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. Effective Feb. 7th, 1901
So. 2 No 4 No 5
Dully Inlly Sin esly
Ar Otiiciuaatl to OU
No. I No.:!
Daily Daily
I,v Cincinnati ".-" ' --l-
Ar Kichimmd lo. - J
TN'o I No :s
Dailv Dally
Ia- Richmond H.
Ar Munch? .27
Ar Marion l-''pm 1..W
Ar IV ru -i.H'pm 11.:j
Ar North Judson pM
No. i N.-.4 No. rt
Dally Daily Sun osly
ex. Sun.
Iv North Judson 10.10am
. rv ivru ".! li'.H'pm 2-i0
Ar Richmond S.W 4.im 0...0
For rates or Information regarding con
nections inquire of O. A ,BrlAI"'f
Home Phone 41 City Ticket Agent.
Every Day
Mnncie, Marion, Pera
and Northern Indiana cities
C. C. &. L
Leave Richmond
Daily, 10:20 am 8:00 p m
Through tickets sold to all
For particulars enquire oi
0. A. Blair. C. P. A,
Home Tel. 44
in the
Great Arena
at the
or THE
On Street Car Line!
In Boulevard
W. H. Bradbury & Son
Westcott llloclt.
On Sundays Cars Leave One Trip
First car leaves Richmond for In
dianapolis at 5 a. m.
First car leaves Dublin for Rich
mond at 5 a. m.
Every ear for Indianapolis leaves
Richmond 'on the odd hour, from
5:00 a. m. to 7:00 p. m.
First car leaves Indianapolis for
Richmond at 7:00 a. m. and every
other hour thereafter until 5:00 p. m.
Hourly service from Richmond to
Dublin and intermediate points, from
5:00 a. m. to 11:00 p. in.
Subject to change without notice..
Richmond to Graves $0.05
" to Centerville 10
" to Jackson Park ... .15
; " to Washington Rd . .15
" to Germantown . .. .20
' ' to Cambridge City . .25
" to Dublin 30
" to Indianapolis . ... 1.05
Hotel Rates St. Louia World's Fair.
For copy of World's Fair official
pamphlet, naming Hotel accommoda
ions and rates . during Universal Ex
position of 1904, address E. A. Ford,
3feneral Passenger Agent Pennsylva-tia-Vandalia
Lines, Pittsburg, Pa.
t 1904 i
5 f
foot Ooailii ...
for HSI IVonioiii
Zoa Phora Will End Your Troubles
and Maka Your Life a Joy It Has
Always Done This for Women
and Always Will.
No matter how many doctors have tried and
failed: no matter hov? many remedies vo;i liav.i
used without results, Zoa Phora will euro you
ana your cure win mean soraotnmg. It will bo
complete and perfect and permanent. It always
has done this and always will. All tho women
who havo suffered from any of the diseases pecul
iar to their sex and who have used Zoa Thora
are to-day rejo'cing in the security of perfect
health and all tha happiness it brings.
Zoa Phora cures all diseases and Irregularities
of women, misplacements, leucorrhea, sup
pressed and painful periods, flooding, piles, kid
ney, bladder and liver troubles and regulates
tho change of life. Not a mail arrives that does
not bring letters from women who have been
cured of soma of these terrible diseases and
whose lives hare been made happy by the noble
and wonderful work of Zoi Phora.
Mrs. George Sidle, McClure, Ohio, IS. F. D.
No. 1, says: "I was so nervou3 and broken down
that I could not do my work. I doctored with
two of our homo doctors, and they said I had
heart trouble. I had spells with my heart when
it would beat so hard and then I would faint away.
I received a sample bottle of Zoa Thora, which I
took according to directions, and thought it was
just what I needed, so I threw the doctor's
medicine away and got a large bottle cf Zoa
Phora. It helped me so much that I bought two
more bottles, and now I am well and strong. I
do not have tho spells with my heart since I
took Zoa Phora and I am regular now, where
before I took Zoa Phora I was very Irregular
and had severe pain at monthly periods. I .
have found it to be truly a Woman's Friend.
"If anyone calls in person or writes to me, I
will give them the particulars In my case." I
hope this will help induce some suffering
woman to try Zoa Phora."
Write the Zoa Phora Co., Kalamazoo, Mich.,
for a free trial bottle and copy of their illustrated
medical book, "Dr. Pengeliy's Advice to
Women." The doctor will glauiy give free
medical advice when needed. Zoa Phora Is for
sale at $1.00 a bottle by all druggists.
Pensylvania Lines
In Eflect 2 p. m., Feb. 16, 1904.
Arrive westward Depart
Rich and Logan Ac Ex 6.45 am
11.10 am Chicago Mail and Ex 11.15 am
12.30 pm Cin and Mack. Ev
4.45 pm Cin and Lopan Ex 5.00 pm
7.20 pm Cin and Rich Ac Ex
10.50 pm Cin and Mack Mail and Ex
11.00 pm Cin and Chi Mail and Ex4 11.15 pm
4.05 am Chi and Cin Mail and Ex 4.15 am
Mack and Cin Mail and Ex 5.15 am
Rich and Cin Ac Ex 7.00 am
9.48 am Losran and Cin Ac Ex 10.10 am
Mack and Cin Ex 3.45 pm
3.55 pm Fast South Ex and Mail 4.00 pm
5.40 pm Logan and Rich Ac
In Effect 9 a. m., Nov. 29.
4.45 am
N Y and St L Mail
St L Fast Ex
St L Fast Mail and Ex
Col and Ind Ac Ex
N Y and St L Mail and Ex
Col and Ind Ac Ex
4 50 am
4.45 am
10. 15 am
10 30 am
1 25 pm
10 10 pm
5.35 am
10.15 am
3.57 pm
7 30 pm
10.25 am
1.2J pm
9.15 pm
5 23 am St L and N Y Mail and Ex
9.45 am Ind and Col Ac Mail and Ex
9.50 am St L and N Y Fa3t Mail
3.45 pm Ind and Col Ac Ex
4.S9 pm Penna Special (Mail)
7.20 pm St L and N Y Mail and Ex
8.40 pm St L and N Y Limited Ex
In Effect 12 01 p. m., Jan. 24
St L Fast Ex
Springfd and Rich Ac
Si L Fast Mail and Ex
Sprin and Rich Mail and Ex
Rich and Sprin Mail and Ex
Rich and Xenia Ac Ex
N Y Fast Mail
Penna Special Mail and Ex
St L and N Y Limited Ex
4 37 am
10.00 am
10 10 am
10.02 pm
5.30 am
8.15 am
9 55 am
4 55 pm
8.49 pm
n Effect 8 a. m., Feb. 16
4.35 am Ma?" and Cin Mail and Ex
9.42 am Ft W and Rich Mail and Ex
3.40 pm Mack and Cin Mall and Ex
9.45 pm fcunday Acg
Rich and G R Mail and Ex 5.40 am
Cin and Mack Mail and Ex 12.50 pm
Cin and Mack Mail and Ex 10.55 pm
Daily. ? Sun day only. All trains, unless
otherwise indicated, depart and arrive daily,
except Sunday.
Dayton and Western
Traction Co.
In effect January liJOl.
Cars leave union station, south Sth St.,
every hour (5:00, 7:45, and 45 minutes
after every hour until 7:45 p. m., 9:00,
JJ:15 and lip, in., for New Westville. New
Paris, Katon, WesfAlexandria, Dayton,
Xeaia; Tippecanoe, Troy, I'iqua, Spring
field, Urbana, London, Columbus,
Last car to Dayton at 0 p, m stops
only at VewWestvill e.New Hope, Eaton,
est 1 xan :er a and way p u; a t,
9.15 and 11 p, in, to West Akxandr'a
New Paris local car leaves at 4 50. f5:20,
S;20, 10;20 a, m , 12:"20, 2:20 and 6 20 pm.
For further information call phoue 209.
C. O. BAKER, Agent.
The break-down in the Greenfield
station has been repaired and limited
cars on the interurban line were put
in operation today, and will continue
egularly. City cars leaving the cor
er of eighth and Main at 3 :30 a. m.
12 :30 p. m. and 4 :30 p. m. make im
mediate connection with the Indian
apolis car at the west side barns. In
addition to these cars local cars leave
company office, near the corner of
eight and Main at 7, 9 and 11 in the
morning and 1, 3 and 5 in the after
noon. Returning cars leave Indian
apolis ior Richmond same hours.
Money Loaned
Prom 5 to 6 per cent.
Thompson's Loan and Real Estafr
vgency, Main and peventh street.
Mail Agent on Alabama
Railroad Killed by a
Negro Bandit.
ltobber Is Itun Down ?nd Captured
by Bloodhounds Alter Having
a Licg Crushed.
Four Companies of Mississippi. Mil
itia .Guarding Jail to Pre
vent Iijn cliing.
Birmingham, Ala., March 1. Accord
ing to reports received here by the
officials of the Alabama Great South
ern railroad, two postal clerks were
shot on north-bound train No. 2, two
miles north of Meridian, Miss., during
an attempt to rob the train. The
shooting was done by Jim Paris, a
negro, who boarded the train in the
Meridian yards as it was puling out.
Before it was under good headway,
Paris entered the postal car and open
ed fire on J. T. Stockton and A. J.
Bass, killing Stockton instantly and
wounding Bass in the arm. The negro
then seized a package of registered
letters and jumped off. In leaving the
train he fell and had one leg crushed
under the wheels, but managed to
drag himself three miles . Bloodhounds
were obtained at Meridian, the train
having backed to that place. Their
scent led to the capture of Paris at
daylight. Several registered letters
were found in his pocket. He was tak
en to jail at Meridian. The railroad
officials say three or four negroes were
Involved in the plot to rob the train,
though only one of them appears to
have entered the postal car. Stockton,
the dead clerk, lived at Meridian and
Bass's home was near Birming
ham. The killing of Express Messenger
Stockton has caused much excitement.
After Paris was placed in jail a mob
of considerable proportions gathered
about the stronghold. Fearing a lynch
ing the sheriff notified Governor Var
daman, and the chief executive ordered
out the local militia company.
Three full companies of state troops
surround the county jail in which
is lodged J. P. Paris, a negro, who is
charged with the killing of John R.
Stockton, a mail clerk, the serious
wounding of J. A. Bass, another mail
clerk, and the robbery of the mail car
on the Alabama Great Southern train
which left Memphis for Birmingham.
Sheriff Is Injured While Serving
Boston, March 1. While attempting
to serve notice of a libel suit of Will
iam T Idler, of St. Louis, supreme mas
ter workman of the Ancient Order of
United Workmen, Deputy Sheriff Sils
by was severely injured. As a result
of the schism in the order, John Sy
monds, of Lynn, grand master work
man of the state lodge, entered libel
proceedings against Miller, damages
being set at $10,000 and Deputy Sheriff
Silsbury had been trying to locate the
St. Louis man for several days. Last
night the officer was notified that Mil
ler was on his way to the headquarters
of the national organization and the
sheriff waited outside the door for him
to appear.
Miller escaped by darting into the
headquarters and slamming the door
on Sheriff Silsby's hand when the offi
cer attempted to seize him. Three of
the sheriff's fingers were fractured.
The doors were then locked, bolted,
chained and padlocked.
Governor Vardaman and Lynchlngs.
Jackson, Miss., March 1. Governor
Vardaman has given an interviyew on
the subject of lynching, which, in
view of his utterances during the cam
paign has much importance. The gov
ernor, in concluding the interview,
said: "I can sympathize thoroughly
with one whose friend or relative has
been outraged or atrociously murdered
by a black brute, and I am not going
to censure people who act a little in
discretely under the influence of pas
sion thus aroused, but there is one
thing certain, the law must be upheld
and so long as I occupy the guberna
torial chair I shall do all within my
power to see that the laws are en
forced. The courts must perform their
functions. When this is done the peo
ple will be satisfied"
Traffic Stopped In Michigan.
Bay City, Mich., March 1. The
Michigan Central railroad has aban
doned all trains between Bay City and
Mackinac. The worst snow storm of
twenty-five years is raging. At Stand
ish, Grayling and Sterling the drifts
are ten feet deep. At Standish a
double-header passenger train is in
the snow and the passengers have
been taken off. Snow plows have been
unable to relieve several other trains.
The Detroit and Mackinac railroad is
also blocked, all Alpena trains being
Bad Storm In New York.
New York, March 1. In many parts
of New York state a veritable blizzard
is raging. At Rochester a driving
snow storm was accompanied by thun
der and sharp flashes of lightning.
The storm at that place was reported
to be one of the worst of the season.
Who Save Their Fellow Men
That Wonderful New Discovery,
When a remedy has proven itself a
safe, unfailing cure for stubborn ail
ments that weaken both the intellect
and physical energies of tho body, such
as sluggish, impure blood, too slow and
imperfect digestion, weak or delicate
kidneys, lame back and other mysteri
ous aching, then sliould physicians use
it in their practice. Such a remedy is
Yitoxa. -When other tonics and catarrh
remedies fail it will build up a broken
down constitution and give strength to
every weak part. Yitoxa makes the
world more happy because it make men
and women more healthy, and as health
i3 better than wealth, so is Yitoxa
more precious than gold.
A physician writes: "While I have
of ten recommended Vitoxa to my con
valescing patients invariably with fav
orable results, 1 do not care to give a
public endorsement of it over my sig-natui-e.
You may, however, publish any
portion of this letter you desire, leaving
oil my name. While you have never
revealed to me the secret ingredients
you use in compounding Yitoxa I know
from its good effect on a number of my
patients that it is a wonderful cure for
weakness of the nerves, liver, kidneys,
etc., and for general debility."
Vitoxa costs one dollar a bottle or six
bottles for five dollars, and while The
Vitoxa Co.Coshocton.O. will continue to
send it by express prppaid on receipt of
price it is now obtainable in this Countv
For sale by Alf ord Drug Co.
Have you indigestion, constipation,
headache, backache, kidney trouble?
Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea will
make you well. If it fails get your
money back. That's fair. 35 cents,
tea or tablet form. A. G. Luken &
"I owe my whole life to Burdock
Blood Bitters. Scrofulous sores cov
ered my body. I seemed beyond
cure. B. B. B. bas made me a per
fectly well woman." Mrs. Chas.
Hut ton, Berville, Mich.
Suicide Prevented.
The startling announcement that a
preventive of suicide had been dis
covered will interest many, A run
down system, or despondency invar
iably precede suicide and something
has been found that will prevent that
condition 'which makes suicide likely.
At the first thought of self destruc
tion take Electric Bitters. It being
a great tonic and nervine will
strengthen the nerves and build up
the system. It's also a great Stom
ach, Liver and Kidney regulator.
Only 50c. Satisfaction guaranteed by
A. G. Luken & Co., druggists.
End of Bitter Fight.
"Two physicians had a long and
stubborn fight with a abcess on my
right lung," writes J. F. Hughes, of
DuPont, Ga., "and gave me up.
Ever3body thought my time bad
come. As a last resort I tried Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consump
tion. The benefit I received was
striking and I was on my feet in a
few days. Xow I've entirely regained
m yhealth." It conquers all Coughs,
Colds and Throat and Lung troubles.
Qunranteed by A. G. Lpken and Co.'s
drug store. Price 50c and .$1-00.
Trial bottles free.
Map of the World.
A beautiful map, valuable for ref
erence, printed on heavy paper, 42x
G4 inches, mounted on toilers; edges
bound in cloth, showing our new is
land possessions, The Trans-Siberian
Railway, Pacific Ocean cables, rail
way lines and other features of Ja
pan, China, Manchuria, Korea and,
the ' Far East. Sent on receipt of
25 cents in stamps by W. B. Knis
kern, P. T. M., Chicago & North
western R'y, Chicago, HI. mar!9
To New Orleans, Mobile and Pensaco
la via Pennsylvania Lines.
February 9th to 15th, inclusive, ex
cursion tickets to New Orleans, La.,
Mobile, Ala., and Pensacola, Fla.,
will be sold via Pennsylvania lines.
Fares, time of trains, etc., furnished
by ticket agents of the Pennsylvania
FeB. 27.
ft 1
Citizens of Richmond :
LI3TE N TO THE PRICES we give you for Monday and Tuesday.
Ill Our Grocery Department
We have Potatoes, nice and solid, the finest to be had in the city at $1. 19
per bushel.
Swift's Pride Soap at 9 for 25c.
Fairbank's Soap, 11 bars for 25.
Pumpkin, a good Dish Washing Soap, 12 bars for 25c.
Green Seal, which is the best of oil milled tSoaps, to intr oduce. it goes at 9
for 25c. Santa Claus and Lenox, 8 bars for 25c.
Hand Picked Navy Beans, finest in the city, 6 pounds for 25c.
Oranges, nice, solid and sweet Colitornia Navels, lOc per dozen.
Florida Russetts, 25c per dozen.
In Our Dry Goods Department
We are giving you one more week's sale of the Outing Flannel, for we have
considerable yet. A great many people are buying it now and keeping it for
comforts and many other uses for which it is cheaper than calico
Our 5c value goes at 6 yards for 25c,
" 8c " " 4 25c,
" lc ' 3 " 25c
DON'T FAIL to see the many things we have in spring stuff. They are
light, airy and attractive, and we are sellisg them early for the people are so taken
with the styles and designs they know at the price we are offering them they
will not last long. Remember cash buys goods cheap We own them right
and are not afraid to sell them at cash prices;
Prompt Delivery. Also we give you Trading Stamps on a'.l purchases.
Do tli Phones.
HOME. 1079-BLACK, 241.
Wide-A wake
who is interested in the news of his
town and county should subscribe
for a.
Good Local
Weekly Newspaper
to keep him in touch with the do
ings of his neighbors, the home
markets, and all items of interest
to himself and family.
Richmond, Ind.,
will admirably supplyjyour wants
or county news and prove a wel
come visitor in every household.
Regular. Prlce.S 1.00 ;Per Year
Both of these papers for one year for $1.25 if you
send your order with the money to
The Eiehmond Palladium
Send your name and address to Tiik New-York Tribune Farmer, New
York City, for free sample copy.
Daily Palladium and Tribune Farmer; one year, $3
5 S
vsw8 I
If you have not used Mother's Bread, do not fail to give it a trial.'!
No expense is spared in its manufacture, and we know it is as fine a loaf as it
cjsible to produce.
he has not got it, tell him to callJfNew Phone 39, Old Phone Red 379
and get it. Respectfully
vs. Richmond.
Yours ior Business,
A High Class
Agricultural Weekly
to give him the experience of others
in all the advanced methods and
improvements which are an invalu
able aid in securing the largest pos
sible profit from the farm, and with
special matter fGr every member of
his family.
The New York
Tribune Farmer
' New York City
will po:t you every week on all im
portant agricultural topics of the
day, and show you how to make
money from the farm.
Regular Price. $1.00 Per YearjlO
with some coal even good looking coal
is that it won't burn, a prime requisite of
" black diamonds " that at all repay buying.
No such "fluke " possible here, because ovk .
coal quality guarantee goes with every ton
leaving our yards.
162-164 Ft. Wayne Ave-
Home Flionc 762
Bell Plione 435

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