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CT70. T
Q TUESDAY, MARCH 22, 1904.
MONDAY, MARCH 21, 1904.
Humor Has It That Japs Are
Now in Possession of
That City.
Division Encased the Russians on
L. Iiand While the Fleet Ile
' sumed Bombardment.
It Is Further Reported That In an
Engagement 600 Russians
T Were Killed.
Yin Kow, March 22. Firing was
heard off the coast, apparently about
six miles to the southward, fourteen
shots having been heard between 7
and 7:30 this morning. The morning
wa hazy and it was impossible to
distinguish objects at sea. A credible
report has reached here that two
cruisers and five gunboats were ofZ
Kinchow yesterday.
London, March 22. A number of
rumors are printed in the newspapers
here today but they must be accepted
with great reserve. A Tokio corres
pondent cables a newspaper report of
the Japanese occupation,, of Port Arth
ur after a combined land and sea at
tack Saturday and Sunday. It is as
serted that a division of Japanese
landed on the Liao Tung peninsula
Saturday and engaged the Russians
near Port Arthur while the fleet bom
barded from Saturday evening until
Sunday morning.
The same correspondent reports a
sharp encounter at Chyong Syong (on
the Yalu river about 30 miles north
east of Wiju) in which the Russians
lost 600 killed or wounded. A Shang
hai correspondent hears from New
Chvvang that Japanese crossed Ta
tung pass forty miles from Hai Cheng,
and that collisions occurred with the
Reports from Seoul and Tokio are
to the effect that Marquis Ito has ar
ranged to lend 5,000,000 yen ($2,700,
000) to Korea on easy terms.
According to a Tien Tsin corres
pondent, China is appealing to the
powers for an extension of a year in
the period for the payment of the
indemnity growing out of the Boxer
troubles. This correspondent reports
that Kataoka, a Japanese merchant
and Russian spy, has been assassinat
ed by being buried alive, but that the
Japanese authorities disavow any
knowledge of the assassins.
R:ssia Will Not Fight Until She Is
St. Petersburg, March 22. Gen.
Zhilinski's official confirmation of the
reports that the Russian outposts
abandoned Anju upon the approach
of the Japanese in force causes no
surprise here as such action is in per
fect accord with the Russian plan of
campaign. The Russian skirmishing
and advanced posts were thrown for
ward solely for the purpose of harras
sing and worrying the Japanese out
posts, falling back as the main body
of the enemy moves forward until the
strong positions at the Yalu river are
reached. The fifty miles of country
between Anju and the Yalu are very
difficult tor the movement of a large
force. There may be some lively
skirmishing as the Japanese advance
progresses, but the Russians are re
solved to avoid a decisive engagement
until certain of victory.
Is Giving Russia No End of Ground
for Apprehension.
St. Petersburg. March 22. In gov
ernment circles there exists a strong
belief that the question as to whether
China will observe her neutrality un
dertakings will depend largely on the
result of the first heavy land fighting.
A big victory by the Russian army, it
Is believed, will insure the quiescence
of the celestial empire, but there are
grave fears as to what might hippen
in the event of a signal Japanese suc
cess in the early stages of the land
operations. Russia's political plans
are based on the appreciation of the
supreme importance of the first land
battle, and no fighting on a large
scale will take place if it possibly can
be avoided, until the Russians feel
piorally certain that they can deal the
enemy a crushing blow.
Japanese Fleet's Plans.
Rome, March 22. The Japanese le
gation here announces that repairs
to the Japanese fleet are actively pro
ceeding in order that the vessels may
be ready to meet the Russian Baltic
fleet. According to the information
received from the Japanese legation
It is intended to have the fleet In
perfect condition by the end of June,
and therefore further bombardments
of fortified pjaces are improbable, es-
Biliousness, sour s'omaoh, constipa
:;J all liver ils are cured by
The non-irritatinsr cathartic. .Price
,2.3 cents of all druggists or by mail of
C.L. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.
Under Physicians Five
Months. Went from
Bad to Worse.
Wonderful Change m One Night.
In a Month Face Was
Clean as Ever.
I was troubled with eczema on the
face for five months during which time
I was In the care of physicians. My
face was in such a condition that I
could not go out. It was going from
bad to worse and I gave up all hope,
when a friend of mine highly recom
mended Cuticnra Remedies. The first
night after I washed my face with Cu
ticura Soap and used Cuticura Ointment
and Cuticura Resolvent it changed won
derfully, and continuing the treatment
It removed all scales and scabs. From
that day I was able to go out, and in a
month my face was as clean as ever."
THOMAS J. SOTH, 317 Stagg St.,
Brooklyn, N. Y.
The above letter was received in 1893
and he again writes us Feb. 19, 1903,
I have not been troubled with eczema
The agonizing itching and burning of
the skin as in eczema; the frightful
scaling, as in psoriasis ; the loss of hair
and crusting of scalp, as in scalled
head; the facial disfigurement, as in
pimples and ringworm; the awful suf
fering of infants, and anxiety of worn
out parents, as in milk crust, tetter and
salt rheum all demand a remedy of
almost superhuman virtues to success
fully cope with them. That Cuticura
Soap, Ointment and Resolvent are such
stands proven beyond all doubt. No
statement is made regarding them that
is not justified by the strongest evi
dence. The purity and sweetness, the
power to afford immediate relief, the
certainty of speedy and permanent
cure, the absolute safety and great
economy have made them the standard
skin cures of the civilized world.
faouM Sd. I Pri8. 5 Rue de la Fain Boston, 137 Colum
boo ?. FoUer Drug ft Chein. Corp., bole Froprwton.
peciany zct te artinery equipment or
several of .the battleships is being
A Semi-Official S-jrrrvse.
Cronstadt, March 22. The Vestnilc,
the leading service organ here, sur
mises that the Russian Vladivostok
squadron has gone to attack Mororan
(in Volcano bay) and Otarunai (in
Ishikari bay) both in the Japanese isl
ands of Yerzo where an excellent qual
ity of coal from the Yerzo mountains
13 supplied to the Japanese warships,
Military Attache Arrives.
St. Petersburg. March 22. Capt. W.
V. Judson, United states military at
tache to the embassy here has arrived
and will proceed to the front as soon
as possible to observe the military
operations for his government.
Rsd Cross Trains Delayed.
Irkutsk, Siberia, March 22. Eigh
teen trains bearing goods of. the Red
Cross society have been held up to
allow military trains to go' through.
It is estimated that 4,000 men are
reaching Manchuria daily.
Plongolians Promise Trouble.
St. Petrsburg, March 22. Official
advices report the concentration of
armed Mongolians disguised as. pil
grims at Van Kuren, south of Lake
Baikal, and a few miles from the Rus
sian frontier.
Mr. Baker's Remarks About Mr. Bab
cock Expunged From Record.
Washington, March 22. In the
house Mr. Hepburn offered a resolu
tion reciting certain statements by
Representative Baker (N. Y.), con
tained in the Congressional Record of
last Friday, reflecting on the integrity
and honor of Mr. Babcock (Wis.), and
providing that they be expunged
from the record. Mr. Hepburn ex
plained that Mr. Baker had not de
livered these statements on the floor
or tne hov'fjo. cut had entered them In
the record under a leave to print.
The amendment was adopted after tha
Democrats forced a roll-call. Mr.
Baker endeavored to explain his ac
tion, but Speaker Cannon refused to
recognize him.
Consideration in the senate of a
bill "providing for the purchase of a
site and the erection of a building for
the departments of state, justice and
commerce and labor, was made the
occasion for adverse criticism of the
architect who planned the White
House offices. Messrs. Teller and
Hale led the charge on the architect,
and Mr. Newlands defended him.
Republican Congressional Campaign
Committee Selected.
Washington, March 22. Thirty-four
of the forty-eight members of the
Republican congressional campaign
committee which will conduct the
campaign for the election of Republi
can members of the C9th congress
were chosen at a caucus of the mem
bers of the senate and house held
last night in the hall of the house.
The members chosen were selected
by the state delegations In congress.
The fourteen vacancies on the com
mittee are from states the delega
tions of wJUch aa. yet have taken; no
action. A resolution was passed by
the caucus empowering the next chair
man of tne committee to fill the vacancies.
Kearsarge 'Gunners Probably Break
World's. Reccrd.
Washington, March 22. In a pri
vate letter received at the navy depart
ment from an officer on board the
Kearsarge, the following remarkable
record was made by that battleship
in her target practice just completed
at Pensacola, Fla., is given: One
lC-inch gun made six hits out of seven
shots in 5 minutes and 20 seconds.
An 8-inch gun made ten hits out of
ten shots in 5 minutes and 20 seconds
and a 5-inch gun made eighteen hits
out of eighteen shots in 2 minutes.
At the navy department this record
was declared to be the best ever made
by an American warship and as far
as the officials know, it has not been
equalled in any foreign navy.
W R. Grace, twice mayor of Xew York, is
Miss Roosevelt has left Washington for a
week's visit at Akens. S. C.
Conferees of the house ami senate have under
consideration the army appropriation bill.
An ea rthquaVe caused a tremor throughout
the entire eastern section of New England.
Bubonic plague has broken out at Johannes
burg and thirty deaths have occurred in less
than a week.
Chauncey Dewey and his two cowboys were
acquitted at Norton. Kan., of he charge of
murdering r.urchard Berry.
The Panama cana! commissioners will leave
for Panama on the 2Stli inst , where they wiil
begin the preliminary work on the canal.
Today the president entertained all members
of the canal commission at luncheon. Tne op
portunity was embraced to thoroughly discuss
the c:mal situation.
School Boy's Sericus Mishap.
Connersvillo, Ind., March 22. Oscar
Patton. the fifteen-year-old son of Har
ris Patton, attempted to jump on a
moving freight car. as he was return
ing from school and missing his foot
ing was thrown under the wheels.
His right leg was crushed off and it
was necessary to amputate it just be
low the hip. This is the second mis
hap the boy has had. A year ago he
was accidentally shot by a playmate,
narrowly escaping death.
Boy's Self Destruction.
Laporte, Ind., March 22. Andrew
Anderson, aged sixteen years, disap
peared from his home and some hours
later the father found his son's body
dangling at the end of a rope in a
tree. Young Anderson had climbed
into a tree and when fully twenty
five feet from the ground fastened
the rope about his neck and swung
himself off, breaking his neck. No
motive can be assigned for the deed.
Petersburg's Gas Field.
Petersburg, Ind., March 22. The
Carter Glass company has struck a
strong flow of gas at a depth of 1,145
feet, near here. The gas can be heard
for a quarter of a mile, as it roars
through a six-inch main. The pres
sure is said to be over 500 pounds to
the square inch. To the explorers
the opening of this well indicates that
there is an undeveloped gas field in
this part of the state.
Caught on Dangerous Crossing.
Bedford, Ind., March 22. George
Corpse, sr., .seventy-seven years old,
a farmer, two miles west of this city,
was instantly killed at the West Six
teenth street crossing by a Southerr
Indiana freight train, while returning
home from this city. The crossing
is a dangerous one on a curve, with
a high embankment at the approach.
Mice Destroy Fruit Trees.
South Bend, Ind., March 22. Farm
ers and fruit raisers in this locality
discover, since the melting of the
snow, that field mice have been des
tructive during the winter to young
apple trees, the bark being completely
girdled near the ground.
I J Jduced by siege if the
( I garrison could be starved
j ' J has to give up the fight
UsrJ when starvation weakens
I I it. There are more deaths
irom hiarvauun man tne woritl
dreams of. When the stomach is dis
eased and the food eaten is not digested
aif 1 assimilated, then the strength of the
body begins to fail because of lack of
nutrition, and the weak body falls an
easy victim to the microbes of disease.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
cures diseases of the stomach and other
organs of digestion and nutrition. It
restores physical strength in the only
possible way, by enabling the assimila
tion of the nutrition contained in food.
I was sick for over three years with a com
plication of stomach troubles," writes Mr. John
II. Castona, residing at 2942 Arch St.. Chicago,
Illinois. "Had tried every good phvsican I
knew of, as well as many patent medicines, but
received only temporary relief. One dav a
friend recommended your Golden Medical Dis
covery.' I immediately procured some and be
gan its use. Commenced to gain the first week,
and after I had taken only one bottle I could
eat as well as any one without experiencing ill
effects. I took five lottles, and to-Jay am happy
to antiounce that I am as well and healthy as
any one could be. I owe it all to Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery."
The sole motive for substitution is to
permit the dealer to make the little more
profit paid by the sale of less meritorious
medicines, lie gains. You lose. There
fore accept no substitute for Golden
Medical Discovery."
FREE. Dr. Pierce's Common Sense
Medical Adviser is sent free on receipt
of stamps to pay expense of mailing
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Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
r . a i . .i
I I The strongest
I r castle could be re- I
It Means Starvation for Some.
An eminent physician of this "city
recently said: "Very thin people live
lrom nana to
mouth, and
have little
reserve for
course we
know of per
sons whose
nature it is
to be thin
"born that
way," some
say, but there is a healthy standard by
which a person who knows himself can
gauge his good health or poor health. If
for any reason he or she is below Iiis or
her normal weight, then it is wise to look
out for trouble. In case the germs of
grippe, typhoid, or consumption gain an
entrance to the body they find a fertile
field and develop immediately. We can
only compare this sudden taking on of
disease germs by the thin body, to the
fertile field which lays fallow until an
V- IS! " Vf
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a clear head, an active brain, a strong,
vigorous body makes him fit for the
battle of life.
unfortunate wind carries the seeds of
some wild and worthless plant there and
they quickly root and flourish. Almost
any grave change in health is at once
betrayed by the loss of flesh, which
shows most often in the face. This con
dition almost always co-exists with im
poverished blood. A gain of flesh up
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essentials of health ; the red corpuscles
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improved. When persons find them
selves losing weight they should heed
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A tonic alterative is needed to digest and
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Cod-Liver Oil was Ihe old fashioned
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ver, night-sweats, headache,
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sufferer from
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4 '
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the World.
The Black Hills, in the southwest
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unteered by grateful people, in their
Mr. Roy A. Reed, of Casper, Wyoming;
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the throat in the very worst form ; could
hardly speak above a whisper for two
years. Tried nearly a dozen patent medi
cines without relief. I was so discouraged
that I just about decided catarrh could not
be cured with any medicine. My father,
however, advised me to try Dr. Pierce's
medicines before giving up. I followed
his advice and commenced using the medi
cine on the twentieth of December. I was
surprised to note the result of the first
month's treatment. After using six bottles
of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery,
I was perfectly cured. It has been months
since I took the last medicine, and I have
not had the least return of my trouble. I
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months than for seven winters previous to
this time."
Mrs. Lydia James, of Ogdensburg, Wis.,
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say that the 'Golden Medical Discovery
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ney disease and fever when I began to take
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In ten days' time I was so I could begin to
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along. After that, took about five bottles
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grave by this time had it not been for
this remedy. I would advise all suffer
ing women to use Dr. Pierce's medicines."
Mrs. Robt. Lambden, of Havana, N. Dak.,
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year I could hardly walk around to do my
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your medicines cured me. My leg is quite
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