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Pjames R. Hart. Editor.
1 5 M Rutherford. Business Manager
jjohn sr.Fttzglbbons. City Editor.
The Democratic state convention in'New York adopted a platform re
newin fidelity "to the essential principles of Jeife'rsonial Democracy.
Jeffersonian Democracy is a hundred years old and will not fit the re
quivemeiits of the twentieth century. This same convention declared
that "this is a government of laws, not of men." The very corner stone
of a Republican form of government is the people. "The voice of the peo
ple is the voice of God." The immortal Lincoln expressed it thus. "This
is a government of the people, by the people and for the people."
Of course the platform is diametrically opposed to President Roose
velt and regrets the "seriousness of the arbitrary course which he has
pursued." It lays special stress oa the "tendency to military domina
tion" and "the spirit of adventure" of the present administration.
Nearly a half century ago James Buchanan was the Democratic president
and the one thing lacking was a little, at least, of military domination.
If the then president had looked after the military with a more vigilant
eye, four years of awful war might have been averted and : the Union
might not have been even threatened with destruction. But a party with
out an issue must "dig lip" something in an endeavor to detract from the
splendid achievements of the administration of President Roosevelt.
This convention failed to take the slightest notice of Mr. Bryan and
the platforms of 1896 and 1900, even though Mr. Bryan suggested "that
those present take advantage of the occasion to present to the country
the importance of maintaining Democratic principles as they were set
forth in the platforms of 1896 and 1900.
The people repudiated these platforms and will do it again in 1904,
TiiiMmita -oiif1 HooiAania The Important Happenings of a Pew
out Hoosierdoin.
Cambridge City, April 21 The
program for the Sunday school in
stitute which will be held at the
UNUSUAL LEGAL CASE Christian church," Sunday, April 24,
is as follows: . S ,, . . ,
Damage Given Against Railroad for
Shipping Goods Despite (:
Attachment. -
Devotional Service . . . . . Rev. Sands
. Secretary
Court at Indianapolis Decides
Matter of More Than Usual
Interest. : :
. 'Song. ... , ;
How to Train a. Child in Christian
Service Mr. Isadpre Wilson
Discussion ...... Miss Francis Crull
Cornet Solo . .. . W. D. Wagan
How to Make the Sunday School
More Spiritual
Mrs. Virginia Mredith
Indianapolis, April 21: A judgment
for $725 has been given by . Judge
T.pnthors of th suneHnr rmirt in
Rraffon Johnson of Greenwood airainst Discussion J. W. Walters
the Vandalia Railroad company, for
shipping goods against which Johnson
held. a writ of attachment. This action
of the court decides one phase of un
usual litigation. Johnson had a claim
Question Drawer.
Mrs. Philip Lefever left yesterday
Our esteemed contemporary, the Sun-Telegram, is hi favor of a change
the mavoralty of Richmond. What's the matter with Mayor Zim
merman?: He has been tried and has given eminent satisfaction or he
would not have been nominated by such an overwhelming majority of the
voters. He seems to favor economy in our city administration and has a
constant care for the best interests of the entire municipality.
n -l . x. !iL
rr i9noA affair, tha ii.tnn.n..nn monun? tor a lew ciays visit wnn
Mercantile company of Kingston, O. friends and relatives at Muncie
T.. on which he says he was unable to Mrs. W. D. Trout is visiting her
get payment. He learned that , the narents at Russiaville. Miss Lillian
company naa oougnL iuu cans 01 w j u . sUving with Mr., and Mrs
pany pf Greenwood, and he succeeded worpe 1.8u..riuS.Ju.1,,.i.ul
In heading off the shipment with- his sence
attachment. In the Indianapolis yards. Mr. and Mrs. Matt. Shew spent
While being hld in the yards here hast Sunday with friends at Indianap
the temperature dropped suauenly ana I 0jjs
many vvus ui luuiaiueo weic 1 1 uzeu. i T1 -Tr TT , c
. , A , , . . 1 R. W. Hall, business manager of
A mlcrokn in nrriara P9iiso1 tha far I -
to be shipped to"Kingston, despite the he National Drill to. lett yesterday
attachment, and Johnson then brought on a business trin tor the tirm
his suit. Mi-s. John Insrerman was at Hag-
The firm at Kingston refused to ac- Urstown vesterdav to attend the fun-
cept ths tomatoes because of their
being frozen, and the Greenwood com
pany has brought suit to collect the
amount alleged to be due.
The Indianapolis Sentinel says:
' ' It did not take that ex-eminent civil service reformer, William Dud
ley Foulke, very long to fly to the relief of that other ex-civil service re
fwrmer, Theodore Roosevelt. But the facts remain just as they were.
The Sentinel has forgotten the simplest law of physics, namely, op
posite pojes attract each other. . r y 7. .
If William Randolph Hearst is a man of no political force, why are
factions in the Democratic party fighting over him? He must be a man of
some force to stir up so much opposition. He has some backing, either
spiritual"? or material.
It is said that swearing is unknown in Japan, but recent history
proves that- Japan can do things without this kind of emphasis. The Jap
anese are not so ornamental as they are practieaL
State Railroad Commissioner Project
Finds Much Favor. -"
eral of a friend.
Mrs. Anthonv Pusinelli returned
yesterday from a few days' visit in
W. H. Doney and daughter. Miss
Edith, were in Dublin Sunday.
Mrs. Marsh and Mrs. Chipman, of
Indianapolis, were the guests of Mrs.
are the guests of friends and rela
tives here.
'The ladies of the Presbyterian guild
spent, an enjoyable day' at 'sl qniltinj.
at the home of Mrs. 'Frank C. Mos
baugh yesterday. The tables were
spread-and a sumptuous dinner, was
enjoyed. Any one .present can-.! testi
fy that the culinary art of the" ladies
of the guild cannot be surpassed.
' Isaac Earl of Dublin was in Rich
mond ' yesterday. -
4, . ,. , . j
Better than bonej for Um
c- 7 rxxmej. Nvt&tionsatwdl
at 'delidova, At grocen.
.. ; I I0v25c, and 50c una.
if" cow PKocms wu
' y " MMrVerkaaaCaleafe.
A. J
Not for many years has spring been
as backward as this year. Grass and
pastures have not come out as.usal at
this time of the year. Very little gar
dening has been done, and not .near?
all the oats have been sowed and not
much rdowing for corn has been don
as yet. Wheat in this vicinity up to
the present shows poor prospects for
an average crop.
0. C. Thornburg, an old resident of
this township, suffered an attack of
epilepsy Saturday evening, and died
at noon Sunday. He was a large land
owner and one of the oldest citizens
of this township and county. The fu
neral will fee held Wednesday, at West
Rive Friends' church. Interment at
same place.
Joe Hartej has been haulinsr lunm
ber from his mill to New Castle.
Fred Beeson has cut a larjje quan
tity of timber on his farm, which he
has sold to Hagerstown parties.
A little repair has been made on the
roads, but much more is badlv need
ed. ' ' ,.: ' " . s -
It is said that Ira Simmons will
appeal his road case from the court
of the county commissioners to the
circuit court.
Theer is not much sickness in this
lr" Business College
Oil tuition daring, the, Summer
School, besr nainsf May 2 '""'
Send for circulars.
Mr. Cleveland favors a short platform., It begins to look like Mr.
Cleveland will have something ,to do wih he next Democratic national
platform. ' .:&mWmtm2'.'r t"
.- . 1 ' - -' -
Catarrh Cannot be Cured,
they cannot reach the seat of the dis
ease. Catarrh is a blood or consti
tutional disease, and in order to cure
it you must take internal remedies.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internal
ly, and acts directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure
is not a quack medicine. . It was pre
scribed by one of the best physicians
in this country for years and is a reg
ular prescription. It is composed of
the best tonics known, combined with
the best blood purifiers, acting direct
ly on the mucous surfaces. The per
fect combination of the two ingredi
ents is what produces such wonderful
results in curing Catarrh. S end for
testimonials free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Props, Toledo, 0.
Sold by druggists, price 75 cents,
nail's family Pills are the best.
Manager Wanted.
Truthworthy lady or gentleman to
manage bur,;ness in this country and
adjoining territory for well and fa
vorably known house of solid finan
cial standing. $20;00 straight cash
salary and expenses, paid each Mon
day by check direct from headquar
ters. Expense money advanced. Po
sition permanent. Address Manager,
810 Como Block, Chicago, 111. l-21t
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you owe your stomach. , .
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up, cleaned and laid by
the Monarch Laundry
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Fashion. They are saying the same
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lain's Cough Remedy meets all of
these conditions. There, is nothing so
good for the coughs and colds inci
dent to childhood. It is also a certain
preventitive and cure for croup, and
there is no danger whatever from
whooping cough when it is given. It
has been used in many epidemics of
that disease with perfect suecess. For
sale by A. G. Luken & Co., and W. H.
Sudhoff, corner fifth and Main.
Quotations From O. G. Murray's Ex
changeClosing Prices Chica
go Market.
May .89.1
July 8478
May .A&A
: .37
....... .11.92
Safe and Permanent Investment.
Have you fifteen hundred dollars
that you would put into a manufac
turing business that will net you
twenty to one hundred pre cent, a
year; it so see D. P. Armer. West
cott Hotel Jeweler, for further in
ueierence, Fifth National Bank,
Cincinnati, 0., First National Bank,
Norwood, 0., City National Bank,
Daytonl Pick Williamson Finance
Co., Cincinnati, First National Bank,
tticnmona, ma.
Indianapolis, April 21. At the meet- F. C. Mosbaugh and Mrs. Alice W.
mg or the joint commission on tne pro- pjeree Tuesday.
board of trade this week, represents-1 T; Mott; superintendent of he
tives of coal operators over Indiana : Richmond sehooli, was visiting the
and of wholesale coal dealers in Indl- local schools yesterday,
anapolis will take a determined stand I Mrs. Isadore Wilson was at Dublin
lor such an enactment. Uroctotvlov
rr a f t j i 1 i J a. 1 1 "
lesumony wnicn is sam 10 oe acu-1 p p RMSftn mn.lp ji business tr r
th cmmiaaion as to the alleged not- to Indianapolis yesterday..
icy of certain roads entering Indian- C. M. Huddleston, of Spiceland,
apolis. Many operators have told ''of (was the guest of friends and relatives
discrimination, but names are with- j here yesterday.
held, as retaliation is reared irom the MrR jphn.H. Kepler, of German
rauroaas. '.- , t: u j
The Indiananolis manager of one of . ' . ? . . . . .
the Indiana rnal omnniei mU: vuane a uw uuv a. uuswess , p
Operators all over the state are to Indianapolis Monday,
champions of the proposed comnils-j Everett .Bates, of Liberty .was here
sion, but they are afraid to come out vesterdav
openly for it. We are too much t Countv Superintendent C- W. Jordan
talk for publication, for they could
put us out of business on short notice.'
visited the local schools yesterday.
O. E. White made a business trip
to" Shelby ville and Hope, yesterday,
in the interest of the National Drill
company. . ,
The Union Social Club will hold its
has agreed to it.
Course of the Baker Case.
Elwood, Ind., April 21. There is a
strong likelihood that within the next
who -hot an killed Fred Kiser. will next meeting at the home of Miss
be allowed to appear in the circuit ivate uriscuei, luesaay arternoon,
court and enter a plea of guilty to Miss Mabel Kepler is theguest.ot
manslaughter and receive an Indeter- j her sister, Mrs. Lewis Bowman, at
minate sentence. Ever since his for- Hagerstown, this evening.
mer inai xor muruer m lue umv u- Mro VA TirUMiAl fripna in
gree, wnen tne jury aisagreea, nis ai- ,
tornevs have been trvine: to brine xuesua.y.
b6ut such an end, and the prisoner Aliases jNeine Myers. ana nnea far-
ton visited friends and relatives in
Richmond yesterdav
Double Tragedy at Hammond., Mrs. James Paul and Mrs. Charles
Hammond, ina., April zi.-jonnao- . ft. ,,,, ros,ay.Anv
-vvvv. . j - . ,r . rn..i. 1 j l -
traeedv here, is dead from a shot mr- rjatl lku uas reijrneu his po
which penetrated his right lung. He sition with Christian Graver the gro-
was shot by his friend, Andrew M aha- cer.
ly. Sophia Nagy, eighteen years old, Mrs. Joseph Moore visited relatives
whose affections were sought by the in Mt Auburn yesterday,
ai,. !- m hr room -.t home an de- George Doney made a business trip
nies admission to even her parents. to Richmond, yesterday. .
The funeral of Mahaly. who committed The Bon Ton Musical Club wttV
suicide after the shooting, took place meet with Miss Ina Enyeart of East
yesterday. Cambridge city .Friday eveninEr.
Walter Wallpll
sm.th nna ind.. Anrii 21 Knzh business in Richmond Tuesday
I -m r tTTMi i tti i -i
fireelav. nineteen vears old. who. after -vr. w miarcl UieriCll made a busi-
six months of marriage to Minnie j ness trip to Irvington Tuesday
Champaign, tried to kill her with car- Miss Annette Edmunds, teacher of
bolic acid, and then fired four shots room x0 4 of the Cambridge City
at her and two women who ran to her , . , , , , , .
assistance, has been arrested after a hools wil give a talk about her trip
year's absence. He was jealous of his to England, at the M. E. church,
cnua-wue, uvnev me muraerous at- I " "c11.' cvtmu, ivpm
tack. The woman recovered. The pie social given at the K. P.
hall last evenimr by the Rathbone
They WOUIant near Him. R5stprs van well fltienrlp.1 and oil rrpa
Oa...I. nr. A T.J Anvil 1 TlfV.M I r
I a . w.-kn aa n ...... A.n..nWlA . .-4
Leonard Kalamajskl. . ex-mail carrier, --m-mu vry CUWalc ttl u
both under Democratic and Republican ent experienced a very enjoyable
postmasters, but who now advocates evening. .Clifford Marson and Edwin
the Republican ticket, attempted to (Callaway furnished excellent musie.
make a speech to his fellow Poles, "Miss. Hazel Fisher attended the
he was pelted witn aaaied eggs And show at jlichmond last night
miTs. i?y anu laimiy win move
Evansville Tinners Locked Out. . into, tue jporest, um property on
Evansville, Ind., April 21. Follow- ( Mulberry street, soon
lag a disagreement regarding pay for
overtime, the Tinners' union ordered
a strike. The employers' association
retaliated by declaring a lockout un
til the trouble Is settled. Less than
100 men are involved.
Charles Rudical of Richmond vis
ited friends here Tuesday evening.
Miss Edna Tngerman left today to
attend the Hagerstown commence
ment and also visit with friends.
Miss Grace Mace was called to heT
home in Centerpoint on account of
the serious illness of her sister.
Charles Hess attended the show in
8trange Incendiary Impulse.
Evansville, Ind., April 21. William
Schrader, under arrest for burning; his
Aim hnma has COnfftHHPrl tr tlio nnltoa
that he was seized with an uncontrol- Richmond last night.
table, desire to apply the torch, and' Mrs. J. G. Kepner and Mrs. Fran
!.! did so. He will ba tried May 2. ces Kepner of Hamilton upuaty, O.,
, Ideal Bread stands unequaled.
Miss Nora Mann entertained a
company of young ladies at a thimbel
party Wednesday afternoon. She was
a pleasant hostess and her guests had
a delightful time.
Mrs. William L. Morris of Pendle
ton was the guest of honor at a re
ception given by Mrs, Aaron Morris
and Miss Morris, Friday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clouds enter
tained a 'company at pedro Thursday
night. :''
Miss Nora Wagner entertained at
flinch Friday evening, at her home
east of town.
Miss Hazel Wagner, who has been
sick is able to be out again.
- The Milton orchestra played for the
township commencement at Dodd
ridge Chapel last. Thursady night.
The orchestra has several such en
gagements. Mr. and Mrs. Will Morris of Pen
dleton, and , Robert Moris of Fair
mount, were the guest of Aaron Mor
ris last .week. l
Mrs. Charles Hardy of Union City,
was the guest of Mrs. F. M. Jones
last week.
Mrs. Richard Sills sixty-sixth
birthday anniversary occurred on the
14th inst., and her husband's seventy
seventh anniversary on the 15th, and
ink honor of the events their neighbors
gave them a surprise Thursday even-
in- - ,
Carpenters are very busy improv
ing residence properties. The beau
ty of the town is also being enhanced
by; the destruction of some unsightly
houses and sheds whieh long ago have
served their usefulness.
Mrs. Hormel, of Sweetwater, Tenn.,
returned to her home Monday, ealled
by the illness of a member of her
family. She had been visiting her
sister Mrs'. Frank Connelly and oth
er relatives.
Frank Cummings of Richmond, was
here Sunday.
Milton Lodge, F., & A. M., lias
three candidates for the Master Ma
son's degree,' which will be conferred
next Monday night.
Marion Leverton and wife have
moved from Lewisville to their new
home acquired property, purchased of
C. J. Norris.
Fred Murley and wife have gone to
housekeeping in the Sipples property.
. The baccalaureate sermon will be
preached by the ;!Re v. Jensen at the
M. E. church Sunday morning. .
Reyj F. C. McCormick will preach
the baccalaureate sermon at BentOn
ville next Sunday evening. ' '
Some of our 'citizens would like to
see an extension of the cement side
walks. .
Milton people Would like to have
interurban1 connection with Conners
ville. Mrs. Martha, Stover is visiting rel
atives in Indianapolis.
Misses Mary and Sarah Roberts are
the guest3iof Mrs. Jesse Fulghum at
Dr. C. A. Roark has returned from
Chicago. M
Misses Ivy and Mabel Burns are at
the State Normal at Terre aute.
Losses paid
Over $50,000,000
Insurance in force
The commence held -.at-the ; Chris
tian "church, Wednesday, was . largely
attended. . . . . .;
Mrs. Reuben Fowbes and Mrs. J.
Roberts of Richmond, visited Mr. and
Mis. Harvey Hill and family, last
Bert Diehl of Richmond, visited
Mrs, George Diehl last week... . .
Wm. Hiatt opened his meat mar
ket last week.
Mr. and Mrs. James Robinson vis
ited Mr. Robinson's mother at Lynn
last week..
Miss Margaret Windsor of Muncie
Was here Friday.
Miss Murl Coppick entertained her -friend
Miss Edna Blose, Saturday
and Sunday. :
Harry Thomas was kicked by one
of William Glunt's horses, Monday.
He was not esriously injured.
Mr.and Mrs. Jos. Fulton of Rich
mond visited Mrs. Fulton's parents,
Sunday. .
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Marshall were
the guests of Charles White and fam
ily, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Williams enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Townsend
last Sunday. -
Mr. and Mrs. Ellwood Gibbs, of
New Paris, were the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Jacob Gibbs, Sunday.
John Dugdale left for Indianapolis
Monday. ,
Serious Stomach Trouble Cured.
I was troubled with a distress in
my stomach, sour stomach and vomit
ing spells, and can truthfully say
that Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets cured me. Mrs. T. V.
(Williams, Laingsburg, Mich. These
tablets are guaranteed to cure every
case of stomach trouble of this char
acter. For sale by A. G. Luken &
Co., and W. II. Sudhoff, fifth and
Main streets.
Don't wait lor Decora
tion Day but order your
monumental work at
once of Perrj X. Wil
liams, at 33 north, 8th.
TWnk Again. - w :
. Another nice new house of six
rooms all in good order, - for only
$L500,, Possession v, immediately.
Thompson's Agency. . 19-3 1.
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