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vii II
Much it owes to blood that's good.
Good blood is healthy
blood, blood that is free
from impurities,
inherited or ac
quired; and
of vitality
vip-or. It's
kind of blood that is made
f?3l I
1 1
ti n
E fl
Which cures more Blood-diseaSCS
and Functional Weaknesses than
any other medicine in the world.
If there is biliousness
or constipation, take
' I have been prescribing
Hood's Sarsaparilla for the last
three- years and find it an excel
lent alterative and blood purifier.
It produces the very best results
where a medicine of the kind is
required." R. D. Jacobs, M. D.,
Vinton, Ohio.
I Accept No Substitutes for Hood's Sarsaparilla and Pills
fl.. No substitutes act like them.
It Is Settled That Congressma
enway Will Be Chairma
Indianapolis, Feb. 20. It is regarded
as a settled fact now that Congress
man James A. H'emeaway of the First
district is to be permanent chairman
of the Republican state convention
and that Congressman James E. Wat
sou of the Sixth is to be temporary
chairman. The state committc?e h3
not taken action, but it is hinted that
when it meets these men will be
selected. Both are very popular.
Congressman Watson is best known
in Indiana because he was a candidate
once for the nomination for secretary
of state and moreover has beon prom
inent in the K. of P's and in several
state conventions. He is regarded a3
one of the finest orators in the state.
Congressman Hemenway has also
earned a fine reputation during the
last few years and since his appoint
ment as chairman of the committee on
appropriations he has come to the
front rapidly and party workers will
welcome him as permanent chairman.
The outcome of the coming confer
ence between the miners and operators
beginning here a week from Monday
The WelI-Kr.av.-r. Specialist, Franklin
Miles, 3. D., LL. B., Will Send His
Eook and $3.75 Worth of His Per
sonal Treatment Free to Any
There never was a better opportun
ity for persons suffering from dis
eases of the heart, nerves, liver,
stomach and kidneys to test, free, a
remarkably successful Treatment, for
these disorders. Dr. Miles is known
to be a leading specialist in these
diseases and his liberal offer is cer
tainly worthy of serious considera
tion by every afflicted reader.
His system of personal Treatment
is thoroughly scientific and immense
ly superior to other methods. It in
cludes several new remedies carefully
selected to suit each individual case
and is the final result of twenty-five
years of very extensive research and
great success in treating these dis
eases. Each treatment consists of a
. . . . I a- x : ii.ij -!
is a matter of grave interest to me eunuive enxir, iuiuu iauiei, emimi-
t I 4 1 J ao lb V 111 v v . u . n w ' . ... v. . (iiii 1 i ' 1 1 i . I li 1 1 v i tu .7 I .'-" . - -
not there is to be a great strike. The tensive statistics clearly demonstrate
nfnial ranor nf th minprs' nrsraniza-I , i . t- 1 m . j.
vj"iv'i"1 - tnat nr. Junes i ersonai ireaimeni
tion today says: "The question is, . , . .
, , - , - i t , . , . , , I xr it L. icaob I i u i. i . i i ii i v ' i ' . . v v , .-.i ii
snau ine anegea iitictj&siues, lemi- . .
ary only, start a downward trend of as tiie usua itreatment oi pnysicians
nrices which must inevitably result in or general remedies sold at the stores.
business disaster to the operators and Col. E. B. Snileman of the 0th
consequently hunger and privation for xinited States Regulars, located at
Son TlIoov- fnl Cfiro "Fir TWiloc'
basis at present. But if the mine . 7 ' " '
, fiQM oont Special Treatment has worked won-
workers of the competitive held accept I
j : TOf oi.T.aQ.lltr Inwpr I ucra ill 111 V bull case k iiUJ.1 ilil cisc
O, l tUUCLlUU LU Xlicci, ouijiush-uij " I "
rates elsewhere, will not the latter tailed. 1 had employed the best med
( ( i 'njfcy
1 ..J I1"" Ml, MiMiMiiii i"n'l
w and
M cia
l "
so is every other
town you can buy
the Cremo wherever
ssrs are sold
Largest Seller in the World
"Band is the Smoker s Protection.
A.irn.in' reduce rates still lower. Then
toiII hpr not rrime a demand for a
still further reduction from those ask
ing for it now?" This would indicate
that the miners expect to stand pat
and not accept a reduction. The oper
ators are demanding a reaffirmation
of the scale of last year.
ical talent and had spent $2,000 in
doing so. I believe he is a wonder
ful specialist. I consider it my duty
to recommend him." "For years
I had severe trouble with my stom
ach head, neuralgia, sinking spelh
and dropsy. Your treatment entire
ly cured me."
Mr. Julius Keister, of 350 Michi-
W H y
You can get the DAILY
ladium for 6 cents a week,
the WEEKLY -Palladium
1.00 a year.
The Republican committee will have
a meeting here next week. The date
for the state convention will be deter
mined men DUl umess muc ib a.u. nix- . . -pmi
expected change it will be as already Physicians had failed.
gan avenue, Chicago, testifies that
after ten able
Mrs. R. Trim-
Dr. Miles cured him
rt-se3!2 Jo. 17. C-tb
Bills Distributed
stated in these columns about the 20th
or 21st of April, it is not likely that
the men who are holding out for a
later Hatp vi 11 be strone enoush tc
change this decision. When the com
mittPP mppts it. will also arrange for
mer of Greenspring Pa., was cured
after many physicians had pro
nounced her case "hopeless."
As all afflicted readers may have
his Book and $3.75 worth of Treat-
mittee meets il win a-i&u andusc ui .
Se removal of the headquarters from ment especially adapted to their case
the State
Life building to the hotel
Railroad Restaurant f s?.rlh
Voices Tested Free
n Henna's Memorv by United
Mine Workers.
Wilkesharre. Pa.. Feb. 2.0. Friday
was eenerally observed throughout the
anthracite coal fields as a day of
mourning and all the mines and col
liprs wore closed, out of respect to the
mpmorv of Senator Hanna. President
Mitchell, of the Miners' union, had is
sued a proclamation that the men
ppasp work at noon and the miners
and mine employes so heartily favored
the plan that they did not report at all
for work in the morning.
r far as known, there has never
been a similar demonstration of re-
anart siinwn iinnTi the death of a
k.? - - V fcji-jT. JE
United States senator and even at the
time of the death of the martyred
presidents, the mourning was not more
general among the working people.
Fired on Flag of Truce.
San Juan, P. R., Feb. 20. The Cuban
steamer Julia which has arrived here
from San Domingo and the French
steamer St. Simon, at this port, from
Puerta Plata. Santo Domingo, both
report that Gen. Jiminez, the Domini
on T revolutionary leader, has been
r.omDletely routed, that his wherea
bouts is unknown and that his cause
is honeless. The recent fight at Pa
iarito. (near San Domingo) was caus-
ed by revolutionists firing on a na
of truce carried by Americans, landed
from a warship, who were going to
rnnxnlt with persons ashore. The
Americans, it is asserted, retaliated
or, mattered the insurgents. T"o in
ternational complications are expect
free, we wnuhl advise them to send
for it before it is too late. Address,
Dr. Franklin Miles, G64 to 574 Main
St., Elkhart, Ind.
Please mention this paper.
The Palladium contains a rec
ord of city and neighborhood news
as complete as any other paper
and is known for its freedom from
anything that is unreliable. If
you see it in the Palladium, you
may know it is correct.
tlotor Hoffo's Drealrt.
According to Victor Hugo, Europe
during the twentieth century will form
one ereat republic, like the Liniteu
States, of which France will be tne
center and the governing power and
Taris the capital.
Flies In Slam.
In some parts of Siam flies become
so pestilential during the hot weather
that every soldier is compelled to kill a
certain number of them daily.
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Nanoleon Wanted It.
When Nanoleon was besieging Maes-
tricht. he ordered that the guns should
not be trained on the town hall, wliere
was preserved a skeleton of a mosa-
saurus. and when the place was cap
tured he directed that the specimen
should be carefully conveyed to Paris.
Caught in the Act.
South Bend. Ind.. Feb. 20. Otto
Drepp, released on bond for the rob
bery of Kreidler's drug store, some
weeks ago. and over whom the city
and county courts clashed, was arrest
ed with two others, while robbing
Wood's drug store. Robert Klowetter,
also arrested in connection with the
Kreidler burglary and released on be
coming a witness for the state, was
one of the trio.
Note our combination offer
below :
Shooting Was Quite General.
Madison. 111.. Feb. 20. In an effort
tn rlnsfi in) a noolroom that has for a
long lime opraieu in me uuionnw
of Madison, across the river trom tot.
Louis, tnree constables, augmented by
a posse of citizens and bearing war
rants for the arrest of six men con
nected with the poolroom, precipitated
a riot late yesterday which resulted in
the shooting of six men, one of whom,
Lee Harlan, a druggist, was probably
mortally wounded. When the battlft
was over the canstables had posses
sion of the poolroom.
A Unique Damage Suit.
Ft. Wayne. Ind., Feb. 20. Martin
Thomas Geake is suing William Geake,
his father, in the Allen circuit court,
claiming $5,000 damages. The son was
operating a planer in the stoneyard
owned by his father and was seriously
injured because of defective machin-
srv. He alleges that his father hai
refused to aid him.
Jury Blames the Captain.
Victoria. B. C., Feb. 20. The coro
ner's jury inquiring into the cause of
the loss of the steamer Clallam and
fifty-four lives on Jan. 8, has delivered
a verdict finding Captain Roberts guil
ty of manslaughter and Chief Engineer
Delauncey criminally culpable. De
launey is severely censured for negli
gence and incompetence. Captain
Roberts is now in Southern California.
Insane Asylum Burned.
TCar.ine. Wis., Feb. 20. The Racine
county insane asylum, located at Gatt
lieff, four miles west of this city, one
of the finest institutions of the kind
In the state, was burned to the ground
last night. In the building were 113
patients, all of whom were removed
safely with mtjh difficulty.
Bedford Is Doubtful.
Bedford, Ind., Feb. 20. Nothing new
has developed in the Schafer murder
mvsterv. All eves are centered on
Bloomington, where McDonald is con
fined. Many doubt if the grand jary
returns an indictment against McDon
ald, because of insufficient evidence,
even if the case is taken up.
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He Took Too Much.
Ft. Wayne, Ind.Feb. 20. Atlee Guj
Ruhl. twenty-two years old, son of Dr.
W. D. Ruhl, is dead from an overdose
of chloroform, taken to relieve an ear-
arhe. The young man had Just grad
uated from a business college and wai
about to take a position in this city.
Jchn Mitchell in New Role.
Sullivan. Ind.. Feb. 20. John Mitch
ell, president of the United Mine Work
ers of America, has accepted an invi
tation to deliver the Fourth of Julf
address at Hymera, this county.
For a Better Navy.
Washington, Feb. 20. The hous
has begun consideration of the naval
appropriation bill.
m 4 , . . W
7 ifr jkjwm

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