do is to set 'em up." He
reached into the inside pocket of his
long black coat and fished out a hand
ful of cigars. Some of them were little,
short fellows, some long and attenuat
ed, and one was a monster, black ae
charcoal and half as large around as
your wrist.
"You can take your pick." he said ae
he extended his offering. "Some of
those were given me, some I bought,
and one I smuggled."
The first man that drew captured the
big fat one.
"You're a smuggler's accessory," said
the speaker. "The rest can choose in
Secretary Leslie M. Shaw of the
treasury department received a letter a
few days ago addressed to the "Hon.
John Shaw, Secretary of State." The
writer requested the secretary to send
him a certain report printed by, the
agricultural department.
"That Is fame," said Shaw. "This
man is from Iowa, my owu state, and
thinks I am a sort'of hydra headed
citizen who is secretary of state and
has control of the agricultural depart
ment." Next day when the secretary receiv
ed a letter, also from Iowa, which stat
ed that the writer had heard the gov
ernment had published a book and ask
ed for a copy, he threw up his hands.
He wrote to his friend and said:
"Please tell me what book it is you
want or I shall have to send you a car
Representative John F. La coy of Iowa
recently fouud a new kind of missive
in his mail. It was from an Iowa con
stituent and read a3 follows:
Dpar Sir I have been looking over th.
J.tst of bulletins issued by the agricultural
department. 1 am not a married man.
but live in a boarding house here kept by
Mrs. Blank. Will you please send her a
copy of Secretary Wilson's pamphlet on
By return mail a copy of the much
desired publication was forwarded.
3 CD
I 2
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A perfect Remedy forConslipa
Fion, Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea
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