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Some Richmond Mothers Know Well
How Hard it is.
A mother's cares are never light,
and it's no wonder. Backache and
other kidney ills increase her daily
burden! There is one sure way to
make the burden lighter. Let a
Hichmond parent show you how.
Mr. Charles Fry of number 17
south fifth street, hoseman of fire
company number 2, says: "A child
of mine was troubled for the greater
part of his life with a weakness of
lis kidneys and nothing we use
helped in the least. We saw Doan's
Kidney Pills advertised for such
weaknesses and procured a box at A.
G. Luken & Co.'s drug store. Giv
ing them to him according to direc
tions it was only a short time before
ie began to improve. We certainly
recommend them as a splendid reme
dy in all such cases."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50c.
Foster-Milbnrn Co. Buffalo, N. Y.
sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Puts an End to It.
A grievous wail of times come as a
esult of unbearable pain from over
axed organs. Dizziness, Backache,
Liver complaint and Constipation.
But thanks to Dr. King's New Life
Pills they put an end to it all. They
He gentle but thorough. Try them.
Only 25c. Guaranteed by A. G. Lu
ken & Co., druggists.
" G J. JE3 T? O XT. I -A-
Bears tha si The Kind You Have Always Bought
Catarrh and Hay Pever.
Liquid Cream Balm is becoming
quite as popular in many localities as
Ely's Cream Balm solid. It is pre
pared for use in atomizers, and is
highly prized by those who have been
accustomed to call upon physicians
for such a treatment. Many physi
cians are using and prescribing it.
All the medicinal properties of the
celebrated Cream Balm are contained
in the Liquid form, which is 75 cts.
including a spraying tube. All drug
gists, or by mail. Ely Brothers, 5G
Warren street, New York.
tm tva j The Kind You Have Always Bought
We have thousands of testimonials
which prove that appendicitis can be
prevented by the ues of Ilollister's
Rocky Mountain Tea, without the
knife. 35 cents, tea or tablet form. A.
G. Luken & Co.
Too late to cure a cold after con
sumption has fastened its deadly
grip on the lungs. Take Dr. Wood's
Norway Pine Syrup while yet there
is time.
What's the secret of happy, vigor
ous health? Simply keeping the bow
els, the stomach, the liver and kid
neys strong and active. Burdock
Blood Bitters does it.
Suicide Prevented.
The startling announcement that a
preventitive of suicide has been dis
covered' will interest many. A run
down system, or despondency invari
ably precede suicide and something
has been fonnd that will prevent thai
condition which makes suicide likely.
At the first thought of self destruc
tion take Electric Bitters. It bein.s
a great tonic and nervine will
strengthen the nerves and build uj
the system. It's also a great Stom
ach, Liver and Kidnev regulator.
Only 50 cents. Satisfaction guaran
teed by A. G. Luken & Co., drug
Diphtheria relieved in twenty min
utes. Almost miraculous. Dr.
Thomas ' Eclectric Oil. At any drug
The break-down in the Greenfield
station has been repaired and limited
cars on the interurban line were put
in operation today, and will continue
egularly. City cars leaving the cor
er of eighth and Main at 8:30 a. m.
12:30 p. ra. and 4:30 p. m. make im
mediate connection with the Indian
apolis car at the west side barns. In
addition to these cars local cars leave
company office, near the corner of
eight and Main at 7, 0 and 11 in the
morning and 1, 3 and 5 in the afler
noon. Returning cars leave Indiin
apolia i'or Richmond same hours.
A WEEK "oZ?1 Oil Burner.
He&ta 6ton or fnrnArt-l : burn orr.;!
oil;o t KKKK. WttMA'atlonal Ml?.
Co. Mfcm EtHcwlvrk. X. $.
Entries for Lieutenant Governor Not
So Numerous as Expected.
Indianapolis. Feb. 24 The entry list
for the race lor the Republican nomi
nation for lieutenant governor may
not be so Ions as expected as J. W.
Sale of Bluff ton has informed Perry
Newby ot Knightstown that he will
not be a candidate as he still aspire3
to represent his district in the state
senate. The announcement a few
days ago that Sale would be acandi
date for lieutenant governor was re
ceived with much interest as he is
recognized as a man of high standing
and he would probably have cut a fig
ure in the race. As it now stands
Newby and Hugh Th. Miller of Colum
bus will probably run the entire
course. The odds are naturally on
Newby at this time as he has been a
candidate a long time and has a much
.wider acquaintance than his opponent.
T. Taggart has returned from an
eastern trip during which he is said
to have had divers and mysterious
conferences with Tammany leaders.
An interview appeared in a New York
paper in which Taggart was quoted
as saying Indiana' is for Parker for
president and that the state would
send an instructed delegation to the
St. Louis convention. This caused
considerable surprise. Taggart, says,
however, that he didn't say the dele
gates would be instructed. "I did say,
however," he continued, "that the Par
ker sentiment seemed to predominate
and that there was no movement for
Cleveland. I didn't say, though, whom
I was for." During a recent visit to
St. Louis Taggart said he could name
the nominee. When asked today by
your correspondent to "make good"
on this he dodged and said the public
must wait awhile for him to reveal
the identity of the man who is to head
the ticket.
Judge W. L. Penfield, solicitor of the
state department, has returned to his
desk in Washington. The announce
ment may ca-se some surprise in
view of the fact that he is an avowed
candidate for the Republican nomina
tion for governor. Politicians will
hardly be able to figure how he can
expect to win in a fast gubernatorial
race and spend most of his. time in
Washington. It is announced from
Washington, however, that he is very
confident of winning. It is likely that
the Ninth district congressional con
vention at Frankfort, Thursday, will
bring together most of the candidates
for places on the state ticket. Con
gressman Charles B. Landis is now en
route home from Washington to de
liver his speach of acceptance.
Governor Durbin's friends resent
the statements repeatedly made in an
Indianapolis newspaper to the effect
that what it denominates the "Durbin
machine" is interfering in the gover
norship race. The governor's friends
state that thcro is nothing to warrant
tire assertion, but that, on the contra
ry, the governor has and is following
a "hands-off" policy. It is true that
quite a number of the governor's
friends are for Mr. Hanley, but others
are for other candidates, and none of
them is in any way acting on the gov
ernor's suggestion, he having in no
case attempted to interfere with free
dom of choice on the part of his
The fight, for control of the local
Republican organization will close
here tomorrow when primaries will
be held for the election of precinct
committeemen. The convention for
the formal election of the officers of
the committee will not be held till
Saturday afternoon but the big fight
will be in the primaries and both
sides are making very careful prepar
ation. There is no denying that many
Republican leaders are seriously
alarmed on account of the bitterness
of the contest. Sheriff Bob Metzger
is regarded as the candidate of the
Bookwalter faction and Colonel II. B.
Smith the candidate of the "antis."
Cockran Elected.
New York, Feb. 24 W. Bourke
Cockran was elected a member of con
gress at the special election held in
th Twelfth congressional district to
fill the place made vacant by the res
ignation of Mayor George B. McClel
lan. Mr. Cockran ha1 practically no
opposition, the Republicans not having
any nominee.
Indestructible Hardtack.
Bridgeport, Ind., Feb. 24. D. L.
Crone of this place has a "hardtack"
which he drew as part of his rations
at Kingston, N. C, March 29, 1865.
II was a member of the 124th Indiana
infantry. The hardtack is in good pres
ervation, showing no signs of decay.
Fatal Mine Accident.
Rockvllle, Ind., Feb. 24. Henry
Payne, coal miner, aged forty, was
killed in Charles Harrison's coal mine,
at Nyesville. A piece of slate so large
as to almost hide his body, fell on
him. He leaves a wife and five small
Label-Marked Ballots Void.
Chicago, Feb. 24. Under a decision
of the board of election commissioners
of Cook county primary election bal
lots marked with the union label or
any other device will hereafter, if
cast, be treated as void and not count
ed. Under Secret Orders.
Genoa, Feb. 24. The United States
cruiser Brooklyn, with Rear Admiral
Cotton on board, has left here going
In an easterly direction. She leaves
here under sealed orders, which ar
to ho opeatcl only when she is at
Gultii :i V.'etltiiu&M.
Only one out of every 1,000 married
couples live to celebrate their golden
Property In France.
Property is more evenly divided
among the people of France than per
haps in any other country. There are
in France five times as many persons
who on their death leave property as
in England.
Coffee is a very strong antiseptic.
There are many diseases the microbe
of which is destroyed by it.
Bfitven In Germany.
Beavers are not quite extinct in Ger
many. A few colonies exist along the
Elbe, but they are small and, although
well protected, do not appear to in
crease in numbers.
Big Apartment House Destroyed.
Chicago, Feb. 24. Fire broke out
last night in the Montgomery Ward
apartment building, at the intersection
of 47th street and Lake avenue, and
compelled the residents of the twenty
nine flats in the building to make a
hurried exit to save their lives. There
were several narrow escapes but no
body was injure:!. The building wa3
damaged to the extent of $ 50,000.
A Disastrous Blaze.
Brcckport, X. Y., Feb. 24. Fire
broke out in the M. S. Phelps Piano
Case Manufacturing company's plant
in the heart of the business section of
Brockport this morning and consumed
that building. It spread to other struc
tures, entailing a loss estimated at
Prevailing Prices for Grain, Provislona
and Livestock on Feb. 23.
Indianapolis Grain and Livestock.
Wheat Wagon, $1.07; No. J red. strong. $1.08.
Corn Strong; No. 2 mixed. 45'o.
Oata Strong; No. S mixed, 43o.
Hay Clorer, $'.50 93.00; timothy, $10,003
11.00; millet, 18.009.00.
Cattle Stead at $4.795.00.
Hogs Strong at $4.00O&.85.
Sheep Steady at $3.703.75.
Ltmbi-Steady at $S.OO(3.00.
Grain and Provisions at Chicago.
Opened Closet'.
May $1.07 1.04
July! ." 95 .9i
Sept. 90
J i Cera
May 7 .65?
Jly 85 M
Sept ht .bZ
May .45J .UJi
July 42V AlVa
Sept 36Ji .-ls
May 16.00 16.67
July 16.03 15.72
May 8 00 7.87
July 8.20 8 00
May 7.75 7.5T
Jaly 7.87 7.70
Closing eaih market Wheat. $1.03; eora,
42e; oats, 40e; pork, $13.17; lard, J7.43; ribs
$6.43. .
At Cincinnati.
Wheat Firm: No. 2 red. J1.08.
Corn Steady: No. 2 mixed. 47c
Oats Quiet; No. 2 mixed. 43He. ...
Cattle Steady at $2.00(4.60.
I flogs Tlrm at $3.50,5.90. &
Z Sheep Strong at $1.50 $4.60.
ti Lambs Active at 3.75-$j.6S.
Livestock at Chicago.
Cattle Slow; steers $5.50.75; stockers an A
feeders, J2.50t'i.l5.
flogs Steady at $3.00:6.00.
Sheep Lower at $2.00 4.50.
Lambs Steady at $3.50:96.00.
At New York.
Cattle Firm at S4.25r46.20.
Boks Firm at $4.OSJ6.00.
. bheep Firm at $3.50..0
i Lambs Steady at $5.008.90
East Buffalo Livestock.
. Cattle Steady at $3.755.. 25
' Hogs Aotire at $4.40(fl'T.OO.
f Sheep Steady at $3.25i5.00.
g Lambs Steady at $4.00j6.$0.
v ' ... v -..yve ' ....
iviany a cmia
has been fooled
by the storv of
ie pot of gold which
to be found just at
ie toot ot the rain
bow, and has started
out to gather riches
full of happy dreams.
Many a man and
woman have been de
ceived by the tale that
there was health to be
found out beyond the
sunset, and they have
started out dreaming
of a healthful future,
never to be realized.
People who have tried change of cli
mate in vain for the cure of weak lungs
have been perfectly and permanently
cured by the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery. It cures deep-seated
coughs, bronchitis, bleeding lungs, ema
ciation, and other conditions which, if
neglected or unskilfully treated, find a
fatal end in consumption.
"Last spring I had a severe attack of pneu
monia which left me with a very bad couch
and also left my lunjfs in a very bad condition."
writes John M. Russell. Ksq., of Brent. Cherokee
Nat., lad. Ty. "I had no appetite and was so
weak. 1 could scarcely walk. My breast was all
sore with running sores. 1 pot two bottles of Dr
I'icrce's Golden Medical Discovery, which 1 le
lieve saved my life. I cannot express my grati
tude to you. 1 am able now to do very zood
work." J
Any substitute offered as "just as good"
as "Golden Medical Discovery" is a
shadow of that medicine. There are
cures behind every claim made for the
"Discovery," which no "just as good"
medicine can show.
The People's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, a book containing iooS pages,
is given away. Send 21 one-cent stamps,
for expense of mailing only, for the book
in paper covers, or 31 stamps for the vol
ume bound in cloth. Address Dr. R. V.
Pierce, Buffalo. N. Y.
1 " f
f tl:
"Baby and I Were Saved By
Paine's Celery Compound''
Story of This Burdened Mother's Bravery
Throbs With Human Interest.
HEROINE OF LISBON EPIDEMIC .whole house myself four thousand
Mrs. Horn, as Sick-Nurse, Saved
Seriff's Daughter and All Tp
phoid Patients Che Relied on
Paine's Celery Compound.
As my parents died when I was
very small, I had to commence work
in ir hard when T was a mere child.
J would :;ct all r:m liwn and
would have had to ive up com
pletely were it not for Paine's Cel
ery Compound. But that has always
been my standby.
I always rely upon it to strengthen
1 1 1 1 "II
and build me up again and keen me
About my experience in the Lisbon
typhoid epidemic: Before my mar
riage I was a sick nurse. There is no
hospital in this county, and the poor
and homeless have to be taken in and
cared for by any one who can do it
at county expense.
I never lost a patient, and I had
some of the worst cases in town.
Our sheriff gives me the credit of
saving his daughter's life after doe
tors had given up hope, but I relied
on Paine's Celery Compound.
When my last patient was well I
was almost askeleton, but I took sev
eral bottles of Paine's Celery Com
pound, and it kept me up and built
me up.
Six months' later I had a nice
plump baby with not more than three
hours' severe suffering. My neigh
bors and I believe that Paine's Cel
rey Compound saved my baby and
"When nine months old baby weigh
ed 24 pounds, and at one year 27
Then the place where we were liv
ing was sold and Ave had to move. It
mant leaving our garden, which was
all planted and we were deending
on it for food.
So wo built and moved into our
own house, unfinished as it was.
T did all my housework took care ter taking a dozen bottles I am com
of a teething baby and lathed the pletely cured.
Scald head is an eczema of the
scalp very severe sometimes, but it
can be cured. Doan's Ointment,
quick and permanent in its results.
At any drug store, 50 cents. ,
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
End of Bitter Fight.
"Two physicians had a long and
stubborn fight with an abscess on my
right lung" writes J. F. Hughes of
DuPont, Ga. "and gave me up. Ev
irybody thought my time had come.
As a last resort I tried Dr. King's
New Discovery for consumption. The
benefit I received was striking and t
I was on my feet in a few days. Now
I've entirely regained my health."
It conquers all Coughs, Colds and
Throat and Lung troubles. Guaran
teed by A. G. Luken & Co., drug
gists. Price 50c, and $1.00. Trial
bottles free.
Map of the World.
A beautiful map, valuable for ref
erence, printed on heavy paper, 42x
04 inches, mounted on rollers; edges
bound in cloth, showing our new is
land possessions, The Trans-Siberian
Railway, Pacific' Ocean cables, rail
way lines and other features of Ja
pan, China, Manchuria, Korea and
the Far East. Sent on receipt of
25 cents in stamps by W. B. Knis
kern, P. T. M., Chicago & North
Western R'y, Chicago, 111. marl9
The Richest Hundred Square Miles in
the World.
The Black Hills, in the southwest
part of the state of South Dakota,
produces one-third of the gold found
in the United States, and is said to
be the richest one hundred square
miles in (he Avorld. A new booklet
on the Black Hills has been issued
ly the North-Wcstern line, with a
fine detailed map of this wonderful
region. Send four cents in stamps
for copy of the booklet. W. li.
Knisken, P. T. M., Chicago, 111.
laths as my husband's health -was
very bad and he was earning for us
and buildinjr the house at the samehave ained twenty pounds in wei-ht.
It was a mile back to my garden,
but I did all the garden work ex
cept diginnp: winter vegetables.
I always carried my baby with me.
It was a trying season, but, as usual, '.
Paine's Celery Compound was my
I was nervous from hard work and
all broken down after the typhoid fe -
r "1 fi 1 Til 1 1 T
ver epidemic, sometimes 1 thought -l
would go insane. But Paine's Celery ' treatment of. several doctors. Have
Compound saved me. . never found anything that seemed to
MRS. F. M. HORN". j0 me ariy reaj jro0n! until I took
Lisbon, North Dakota, November 20, Paine's Celery Compound.
1J)03- t j "I bought and took six bottles,
P. S. Nine years ago, when a and my troubles entirely disappeared,
young girl, I first used Paine's Cel- "All of my friends noticed the
ery Compound for dyspepsia. For o-eat, rapid improvement,
the past five or six years I have not, "It was almost like magic. I have
had the slightest signs of dyspepsia, taken but very little since, have good
"THAT GOOD AND 'appetite and am generally healthy."
Paine's Celery Compound, Cured the
unromc .Nervous Headaches
Which Had Been the Bane
of Her Life.
Albany, N. Y., Jan. 23, 1003.
"Nervous headaches have been the
ban m,r i;fa t i,o,-a of .
dreds of dollars trying for their cure,
and while some medicines woulr help
me for a time, the cure was not per
manent, and in a short time I was
as bad as ever.
"Could notsleep at nights for
weeks at a time, and was so thor-
oughly exhausted during the day
that I could not attend to my work
nor take proper care of my children,
"I was discouraged with life, when
my husband insisted upon my trying
Paine's Celery Compound.
"Thanks to that good and wonder
ful medicine, within a short time I
was on the road to recovery, and af-
Tine Croxn ard Bridge Tork. TEE CCLC1TIAL.
We are expecting within
The nicest line of
627 and 629
Here are some of tne terms of our new weekly payment clan whlrh ntlows
you 50 weeks in which to pay off your loan: ' M,t Pian &ich alio
S .flo Is weekly payment for f'25.
$1.20 Is weekly payment for $50.
If these do not suit you, call and see us and we will explain other plans to you
Applications by mail or phone receive prompt attention.
Established IHOo.
"My nerves are as tranquil as
any one's nerves should be; I am
stronr and ready for work, and I
It is certainly a great remedj"
335 Grand St.', Albany, N. Y.
Dyspepsia Was Cured So Quickly by
Paine's Celery Compound,
Iwas troubled with dpspepsia
and stomach trouble Tor seven years.
' ami too, numerous medicines which
were recommended to me. Also took
701 So. Kith St., Omaha, Neb., Sept.
30, 1003.
Piane's Celery Compound Has Cured
Me of Nervous Prostration, j
Me of Nervous Prostration,
Faintness and Sleepless
ness." .
Newark, N. J., Dee. 26th, 1003.
"I can not too highly recommend
Paine's Celery Compound. It has
cured me of nervous prostration,
faintness and sleeplessness, from
which I suffered for the last three
years. I feel now that life is worth
( living." Miss Matilda Erickson,
, 340 John St., Newark, N. J.
."Cure the REAL. CAUSE, of..
your Sickness THE NERVES."
Prof. E. E. Phelps, M. D., LL. D.
of Dartmouth University. Fa
mous Discoverer of Paine's Cel
ery Compound.
a few days
Go-Carts and
have ever carried.
sure and see the line
before purchasing.
Ulain Street.
Your while to investigate our
methods. If you are short of
money we cau supply you with
any amount you need, on the most
liberal terms. To borrow of us is ,
much more satisfactory than to put
yourself under obligations to
friends. We guarantee strict pri
vacy with every transaction, and
we loan money on household goods,
pianos, teams, fixtures or any other
personal property of value, and
leave the same in your possession.
We advance money on salaries
without the knowledge of your
employer. We also loan money
on diamonds and watches left in
f 1.80 Is weekly payment for $7s!
$-.40 is weekly payment for $100.
Room S, Colonial Building. Home Phone 445

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