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i ft. . vm
is, they contain n o corn, an ingredient that
quality of the beer. The mark of purity
The "A" and the EAGLE
identifies the products of the
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Ass'n
XTTTTTn7TCT?"D "King of Bottled Beers."
JjUxW J2sJ.OJEs.EV. 83.790,300 bottles sold in 1902.
39 south Sixth St
Phone 516
it- with
j r A3
Pfe Ml
T.I '
1 1 1, l
0dC coal quality guara
RlfeT leaviag our yards.
is a new, delicious, nutritious table
delicacy made from corn, the food
the erain beine retained.
On griddle cakes of
, relish and piquancy
tVi Trjnr(;t rnetite.
is a pure, unadulterated product, better
than any other syrup. Sold in airtight,
friction-top tins which keep its goodness good.
The Great Spread
Sold by
all Grocers
10c, 25c,
New York and Chicago.
Hr? T'5r" ATP OlirPCTCCCISI 1 V all form of Chronic THueapps that aro ciuablt,
L I HLA 1 o cUoUtOorULLi diskases of the thkoat, lungs, kid
(:iiW?y (or faliins fit). Csnrpr. Scrofula, Private and Nervous Iiseanf. Female Diseases, Nisrht
Lories. ix! ' Viwlity from indiscretions in .vonth or maturer jeare, Piles, Fistula- Fisaure am'
' ccr-if!oii r.f th U'v t.iim. wifhout detention from ln-inpas.
It will b" t j our interest to conpnlt the Doctor if you are suffeiinj irom diseasa
nd if ho cm not cure von he will tll yon so at once.
: i:enibcr the time and place. Will return every four weeks.
OfEics and Laboratory, No. 2! SOUTH TENTH STREET, RICHMOND, IHD.
-.vTfTT? fZFTrsvsnrfVt .tfiTrn rnn
i a. j l 4J JL&L
J In 10c Fackages with List
Best Hops
Mo Com
One reason for the
superiority of the
AtiVifvnser-Busch brews
some coal even erood looking coal
lb TTWU W WU1U, & J. J Ui- IVUWltV. V
DiacK mamonas " mai at an repay Duying.
sach "nuke " possible here, because our
guarantee goes with every ton
162-164 Ft. Wayne Ave.
Home Plione 762
ISell Phone 435
all makes it adds
that will sharpen
Karo Corn S?mp
for Daily 'Bread.
Wc Una.
Monday, Tuesday, Friday
and Saturday of each week.
Consultation and One Month's
Treatment FREE!
jLilLs 'ilk.i Av lAJLAJr&jL
cf Valuable Premiums.
Religious Services Will be Held Dur
ing the Season at the
Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the
first day of the penitential season a
time set apart for spirit vial devotion
and the laying aside of pleasures for
a period of seven weeks.
The season is observed in the
Catholic world more particularly than
any other, while the Episcopalians
and Lutherans observe it pretty jren
erally. The Catholic church has banns that
the faithful are bound to respect un
der penalty of sinning. A fast and
an abstinence is imposed on those
who are bound to observe them . All
persons under twenty-one and over
sixty years are exempt from ob
serving the fast of Lent.
Services will be held during the
week in all churches observing the
Lenten season.
Ash "Wednesday derives its name
from the fact that ashes are blessed
on this day and placed on the fore
heads of the faithful who present
themselves at the churches with these
words: "Remember, man, thou art
but dust, and unto dust thou shalt
Illinois Will Exhibit at the World's
Fair Printed A. D. 1700 It Makes
Statements That Seem Odd.
St. Louis, Feb. 16. Illinois has as
sumed first place in the contest of
states that are searching for the old
est geography to exhibit at the
World's Fair. Connecticut's book of
1820 and Indiana's geography of 1814
are up-to-date school books when
compared with a book that was re
cently unearthed at Moline, Illinois.
This venerable book wras printed in
1700, and is now in possession of S.
S. Crompton, who has tendered it to
the Illinois commission. It contains
700 pages, six by eight inches. The
paper is heavy and the typography is
of excellent style, the 78 maps being
engraved on steel. The binding is in ,
leather and is well preserved.
One of the maps shows California to j
be an island, and the description
agrees with the map. Another map is
labeled a "Map of Florida and the
Great Lakes of Canada." It shows
the country that is now the United
States to a line a little west of the
Mississippi river, with the moun
tains coming almost to the banks of
the river. There are three small
streams evidently intended to be the
Arkansas, Missouri and the Pes
Moines. They break through the
mountains and empty into the Miss-
issippi river. On the east side of the
Mississippi are named six rivers the
Illinovik (Illinois), Misconsin, (Wis
consin), Chabadeba (Chippewa), and
the Pifikiou, Turaba and Isaci. South
of these are shown but not named the
Ohio and Yazoo rivers.
The Mississippi is called "R Spir
ato Sancto al Rio Grande," and in
the text it is said that the principal
river of Florida, by which name the
Mississippi Valley was then known,
is "that of the Holy Ghost which
falls into the Oulph of Mexico." The
reader is solemnly assured "that the
air of Florida and Carolina is sc
temperate that men live to the age of
250 years, while the children of five
generations are alive at the same
Boston is described as "eommodi
ously seated for Traffiek on the Sea
Shore, a very large and spatious town
or indeed city, composed of several
well ordered streets, and adorned
with fair and beautiful houses, well
inhabited by merchants and trades
men, it is also a place of oood
strength having several fortifications
raised on hills adjoining, well mount
ed with great pieces and well ;;nart- 1
The ancient geography says that
New York is "built most of brick and
stone, and covered with red and black
tile, and the land being high, it gives
at a distance a pleasing aspect to the
spectators. The inhabitants consist
most of English and Dutch and have
a considerable trade with the Indians,
for Beavers, Otter, Racoon Skins, and
other furs; as also for Bear, Deer and
Elk skins; and are supplied with ven
ison and fowl in the winter and Fish
in the summer by the Indians, which
they buy at easy rate."
Western League Standing.
Clubs. Played. W. L. Pet.
Marion .. ...57 32 25 .562;
Muncie .. ...5S 32 2( .552
Richmond .. .58 30 28 .517
Anderson . . .57 2S 20 .402
El wood 58 27 31 .400
Indianapolis ..50 23 33 .411
Richmond played at Anderson, and,
for their labors in the polo field, were
awarded a goose egg. Jessup was
scored against twice by leaving his
cage. This is "Shorty's" failure,
and he should remedy it." Mansfiei l
and Bone played a splendid game,
but all seemed ineffectual. Line-up
and summary:
Anderson. Position. Richmond.
Mercer . First Rush . ..Bone
Wodtke . . Second rush. Cunningham
Miller Center Mansfield
Gardner Halfback Doherty
Mallory Goal ...... . Jessup
First Period.
Rush Time.
Second Period.
Mercer Caged by Wodtke ....5:43
Mercer Caged by Mercer 1:50
Bone Caged by Wodtke . .4:03
Third Period.
Bone Caged by Mercer 8:01
Score Anderson, 3; Richmond, 0.
Stops Mallory, 30; Jessup, 32. Fouls
Gardner, 2; Miller, Doherty 2, Cun
ningham. Referee Moran. Atten
dance, 1,400.
The Marion team was at Muncie
last night and lost by a one-sided
score. Fox was at the cage for the
visitors. A large crowd witnessed
the performance.
Score Muncie, 12; Marion, 6.
Goals Iliggins, 5; Hart, 7; Farrel,l;
Lewis, 3; Warner, 1; Cameron, 1.
Goals lost by fouls Muncie, 1.
Rushes Higgins, 1G; Lewis, 6. Stops
Cusick, 34; Fox, 35. Fouls Far
rell, 1: Hart, 2; Holderness, 1. Ref
eree Knowlton. Attendance 2,000.
Central League Standing.
Clubs. Played. W. L. Pet.
Fort Wayne .GO 40 20 .667
Lafayette .. .48 2G 22 .542
Kokomo 50 27 23 .540
Danville . ...56 27 29 .482
Terre Haute ..55 26 29 .473
Logansport . . .55 1G 39 .201
Terre Haute and Lafayette had a
rough contest last night when the
latter won by a score of 5 to 3.
Devlin, half back for Lafayette,
played a dirty game.
Score Terre Haute, 5; Lafayette,
3. Goals lost on fouls Lafayette, 1.
Stops Tibbitts, 45; Mullen, 35.
Fouls Devlin (2), Wiley. Referee
Caley. Attendance S00.
Fort Wayne won a game easily
from Danville last night. It was un
interesting and one-sided.
Score Fort Wayne, 11; Danville,
4. Goals Jason, 0; Whipple, 2;
Daly, 2; Campbell, 2. Referee Kil
gara. Attendance 736.
Moran will referee the game here
on Wednesday night and Knowlton
on Saturday night.
Elwood polo fans are clamoring for
a change that will bring the long los
ing slumps of the Elwood Grays, the
ex-champions of the league, to an
end. The attendance has fallen off
considerably during the past two
months, although the closing of sev
eral of the factories has contributed
to this end. For several weeks the
management has been negotiating
with Curtis, an eastern rusher, but
he has not yet been signed. Fans are
clamoring for a change of some sort,
and the exchange of Roberts for
Pierce, of Indianapolis, making Fitz
gerald captain, has been suggested
through the local papers. White's
work at the cage is also being con
demned. MARRIED.
A. Waldo Blansett and Delia A.
Hamilton were married last evening
at 7 o'clock, at 38 Fort Wayne ave
irie. Rev. J. P. Chnmness officiating.
The bride was formerly of Tipton.
The newly married couple will make
tLeir home in this cky.
C. C. & L
The Bridge is Still Unchanged, and
The Subject is Still an Im
portant One.
At council meeting last night the
ordinance declaring it to be unlawful
to maintain bridges over and across
Main street of less height than fifteen
feet and which is directed against the
C, C. & L. railroad bridge, was passed
to the third reading.
The question is still a mooted one,
and delay in the matter is caused by
several reasons.
The I. & E. Traction company, it
is under-stood, will not accept any of
the cost of the change as their ex
pense, and the matter is being de
layed, thinking a change of heart
will be experienced.
The C, C. & L. railroad grade was
given by the city engineer, and there
you have it.
Will be Presented to the Emperor.
(By Associated Press.)
Tokio, Feb. 16. The flag on the
Russian cruiser Variag, which was
sunk at Chemulpo, with other souve
nirs of that victory, will be taken to
Tokio and be presented personally to
the Emperor by the captain of the
cruiser Chiyoda.
New Cruisers.
Yokohama, Japan, Feb. 13. The
two cruisers bought by Japan of the
Argentine Republic arrived safely at
Yokosuka today.
Cruiser Blown Up.
St. Petersburg, Feb. 16. Russia's
second class cruiser Boyarth was
blown up by a Russian mine with
197 officers and men.
The Russian War Will Have on the
United States.
(By Associated Press.)
St. Petersburg, Feb. 16. Russia
today announced the abandonment of
her plans of participants in the St.
Louis exposition.
The many friends of Dr. Mieajah
B. Ballard, the veteran druggist, will
regret to learn that on last Sabbath
night he suffered an attack of heart
failure. His physician, after attend
ing him for an hour, succeeded in re
lieving him, though he is still very
weak and confined to his home.
The issue for February is out, and
it is a lively up-to-date issue. It is
one of the most progressive college
papers extant. The articles are var
ied, spicy and readable.
Mrs. Martha Ryder, the aged
mother of Mr. Eli Ryder, who was
stricken with paralysis about eighteen
months ago, is still in a helpless con
dition, with no hopes for her recov
In the arguments at the Tate trial
this morning Johnson and Robbins
uttered some things worth repeating.
Henry U. Johnson "When you
want thieves and 'burglars, you don't
go to church to find them."
John F. Robbins "Henry U.
Johnson says the extradition statute
was not made for bad men; it was
made for such men as Timothy Nich
olson and Rev. I. M. Hughes, who
never do anything wrong."
There was no police
morning. . '
court this
The Kessler bank failure occupied
the time of court this afternoon.
Laid Daily by Indiana Hens.
Indianapolis, Ind., Feb. 16. The
hen of Indiana is still unfailing in
her duty to tin; commonwealth, if
figures which State Statistician B. V.
Johnson has compiled tell the truth.
Mr. Johnson has completed statistics
showing that the number of eggs laid
in Indiana during the past year was
50,207,143 dozen.
Although the Indiana hen con
tributed this number of eggs to the
state's food supply, there were also
over a million young chickens brood
ed by the motherly fowl, who found
time among- her manifold duties to
raise a larger family than for the
previous ten 3'ears.
Over a million eggs are laid daily
in the state.
On Sundays Cars Leave One Trip
First car leaves Richmond for In
dianapolis at 5 a. m. .
First car leaves Dublin for Rich
mond at 5 a. m.
Every car for Indianapolis leaves
Richmond on the odd hour, from
5:00 a. m. to 7:00 p. ni.
First car leaves Indianapolis for
Richmond at 7:00 a. in. and every
other hour thereafter until 5:00 p. nr.
Hourly service from Richmond to
Dublin and intermediate points, from
5:00 a. m. to 11:00 p. m.
Subject to change without notice..
Richmond to Graves . . $0.05
" to Centerville 10
" to Jackson Park .. . .15
" to Washington Rd . .15
" to Germantown . .. .20
" to Cambridge City . .25
" to Dublin 30
" to Indianapolis . ... 1.05
Richmond Street & Interurban Rail
way Company.
Cars leave hourly for Centerville,
East Germantown, Cambridge City,
Dublin and Milton, from 5 a. m. to
11 p. m., returning same hours. Sun
same hours, except first car leaves at
6 a. m.
Indianapolis Cars.
Limited ears leave eighth and Main
street (by city cars transferring at
west side barns) at 7:45 a. m., 11:45
a. m. and 3:45 p. m.
Limited cars leave Indianapolis for
Richmond same hours. These cars
stop only at Big Four crossing, Cam
bridge City, Dunreith, Knightstown
nd Greenfield.
Local cars leave Richmond for In
iianapolis and Indianapolis for Rich
mond at 5, 7, 9 and 11 a. m. and 1,
3, 5 and 7 p. m.
C. A. Denman,
Via Pennsylvania Lines in February
and March.
Excursion rates to New York, ac
count spring meetings of Merchants'
association will be in effect via Penn
sylvania lines February Gth, 7th, 9tb
and 10th; also on February 27th,
28th and 29th, and March 1st, 1904.
The sale of tickets will be soverneil
by the certificate plan, which Avill be
fully explained by ticket agents of
the Pennsylvania lines. Apply to C.
W. Elmer, ticket agent, Richmond.
Ind., for particulars. d3t-wk!2t
Cures Rheumatism and Catarrh
Medicine Sent Free.
These two diseases are the result
of an awful poisoned condition of the
blood. If you have aching joints and
back, shoulder blades, bone pains,
crippled hands, legs or feet, swollen,
muscles, shifting, sharp biting pains,
nd that tired, discouraged feeling of
rheumatism, or the hawking, spitting,
blurred eyesight, deafness, sick stom
ach, headache, noises in the head,
mucous throat discharges, decaying
teeth, bad breath, belching gas of ca
tarrh, take Botanic Blood Balm (B
B. B.). It kills the poison in the
ptoms, giving a pure healthy blood
supply to the joints and mucous
membranes, and makes a perfect cure
of the worst rheumatism or foulest
catarrh. Cures where all else fails.
Blood Balm (B. B. B.) is composed
of pure Botanic ingredients, good for
weak kidneys. Improves the diges
tion, cures dyspepsia. A perfect ton
ic for old folks by giving them new,
rich, pure blood. Thoroughly tested
for thirty years. Druggists, $1 per
large bottle, witlf complete directions
for home cure. Sample free and pre
paid by writing Blood Balm Co., At
lanta, Ga. Describe trouble and
special free medical advice sent in.
sealed letter.

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