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! lally delivered by carrier to any par of the city for six cents a week,
)utside city, six months, in advance
utslde city, one month, in advance
Outside city, one year, in advance
WEEKLY Xy mall one year, $1.03 In advance.
!TT7 "VTT CAIf at any tlma to gee your paoer from your carrier, you will con
ilP XVU rAIL fj,r a fa-or bv at onsu notlfvlusf the ollce by elephon-
James R. Hart. Editor.
5 M Rutnerford. Business Minager
ijohn S. FitzgibDons. City Editor.
Business would flow in from tlie most
unexpected quarters, and when we took
time to investigate we could always trace it
direct to some of our advertising. Col. Geo.
Merrltt, of Waterbury Watch Co. -
A noted politician of Indiana once said, "The fewer you have in poli
tics, the better." Another and ery old expression for the opposite view
is, "Vox populi, vox Dei." The voice of the people is the voice J of "God.
The one is centralization, the other is democracy and is opposed to the so
called class in either legislation or dictation. W
It often happens that the representatives from a state, both congress
men and office holders, at "Washington, determine the destinies of "some of
the various candidates at home and select those who are to serve the dear
people. In other words a candidate for a state office must go down to
Washington to determine whether or not he may present himself to the
people for an office. This may be regarded as an extreme statement but it
is not intended for such. The practice is a kind of disfranchisement,
not of the individual but of the people.
Now comes another phase of this same question. "We refer to the ac
tion of certain labor leaders who presume to dictate to the members of
thier unions as to whom they shall vole for. We believe that labor unions
have done much good for the laboring people by securing for them their
rights against the greed of the capitalist. This is their legitimate func
tion and seems to have been the purpose of their organization. So far, so
good. But when these leaders assume to dictate the way a member of
their union shall vote, they are assuming J f mictions not contemplated
when the unions were organized and would at once make the word
"union" n misnomer. John Mitchell has shown himself a wonderful lead
er, as well as arbiter, in the late trouble between operator and miner. He
did not order a strike nor did he" order the men to go to work. He said:
"Settle it yourselves by ballot," and they did. This is a pointer for some
labor leaders who are filling a smaller sphere than is Mr. Mitchell.
If a candidate is known to be opposed to the laboring man, the laborer
himself ought to investigate and then choose fJr himself the candidate he
wishes to vote for.
Though the Korean woman has not even a name of her own, and in
youth is pimply called "the daughter of So-ar.d-so" and after marriage
"the wife.of So-and-so," and if she has sons "the mother of So-and-so,"
still she lias one rare "woman's right," which the women of the rest of
the world might be glad to get even in exchange! for a multiplicity of
names. 1 -
For the woman of Korea has a safe grip upon her man. He may not
be much ox a man., but such as he is she has him for her own.
In the towns of Korea no.men are allowed, on the . streets after 8
o'clock at night. When that hour strikes everfp. male must be within doors.
What wife and mother, sitting alone .at .night amid all the blessings
of civilization and more rights than she can enumerate, while her husband
is gone out to his club and her son is gone out she knows not where, can
help envying the nameless woman o" Korea?
In our own country particularly women have more name than they
need or is comfortable to carry. Especially is this the case after a series
of divorces And the divorces are very largely a result of the men's un
checked liberty to run around at night.
No doubt many an American woman has sigher from her heart with
the wish that she had less name and more husband.
fi-t ; i Indianapolis Sun.
The South Dakota Delegation to the Democratic ; national convention ;,
will suDport Hearst. This delegation is led by ex-Senator Petigrew who
is a bolter f rom the Republican party. It is just such men as Petigrew
of South Dakota and C. S. F. Neal of Indiana that are supporting the mil
lionaire candidate. Some of these political apostates are barred from both
the old line parties and some of them are after the "loaves and fishes."
All of the churches are making es
pecially elaborate preparations for
the Easter services tomorrow. Fine
musical programs have been arranged
in most of the churches, with several
excellent Foloists on the programs.
The Presbyterian, Episcopal, Luther
an, Catholic, and nearly all of the
others will have exceptionally fine
Easter music, morning and evening.
Second Presbyterian.
Rev. Shirey, Pastor.
The Second Presbyterian churchi
will have a very fine program Easter
evening, with several fine solos. The
program, a" announced today, will be
as follows ;
Invocation, "Rejoice, O Daughter
of Zion"-Full chorus.
"Glad Easter Morn" Mens Cho
rus. "Sleep Well, Thou Sweet Angel'
Handel Solo.
Scriptural Reading.
"And Jesus went into the Temple"
(Contralto Solo and Chorus.)
"I Knor that my Redeemer Liv
eth Tenor solo and chorus.
"Go Ye, Teach AH Nations"
Quartette. ,
Offertory, "And it came to pass
,..$1 S
.. 25
.. 3 00
while He Blessed Them" Tencr solo.
"Christ is Risen" Ladies' Chc
rus. "And I Heard a Voice From ne?t
en" Bass solo, fema'e iiio and dou
ble chorus.
Pianist -Miss Elsie Shaffer.
Director Jesse Wood.
St. Paul's Episcopal.
Rev. II. H. Hadley, Rector.
, The Easter Carol services at St.
Paul's Episcopal church Sunday af
ternoon at 4 o'clock will be very fine
and made additionally attractive by
. selections for the harp arid organ by
Miss Gaston and Charles Hansche.
This carol service will take the place
of the regular Sunday evening ser
vice, the latter being eliminated for
the day. The program will be as fol
lows: Organ prelude, Allegro Whiting.
Processional hymn, "Oh, the Gold
en, Glowing Morning" Le Jeaune.
"Christ, our Passover" Cramer.
"Te Deum "-Calkin.
"Jubilate Deo" Calkin.
Hymn, "Christ, Our Lord, is Risen
Today" Worgan.
"Gloria Tibi"-Pley el. v
Offertory Anthem Foster.
(Mrs. MeCabe and Choir.)
Sanetus Calklri.
Gloria in Exeelsis Calkin.
Recessional Hymn Calkin.
Organ Postlude Guilmont.-
St. Andrew's Catholic.
Rev. F. A. Roell, Rector.
Mass 7:30 and 9:45 a. m,
"Hallelqjah" Messiah.
Vidi Aquam Peters.
Messe Solennelle in honor of St.
Caecilia Gounod.
Offertory, "Haee Dies" Monti.
Veni Creator Millard.
Sermon (English) Rector.
March Organ.
Vespers 3 O'CIock.
Psalms Weiss.'
Magnificat- Mozart.
Regina Coeli Berge.
O Salutaris Bollmann.
Tantum Ergo Bollmann.
Doxology Choral. ,
St. Paul's Lutheran.
Rev. Conrad Huber, Pastor.
Sunday-school at 9 a. m. German
services at 10 a. m. Besides the reg
ular Easter service at which the
Lord's Supper will be administered,
the choir will render the following
Organ, Allegro in G. Min Harris.
Prof. Chas. F. Weisbrod.
Choir, Hallelujah! Jesus Lebet
Schilling. ls- i
Offertoire- Osterpeier, Duet, Abt
Miss Esther Sittloh,, Mrs. John Mar
shall Choir, Dis ist der Tag Brackett.
Organ Processional Nieh Edgar
B. Smiths
Subject for morning discourse,
"The Joy of Easter." At the even
ing servie3 the Sunday-school . will
render a eeial program prepared by
the Board of Church Extension, at
which the choir will render the fol
lowing: . -. c
- Organ, Offertoire in" C Thayer.
Choir, Victory Shelley.
Offertohe, Violin Solo, Berceuse,
Weber Clifford Piehl.
Alto Solo, "Ye Bells of Easter
Day" Miss Esther Sittloh.
Choir, Alleliuia C. Humphreys.
Organ Offertoire in B Flat Bee
thoven. ,
Grace Methodist.
. , V. M. S. Marble Pastor.
Snndav school at 9 a. m. Preach
ing at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Ju
nior" League at 2:30 p. m. Epworth
League d9otional service at 6:30 p.
m. -Tuesday night cottage prayer
meeting at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
A. G. Conjpton, No. 348 Randolph
street: Meeting of the Official Board
at the parsonage on Tuesday night.
No prayer meeting at the church this
week On account of the church im
provements. i First English Lutheran.
Rev. Elmer G. Howard, Pastor.
9 a. m. Sunday-school with Easter
Lesson; J 0:30 a. m. sermon "He is
Risen." The Rev. Allen O. Becker,
of Guntur, India, will preach the ser
mon. Reception of Members, Communion
Service and Offerings for Benevo
lence. G:30 n. m. Y. P. S. C. E.
meeting. Topic, "Our Victories
through Christ." 1 Cor. 15: 50-58.
7 :30 p. m. Easter service of the Sun
day school, assisted by the choir. Of
ferings for Benevolence.
The following special program will
be rendered :'
Organ Prelude, Priero Offertoire
Paul Devred.
Offertory. "Nocturne in A Major"
D. R. Muria.
Choir, "The Lord is My Light"
II. W. Parker.
Choir, "The First Fruits of Them
That Slept" Lorenz. .
Prelude, "Marche Solennelle"
Edw. Lemaiger.
Offertorv, "O Divine Redeemer'
Gounod. Miss Cora Eggemeyer.
Violin Obligato Mr. Fred Bartel.
The choir will render special mu
sic in the evening and the Sunday
school and choir will give the Easter
Cantata, "Light of Easter Tide."
Miss Esther Besselman, organist. Lee
B. Nusbaum, director.
Second English Lutheran.
H. Allen Leader. "
Services in the morning at 10 :30.
Easter rermon and communion.
Theme. ' f The Stone Rolled Away. 9 '
Special Ea?ter service by the Sunday
school in the evening at 7:15. Sunday-school
at 9 a. m.' Luther League
at 6:30 p. m.
East Main Street Friends.
Bible school at 9 o'clock when an
Easter program will be rendered.
Meeting for worship at 10:30. Prof.
Elbert Russell will attend this ser
vice. Junior Endeavor at 3 p. m.
Senior Endeavor at 6 p. m. Cons
ecration, President Robert Kelly, of
Earlham, leader.
Fifth Street M. E. Church.
Rev. J. P. Chamness, Pastor.
Sunday-school 9:15 a. m. Easter
sermon 10:30 and-7:30. "A Lenten
Cantata," "The Story of Calvary."
Morning subject, "Victory and
Hope. ;
j: s -"r f " rr ; --
; f?t. Marr's.
Holy sacrifice of the mass at 6, 8
and 10:30 a. m. :
"Vidi Aquam."
Kyrie, Gloria, Benedictus II. Far
mer's in,B flat.
Credo, Sanetus, Agnus Dei H. Mil
lard's in G. . 1
Offertory. "Haee Dies" J. Wieg
and. Vespers at 3 p. m.
Psalms Gregorian Chant.
Regina Coeli J. Walter.
O Salutaris Tantum Ergo.
First Methodist Episcopal.
Preaching at 10:30 a. m. by the
pastor, Rev. M. E. Nethercut. Sub
ject, "The Fortunate Angel." In
the evening at 7:30 the pastor will
deliver an address on "Christ's Last
Daj's," illustrated by stereopticon
views. Special Easter music at both
services. Exercises by the Sunday
school at 9:15 a. m. Epworth league
devotional meeting at 6:30 p. m.
10:30 a. m.
Organ Prelude, St.. Cecelia Offer
tory" No 2 Batiste.
Choral Quartette Morrison.
"Hail, Joyous Morn" Bassford.
Quartette. '
"Christ Our ;Passover" (Festival)
Vogrich Quartette.
Offertory "The Resurrection
Shelley Miss Kehlenbrink.
"God Hath Appointed a Day"
Danks Qaartette.
Postlude' ' Grand Choeur Mac
Master. -7:30
p. m.
Prelude "Marcia Villareccia"
"Lift Your Glad Voices?' Tart
Laer Quartette. ', -
"Christ is Risen" (Festival)
Offertory "These Are They" P.
Douglas Bird Mr. Youmans".
Postlude Grand March from
"Aida" Verdi -Shelley:
Soprano Miss Alice Kehlenbrink.
Contralto Miss Friedley.
Tenor Mr. Raymond WehrIe3T.
Bass Mr. Chas.'' Youmans.
Organist Mrs. 'Lewis C. King.
United Brethren.
Chas. Broughman, pastor.
Sunday-school at '2 p. m. Preach
ing by the pastor at 3 p. m. All are
welcome. Services in Rhoda temple.
v . ' ; . -
South - Eighth Etreet Friends;
Special Easter music 'will be ren
dered at all the services of the day.
Bible-school at 9il5a. m.. Worship
at 10:30 a. m. C. E.' consecration
meeting it- 6:30 p. m. "Easter
Fruits" is the subject of the stereop
ticon sermon by the "pastor at 7:30
p. m. '.' -.:
First Church of Christ Scientist.
Services at 10:30. Subject, "Are
Sin, Disease and Death Real?" Wed
nesday evening experience meeting at
8 o 'clock. ; Pythian temple. All are
. First Baptist. .
Rev. Addison Parker, Pastor.
Preaching , services at 10:30 a, m.
and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school at
9 :15. Special music at 'all services
by full orchestra under the leadership
of Prof. W. U.. Clark; also special
music by the choir.
First Presbyterian.
Rev. I. M. Hughes, pastor.
Prelude Overture Gounod Mrs.
Miller. : .
Solo "Oh Rest in the Lord"
Mendelssohn Miss Mabel Williams.
Cantata "The Resurrection
Charley Fontuyn Monney.
Charley Fontuyn Monney- Choir.
Postlude Baldwin Mrs. Miller.
Prelude Lubbermezza Callests
Mrs. Miller, .- j
Anthem, t( They Have Taken Away
My Lord' r- Albert S. Thompson
Choir. ' ' T.-i-' ? " ' -
Solo, "Be - Comforted, ye That
Mourn" Otto Krone, Wm. Ames
Fisher. ' - '( ; ' ' '
"Oh Lord of Lords! Oh Light of
Lights" W. C. Maeforlone Choir.
Postlude Guilmpnt 'Mrs. Miller.
Grace Methodist Episcopal.
M. S. Marble, pastor.
Sunday-school at 9 a. m. Preach
ing at 10:30 a. m. by the Rev. George
IL Hill, D D., and at 7:30 by the pas
tor. Junior league at 2:30 p. m. Ep
worth devotional service at 6:30 p. m.
Christian Church.
Bible-school at 9 a. m. Junior and
Intermediate Christian Endeavor at 2
p. m. Senior Christian Endeavor at
6:30 p. m. Preaching at 10:30 a. m.
and .7:30 p. m. Evangelist Legg will
preach at both services. Subject at
In a recent letter to The Peruna Medi
cine Co., Miss Ju!ia Marlowe of Xew
York(Gity, has the following to say of
Peruna :
"I am glad to write my endorse
ment of the great remedy, Peruna,
as a nerve tonic. I do so most
heartily.1 Julia Marlowe.
Nervousness is very common among
women. This condition a due to anemic
nerve centers. The nerve centers are
the reservoirs of nervous vitality. These
centers leconie bloodless for want of
proper natrition. This is especially true
in the , spring season. Kvery spring a
host of invalids are produced as the di
rect result of weak, nerves.
This could be easily obviated by the
use of Peruna. Peruna strikes at the
"root of' the difficulty by correcting the
digestion. Digestion furnishes nutri-
$10,000 forfeit if we cannot produce the original
letter and signature of above testimonial which well
demonstrates its full genuineness
10:30 a. in., "Simplicity of the Gos
pel." At 7:30 p. m., "Back to Jeru
salem. ' ' A beautiful Easter cantata
will be rendered by Intermediate C.
E. society'at 3 o'clock p. m. All are
cordially Invited.
United Presbyterian.
Rev. S. R. Lyons, D. D., pastor;
Preaching by the pastor at 10:30 a.
m. and 7 :30 p. m. Morning subject,
' ' The Resurrection. ' ' Evening sub
ject, "Th3 Risen King." Sabbath
school at 9:15 a. m. Christian Union
at 6:45 p. m. ' '
Organ Prelude Mr. Eyre.
-Wake ! ye Ransomed Spenee
Miss Myric-k, Mrs. Neal, Mr. Lawson
and Mr. Luring.
Messiah Victorious Hammond
Miss Myrick.
The Earth is the Lord's (Dedicated
to Dr. Lyons) Frank L.Eyre Quar
tet. ..
Awake, Thou That Sleepest Man-ney--Quartet.
Postlude Mr. Eyre.
Evening Service.
Prelude Mr, Eyre.
The Earth is the Lord's Eyre
Quartet. ,
..Cantata, "The Risen King"
Schneeker Chorus.
Postlude Mr. Eyre.
Taking Desperate Chances.
It is true that many contract colds
and recover from thei without taking
any precaution or troi'ent, and n
knowledge of this fact leads others to
take their chances instead of ivir.g
their colds the neede! attention. It
should be borne in mind that every
cold weakens the Iun, lowers the
vitality, makes the system less able
to withstand each succeeding col I
and paves the way for more se:or;s
diseases. Can you afford to take such
desperate chances when Chamber
lain 's Cough Remedy, famous for its
cures of colds, can be had for a trifle?
For sale by A. G. Luken & Co., and
W.ll. Sudhoff, corner fifth and Ma in!
. Don 't let them' tell you they have
something as good. "Ideal Bread"
is the peer of them all.' ' !
! j :. Y:v
You should have "Ideal Bread!'
on the table morning, noon and night,
then you have done a duty you owe
your stomach.
RTp Sijcii Mirce Meat
In lbcPackages with List of Valuable Premiums.
tion for the nerve centers. Properly di-
gested food furnishes these reservoirs of
lifo with vitality which leads to strong,
steady nerves, and thus nourishes life.
Peruna is in great favor among wo
men, especially those who have voca
tions that are trying to the nervous sys
tem. Peruna furnishes the lasting in
vigoration for the nerves that such peo
ple so much need. Thousands of testi
monials from women in all parts of
the United State3 are being received
every year. Such unsolicited evidence
surely proves that Peruna is without aa
equal as a nerve tonic and a vital ia
vigorator. Buy a bottle of Peruna today.
If you do not receive all the bene
fits from Peruna that you ex
pected, write to Dr. Mart man, Co
lumbus, Ohio.
muitJti xmritu vLmiji xo.
Plans have been completed and con
tracts let for interior rearrangement
of the first floor of the Boston store.
The plans call for one, .hundred and
seventy-six feet of bevel plate top,
floor eases, tl is the largest contract
of the kind ever secured in Richmond.
All to' be illuminated by electricity.
Louck & Hill will ' do & part, of the
work. ' ; r
Nothing Equal to Chamberlain's Colic
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
f or Bowel Complaints '!
in uuuareo.
"We have used Chamberlain's Col
ic, Cholera, and Diarrhoea Remedy in
our family for years," says Mrs. J.
B. Cooke, of Nederlands, Texas. ''We
have given it to all of our children.
We have used other medicines for the
same purpose, but never found any
thing to equal Chamberlain's. If you
will use it as directed it will always
cure." For sale by A. G. Luken &
Co., and W. H. Sudhoff, fifth and
Tags taken from -Ideal and Moth
er's bread are good on the free voting
contest to St. Louis World's Fair.
Why.buy bread of a poor and indif
ferent quality when you can get
"Ideal Bread" at the same price.
The Climax Brandy , of 1878 Vintage.
Has proven to be a superior distil-
la tion by the Speer, N. J., Wine Co.,
J and with 22 years of ripening is put
upon the market with Druggists by
the Speer Wine Co., of Passaic, N. J.
To Members of Richmond Lodge, No.
254, I. O. 0. F.
Ypu are requested to meet at the
lodge hall this evening at 7 o'clock to
attend the funeral of Bro. J. C. Car
man. " ?
- Horace J. Baker, Secretary.
The brend that will make Richmond
famous Ideal."
Two tags taken from Ideal and
Mother 's bread entitle you : to one -vnto
to send vour favoritp. to t.hft St.
Louir World's Fair. Get them ex
changed for ballots at Richmond Bak
ing Co. ; '
----r- 'V.

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