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In Regard to Stopping of Cars on
All Crossings in the Town
The Case Appealed.
(Special to Palladium.)
Cambridge City, Ind., Feb. 26.
The ordinance passed by the town
council, requiring the interurban
cars to stop at all street crossings,
became effective last Monday, but
the company refused to comply with
the ordinance.
On Monday, as Frank Lanieh came
from Dublin on the car, he attempted
to have the car stop at the corner
of Main and Foot street, but Con
ductor Wessel informed him that the
car did not stop at that crossing, so
he was taken down to the interurban
restuarant corner, the usual stopping
place. Mr. Lanieh then filed a com
plaint before Dan Petro, town clerk,
who ordered the arrest of Mr. Wessel
and Owen Forrester, motormen,which
was done by Marshal Ulerich. The
men were released on bond furnished
by the interurban company, and the
trial was set for yesterday afternoon.
The case was called for trial, but
the interurban company appealed it
to the circuit court, and the trial has
been set for March 9.
The public in general regrets the
arrest of the gentlemen very much,
as Mr. "Wessel is one of the most ac
commodating conductors on the road.
Earlham vs. De Pauw University To
morrow. A great game of basketball will
be played Saturday afternoon in the
Farlham gymnasium between the
Quakers and the Methodists. Be
cause of the bad defeat which she
received from Earlham on February
Gth, De Pauw claims that her team
will come prepared to even up mat
ters. The Methodist and the Quaker col
leges have been rivals for the honors
in oratory, debating and basketball
of the state for many years, and the
game tomorrow will bo fast and fur
ions. -.
So far. Farlham has not lost a
garve. having defeated Buthr twice
and De Pauw once. If Farlham de
sires to have her record this year
coin that of lat, she mint not lose
a frame.
Earlham 's line-Tin will be as fol
lows: I, and W. Wilson and Fredd
fore wards. Thorp, center, and R. M.
Allan and O. Bnmson. backs.
The game tomorrow will decide the
basketball championship in the low
er colleges, the contest being between
Earlham and De Pauw.
The Mathematical, History, Science
and Anglican clubs, of Earlham, held
regular meetings last evening. At the
Mathematical Crab,
which met at the home of Prof.
Sackett, two excellent papers were
given by Mr. Hugh Mauzzy and Mr.
Wallace Newlind. Mr. Mauzzy dis
cussed "The Pennsylvania Tunnel
Into New York," and Mr. Newlind
gave a description of "The Man
hattan Bridge."
After the program the remainder
of the evening was spent socially, and
refreshments were served.
The History Club
listened to a talk on "New Zealand,"
by Mr. W. Painter, and discussed
current events.
The Science Club
meeting was given to an able article
on the "Bacteria of Water Supply,"
by Mr. A. C. Life. This is a subject
of general interest, and was heard
with especial interest by the club.
The Anglican Club
as well as the History and Science
clubs, met at Earlham. The members
were entertained with a program of
short numbers by the Misses Nellie
Davis and Louisa Stanton, and Mr.
August Spoh n. These were "John
Bull up Date," "Jacques Bon
hamme" and "Faith and Reason."
Who Died Some Time Ago in Colo
rado Officers Were
On the twenty-third of thv month
the local railroad conductors held a
meeting and organized themselves in
to the Order of Railway Conductors
of America) the main office or which
is at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Tl e lodge
organized on the twenty-third will be
known as the Railsback lodge, No.
452, and will, of course, have its of
fices in this city.
A number of prominent conductors
have already joined this lodge, and it
is hoped that in a few days all the
conductors living in, or running into
Richmond will be enrolled on the
lodge books. The lodge was named
after Richard S. Railsback, a former
Richmond conductor, who died a
few jears ago in Colorado of tjT
phoid fever. In naming their lodge
after him, the local conductors
wished to show some mark of respect
and honor to one of' Richmond's
former prominent railroad conduc
tors. The local lodge will meet on the sec
ond and fourth Sundays of each month
in the lodge rooms, the location of
which have not been decided upon.
The following officers were elected:
Grand Junior Conductor L. E.
Shepard, Camden, N. J.
Chief Conductor F. E. Hadley.
Assistant Chief Conductor J. B.
Secretary and Treasurer O. E. Al
lison. Senior Conductor Enoch Cromer..
Junior Conductor J. P. Terhune.
Outside Sentinel Eugene McCann.
Tnside Sentinel A. F. Runyan.
Board of Trustees M. E. Caster,
chairman; F. J. Biggins, vice chair
man, and M. C. McCoy, secretary.
Legislative Committee Michael
All of these, save L. E. Shepard,
are residents of this city.
Philip Davidson Won the First
Yesterday rifle shoot at Athletic
park was fairly well attended, though
not as many were in attendance as
was expected. The out of town visit
ors were: Lawrence Mull, of Center
ville, Walter Kunkle and G. W. Fraz
ier, of Greensfork.
Philip Davidson won the honors
of first place, with Frazier and Mull
as close second and third. The next
shoot will be held on Thursday,
March 10th, when, with moderate
weather, the club expects a good
The teachers of the county will
meet at the office of Supt C. W. Jor
don tomorrow for examination.
Mrs. Maude Meckel ,of Marion, is
a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Will ITaugh
ton. of Spring Grove. She will re
main several days. , , ' L
Toward Building a Bridge
A Liberal Proposition and One That Should Receive Serious
Consideration, -
The Columbus, Greensburg & Rich
mond Traction people are here in
force today. Manager C. N. Wilson
has been here since yesterday, and
left with the. Richmond party for
Cambridge City at 11 o'clock this
A goodly number took advantage
of the invitation tendered by the rep
resentatives of the company, and tho
trip to Cambridge City was an en
joyable one and greatly appreciated
at the same time.
"While the representatives of the
company were here, a representative
of the Palladium made inquiry as to
what the company intended doing in
the way of the south end bridge, and
was told that if a bridge
were Duitl costing aooiu
about $100,000 the C, G. & R. Trac
tion company would stand one-fifth
of the cost, or, in plain figures, $20,
000. They would like to have a
bridge built for double track, and a
twenty-five foot width would be am
ply large for this purpose. The
They Were Decorating the Interior of
the Dome When the Scaffold
Gave Away.
(By Associated Press.)
, ' i ;f0;.
who were working on the interior ,
decorations of the dome of the new
postofiice building, fell 230 feet to the
first floor today. The accident was
caused by the giving away of their
scaffold. All were instanly killed.
From Merchants Regarding
ban Cars.
Merehants along Main street be
tween the squares on the corners of
which the interurban cars do not stop
have registered a complaint. The
interurban cars of the Richmond
Street and Interurban company do
not stop at all crossings coming in
to this city. The first stop is at first
street, the next at fifth, sixth and
eighth, skipping third, fourth and
seventh streets.
; Passengers coming in on these cars
are usually taken to eighth and Main
streets, while they may want to trans
act business between sixth and
seventh, or between seventh and
eighth streets.
It looks to an outsider as if stop-
Din" at these few corners mentioned
would only take np a few more min
utes of time, while it would be a
exeat convenience to a number of ,
It is presumed the street car people
will see the imnortanee of this move
and remedy the seeming error.
Mrs. Belle Ilorton will have charge
of the grammar room in the Center
ville school during the illness of Miss
in the South End of the City.
$100,000 STRUCTURE
tracks of the company would be laid
above the wagon and pedestrian part
of the structure and would in no way
interfere with the other part of the
The proposition of the company is
certainly a most liberal one and
should be considered in the light of
the future.. Bridges are not being
built for today, but must be built for
the future, and, with the increase in'
electric and steam roads, good bridges
must be erected.
The C, G. & B., during its short
life, has made wonderful progress, so
much so that it is receiving favor
able mention from leading papers all
over the country-, and in England
and Switzerland.
The coming of this line into Rich
mond is one of the best things that
could happen to Richmond. It will
bring . ns in touch with one of the
best farming regions of the state,
and open up to us a country with
which we have had little business
T. A. Mott and Wife Attending Edu
cational Association Meeting.
The convention of the National
Educational Association, which has
been in session in Atlanta, Ga., for
the past few days, closed List even
ing. Many educational personages
were present, among them being T.
A. Mott, superintendent of Rich
mond schools, and wife. The pro
gram consisted of talks on Athletics
and other phases of school life, as
the Compensation of teachers, rural
and city schools, and ways of inc
reasing the efficiency of schools.
Mr. and Mrs. Mott will spend a
short time in the south before re
Have a Narrow Escape in a Chicago
Mr. Walter Fulghum, with fifteen
of his fraternity fellows, who are
attending the Chicago University,
had a narrow escape from fire last
The fraternity house caught fire
during the night, and they were
aroused in time to get out with only
their night clothes on. Mr. Fulghum
grabbed m overcoat and a pair of
slippers and ran two blocks through
the snow to turn in the alarm. The
fire was soon under control, and the
boys caroe out Avith but little loss.
They had to stand out in the cold
and snow for some time, clad only in
their pyjamas. Other houses in the
neighborhood were finallv thrown
open and the shivering crowd given
Muncie, Ind., Feb. 26 The $10,
000 damage suit of Charles S. Hern
ly, of New Castle, former Republican
state chairman, against the Pennsyl
vania railroad was brought to this
county yesterday on a change of
venue from the Henry circuit court.
Ilernly claims that his right foot was
mashed in the faulty coupling of two
passenger cars at Richmond last
August, as he was passing from one
lo anouier on "is way Home Irom Cin-
icinnati, ana as his ett leg is a. wood-
en one he I,as sinee been hardly able
to n,ove abut. He claims the injury
:,li"mai,' ms atnmy to earn a
jiveniioou as much as .fL.UU per
Chicago, Feb. 20. Wheat $1.04 7-S,
'May torn 53 l-2c, Mav oats 45 3-Sc.
Official Acconnt.
(By Associated Press.)
London, Feb. 26. The Japanese le
gation has given its first official ac
count, in a dispatch from Tokio, of
the Port Arthur affair of the 24th
inst. It says four old vessels, es
corted by a torpedo boat, were run
into the entrance to block the mouth
of Port Arthur harbor. The object
of sinking these vessels was attained
and the officers and crews returned
To Adjoining Buildings The Loss at
Present Exceeds Five Mil
lion Dollars.
(By Associated Press.)
Rochester,- N. Y., Feb. 26. A great
fire is raging here. It broke out early
this morning in the basement of the
Rochester Dry Goods company, a
granite building. The high office
structure of Sibley, Lindsay, Curr &
company, Beadle, Sherburne & com
pany and many others are in flames.
Dnamite was used to check the pro
gress of the fire. Help was called
from Buffalo and Syracuse.
At 9 o'clock this morning the loss
was estimated at five millions of
dollars. The fire chief hoped to con
fine the fire within the block from
St. Paul to North street. Frozen
j water mains hinder the fire depart-
ment,There have been several mys
terious explosions in the burned
buildings. No street cars are running.
Assistant Chief of the Fire Depart
ment Frank Jaques was severely in
jured by a fall.
The firemen are trying to prevent
the fall of the west wall of the
granite building, in the hope of pre
venting the spread of the fire to the
west. The eleven-story Chamber of
Commerce building is opposite the
granite building. The Cox building,
on St. Paul street, is doomed.
Rochester, N. Y., Feb. 26. At 11
o'clock the fire was still burning,
but it is believed to be under con
trol. The chief losers are Sibley, the
Lindsay & Curr company, Beadle &
Sherburne company, Rochester Dry
Goods company and the Walkover
Shoe comnanv.
Items Gathered There Today Mar
riage Licenses, Etc.
Marriage licenses were issued as
follows :
Harvey Barton and Ella Williams,
George S. Meyers arid Louella
Steen, Richmond.
Wm. C. Converse filed the suit of
Orilla Lynch vs. Theodore Lynch, for
divorce and change of name.
Robert F. White filed the suit of
Julia Neal vs. Ray Neal, for divorce.
The case of Whitesell vs. Study is
being argued before Special Judge
Rnpe, on demurrer, filed by Attorney
II. U. Johnson, to additional para
graph presented by Samuel C. White
sell. Two Cents on the Bushel and Caused
Great Excitement.
(By Associated Press.)
Chicago, Feb. 20. Wild excitement
was caused on the board of trade to
day by a fall of more than two cents
a bushel on May wheat.
Rost, Marshall Company The Unit
ed Salvage Company, of Chica
go Have Been Called in to
Their Assistance.
It was said in yesterday's Palla
dium that it was likely that all need
of secrecy in regard to the difficulties
of a certain prominent Main street
firm of merchants in securing leases
on the building .which they occupy
would be past by today and that the
names would be given. It is indeed
a pleasure to say, at this point, that
the forecast was a true one and that
the leases have been closed to the sat
isfaction of both landlord and ten
ants. The old corner of ninth and
Main streets, which has been made
such a popular one by Rost, Marshall
company and which everybody who
is really anybody knows as the loca
tion of the Big Store, and where any
one at all familiar with Richmond
could find his way blindfolded, is to
undergo complete repair. Spacious
show windows will take the place of
the wall facing east, and the interior
will be thoroughly remodeled upon
the very latest designs. In fact, it
will be made into the most modern
store room possible. When these and
all other contemplated changes in the
building have been made, Rost, Mar
shall company expect to install a de
partment store which shall lack noth
ing in the lines of ready to wear
clothing and shoes for men, women
and children.
Now, in advance of these vast im
provements, and to close out the
goods so that there shall be room for
them to be made, these gentlemen
have engaged a prominent Chicago
salvage company to conduct a mon
ster sale, beginning Saturday, March
5th. The United Salvage company,
of Chicago, has been engaged on ac
count of their well-known reputation
for moving the goods. They will sell
them very cheap, to be sure, but when
they take charge, it is like Mr. Rost
says: "The goods will be sold at
what they are worth to the buyers
who attend this forced sale, regard
less of how much more they have
cost Rost, Marshall company, "
All seekers for real bargains are
urged to watch the daily papers and
the large bills for detailed informa
tion concerning this great salvage
sale. This paper will contain a full
page advertisement tomorrow, giving
all needed information about this un
usual sale. It will be useless to in
quire at the store after Saturday
night, February 27, as it will be
shut up tight until the day of the
sale, Saturday, March oth.
Mesdames Beard and Miller Enter
tain at Cambridge City.
Cambridge City, Ind., Feb. 26.
Mrs. John Beard and Mrs. II. B.
Miller delightfully entertained a
number of friends Wednesday even
ing at Mrs. Miller's beautiful home
on Church street. The principal fea
ture of the evening's entertainment
was progressive pedro. Prizes were
awarded as follows:
First prize, a beautiful silver spoon,
Mrs. 0. L. Callaway; second prize, a
very pretty china cup and saucer.
Miss Bess Van Meter; consolation
prize, a hatchet, Miss Daisy Ayler:
Dainty refreshments, consisting of
ice cream, cake and hot coffee, were
served and the forty invited guests
departed at a late hour assured that
the hostesses were royal entertainers.

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