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Gherru Pectoral
FfoetrQ io wo SuIboHSiuie fop
- 4TS n u
II II fW If Doctors rarely have hard colds.
They keep this old cough
Items Gleaned Here and There Over From the U. S. Department of Agri-
Hid colds, weak lungs.
the Country.
culture for Indiana.
Absolutely Pure
it is & M&tioi off Mob it is
Record riding of A. J. Gilmore, Indianapolis : Warm, with normal
president of the Philadelphia Motor- sunshine and occasional light show-
cycle Club, and his Columbia motor- ers; ideal weather for farming opera
cycle was accomplished last Saturdaj', tions and development of plant life;
when he journeyed from New York to large acreage of wheat abandoned,
Philadelphia in a little less than four remainder growing but promises very
hours. 'light crop; oat seeding fiished, early
'sown coming up to good stand; plow-
To show the endurance of the au- ing for' corn well advanced, planting
tomobile, an operator in England re- begun, large acreage; except peaches,
cently traveled from Land's End to and in few localities cherries, fruit
John O 'Groat's and back to London, promises full crop.
something like 2,000 miles, withoutj
stopping the motor of his machine.
lie had an assistant to take charge of :
Personal aqel
Catarrh Cannot be Cured.
m it.
Magazine Club holds its annual
banquet at the home of Mrs. Charles
Kidder, on north thirteenth street.
Ladies' Aid Society of the Chris
tian church will give a social and sup
per at the church.
Saturday Evening Whist Club will
meet at the Country Club.
Open church meeting at South
Eighth Street Friends' church.
Saturday Afternoon Thimble Club
will meet.
Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Robie and
daughter. Miss Grace, gave a dinner
party last evening at their home on
north thirteenth street in honor of
Mrs. Oliver Bogue, of New York.
Covers were laid for twelve. The
parlors were beautifully decorated
with roses and the table presented a
handsome appearance with its ap
pointments of pink and white carna
tions. Covers were laid for the fol- i
lowing. Mrs. Bogue, of New York
and Messrs. and Mesdames J. B.
Dougan, Howard Campbell, George
"Williams, and Frank Glass.
"The Tenderfoot will be seen at
the Gennett on May 20 fresh from its
successful run at the New York the
atre. The now famous Texas comic
opera has had a solid cai'eer of more
than a year, the piece having been in
continuous service since April 12th,
1903. The principal claim for "The
Tenderfoot" is the novelty of its
theme and background. Prof. Zach-
ary Pettibone of Vermont, is thrown
among cowboys, rangers and all oth
er rough-and-ready jokers of the
southwestern border, while on a visit
to his niece. The things that are
supposed to happen to a "Tender
foot" supply several comedy situa
tions. The main narrative is ro
mantic and concerns the love affair
of the professor's niece with the col
onel of the Texas Rangers.
the machine at various times, and al- with LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as
though the car had to halt a feAv they cannot reach the seat of the dis
times, the motor was always kept ease. Catarrh is a blood or consti
running. tutional disease, and in order to cure
it you must take internal remedies.
To encourage the manufacture of Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internal
compact and light motor bicycles for ly and acts directly on the blood and
road use, the -executive committee of raucous surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure
the Federation of American Motor- is not a quack medicine. It was pre
cyclists decided at its last meeting to scribed by one of the best physicians
request the National Cycling Associa- in this country for years and is a reg
tion to accept onlv those records ular prescription. It is composed of
made on motor bicycles that do not the test tonics known, combined with
exceed 110 pounds in weight. A the best blood purifiers, acting direct
rule of this kind prevails in Europe n the mucous surfaces. The per
where records made on bi- freak feet combination of the two ingredi-
maehines such as have supplied fast ' ents is wnat produces such wonderful
time in this country are not
Tin final rehearsal of St. Joseph's
Refined Minstrels at the Gennett
theatre last night went in one-two-three
order as one of the stare
The Industrial Club held a pleasant hands expressed it, "They just went j0,,ine
home of Mrs. Matt Walterman, on night the show will be presented in
south fifth street. Nearly all the even better style than when staged at
members were present and spent an the Phillips theatre several nights
enjoyable afternoon in a social way. ago, when the boys and girls gave
A short impromptu program was giv- the best minstrel bill ever presented
en bv members and the remainder of by a local cast. Tonight there will be
the time was devoted to a social eight end men, six Imlladists, a chorus
hour. Light refreshments were of twenty and the orchestra will con
served. This is the last meeting of sist of ten pieces. It can be truthful
the Industrial Club that will be held ly said that all the songs, dances and
for some time, the members having other specialties will be good and de
decided to nostnone the meeting for serving of a packed house. Popular
After a seven months' sojourn in
Australia, where he won more than
$10,000 in cycle racing, Ivory Lawson
the speedy member of the Columbia
team, has returned to New York, and
is now training at Vailsburg, with a
view of supplanting Kramer as the
champion this year. It will be re
membered that last season the pair
were tied for honors until the last
meet of the grand circuit. Although
admitting Kramer's great speed,
Law-son is confident that this year
the New Jersey ad will have to take
second place.
A new Pope-Tribune runabout
made by the Pope Manufacturing
Company in their Hagerstown fac
tory, Ilagerstown, Md., has been at
the Hartford Automobile Show, and
has attracted considerable attention.
It is of the French type with vertical
single cylinder engine under the bon
net in front and is driven by a shaft
and bevel gear drive and has a slid
ing gear transmission. The ca." is
capable of running on good roads
to 2. miles per hour. The hill climb
ing gear is very powerful and the
will negotiate almost anv
results in curing Catarrh. S end for
testimonials free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Props, Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, price 75 cents.
Hall's family Pills are the best.
Story of the Honey
Comb Candy.
A Delicious Confection
Come to Tour city. You will always
know me after vou once t ste me, I am
all tle rage in the East and West, where
I htve been for some time. Just eat me,
and you will then understand why I am
pronounced "simply delicious," and will
not wonder why you want more of me.
I am the purest and most wholesome
piece of candy on the market. There is
only one firm in this country that can
make me Every other firm who have
tried to make me have given it up.
I am for sale in your city at the
Bee Hive Grocery Co.
The Union Label on our clothing signi
fies that it is the oroduct of careful, expert
and well-paid workmen.
You'll find this clothing ahead of most
of its rivals.
The fabrics are fancy cheviots and worst
eds, also black or blue thibets and cheviots.
The Price Range, $8.50 to $20
Hie Way to Go.
Sole Agent 3r . . .
Irons l Garfield's
an indefinite period.
25 cents.
Society of Wayne County Will Meet
9 to Dayton
And Return, via
Dayton k Western
Every Sunday during the Summer Sea
son, beginning May 15.
Let us show you the best line of Men's
Fine Shoes you ever looked at
You will say so, too, if you see them
Men's Base Ball Shoes with
Spikes $2.00 a Pair
Last niiilit occurred the wedding
of Mr. W. J. Elliott and Miss Lillian
Brown, of Boston, Mass., lie v. I. M.
Hughes performing the ceremony.
Miss Brown is a well-known woman
of her native city and Mr. Elliott has
just returned from a year's tour of
Europe. The young couple are the
recipients of main' congratulations
from their friends. The "at home''
cards road for 323 south ninth
no 0 iw
Dry, moist, scaly tetter, all forms
of eczema or salt rheum, pimples
and. other cutaneous eruptions pro
ceed from humors, either inherited,
or acquired through defective di
gestion and assimilation.
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since. Mrs. Gillespie was the first
witness. She told of finding her
daughter unconscious and of her
calls for help, to which finally Myron
Barhour responded. She said James
left home four years ago, since
! which time the family has been es
tranged. There she broke down dur
ing the recital of her story.
Rising Sun, May 13. Mrs. Gilles
pie's testimony brought out no new
facts and no attempt was made to
get her opinion as to the guilty one.
The Wayne County Horticultural
Society will hold its regular meeting
Saturday at Jackson's Park instead
of at the court house. An excursion
will be run on the eleven o'clock car.
C. W. Jordan will address the meet-
on "Consolidation of
Through Trains leave Richmond 0 a.
m , and every hour thereafter until 7 p.
m. inclusive. Returning, leave Dayton
8 a. m. and every hour thereafter until 7
p. m. and 9 p. m.
Tickets limittd to date of sa!e.
A clean, cool Ride. No smoke, no cin
ders, no dust. Fast time Two hours
I from Richmond to Dayton.
j NEW CARS only in operation on the
'. Davton & Western.
Country i (n nnv hour von wish.
Schools." Captain Jackson, owner; visit the Beautiful National SOL-
of Jackson park, has made special ar- DIERS' HOME, on the line of the Day-
rangements for entertaining guests. !ou Western; or Fairview ta:k, Day-
ton s popular bummer Resort.
Improved methods of baking used every Sunday.
in Ideal and Mother's. , 1.1 HOWARD FRAVEL. Sunt.
FRED C. LAIIRMAN, 718 Main Street.
To treat these eruptions with , She will be called for defense. Two
drying medicines is dangerous. - young women, Ella Long and Anna
The thing to do is to take j Mullen, testified that they went into
mft 1 the Gillespie house soon after the
tlOOCL S darSClDCirulCl 'shooting and found Elizabeth lying
9 on the floor entirely alone. Becoruinc
'frightened thev ran awav. Dr. Elfern,
::nsc the blood, !who ;,ttpml0(fMiss nillespie, des-
jv.-d building I orji)0,i the wounds as from a shot
They cure lo-n. He said defendants were not
' i:1 7 rvrrd J. ; l,o,-i .Iiuiik' flip d:ivs ho nttndpd
Miss Gillespie.
Which tboru-v;1:
tixpdimg all b-'.i:
tho vr hov
G. liir.o. 1
L(. hi. SU!
hr body,
rv.rva j. , tlpro
!. . . r i.:-u 1
' ' ' ' ' " . ! v- 11 II u
i' ' !. ' ::: uii1 Miss
2'X M-:n. V'h.. of pim
I '" 'I 1. : ! 1 skin on
y which niie t"1 J Ui'fa creally
TiK-re are :i::-r; 'ostirnotiials la
Pi U EMS 11 5 tT EBS TE
II fffl? 1 I HI- I 11
Willi Rock Bottom Prices
favor of IIc i's tLan enn !e jf.iolishd
Hood's Sarsap?rjI!o, promises to i
cur a and Keeps tho prorrYiso,
T. P. A.'s
. At their parlors this evening there
will be something that will interest
you. Do not fail to come.
Long Bros.' Casli Meat Market
Our own make kettle rendered Lard at 3 lbs for 25c
Fresh Pork at 10c per lb.
Pork Sausage, link or pan, 10c per lb.
Sugar Cured Breakfast Bacon, by the strip, 11c per lb.
Choice cuts of lamb, pork, veal and mutton. All kinds of
cooked meats and sausage. Dressed Poultry.
324 Main St , Opp. Court House.
Free Delivery. Both Phones 291).
000000000000 000000000000
Money loo easy and too
quick to allow any financial
embarrassment to overtake you. If
you have promised to pay back borrowed
money or owe a balance on your furniture to
any one, and it is due, come to us and get what
you need and pay them promptly ; then your credit will
always be good. We will advance you monej on
your furniture, piano, fixtures, etc., and you can
repay us in small monthly payments. You
can get $50.00 for fifty weeks and your
payments will be $1.20 per week.
Other amounts in the same
Richmond Loan Co.
Room 8, Colonial
BLlg. Home
Phone 145
T. J. COOK, O. D. Scientific Optician
Cures all errors of refraction without dilating the pupil.
Eyes tested free. All work guaranteed.
Office Hours 8 to 12; 1:30 to 5:30;7 to

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