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On'jrluht. iros, by
Charles V Hooke
"Do you fancy that I shan't?" retort
ed Dorothy, almost in tears from shame
and rage. "Mow dare you hint that I
wouUl share a secret with you and ex
elude my husband? I wouldn't do it if
it were about a pint of peanuts, and
you should have found that out by this
I had a glimpse of Carl at this mo
ment, and his face was so white that it
seemed to shine.
"You will tell him," said he slowly.
"It is honorable. But upon the other
hand I was equally bound in honor to
tell you."
"You were bound in honor not to
have any such thing to tell," replied
Dorothy with spirit.
"We will not quarrel," said he sadly.
"I have only one word more to say.
The time must soon come when I shall
offer you the deepest sympathy of my
heart. I cannot offer it to you in the
name of friendship. I won't lie to you.
That is why I tell you now that I love
"It seems to me that if you foresee
trouble coming to me you have now
put it out of your power to help me.
But what do you mean? Do you ex
pect harm to come to my husband?"
"Will yon keep the secret?"
"Not from him," she answered firm
ly. "If tl-.vie is good reason, I will
keep it from everybody else."
"I cannot speak on such terms," said
Carl. "Indeed. I would better not speak
on any un.is. I have lost your es
teem. I cannot count upon your help.
You would distrust me. But, Dorothy,
remember this: There is some one very
near and dear to you much dearer
than he has any right to be whom 1
have honestly tried to save, but I have
Dorothy was more bewildered than
"I know that my husband has lost
money," she said. "Mr. Bunn has led
him into a very foolish investment. lie
may suffer heavily, but it will be no
such catastrophe as you imagine."
This, by the way, was the first hint I
had received that Donaldson had gone
with Bunn into a certain wild dream
of finance which I will here describe
simply as the Ilarbrook Land com-'
pany. I had earnestly advised Donald
son against it, and I supposed that he
had heeded my warning. As for Bunn,
I understood that he had drawn out
Willi a m.-irvelor.sly small loss. My con
science I:.:d been dragging me away
from that window; now it dragged me
back again.
"That is but a small part of the
trouble," said Carl. And then sudden
ly: "Dorothy, don't disclose this. You
will regret it. I have spoken to you
from really good motives, even though
they may seem to lo mistaken, and in
the strictest confidence."
"There can be no confidence of this
kind with a wife," said Dorothy, "if
she really is one. But, Carl, I begin
to see some sort of sincerity in you,
and this is what I will do to reward it:
I will tell my husband that you have
spoken in a way to offend me, but
that I have forgiven you, and I will
beg him not tc ask me any questions.
I will not say, unless directly asked,
that you have spoken to me of his busi
ness dilliculties, which I believe that
you greatly exaggerate. But I can take
this course only if you promise me to
change from the heart outward to be
to me in all your thoughts that which
you may honorably be, and no more.
Will you do this?"
"How can I look at you" he began,
but she interrupted him crying:
"Carl, this is monstrous: I am an
old woman. I am the mother of a!
grown man. I have lived my life, and.
it has been a wondrous and beautiful;
life to live. I have had such love
such perfect love."
"You trifle with me," he said in a sud
den rage. "Your husband is as cold as
the dead. He neglected you openly.
He has no eye for your beauty, for this
living miracle of your unfading youth
which has been bestowed upon you,
in my belief, that you might wait for
a real love."
"I have not had to wait," said Doro
thy in a voice indescribably sweet.
"And now," she added, "this is the end,
absolutely the end. I asked you for a
promise. Give it to me and think upon
whatever is most sacred to you while
you speak."
"I will think upon that which is most
sacred to me." he said, looking straight
into her face, "anrt for the sake of It I
will either conquer my heart or sur
render it with all my mortal part to
the dust of the earth to the uncon
scious dust that cannot suffer."
This pledge struck me as somewhat
theatric, and yet it was spoken with
heartbreaking sincerity and seemed to
have a considerable effect upon Doro
thy. "The way to cease to desire some
thing," said she, "is tc desire some
thing els?. Find a right love, Carl. I
hope you may. There is a woman
somewhere who is really young, who
needs no miracle, who will not fade in
a year or two. Find her."
She turned away and walked toward
the front of the house. lie remained
standing stock still for fully a minute
and then sank slowly forward upon, his
Being a True Record and Explanation of the Seveo
Mysteries Now Associated With His Name to
the PubHc MM. and of an Eighth.
Which Is the Key of the Seven
knees and still Tower. lie seemed to
be kneeling upon the body of an ene
my. I could hear him mutter curses,
and he beat the turf beside the grav
eled path with his fists.
It was the most extraordinary spec
tacle of the abandonment of self con
trol that ever I saw and was made
even more remarkable by the sudden
ness with which it ceased. The man
arose and wiped his soiled hands with
his handkerchief; then he felt nervous
ly in his pockets. He found a cigar
and crushed it In his fingers without
realizing what he was doing. But a
second was successfully lighted, and
Carl strolled out into the moonlight
beyond the shadow of the house with
his accustomed careless and graceful
SfIIEKK M as a great weight upon
me as I left the libiv.ry. My
heart echoed Doroi'.iy's words
precisely. .My prnust. like
hers, was against any change in the
ways of our lives, which had seemed
so perfectly well ordered; not that I
fancied they con id ever be the same
again. Upon the contrary, I perceived
ciearly enough that Archer must be
sent away ;'; v his own sake and the
peace of or' us.
I blamed hi in bitterly. There was
nevei- less e ver.se for any man's folly.
In the sixty years that I have been in
the world I have never seen a woman
whose heart could be read more eas
ily than Dorothy's nor a man whose
guilty thought had been hidden behind
a mask so impenetrable sis that which
Carl had worn. If he had been mis
taken in her, he must be mad, but it
seemed to me that not even the myste
rious power which she had once pos
sessed could have warned her against
him. His manner toward her, as 1
would have sworn from constant ob
servation, had always been perfect.
Yet it is true, of course, that those who
stand nearest to such tragedies of the
home are often most blind to their be
ginnings. Mrs. Kelvin's hint about
Donald recurred to me, and I wonder
ed with a shudder whether he had
looked into Archer's Ik art. If that
were true, it could have been only to
hate the man. never to fear him.
When I ea me out upon the veranda.
Dorothy was sitting in a big chair with
her son upon the arm of it. I saw them
against the brightest of The moonlight,
and this made Donald loom dark, like
a great statue of bronze.
"Where is vor.r father, Don?" she
was asking him .-is I stepped out.
"In his room, writing," lie answered.
"Shall I call him?"
She answeied "No;" that she would
go up.
"I'll carry you." said he, and in an
instant he had lilted her with his right
arm alone by a peculiar knack which
I had never seen the like of before. It
was very easy and graceful, and Doro
thy was perched upon his arm like a
bird on a bough.
"Oh, Donald," she cried, steadying
herself with i hand upon his bare
head, "I'm too heavy! I'M topple you
"I have a pond lily in my buttonhole
on the other side," said he. "I'm bal
anced perfect ly."
And he strcde away with her into
the house.
I waited t lit re a long time for Carl,
but he did not appear, and at last I
made up my mind not to speak to him
of my plan for sending him away until
I had had more time to mature it. No
Immediate action was necessary, for
upon the following day Carl went to
visit a friend of his who lived in a fine
country house about half way between
Tunbridge and the Junction. He had
made such visits before, and if I had
not had the wretched fortune to play
eavesdropper I should not have felt
the need of any explanation of his de
parture. A day or two later Donaldson laid
the whole case before me in a manner
most delicate and most affecting. He
spoke as if I had been his father.
Archer had come to him, he said, In
such an attitude of mind as to alter
his own feeling materially, lie was
inclined to believe that tho man had
been greatly overwrought by the ex
igencies of our common business af
fairs. "He believes," said Donaldson, "that
Kelvin will win in this tight and that
it will bo the beginning of the end, so
far as this business is concerned. He
has brooded over it and gone sleepless,
as he tells me, and I know what
strange things, contrary to his own
real nature, a man may do when sub
ject to such a strain. It is a weak jus
tification, but one can't look at him
and feel that there is nothing in it.
He has been beside himself for weeks.
I think his attitude toward Don has
been the result of pure nervousness.
At any rate, acting under Dorothy's
advice, I am unwilling to do anything
that may cut Carl off from the benefit
of your influence. I know how strong
an affection you have for him"
"That's the central fact, isn't it?" I
Interrupted. "You want to please me.
Well, then, let's wait. Let's trust a bit
to him. We will not hastily condemn
a man who seems to be struggling to
redeem himself."
Now that my attention was thus di
rectly called to It I perceived that Carl
had not been himself of late, and I was
weakly anxious to make the best pos
sible plea for him. He was my dead
sister's son and had been dear to me.
I thought it might be well to have a
long talk with him, and one day when
I came into my office after luncheon
and found him there alone I was upon
the point of burdening him with much
useless advice, but he turned my mind
Into another channel.
"Who do you think has been here?"
said he. "The last man you'd expect to
see, upon my word." :
"Not Kelvin?" I queried, for a call
from him at that juncture would in
deed have been unexpected.
"Severn," answered Carl, "the first
one the pretender."
I was amazed at the impudence of
this visit.
"He wouldn't tell me what be want
ed," said Carl. "He inquired for you
and promised to come back.".
"His reception will be more lively
than cordial," I responded.
It was about half an hour later when
the man appeared. His looks bad
greatly changed, but whether he was in
disguise then or had been so before I
could not have decided. He had an
official and solemn air as he entered the
office, and he laid a card upon the leaf
of my desk without having spoken a
word in the meantime. The card con
veyed to ray taind the information that
JSIr. Frank Gillespie was a special oper
ator 4for the Dorn Detective agency of
New York.
"You lost some money awhile ago,"
said Mr. Gillespie. "Well, sir, our
agency keeps its eyes on little matters
of that kind, and when they're partic
ularly interesting we sometimes inves
tigate on our own account without of
fering our services in the regular way."
"Was that why you came here be
fore?" I demanded.
Mr. Gillespie gravely inclined his
head. I asked him Avhy he hadn't said
so like an honest man, and I received
in return the information that the de
tective business sometimes involved an
element of deception.
"Now, Mr. Harrington," said he,
"what is there in it if I find that mon
ey?" I was strongly indisposed to deal
with this man, yet I would have been
glad of the money, and I could not sup
pose that he had come to see me a sec
ond time without having some very
promising clew. So I asked him what
he would think right. ,
"Ten per cent of what I find." said
he promptly and added, "I'm suspicion!?
that the amount may be a trifle short."
I was more than suspicious that it
might be so, supposing that Mr. Gilles
pie should find it when no one was
"How do you do, Mr. Gillcspict"
watching him. However. I agreed to
his terms, with the proviso that more
than half the money shouhl be recover
ed and the crime fully exposed.
"Well, sir," said he, "1 think I'm pre
pared to do it, but I warn you that it
will be considerable of a shock to jtou."
"It will be a good deal more of a
shock to the thief," said I. "I guess
that I can stand it if he can."
(To be Continued.)
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